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Hello and welcome... to issue 44 of Costa Life and very Happy New Year to you. We had a great Christmas but pretty quiet which was just what we needed. It seems every year there are less and less people about. With a dreary 2008 over and done with we are looking forward to a more prosperous 2009 and looking forward to the warm weather again. Definitely had enough of the cold! Things have changed for us over the last month, we have new offices in Fuengirola which is great, more space and we would like to welcome new guy Mark to the team who is going to be our new salesman for Costa Life. He will be dealing with all our clients and hopefully getting some new ones. Please be gentle with him when you see him out and about. He has been associated with the coast for many years and we are looking forward to him becoming our newest team member. We had some bad news before Christmas when our graphic designer Dave was rushed into hospital with a heart attack caused by a blood clot. He spent two weeks in hospital before Christmas and was released after a good rest and some treatments. Like the trooper that he is he got straight back to work and put the majority of this issue together in just over a week. So we would just like to say thank you to Dave and wish him a more relaxed new year as he gets back to full strength. If you would like to wish him well you can do so by emailing Our goals for this year are to keep pushing forward and to keep Costa Life as popular as ever. We have some new writers starting for us this year and are also looking forward to celebrating our 5th year in print and reaching our 50th issue in July/August. We will be printing 10 issues again in 2009 with a double issue in July/August and November/December. That’s it from me. We would like to thank all of our clients who have stayed with us for this year and looking forward to welcoming all our new clients in 2009. Costa Life has proved itself to be as popular as ever in 2008 and we aim to keep it that way in 2009, See you in February

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MACP-503 Malaga / Alhaurin el Grande 1,500,000 €

MACP-504 Malaga / Alhaurin el Grande 650,000 €

MACP-505 Malaga / Alhaurin el Grande 330,000 €

Built Area: 590m2, Land Area: 26,000m2, Bedrooms: 5, Bathrooms: 3 This magnificent five bed roomed villa was constructed just five years ago and has superb views overlooking the Guadalhorce valley region just 25 minutes from Malaga and Marbella. Its superb position located in a 10000 m2 olive grove allows complete privacy yet is only a short distance from the village of Alhaurin el Grande (so called by the Moors as "Garden of Allah" for its beauty).

Built Area: 280m2, Land Area: 3,000m2, Bedrooms: 4, Bathrooms: 3 Great villa in a fantastic area.

Built Area: 145m2, Land Area: 2000m2, Bedrooms: 3 could be 4 for a study, Bathrooms: 2, Swimming pool. New villa in a great location with excellent views.

465,000 €

Built Area: 80m2, Land Area: 8000m2, Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 2 A great little Finca in the beautiful countryside of Guaro. The land is full of fruit trees and ornamental shrubs; it is also fully fenced and gated. A perfect plot for growing vegetables with an excellent irrigation system.

Built Area: 133m2, Land Area: 400m2, Bedrooms: 3 could be more 4 or a study, Bathrooms: 2, An en-suite ,1 family bathroom & WC All the fixtures and fittings within the property have been built with quality materials, cream marble for floors and staircase. Double glazing in burgundy aluminum frames, automatic window shutters to all the main rooms, wood burning stove, gas central heating, warm air heating and air conditioning. The urbanization has its own clubhouse with outdoor swimming pool. Plans for a restaurant, gymnasium, sauna and indoor pool.




Malaga / Coin

414,000 €

Alhaurin el Grande

250,000 €

Malaga / Coin


Built Area: 200m2, Land Area: 440m2, Bedrooms: 4, could be 5, all doubles, Bathrooms: 2 en-suite and 1 walkin wet room. A big detached property in a quite cul-de-sac, walking distance to all amenities. This house can either be one big family home or divided into two as the current owner have done. There lots of outside space great area for entertaining. A comfortable spacious home in a fantastic location.

Malaga / Guaro


MACP-502 Malaga / Alhaurin el Grande 2,250,000 € Built Area: 990m2, Land Area: 4000m2, Bedrooms: 6, Bathrooms: 6 Terracotta rooftops of distant white washed villas are dotted among palm and fir trees, reaching towards the mountains on the horizon, the 990m2 of floor space inside a further 4000m2 of patio and gardens bedrooms, 6 bathrooms with lower ground floor offers personal space to house guests, well equipped gym, Turkish bath and plunge pool on this floor too.

1,260,000 €

Built Area: 475 m2, Land Area: 1,500 m2, Bedrooms: The top floor is the bedroom floor with 4 bedrooms 2 ensuite. Extra guest bedroom on first floor, Bathrooms: 3 bathrooms, 2 toilets, This designer built and fitted out property has it all. Magnificent central spiral marble staircase, fabulous kitchen. Set in wonderful grounds. The main living floor has a central fireplace magnificent views and masses of space. Land description: Garden area fully planted with tropical trees, Royal Astro Turf, Thai pagoda’s, pool and terrace areas. Varied sunbathing and shade areas. Fairst floor terrace that overlooks the grounds.

Malaga / Cartama

350,000 €

Built Area: 250m2, Land Area: 6000m2, Bedrooms: 7, Bathrooms: 4 REDUCED 2 properties Superb four bedroom country house with extra three bedroom property included. Stables and a training ring. providing accommodation for horses with 3,500m2 of excellent flat land including fruit trees. The land is fully fenced throughout. The surrounding area is fantastic for pony trekking. Both houses are located in an idyllic, peaceful valley with views of the mountains. Living downstairs is an enormous garage (this could also be converted into extra living quarters. Both properties have well and town water with full irrigation.



LAST 3 REMAINING from 45,000 Euros

New Luxury studios apartments and offices for sale located in the best part of Alhaurin town next to all amenities. The studios/offices have all been finished to a very high standard, with marble floors, solid oak doors, beautiful tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms. Some have small charming court yards with water features. Varied opportunities to use as small business centre, individual offices, or separate studio apartments.


Malaga / Coin

599,000 Euros

Built Area: 230m2, and 250 sq m2 of Patios, Land Area: 2000m2, Bedrooms: Bedrooms 4/5, Bathrooms: Bathrooms 3, 1/2 A beautiful country home set in an idyllic location next to the Rio GrandeRiver on a solid rock-outcrop giving unparalleled views of the river, and has about 100 meters of river frontage, making this a unique property as the river runs alongside the house and becomes a feature whilst sitting on the terrace. One of only 4 rivers in Andalusia which flow all year. The property is very private although not isolated and is only minutes away from the main Coin-Ronda road, offering easy access to all the villages, towns of the area and down to the coast. If you want to experience a large modern yet traditional home in a perfect peaceful and natural setting, where you can watch otters and terrapins in the river below, pine martens and badgers playing in your own orange grove, viewing is not only recommended but absolutely essential.

Written By:

Mike Wilkinson


fter living on the Costa del Sol for so many years now, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve not really made a great deal of headway in the ‘‘Understanding Spanish’’ department to date. Don’t get me wrong, I can ask for a beer and boccarones with extreme ease… like a well-o oiled anchovy, you might say. Ordering a burger topped with rashers of crispy bacon, a slice of tomato and a fried egg, with a strategically placed hole cut out of the top of the burger bun so that the egg yolk doesn’t get broken when the top gets put on, along with a portion of chips and a handful of ketchup, is as simple as saying ‘‘Numero catorce’’ (so long as you’re in Centre King that is, because that’s what number 14 on their menu is). And I have no problem with asking a shop assistant where to find something in a

supermarket (so long as I know the Spanish word for the particular something I can’t find, otherwise I’ll just go without). The problems only start when I get an answer, which I just can’t understand most of the time because it seems that everyone who speaks Spanish does it far too fast. Fortunately, the answer to a ‘‘Where is..?’’ question is usually accompanied with a pointing finger, so I can at least set off in the right direction. But when you live in Spain, there’s only one thing worse than not having enough Spanish vocabulary… and that is thinking that you do. It all looks pretty straightforward at first glance, doesn’t it? Nación means ‘‘nation’’, constitutición means ‘‘constitution’’, and decepción means ‘‘deception’’. A piece of the proverbial, right? Well, not quite,

costaCULTURE >> because whilst it’s true that most words that end in -ción can be translated into English by changing the suffix to ‘‘-tion’’, and that is quite true for the first two words above, una decepción does not mean a deception, it means a disappointment. (And, as a matter of fact, constitución actually refers to how something is constituted, what it’s made up of, whilst in English the word usually refers to a political document.) There are literally thousands of words that are basically the same in both Spanish and English. Known as ‘‘cognates’’, they have the same etymology (history or roots of the word) and similar meanings. But certain combinations such as decepción and ‘‘deception’’ are deceptive and hence are referred to as false cognates - known more affectionately as ‘‘false friends’’ or falsos amigos - pairs of words that look like they might mean the same thing but don’t. They can be confusing and, if you make the mistake of using them in speech or writing, you’re likely to be misunderstood - sometimes, wonderfully so. And so, as a purveyor of truth, justice and the Spanish way of not doing things in too much of a hurry apart from talking, I feel compelled to enlighten you, our readers, and highlight some of the main perpetrators that try to trick us with their deceptions (engaños) and leave us with naught but disappointment (decepción) when these false friends get together. First of all, some easy ones: Blanco isn’t blank, it’s white. Sopa isn’t soap, it’s soup. Ropa isn’t rope, it’s clothes. Campo isn’t a camp, it’s the country. And if you asked someone ‘‘¿Dónde está el éxito?’’ you’d be asking them where success was, not the way out, which is salida. Everybody knows that you go to a cafeteria for coffee, a drogeria for drugs (well… some drugs, anyway) and a ferreteria for all your ferreting supplies, but if you tried to borrow a book from a libreria you’d probably get yourself nicked because you’re supposed to pay for them in a bookstore. And you wouldn’t buy red wine, or tinto, from a tintoreria either, because you’d probably be in there to get the red-wine stains removed, seeing as you’d be in a dry cleaners. And trying to buy groceries in a groceria is just gross rudeness. You wouldn’t want to get into the habit of inhabiting apartementos inhabitables because they would be uninhabitable, not habitable. Your complexion is the build of your body, not the tone of your skin, and if you were described as being blando y bizzaro you would be gentle and brave. ¡Todos falsos amigos! I have a plethora of personal proofs to consolidate my claims, if that be your want. For instance, a while ago I had cause to frequent a chemist. The particular product that I was in need of has absolutely no bearing on

this anecdote whatsoever and so there’s no need to share that with you. Besides… the ointment worked terrifically well and it’s all cleared up nicely, thanks for asking. Whilst I was there, however, standing at the counter waiting to be served, I noticed that lots of Spanish people have toilet troubles. Even in the short time spent standing in line, checking out the wonderful selection of preservatives on the counter (preservativos = condoms), several people approached the counter to ask ‘‘¿Tienes algo para constipación?’’ - Do you have something for constipation? I found this especially strange because, since I’ve been eating Spanish food, my digestive system’s gone in a totally opposite direction… but that’s by the by. It was only when I noticed that, rather than a harsh chemical laxative with a label reading something like ‘‘Ultimate Colon Cleanse’’ being proffered by the shop assistant, our poor sufferers were being offered Beecham’s Powders. Eh? For constipation? Well… not quite, because they were asking for something for a cold. Constipación in Spanish is a common cold. Someone who is constipated is estreñido. These ‘‘false friends’’ really do have the potential to get the unwary into some rather unsavoury misunderstandings, but what I’ve mentioned thus far is far from the whole story. Sometimes, these misunderstandings can have disastrous consequences, trashing good, wholesome reputations of fine, upstanding pillars of our immediate community - completely innocent people doing naught but trying to earn an honest crust… as once nearly happened to a close friend of mine... the night that Sharney got pregnant. It was just a little workplace prank that ended up working out a bit too well. Some may even suggest that it was her own fault for wearing that dress to work in the first place; the figure-hugging one with the zip at the front and the ribbon-tie at the top that she never did up. The barman had been playing games with her all evening, trying to get hold of the zipper, but she was always that fraction of a second ahead of him. And then came the moment that his luck changed. He’d timed it perfectly - she was even holding a full glass in each hand that would render her helpless if he pulled it off. And suddenly, with a single, deft sweep of his hand, he lucked hold of the zipper and quicker than you could say ‘‘sexual harassment’’ it was undone. For a brief moment they were both transfixed, eyes wide and mouths agog with surprise. He hadn’t realised how easy the zip would come down and she suddenly realised that the bow thing on the top of her dress that gets in the way of the zipper if she ties it up wasn’t a flaw in the design after all. Those


>> costaCULTURE conversation even though they are both on the lower levels of proficiency with their second language, understanding comes in a variety of colours. But when you have a multicoloured Kodak moment that needs to be shared but you didn’t have a Kodak at the time to be able to show a picture of the event, then words are all you have left to pass on the memory. It’s just a shame that sometimes some words aren’t the same words in different languages. Nonetheless, when one of the Spanish regulars walked in and sat down at the bar next to me a little later, I wasn’t about to let a little thing like a language barrier get in the way of spreading the word of Sian’s embarrassment. And so the conversation begins... Him: Hey… Mi-eeke… ¿Que tal, hombre? (How are you, man?) Me:

Hey… Como siempre… muy bien. (I’m always good, man.)

Him: So… ¿Que pasa..? (What’s going on?) Me:

Hah… you missed it. Yeah… earlier… err… Sharney es… err… how do you say…? ¿Embarrassed... en español?

Him: ¿Que..? What you say?... embarazada? Me:


Más temprano… Embarrassed… No se… ¿Dice

¿Embarazada? Yeah..? Is that what it is..? Well, err… mas temprano, Sharney es embarazada. ¡Muy, muy embarazada!

Him: [Surprised] ¿Sharney? No sheet!? Me:

Si… Claro… Vale… Esté es la verdad entera… It’s all true, man.

Him: Who do theese..? You? Me:

¿Mi..? ¿Que..? No… Cor, I wished it were but… No, es Chris… behind el baro… he err… unzipped her dress and… weh haay!

Him: Krease? But he has girlfriend, no? Me:

Si, pero… he was only messing… solo un juego… She’ll laugh when she finds out.

Him: [Puzzled] ¿Que… Sian es embarazada y dice que está sólo un juego? You Eengleesh… ¡mucho loco crazy! Me: among us fortunate enough to be at the bar at the time were treated to sweet vision of the barmaid standing helpless with a beer in each hand as her little dress flew open, revealing the fact that she’d chose not to wear a full compliment of available underwear that evening. Giddy up, girl. I had just enough time to engrave the image of her cute little figure in cute little panties into the back of my brain, never to be forgotten, before she was able to rid herself of the encumbering glasses and dash, red-faced with all haste into the sanctuary of the Ladies to redress the situation - and re-dress herself. This was Sian as I’d never seen her before. This was Sian as I’d never dreamt I would ever see her. This was little un-embarrassable Sian in a true Kodak moment… indisputably embarrassed. People needed to know. The bar in which the alleged incident took place is unique in the fact that it has a large number of English regulars with varying levels of Spanish, socialising with an equally large number of Spanish regulars with varying levels of English. Whilst this is generally beneficial to both parties and an excellent way of improving each others second-language vocabularies; occasionally, when you get one of each ilk together, trying to have a 8 costa life

[Equally puzzled] What you on about now, man?

That’s how rumours get started, apparently. How was I to know that embarazada doesn’t mean embarrassed? It sounds as though it should, I’m sure you’d agree… but it doesn’t. It means pregnant. Solo un falso amigo. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many hundreds of false friends out there in the real world, just waiting to trick you. Forewarned is forearmed. Being aware of them is one thing, recognising them before they trip you up and get you arrested or pregnant is another. You just need to be sensible about things and not too sensible (sensible = sensitive) - there’s no place for sensitive sorts round ’ere. Choose your friends wisely, my friends, especially in this town.

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ome foods may be the cause of bloating, especially if the area is around the abdomen, and it is helpful to identify these substances and eliminate them from your diet. Kidney function also needs to be investigated to ensure the correct fluid elimination from this important organ. You should also consider eating to promote wholesome bacteria in your gut so aiding digestion, and introducing foods to promote the evacuation of fluids from the tissues. Such foods include yoghurt, garlic, fibre, cereal, brown rice, dandelion leaf tea, echinacea tea, cranberry juice, and foods high in potassium such as bananas.

your food habits: bloating generally occurs due to irregular food habits. That means no alcohol, added sugar, yeasty bread or even fruit, as high levels of fructose (naturally occurring fruit sugars) should be avoided, too.

Eating and drinking little and often will help the uptake of fluid and nutrients. For instance, if you swallow down a glass of water in one go it will not be taken up by the cells and will flush through the kidneys, causing important nutrients for fluid balance to be flushed out of the system. Sipping water slowly will help rehydrate the body and prevent large amounts of fluid rushing into the tissues to cause swelling.

Wheat: it is impossible for you to get rid of bloating if you consume too many wheat products each day. A protein called gluten, present in wheat and bread, can produce a burning sensation and lead to production of excess gas resulting in bloating, so regular bread should be replaced with soda bread as it is made without yeast. Check labels to make sure foods don’t contain added sugar.

The most effective way to give yourself a flat, happy tummy is to avoid all the offending foods for two unbroken weeks, whilst taking a course of beneficial bacteria to help rebalance the flora that live in the gut. You need to control

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, lean protein such as chicken or fish, complex carbohydrates like brown rice, and some unsalted nuts, such as almonds or cashews.

Dairy should be limited: blue or aged cheese should be avoided altogether as they contain a lot of moulds. These aren’t usually a problem but can be if the internal flora of the gut is out of balance. Lactose Intolerance: sometimes your stomach is unable to digest the lactose (milk sugar) in dairy foods leading to bloating.

You also need to learn to eat slowly. You should never eat your food in a hurry, as that increases the pressure on your stomach, thereby producing a lot of gas inside it. This is turn results in a bloated stomach. Water intake - many women believe that drinking too much water will give them puffy abs, but just the opposite is true. Even though we associate water with being bloated, drinking more water can help to flush sodium out of the body, and that reduces the bloat. Avoid too hot or too cold foods: you may unconsciously be drawing in air when eating foods that are extreme in temperature. Beverages and chewing gum can also make you swallow air, so it's a good idea to avoid them as well. Keep a bloat diary: people have different reactions to specific foods. A diary will help you identify your own troublemakers so you can reduce portions or eliminate them.

The No foods: Sugar of all kinds, including cakes. Check labels for added sugars. Yeast and anything containing it, such as bread, beer, wine, Marmite. Malted products, such as those found in breakfast cereals. Alcohol, vinegar (especially balsamic), pickled onions and gherkins, soy sauce. ™ All fruits, except green apples (a maximum of two a day), dried fruits, fruit juices. ™ Moulds, such as mushrooms, hard and blue cheese. ™ ™ ™ ™

And food to enjoy: ™ All grains, including rice and quinoa, fresh nuts (not salted or honeyed). ™ Fish and meat, including smoked or cured, but not salami. ™ Rice and oat cakes, plain Ryvita. ™ Puffed rice, oats and wholegrain wheat cereals that have no added malt. ™ Natural bio yogurt, soft cheese. ™ Eggs. ™ Fresh vegetables in abundance; potatoes, both regular and sweet, and tomatoes. To get rid of bloating fast, you should also watch your intake of antibiotics, sweets and salt. Antibiotics are notorious for causing excessive stomach bloating because they destroy the harmless bacteria normally present in the digestive tract (this bacteria helps you digest food). So, if you need

to take antibiotics at all, be sure to take B-Complex vitamins with it. Oral contraceptive pills also cause distension of the abdomen. Sweets and fat foods are one of the main causes of stomach disorder. Try to put a stop to these if you can. Do not consume excessive salt - take only what you need. Excessive salt intake in the form of fast processed foods also causes stomach bloating. Remember that these changes will make an amazing difference in the way you look, act & feel. Food provides the mixture of nutrients that the body needs, not only for fitness and wellbeing, but for life itself.


hirty years ago, living on the Costa del Sol was akin to living in a third-w world country. Donkeys on dusty tracks, rather than whiney mopeds or dangerously driven motors speeding down autopistas, were the de rigueur mode of transport. Tiny villages and ramshackle hamlets randomly punctuated a rocky coastline that is now a solid block of concrete highrise hotels and apartment buildings stretching the entire length of the Mediterranean coast. And even, as the space to build more runs out, the desire to build more still continues as developers cut through solid mountain rock looking for a place to perch another unnecessary hotel. Nowadays, if you want to enjoy the original laid-b back way of Spanish life, you need to head inland and live halfway up a mountain to escape the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, tourists et al that clutter the once serene landscape. No, it ain’t like what it used to be back in the good old days… but it’s still good. There are, however, a few coastal areas left in Andalucía where the rock-crunching tourist machine hasn’t yet reached. Sleepy places where the equine quadruped is still favoured over the internal combustion engine and the countryside remains idyllic and at peace with itself. Places like Huelva. Huelva is one of the least known provinces of Spain - and one of Andalucía’s best kept secrets - and is notable for a number of reasons, mainly geographically and geologically. It is the western most province of the autonomy of Andalucía, flanked on the west by the Algarve and Portugal, on the south by Cadiz and Africa beyond, on the east by the grand city of Seville, and to the north is the region of Extremedura, 10 costa life

El Rocio Church

Patio Rabida

which puts it on the Costa de la Luz, on the Atlantic coast rather than the Mediterranean. And, despite the fact that it is the next door neighbour of the tourist-laden Algarve, up until now it has remained relatively free of the devouring tourist and hence quite intact. The province has about 120 kilometres of beaches and coastline, which is in a far more natural state than in other areas, such as the Costa del Sol. Travellers from Europe and other continents visit the area not only because of the beaches, but also because of the important part of the world's history that has its origin here. It was in the province of Huelva where Christopher Columbus set sail for the voyage that brought him fame and recognition - the voyage in which he was planning to find a new route to get to India but brought him to America instead which, at that time, was an unknown continent.

area of a varied and extensive nature, with countless species of vegetation and animals - a meeting place for various biological worlds: Mediterranean and Atlantic, Eurasian and African, fluvial, terrestrial and marine. Three large environmental complexes can be distinguished: the salt marshes, the living dunes and the stabilised sands or ‘preserves’. This variety has given rise to surroundings of diverse typology upon which significant numbers of birds and mammals settle either permanently or temporarily, which constitutes one of the principal riches of the Park. This protected space contains the last extensions of the salt marshes of the Guadalquivir which were not transformed to be used for agriculture. Characterised by an advanced degree of evolution, they are subjected to seasonal flooding by the water from the principal rivers which flow into them (La Rocina and Guadiamar) and, to a lesser degree, by the water that seeps from the water table of the sandy formations that surround them. Two elements characterise this marshy scenery. Firstly its grandiose flatness, only broken by small long rises in the ground, known locally as ‘seams’. The second characteristic is its changeable appearance, with a rhythm dictated by the rotation of the seasons.

With the exception of its south-eastern angle, where the province merges into the flat waste lands known as Las Marismas at the mouth of the Guadalquivir, Huelva presents throughout its entire extent an agreeably varied surface. It has a mild and equable climate, with abundant moisture and a fertile soil. Among the mountains there are many valuable woodlands, in which oaks, pines, beeches, cork-trees and chestnuts predominate, while the lowlands afford excellent pasturage. But agriculture and stock-breeding are less important here than in most Spanish provinces, although the exports comprise large quantities of fruit, oil and wine, besides cork and esparto grass. The headquarters of the fishing trades, which include the drying and salting of fish, are at Huelva, the capital, and Ayamonte on the Guadiana. There are numerous brandy distilleries; and bricks, pottery, soap, candles and flour are also manufactured; but the great local industry is mining. In 1903 no fewer than 470 mines were at work; and their output, consisting chiefly of copper with smaller quantities of manganese and iron, was vast in value. The celebrated Río Tinto copper mines, near the source of the Tinto, were exploited long before the Christian era, probably by the Carthaginians and certainly by the Romans, and they are still among the most important copper mines in the world. Saline and other mineral springs are common throughout the province.

The capital of the province, also named Huelva, lies 10 metres inland from the Atlantic Ocean, on the left bank of the river Odiel. It is built on the western shore of a triangular peninsula formed by the estuaries of the Odiel and the Tinto, which meet below the town. It is wholly modern in character and appearance, and owes its prosperity to an ever-increasing transit trade in copper and other ores, for which it is the port of shipment. It is a city that has been shaped by its past and, although the city remains faithful to its maritime roots, in the 19th century the English company Río Tinto's exploitation of the Río Tinto Mines would mark the beginning of Huelva's transformation into one of the most important industrial centres in the South of Spain. Imposing industrial constructions testify to this period of splendour. When visiting the wonderful and historic city of Huelva, there are numerous places of interest that are worth visiting. One can go for a trip to follow the footsteps of Columbus or visit some of the other Huelva places of interest.

The south of the province is known for Columbus but also for its incredible nature, with the National Park of Doñana being the most important area with its mosaic of ecosystems. The diversity of the surroundings - sand dunes, salt marshes, beaches, rivers and river mouths, large areas of sand, sea beds, pine forests, bays, lakes, swamps et al - gives rise to the ecological wealth that characterises the Doñana National Park, a natural space with an area of 507,200 hectares. It is an

La Rabida is an established Franciscan monastery right over the Odiel river, in an old Muslim industrial construction. In Arabic ‘Rabida’ means ‘watchtower’. Originally, this place was a Muslim fortress but, in 1412, Pope Benoît XIII allowed the Franciscans to occupy the building, thus founding a monastery


Rio Tinto


>> costa CULTURE in its place. It was in this monastery that Columbus prepared his voyage towards the discovery of America. Overall, this place underwent many sudden misadventures. In 1755 it was damaged by the November 1st earthquake which destroyed Lisbon. It was then plundered by French troops during the 19th century War of Independence. In 1828 the American writer, Washington Irving, came to visit after the publication of Navarette’s work on Columbus. He loudly deplored its state of abandonment and dilapidation, so in 1834 the monastery was put on sale, but no bidder ever came forward, to a point where it was almost demolished. But the Dukes of Montpensier, informed of the situation and historical value of the building, took part in its restoration. They contributed to the Spanish classification of the site in 1856 as a historic building. It is right to recognise that it is partly thanks to the action of Washington Irving and his notoriety that this place left its state of quasi ruin to a great 1892 commemoration restoration. Regrettably, even if only a few kilometres away from the National Park of Doñana classified as World Heritage by Unesco as a natural reserve of more than 500,000 birds; the monastery of La Rabida is not the subject of any world classification and is only classified as a National monument by the Spanish State. However, it is in La Rabida that Christopher Columbus developed the plan of his voyage which made it possible for the whole world to take note of the unknown continent now called America. The Muelle de las Carabelas or ‘The Caravels pier’, is located a few kilometres from Huelva, and is the place that served as departure point to the intrepid navigator Christopher Columbus. Columbus' ships were reproduced for the 500th anniversary of America's discovery and now form part of an historical display celebrating Columbus’ achievements. The Caravels pier consists of a lobby where different areas of the province of Huelva are represented through attractive images. Firstly there is an audio-visual room, with a capacity of 120 people for whom an interesting recreation projection of Columbus’ voyage is offered. Then there is a permanent exhibition on the 15th century including key documents of the Columbus project, such as navigation instruments, journals, arms, ceramics, carpentry tools, engravings and suits, all allowing a good idea of how life was then; a 15th century pier recreation area with large barrels, carts, a well and animal enclosures. And last but not least, there is the pier itself, a semicircular man-made lake where the ships are located, arranged with realistic reproduction: the Santa Maria which was one of the galleons destined to carry the heavy loads along with 40 sailors, and the Niña and the Pinta, smaller vessels that carried 25 men each. Barrio Reina Victoria, otherwise known as the ‘Barrio Obrero’ (Workers’ District), is a testament to its name: an example of a Victorian English suburb superimposed onto an Andalucian landscape. Situated at the eastern end of Alameda Sundheim, a short walk from the centre, it’s worth a visit for its peculiar mix of Victorian colonial architecture and bright primary colours that the current occupiers have used to enliven their dormer windows and front doors. The Río Tinto Company started building the district in 1916 to house its British workers and, like the Barrio Bellavista in Río Tinto, it seems like a colonial outpost of the British Empire. The British architect RH Morgan, who helped design the area, was famous for creating buildings in his country's colonial architectural style. The two other architects working on the project were from Huelva, Aguado and Pérez Carasa, and the houses retain some Spanish touches, like the whitewashed walls of the houses. The area has houses and bungalows laid out on a rectilinear grid of streets, unimaginatively named after letters of the alphabet, and a distinctively British suburban atmosphere. The current inhabitants are the descendants of the mining company employees. In 2002 the Barrio was declared a ‘Site of Historical Interest’.

Tres Carabelas

Minas del Río Tinto is a small town about 80km from the city of Huelva and is one of the greatest copper-mining centres in the world - and it is from the discoloration of its waters by copper ore that the river derives its name. During the Roman era a lot of activity took place in the area so that the mineral resources could be taken maximum advantage of. The land was royal property from 1849 until it was sold to the ‘River Tinto Co. Ltd’ in 1873. The most optimal time in history for the mining of Río Tinto began with the creation of a new urban town for the great amount of manual labour that was generated, housed in El Campillo and Atalaya. Minas del Río Tinto is still today a very small town with a population of a little less than 5,000 people. Mineros are proud of their small working town which is also home to a Roman Necropolis called La Dehesa ‘the Meadow’, dating from the first and second century and a neighbourhood of Victorian houses called Barrio de Bella Vista, built for the English personnel of the mining companies. On hot summer days Minas del Río Tinto seems like a ghost town, dry and dusty with not much to do nor anyone to meet. El Rocio, ‘The Dew’. A legend says that during the second half of the 13th century, somewhere in the middle of nowhere a statue of El Rocio's Virgen was found in the salt marshes. Despite its remote location, the construction of a small chapel in those the salt marshes began in honour of this vision. It was a far and difficult place to erect a chapel, but the Almontenos knew it well for they had hunted red deer and fished eel. From the end of the 13th century, they had a new reason for their devotion: a vision of the Virgen and a small hermitage. The Virgen was named Santa Maria of the Rocinas; and shortly afterwards they changed the name of the forest of the Rocinas to El Rocio, ‘The Dew’.

Portada Barrio Reina Victor

Columbus Taking Possession

Castillo Cortegana During long periods of time, the hermitage and the Virgen were left in solitude, for only hunters, shepherds and travellers occasionally dared to break the silence of the dunes and salt marshes to visit, but when the region fell to the hands of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, the Rocio lost part of its isolation and it became a crossroad. Roads were built towards Moguer and, shortly after, cattle ranches and houses were set up to be the start of the village. Little by little the fame of the Virgen del Rocio grew amongst Almontenos as they made her patronne of Almonte on June 29th, 1653. In August 1813, when the French troops arrived to claim and force Spanish men into battle for them, discussion of refusal degenerated into a French high officer being murdered. The French command swore vengeance and threatened to burn the village overnight. The people of El Rocio prayed long and hard all night to their patronne and promised to honour her on the same date every year if she would spare their lives. Morning came and for some reason the French retired, leaving the site towards other towns to terrorise. The annual pilgrimage ends in a huge romeria and brings over one million people to this little dirt road town. The silence of the salt marshes will never be again, as 80 brotherhoods and sororities are represented. For a few days around August 18th it becomes the heart of Andalucia.


Wetlands in Donana

Barrio Reina Victoria One of the court at Minas del Rio Tinto

Catedral de Nuestra Se単ora de la Merced


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Harvey Mann


he first rays of the morning sun glinted on the little yellow Stearman biplane with US navy markings as it skimmed its way along the Santa Clara Valley, Ventura County, 15 miles to the coast of California, and out over the sea.

Amongst the markings on the fuselage was a small butterfly, as the plane was named Papillon. Pilot and close friend Peter Mason reached for a small casket on the seat next to him, sniffed back a tear, took a deep breath and dropped the casket out over the side of his open cockpit. He circled as he watched the casket splash into the white tipped dark blue water, dipped his wings in a final farewell salute and, turning the plane in a tight circle, he lined the wings up with the coastline and headed back inland. The ashes of Steve McQueen had finally reached its resting place at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, The news of Steve McQueen’s death had shocked his many fans around the world. In a way though it was a relief for his family and close friends who had seen him greatly deteriorate over the previous few months. Steve’s cancer had eaten away at his body despite his desperate battle, in some cases taking extreme and controversial methods of trying to beat the dreaded disease. The ABC newsreader looked solemn as he described McQueen’s battle by saying he was a man who had tried hard, who had succeeded much, but who had finally been defeated by his killer. Steve died of a heart attack caused by an embolism in his leg on 7th November 1980. I first met Terence Steven McQueen in the early sixties, whilst I was working as a photographer on a film set at UFA film studios just outside Berlin. One of the stars of the film was Sammy Davis Jr and, during a break in filming,

Sammy told me about a young American actor who was riding with the US motorcycle six-day event team in Germany and that he would contact him and tell him that I would be coming to photograph him. Finding McQueen was not the easiest of tasks. I was confronted by a group of six men all wearing mud spattered leathers goggles and helmets. One of the smallest of the group wiped off the filmy mud from his goggles: it was then that I saw those icy blue eyes that were to become Steve McQueen’s world famous trademark. He was quite taken with the thought that I had travelled out to see him. ‘‘This is the work I like to do,’’ he said, ‘‘filming can be slow and laborious, but ever since I was a kid with a little red bike, speed will always be in my blood.’’ Alongside Steve was his great friends, brothers Bud and David Elkins, and it was these two men that had driven Steve’s passion for bikes. Bud told me, ‘‘The first time Dave and I met Steve we could tell that he had a heart shaped like a bike, oil in his veins, and the buzz of an engine in his head.’’ In fact it was Bud who helped Steve dream up, plan and execute the famous jump in the barbed wire scene in the film The Great Escape. It was also Bud Elkins who did some of the driving in the famous car chase down the hilly streets of San Francisco in Bullitt. Steve early life was not a happy one and, as we sat one night on the back porch of his home, sipping chilled Coors beers, Steve opened up. This was quite unusual as he could be very private about his childhood. ‘‘My early memories were of my father hurting my mother. I know now that he had a drink problem, but at that young age I thought they were playing a game. He would grab her, shake her and twist her arm up her back. I realised it wasn’t a game when she started to cry and scream.’’ McQueen’s mother was just a slip of a girl aged 19 from St Louis, and just a few inches over five feet tall, and gave birth to Steve on a Monday morning, 24th March 1930, at the Beech Grove Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father, William, was a young blue-eyed blond adventure seeker who loved speed and planes. After serving in the US Navy as a pilot, then a flying circus at country shows and fairs, the restless William became a crop duster. However this type of flying bored him and caused the angry quarrels with Steve’s mother Julian. Life for her became unbearable and she finally walked out with baby Steve, to her parents’ home. However they had never forgiven her

for becoming pregnant and, with her parents the Crawfords turning their backs on her, she turned to her mother’s brother, Claude Thompson, who had a farm just three miles outside Slater in Saline County, 100 miles north east of Kansas City. Within weeks of settling down on the farm, Julian and her son lost contact with her husband William McQueen. Julian left Steve with Claude and went off to find herself a job in Los Angeles. Aged four, young Steve was given a little bike by his uncle, then repainted red. Steve told me, ‘‘I would grit my teeth and pedal furiously as fast as my little legs would go. It was my first memory of speed and trying to manoeuvre over bumps and potholes, but the more I was thrown off, the more I became determined to master difficult obstacles.’’ At the age of 12, Steve’s mother Julian arrived to take him back to Los Angeles, now with a new husband. Steve was uncertain how he would be accepted by his new stepfather. ‘‘It wasnt good,’’ Steve recalled. ‘‘Maybe it was my fault but he didn’t give me any room to grow, and would often beat me with his hand or a belt. This made me very angry, and I would go out with some of the local boys and we smoked and drank beer. Eventually one day, after a bad beating, I didn’t go home for a couple of days.’’ His mother and stepfather were not amused when Steve was brought home by the police. He had been caught removing hubcaps from cars, as these had become a currency for obtaining beer and cigarettes. Next stop was the juvenile court and, after his mother and stepfather failed to convince the court that they would be able to control him, he was sent to a privately run, state subsidised, reform home for wayward boys called the Junior Boys Republic at Chino, some 70 miles south of Los Angeles. ‘‘It was no picnic, but it got me away from that rotten bully of a stepfather,’’ said Steve. Steve Barri (his stepfather’s name), young Steve McQueen No 3188, arrived with a parcel of clothes tucked under his arm. Here he would have to spend at least 14 months and, after a few hiccups and two failed escapes, he decided to make the stay as comfortable and as educational as possible. It was years later, when Steve was earning $3 million a film, that he would call the reform home and ask if he could visit and talk to the boys that, like himself, came from broken homes and had a streetwise attitude. He would nearly always join them in time for chow or watch them at work or play. On September 18th 1947, Steve walked off the streets of New York into the US Marines’ enlistment offices. At 16, Steve stood 5’ 6½’’ and weighed in at 135lbs; not exactly a giant but he was going to enjoy his time with the Marines. ‘‘I may have been small, but I was wiry and tough,’’ he said after explaining a fight he had had with another Marine. Steve became a tank driver and trained as a mechanic: ‘‘Messing with engines and girls, what could be better?’’ he told me once. He was even able to soup up a tank’s engine, making it faster than senior officers thought tanks could move. ‘‘What rank did you achieve?’’ I asked him. ‘‘I was promoted to private first class on six occasions but was also demoted seven times,’’ said Steve with his familiar grin spread across his face, ‘‘especially when I went absent without leave twice after a little girl from South Carolina led me astray. On the first occasion I was fined $40 and confined to barracks for ten days; the second time I received a sentence of 41 days in the brig, with 21 of them on bread and water.’’ After a brief spell as a taxi mechanic in Washington DC, he moved to Greenwich Village, New York. From his time with the Marines he was able to receive a grant and, with the backing of Sandy Meisner who ran the Village Neighbourhood Playhouse drama school, Steve said, ‘‘I was thinking of becoming a tile layer, but if I could learn my lines as an actor then lay the chicks, that’s a lot better deal don’t you think?’’ He

continued, ‘‘My first role was in a Yiddish play - after all it was 2nd Avenue in New York. I got $40 dollars for one week’s work but I only had one line.’’ At his next acting school his fellow student was Harry Belafonte. Driving post office vans at night helped him pay for the acting schools, until one day he was asked to be a patient ill in bed in front of an acting class. After the teacher called an end to the class Steve jumped out of bed completely naked. ‘‘Most of the girls in the class enjoyed the display,’’ said Steve, ‘‘but the teacher was not impressed and I got the push. One of the problems at the school was not so much the girls, they were easy to deal with; it was some of the guys who took a fancy to my blue eyes. Gays are great as long as they stay on their side of the fence.’’ Steve’s first wife was Neile Adams who was appearing in the chorus line in The Pyjama Game. Neile had been invited to dinner at Downey’s restaurant and arrived wearing a tight sweater and toreador pants. Steve was just about to put a fork into his mouth with a pile of spaghetti balanced on it but Neile’s arrival shocked Steve into dropping the spaghetti into his lap. Neile became quickly captivated by Steve and vice versa, though her mother thought Steve was a bit of a rough character, zooming around on his BSA motorbike with Neile clinging on for dear life on the back. Neile said ‘‘It started out beautifully, romantic and exciting, but I could tell he was an insecure man, and sometimes he had a touch of aggressiveness that could be slightly frightening.’’ After some small parts, Steve career was launched on a TV series called Wanted: Dead or Alive as a loner armed with a Mare’s Leg sawn-off Winchester shotgun. With 117 episodes over three years, the US public fell in love with Steve and his alter-ego Josh Randall. With the money from the series he bought a Porsche and was soon to win his first race at Santa Barbara. ‘‘At that speed, skidding and swerving was frightening. I thought to myself man you can get killed doing this,’’ he said. Neile presented Steve with a daughter Terri in February 1959, and then came Chad in December 1960. ‘‘I had a son which was wonderful. The only trouble is when I first saw him he looked like Al Capone.’’

>> costa life 21

During the filming of Never So Few McQueen and Frank Sinatra had a few personality clashes. You can imagine these two smallish men with rather large egos. In the mounting tension Frank Sinatra tossed a fire cracker at Steve. Shortly afterwards Steve called out, ‘‘Hey Frank,’’ and as Sinatra turned towards him Steve pointed a gun at Frank that spat out smoke and sparks: it was loaded with blanks.’’ The crew stood frozen to the ground as Sinatra gave Steve an icy stare. McQueen looked back just as icily but suddenly they both broke into a smile and started to laugh, and the war was over. McQueen’s star was certainly on the rise, he got $50,000 for The Magnificent Seven. On the set the tension was high between McQueen and Yul Brynner as Yul wasn’t happy with McQueen’s name higher than his on the billing. Not only that but, at one stage, both squared up toe to toe after Steve got an audience on the set as he showed off his prowess with guns. Yul wasn’t at all happy playing second fiddle to a ‘‘streetwise kid.’’ In 1962, Steve was in Britain to film The War Lover with Robert Wagner and British actress Shirley Anne Field. ‘‘He was an enthusiastic kisser and every evening I had seriously damaged lips,’’ said Shirley. ‘‘He put his heart and soul into those clinches.’’ Steve was by now drinking large quantities of alcohol, though he promised Neile and the film company he would stop. He still loved racing, ‘‘Acting’s Okay but racing is my first love. They seem to think I have a death wish or something. When I’ve made enough money at acting I’ll quit and just race.’’ While in London he borrowed a formula one Cooper and entered a race at Brands Hatch. ‘‘It was raining heavily and I went through a large pool of water on the track just before a bend. I braked, the car skidded, I loosened up for the impact of the car against the barrier and got out with just a cut lip,’’ Steve said. A friendship with Stirling Moss ended up with Steve and Stirling in the same race with Moss coming third and Steve coming ninth. ‘‘Steve was always finding ways to blame the car, but most of the time it was his reckless driving that lost him races,’’ one of his mechanics once told me.

Next came the film that was Steve’s big introduction to Hollywood proper, The Great Escape: the roaring and revving of the motorbike as Steve prepared to make the 60 foot leap over the barbed wire caught many people’s imagination, however it was not Steve that did the actual leap, but his friend and motorcycle racing expert Bud Elkins. It was Steve’s romance with Natalie Wood that practically put an end to his marriage to Neile. ‘‘Steve was a loner, but throughout his life he’d never really wanted to be totally alone for long.’’ Steve got upset when his agent found him another film to make. He was high on the demand list and, as offers came flooding in, he was on the verge of becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood. However this interfered with his racing ambitions, as his injuries piled up into an impressive total: a broken arm twice, broken foot six times, broken shoulder bone, missing teeth, nose broken three times, most of his toes had been broken, his head split open around three times, and those are just the injuries one could remember; there had been many others. To get Steve back into filming his mentor, friend and producer John Sturges, found a book called Day of the Champion. Jackie Stewart and Stirling Moss were going to be advisers on the film, but owing to the overrun on the film The Sand Pebbles and the fact that Warner Bros had booked Le Mans for another racing film Steve’s racing film had to be scrapped. Now Steve took off through Europe, starting in France. It was a year of enjoyment but it came down with a crash when his plastics business called Solar that he had heavily invested in wasn’t doing well at all, and The Internal Revenue started to demand huge back taxes. So now was the time to reluctantly return to work, with $700.000 up for grabs for the film The Thomas Crown Affair, the story of a very rich Boston Banker who robs a bank and is pursued by an insurance investigator played by Faye Dunaway. Who can forget that sensual chess match between them, with Faye wearing a low cut dress and running her fingers up and down her cleavage between her ample bosoms, the touching her lips seductively with her fingertips, then gently stroking the top of a chess piece. Steve’s reaction was to rise to the occasion (if you know what I mean) squirming in his chair, sexually aroused by Faye Dunaway’s actions: this was her checkmate. For Steve this was also a turnaround in his career. Elegantly dressed, surrounded by wealth, his fans had never seen Steve look as glamorous as this before. He was very sexy before, dressed down with bikes and horses, but now he was looking a million dollars and the women loved it. Next came Bullitt a film story strong on chase and adventure but short on story, directed by British director Peter Yates. Yates was believed to be a greenhorn director, the studio was not interested in the project and expected it to fail, but the streets of San Francisco were cleared for the incredible car chase that would be copied many times over in scores of films. The hilly streets of the city played their part in the manic chase. Steve drove some of the time against stunt driver Bill Hickman who played the crook to Steve’s cop Frank Bullitt. However one day Yates used Bud Elkins for Steve’s role in the chase. Even though Bud was a good friend, Steve took great exception to someone else doing the dangerous driving, and it took the combined effort of director Peter Yates, Bud Elkins and the producers to calm Steve down. ‘‘He went ballistic when he saw Bud jumping those hills dressed in his clothes,’’ said Yates ‘‘but the insurance company would only let Steve do certain things. If he had got killed that would have been the end of the film and a lot of money lost.’’ Everybody was anxious for the film to be a success. Warner Bros had turned their back, expecting the rookie British director Peter Yates and an arrogant Steve McQueen to turn in a failure but, as we know, it became a Hollywood classic, grossing $45 million, ten times more than the production costs for Warner Bros. Then came Le Mans. In the preparation for the film thousands of feet were shot of racing cars. Steve entered the Sebring 12 hour event race with Peter Revson, the heir to the Revlon cosmetics fortune. They drove a Porsche, and came second to the team led by Italian racing ace Mario Andretti, but they won their class and received an award. The Le Mans film was finally made but Steve was not allowed to drive competitively in the film owing to the insurance company putting their foot down. Soon Steve’s marriage to Neile was failing with more and more arguments over his racing and other women becoming attractive to him and they were divorced in March 1972. Neile said, ‘‘Living with Steve

had become manic. To save the marriage I travelled everywhere with him, then we would go to clubs. Sometimes we would be out every night of the week, just to keep our relationship from breaking up. Then there were bits of bikes and cars littering the house, even sometimes in the bedroom.’’ Neile got around $1million with $7,000 a month for ten years after though that would slide down to $2,000 a month with a further £1,000 a month for the children’s upkeep. Famous director Sam Peckinpah said, ‘‘Steve and I fought all the time. I’ve never met an actor, a good actor, that I didn’t fight with, and Steve was one of the best. The Getaway was to be a bloody film as most of Peckinpah’s movies were. This film was the start of the love affair between Ali McGraw and Steve. Filming started in 1971, before his divorce, and this friendship may have been the reason for the divorce. Steve fell head over heels with the tall skinny intelligent but inept girl. ‘‘She was supposed to drive a getaway car in the film,’’ said Steve, ‘‘But she couldn’t even drive. How could I live with a women that couldn’t drive?’’ But she did learn to drive very quickly, and the chemistry on set between them was explosive. Steve was only about 5’ 7’’ in his bare feet, but Ali was taller and much cleverer than Steve. Some days it was a battle of wits which strangely Steve used to enjoy. Ali divorced her husband Robert Evans, then studio chief at Paramount, who had cast her opposite Ryan O’Neal in the weepy Love Story, and Ali moved in a few doors away from Steve at Malibu Beach. Papillon was to turn Steve into a physical mess. Filmed in Jamaica, Steve had to shed 18 lbs (he wasn’t big anyway) and, by the time the film finished, Steve had spent so much time in swamps and up to his neck in mud, he suffered a collapsed left lung and severe breathing difficulties. Ali McGraw was also having a difficult time trying to keep up with McQueen and jumping on and off planes. As the demand for Steve to make films in different parts of the world increased, she had become emotionally wrecked, missing her son she had with Evans. Finally Ali and Steve married and spent their honeymoon under canvas in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. His company Solar Plastics was going deeper into debt and at one time Steve claimed it had lost $6million. He was allowing other people to fix things, ‘‘I did not keep my eye on the game,’’ he said. Steve was getting restless. Ali could not have any more children owing to physical problems and, during the interval of the American Ballet performance with dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alicia Markova, Steve announced he was going home. Ali told him to go and the next day she was to catch a plane to New York. Right at the very last moment Steve jumped on, but the writing was on the wall and, when they returned to Los Angeles, Steve moved into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. He then started to prepare for his next film An Enemy of the People, from a play by Ibsen. He had put on a huge amount of weight, and was now trying to lose it. Ali McGraw cut off her long hair, which Steve loved, to make a film called Convoy with Kris Kristofferson. This was originally a part McQueen was to play and, as more film parts arrived for her, they started to see less and less of each other. One night Ali arrived at the Beverly Wilshire and she and Steve sat up most of the night drinking and talking but the next day they announced that they were separating, and some months later they got their friends together for a party to celebrate the divorce. ‘‘I’ve got everything I want, two beautiful children (from Neile), plenty of nuts on the table and two ex-wives I love very much.’’ But he had one bit of sorrow: the film An Enemy of the People was not going to be released by Warner Bros. It had cost $2.5 million to make and it would cost the same again to release.

Steve moved his base out to the country and bought a property called Last Chance Ranch at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. A near neighbour there was a young ex model from the Eileen Ford Agency called Barbara Minty. During filming of Tom Horn Steve struck up a close friendship with Linda Evans who was married to actor and photographer John Derek. That was dissolved but her relationship with McQueen came to nothing. McQueen returned to his ranch and took up flying: from racing motorbikes and cars he had got bitten by the flying bug. Sammy Mason taught Steve to fly at $35 dollars an hour, ‘‘Flying gave me a new joy in life physically and spiritually,’’ Steve said. Barbara Streisand, Sidney Poitier, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen set up a film company called Allied Artist to gain greater control of film profits. The film called The Hunter a true story of a modern day bounty Hunter called Ralph Thorson was originally planned for Charles Bronson, until the producer got a call from Steve McQueen saying ‘‘I would like to do your movie.’’ Steve was to get more than $3million profits. The Hunter started shooting in Chicago but very soon everyone started to notice that Steve was not the same energetic person he once was, so the shooting schedule was altered to cope with his tiredness, as he spent more time in his caravan on the set with Barbara Minty. Finally the film finished, but a very noticeable change had come over Steve. The final scene in the film is Steve holding a baby in his arms, his film son, and the baby sneezed. Completely off script Steve said ‘‘God bless you’’ with a smile, then the credits roll with a large mention for Steve’s stuntman Loren Janes at Steve’s insistence. ((Why? Was the baby the stuntman’s or something?)) Steve, 49, married Barbara Jo Minty, 25, on January 16th 1980 at Steve’s newly acquired home, South Mountain Ranch. The Mason family Sammy and his wife Wanda were witnesses. ‘‘They looked so happy together, but deep down something was stirring in Steve,’’ said Leslie Miller, the pastor who performed the ceremony. On November the 7th 1980 at 3.50am Steve McQueen died after an operation to remove a five pound tumour from his stomach in the Santa Rosa Clinic run by Dr César Santos Vargas, ‘‘An embolism had formed in his leg, and he died peacefully after a heart attack,’’ he said. Towards the end of his life Steve had finally found God and peace. During his life he was often a troubled person, a loner not able to mix too readily with people he did not know, a chauvinist with a cold and remote edge to his personality. Many people that met him often said he did not have blood running through his veins but oil, and certainly Steve was never happier than when he was tinkering for hour upon hour with motorbike racing cars and later planes. In the times we met during the 20 years after I photographed him, he could be quite reasonable. My approach was always slightly wary of his moods, but normally we parted with a handshake and a smile, ‘‘Until the next time,’’ he would say. Sam Peckinpah, the great director said, ‘‘I still can’t believe it. It’s like Steve is throwing one of his tricks at us, doing a 180 or a 360 spin on his back wheels of his bike. The world’s a little smaller without him.’’ As Peter Mason touched down after dropping Steve McQueen’s casket in the ocean he said, ‘‘Steve always operated at one speed, as fast as he could go, and he never knew the meaning of the word quit.’’ Once Steve said to me, ‘‘Billy Graham asked me what my religion was and I told him it’s the desert, the grass, the sun in the sky, my wife and kids and my wheels.’’ For me he will always be the King of Cool.

costa life 23


ooking back on 2008 is always going to be one of those years we will remember: whenever it may be that we look back it will be a vivid memory.

A year of turmoil and tragedy around the world: from terrorist attacks in India to the Big Crash and the recession that we are still in. Times like these always separate the men from the boys, and it will probably continue to be that way through 2009. There have already been many casualties, not just here on the coast but all over the world, with such names as Woolworths and MFI being some of the late fallers at the end of 2008. Who would have believed that such names as Ford, General Motors and, in the UK, Range Rover and Jaguar could be threatened with extinction and bankruptcy? It’s clear that there has been, and still is, a shaking going on. Nobody has been left untouched by last year’s events, and the repercussions will continue through this year and beyond. The most annoying thing is that we all saw it coming. For years now the world’s, or at least the western world’s prosperity has been prosperity built on debt. Nothing more and nothing less. From the man on the street to whole countries, all have been living beyond their means and now the price has to be paid for that greed and neglect. The banks have made billions a year, not to mention the fuel companies, yet here we are picking up the bill for these multi-national giants who have raped the economy for profit and wholly unreasonable gain. Personally, I see a similar correlation between these events and the carpet baggers of the 90s when the public where offered shares in their national institutions at knock down prices. Greed overcame logic and blind eyes were turned in their millions as everybody cleaned up. Or so they thought. It’s been said that the UK doesn’t own any of its own resources. All our gas, water and electricity is now owned by foreign companies, all our silverware has gone, so they say, and we have sold all our gold. Regardless of who is to blame, we have to look at ourselves and take responsibility for our part and start to be more positive and learn from our mistakes, both personally, locally, nationally and internationally. Fortunes are MADE and lost during a recession, and you can be sure that entrepreneurs are seeking out and are, in fact, tuned in to opportunities that may arise from these tough times. And they are doing so right now. There is no longer any dispute that the world is going into a recession. The only question is how long and how deep: 1970s-style or 1930s? But just

because business is bad, doesn't mean it stops completely. Just as plants renew themselves in a frosty winter, so the economy often does the same during a prolonged contraction. During the 1930s, new industries such as consumer electronics and plastics were created. In the turbulent mid 1970s, the personalcomputer industry was born, as companies such as Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc were founded. The economy didn’t look much good then either, with soaring oil prices, rampant inflation and tumbling stock markets. That didn't stop young Bill Gates or Steve Jobs from setting up new businesses. No doubt there are now plenty of young entrepreneurs with bright ideas and loads of determination ready to build the corporate giants of the 2020s and 2030s. For companies with cash and ideas, history shows that downturns can provide enormous strategic opportunities. The question is where those market openings will be in this recession for managers, entrepreneurs or investors. Is the news about the downturn of our economy and the recession keeping you up at night? I don't want to add to the bad news surrounding the current state of our economy or mention how it will get worse before it gets better. Instead, I want to focus on the positive and detach the negative feelings that often surround us during these tough times. Remaining optimistic can be hard, especially with all the doom and gloom being set out by the media. You need to look at these economic challenges as opportunities. If you do, you will start to see things differently and these opportunities will present themselves. The best way to explain it is imagine when you decide to buy a new type of car, a mini for example. You know what I am about to say. You start driving your new car and all you see is minis. Everywhere you go you see mini cars. This is because your mind is tuned in to this because it is part of your own focus. This is the case with your general outlook. If you are being negative and going with the flow like everybody else, then all you will see is doom and gloom. If, on the other hand, you start to be more positive you will be surprised what may come before you and what doors may open to you. Believe it or not, there are advantages of having a positive outlook. In business, when you project a positive attitude, it is communicated to your customers by your actions. This results in happy customers who will feel good about doing business with you. However, any negative vibes from you will spread like wildfire; first to your employees, then to your customers. With a positive attitude you can identify and seize opportunities that could position your business ahead of the competition. If you take positive but realistic views you will survive, and can even thrive during this recession. History shows many families with last names that now denote wealth: Kennedy, Rothschild, Rockefeller and Howard Hughes all made huge fortunes during the Great Depression. How did they do it? They seized opportunities despite the hard times.

become anxious during a time of economic uncertainty but, as the saying goes, ‘‘This too will pass’’ and, when it does, are you going to be ready for when it comes good a g a i n ? Research shows that a business started in a recession has a 70% more chance of survival than one started in good times. Why? Because you have to be frugal and watch every penny ,and then you create good habits for when times are tough. It's easy to make money when things are booming. You can appear to be a really successful entrepreneur but the reality is it's not always the case and some people were just in the right place at the right time. Many people are saying that this downturn will clear the coast of all the bad businessmen and, in particular, all the fly by night companies, and this is probably truer here on the coast than other places. History suggests that in the next three or four years we will see the birth of the new companies and industries that will dominate the next few decades. Recessions wipe old slates clean. They create space and resources for new entrepreneurs. So, while the economic news over the next few months is likely to be gloomy, it is worth remembering that beneath the hard frost the first buds of the next spring are germinating. Spotting them is the tricky bit. But catch them early enough, and you will make a fortune. It happens every so often: that's a fact. It needs to straighten itself out. But with careful planning, hard work, patience and plenty of belief you could be able to position yourself for when the tide turns. Whether you are here on the Costa del Sol or anywhere else, it WILL come good again. Are you going to be ready for it?

Are you seizing this opportunity to develop a lower price product or service to target today’s growing frugal consumer? Take this time to revise your business plan and review your business goals and strengths. Rather than using the same methods of doing things, seize this opportunity to be brave and try something new. Be innovative. You may also want to seize this opportunity to communicate and be honest with your employees during this time. Get their feedback on cutbacks and how you can improve on service levels. Have a coping plan and know that the strengths, talents and skills you and your employees have will get you through these hard times. It’s human nature for people to

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Local Business Spotlight

At Costa Life we dedicate more space to business editorial than any other publication on the coast. It is important to us to introduce to you information about our new clients and remind you on a regular basis about existing ones. We are a free magazine and we only exist because of our clients and we therefore feel it right to dedicate a section of the magazine to promoting to you, our readers, the people, both new and old, who make Costa Life possible. If you need to make use of the services or products promoted in this section or indeed throughout this issue please let our clients know that you have seen them in Costa Life Magazine. Thank You.

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Careers at the cutting edge of fashion For those who aspire to a career in the fashion industry, opportunities here on the Costa del Sol have always been few and far between. However things have now taken a change for the better - thanks to two forward-thinking hairdressing professionals.. The Aztec Academy, based in the Aztec Country Club on the Riviera del Sol urbanisation, is the brainchild of Helen Brady and David Carlton, both highly-qualified lecturers with years of practical salon experience behind them. The new Academy is already bringing cutting-edge training techniques into the exciting world of hair fashion, and has been developed in response to a growing demand from the industry for students with internationally recognised qualifications combined with real, ‘hands-on’ exposure. ‘‘Hairdressing is an increasingly important part of today’s fashion industry,’’ says Helen. ‘‘These days, qualified hairdressers start their own business, work on board cruise ships or even in films or television. In fact, one of our first students recently did the hairstyling for an entire stage production of Macbeth.’’ Anyone aged 16 upwards, including school-leavers and people looking to change their job for something more rewarding and challenging, can join the 12-month course, which is also ideal for more mature students seeking to change career direction. Students cover all aspects of hairdressing, including client consultation, hair conditioning, cutting and styling, colouring and perming, salon management and, importantly these days, health and safety. Exposure in the adjacent ‘Hair at Aztec’ salon and at various live events adds realism to the programme. Recently the academy and students collaborated with Age Care at their charity fashion show at the Tamisa Golf Hotel in Mijas Golf Urbanisation. Current student, Danniella, said, ‘‘The fashion show was well organised and gave us a good insight into what goes on behind the scenes,’’ while fellow student Louise added, ‘‘I’m pleased with how quickly the course is progressing and we can all see how much we’ve come on since we started.’’ Students regularly benefit from careers advice from local employers. This month they have had a talk from a representative of Steiner Lines giving details of career opportunities with them on their cruise ships The outcome? A full City & Guilds Institute of London diploma, for both practical hairdressing and theory - the same internationally recognised and respected qualifications as offered in the UK. And once they qualify, students are assured of the best support available, as Helen and David will continue to help and advise them as they start out on their chosen career paths.

Registration is now open for the next intake of students. ‘‘Potential students may not realise it, but their future is, quite literally, in their own hands,’’ says David, adding, ‘‘We’ll even be happy to offer them a fee reduction if they enrol before 31st January.’’ Also available are two day Barber shop courses for experienced hairdressers. For school leavers there is a special after school sampler course available for 14 to 16 year olds to give a taste for what a career in hairdressing has to offer you. The Aztec Academy is just five minutes’ walk from the Riviera del Sol bus stop on the N340 Malaga to Marbella road. Students have access to the pool, gymnasium, restaurant and clubs, and on-site accommodation can also be arranged at discounted prices. Take your future into your own hands and give your career a new cutting edge with a place on the next course at the Aztec Academy. (Short courses and refresher courses are also available.) For more information: Call Helen on 952939609 or call in to the Academy any weekday at the Aztec Country Club. Or check out the website at

Are you the right person for a career in hairdressing! Are you Outgoing - Fashion conscious - Motivated? Now’s your chance Come and train with us for the new City & Guilds Diploma & Advanced Diploma in hairdressing

Hairdressing - A career for life Your future in your hands Contact us now: tel. 952 939 609 email. Aztec Country Club s are Calle Libra, Riviera del Sol, ‘‘Model uired’’ Mijas Costa ow req


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Under New Management CONNECT IT Internet cafe

tea. Food wise there is on offer a wide variety of fresh home made cakes, snacks, toasted sandwiches and full breakfasts and the café has indoor and out door TV with all sports channels including Sky and Setanta sport, a full list of events is posted on the notice board every week. There is a terrace out side which is heated and covered in the evenings with comfy seating for you to relax and enjoy. A food take away service is also available.

Situated in Centro Comercial, Las Terrazes, Riviera del Sol, Connect It Internet Café offer everything you need when it comes to basic Internet services. Connect Internet Cafe has been open for two and a half years. It has recently changed management and is now family run by Jon and his wife Ann, Barry and his wife Clair. They offer a wide selection of services including Internet, call cabins, faxes, scanning, copying and laminating and downloading such as photos to disc, all at reasonable prices. For locals and long term holiday makers they offer an internet saver scheme to enable you to use the internet at a discount price. They also have Wi Fi connection so you can use your own laptop computers in the café. There is a Mobile phone recharge machine and they are an Offex agent so can provide Offex's fast and efficient Postal service between Spain and the UK, all of Europe and the rest of the world. You can also register and have your post sent to Connect It by Offex from the UK. They will then txt you to let you know you have mail. There is also a large selection of greeting cards available so you can pick your card and post it all from the same place. There is a well stocked bar with bottled beers, lager on tap, spirits and soft drinks so you can unwind over a drink or just have coffee or

Services include

A warm, friendly, family welcome awaits you at Connect It Internet Café and they are open from 9 am to 11fax/printing/photocopying, pm, sometimes later depending onwifi sports Internet, telecabins, events.

hotspot, phone credit, Offex postal service, Plus general IT services

For your enjoyment Café - snacks and beverages, smoothies, beers, wines and spirits, coffees Outdoor screen sky sports and setanta Heated enclosed terrace

Open everyday 10am - late 952 930 844 Las Terrazas de Miraflores, Calle Acuario, Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa top of Riviera near Miralfores Supermarket

costa COMPANIES >> Please call in and see us if you would like more information on any of our services or to have a browse around our shop - packed with goodies for the pool.

Proffesional & affordable pool maintenance Pool maintenance is now available with Splash from as little as 70.00 € per month (excluding chemicals and iva) Our pool maintenance team are fully trained and have full liability insurance.

We are situated at the entrance to Doña Pilar, next to the Octagon Bar and below Restaurant Valparaiso. Open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Tel: 952 591 053 E-mail: Web page :

You will be allocated a regular day and time in which the pool cleaner will clean out the filters, hoover the pool,clean the edges and skim the pool surface. He will then regulate your chemicals - recording exactly what has been added - only quality pool chemicals will be used. It is important to keep the correct chemical balance in order to ensure not only your health but also the condition of your tiles. If the chlorine and ph balance are not correct the tiles may calcify, you will get problems with algae and your filtration system may suffer - causing hefty repair bills! We have an excellent repairs team available to sort out anything that goes wrong with your pool - from changing a time clock to full pool renovation. We also have specialised leak detecting equipment so within a couple of hours we can locate where you pool is leaking. We can then advise you of what repairs need to be done.

Swimming Pools S.L.

Providing quality service here since 1985 Professional Pool Maintenance from only 70€ per month (exc.chemicals & iva) FREE pool analysis - bring a small sample in & we will test it and advise you on the spot Specialists in leak detecting and repairs Quality new builds and renovations Efficient heat pumps  Safety covers Jacuzzis. Salt water chlorinators Chemical and equipment supplies Quality pool furniture  Toys & games Open 8am to 4pm  Tel 952 591 053 We are situated at the entrance to Urb. Dona Pilar, Next to the Octagon Bar & just off the Careterra de Mijas costa life 29

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Carbohydrates and Fat Loss When we decide to lose body fat after the heavy festive season, one of the first changes we consider making is changing our eating habits. The first thing these days we think about is low or zero carb diets. This is because many Hollywood celebs have confessed to using them to achieve their movie star bodies and, as a result, the market is full of lowcarb diet books, products, etc. Carbohydrates don’t make you fat. It’s what you put on them that makes you fat, for example sour cream on potatoes or butter on bread. When considering carbs and the effects on body fat stores, we need to know the function of the two hormones, insulin and glucagon, both of which are produced by the pancreas, and this organ regulates our blood sugar levels. For example, when blood sugar levels rise after a meal, insulin is the hormone that stores the glucose and normalises blood glucose levels. When blood glucose levels fall, glucagon promotes the release of glucose from the liver, bringing the level back up again. For fat loss to occur, insulin release must be minimised, because the effects on the body are: Promotes the storage of fat in the fat cells Promotes the uptake of glucose in the fat cells and their conversion to fat Slows down the release of fat from the cells that could be used as a full source. Insulin is released as a result of mainly two factors, and the amount of insulin released is in direct proportion to these two factors: The size of the meal The amount of glucose in the bloodstream. So eating smaller more frequent meals will help reduce the insulin response, eg five meals per day. Also, regulating the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream will help: Reduce portions of carbs per meal Increase low GI carbohydrates Increase amount of fibrous carbohydrates Making sure each meal has protein, fat and fibre as well as carbs.

Although low-carb diets do promote fat loss, I don't recommend them for the following reasons: Too hard to stick to long term They may lead to diseases due to their avoidance of fruits and vegetables They may negatively affect bodily functions due to reduced fibre, and possible high intakes of saturated fat and cholesterol. What is GI? The Glycaemic Index (GI) is a score given to carb-containing foods as to how rapidly they raise blood glucose. A high GI causes fast blood glucose rise and a low GI causes a more sustained release into the bloodstream. Protein, Fat and Fibre These three food sources with carbohydrates make a ‘nutritionally complete’ meal. These nutrients also have an effect on the slowdown or absorption rate of carbohydrates, which will reduce the insulin response. Some people will have a piece of fruit mid-morning or mid-afternoon in their quest to lose body fat. Unfortunately these foods alone don’t provide adequate nutrients. In order to help fat loss, these foods must be consumed with other foods to ensure a complete meal, eg a piece of fruit with some nuts, a low fat bagel with a protein drink. Fat Loss Plan: 5 times per week for 30-4 40 minutes. 1. Perform weight training 4-5 WHY? It is a mistake to think aerobic exercise alone is enough to get the best fat-burning results. When fat is burned it actually has to be released into the bloodstream and taken into the muscle cell, where it is burned as fuel. Muscle, therefore is the fat burning machine. If you increase

costa LIFESTYLE >>

muscle mass even slightly, you increase caloric burn, even when you eat, sleep and think. Weight training is therefore a vital key to any fat loss programme. 2. Perform aerobic exercise (cardio) immediately after weight training for 20-3 30 minutes. WHY? When you walk, jog or climb stairs, your body burns fat and or sugar (glycogen-glucose stored in the muscles and liver). If you did exhaustive aerobic exercise before weight training, you would burn stored glycogen. If you deplete this, your fuel reserve would be limited for your weight training. Then, in order to supply fuel, your body might break down muscle to convert into glucose, and the loss of muscle should be avoided at all costs. If you do your cardio after your weights you can utilise glycogen for the weights and tap into fat stores to fuel your cardio. 3. Do not exceed 75 minutes' exercise duration. WHY? Overtraining is one of the most common mistakes exercisers

make. Too much exercise can lead to loss of muscle, injury, fatigue or excessive connective tissue trauma. By limiting exercise to 75 minutes, assuming your body is properly fuelled and hydrated, you can optimise the benefit of your exercise session. 4. Consume 5-6 6 small meals per day (including protein). WHY? If you restrict your calories too severely, even when you weight train a good percentage of your weight loss will be muscle. When going for too long between meals and not getting sufficient calories, protein and other nutrients, your body goes into catabolic state (muscle wastage). This will slow down your metabolism, leading to more body fat, so it's a vicious cycle. But eating excessively large meals once or twice per day will most likely lead to stored body fat.

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5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Men…

Get Fit

When men want to get fit, they tend to aim for weight loss in the stomach area and muscular definition in the biceps, chest, and abdominals. To achieve these goals, men do little cardiovascular exercise, and a lot of resistance training. They need to participate in a balanced exercise program where they are involved in strength training that is for all the major muscle groups.

Lose Weight Meat and potatoes have somehow been associated with manly men. For some men, it’s a macho thing to eat a lot of red meat. There is certainly nothing wrong with a juicy piece of steak, but overindulgence can be a problem. Lowcarbohydrate and high-protein diets limit intake of particular grains, rice, potatoes, pastas, fruits, and starchy vegetables. To lose weight, you need a well-balanced diet; also three servings of low-fat dairy can also be beneficial. Besides improving bone health, some studies show calcium may make it easier to shed pounds.

Go to the Doctor Do you have a twisted ankle, back pain, blood in the urine, an enlarged mole, or unexplained sadness lasting more than a couple of weeks? These are all good reasons to see a doctor. Yet plenty of men simply

don't do it. If a man does not go to the doctor, it becomes harder for physicians to determine the severity of a problem.

Quit Smoking Giving the nicotine habit the boot is one of the most popular resolutions for both men and women. It is a difficult task, and for some people, success does not come until after multiple tries. A relapse is a real possibility, but it's important to look forward and avoid negative thinking. Don’t give up.

Ease Stress Got stress? Who doesn’t? Men have their lion’s share partly because society hasn’t given them the freedom to process pressures that well; a lot of times men will hold things inside ... they won’t talk about them. Negative feelings can cause feelings of anger and hopelessness, promote destructive behavior, or manifest themselves in physical ailments. Exercise is a great way of relieving tension: so if you’ve had a stressful day and you work out, you burn off stress hormones.

Joke…Crowded Delivery Room ‘‘Will the father be present during the birth?’’ asked the obstetrician. ‘‘Nah,’’ replied the mother-to-be, ‘‘he and my husband don’t get along.’’

Funny Drink Quotes…

I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. They wake up in the morning and that’s the best they are going to feel all day…Frank Sinatra It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth…George Burns Bessie Braddock to Winston Churchill: Winston, you’re drunk. Churchill: Bessie, you’re ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober. 32 costa life

Mr Alf Neuhaus

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Col. No: 9.220

Sandra Vincenti

UK Chartered Physiotherapist Col. No: 682 Treatment of Arthritis & Rheumatism Joint Replacements - hip,knee,ankle,shoulder Hip Resurfacing Advanced Cartilage Repair Keyhole Surgery Hand and Foot Surgery Accidents & Fractures Bone density measuring available X-ray Facilities - Diagnostic Ultrasound Back and Neck Problems - sciatica,whiplash,etc. Rehabilitation - post op,post injury Emergency Accidents dealt with (ambulance service available 24hr per day)

Travel insurance & International insurance claims welcome 24HR EMERGENCY SERVICE - TEL:656 313 293 Tel: 952 577 766 - E-mail: C./ Pepa Guerra Valdenebros, 29631 Benalmadena behind Tivoli World Arroyo


Get a stylish look for less if you’re over 60, at Specsavers. From Monday to Friday, buy any pair of glasses and you’ll get 25% off. That’s 25% off the frame, the lenses and any Extra Options - please ask in-store for details. Specsavers Fuengirola Avenida calle Ramon Y Cajal, Local 6, 29640, Fuengirola For appointments please call 952 467 837 Cannot be used with any other offer. Offer applies to one pair of complete glasses only. Excludes reglazes, safety eyewear, any contact lens products and non-prescription sunglasses. Discount not transferable in whole or part for cash. SKU 24816890. © 2001-2008 Specsavers Optical Group. All rights reserved.

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Step out in st yle… Chunky cardigan Burtons Brown suede boot Burtons

Fine knit scarf Burtons

Grandad top Burtons

men want Stand out …

Accessorize at Topman… Black knitted trapper hat with check and stripe design

Striped shirt H&M Multi coloured scarf H&M

Gold mirrored vintage aviator style sunglasses

Printed belt with allover cosmic graffiti print

Grey and black jumper H&M

34 costa life

Black real leather driving glove

A classic style wool trilby

Store Locator A to Z

Burton Gibraltar. Dorothy Perkins Miramar and La Cañada. Evans Miramar and La Cañada. H&M La Cañada. Mango . Topman La Cañada. Topshop La Cañda.

costa LIFESTYLE >> Dorothy Perkins

Accessorize at Mango…

Limited Edition Purple handbag Designed by Zuhair Murad

Multi coloured brown handbag Black pleated clutch bag Zaida black boot Designed by Penélope & Mónica Cruz

Sasha sandal Designed by Zuhair Murad

women want Kate Moss at Topshop… Leather jacket with frill front and blanket stitch detail

Step out in st yle with Dorothy Perkins… Tan leather western style boots with a mid heel height

Mongolian wool scarf in sheepskin Spot printed blouse with flared sleeves

Black leather flat biker boot with buckle detail

Tan suede fringe boots

Wrap it up at Evans… Spotted print tea dress with wrap detail

Black leather platform boots with buckle detail

Faux fur gillet & tan ring detail belt

Single breast tweed coat

Black shaggy cardigan

costa life 35

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Celeb secret… No time to drop that last 5lb before the big night? Bath in Epsom salts and soak away the pounds. Magnesium sulphate in the salts draw out the fluids from your body. Heidi Klum does this before getting in front of the cameras.

Beauty quote… Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful. Sophia Loren

Healthy wrinkle free skin… Oranges contain vitamin C which is most essential to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. This vitamin helps in preventing wrinkles by producing collagen in the skin. Eat one whole fruit (not just juice) everyday, regularly for beneficial effects.

The big eye brow is back… This welcome trend is back and you simply can not ignore it …the big eyebrow…gone are the pencil thin lines and over plucking evident in the likes of Pamela Anderson. Thick eyebrows are back, they are very economical as they require considerably less maintenance than the thinner variety. The key is to get the balance right, too thick and heavy can look as silly as too thin. Like all hair, eyebrows follow a six-week growth cycle, but it can take a few months to really get them up to size.

Bushier brows With strong brows back on-trend this season, help is at hand for those who have been a little too overzealous with the tweezer. The eyebrow transplant has arrived - imported from the US - and takes several hours. The process involves hair being shaved from the back of the head to allow follicles to be extracted. Small incisions are then made above the eye to create a new eyebrow shape, and individual hairs inserted into the holes. Up to 350 hairs are required for each brow. Strict upkeep is then required from the patient, who must trim the brows regularly, as the hairs will grow faster than regular brow hair, having been taken from the head. Bushier brows have become a beauty must-have of late, embraced by celebrities such as Agyness Deyn, Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore.

Beauty news… Eyelash enhancing A drug developed to treat glaucoma has now been licensed for cosmetic use, after it was discovered that it gave users bambi-like eyelashes. Created by Allergan, the drug company that is also behind Botox, Latisse could hit UK shops next year, as a lash-lengthening treatment that could be worth millions for the firm. Originally used as a glaucoma medicine, the ingredient was found to have an eyelash-enhancing side effect in users, lengthening lashes, as well as making them thicker and darker in a matter of days.

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Nature’s Philosophy Health & Beauty Salon Retail of Natural Products

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 10am - 2pm Treat someone special for Christmas!

Health & Beauty Packages at special prices Nail Extensions for only 30€! Christmas Gift Vouchers

Retail of Natural Products & Books

Calle Málaga, 39, Mijas Pueblo Tel: 952485172

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Green tea x 3 fights obesity…

Drinking just three cups of green tea a day could help you lose weight, even if you still indulge in junk food. A study found that a certain blend of green tea could cut blood pressure and make it easier for the body to process sugar, keeping obesity at bay. Spearole Tea is a blend of green tea, spearmint, grape seed and olive leaf extract. Previous studies have credited green tea with the ability to cut appetite and cholesterol and even cut the risk of cancer.

Broccoli, the smoker’s friend… Broccoli and similar vegetables appear to offer special protection from cancer for smokers. Research has found that former smokers and, especially, people still smoking heavily get special benefits from eating the vegetables. Broccoli and other so-called cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts have been known to lower the risk of cancer in general. People who eat cruciferous vegetables, especially raw, are between 20 percent and 55 percent less likely to have cancer than those who do not or only rarely eat these foods.

Smoking linked to PMS…

Women between the ages of 27 and 44 years old who smoke are twice as likely to develop PMS; researchers found that smoking can alter levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, which can be linked to the development of PMS. The researchers looked at a group of women who were PMS-free during the first two years of the study, comparing 1,057 who did go on to develop PMS to 1,968 who did not. Those who were current smokers were 2.1 times as likely as non-smokers to report PMS within the next two to four years. The risk increased with the amount they smoked, and women who had started lighting up before the age of 15 were at an even greater risk.

Top tip… Bananas for a healthier colon: science shows that simply getting your share of the nutrient B6 could cut your risk of colon and rectal cancer. 40 costa life

Exercise plus sleep fights cancer… Regular exercise can reduce your risk of developing cancer, but this is only when combined with a good night’s sleep. A 10-year study of nearly 6,000 women found those who exercised regularly developed ‘significantly fewer’ cancers, including breast cancer. But getting less than seven hours sleep appeared to undo the protective effects of a work out and could even increase the risk of developing the disease.

Gymnasium fully equipped gym with both fixed and free weights crosstrainers + bikes treadmills + rowing machines professional instructor available only gym open at 8 am


over 56 fitness classes every week step aerobics, aerobics, yoga, bums & tums, latest reebok decks new from Finland “gym stick� suitable all ages pilates room with pilates reformer beds individual spin bike room with 40 bikes individual aerobics and exercise room with sprung floor Goshin Ju Jitsu plus Capoeira


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New Patron of Age Care Association attends Fashion Show A very successful fashion show and sit-d down lunch was held at Hotel Tamisa Golf, Mijas Costa on, 3rd November. It was attended by Age Care Association’s new patron, Baroness Llin Golding, a member of the House of Lords, London. The event was very well supported and funds were raised to help the association provide the care and advice for which it is known on the Costa del Sol. A raffle was held with prizes donated by supporters of the Age Care Association. A special thanks to John Peach and his staff at the Hotel Tamisa golf and also to La Cala Lions for the fantastic support they give to the Age Care Association, also to the many other supporters of and helpers at this event. These include Hollies and Café Fresco of Las Rampas, Miraflores L.B.C., Irvings of Calahonda, Geoff & Janet, Karen @ El Pino, Pica Pesca, Thai-LLanna Restaurant in Los Boliches, Buggy @ La Cala Resort and Dunnes Stores, Las Rampas. The clothes were supplied by Karen’s Fashions and were complemented by the models’ hairstyles, which were provided by Hair at Aztec. Master stylist Sandra, who is from Germany and speaks Spanish, English and German, cut and coloured the hair of the models. Sandra is the newest member of the team in Riviera del Sol (952 939609) and specialises in cutting and colouring. On the day of the fashion show, students from Aztec Hair Academy blow-dried and dressed the hair of all of the models. The students are from this last summer’s intake and this was their first event outside of the classrooms. The academy will have its next intake in January 2009. Age Care Association is a fully registered, non-profit making, charitable organisation and is run entirely by volunteers. It provides help and information for older English-speaking people living in Spain. Many of our volunteers have previously worked within the caring and counselling profession and all our clients can be secure in the knowledge that their problems will be treated with complete confidentiality. We need more volunteers, some with specialised knowledge, but also people who are just willing to help visit and shop, sick or housebound Costa residents. If you are a car driver we always need help with trips to the hospital, doctors and for shopping. Volunteers are especially required in the Benalmádena and Torremolinos area.

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This year we have been able to open two more help centres, one is at Bar Continental, in Lidl’s car park, Calahonda from 12 - 2 every Tuesday. This is a new ‘drop-in’ centre, so please just come along for a cup of tea, etc, a chat, make new friends, browse the recycled clothes or ask advice. A nurse is in attendance every second Tuesday in the month. Our second centre is at Montemar at Whelan’s Bar and Restaurant, which is situated on the Paseo at the Benalmádena Marina end. The group meets every Monday afternoon from 4.30 to 6.00 p.m., for a chat, advice and just a general get together, everyone is welcome. And of course, our main centre in the Manila Bar, Los Boliches, Fuengirola is open every Wednesday from 10.00 to 12.30. Here anyone is welcome to come along and ask for advice, or just stop for a drink, chat and browse the clothes stall. For help, advice or further information please contact 691 761 088 or access the Website Heather Roche Publicity Officer Age Care Association.

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Andalucia offers some of the most diverse and wonderful opportunities and whoever you are it can never fail to provide you with some of the best activities in Spain. In this issue we take a look at the southern most ski resort in Europe...


makes it the massif of highest altitude in Western Europe after the Alps. The peak of Mulhacen reaches 3481m and in the surrounding areas there are a number of glacial lakes, the highest of which is Laguna de Altera at 3146m.

Located in the province of Granada 30 kilometres south east of Granada city (which has its own airport) and 160 kilometres from Malaga Airport, Sierra Nevada is the best known and best equipped of all the Spanish ski resorts with over 40 pistes covering 70 kilometres. The geographical characteristics of this Andalusian ski resort guarantee a high proportion of sunny days, even in mid-winter and offers over 5 months of skiing. In 1966 the area was declared a National Hunting Reserve and twenty years later Sierra Nevada received the denomination; “Biosphere Reserve” given by UNESCO. In 1989 it was declared a Natural Park and incorporates 54 municipal areas of the provinces of Granada and Almeria that belong either partially or totally to the park. Sierra Nevada is one of the largest Andalusian “Protected Natural Spaces” on the peninsula, with a surface area of 171,646 hectares. At its highest points it reaches over 3000m, which

The Romans called it Mons Slorius. The Arabs, Xolair Atzalg or Gebal Xolair meaning: “mountain of the sun”. It has been considered a natural marvel throughout history. Arab treatise writers such as Al Jatib or El Idrisi describe it with precision and from these beauty spots the caravans laden with silk produced in its regions, departed bound for rich and distant countries. Its impregnability against the Romans, Arabs and even Castillians and French throughout history have made it possible that ancient traditions and customs have survived intact to the present day. With a multitude of towns and villages surrounding the area perched or even hanging on mountain sides this is real Spain where traditional life dating back centuries can still be observed and thoroughly enjoyed virtually untouched by the buzz of commercialism at the heart of the skiing centre.

The resort provides slopes for all levels, from complete beginners to expert skiers. You can ski here for a minimum of five months of the year thanks to the 320 snow cannons capable of producing nearly 2,000 cubic metres of snow per hour. This is the biggest facility of its kind in Spain and one of the best in Europe. Even in the case of a complete lack of snowfall, Sierra Nevada has guaranteed the opening of the resort thanks to its excellent snow-making system. There are four nursery/ green runs for beginners, 21 blue runs, 23 reds and four blacks. If you’re a good skier and very brave you can have a go at night skiing which is supposed to be a great experience. If you are a really good skier, you should definitely go up to the Laguna and Veleta pistes. They are so high that, on a clear day, you can see the coast and the sea on both sides of the Mediterranean. The 20 lifts consist of two gondolas, 13 chairlifts, three T-bar drag lifts, one conveyor belt and bone rope drag. There are several ski schools in the resort offering private and group lessons for skiers of all abilities (over 400 instructors) Snowboarders are also well served with a special park where there are jumps and halfpipes. You reach the resort up a steep road, which can be quite intimidating and very busy in peak season near the top. There is free parking on the road leading into the resort village of Pradollano but you need to get there very early to take advantage of it. Alternatively you will have to use the underground car park, which has a capacity for 2,800 vehicles but can be quite expensive for long term parking. The resort is quite compact and it would be a good idea to check with your accommodation to see if they have parking facilities. Accommodation ranges from top class hotels with fitness centres, Jacuzzis, squash courts, workout areas, saunas, indoor swimming pools, convention and meeting rooms to hostels and even Alpine style self catering-apartments. There are excellent customer services in Sierra Nevada guaranteeing all visitors an unforgettable stay including a new medical centre, child day-care centre, banks with ATM´s, supermarkets, sports and fashion boutiques, gift shops, magazine and newspaper kiosks, ski rental, photo-developing services, hairdressers, car rental, taxi service, pharmacy, church services and much more. If you don’t mind traveling in and out of the resort there are plenty of places to stay in and around the area, which are cheaper and more “Spanish.” Whatever your budget you can get good accommodation and all the services you need. When you have survived the ski slopes and if you still have lots of energy left there are plenty of Après-ski activities for you to enjoy There is a cinema, ice-skating rink, sledge rides, no end of shops and once you have the time to relax you will find a wide range of restaurants, bars, night clubs, creperies and croissant shops to choose from to wind down and enjoy the fabulous buzz of the night life. Skiing is always expensive but you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of skiing at Sierra Nevada compared to other European resorts. Granada is only 32 kilometres away and is well worth a visit, especially the fabulous Alhambra Palace - the most spectacular legacy of the Moorish sultans who ruled the kingdom of Al-Andalus for nearly 800 years. It’s one of the top tourist attractions in Spain and the beauty of its architecture will take your breath away. The Alpujarras region on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada is also well worth a day trip. It’s a spectacular region, used by the Moors as their final stronghold,

where ancient villages cling impossibly to the mountainsides and the way of life continues much as it has done for hundreds of years. Head down to the coast and you’ll find Malaga province which includes some of the most popular Spanish resorts for the Brits including Malaga itself, home of Picasso, Benalmadena, Marbella, Puerto Banus and many more well

Sierra Nevada Information Tourist Office:Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Granada, Pl. Mariana Pineda, 10-2, Granada, Spain Country code: 0034 Telephone: 958-223527 Note: This is the provincial tourist office in Granada and is responsible for the resort. Reservation Center and Information:Sierra Nevada Club Cetursa sierra Nevada, Plaza de Andalucia, 4, Sierra Nevada, Monachil-Grenada. Country code: 0034 Telephone: 958-2491000 Fax: 958-249181 Internet:

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known destinations. And if you time it right you really can go swimming in the morning, have a bit of lunch, jump in your car and shoot up to Sierra Nevada and enjoy an afternoon skiing, now tell me where else can you do that?


MAVL-209 Alhaurin el Grande

2,400,000€ €

Bed: 5 Bath:9 Build: 700m2 Plot:62,000m2 5 ensuite bedrooms with whirlpool baths, or hydro/massage showers. 3 of which have walk-in wardrobes and wrap around balconies. 4 Reception rooms. Each with its own character. Tower room with panoramic views. Downstairs cloakroom. Luxury kitchen with adjoining laundry room. Separate 2 bedroom 2 bathroom fully self-contained apartment. The extensive recreation area includes a heated pool, sunken Jacuzzi, BBQ and pool bar with separate lady’s and gentlemen’s changing rooms. Stabling for 4 horses. Provisions for a 2 bedroom bungalow or recording studio. Ample space for Tennis Courts or paddocks. Helicopter Landing Area.

TELEPHONE: 627 292 562

Large Home and Income Property for Sale This large property is situated Alora in the Province of Malaga and offers a total of 9 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 3 toilets, lounge, kitchen, commercial kitchen, bar, restaurant, terraces. Furnished. The approx. building size: 34metres long, 7metres wide with 3 floors.

Price: 850,000 Euros The Ground Floor consists of a fully fitted bar, restaurant, commercial kitchen, dry store, walk-in fridge, walkin freezer, 2 toilets (one with disabled facilities), air conditioning, 3phase electricity, external sun canopy’s, ample parking with option to rent a 180 square metre area for outdoor bar/restaurant terrace. The Property is near completion of a total refurbishment including new electrics, plumbing and drains. It offers a great business opportunity for one or more families and is in an excellent position with the advantage of direct trains to Malaga and Airport close by. The First Floor consists of 8 private studio apartments with individual door access onto a communal walkway. Each studio has a bathroom with shower facility. Terminated drain and water connections have been provided for the addition of kitchens (if required). All studios have views to front and rear, ceiling fans, individual electric circuits, furnished and ready for use. There is an outdoor terrace (26 sq metres) with barbeque for studio tenant’s use. The Top Floor consists of a one bedroom Penthouse apartment with 360 degree views, lounge with mini bar, open plan kitchen, bathroom with sunken bath & shower, private access to 100 sq metre terrace with barbeque, 7 seated Jacuzzi, outside toilet & utility room.

Call 670 884 036 for information or to arrange a viewing

EUINSURANCE DIRECT All insurance and financial needs in plain English We cover Cars, motorbikes, homes and contents, boats and life/critical illness

RESTORED CORTIJO WITH GUEST COTTAGE & SWIMMING POOL - MONTEFRIO, GRANADA  Beautifully restored, tradtional cortijo with 5 double bedrooms plus seperate 3 bedroom cottage and swimming pool. - Well presented throughout with lots of character and many original features.  MAIN HOUSE: 5 Double bedrooms (some with beamed ceilings), Fitted & tiled bathrooms, Lounge has fireplace with log burner installed, & Andalucian style kitchen / diner.  COTTAGE: 3 Double bedrooms (2 with patio doors to gardens & pool area), Lounge has fireplace with log burner installed, Fitted & tiled bathroom. Stone floors throughout.  OUTBUILDINGS: Second fitted & tiled kitchen / diner with fireplace, Pool side fitted & tiled bathroom, Plus 3 outbuildings which could convert for further accommodation / workshop / garage etc.  OUTSIDE: Swimming pool with terrace area, flat fenced gardens with numerous fruit trees (including fig, olive & nispero), shaded courtyard area, private entrance with double gates, road access.  POSITION: Peaceful, coutryside location with country & mountain views

169,000 â‚Ź P h o n e : 6 9 5 2 0 4 77 9 w w w. a c e f m . i n f o

Offers around:

We also offer Mortgage protection, Mortgages, private health plans, travel protection, savings plans, Private Health Plan which covers 90% of pre-existing conditions and much more Also agents for AXA products We can insure you for less!! Contact Wendy on 952 830 843 or 676 098 464 Fax: 951 310 524 Framire Residencial, Local Comercial 6, Cerrado de Elviria, 29604, Marbella, Malaga


irst look at your home and decide what theme you want to accomplish. Is it a contemporary, country, southwest, traditional or ethic style that would suit your personality? Look in magazines, books or the internet to get a flavour of the accessories you would like to see in your home. Have at least one piece you treasure in every room. Purchase accessories that go with the theme and colour of your room. Colour choices should complement the main colour in the room. Some of the best accessories are really used to bring colours, textures or scale of the room into balance. A neutral colour scheme can pop with two red cushions. Wooden furniture that does not match can make sense if accessories of the same colour are placed somewhere else in the room for balance. A dark chair in a room with light furniture can work if dark baskets or pottery grace the room.

Large spaces require large accessories. Less clutter is critical and, if you have collections of things, group them in the same space together rather than spreading them all over the house. That way they can be appreciated for all of their similar differences as a collection without looking cluttered.

Make it personal… Accessories, more than anything else, add personality to a home. Your accessories tell a story about you to your guests. Plus, they make your home more inviting and comfortable for you and your family - everyone likes being surrounded by things they love. While there are a few basic principles for arranging accessories, you don't need a degree in interior design to get great-looking results. Experiment, and don't be afraid to try something different. After all, rules are made to be broken, and what's most important is that the arrangements satisfy you. Bring together items of different textures for a unique look. Alternate shiny finishes with flat ones or hard objects with softer ones. For example, if you have a grouping of brass candlesticks and a ceramic vase, try using a plant, floral arrangement or woven basket for a softer texture. Find the focal point. Arrange everything around one major object to centre the grouping. Avoid clutter. Know when to say when. Too many items can look messy and detract from your décor. If you have more accessories than you need, simply store them for a while and then switch them for a fresh look. Remember, placing accessories on the same level can look boring, but landscape them at different heights and they're interesting. Anything can become a lift or a leveller. A stack of books with a small framed picture, backed by a tall table lamp and two larger framed images, is sometimes all you need. Lifts and levels will always add appeal to objects, and impress upon visitors that there must be something special about your pieces if they're displayed so well.

Mix the old with the new… An eclectic look comes from the successful combination of a lot of different styles - pairing unlikely pieces together like a vintage sofa and modern cushions, blending the old with the new, the classic with the contemporary, the wild with the tame. The key to making it all work is smooth and

balanced layering: one piece working with another, like repetition in colour, shape or origin. Colour through the use of fabric can also go a long way to giving favorite antique furnishings a modern flair.

Accessorise your drawers… Why not refresh the look of your dresser or drawers with new knobs or pulls. Dunnes Stores and Zara Home have funky or vintage knobs that will give your drawers and cabinets an instant facelift. Change the look of a tired piece of furniture by adding just a little colour or elegance. Remember accessories can make or break the ambiance of your home. Be creative and trust your instincts!

Fabulous Villa for sale Situated in Riviera del Sol, 2 minutes from the N340 and 5 minutes from the beach this villa offers the best in luxury living on the Costa del Sol. Fully refurbished to the highest standards Beautiful, gated and walled, secluded and private detached home. Mature and private gardens, and state of the art CCTV security system. 4 double bedrooms, each with luxury en suite bathroom. There is a 5th bedroom/bathroom superbly finished in a self contained apartment. Both the villa and the apartment have fabulous designer kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Panoramic sea views from any of several terraces. 950m2 plot, 210 built. Huge 2 -3 car garage, floodlit pool and separate feature lit barbecue area. This villa is finished throughout to an exceptionally high standard and is hardly noticeable from the road. See it and you will want it!!

Fantastic opportunity was 1,500,000 now 995,000 Call 670 884 036 for more information or to arrange a viewing.

specializing in

Fincas Country Villas Townhouses Cortijos Ruins Plots

952 498 454 mobile: 609 454 409

AP454: A tastefully restored country property within walking distance to the village of Zalea near Alora. The property has 6,700m2 of semi flat land planted with various fruit trees and a pleasant garden area. The main house has a farmhouse kitchen with open fireplace, lounge with wood burning stove, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an 8mx4m swimming pool. There is also a guest apartment with private terrace offering a kitchen, split level bedroom, sitting room and a wet room. Including terraces the property is 300m2 built with further outbuildings ripe for development. Electricity, well water, irrigation water and a 16,000litre storage facility, satellite TV and telephone/internet connection are all available.

PRICE: 375,000€ €

AP523: An airy one bedroom apartment located in a prestigious gated community in Alora. One of the best features of this stylish property is the 200m2 communal roof terrace with stunning views across the valley. The apartment has its own private patio and the accommodation is bright and airy. There is an open plan lounge with a well appointed wooden kitchen, 1 double bedroom with numerous wardrobes and a stylish bathroom. Approximately 50m2 built. This property is ideal for a single person/a couple or as a rental property and is being sold fully furnished. Mains water and electricity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a stylish apartment in Alora.

Price: 95,000€ €

tel: Plaza Fuente Arriba s/n Alora

AP318: A renovated finca in the countryside of Alora set on 635m2 of land. The house offers an open-plan lounge/kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a swimming pool.130m2 built. The property is set on the edge of a natural park and is within walking distance to a nearby restaurant. Mains community water, mains electricity and radio telephone are available. Good access and beautiful views make this a must see property. A great price for a 5 bedroom property, don’t miss out!

AP471: Charming ruin on the outskirts of Alora with full renovation project and permission to build a 2 level 145m2 house. It would offer a lounge, separate sitting room, kitchen/diner, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and separate w.c. Set in 10,000 m2 of semi flat land with almonds, oranges, lemons and pomegranates Mains electricity and well water. Ideal location for an accessible rural retreat with stunning views to the Sierra de las Nieves mountains.

Price: 230,000€ €

Price: 125,000€ €

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Ceramic floor tiles… Smart advice is to pre-wet a ceramic tiled floor before using any cleaners. The water saturates the porous tile and prevents the cleaning agents from penetrating into the tile body. Floor tiles should be always rinsed thoroughly after cleaning.

Don’t Don’t use harsh abrasive cleaners that might scratch the glaze. Don’t use acid-based cleaning solutions because they can damage the complex silicates in a glaze.

Do Regular maintenance should include sweeping, or preferably dry or damp mopping or vacuuming to reduce grit. Always start with the gentlest method possible, which may be as simple as warm water. Damp-mop ceramic tile with a low pH mild detergent. Dry the floor with a soft cloth to avoid streaks.

Dish washer tips… If your dishwasher is smelling, first clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s directions. Then, use white distilled vinegar to deodorize the inside and dissolve water spots. Pour 2 cups white vinegar into a bowl and sit it upright in the bottom rack. Run the machine through a short wash cycle and it will be clean, deodorised, and ready to run. Use white distilled vinegar as a rinse aid. If your dishes suffer from a hardwater spotting, pour white vinegar into the rinse compartment for shiny, spotless glasses and china. Less is more in terms of detergent. Contrary to popular belief, using more detergent doesn’t wash the dishes better; it just makes them dingy with residue. One tablespoon of detergent is enough to clean a full load in an efficient dishwasher, and use 2 tablespoons maximum in older models. If you use powdered detergent, try mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda with your detergent to boost its action (but don’t wash aluminum pans when you’ve mixed in baking soda because it may discolour them.)

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Metal Cleaner An acid like lemon juice works wonders for cleaning metals such as chrome, copper, and brass. There are myriad ways to get the lemon juice onto the metal, from simply rubbing the metal with a cut lemon, to mixing lemon juice with salt for a bit of an abrasive.

Unclogging Drains without Toxins… Call in the plunger This method doesn’t use any toxic chemicals, but it does require elbow grease. The plunger is often more effective than chemical drain cleaners. The trick involves filling the sink with water so the lip on the plunger is submerged. This way you will be forcing water down the drain rather than air. DIY Make your own drain cleaner. 1 cup of baking soda followed by three cups of boiling water. The boiling water will change the chemical composition of baking soda to become more alkaline. If you still have a clog, try pouring down 1 cup of vinegar. Being an acid, the vinegar will neutralize the baking soda and there will be some foaming and gurgling, but sometimes this is all that is needed in the end to dislodge the grime.

NEW ENGLAND KITCHENS SPAIN 40 years in the trade Kitchens, Bedrooms and Studies Quality English Kitchens, Planning and design Profesional fitting service low cost budget range with immediate delivery call now for details

951 238 553

652 062 550

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We stock a wide range of poles and rails at reasonable prices Due to circumstances beyond our control we have moved back to Centro Comercial Las Terrazas De Miraflores, Calle Aquario, Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa



rio ua Aq lle Ca



We accept payment in english sterling

“We Do It So You Don't Have To” Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday and evenings by appointment Centro Comercial Las Terrazas De Miraflores, Calle Aquario, Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa Tel 951 273 242 Mob 645 082 560

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Obtaining a Mortgage In Spain W

ho offers mortgages?

a margin over EURIBOR generally EURIBOR +0.75% to 1.5% but individual circumstances can dictate higher or lower rates. Fixed rate mortgages are available at slightly higher interest rates. Some lenders offer a lower Start up interest rates for the first year or part interest only mortgages, ideally suited for funding new construction.

Mortgages are available from most High street Spanish banks and saving banks[Caja] and International lenders in Gibraltar. Most Developers will have a loan scheme in place on ‘off-plan’ purchases, but you need to be aware that these are only available on completion and will not cover any stage payments i.e. normally 30% deposit. Resale properties are also sometimes offered for sale with a mortgage in place that can be easily transferred.

How often will interest rates be reviewed? Usually once a year, fixed rate mortgages are available at higher interest rates.

What is the maximum repayment period?

What is the cost of arranging a mortgage?

Mostly commonly, 15 or 20 years, but up to 35 years can be arranged.

The cost of a Spanish mortgage varies greatly from lender to lender and also from broker to broker. Generally you should allow between 23% of the purchase price of the property.

What information will the bank require:

Why is it so expensive? The up-front costs on a Spanish loan are much higher than in the UK for a number of reasons. Firstly the Bank itself will charge an arrangement fee ranging from .75% - 2% of the loan depending on the loan to value and the complexity. The higher fees are generally charged for ‘non-status’ lending or bridging finance and for a normal mortgage you should not pay more than 1.25% There is also mortgage tax of 1% of the value of the loan and 1% of the interest due to be accrued over the term of the loan e.g. on a loan of €100,000 over 25 years at 3.5% the total interest payable is approx. €50,990 making the tax payable €1000 + €509.90 As a Spanish mortgage is attached to the property and not the owner it has its own title deed. You will have to pay for the deed to be produced and also land registry and notary fees. The cost of this varies from area to area and on the value of the property. Valuation fees vary depending on the value of the property and the valuation company but start at about €200 for a small apartment. Lastly you have the services of a mortgage broker and again this can vary tremendously. Some charge nothing and just rely on the commission the banks pay them whilst others charge up to 1.5% of the loan. It is recommended that a broker is used if income is hard to prove as they will know which lenders are the most flexible and can save valuable time. The break-even point for a Spanish loan as opposed to a UK loan or remortgage is approximately 5 years, so if you are considering paying the loan off in full before that time you need to think long and hard about which way to proceed as it may be cheaper to raise the funds at home. 56 costa life

How much can I borrow? As general guide a non resident will be able to borrow 70%-80% of the valuation of a property, whilst residents can borrow up to 100% of the valuation. The key to obtaining the maximum mortgage offer is in achieving the maximum valuation, which is the job of the Tasador [valuer]. Most Banks will accept valuations from 1 or 2 Tasadors whilst a few employ their own. Your income is the other determining factor and the monthly repayments have to be covered by up to 40% of your NET salary, but most banks will only accept 35% Land purchase is limited to 60% of valuation by most lenders, as is lending on ‘Finca Rustica’ property. If you already own land and want to build then construction loans are an option. The bank will lend up to 70% of the projected completed value which in most cases will be more than enough to cover 100% of the build cost.

Which Currency should I borrow in? Mortgages are available in most major currencies. You should be aware that if you borrow in a currency that does not have a fixed value against the euro, currency fluctuations could make your borrowing more expensive or less expensive depending on whether your chosen currency weakens or strengthens against the euro.

What Interest rate will I pay? Interest rates again will depend on the currency you choose to borrow. Interest rates for mortgages in euros are based on the European Inter Bank Overnight Rate, or EURIBOR for short, which has largely takeover from the older MIBOR. The lenders rate will be

Banks vary in the amount of information that they require, but in general the more you can provide the easier the loan is to procure. Ideally the following would be good

If you are employed: Last 3 wage /salary slips. Latest P60. Last 6 months bank statements. Reference letter from your employer confirming date of employment, proof of income and position and prospects within the company Bank reference (The lender may have to apply for this themselves depending on who you bank with) Some lenders require an experion credit check to be carried out Copy of passport/residencia.

If you are self employed: Last 2 years tax returns. Copies of accounts for the last 2/3 years Chartered accountants copy report, confirming your annual personal drawings from the company Copy of your passport/residencia 6 months personal bank statements Bank reference letter

You will also need: In relation to a specific property, the nota simple from the property registry, offer letter or sales purchase contract. If you are applying for a construction loan then you must provide the Escritura for the land. The plans stamped by the College of Architects and a 10 year building guarantee. An NIE number from the local police station, which you or your lawyer can arrange. You will also need to open a Spanish bank account and it is advisable to use the same bank as your mortgage is with.

For all your insurance needs, do it the right way. Motor insurance for UK and Spanish plates, home and contents, health insurance, pet, travel and commercial insurance. Established on the coast for over 7 years thousands of satisfied customers Situated Centro Comercial Las Postas, Local 9, Sitio de Calahonda or arrange cover by calling


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Right Way Insurance ... insuring you, your family and your belongings the right way

The Complete Property Service Package Tel:952 832 656 Fax:952 832 717 Edificio Framire, Calle Alcornoque, Elviria, Marbella 29604

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Simon Hill



s gardeners we are all used to challenges, not least in our climate, water shortage. A decent quantity of rain fell late last year and it would be good to think that the crippling drought of the last few years is coming to an end. In my opinion it is still too early to tell. So unpredictable is our climate that we could well face the driest January and February on record! If, by the beginning of April, the reservoirs are full and the soil moisture reserves are fully recharged, then perhaps the drought will be truly over!

A brand new challenge facing us gardeners is the current severe downturn in the economy. Many of you will be feeling the pinch, and are having to resist the temptation to buy that gorgeous but expensive plant that they have just got in at the garden centre. At times like this, we can save a few centimos by propagating from established plants in our own gardens or those of friends. It is also nice to have rooted cuttings to give as presents.


Over the years, I have tried cuttings from a wide range of Mediterranean garden plants. While some species are difficult to strike and require growth hormones and special facilities such as mist propagators, many root easily. Some of the easiest are Argyranthemum species and their hybrids, or Marguerites as they used to be called. In Spanish they are usually referred to as ‘Margaritas’, but this name is also used for many other plants that have daisy-like flowers. Argyranthemums are tender perennial shrub daisies (Family: Asteraceae) and are native to the Canary Islands and Madeira, where they enjoy a climate that is a little wetter than ours and is not so hot in summer or cold in winter. The majority of wild Argyranthemum species have white flowers with yellow centres and attractive divided foliage. Once established in Mediterranean gardens, they are well adapted to endure summer drought and usually flower from late winter through into late spring. They can tolerate only slight frost. As with so many plants,

Filifolia still flowering June

Geranium maderense

horticulturalists have used their skills to create hybrids by crossing wild species to produce garden varieties with a greater range of colours and enhanced flower shape and size. Numerous new varieties with bizarre names and bold colours are now available at your local garden centre. Some of these are to me just a bit too gaudy, and I tend to prefer the paler more delicate beauty of the wild species and some of the older garden hybrids. Most Argyranthemums are very easy to propagate from cuttings of new growth taken in early autumn or in spring and inserted into a mixture of general purpose compost mixed with grit for good drainage. Cuttings kept too wet will rot off, so only water when absolutely necessary. After a few weeks, it will be obvious which cuttings have rooted as these will start to grow. They can then be potted on or planted directly in the garden in places with good drainage. Slugs and snails can be a problem and have to be dealt with. An Argyranthemum in the right place in the garden, lightly cut back after flowering and kept dry during the hot summer months, will give pleasure for years. Argyranthemums have evolved in isolation on the Atlantic islands of Macaronesia (Ancient Greek: ‘Fortunate Islands’) where there is found a unique type of vegetation the Laurisilva, a relic of the subtropical forest of laurel-leaved evergreen hardwood trees that once surrounded the Mediterranean in the Pliocene, before the recent ice ages. The islands of Macaronesia, from the Azores to the Cap Verde islands, have given us many other wonderful garden plants such as Aeoniums, spectacular giant Echiums and geraniums such as Geranium maderense. This biennial or short-lived perennial geranium forms huge rosettes of leaves before producing spectacular heads of purplish-pink flowers. I have only seen this plant grown in pots in Andalucía, but there seems to be no reason why it should not be grown outside in a sheltered site with light shade. Of course what we normally think of as geraniums for window boxes, pots and bedding schemes, are in fact Pelargoniums, mostly originating from South Africa where there is a huge diversity of species growing in the wild.



The part of South Africa with a Mediterranean climate (winter rainfall, summer drought) is one of the richest areas for plants in the world. Of the Pelargoniums , first introduced to Europe in the 18th Century, there is a wide range of species available, and countless hybrids between them. Many will tolerate slight frost and can be grown outside in our Mediterranean gardens. I don't have enough space here to do them justice, only to mention a few of the main groups, the Regal , Zonal and Ivy-leaved Pelargoniums . All these are fairly easy to propagate from cuttings, again using vigorous young growth, cut below a node, inserted into compost and grit and kept fairly dry to avoid rot. I have to confess to pocketing a shoot or two whenever I see a variety I haven't got that is doing well outside in an open garden setting. I have a beautiful zonal pelargonium with double white flowers tinged with pink that has survived outside in my garden for seven years, almost completely untended. It is resistant to the dreaded ‘geranium moth’, which is possibly the pelargonium grower's greatest enemy. Now there is another kind of cutting that we need to think about the cutting back of all that surplus vegetation that has accumulated during the previous year. It is time to clear flower borders of any dead material and cut back dormant perennials, including grasses. I have just pruned my summer flowering Buddleias , Cassias and shrubby Barlerias . Ideally before the end of January I will need to prune the vines on my arbour and remove a number of branches to maintain my Melia , Robinia and Mulberry trees in good shape while they are leafless and dormant, before their sap begins to flow again. Another essential job involves removing and disposing of pine shoots infested with processionary caterpillars. So even during dismal days in January there is always something to do in the garden to take my mind away from how much I miss good British central heating! I wish all my readers a happy beginning to 2009 and may all your gardens flourish!

Regal Pelargonium ‘Zoe’

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ndalucía has a problem with the number of stray dogs roaming the streets. To combat it, the government decreed that any dog picked up off the street by a dog catcher is taken to a perrera, or dog pound, and the owner has 10 days to find it and rescue it. If it is still there after 10 days it is put down, and the bodies are disposed of en mass in a furnace – more than 100,000 dogs every year die this way in Andalucía alone. The perreras are not sanctuaries for the animals… they are killing stations.

ACE - Animal Care of España - was founded in 2001 by an extraordinary woman, Fabiënne Paques. Whilst daily taking care of saving animals, she has, over the last nine years, slowly taken over the former killing station ‘El Refugio’ in Mijas, cage by cage until, on January 1 2008, ACE finally became independent and have now transformed the well-known doggie death camp into a Rescue Centre. ACE now has full control of El Refugio, so no more threats of dogs being euthanised after a 10 day stay! The organisation gives every dog a chance, whether they are old, ill, or from any ‘difficult’ breed. Dogs who have been wandering around for a while, dogs beaten up and neglected, dogs tied up at the gate of the shelter, puppies left in paper boxes, puppies found in garbage containers, dogs more dead than alive along the highway, or dogs just dumped for no particular reason by their owner. Without Fabiënne’s help these poor things would await euthanisation after a 10 day stay in the killing station.

When I arrive in the killing station it is very busy, cars arrive full and leave empty, and dogs are being let out of the cars and forced immediately in the killing room… The crying and the mortal fear go through your bones. Men come and go, with big sticks with hooks to fetch the dogs by the throat from a distance… enabling them to do their work with force without being bitten. They are men with glazy eyes, no emotion, no humanity….The podencos watch you; they are being slaughtered here in large numbers. Quietly from the side we saw with horror what was happening …helpless and hoping for a miracle so that we could save the animals… but nothing is further from the truth. We were seen and chased away…they did not want us to watch it… this was their power, their world, their killing and their obligation to the Spanish government… No sterilization plan, not thinking why every year thousands of dogs are being killed, not thinking if it is normal that the oven is working day and night, every minute… People don't think here, they do not feel. Here it is killing time, day and night by those men with their cold glazy eyes… in assignment of the Spanish government. Further on we discover another horror. All the puppies who enter the killing station sit together on a small piece of land, 4m by 4m, the very little ones with the big ones, it does not matter… Some are almost dead, others look sad and scared. All of the sudden we see that other puppies eat from a dead little body… When we saw that we screamed and raged: enough is enough… Half of the little dead body was already eaten. Eventually they took it away… The puppies immediately attacked the most little one… to kill it, to eat it. Luckily we could save this one… Finally some biscuits were thrown in the corner… All the puppies ran to the biscuits… they were starving and so hungry they ate the ground around it together with the biscuits… They ate each other because they were starving.

From Fabiënne’s diary. CRY FOR THEM, ANDALUCIA Today, 20th October, I go together with Kerry, our new work force, to Cartama killing station, determined I want to save lives…. 60 costa life

It sounds so unlikely but it’s true… 15 puppies we took with us. We did not have a lot of space, but we tried to take as many as possible…most of them are sick, are almost dead, but at least they will die in a dignified way. They were put on this world to live, not to be dumped in this way and then to be killed in the most horrible way…

costa STUFF >> Are we truly living in 2008??? Is this Europe? Once again is this a country with culture and morals?? For me this is hard to believe... It is barbaric, sadistic, cruel and inhuman… What we have witnessed today makes you disgusted… I cannot express this with any words… We came back with an overloaded car full with life… they are our new projects. When they arrived in the refugio, they could all run, eat, drink, cuddle and be crazy. You saw the change in their little faces. No matter how sick or hungry they were, they were rescued and they knew it, they smelt no longer death but life, to which they were entitled. The big sick mastian female, skinny and very undernourished, but frolicking, dancing because she was so lucky, she licked the vet up to heaven as she was so grateful for her first biscuit, for her first help and treatment… the 2 galgos, spurting over the refugio area, jumping, wagging their tails as they are so happy… the little cocker, the handsome street dog, the tough beagle and the many puppies. They are saved now... But your heart hurts when you think about the many doggies you needed to leave behind, their suffering, the way they looked… it leaves a stain on your mind, you cannot let it go, it changes you… Kerry our new work force could not believe what she saw…very few people can understand us, but if you see and feel it like we did, only then you can judge and know what happens here every day. This country is the horror for every animal… words cannot describe it…no rights, no dignity, no significance, no guarantee for life. When will they listen to our calls for help?? When will someone listen to the dogs crying for help in the killing station…? When will someone free them from these horrible practices, which happen here year after year … which is normal here, which is the law..? Cry for help… dogs on death row… The situation is critical… hundreds of animals are being dumped. English families are going back to the UK. They lost their jobs, they lost their money, and they dump in hundreds their dogs and cats into the perreras (killing stations). None of us can follow the amount of abandoned animals, the situation becomes terrifying. We all work very hard, but we can't cope with this horrible fact... Nothing is being done by the government to address the situation. We go on with our sterilisation plan and visiting schools to make the youngest of us aware of this sad problem, but we get very few results. The ovens burn the bodies day and night. None of them came to this world to be treated and killed like this... Poor animals.... a cry for help....

Fabiënne. ACE-SHIN is a registered charity organisation but receives no state subsidy or other kinds of public contributions from any country. The charity is entirely paid for by donations and all work is done by unpaid volunteers. On behalf of all our homeless dogs, ACE-SHIN thanks the many who up till now have made it possible to continue our work. We are, however, troubled about the future. New dogs arrive almost every day and also these dogs need shelter, food, and veterinary attention.

How can you help? In many ways. You can adopt a dog, you can sponsor a dog, you can walk a dog, or you can help build a new roof over the kennels to help keep the dogs dry through winter. You can be a new volunteer. You can become a member of ACE. You can donate your old sheets and blankets as bedding for the dogs. You can donate manual or financial help towards building a special room for disinfecting and washing the dogs upon arrival. You can shop in our second-hand shop or donate your unwanted items to the shop. You can report any case of maltreatment that you see to the SEPRONA dept. of the Guardia Civil. You can do so many things to help. You can start by visiting our website and learning the truth about what's happening to dogs here in Spain. Sadly, there's one thing you cannot do. You cannot save all the dogs in the world… but you can save all the world for one dog. To contact: Tel: 952 93 37 88. Mob: 610 752 350. Email:

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Erny Harrison

BOXING HIS EARS I have been lucky enough to have seen it, if only once, two hares boxing each other around the ears. It doesn’t look life threatening and it isn’t. Actually it is very funny to watch, like two boxers circling each other and then whoomph - one large clout and a quick retreat.


hare are in much more danger of predators, mainly wolves, foxes and the Golden Eagle, than those of the rabbit and, to prevent her whole litter being attacked and killed in one go, she stakes them out in a wide area and makes daily rounds to feed them.

It has long been thought that male hares were fighting each other for the attention of a female. But, in reality, what you see is a female trying to box a male out of her domain for two good reasons: either because she isn’t ready yet for mating, or because she wants to test his endurance before she will succumb to his advances.

Hares are much larger than rabbits and a proper hare has ears bigger than his body, as large as eighteen to twenty centimetres with very distinct black tips. They can grow up to sixty centimetres long and weigh up to thirty kilograms. They can live up to ten years.

Hares and rabbits, which belong to the same genus Lepus, are prolific breeders. They mate from January/February to midsummer and, in that period, manage between four and eight litters, each one consisting of three to eight leverets, as hares and rabbits up to one year old are called. With sexual maturity reached by the time they are six months old, this accounts for many newly born hares and rabbits each year, and it is no wonder that they are considered a pest. From birth onwards, hares and rabbits are easy to distinguish. Baby rabbits are born naked and with their eyes closed. Leveret hares can see from the moment they are born and already have a decent coat of fur. Their lifestyle is also different: rabbits prefer to live underground in large colonies, whilst the hare lives above ground in regions where the soil is soft and loose. They prefer open fields and pastures which are bordered by woodlands and hedgerows. Often they can be seen around agricultural fields, and they are not farmer’s friends! Hares are shy animals, living on their own or in pairs, and they only mix during the mating season when the males will be chasing each other in the grass in the hope of attracting the attention of more than one female, thereby increasing their choice of more mates. The young of the female

Hares are very fast runners. When pursued by a predator, they reach speeds of seventy kilometres an hour, weaving and changing in all directions and they don’t hesitate to jump into a stream or river to escape their hunter. Hares are excellent swimmers and, with their acute smell, exceptional hearing and sight, they often outsmart their predators. Both rabbits and hares are herbivorous animals. They live on grasses and herbs in the summer, and during the winter they don’t hibernate. When grass is difficult to find, they change to twigs, bark and young trees. Hares and rabbits also practice coprophogia, ie they re-ingest their own soft, green faecal pallets. They are enormous eaters. A couple of fully grown hares can eat as much as a sheep does in a day! Like so many other groups of animals, rabbits and hares are an endangered species. One particular kind was thought to be extinct until a drove (the hares’ collective noun) of the re-classified European Hare, now named the Brown Hare (Lepus Castroviejo) was found in Northern Spain in 1976. It lives only in the Cantabrian Mountains, between the Sierra de Ancares and the Sierra de Penas Labra at a height of two thousand meters above sea level. Their body length runs from forty five

to sixty five centimetres, with the front legs between ten and twenty centimetres and the back legs between twenty and thirty centimetres, which makes them very adaptable to the very difficult environment in which they live. During the winter they come down from the mountains to escape the snow and are mercilessly hunted by the local farmers. They are larger than the European Hare and have a fur that is a mixture of black, brown and a bit of white with a completely white underbelly. Due to climate change and different and diminishing farming practices, hares and rabbits have an uncertain future in Spain as they do in the rest of the world. But that is only part of their problem. We all know about the dreadful disease, Myxomatosis, which is a man-made disease, developed to control the rabbit population in the whole world. Only rabbits are supposed to be susceptible to this virus, although post mortems on hares have, in a few cases, shown that it has also been the cause of their deaths. Myxomatosis is a viral

infection, caused by fleas or mosquitoes who feed on the blood of the host rabbit. Symptoms are lumps and puffiness, and acute conjunctivitis that will lead to blindness. The rabbit will usually die of it within twelve days. Then there is the Brown Hare syndrome: a combination of several diseases which is diminishing the world population and has almost wiped out most of the species in Canada. In Toronto alone, the number has dwindled from one hundred per square mile to twenty five. Diseases include hepatitis, enteritis, general jaundice, congestion and haemorrhage of internal organs. Domesticated rabbits can be blood tested and vaccinated against them. These diseases cannot be transferred to human beings so, when you are lucky enough to see them jumping around in y o u r garden or on your walks, just enjoy the sight of them.

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by Jan Morley of FreezerMor

TIME FOR HEARTY CASSEROLES As the dark nights draw in, comfort food is what we yearn for…….. wholesome casseroles and delicious steamed puddings. Now is the time to dig out your slow cooker and fill the kitchen with warm comforting aromas. The basic theory is that you prep your casserole in the morning, and then just let it simmer all day(approx. 6-8 hours), then forgot about it until supper-time , when you have a tender and nutritious meal. Slow cookers are easy to clean and work well with cheaper cuts of meat, such as stewing beef, mince, diced pork middle neck of lamb. It is always best to trim most of the fat from your chosen meat , then sauté it in a hot frying pan to give some colour, add a selection of finely chopped vegetables, such as onions, carrots, swede, parsnip or sweet potato. Simply throw in a few fresh herbs, perhaps rosemary or thyme, cover with stock, then just thicken half an hour from the final cooking tme, ( or even a packet of casserole mix) or a sauce, then just let it bubble away. The slow cookers or crockpots also cook rolled brisket or gammon or bacon joints to perfection. Creamy rice pudding is another great recipe to prepare in a slow cooker, just make sure that you butter the inside of the crockpot to prevent it sticking Soups also cook well in a slow cooker. Try not to keep lifting the lid off as this will allow all the steam to escape, and will lengthen the time it takes to cook your dish.

COUNTRY LAMB CASSEROLE 1.1kg (2.5lb) diced shoulder of lamb 2 onions peeled and diced 350g (12oz) carrots diced 550g (1lb) swede finely chopped 4 sticks celery sliced finely Seasoning 25g (1oz) plain flour 2 tbsp olive oil 50g (2oz) butter 2 cloves garlic crushed 50g (2oz) pearl barley 150ml red wine 2 sprigs fresh rosemary 450g (1 pint) lamb stock 2 teaspoons chopped parsley

Serves 6

64 costa life

Method  Trim any excess fat off the diced lamb, toss in seasoned flour and then fry in hot oil and butter to brown  Place in the slow cooker, top with the chopped vegetables,garlic, herbs and barley  Season and then cover with the wine and stock. Leave to simmer on the high setting for 4 to 6 hours until the meat is tender.


finest irish Beef & Bacon

tasty irish cheeses & gammons

cooked hams

BBQ meats

meat for all occasions

Tel./Fax.: 952 930 351 C.C. Los Jarales 3, Calahonda km 197

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By Russell Vaughan Mintmicro S.L 951160411

Internet Radio stations I was listening to the radio in the car this week and tuned in to 88.2 where I found Heart FM Spain, another new English speaking radio station that has just started in the campo and it got me thinking. Do you remember when you first started to listen to radio ... That sense of wonder, that sense of a whole new world opening up?

To find radio stations online go to your favourite search engine and type ‘‘Radio station’’ +rock (or your choice of listening) and see what you get.

With me it was Radio Luxemburg and BBC Radio 1 then the commercial stations started. Radio provided the music that was always in the background for whatever we did. It kept us connected, kept us informed us of the latest trends and news.

Stream types:

But great stations have been disappearing, forced out by economics and consolidation becoming bigger, better and less personal each time they change format or ownership. Imagine sitting at your computer anywhere else in the world, and listening to your favourite radio station, well you can. What makes this possible is a technology called ‘‘streaming media’’. If you are interested in how the technology works, you can find out all about it on the web. The important thing to us is that we can now share your favourite radio station with friends everywhere and, there are thousands of radio stations now on the Internet - many playing exactly what you want! Whatever type of station you want, it’s out there ... Oldies, Classical, Easy Listening, Retro 60’s, 70’s and 80’s ... All you need for Internet Radio is a computer (which, if you are reading this, you obviously have), a sound card and speakers (doesn’t everybody have those?), an Internet connection (see comment after ‘‘computer’’) and a media player. Choice of player is usually out of your control as different Internet broadcasters use different streaming servers, but as a rule when you click a link in most cases the player needed by the station automatically starts, some play in your web browser and need you to click yes when asked to add software to play the sound (this is only done once!!) others suggest you download the correct media player. The main players Windows media player and Real Player cover most broadcasters but often you need you to pay for codecs (coder and de-coder) to play the different types of media where as the free players don't always look as funky but Winamp, VLC and others let you play all types of content without paying for the extra codecs.

If you don’t have a player, you can download one free by searching for these players

requires Windows Media Player, requires Real Player requires Winamp but can also use ITunes, Foobar2000 or VLC Media player requires an Ogg Vorbis compatible player Winamp, Foobar2000 or VLC Media player requires an aacPlus player such as Winamp, Foobar2000 or VLC Media player requires Adobe Flash Player requires Quicktime player So now you know which players are available you can install a few and see which one you prefer.

YOU! can advertise

Here for as little as

120 â‚Ź

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Celebrity Phobias… A strange one… Billy Bob Thornton names antiques as his biggest fear. While butterflies make Nicole Kidman’s palms start to sweat. Roger Moore says his greatest fear is guns. Whenever he picks one up he gets a nervous tick. Daryl Hannah hates wide, open spaces and Uma Thurman can’t stand small spaces. Keanu Reeves’ has a fear of the dark. David Beckham has a spot of OCD, fearing disorder and untidiness. Oprah Winfrey’s greatest fear is chewing gum. P Diddy has a fear of long middle toes. And here’s a funny one Pamela Anderson says she was afraid of mirrors.

Kiefer gets his Star… Kiefer Sutherland was honored with the 2,377th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star spent 48 days behind bars last Christmas. He also spent his 41st birthday on 21 December in jail. The actor’s father Donald Sutherland and moviemaker Joel Schumacher were on hand to pay tribute to the ‘‘24’’ actor at the unveiling ceremony outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.

Lynn Spears - I blame myself… Britney is now back on top although Lynne Spears feels she is to blame for her daughter’s public meltdown - but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to cash in with the book ‘‘through the storm’’. ‘‘When her life was such a success, what did she need me for? And when things took a turn for the worse, I was out, because other people - dancers, managers - were closer, and with her day and night. Being a mother, you can’t help but have regrets about what you did and didn’t do for your kids, and I’m no different.’’

Blake wants hush money from Amy Winehouse… Amy Winehouse’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is reportedly demanding £1 million to keep quiet about their wild and crazy marriage. Blake, who recently told reporters he blamed himself for Amy’s decent into drugs, has been saying publicly that he wants nothing from the troubled star. But various UK reports claim the jailbird is threatening to spill the beans on his entertaining, chaotic and drug-fueled union to the ‘‘Rehab’’ singer.

>> My best friend's girl Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin, Jason Biggs Kate Hudson stars as a dream girl who poses a dilemma for a lovestruck ex and his buddy, the master ‘‘rebound specialist.’’ When guys get dumped, they hire Tank to take their ex-girlfriends out on the worst date of their lives -- an experience so horrible it sends them running gratefully back to their beaus. So when Tank’s best friend, Dustin, is dumped by his new girlfriend, Tank naturally offers to help out - -and ends up meeting the challenge of a lifetime.

>> Babylon A.D. Vin Diesel, Gerard Depardieu, Michelle Yeoh, Charlotte Rampling, Mark Strong In the near future veteran-turned-mercenary Thoorop takes the high-risk job of escorting a woman from Russia to America. Little does he know that she is host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a genetically modified Messiah. and what lies inside her could doom the human race.

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>> City of Ember Bill Murray, Toby Jones, Saoirse Ronan, Tim Robbins When the planet’s atmosphere grows too toxic, Earth’s citizens move to underground cities. Two teenagers dominate the story, one who longs to be a messenger because the job will allow her to venture above ground, while the other dreams of working underground to repair a generator whose failure will doom the city’s power supply.

>> Righteous Kill Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, 50 Cent, Donnie Wahlberg, Carla Gugino A pair of veteran New York City detectives are on the trail of a vigilante serial killer. After 30 years as partners, highly decorated Detectives David Fisk and Thomas Cowan should be ready for retirement. Before they can hang up their badges, they are called in to investigate the murder of a notorious pimp, which appears to have ties to a case they solved years before. Like the original murder, the victim is a suspected criminal whose body is found with a four line poem justifying the killing. Similarities between the recent killing and the earlier case raise a nagging question: Is the wrong man behind bars?



he whole world is shaking! The global economy seems to be in freefall. Nothing seems to be safe or secure. Once trusted banking institutions are shaking, uncertainty in the business world, frantic efforts being made to revive the economy. An air of gloom and desperation seems to be pervading the atmosphere of our world. What about your future this year? Are you full of despair and fear or are you going forward into 2009 with hope and optimism?

need to join a religion. God doesn't lead a religion, He simply wants to be a Father to us and demonstrate His love and compassion for His children. Scriptures: (NLT) Matthew 9:36; Isaiah 55; Psalm 91 Annette Riggall

Men and women in government cannot perform miracles. All the promises of great rewards for investing our money have come crashing around our ears. The foolproof methods of investment and saving are no longer valid. Many people have lost hope and don't know which way to turn. You may be a pensioner struggling to survive on your ever decreasing pension. Perhaps you are a young person starting out in the business world and your dreams have fallen apart. Whatever your situation you don't have to despair. Miracles still happen today. They are not confined to a dusty old book written thousands of years ago. The One responsible for those miracles recorded in that Book is alive today and still performing miracles in our world. Whether or not you believe in God doesn't change the fact that He exists. If you don't believe in the law of gravity and you jump from a 10 storey building, you will find that the law of gravity is true. You will have proved it but it will be too late to appreciate the proof! So God waits for us to come to Him for help. When everything in our world has crashed about us, our own efforts have failed and all our wonderful plans have fallen apart, God is waiting for us to turn to Him in our despair. As the Apostle Matthew tells us, "when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd". When you have reached the end of your own way, why not try God's way? He says "Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink - even if you have no money! Come,…….. it's all free! ……..why pay for food that does you no good? Listen, and I will tell you where to get food that is good for the soul! …….Listen, for the life of your soul is at stake………..Seek the Lord while you can find Him. Call on Him now while He is near. ……My thoughts are completely different from yours, says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine." What do you have to lose? If you call out to God for help in your situation, He will answer. If you decide to make the Lord your refuge, He says "When they call on me, I will answer. I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue them ….." You can exchange your fear and despair of the future for confidence and peace if you are willing to reach out to God for help. You don't

The Evangelical Christian Fellowship ‘‘an oasis where the Word of God is preached and the love of God is shared.’’ Sundays 4.30pm Iglesia San Miguel, Calahonda Tel/Fax (0034) 952 93 02 75 Email: Website: Pastors Peter and Annette Riggall

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Get plump… Weird tales… If you think there is any rhyme or reason to our current fashions, take a look at this ad which ran in 1890. Apparently it is an ad for a San Francisco store’s product to save young ladies from the shame of being too thin.

The dessert Spotted Dick that was renamed Spotted Richard by Gloucestershire Health Authority and Tesco has been given its original name after they both admitted they got it wrong. A registrar in Rochdale who has conducted 600 marriage ceremonies, lived for nearly 20 years as a bigamist. His double life was discovered when he fled abroad with a third woman. A woman who forgot her house keys had to be rescued by firemen in Wigston, Leicestershire. She tried to get into her home through the cat flap and became stuck. Jane Soares was caught in the middle of a shootout between police and drug dealers in Rio de Janeiro. She was shot in the chest but survived thanks to her silicone breast implants. Two 10-year-old carol singers are being hunted by police in Scunthorpe.. Residents complained that when they refused to give money to the children they were threatened with crowbars. Renee Veenema was arrested in Holland when clients of his company, Lunar Embassy, complained that they had not received ownership certificates for the £1,000 plots that they had bought on the Moon.

Couple make burglar clean their home at gunpoint… An American couple turned the tables on a burglar they caught ransacking their home by dispensing their own summary justice - they made him clean up the house at gunpoint! The unlucky burglar was caught red-handed when Adrian and Tiffany McKinnon returned to their house near Montgomery, Alabama, after a week away. To their dismay they discovered their home had been ransacked. ‘‘Tears just rolled down my face as I walked in and saw everything gone and piles of trash all over my home,’’ Mrs. McKinnon told her local newspaper the Montgomery Advertiser. When her husband walked into another room to check what was missing he came face to face with the burglar, who was wearing one of Mr. McKinnon’s hats. Mr. McKinnon held suspect Tajuan Bullock at gunpoint and made him sit down until he decided what to do. ‘‘We made this man clean up all the mess he made, piles of stuff, he had thrown out of my drawers and cabinets onto the floor,’’ Mrs. McKinnon said. When the police arrived the work-shy burglar had the cheek to complain to them about having to clean up his mess at gunpoint. But the police officer laughed at Bullock when he complained and told him that anybody else would have shot him dead.

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costa STUFF >> Sudoku answers for Issue 43


2 9 3

5 1 7 9 9

8 4


9 9 5 4 6 2

6 7

5 6 3 8 5


The rules of Sudoku: place a digit from 1-9 in each empty cell, so every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9.

Across 3. Academic world (8) 9. Narrow street (5) 10. Acquire (3) 11. New Zealand parrot (3) 12. Defraud (5,6) 14. Meat (5) 16. Drama (4) 17. Summed (5) 19. God-like (6) 20. Drinking vessel (3) 22. Opera by Bizet (6) 23. Former Russian rulers (5) 25. Wind instrument (4) 26. Raw hides (5) 28. At once (11) 30. Storage container (3) 31. Ingot (3) 32. Eccentric (5) 33. Engrossed (8)

Down 1. 24 hour periods (4) 2. Body of peers (7) 4. Universal in extent (8) 5. Of delicate beauty (6) 6. Temporary expedient (9) 7. Wide open (5) 8. Pile (5) 13. Made by hand (8) 15. Not normal (8) 18. Bandages (9) 21. Heaven (8) 24. Stopping place (7) 25. Tool used for driving nails (6) 26. Common people (5) 27. Seventh sign of the zodiac (5) 29. Spool-like toy (2-2)

Crossword answers for Issue 43 costa life 71

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EMERGENCIES >> LOCAL POLICE Local Police Alhaurin el Grande Alora Antequera Arroyo de la Miel Benalmádena, Málaga, Marbella & Ronda Cartama Coin Estepona Fuengirola Local Fuengirola Municipal Nerja Torremolinos

092 952 491 074 952 496 468 952 708 104 952 562 142 092 952 422 211 952 453 267 952 800 243 952 580 900 952 197 090 952 521 545 952 376 000

>> NATIONAL POLICE National Police Guardia Civil Alhaurin el Grande Alhaurin del la Torre Alora Cartama Coin


>> AMBULANCE Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Málaga & Marbella

902 505 061


062 952 595 830 952 960 067 952 496 020 952 422 639 952 450 138

Calle Mauricio Moro, Pareta, 22nd Floor, MÁLAGA. Open 08:30 - 13:30 Enquiries 952 352 300

MARKET PLACES MONDAYS >> Alora, Marbella near the football stadium

TUESDAYS >> Benamagosa, Fuengirola (Feria Ground), Nerja weekly market (Calle Chaparil)

THURSDAY >> Alhaurin el Grande, Pizara, Frigiliana, Torremolinos, Velez Malaga, San Pedro, Torre del Mar

FRIDAY >> Benalmadena Tivoli Gardens, Casares, Cartama, Aguamania, ctra Cartama, Las Chapas

SATURDAY >> Fuengirola, La Cala, Ojen Pueblo, Coin, Competa, Puerta Banus near bullring

SUNDAY >> Estation de Cartama, Fuengirola near the mosque, Malaga near the football stadium, Sabinillas, Estepona, Sotogrande, Nerja car boot sale

TOURIST INFORMATION 952 410 005 952 491 275 952 495 577 952 702 505 952 422 126 952 453 211 952 442 494 952 802 002

Portillo Customer Service Direct Line Algeciras Alhaurin Benalmádena Coin Estepona Fuengirola La Linea Málaga Marbella San Pedro Torremolinos

902 143 144 956 654 304 952 490 709 952 443 563 952 450 366 952 802 954 952 475 066 952 172 396 953 350 061 952 764 400 952 781 396 952 380 965


1619516500 2890330099 2072229633 1383738866 1604230230 1252513500 1132345678 1514721110

Halifax Lloyds TSB Mastercard Nat & Provincial Nationwide Natwest Yorkshire Bank

8457203099 1702364274 1383621166 1274331522 1793543888 1132778899 1132424800

SIZE COMPARISONS >> Don’t let being unsure about sizes impare your shopping sprees...


WEDNESDAY >> Benalmadena Parque de la Paloma, La Cala, Estepona, La Linea, Rincon de la Victoria

952 441 545 952 802 900 952 471 000 00350 70027 952 327 950 952 774 488 952 476 593

The Coastal Service stops at every major town between Fuengirola and Málaga from 06:45 and 22:30 from Málaga 902 240 202 Call

LOST/STOLEN CREDIT CARDS >> Abbey National Allied Irish American Express Bank of Scotland Barclays Bank Diners Club First Direct Girobank

TAXIS Benalmádena Estepona Fuengirola Gibraltar Málaga Marbella Mijas Costa



Benalmádena & Fuengirola Emergencies only 902 505 061 Málaga 951 290 000 Marbella 951 976 669 Torremolinos 952 386 484 Torremolinos (Centro de Salud) Health Centre 951 924 100


Alhaurin de la Torre Alhaurin el Grande Alora Antequera Cartamar Coin Benalmádena Estepona

080 952 455 020 952 804 483 952 461 046 952 774 349 952 381 414



952 048 844 00350 73026

Malaga Gibraltar

>> FIRE BRIGADE Benalmádena, Málaga & Mijas Coin Estepona Fuengirola Marbella Torremolinos

SP 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

Men’s Wear UK 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

SP 44 46 48 50/52 54 56 58

UK 34 36 38 40 42 44 46

Men’s Shirts SP 35 36/37 38 39/40 41 42/43 44

UK 14 14.5 15 15.5 16 16.5 17

Women’s Wear SP 36 38 40 42 44 46 48

UK 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

>>Spanish Facts >> Telephone: to make an international call from Spain, dial 00 and then add the country code (UK 44; USA 1; Australia 61; Canada 1; Irish Republic 353; New Zealand 64) and the rest of the telephone number minus the first zero if there is one. To call Spain from abroad, the country code is 00 34. >> Business hours: the normal opening hours for shops are Monday to Saturday from around 10am until about 1.30 / 2pm. After siesta they reopen from around 5.30pm until 8pm or 9pm. Large stores usually stay open all day. Most places are Fuengirola Gibraltar Málaga Marbella Mijas Nerja Torremolinos

952 467 457 0350 774 982 952 213 445 952 771 442 952 485 900 952 521 531 952 374 231


952 453 020

closed on Sundays. >> Banks: generally open from 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to midday or 1pm on Saturday. Hours may vary in summer. >>Customs allowance- importation from Gibraltar into Spain 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22% or 2 litres of wine 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 gms tobacco Goods brought in Gibraltar may only be imported into spain between 0900 hours and 2100 hours Estepona Foreigners Dept Fuengirola Gibraltar Málaga Marbella Mijas Nerja Torremolinos

952 801 100 952 589 440 952 589 300 0350 774 902 952 135 000 952 761 100 952 485 900 952 548 449 952 379 400

January sale now on! 10 years in Spain Up to 40% off selected Quality, style, designs value and service

Boston Red; 30% off this kitchen, also available in black, white, latte and vanilla

Free planning and design service, free quotation without obligation Visit our fabulous showroom on the Coin road half a kilometre before Mijas Golf, Fuengirola, look for our sign. Or we can come to you! Call 952 667 370 now for an appointment. Showroom Open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am-2pm 952 667 370 or e-mail


Costa Life Magazine #44 Jan 08  

Issue 44 of the people’s magazine for the Costa del Sol and inland Andalica

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