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modelling project

Single unit and multy function. The new households

Mutual circulation Private space Communal space Semi-public space

Spatial diagram

Physical model.

Physical model. Communal spaces

Physical model.

Physical model. Side view of private zone

Habitat Disociat. Universitad Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

From the french flat and the apartment to the post-existent non partition walls, the LOFT. The new households, from single room occupancy to extended families. From living apart together to the assisted living facilities. The rescue of models in history of housing. A journey within society. Places and spaces as semi mediators. Access systems and semipublic spaces. Generation of a model-system to perceive space. Hybrid facilities, furniture and partition walls dictate the distribution scheme and interaction within a fixed number of inhabitants.

Costanza Profumo

Habitat Disociat  

Physical model. Side view of private zone Mutual circulation Private space Physical model. Physical model. Spatial diagram Communal space Ph...

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