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Proposal for the renewal of CEVA center, Beaucaire. France


Perspective view from main plaza, heart of the rennovated CEVA proposal

Renovation of a historical block in Beaucaire, Medieval city in the Camargue region, to host the CEVA, structure which develops cultural and educational exchanges in the international and interdisciplinary areas of heritage, architecture, art and landscape. Objective of the excersise was to study, analyze, and finally propose a solution of rehabilitation of the area preserving and respecting the three cores, soul of the building unit. A connecting point between the town and CEVA, a landmark for Beaucaire and architecture, an incubator of ideas.

Physical model. Top view of proposal. Horizontal section of the complex. Use of double heights to take advantage of the natural illumination and space saving

In collaboration with CEVA, Summer 2007 Workshop, Beaucaire, Nimes. France

Costanza Profumo