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Naturewalk Zen Fusion and Zen Fusion + ‘Life in Balance’

Welcome to our Naturewalk ‘Zen Fusion’ home series. These newly designed homes are the fusion of design, natural light, air, and livability. This new series has been designed to be highly efficient with a feeling as if the home is twice its actual size. Based on a center axis design, the home incorporates volume, geometrically designed space for circulation, as well as comfort, and balance.

The open quality of the home makes it very sociable, while at the same time offering intimate spaces for being alone and nesting. Large glass areas and openings relate the outside to the inside, and formality gives way to elegantly casual living in the tropics.

We have incorporated some of the newest conservation and energy efficient features available. The home is designed to receive solar and additional green technologies, depending on the customer’s requirements. It is structurally strong and integrally secure. Taking advantage of efficient design and factory-component construction, we are able to offer the home at a value, especially when compared to its cost if built in North America. Efficiency and cost combine, giving the buyer a treasure that is worth twice the price.

In all respects this home design is our best work to date. Experience it through this online presentation, and I am confident you will realize it’s premium value. Best wishes always, Tim Alexander, President Naturewalk

Slide 2 Arrival Up Driveway

This home series has two models. The Zen Fusion model is 1,074 sq. ft under roof, and the Zen Fusion + model is 1,274 sq. ft. under roof. Both have the same two decks (off the living room and off the master bedroom. The decks for both models have 365 sq. ft. The Zen Fusion is a total of 1,439 sq. ft. of living space, and the Zen Fusion + a total of 1,639 sq. ft. of living space. On the right side of the home is the main deck which extends the great room outside. Both decks are raised over river-smoothed rocks creating a natural landscaped effect.

Slide 3 Statement of Design Philosophy

This Zen Fusion combines a high domed center axis with oor to ceiling glass walls throughout the home. From the front perspective at entry you are immediately drawn into the combined kitchen and great room living space, which provides a substantial sense of volume and light. The construction of this home is framed with steel structural elements and also a steelframed metal dome. The specially-treated exterior metal cladding reects the sun, while the windows illuminate the inner spaces. Exterior horizontal bamboo panels absorb the heat and provide an attractive organic facade for the exterior.

Slide 4 Exterior Materials Palette

From this slightly elevated corner view you can see both areas of the great room. To the right of the great room is the guest full bath which also functions as a powder room. Faicng left from the ktichen you enter the guest bedroom/den which accommodates a queen size bed, has a full height closet, and oor to ceiling glass windows to the front. The front and back entrance landings and steps are made of precast concrete with a pebble washed surface. This combined with the other exterior materials of teak, bamboo, glass and metal create the color, texture, and organic beauty for this home. The windows positioned around the dome swing open for airow and create light for the interior of this home.

Slide 5 Great Room View to Pool

From the corner of the kitchen this is the great room expansive view across the island to the living area showing the front entrance into this home. Left of that is the view across the living area to the main deck and 12’ x 18’ pool.

Slide 6 Euro Designed Kitchen

This Euro-designed chef’s kitchen has abundant staging and prep areas with highly social space around the center island. The ‘work triangle’ principle for kitchen design has been applied to create maximum efficiency between functional points - refrigerator, cook area, and sink. Cabinets are a combination of wood and glass doors, with rolouts and swivels in selected areas. The island contains a two compartment sink, dishwasher, and a pullout recycle center. An under counter combination washer/dryer is conveniently located at the far corner of the kitchen for the Zen Fusion model, and in the large guest bathroom of the Zen Fusion + model, locatedon the right of the cooridor on way to master suite.

Slide 7 Left Side of Home and Carport

This view is the more private side of the home with the master bedroom along the back, the kitchen wall of cabinets mid left side, with guest bedroom at the front. The two car carport is separate from thehome and has space in between ideal for trees and other landscaping.

Slide 8 Master Bedroom View to Great Room

The master bedroom suite looks to the Great Room with views the pool over the living area. The bedroom also it back entrance, and the slider to a private deck.

Slide 9 Master Bedroom Deck

The second deck is the private deck belonging to the master suite. It adjoins the bedroom. The bath is directly across from the bedroom. The deck provides a serene oasis for reading or napping.

Slide 10 Right Side Elevation

As one turns the corner from the back door and master deck, the right side elevational perspective of this home is an interplay between vertical steel siding, solid wood cubes, and open glass areas. The combination of the three materials creates an organic presence and movement to the elevation.

Slide 11 Zen Fusion on Summit Ridge lot #66

The Zen Fusion home on Summit Ridge lot #66 with direct view down the Tulin River. This is an ideal setting with the high peaks. Farther down on the left will be the future site of the Naturewalk Tent Hotel. At night the tents internal lights will cast a soft glow as they wind up the hillside. To the back of this lot is the Naturewalk Parkway, the lightly traveled roadway that comes up from the Costanera Highway and the PaciďŹ c Ocean beaches. This lot is elevated 30 feet above the Parkway. This would allow the lot owner to design the driveway either from this Parkway, or from the internal roadway after coming through the gate house. This lot is 1/2 acre. and will be planted with hybrid teak trees near the home, and nampi on remainder.

Slide 12 Zen Fusion View on Summit Ridge lot #54

Within Naturewalk’s Summit Ridge, it’s the view to the Tulin River and the hilltop on the left and the peaks to the right planted lush with nampi. This lot is within 1/2 mile of the river and also located 30 feet in elevation to Naturewalk Parkway on the back side. This is a 1/2 acre lot to be planted with nampi on the majority of the lot, and the hybrid teak trees as landscaping near the home.

Slide 13 Zen Fusion View Estancia Montana lot #28

Lot #28 is a lot of 2.9 acres in with a hilltop viewpoint in three directions. A home built on this lot will have various views of the PaciďŹ c Ocean over the stunning valleys on the way to the ocean. The combination of the rolling valleys and the ocean make this one of the best of the remaining lots in Estancia Montana.

Slide 14 Zen Fusion View Estancia Montana lot #30

For a client who desires to have a home on a private hilltop with signiďŹ cant acreage, then it would be Estancia Montana lot #30. This lot has 9.62 acres that could ideally be planted with organic coffee, jatropha, or both. There are two home pads and could have your extended family or friends with a home on the lower pad near the base of the hill which is near a more forested area. Or, that other home pad area could be for a home with rental income potential.

Slide 15 Zen Fusion in an Atenas Coffee Plantation

For those desiring a lot slightly over 1 1/4 acre, Atenas is in the Central Valley and rated as one of the favored towns for the most ideal climate in the world. This area is known for coffee plantations. this view would look to the mountains in the distance. Atenas is located north of San Jose and close by for the excellent shopping districts in Escazu to the west of San Jose.

Slide 16 Zen Fusion in Atenas with Extensive Views

This lot that is also slightly over 1 1/4 acre in Atenas, has expansive views of the valley below within the Naturewalk Atenium development. This will become a coffee plantation surrounding each home.

Slide 17 Zen Fusion Home Floor Plan

This is the Zen Fusion Home. It has 1,074 sq. ft under roof and two decks which are 365 sq. ft = 1,439 sq. ft of living space. It is a highly efďŹ cient plan eliminating unused hallways and small corners. As a result this plan lives like a much larger home.

Slide 18 Zen Fusion + Home Floor Plan

The Zen Fusion + features more width in the central corridor, a storage closet in the guest bedroom/den, a larger great room area, and the addition of a master bedroom sitting area. This home oor plan has a pool 12 ft. x 18 ft. or 216 sq. ft. added to the 1,274 sq ft under roof, and 365 sq. ft of decks = 1,856 sq. ft of living space.

Slide 19 Pricing for Zen Fusion Series of Homes

Zen Fusion Series Pricing – July 2012


Inside Sq. Ft

Deck Sq. Ft

Pool Sq. Ft.

Total Sq. Ft./Price

Zen Fusion

1,074 x $135 = $144,990

365 x $35 $14,600

216 x $69 = $14,904

1,274 x $135 = $171,996

365 x $35 = $14,600

216 x $69 = $14,904

Zen Fusion +

Site Work

Total Pricing

1,665 = $174,494



1,865 = $203,500




Carport Soaking tub on Bath Deck Soaking tub on Bath Deck/replaces Master Deck

Additional Costs To Above $5,000 $5,000 $1,000

Site work includes the items: a. bringing utilities from the lot edge to the home (water/electricity); b. driveway to reach the home from the road at the side of lot; c. grading lot for placement of home d. landscaping for the lot around the home

The Zen Fusion and the Zen Fusion + are priced above with the 12’ x 18’ pool included in the pricing. The additions are the two-car carport as seen in a few of the images above. The additional items one may want would be a soaking tub on the master deck, or moving the included master deck to instead be located off the master bath with a soaking tub to be on that deck.

Slide 20 Next Steps - Take the Naturewalk Challenge

Come to visit Naturewalk soon to select the perfect lot view for the siting of your home. With either model our team will be able to digitally place this unique home on a lot of your choice, so you can fully visualize your next great living experience. And then with our walk through technology, it will come to life! Live well and call us. Tim Alexander, President Naturewalk

Zen Fusion Homes, Nautrewalk, Turrubares, Costa Rica  

Home design for Naturewalk, Turrubares, Costa Rica

Zen Fusion Homes, Nautrewalk, Turrubares, Costa Rica  

Home design for Naturewalk, Turrubares, Costa Rica