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BANK VALUATION OF 695,000€ FOR SALE AT 449,000€ ono. This is a truly massive and luxurious front line golf penthouse which is situated in Riviera del Sol. This 3 bed 2 bath has 200m2 of living space and a wrap round terrace of 150 m2. On the terrace there is a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It also comes with 2 parking spaces and a store room. This is a must see property. Main terrace has been increased in level and wall has been reduced to give better view of the golf.

Call Now on +34 952 667 136 Jacinto Benavente, Edifico 3, Local 4, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain Fax: 952 667 137 email:

Calahonda Duplex Apartment

Ref: 26962



Ref: 27115

Mijas Pueblo

Ref: 29672


End of terrace townhouse 3 bedrooms 1.1/2 bathrooms on small complex situated in a great location only 300 meters from the beach and just 75 meters from the shops and bars. This property does need a new kitchen and bathroom and a good paint all over, once done, this property would make a great holiday home with very high all year round rental potential. 118m2 built 15m2 terrace.



Ref: 29921




This 2 bed, 2 bath penthouse has wonderful sea, Golf and mountain views, the property has two terraces, one of which is south facing and benefits from sun all day. It is difficult to find a property of this quality in the area. There is a bank valuation of €275.000 so obtaining a 100% finance should not be a problem. This property is being sold fully furnished. Built: 85m2. Terrace 15m2 Total 100m2

La Cala De Mijas


Ref: 29941 This 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment comes with Communal Satelite t.v air Conditioning Hot/Cold Video Entry and is in a great location for rental potential. Its also just around the corner from Miraflores Golf Course. This Apartment is priced to sell!!! 83M2 BUILT. 12M2 TERRACE




Very well priced duplex apartment. As you walk through the front door you come into the lounge to your right is the kitchen with an arch, also down stairs there is a toilet with shower room and storage cupboard. Up stairs consists of 2 double bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Front of the house is a small terrace with awning which has the sun on it for most of the day also has a little private garden for sun-bathing/BBQs. Nice community pool, very close to bars and restaurants and the beach, also very quite.

Riviera del Sol

c du


Miraflores Apartment

Ref: 30180

This 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment is not only in the best phase at La Cala Hills but is also in the best block. The apartment has satellite t.v, internet service (free),air conditioning hot/cold, parking and storage, and also this apartment comes fully furnished. 100m2 built. 22m2 terrace.

Beautifull spacious apartment in Miraflores. The complex has immaculate gardens and two pools one of which is heated in the winter. Property is south facing and includes Store room, Garage and totally furnished to high quality. Alarm and Aircon fitted. 98m2 built. 30m2 Terrace



Ref: 27769 This lovely townhouse is part of a small well kept community sharing manicured communal gardens and large pool area. The house it self has been updated and extended by the present owners and makes a perfect home for younger families as well as a great vacation retreat. The +50 m2 terrace enjoys spectacular sunsets and views over the white village of Mijas, the breakfast terrace has the morning sun! Lock up garage and off road parking. Nearby access to public transport and minutes from Mijas , Fuengirola and Benalmadena. Bank Valuation 404.000,€ 100% Mortgage Available! Built: 125m2. Terrace 63m2 Total 188m2


Riviera Del Sol Villa

Ref: 30186 Fantastic opportunity to purchase a front line golf Villa on Miraflores Golf Course, 3 bedrooms 3 ½ bathrooms., Lovely manicured gardens with private pool and garage. Aircon, large modern kitchen, 500m2 plot 280m2 built excellent views. 280m2 built, 500m2 plot





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Lynda issue no 25 of Costa Life I Hope you all had a romantic valentines; we went into Fuengirola,, and it seemed a little quieter than last year. Many people have commented on how quiet it has been in the first few weeks of this year .I think the start of the year has been a little tough for everybody. But on to a more positive note, what can we say about the weather? The winter seemed shorter this year and it makes such a difference when the sun is shinning, that’s why we live here after all. The radio is doing great and we are getting more and more listeners every week, give us a listen on 106 FM. We started broadcasting live from the Miramar Shopping center on 24th of February. It’s a project we are working on in conjunction with the Miramar center and The Music Factory and is sponsored by O’Briens Sandwich shop. If you get a chance, call down to see us on the 10th and 24th. We will be situated near the cinema and restaurants. It will be great fun for those with kids, there is a puppet show, live entertainment and lots of fun for the whole family. Also check out our new web site on where you can put a face to the voices and also find out what is happening in March. Don’t forget Mothers day, 18th March and then the start of European summer time, the clocks go forward on the 25th.

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>> costaCULTURE

and his amazing world of

Sand Sculptures

Written By:

Mike Wilkinson


t’s something we all had a go at as kids when we were playing on the beach – or in the sand-pit of a pub garden in my case – building sandcastles. Fill the little bucket up with sand, pack it down with your little plastic spade, turn it upside down, give it a tap and hope that it stays together while you search around for something to stick in the top to use as a flag. Or if your dad was there to help you, he’d make it bigger and better, with a moat around it that filled up with water when the sea came in and stuff like that. And did you notice how excited your dad got whilst he was helping you? This is supposed to be for kids, simply for the fun of making them, not for adults. Well, that’s no longer the case, and it isn’t just sand castles anymore. Wildlife, fairies, architecture, cartoon characters, 3D interpretations of paintings of the masters – building sand castles might be for kids but building sand sculptures is strictly for grown ups. I’m sure you must have encountered a sand sculpture somewhere along the coast during your time here. And when you saw one did you not think to yourself “Wow, how clever is that?” How many attractions can you think of that can instil awe and wonder in any age group, young and old alike? It is one of the few forms of entertainment that appeals across all demographic boundaries. No one can resist the fantasy of a sand sculpture, and there are a few clever guys around that have realised this and used it to their advantage – so much so that it has become a way of life for them. They spend all day on the beach sculpturing the most amazing creations for the delight of locals and tourists alike. So, guys and gals, grab a bucket and spade and let’s go join Zoltan and his friends on the beach, and see if we can get a little taste of their world. I first met Zoltan, a cool Hungarian guy in his forties who grew up in Dorset, England, last summer, although he’s been coming to these parts for years. Intelligent, smart and educated, he’s done many things in life, but for the last decade or so he’s been moving from beach to beach along the Costa del Sol and around the Canary Islands entertaining everyone with his amazing sand sculptures. He is the daddy of them all, and most

other sand sculptors in the area know and respect him, or indeed, have actually learned their craft from him. One such person is a guy called Paul Hemmingway, who I used to share an apartment with until he left for the beaches of Gran Canaria at the end of last year. And most of the following is what I have learnt from Zoltan and Paul whilst chilling out with them on the beach during the last few months. The first time I met up with them on the beach I thought to myself “This is the life”. Admittedly, I was just sitting there in the sun with a cold beer watching them do the work, admiring the pretty passers-by as they paused to view their work in progress. It was only when I actually got up and tried to help out that I realised what back-breaking hard work it was… piling up mounds of heavy, wet sand with a shovel and carrying heavy buckets of water up from the sea. Work like this will soon have you fit. But how does one actually go about building a sand sculpture from scratch? With knowledge, patience and endurance, that’s how. And by having some degree of artistic ability and three-dimensional spatial awareness. If you’ve got all that, then the rest is easy. The most important part of making a sculpture in sand is the preparation. Bearing in mind that the only thing that keeps it all together is water, the sand needs to be really wet and so many a trip to the shoreline with empty buckets is required. Don’t be tempted to cheat and use water from the beach showers because the salt in sea water actually helps the sand to bind together. Then you need to grab your shovel and start piling the sand up high, constantly watering it and jumping on the pile to compact the sand down. This is all heavy physical work, made all the more difficult when the sun is beating down on you, but if you don’t compact the sand properly then your sculpture will probably collapse at its first opportunity. As you pile up your mound of sand you should already have an idea of what you are going to actually make and so you need to shape your mound accordingly, keeping it constantly wet and constantly pounding it down tight.

After three hours or so of heavy labour in the blazing sun you should have something that you can start to have some fun with. With the aid of tools such as paint scrapers, plastering trowels, kitchen knives and paint brushes, you can now start carving into your mound of sand to create your masterpiece. This is where I get stuck due to an acute lack of artistic talent, and hence this is where I sit down and crack open another coldy while I watch Zoltan and Paul whiz about their piles of sand like Edward Scissorhands in one of his topiary moments, until they are left with a horse or a wizard or Homer Simpson lying drunk on his sofa. They make it look so easy but that’s because they know exactly what they are doing. Well, they should do; they’ve been doing it long enough. And, after a hard days toil, when they’re all finished, it’s time to sit back and enjoy everyone’s comments about how wonderfully clever they are. The resulting sculptures could quite easily last many weeks but there is one problem with building them on the beaches of Fuengirola… the Ayuntamiento… the town council. Yes, every two days or so they send out a guy on a tractor at six o’clock in the morning to flatten them all. Why? To keep the beaches clean and tidy. I would have thought they’d leave them for the tourists to enjoy, but that’s too easy isn’t it. However, Zoltan and co don’t really mind because it just means that they can do it all again, and

they get better and quicker the more they do it, plus it gives them an opportunity to try something different every couple of days. During the Christmas period, though, the tractors don’t come, and this is when you see the sculptures get bigger and bigger each day as they get added to, a bit at a time. The sculpture of the drunks in the monastery, pictured here, took Zoltan two weeks to complete. That’s a lot of sand being shifted. And I’ve not mentioned this yet, but it’s crap sand. Indeed, the quality of the sand has a large bearing on what you are able to do with your sculpture. In competitions they use the same kind of sand that you would find on a building site. It’s called heavy sand and is different to what you would find on the beach because the grains are square and so they pack tightly together like building blocks. Sand on the beach has been eroded and so the grains lose their edges, making them smother and rounder and so it doesn’t stay together well. On top of this, the sand on Fuengirola beaches is made up mostly of broken shells and the grains are misshapen and large. In fact, on the Zoltan scale of sand qualities, the beaches here score about three or four out of ten, which is pretty poor. But then, it just means that when they move on to another beach with better sand everything seems so much easier than the last time. And if they ever thought of entering one of the numerous sand sculpture competitions that are around, they would find it a doddle… the best quality sand, already piled up and compacted ready for them to just attack with their tools… and no tractor to come and knock it down in the morning. So, the next time you see a wonderful scene created in sand on the beach, I trust you can now appreciate the kind of effort and skill that has gone into it… and they don’t do it just for fun, they’re trying to make a living out of it… so please give generously!

>> costaGETAWAYS

Written By:

Harvey Mann

part 2


adrid at dawn can be quite intimidating as the hum of cars and mopeds stir up the cool morning air. The Gatos, or cats, as the city slickers and bleary eyed clubbers are known, honk their horns as they do battle with the early morning commuters as they limp their way home from a night on the tiles.

Any darts player would immediately recognise a road map of Madrid. The city is surrounded by a series of ring roads that are more overcrowded by cars than a packet of Maltesers. If you have ever driven in Paris and survived the experience don’t gamble a second time, as Madrid does not take any prisoners; it was easier for me to dump my hired car and resort to taking taxis.

In Spain as in Rome all roads lead to Madrid: like tendrils the concrete highways stretch out from coast and plains to the body that has a vigorous vibrant and emotional heartbeat.

Greater Madrid has several districts: firstly the Centro, then the Malasana and Chueca district, then there is the Salamanca district, and finally Northern Madrid. The Centro quarter, also known as the Madrid de los Austrias, is for me one of the most charming aspects. The area is so called due to many of the buildings being erected during the reign of the Austrian Hapsburgs. Narrow streets wind and twist through and past small squares and stately old palaces where nobles and their ladies dressed in elegant clothes greeted each other with curtseys and bows. As in those days, a walk will be the way to enjoy the sights and sounds, and the monuments and architecture left by the Hapsburgs and Bourbon dynasties.

At kilometre zero is the Puerta del Sol and reaching out from this plaza are many other plazas and calles of excellence: Calle Mayor, Calle del Arenal, Calle Preciados, Calle de la Montera, and Calle Alcala; each having an enjoyment and exploration of their own. South of Puerta del Sol is the oldest part of the city, Plaza Mayor, and close by is the bubbling Huertas district with shoppers like an army of ants scurrying past pavement cafĂŠs, swinging plastic bags as jubilant conquerors.


>> costaGETAWAYS

This walk will take about two hours or an all day gentle stroll. Start at the Puerta del Sol, a busy square in the very centre of Madrid; this was once the sight of the eastern gate to the city. With your back to the famous clock tower on the southern side of the square, turn left and walk down Calle Arenal. Take the third turning on the left and you will come to the Iglesia de San Gines. Built in the 1300s it is one of the oldest churches in Madrid and has some very fine paintings including an El Greco. A quick coffee break now: behind the church in a crooked street you will find the chocolateria San Gines, famous for churros. From here continue down Calle de los Bordadores until you reach Plaza Mayor, a neat and orderly arcaded square built around 1619. It is said that it can hold 100,000 people and in days of old was used as a market, and for bull fights, jousting and hangings. It has plenty of pavement cafés offering many different delights and, if not satisfied by any of these, try the Calle de Cuchilleros that has cave-like taverns that serve tapas and drinks in cool and cosy underground rooms. Leave Plaza Mayor and, back onto Calle Mayor, head south west through the Plaza San Miguel and Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid’s most central fresh fish market. Just one block on you will come to the Plaza de la Villa. This is where the wonderfully designed 17th century Ayuntamiento was built in 1644 with its very pretty slate spire: this baroque edifice was originally planned to be a prison. In the same square is the 16th century plateresque Casa de Cisneros and the gothic Mudejar Torre de los Lujanes. Dating from the middle ages, it is one of the oldest buildings in Madrid. Take the street on the left side of Casa de Cisneros, cross the road at the end, and go down the stairs along the cobbled Calle del Gordon until you reach the Calle de Segovia. There in front of you is the Mudejar tower of the Iglesia de San Pedro el Viejo, built on top of the Mezquita de la Moreria (Mosque of the Muslim quarter) with remnants of the 14th century bell tower that was once the signature of the masterful Mudejar builders. Carry on down Costanilla de San Pedro and you will reach the Iglesia de San Andres, once the resting place of the remains of Madrid’s patron saint San Isidro Labrador. Now the lovely square acts as a backdrop to impromptu parties after the Sunday morning rastro flea market, with musicians strumming guitars and bongo players beating out jungle rhythms. Malasana and Chueca are like chalk and cheese, Chueca is trendy to say the least, full of unique shops and lively bars, whereas Malasana is a bit spit and sawdust and is described in some guide books as rough and ready.

8 costa life

Edificio Metropolis marks the start of the Gran Via: a boulevard that cuts a swathe through the centre of Madrid and is constantly clogged by people and cars. This ‘Champs Elysée’ of Madrid is lined with luxury hotels, sex shops, glitzy boutiques, theatres and eateries. It is as vibrant

costaGETAWAYS >> during the day as it is at night. Although not glamorous, it is in some ways the epicentre of fun and sleaze. La Latina and Lavapies is the working class district and right in the city centre. However there isn’t any evidence of tourist traps like souvenir shops or tour groups playing ‘follow my leader’. With very few monuments or historical buildings this was once the Jewish quarter, but it’s now the place where immigrants from other countries settle alongside Spanish locals. The madness of El Rastro begins at Plaza de Cascorro, close by the La Latina metro stop, and snakes its way downhill along the Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores and the streets branching off it. El Rastro owes its name to the stain of the blood that trickled down the streets from the slaughter houses which sat at the top of the hill. El Rastro has been a market for more than 500 years and is considered to be the largest in Europe. Here you can find with patience lost treasures of the past as well as the more modern rubbish that has missed the basura. But beware: it is also a magnet for pickpockets, muggers, conmen and women and even children that, as they show you the way to go, their accomplice is unzipping your backpack. If you want a bargain get there at 8am. However the most enjoyable time comes at around 2pm to 3pm when the stall holders pack up and crowd into the local bars for several aperitivos and tapas, sending the barrio into fiesta fever.

arched bridge built in 1584. I’m sure you will smile at the sight as I was when faced with the sight of the Rio Manzanares which is dwarfed by the huge bridge as it runs underneath at a feeble trickle. La Moreria is the area between Calle de Segovia and the Basilica de San Francisco el Grande. With its yellow dome that looks over the familiar tiled rooftops it dominates the skyline, as it is one of the largest churches in the city. According to legend, the Basilica is built on top of the site where St Francis of Assisi built a chapel in 1217 under the guidance of Francesco Sabatini. The Baroque basilica has some outstanding features that include frescoed cupolas and chapel ceilings by Francisco Bayeu, and it also has Goya’s The Prediction of San Bernardino of Sienna that he painted for the King of Aragon. This area


Just a brief stroll down the Calle de Segovia is the viaduct where you will be rewarded with a splendid view of the Campo de Moro. The viaduct was once a favourite suicide spot until barriers were erected in the 1990s. To the west of the viaduct is the Puente de Segovia, a nine

costa life 9

>> costaGETAWAYS


was the heart of the Moreria or Muslim quarter. A maze of winding and hilly lanes, this is where the Muslim population concentrated itself during the resurgence of the Christian faith and in the 11th century overran the town. Even to this day you can detect the aroma and mystique of a North African Medina. There are Plazas and Plazas, and Spain has more than its share. The Plaza de la Cibeles is a decorative touch in the centre of a busy traffic circle – in effect a roundabout – and since its creation in 1780 it has been a great favourite of the Madrilènes. Only when the Real Madrid soccer fans celebrate or political demonstrations occur is the Plaza’s beauty diminished. The Plaza has a statue that tells the mythical story of the goddess Cébele and her lovers Atlanta and Hipómanes who were transformed by Aphrodite into lions shackled to Cébele’s chariot, after they had profaned her temple. Not quite the exciting outcome as the David Beckham and Real Madrid saga, but one that will score with lovers of mythical stories. Talking of David Beckham (I think he would be unhappy if he were not mentioned) make a visit to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Even if you are not a soccer fan the stadium is quite intimidating, and you can also go behind the scenes including the locker room where David-baby would probably have stood as only his skinny wife Posh would see him: naked, greasing his locks and shaving his chest, Hey ho. Real Jardín Botánico is a refuge more beautiful than El Retiro: originally created on the banks of the Rió Manzanares in 1755, Carlos III moved it to its present position in 1781. Although half the size of El Retiro, this makes it an easier walk. It has some beautiful specimens of trees and plants but unfortunately many earlier specimens were destroyed by a cyclone in 1886.

10 costa life

In the Ermita De San Antonio de la Florida, you will find the burial site of Francisco Goya and you won’t therefore be surprised to find some of Goya’s wonderful frescoes. I feel that I have just scraped the surface, as it would take many more words to give full credit to my visit. Walking around the centre of Madrid is more than pleasurable, with wide boulevards and stylish shops, as reflected by the male and female residents of Madrid who are extremely clothes orientated. I cannot agree with the first part of the statement about Madrid: “She may not be beautiful, but she sure is a looker”. I think Madrid is a beauty, and I must concur that she is definitely a looker, if not a stunner.

>> costa COMPANIES

.....based in the thriving market town of Alora, 40 kms. inland from Malaga and only 30 minutes drive from the coastal resorts of the Costa del Sol and Malaga international airport, specialises in the sale of properties in the area known as the “Valle del Sol”, the Guadlahorce valley including the towns and villages of Cartama, Alhaurin el Grande, Coin, Pizarra, Carratraca, Ardales, Valle de Abdalajis, El Chorro and of course Alora itself. Their office is situated in the main square “Plaza Fuente Arriba” directly opposite the town hall and they always have a varied portfolio of properties including fincas, townhouses, cortijos, villas, ruins for restoration, plots of land and commercial premises. Their dedicated team pride themselves in providing a professional but friendly personal service. Margaret Mitchell: the owner/sales director of Alora Properties has worked exclusively in the real estate sector in Spain since 1997 and has been in Alora since 1998. With her vast experience and many valuable contacts she is able to offer very informed advice and assistance in finding your dream home or investment opportunity. The service offered is not restricted to a property finding service, Margaret and her staff are renowned for their friendly and seemingly inexhaustible after sales assistance. Agustina Pérez Postigo: office administrator is Alora born and bred. Her local knowledge is invaluable to the team, enabling Alora Properties to advise all clients old and new on a variety of matters whether it be dealing with the town hall, banks, schools and other institutions or local tradesmen or indeed providing an insight into local customs and traditions. Agustina is also responsible for keeping Alora Properties comprehensive website up to date on a daily basis. Agustina and Margaret have worked together since 2002. Jackie Staines: Administration and sales support. With the support and input contributed by Jackie the Alora Properties office is open Monday to Friday 10 am through until 7 pm without interruption for “siesta” and Saturday from 10 am until 2 pm. Jackie and her husband bought a plot of land from Margaret in 2001 and finally fulfilled their dream of moving to Spain to live when their house was completed in 2003. As well as providing professional advice Jackie has also first hand knowledge and personal experience of the thrills and challenges which moving to Spain to live can offer.

12 costa life

costa COMPANIES >>

María Dueñas Castillo: Property acquisition “captadora”, Maria is the most mature member of the Alora Properties team. She too is born and bred in the Alora area. Her father had a rural shop in the countryside about 15 kms from Alora town and in the 1950’s, Maria as a child, used to deliver provisions to the local farmers with her mule for transport. Maria’s local knowledge is second to none and she is a well liked and respected member of the local community especially in the country areas. Maria is able to obtain many properties for sale that are not available on the open market.

If you are considering purchasing a property in “real Span” away from the typical tourist beach resorts, then a browse on Alora Properties website is a good first step or better still why not visit the beautiful white village of Alora easily reached just 40 kms inland from Malaga via the A357 Malaga/Campillos road also accessible by train from Malaga Renfe.

As the first woman in Alora to obtain her driving licence back in the 1970’s Maria thankfully now uses a slightly more efficient mode of transport than the mule. Margaret and Maria have been working together since 1998, the perfect partnership, Maria finds the properties, Margaret finds the potential purchaser and their clients find their dream home.

Alora Properties Plaza Fuente Arriba Alora Tel: 952-498454 Mov: 609 454 409

specializing in

Fincas Country Villas Townhouses Cortijos Ruins Plots

952 498 454 mobile: 609 454 409

The staff at Alora Properties look forward to welcoming you to Alora in the near future and showing you some of the properties which best suit your personal requirements.

AP368: Townhouse situated in a quiet street of Alora within walking distance to all shops and amenities. Accommodation is on 2 levels and consists of 2/3 bedrooms, bathroom, fully fitted kitchen and sitting room. Terrace and patio. There are two entrances to the house from parallel streets. 105 m2 built. Garage/spa room with Jacuzzi. Hot and cold air conditioning. Mains water, telephone and electricity.

AP393: Exclusive villa of 130m2 situated between Alora and Pizarra and set on 13.652 m2 of land. Accommodation offers an open plan lounge with wood burning stove/American style kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Many shady and sunny outside areas and a swimming pool. There is also a separate guest apartment of 65 m2 which offers an open plan lounge/American style kitchen with fireplace, 2 bedrooms and a shower room. This property also has a 257 m2 built stable block and terraced paddocks with 2 shelters of 63 m2. Sand menage. Ideal for equestrian pursuits. Mains electric, community well water, internet connection. Good access. Lovely views.

€ € 156,450

€ 675,000 €

AP366: Nice finca situated in the area between El Chorro and Angosturas with excellent access just off a main minor road. Plot of 27,000 m2 of dry land. Accommodation is on two floors. On the ground floor there is a lounge, kitchen, one big bedroom and a bathroom. The upper floor provides 3 spacious bedrooms and a bathroom. 240 m2 built. The house has been recently renovated to a very high standard but requires some finishing. Glorious terrace. Mains water and electricity. Beautiful views.

AP377: Immaculate little town house situated in a quiet street of Alora. It has been tastefully restored to provide one bedroom, lounge-kitchen and a bathroom on two levels plus a south facing terrace with stunning views of the Guadalhorce valley. To be sold fully furnished and equipped. Ideal for holiday retreat or permanent living. Mains water and electricity.

tel: Plaza Fuente Arriba s/n Alora




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>> costa COMPANIES

GLASS C Protected from chilly winds by high mountain ranges, the Costa del Sol boasts a privileged microclimate with an enviable, virtually year-round al fresco lifestyle unique in mainland Europe. In fact, since early spring you’ve probably been basking on your terrace or balcony by day… and entertaining family and friends there by night. But even on the occasional windy or rainy winter’s day, there’s no need to stay indoors and miss out on all the pleasures of informal dining or breakfasting against a stunning backdrop of sea, golf or mountain views. For property owners who would relish the prospect of increasing their living space at a fraction of the cost inherent to building a home extension, Glass Curtains® Frameless Glazing Systems are the perfect solution. As versatile in application as they are practical in use, they not only add significant value to your home, but ensure that – even on the odd rainy day or less than perfect evening – you can enjoy your terrace or balcony to maximum advantage. Cool and airy in summer, snug and draught-free in winter, you can relax or entertain in comfort with that stunning sea, golf or mountain view you fell in love with a constant source of year-round pleasure. In addition to the obvious benefits of ensuring the all-season enjoyment of balconies and terraces, the Glass Curtains system also significantly reduces external noise levels and – acting as a conservatory – saving on heating bills, too. It can be easily and conveniently cleaned from inside, and additionally contributes to a practical dust and dirt-free environment, particularly useful to non-resident property owners. It is infinitely more flexible and cheaper to install than double-glazing, and effectively increases the size of your home while also appreciably adding to its value! With the Mediterranean climate in mind, the products have been designed to withstand not only high summer and cooler winter temperatures, but with the close proximity of the sea, are also corrosionresistant, and the bespoke units are consequently manufactured at Glass Curtains’ own 500 square metre workshop on Camino de Coín in Mijas Costa. The ingenious, unobtrusive and elegant custom-designed Glass Curtains system

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URTAINS means that you can instantly enclose your terrace or balcony on less than perfect days, transforming it into an attractive, welcoming, dry, draught-free, warm and eminently comfortable extension of your sitting-room and when not in use, the individually manoeuvrable panels simply and neatly fold away. The glass panels are strong, rigid, don’t flex in wind, are child- and petfriendly and “can resist anything that nature can throw at them”. In the unlikely event of it being broken the glass merely breaks into myriad fragments with no dangerous shards to harm children or family pets. Established in 2003, Glass Curtains have enjoyed phenomenal success throughout the Costa del Sol, and have undertaken scores of installations for owners of apartments, townhouses and villas, while many hoteliers and restaurateurs have also been quick to appreciate the enormous potential of the system in terms of increased year-round clientele.

Because of its intrinsic qualities, glass is a difficult medium to photograph to maximum effect, and to appreciate the pleasing, superior finish of a Glass Curtains installation to the full; there is no substitute for viewing it in situ. . Already, Neil Ingram – who ‘retired’ to the Costa del Sol in 1998 - has setup Glass Curtains companies in Canada and the USA, while he is currently negotiating start-up plans in Portugal, Australia, India, Dubai and various other countries, as well as already having expanded to the Costa Blanca, Holland and Italy. Custom-made to order, the system can be built to any shape and size and can accommodate curves, angles and varying heights. The panels – tinted glass is an optional extra – can be manufactured to a maximum height of 3 metres, and the installation comes with a full 5-year guarantee. Prices are similar to those of equal installations of doubleglazing. The company currently employs a large staff and the bespoke units are locally manufactured at their own workshop on the Camino de Coín in Mijas Costa. For the fabrication on the Costa Blanca, there is already a local workshop in place and shortly another workshop will open up on the Costa Brava. Glass Curtains. Tel: (+34) 902 433 435. Fax: (+34) 952 468 076. Website: E-mail: Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm.

Neil Ingram, the owner and designer of Glass Curtains, explains that his idea and intellectual property was protected in May 2003. “Custom-made to order,” he explains, “it can be supplied to any shape and size including curves, angles and varying heights. Basically, all you need is a ceiling. Made of 10mm tempered glass and with aluminium profiles in a range of colours, the made-to-measure system can be manufactured within a very short period, and installed with a minimum of inconvenience.

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he Benalmadena International College is a modern and dynamic British School located in Nueva Torrequebrada, just off the N340, between Benalmadena and Fuengirola, and only four hundred metres from the sea. The fast-growing number of pupils, ranging from Kindergarten (6 months) to ‘A’ level and degree studying students, enjoy their education in newly constructed buildings in classes of 20 or less pupils. Situated in an area of 17,500m2, a brand new superbly equipped four storey building has been completed for secondary and adult education. Also on campus is a separate infants and primary school, a cafeteria and two sports pitches. A heated indoor swimming pool and an indoor sports centre will complete the college campus in the near future.

The teaching staff are mainly British trained and are highly experienced. All follow the British National Curriculum right through from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 where students study for their I.G.C.S.E’s (International General Certificate of Education) in Year 11, and continue to study A-S and A-levels in Years 12 and 13. The College is now the leading school in Spain to incorporate BTEC vocational subjects including such subjects as Hairdressing and Beauty therapy. All pupils study Spanish alongside their National Curriculum work. There is also an optional bi-lingual system of education in place for those pupils who are Spanish or who are fluent in the Spanish language. These classes are taught by an experienced Spanish teacher. The College is a recognised Examination Centre for the Edexcel Board of Examiners and examinations are mainly in May and June, but can also be taken in November and January in special circumstances. The College has been officially inspected and approved by a team of British inspectors from NABSS (National Association of British schools in Spain) and subsequent inspections will follow periodically. We have also the Spanish Certificate of Education allowing us to teach the Dual system to Bilingual and Spanish children from Year 2. We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of education and family values in a very caring, friendly atmosphere where our students cannot fail to flourish. There are many extra – curricular clubs after school too, where our pupils can choose to extend their learning in Drama, Art, Football (for boys and girls) Tennis, Computers/Internet, Gymnastics, Chess, Spanish…. all taught by highly qualified staff. Field trips such as skiing, geographical, sports and cultural trips also feature throughout the year.

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OLVERA properties D

ominating the surrounding valleys of olive groves, Olvera’s castle and church epitomise the history and culture of an Andalucian pueblo blanco. At the cross roads of Malaga, Seville and Cadiz provinces in the Cadiz Lijar mountains, it is one of the frontier towns over which the Moors and Christians fought for during the Moors’ 700 year occupation of Andalucia. With its 643 metres above sea level this stunning town cascades white houses down the hill which has so effectively protected it against outsiders whether Visigoths or tourists. For this is one of the few untouched villages of Andalucia left. Olvera has lived Andalucia’s history intensely and although you can find remains of previous civilizations, the village itself has remained unchanged over the past centuries. Start your day at the top of the “casco antigüo” or old town. Don’t look for the usual tourist signs – there aren’t any. However all you have to do is look up and walk through the whitewashed streets to the castle whose outline against the blue skies can be seen for miles around. Once up at the top take a moment to look out at the surrounding countryside which is typical of Andalucia, valleys of olive groves with an impressive mountain range in the distance. The Moorish castle, built on the foundations of a Roman keep, has been recently restored so that you can climb up to the top and truly understand the strategic importance of Olvera. Facing it across the square which regularly hosts travelling artisan fairs is 19 th century church which comes to life in “semana santa”. There are few holy weeks left in Andalucia where tourists are not an integral part of the goings-on but here in Olvera you will be almost alone among the Spanish as the Virgin Mary is taken down on a sea of candles to the Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios, through the tiny streets defying both gradient and corners. It is an experience for the five senses, candles light up the Virgin’s face and the surrounding peaked hats of the penitents, incense catches your throat as the alter boy swings the censer in time to the local band playing music whose beats have not changed since the Christian’s re-conquered Olvera from the Moors. Finally, once the procession has passed by, watch the children picking up the warm wax that has dripped on the cobbled streets. Alternatively come for the Lunes de Quasimodo or second Monday after Easter Sunday when the procession to the shrine in the countryside is a feria of chorizo, wine and dancing to give thanks for rain. This is a fun alternative to the exclusive Seville feria; here visitors are part of the party and locals, both old and young, are only too happy to show you the basics of sevillana dancing. You can join in again at the San Augustin feria at the end of August. If flamenco is your passion then head to neighbouring Pruna in August for an informal flamenco strum, song and dance from the relatives of the legendary Cameron de la Isla.

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costa COMPANIES >> Back in old town Olvera, take your time wandering through the recently restored barrio de la villa where the whitewashed streets twist and turn so much that only pedestrians can go. Experience arriving at the stunning, step stopping views from the city walls. Here you can really lose yourself in the heart of the pueblo blanco and imagine what it is to form part of the tranquil Andalucian way of life. Through open doors you can see old ladies in black preparing the mid-day meal with ingredients bought from the local market whilst children play on the streets. As you walk down to the main street, stop at the ayuntamiento square for tapas and understand the meaning of the motto above the main entrance arch, “de mi sale la paz”. For peace really does reign over this town and your visit. Alfonso XI rescued the town from the Moors in 1327 and from then until 1843 it was part of a feudal estate until the Duke of Osuna claimed bankruptcy in 1843. The beautiful town houses of the local aristocracy still line the main street and now one is a café another was a casino, but many still hold remnants of their noble ancestry. However there is more to Olvera than you may see when walking through the streets, where locals welcome you with a smile and a greeting and then carry on with their way, for many a business is run discreetly from the front rooms of a home. The increasing population of northern Europeans help each other out as there are no signs in English advertising “eggs and chips”. Several local restaurants serve up hearty Spanish meals, tapas and vino in old restored houses: “Olvera Es Una Calle, Una Iglesia Y Un Castillo, Pero ¡Qué Calle! ¡Qué Iglesia! Y ¡Qué Castillo!” proclaims the town’s website, Olvera is one street, a church and a castle, but what a street, what church and what a castle! At the very bottom of the hill, on the northern side, is the start of the Via Verde, an old unfinished railway route that cuts through the hills into the heart of the Puerto Serrano hills and was once going to join Jerez to Almargen. The old station is now a charming hotel, which serves superb food in the restaurant, and eating there is a good reward after having discovered the pleasures of the Via Verde. A recent project has given new life to this once forgotten track with its six dramatic viaducts and twentyfour tunnels that form a part of the 38km route, as now the surface is all tarmac. Suitable for families with small children, serious cyclists or even horse-riders the views and peace is breath taking. A behind the scenes, unique chance to make your way alongside hidden farms and through groves that are home to many species of protected birds. The more adventurous may wish to get an eagle-eye view of the area, in which case, contact Fly Spain in nearby Algodonales and paraglide over the natural parkland. For those who have more of an inclination for sailing we go to the Zahara lake. Manmade, this extraordinarily blue lake is used for all sorts of leisure activities including fishing and canoeing. Whatever you decide to do, bring your camera, as there are no souvenir or postcard shops, only corner shops selling the local gold. Olive oil from Olvera is considered to be one of the finest of Spain. It is used as the base for prize-winning bath oils, soaps and beauty treatments as well as for cooking that wonderful Mediterranean food, and can be bought five litres at a time: the secret is to go to the local co-operative and fill up your plastic bottles for a few euros a go. Combined with low cost flights to Málaga and Sevilla (90 minutes drive) and Jeréz (60 minutes drive), Olvera is a stunning escape into the real Andalucia that is within easy reach of the UK. Once home again, the taste of the Olvera olive oil will bring back all the majesty of this white village set against the green valleys and blue skies.

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Are you missing your favourite UK Products? At last... a local supermarket/ Convenience Store to purchase all of your favourite English foods from back home all under one roof.


ike many of us who come to Spain to fulfil dreams and start a new life Simon Dunn is no different. After working for large companies in the UK and watching the way they are monopolising the retail industry he realised that the potential to open his own store was going to be almost impossible. We all know that in the UK the local corner shop is becoming a thing of the past and competing against the multinationals is becoming more than a challenge for independent retailers. The Costa del Sol does give many of us who come here the opportunity to “have a go” at things we may not be able to at home and Simon is no different. After much work and preparation he can now say he is fulfilling his dream and in his own words he explains his new business. One stop Foods UK is an independent supermarket that imports the finest English products. We pride ourselves on being the cheapest supplier of English food in Spain with the widest stock range - the days of driving to Gibraltar to stock up are soon to be a thing of the past. We are also the first to introduce fantastic, huge, unbeatable deals and offers on English products. Offering you deals like “Buy One Get One FREE” “Buy 2 get a Third FREE” plus we have loads of Money off deals on top quality brands throughout the store. All offers are changed every 4 weeks (Or when stocks run out) then offering new deals every single month of the year. Our First Store is situated in the heart of Fuengirola, (Los Boliches) near the beautiful village of Mijas and just 20 minutes from Malaga & 25 minutes from Marbella, among a thriving ex-pat community. Easy access from Malaga via the N340, first exit to Los boliches. (See Map on ad) One stop Foods Uk offers a full variety of English products from sweets, crisps, Boxes of chocolate and snacks to canned foods, drinks, Cakes and biscuits, Toiletries, Cleaning and Laundry products, Sauces, Pastas & Noodles, Pet Food, Baby Food, Frozen foods, even fresh dairy products made from English produce all shipped directly to our store from the Uk Also we have in store all your need for baking, Flour, mixes, baking powder, Icing Sugar etc. We Pride ourselves on keeping our prices as low as we can to offer good quality shopping at an affordable cost. We do this as we believe in offering our customers the opportunity to shop with us regularly as part of their weekly shopping rather than just a treat when you can afford it. We have created a clean, bright attractive store, to make shopping with us pleasurable with our helpful and cheerful staff. The Store is well laid out in sections to make shopping easier and more enjoyable.

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costaCOMPANIES >> We also want this to be your shop, supplying the goods that you want, so we are always open to suggestions and comments. If we don’t have it, then we write suggestions in a book. For the most popular suggestions we will try our very best to stock in the near future. Already we have added 500 new lines since we opened in August 2006 We aim to make travelling to Gibraltar for your food items a thing of the past at one stop; which is why your comments and suggestions of new products are always welcome. We already have plans in the pipe line for more additional products during this year, starting with 2 new freezers soon to be installed with a bigger variety of frozen foods. Also shortly we will be trialling a small range of birthday and occasional cards for your convenience, making us a great place to by a box of chocolates and a card as a gift. Another plan is that we will also offer seasonal occasion gifts, gift sets and cards. Look into our store for Valentines, Mothers day/Fathers day, Easter, Halloween, and of course Christmas. At these special times of the year we will be offering gifts, Chocolates and cards, all in one place for your convenience. We also provide freshly baked products, Using the best made top quality pies and pasties you can buy, imported from the UK and cooked in Store. The Bakery also includes freshly baked Baguettes and Rolls. We also have tasty Real Cornish Butter fruit Scones and freshly baked in store, 7inch Sausage Rolls. We hope you will enjoy shopping with us and keep checking us out for new products and offers throughout the year. With all these deals and the vast selection of products in store we know you will keep coming back so please come and see for yourselves and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

New to the store Try Our New Enliven Product Range Shampoo, conditioners, body lotions, Creams, Hair Mouse, Shower gels, Mouth wash and more

All at a great Price Of €1.99

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Luxury Cattery & Kennels There are certain times when only the best will do and that goes for our furry four legged friends too. When it comes to a holiday stay at a kennel or cattery, it can be all the more inviting when there’s the prospect of a luxury stay, in five-star comfort and with first class service. Cats and dogs are now enjoying this type of perfect pampering within the new and unique facilities at VIPet World Services, in Alhaurín de la Torre. Pets are collected from and returned home in chauffeur-driven style. This door to door service also applies to airport runs, for pets travelling overseas with VIPet World Services.

At reception they are welcomed and checked in by the friendliest of receptionists. Once their details and special requirements have been noted, they are escorted to their quarters by a hostess (with the mostess), who helps settle them in and lays out toys and comfy blankets. Room service includes delivery of fresh water and delicious meals as well as regular chambermaid visits.

Cattery The newly renovated cattery has been totally revamped. It is now bigger and fully enclosed for that extra security. It boasts a private garden with trees, plants and an ample lawn where kitty can roam while her room is serviced. The cattery units themselves have also been completely refurbished. All 24 units now include toys and scratching posts, cosy armchairs and cushions. A ramp leads up to a housed sleeping area with cat flap entrance. Feline friends therefore enjoy a spacious, outdoor environment together with homely and private accommodation.

Luxury Kennels The most discerning doggie guests are accommodated in luxury suites. These special kennels, with tiled floors, rugs, heating, T.V. and extra cosy beds, offer a home from home environment. Pooches can lie back and enjoy their creature comforts while catching the latest episode of ‘Lassie’. Some even bring their own favourite DVD. All dogs take advantage of a run around the secure garden twice a day to stretch their legs and catch up on the latest scents!

Grooming VIPet grooming prices have been slashed, so that all guests can enjoy a makeover at prices that won’t tickle your purse strings. A luxury stay just wouldn’t be complete without a consultation and groom by a professional stylist. Cats and dogs alike can opt for straightforward bath and brush or go all out for that ‘Crufts’ look with an English style trim. Ear, nails and other unmentionables can all be taken care of, leaving them feeling 100%.

Vet Care Guests can rest assured that all their health needs can be attended to, on site, by a highly qualified vet. A chew stick (on the house) always helps the medicine go down!

Treats Reception has a well stocked shop with a wide range of tasty, tempting treats, toys and the finest pet accessories. Sorry, but these facilities are only available for pets! Human family members, however, are invited to come and see these fantastic facilities for themselves. Just pop in for a coffee and a friendly chat! No appointment necessary.

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Salt Water Chlorinators from



alt based chlorinators disinfect your pool, providing more pleasant water, with no chlorine taste or odour, as well as all the benefits of slightly salty water.

Working cycle Only a small amount of salt needs to be diluted inside the pool. Afterwards, only minimal amounts of salt must be added to replenish losses caused by water drained off during the filter backwashes. When salty water flows through the electrodes, the unit converts the salt into an active disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite) that destroys algae, bacteria and fungi and oxidises organic waste.

For more information please call us on 952 591 053 or call into the shop which is situated at the entrance to Dona Pilar, just below Restaurante Valparaiso and next to the Octagon Bar. We are open from 9am to 5 pm and have a huge selection of pool accessories including heat pumps, automatic covers, Jacuzzis and our very big selection of pool toys and games. We are also very happy to give advice on any of our services…

New pools Renovations and repairs Professional pool maintenance

This disinfectant is reconverted into salt, thus renewing the cycle with no salt losses.

Advantages Improved swimmer comfort A salt water chlorinator helps prevent dry skin and irritation to eyes and mucous membranes, as it contains no chlorine or isocyanates. Your pool can now be completely fee of any trace of chlorine taste or odour. Healthier water Slightly salty water is a natural antiseptic that inhibits microorganism growth in water and keeps the water in peak condition for even longer. The salinity of the water is similar to tears and provides an exceptionally agreeable sensation. Significant savings Only 4 grams of salt are needed for every litre of water whilst filling the pool, minimising subsequent chemical purchases. The electrical requirements are around the same as a light bulb. Completely safe system There’s no need to handle or store chlorine. The salt chlorinator system is completely safe, as it runs at a level below battery voltage.

Special offer from Splash Swimming Pools At the moment we are selling a Salt water chlorinator unit for 1,116.00 € This will sanitise pools up to 100 cubic metres. This is a special price – only available whilst stocks last. The normal retail price is 1,757.00€

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Lower your blood pressure… The ladies will love this one. Researchers at Indiana University found that simple house hold chores can lower your blood pressure. So we have no more excuses we will have to do the dishes. Drugs and diet aren’t the only way to treat high blood pressure. Washing your car, mowing the lawn, and even doing the dishes can help. So some simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

Top Tip… Interesting Quotes…

Don’t use scales - get a measuring tape to check your progress.

I had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it. - Groucho Marx Money can’t buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery. Spike Milligan Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. - Jim Carrey

If you let your head get too big, it’ll break your neck - Elvis Presley You know “that look” women get when they want sex? Me neither. - Steve Martin

What not to say to a women… Did your clothes shrink? What happened to your hair, will it stay like that? Are you going to wear that tonight? Birthday, what birthday? Your sister is cute, what’s her name? Is that grey hair?

Accidents happen… A man runs into a friend and notices that his car is wrecked and covered with leaves, grass, branches, dirt, and blood. He asks his friend, “What happened to your car?” “Well,” the friend responds, “I ran into a lawyer.” “OK,” says the man, “that explains the blood... But what about the leaves, grass, branches, and the dirt?” “Well, I had to chase him all through the park.”

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>> costa LIFESTYLE >> United Colors of Benetton

>> Step out in style… Brown tweed formal lace up shoe Topman

Brown leather embossed belt Canvas khaki belt Burton

Mock leather bomber jacket Topman

Four pocket leather bomber Burton

>> Be ahead of the crowd… Pyramid cavalry cap Topman Stripe trilby Burton

New zeppelin bootcut Vintage dark washed jeans Topman

Washed denim jeans Burton

Store Locator A to M... Accessorize - - La Cañada / Burtons - - Gibraltar / Dorothy Perkins - - La Cañada and Miramar / Evans - - La Cañada and Miramar 26 costa life

costa LIFESTYLE >> >> Evans

i Pod sleeves Accessorize Tiny Teardrop Earrings Mischa Purple Bling Ring Accessorize

Green shopper Dorothy Perkins

>> Top it off… Captains hat Grey wool beret Evans Geometric print beanie Accessorize

Red and black patent belts Evans

>> Dress it up… Black pointelle dress Purple satin baby doll dress Dorothy Perkins

Store Locator N to Z... Topman - - La Cañada / United Colors of Benetton - - Fuengirola

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Top Tips

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for your nails

Your nails have their own DNA, their own strengths and weaknesses – just like hair and skin. A regular manicure can help to look after your nails and treat their specific problems. Your manicurist can also advise you on your nail type and how to look after them. There are so many nail care products on the market, make sure you are using something that is appropriate for your nail type. For example, your nails may be very strong, have very little flexibility but split at the sides, they could be dry or brittle, therefore needing a hydrating product rather than a hardener. To maximise your nail polish, whether you have applied it yourself or you have had it applied in a salon, add a coat of top coat over the colour every couple of days. This keeps the nail polish protected.

Makeup tip… Apply eye shadow to brows with a slanted make up brush. Use short feathery strokes recreate the look of natural brows.

Celebrity Tip… Kate Hudson hasn’t just inherited Goldie Hawn’s (her Mums) looks, but she has also learned some of her beauty tips too. Soak pads in ice water to cure puffy eyes.

How to look 30 when your 40… This is a great hint for those of you over 40: don’t go for short-short hair or over-coiffed do’s. Instead, opt for a shoulder-length shag with layers. Avoid the blunt cuts. Terri Hatcher has mastered this and looks great for over forty!!

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Get Lippy… It´s almost inevitable that lips lose volume over the years, but as well as products to plump your pout, there are a few makeup tips to guarantee the appearance of fuller lips. Strong or bright coloured lipsticks are best avoided, these can draw attention to the signs of ageing around the mouth, also dark colours can be ageing. Add a smear of gloss with some sparkle to the middle of your upper and lower lip this creates the illusion of volume.

Gymnasium fully equipped gym with both fixed and free weights crosstrainers + bikes treadmills + rowing machines professional instructor available only gym open at 8 am

Classes over 56 fitness classes every week step aerobics, aerobics, hip hop, yoga, bums & tums, latest reebok decks new from Finland “gym stick” suitable all ages individual pilates room individual spin bike room with 40 bikes individual aerobics and exercise room with sprung floor from Sept “early bird” fitness classes at 8am Mon, Wed, Fri Goshin Ju Jitsu + Tae Kwon Do

Facilities fully air conditioned - lockers high powered showers - hair dryers mens & womens saunas - jacuzzi

You could advertise your business here for as little as €125 per issue

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Best Restaurant Choices Here is a look at the best and worst types of dishes to eat at our favourite restaurants to avoid putting on weight.

Italian Best – Vegetables, ham, tuna, chicken, prawn, tomato-based sauces, salads. Worst – Fatty meat like pepperoni on pizza, creamy pasta sauces, garlic bread, added cheese.

Chinese Best – Boiled or steamed rice & noodles, stir fried vegetables, chicken, seafood, soup as a starter. Worst – Fried rice, battered and deep fried starters, seaweed & prawn crackers.


Beating the booze Do you want to sink a few weekend drinks without storing excess calories? It is really just a question of making the right choice.

Best choices Single measure of spirits with a low-calorie mixer, e.g. slimline tonic, diet Coke Dryer red wine Normal strength lager or bitter Small glass of wine or spritzers Shandy made with low-calorie lemonade Low strength lager Low calorie or fruit juice mixers

Worst choices Sweet wine Most alcopops (full of sugar) Large glass of wine Premium strength beers

Best – Boiled or sticky rice, stir-fry vegetables and seafood dishes. Worst – Coconut milk & cream.

Indian Best – Pulses, chicken, seafood, tandoori, tikka, madras, jelfrezi, balti, dupiaja, boiled rice, salad. Worst – Fatty meats, fried starters, poppadoms, kormas, pasandas, fried rice, biryani.

The fact that we can survive for as long as 50 days without food, but only a few days without fluid illustrates how vital it is for our body. Water makes up between 60-75% of the body and around 85% of the brain. This explains why even mild dehydration can lead to problems such as headaches, lethargy, dizziness and an inability to concentrate. Long-term dehydration can lead to digestive and kidney problems, and joint pain. To replace the fluid we lose each day, adults need to consume between 30-35ml of fluid per kilogram of weight. Around one third of this can come from food, the rest should be as drinks.

How much fluid do we need?

50kg woman needs to drink a minimum 1.1 litres per day 60kg woman needs to drink a minimum 1.4 litres per day 70kg woman needs to drink a minimum 1.6 litres per day 75kg woman needs to drink a minimum 1.75 litres per day

But remember to drink more if: The weather is hot and you perspire heavily You exercise or do a strenuous job You are a breast-feeding mother You work or live in an air conditioned environment

Helen Johnson - Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist - 617 453 550 - 30 costa life

You could advertise your business here for as little as â‚Ź300 per issue

face your fitness


ot only is it never too late to get fit, but it’s even more important to make fitness, healthy eating and the reduction of stress a priority as you mature. So if you want to feel better, have more energy and live longer, look no further than regular, old-fashioned, sweat-inducing exercise. By introducing a moderate amount of exercise into your daily life, you can significantly improve your overall health, wellbeing and quality of life. And the health benefits of exercise can be achieved by virtually everyone, regardless of age, sex, or physical ability.

Pilates… This is a complete exercise method developed by its founder Joseph Pilates over the course of a lifetime dedicated to improving physical and mental health. Pilates focuses on building your body’s core strength and improving your posture through a series of low-repetition low-impact stretching and conditioning exercises. By core strength we are talking about your back, abdominal and pelvic muscles. Through Pilates, you will be able to develop these muscles without adding bulk, increasing your flexibility and agility and at the same time toning your stomach and thigh muscles. Pilates goes far beyond your core muscles however, and not only provides a complete body workout (you will be working muscles you didn’t even know you had) but also helps you to develop an awareness of how your body works, helping your mind and body to work in harmony.

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costa LIFESTYLE >> Aerobics… The word aerobic means ‘with oxygen’. Aerobic exercise is any repetitive activity that you do long enough and hard enough to challenge your heart and lungs. In order for this to happen you get your largest muscle groups involved, and these include your legs, glutes, back and chest.

Step Aerobics… Whilst the aim of aerobics is to increase the body’s consumption of oxygen, step aerobics builds on that goal by offering a more intense workout. The platform or ‘step’ provides this extra boost by incorporating the action of stepping onto the platform to intensify the workout. The other benefit is that it is low impact and doesn’t stress the joints as much as running or jogging. The action of stepping onto the platform doesn’t shock the joints and generally does not require a great deal of coordination or athleticism.

Spinning… Indoor cycling is a form of exercise that involves using a stationary exercise bicycle in a classroom setting. A typical class involves a single instructor at the front of the class who leads the participants in a number of different types of cycling. The routines are designed to simulate terrain and situations encountered in actual bicycle rides, including hill climbs, sprints and interval training. The instructor uses music and coaching to motivate the students to work harder.

Gym Stick… Gym stick is a fitness tool from Finland designed to simplify and effectively combine c a r d i o v a s c u l a r, muscular endurance and flexibility training. The Gym stick combines stick and resistance band exercise into one effective workout. Gymstick uses its unique technology to improve: Muscular strength and endurance

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise…

Fat loss and weight toning

In addition to cardiovascular benefits, other benefits of aerobic exercise include:

Cardiovascular fitness

Control and reduction of body fat Increased resistance to fatigue and extra energy Toned muscles and increased lean body mass Decreased tension and aid to sleeping Increased general stamina Psychological benefits – exercise improves mood, reduces depression and anxiety.

Weight Training… If you want to lose fat or change your body, one of the most important things you can do is lift weights. Diet and cardio are equally important but, when it comes to changing how your body looks, weight training wins hands down. If you’ve hesitated to start a strength training program, it may motivate you to know that lifting weights can: Help raise your metabolism: muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn all day long. Strengthen bones, especially important for women Make you stronger and increase muscular endurance Help you avoid injuries Increase your confidence and self-esteem Improve coordination and balance.

Kickboxing… This is a high-impact cardiovascular workout that blends elements of boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics into a 30 to 60 minute exercise routine. Unlike other types of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between competitors; it’s a cardiovascular workout that’s done because of its many benefits to the body. Cardio-kickboxing is ideal for physically fit people who exercise aerobically at least three times a week. Cardio-kickboxing should be approached with caution if you have balance problems or certain other medical conditions.

Core strength and posture Mobility, balance, flexibility and co-ordination Regular resistance training will also boost your metabolism, improve bone health, decrease risk of injury, and help control type-2 diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

Why Exercise… It is preventive medicine: the evidence shows that a balanced diet combined with moderate exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. Exercise boosts memory: adults who exercise increase blood flow to the brain which leads to better memory. It keeps the brain sharp in old age and may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It improves strength at any age. It reduces symptoms of PMS. It improves mood and feelings of wellbeing. It significantly reduces depression and improves sleep. How much more convincing do you need? However many reasons you have for not exercising, there are at least as many for you to get moving.

All the above take place at Studio 1, Las Rampas, Fuengirola.

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LINK BETWEEN DIET AND MIGRAINE… Cutting out certain foods can help people with migraine. That’s the encouraging result of a study, partly funded by the Migraine Action Association (MAA) which involved testing sufferer’s samples for food intolerances. Intolerance testing gives the patient a fuller picture of why certain kinds of food may be a problem. A sufferer may know that chocolate triggers an attack, but won’t go onto link this to a general milk intolerance.

Alzheimer’s… The risk of developing Alzheimer’s might be lowered by the consumption of a higher level of folic acid through diet and supplements, say researchers. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate, a B vitamin - found in dark green vegetables, cereals and fruit - which is often destroyed by cooking or processing. A study found that those with higher than normal levels of the B vitamin are less likely to suffer mental deterioration. Dementia affects over 700,000 Eating spicy food on a daily basis could help protect against cancer Britons, with 500 and other illnesses. The chemical capsaicin that gives spicy food its new cases kick, could be used to kill tumours with few or no side effects for diagnosed the patient. This may also explain why people living in countries every day as like Mexico and India, who traditionally eat a diet which is very more people Fed up with coughs and colds? spicy, tend to have lower incidences of many cancers that are live longer. Then try eating more mushrooms. prevalent in the western world. According to US research, they are rich in the immune –boosting antitoxident ergothioneine.


Food Fact

New blood test could predict heart failure… A new blood test could help predict the risk of heart failure or a stroke, allowing doctors to take action to help prolong a patient’s life. The development of the blood test came after a study of 987 men and women found that those with higher levels of a certain protein were more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or heart failure, and were at a greater risk of dying. This blood test could be another valuable tool which can be used to identify an individual’s risk of having a stroke. However it is high blood pressure which is the single biggest risk factor for stroke.

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Avascular Necrosis some minor discomfort on excessive weight bearing such as when long distance running or similar. Once the disease progresses to the second stage the pain is more a permanent ache even when resting or at night and changing into a sharp pain on weight bearing. This pain can be so incapacitating that walking becomes very difficult and going up or downstairs practically impossible.


vascular necrosis (AVN) translated into normal English means that some tissue or anatomic structure dies, becoming necrotic, due to missing blood vessels – avascular – and therefore decreased or even interrupted blood supply to this structure.

Avascular necrosis can affect bones in many areas of the skeleton including hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet. But the most frequent bone affected is the femoral head, the ball part of the ball-and socket joint of the hip. Men and women are equally affected. It is still not entirely clear why some people get an avascular necrosis of the hip and others do not. Necrosis of the femoral head has been reported following dislocation of the hip joint or following a fracture of the femoral neck due to an accident. Also, excessive long term use of steroids (cortisone) and alcohol abuse are related to decreased blood supply to the hip joint. Other risk factors or conditions associated with non-traumatic AVN include pancreatitis, radiation treatments, chemotherapy and blood disorders such as sickle cell anaemia. The main symptom of this disease is pain in and around the groin. Unfortunately, this pain usually appears when the AVN is already in a more advanced stage. In the first stage of the disease one might just feel

A complete medical examination by an orthopaedic surgeon would show pain on palpation of the affected hip and a decreased range of movement. The other joints of the lower limb, the pelvis and the lumbar spine would be included in this medical examination to exclude other possible problems. An x-ray of the pelvis and the affected hip may show some deformity of the femoral head, usually without any signs of changes at the socket part of the hip (the acetabulum). The treatment depends on the age of the patient and the stage of the disease. In the early stage, using crutches and mobilising non-weight bearing might allow the hip to recover, although 50% of the hips still progress to the next stage. In a young patient with an obvious deformed femoral head, surgery can be performed to either decrease the pressure that builds up inside the femoral head or to change the orientation of it to a different weight bearing area. If the femoral head is not too deformed and the bone quality not affected, a hip resurfacing procedure could be performed. In a patient of more than 60 years a partial or total hip replacement would be the treatment of choice. For any further questions regarding avascular necrosis of the hip or any other bone, joint or soft tissue problem, please go to or ring 952 57 77 66.

Mr Alf Neuhaus

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Col. No: 9.220

Sandra Vincenti

UK Chartered Physiotherapist Col. No: 682

Treatment of Arthritis & Rheumatism Joint Replacements - hip,knee,ankle,shoulder Hip Resurfacing Advanced Cartilage Repair Keyhole Surgery Hand and Foot Surgery Accidents & Fractures X-ray Facilities - Diagnostic Ultrasound Back and Neck Problems - sciatica,whiplash,etc. Rehabilitation - post op,post injury Emergency Accidents dealt with (ambulance service available 24hr per day)

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o all you regular readers who followed the first pieces on my quest for a better smile via orthodontic treatment you have probably been wondering where the up dates have been. The last piece we did was in September?? And to be honest I have been avoiding the issue. Not for any real negative reasons but to be honest for purely vain reasons. More about that later. Firstly, to bring any new readers up to date who may not have seen those issues a short synopsis and secondly what has transpired in the last couple of months. Way back in May of 2006 I decided to set out on a quest to see if I could get a perfect set of gnashers via orthodontic treatment. Nobody likes going to the dentist (unless you’re a bit strange!) so like most people I was anxious about the treatment I was going to receive. Firstly I had a clean and a polish plus I had 7 mercury fillings replaced by white fillings which made a big difference straight away. After that I went to see Arco Ideal orthodontists in Marbella with a view to getting my teeth straightened. Firstly I had a plate inserted to the roof of my mouth. I had to turn a screw inside it every day to widen the plate which in turn widens my upper jaw because I had a cross bite. The only way to resolve this is by pressure and well, basically force which is how the plate works. At the same time I had braces fitted to the top and the bottom teeth which are designed to straighten out my teeth and make them level top and bottom. The plate was in for just under three months and I was ahead of time. In that time I gained, believe it or not 10 cm in the width of my jaw. The result being that my upper and lower jaw are now perfectly aligned so the job from now until the finish is to straighten the teeth top and bottom and then I can have my two front crowns replaced and my teeth whitened. The time scale for the whole treatment was put at anywhere between 18 and 24 months depending on my response to the treatment. So far it has been 9 months so I am hopefully half way through.

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us a Smile So that is where we were up to in September?? So what has been happening since then I hear you ask. Well in September one of my teeth at the bottom had moved behind some of my front teeth. The way to do this is to insert a spring in the arch wire, in front of the teeth you want to bring forward. What happens is that the spring forces the teeth either side of the area apart so in effect what you get is a bigger gap so the tooth that needs to come forward has the room to. This was amazing to watch because in just a couple of days this gap started to appear and get wider and wider. The orthodontist said that the teeth around this gap would obviously bunch up. However there was no need to worry because it needed to happen to make room for the other tooth to come forward.

results so far I am really glad I am doing it. I can’t wait to see them done and finished and the day when the braces come off will be a very happy day. I was used to the braces very quickly and it is amazing how we adapt. I will let you know how I am getting on in a couple of months. Next month we are going to take a look at how Larissa is getting on with her braces. See you then.

This is what happened and it took about six weeks. When I went back and the spring was removed the gap started to close up almost immediately. To compensate for this the four teeth to the right were ligatured together so the gap would not close too quickly and stop the tooth that needed to take that place doing so. We had to take a photo of this gap to show you but we forgot to take the camera to the dentist and to be honest we just thought we could take it when we got home. How wrong we were, the orthodontist said that we needed to get home ASAP because the gap would start to close up almost immediately. How right he was (obviously). It started to close up as soon as the spring was taken out. We managed to get a photo when we got home but it doesn’t give a true indication of how big the gap had got. The one other thing I have had to do is use very small rubber bands and attach then to the top and bottom of the braces. The purpose of this is to make the bottom jaw get used to coming

forward so as to line up the jaws. It works very well and it does make you after a while automatically bring the lower jaw forward. I wear a stronger band overnight and a weaker one during the day. Well, that’s it up to now. The ligature is keeping the gap open and the tooth that needs to come forward is slowly doing so. The reason I was trying to avoid the feature over the last couple of months was because of the discolouration that occurs a) because the composite used to glue the brackets to your teeth gradually becomes yellow and b) because it is quite difficult to keep your teeth clean particularly if you have naturally yellow teeth like me. I didn’t want to put anyone off getting this kind of work done because I have no regrets and can tell you that even with the

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hile northern Europe and much of Spain is still in the depths of winter, here in Andalucía we are seeing the signs of spring. March is the start of a spectacular exhibition of native flora that lasts until the end of June. From the simplest bulb to the largest of shrubs, all will soon be seen in their full beauty. In the garden too, the dreary winter is leaving us. Days are becoming longer and sunshine warmer, boosting plant growth. The few plants that flower through the winter are overtaken by those species that require the warmth of spring to grow and come into flower. The pleasure of gardening is back! For the native flora of Andalucía this is a very active time, with much to do very quickly. Delicate wild orchids will flower and be pollinated in order Gladiolus italicus) will appear in the tall to multiply and native Gladioli (G grass of fields and waste ground. In the citrus orchards, vast carpets of Oxalis pes-caprae) have covered the ground. This Bermuda Buttercup (O plant was introduced from South Africa many years ago and is now naturalised. Its unmistakable florescent yellow flowers continue into late spring. This invasive ground cover may be interspersed with the less Allium triquetrum). This garlic-scented bulb common native onion (A produces a rosette of leaves and a triangular stem with delicate white flowers. Higher in the mountains, Scilla peruviana is a perennial bulb that forms large green rosettes culminating with spectacular heads of purpleviolet flowers. It grows well in most gardens. 42 costa life

Scilla peruviana

Written by

Simon Hill

Open fields may be carpeted by wild flowers, dozens of species, including many daisies, all sharing the need to flower and seed before the drought of summer. But such fields are becoming rare, giving way to deserts of cereal monoculture. As said before in previous articles, many of the plants we commonly cultivate in our gardens have their origins in our region and are increasingly at risk in their native habitats. Wild tulips Fritillaria sp.), now no longer common in (TTulipa sylvestris) and fritillaries (F Andalucía, will soon be flowering in the remotest spots among rocks and scrub, but, even there, they are being challenged by human disturbance and surrounding development. A hillside, unfortunately seen by many as wasteland and ripe for development, may provide a home for a hundred plant species that are part of a delicate balance. In a flash, a digger can destroy a plant community that has evolved over many years and has adapted, for example, to periodic grazing and the occasional fire. This is worrying inland where inadequate roads are being upgraded to carry increased traffic and aid access, in the process destroying some of the remaining refuges of the wild flora on banks and verges. Thus the plant world is now at even greater risk due to the perceived need to improve infrastructure in inland areas of Andalucía. Along the coast the damage may well be irretrievable. Around the Mediterranean, the warmth of spring is a pleasant prelude to the heat of summer. Spring is the time when soils are moist, temperatures are rising, and the majority of plants, both native and in the

costa HOMES >> garden, put on their new growth. Summer is mostly a time of dormancy, unless water is abundantly available. Several other regions of the world enjoy a similar climate, notably South Africa, where an immensely rich wild flora has evolved. Many plants we see in our gardens in Spain originated there. Gazanias are a common example. Similar, but not so common is Arctotis, a rosetteforming herbaceous perennial that has large daisy flowers in striking reds and oranges. Many Aloe species, also originating there, have been flowering since late January. The spectacular Aloe arborescens is a succulent shrub that can easily be mistaken for Red-hot Pokers Kniphofia sp.), another plant from South Africa but which flowers in the (K summer. Other similar climates are in southern and western Australia and California. These areas also provide us with a wealth of plants that grow as well in our gardens here as they would in their native habitat. A choice climbing vine from Australia and flowering now is Hardenbergia violacea. This climber is from the same family as Wisteria, if not quite as hardy, and will grow easily against a wall or fence. Dense racemes of violet flowers begin to appear as early as February and will continue to bloom into late spring. A white form ‘alba’ is available. A contrasting yellow is provided by Senecio tamoides). the climbing senecios such as the Canary Creeper (S From southern Africa and rarely found on sale here, they are maintenance-free climbers that flower from winter into spring. Clusters of yellow daisy flowers are borne profusely on semi-succulent foliage. This climber looks well against fences or growing up and through deciduous trees. Another yellow is the splendid Buddleia madagascarensis. This is not particularly common in our area but is a large, easily grown shrub that has arching branches with greyish silver foliage, bearing spikes of golden-yellow flowers.

Tulipa sylvestris

Hardenbergia violacea

New introductions to the garden should be planted now, allowing the roots to penetrate the still moist soil before summer. This is especially important when we have poor soils. The rains during February have thankfully recharged the soils with water and brought rare freshness to the appearance of our gardens. Plants take advantage of this to develop and grow above and below ground. As I am writing this in mid-February, I am looking at two outstanding garden shrubs in full and glorious bloom. The first is Iboza riparia, a deciduous shrub to 2m, with lime green leaves in summer and wonderful plumes of pink flowers. The second is Cassia artemisiodes, a shrub with blue-grey, fern-like foliage, smothered in small, long lasting rich gold flowers. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to buy either of these plants in your local garden centre and that is true of many that grow wonderfully well in Mediterranean gardens but no-one seems to think are worthwhile producing on a commercial scale. It is much easier for garden centres to import from the Netherlands, Europe’s largest producer of ornamental plants, but what is imported often does not perform well under the extremes of our climate. The only way to change this situation is for gardeners to be more vocal. We should tell the garden centres what we want, rather than put up with the limited range of plants they have to offer. The warmer weather gives us all an opportunity to go out into the garden and enjoy the spring before the summer. This year is expected to be very hot! Gladiolus italicus

Fritillaria sp

Buddleia madagascarensis

Senecio tamoides

Cassia artemisiodes

Iboza riparia

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Written by

Lydia Green

Best room schemes occur when you don’t start with too preconceived an idea of what you want. Design should be an organic process which is built up and then grows along the way.

costa HOMES >> nce you have chosen your room scheme and have absorbed all your inspiration, you are now ready to source your materials, choose colours and buy furniture that fits your style and personality. Do some research by poring through design magazines; visit some of the fantastic design and furniture shops along the coast and have a detailed look at homes you visit. We are fortunate here in Andalucia to have a terrific abundance of fabulous interior design shops and showrooms. The range of styles can seem baffling at first, including classical English traditional, rustic Spanish and modern streamlined contemporary. There are a great selection of finest brands and qualities of furniture, not only made and designed in Andalucia but also imported from around the world. Along with furniture, awe inspiring accessories, top quality designers and decorators – Southern Spain is spoiled for choice in decoration paradise. Virtually all top furniture houses including Fendi, Roche Bobois, Kettal and Christians have local outlets to complement the myriad of styles offered in all the antiques shops and specialised furniture shops. You can also opt for a rustic Andalucian, Moorish, Indian, Oriental or Modern style, or even a mix that reflects you and your tastes. This part of your design should be planned carefully as you have to think of the practicality of your chosen furniture, along with the style, suitability and overall look of your room scheme. You may choose hard-wearing, functional furniture that may last years, or perhaps a one-off piece that may have to be treated with care. Whatever you choose, you will be sure to find something that suits your tastes and needs here on the Coast or inland. Take into account whilst living in Spain you have got to understand the Mediterranean lifestyle. In our original Northern homes we tend to opt for sombre shades and heavier furnishings associated with the colder climate. In contrast, on the Costa del Sol with its bright sunny environment, you need lighter shades and far more vibrant colours to create the optimum effect.

Turn Your House into a Home… Traditionally English This home from home style can work here if you lighten it, with its elaborate decoration and wonderful hand crafted antique furniture. This classic look has to have that touch of indulgence, be it with the use of pattern or an ornate chandelier. These looks are achievable here but do them carefully to sit alongside your Spanish life.

Pattern Perfect Decorating with pattern is a challenging but exciting way to create a truly individual and traditional scheme. Whether you apply this to your walls or upholstery, do remember to keep it light. Allow one strong pattern to dominate the room: be it subtle or bold upholstered sofa, window treatment or wallpaper. Use the patterns in small amounts from the same palette to complement it. Note: do not use all three as it will look tacky and overwhelming. If you choose a patterned wallpaper on one wall to create

Fabulous Furniture Starting with the furniture, maybe you have brought some of your own to Spain or want to select it here; look no further than Marbella – there are great antiques available that have been imported from the UK. There are beautiful rich woods with hand crafted designs. Ensure you choose pieces that will fit comfortably in your room scheme without looking cluttered and remember my motto: Less is always More! An understated classic look is what you want to achieve. Instead of purchasing the traditional darker wood antique furniture try looking out for those gems available in grey or off white washed. If you can’t get your hands on an original, there are plenty of excellent quality mock-ups. Add a touch of elegance with soft gold handles or door knobs to enrich the look of the furniture if the originals are looking worse for wear.

Sophisticated Sofas When choosing a classical sofa, go for a simple formal shape with meticulous attention paid to upholstery and subtle muted patterns that are lined up perfectly with the cushions or a plain neutral sofa with chic dark wood base and legs. Maybe you would choose a most versatile scroll arm sofa with square cushions and tapered feet making it a real classic, or an undated chesterfield leather sofa to make a sophisticated statement.

a focal point, you may choose a pale subtle similar pattern sofa or maybe even just cushions. If you have a bold patterned sofa, with plain walls then choose a soft patterned window treatment.

Images supplied by: Paula Monaghan Interiors PR. Shots

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>> costa HOMES How to Make it Work Plain colour gives pattern a chance to breathe. By keeping the walls, flooring and sofas neutral you are able to use pattern in the same colour for window treatments, cushions and occasional chairs. Window treatments in this country should be light and airy; don’t choose heavy drapes as you can still achieve the look with light but luxurious fabrics.

it a substantial feel with an art-deco mood. Modular sofas are great if you have an oddly shaped room or extra large space to accommodate a big family. Some elements of these sofas can be bought separately so you can arrange and add on to suit your room and needs. Quilted bases and large cushions can add a soft, inviting touch to a streamlined design.

Awe Inspiring Accessories Astounding Accessories Enhance this theme with glass or gold accessories such as lamps and vases; add a touch of drama with a shimmering chandelier. Create a warm atmosphere and traditional charm with some large candles sitting in ornate holders. Place a landscape or portrait painting in the room marking a focal point or splash out on an artistic piece to treasure and bring the theme together. Finish off the room with some desirable gold or textured cushions for a sense of opulence.

Bring Your Imagination to Life… Cool Contemporary This style of room should reflect today’s fashion and functionality and, with an abundance of modern streamlined furniture on the market, we are spoiled for choice. When you have chosen your colour scheme for the room, you can start choosing some fabulous pieces of furniture, such as storage units, beautiful sofas, side tables and accessories. This year’s colour trends seem to stay within the much loved neutral colour palette, introducing splashes of chocolate brown, cool blue and oriental red.

Functional Furniture Choose furniture that complements your room scheme and is functional and comfortable as this is essential in today’s world. Keep furnishing simple; mix textures such as wood grains and woven rugs with a smooth streamlined sofa. Rough and smooth surfaces look great together and divert a space from looking bland and uninteresting. It is the current trend to mix and match different woods such as coffee tables, TV units and any other living room furniture. Introduce Asian ethnic styled furniture made from hardwearing Sheesham wood which uses traditional materials and hand crafted techniques. This type and mix of furniture is increasingly popular and creates a great touch of influences and styles. A large range of this fantastic furniture is available from Designs of Asia in Alhaurín el Grande.

Sensational Sofas When choosing your streamlined sofa, ensure it will fit in your room allowing plenty of space for movement around it as this style of sofa tend to be larger than your average sofa. If you have the space, create a feeling of comfort by choosing a large sofa, giving plenty of feeling to stretch and relax. A chunky solid sofa with simple design and a fully upholstered base dropping snugly to the floor will sit well in any contemporary room, giving

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These final details are an important element in the design when pulling together the look. Lighting is an important factor to the contemporary room. Choose appropriate lighting to create the soft and relaxing atmosphere a living room requires, such as corner lamps or dimmer lights. You may even add spotlights to highlight a piece of art or focal point or set them into the floor as uplighters achieving a modern mood and visual harmony. Simple shape vases and ornamental pieces look great, and use light and airy fabrics for window treatments to allow as much light as possible to pass through into the room. Pictures and artwork can be added at the final stage too; abstract art or a dramatic piece can finish the room as a focal point. Remember you don’t have to be over-adventurous to create this look… just be you.

We were delighted with the work that Paula Monaghan Interiors undertook for us in our El Soto property. Paula provided a pleasant, cheerful and helpful service which resulted in a beautifully furnished apartment that perfectly fits our needs. Amazingly, this all took place without the need for us to visit Spain as the whole process was undertaken by emailed photographs and telephone conversations. On our arrival in Spain, we were amazed to find the apartment complete in every detail and ready for our use – even the beds were made up! The service that Paula provided for us was excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending her to others.�

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New Tax Legislation The Revised Spanish Tax System for Dummies Part 1: Income Tax Brought to you by The Torresol Group ollowing the definition of “Resident” and “Non-Resident” in the Hacienda’s “Taxation of NonResidents in Spain”, if you are physically living here for a total of more than 183 days out of 365 in any one Spanish Tax year, card carrier or not, you are automatically considered to be fiscally resident in Spain unless you are able to submit proof to the contrary. This means that you will have a potential liability to submit a Spanish tax return on your worldwide assets and income.

or assets you should start getting organised in February and March. Receiving cases two weeks before the deadline of 30th June where: information is incomplete because it covers a UK tax year and not a Spanish one; where tax is still being paid in the UK and adjustments have to be made; there are UK based investments all denominated in sterling with monthly income being taken at different €/£ exchange rates - is an absolute nightmare so please, once you have read this article, start collecting information for the previous January-December.

There is no such thing as not being tax resident in either one country or the other for a period of time. Both Spanish and UK legislation make this very clear. Neither is it a question of being able to choose where you pay your tax. Domicile is another question altogether and in some circumstances can be difficult to lose unless you take steps to establish a domicile of choice.

IRPF (Income Tax)


The Hacienda have been recently been issuing letters to clients along the lines of “Dear Mr and Mrs X, we note that you own a property in Spain but have no record of ever receiving a tax return either as a resident or non-resident. Perhaps you would be good enough to pop into your nearest tax office and have a chat with us in order to regulate your situation”. We can presume that the next logical step will be to impose fines and embargoes on bank accounts if no action is taken. Please do not expect a tax man with a sombrero on a donkey to draw up at your door with a sheaf of annual tax return forms in the cane panniers on the back. Ignorance is unfortunately no defence in law and the onus is on you to seek out the appropriate information to make sure that you do not fall foul of the Spanish tax office. The Spanish fiscal year runs very sensibly from January to December each year and Resident tax returns have to be lodged AND any tax paid by 30th June of following year Whilst no gestor can submit a tax return until the beginning of May, it is the preparation for inputting that takes the time. For the sanity of all gestors and accountants throughout Spain, if you have any UK income 54 costa life

Many people living permanently in Spain believe that if they pay tax at source in the UK e.g., pension income, they don’t have to bother with Spanish tax. This assumption is incorrect. In certain cases the UK does retain taxation rights (if you have UK business interests for example), but you should be receiving your income gross (unless it is from the public purse). What you need to do is complete the P85 and FD9 process. The P85 tells HM Revenue and Customs you are about to leave or have already left the country and triggers the sending out of form FD9. Submission of the FD9 will ensure that you don’t end up paying tax in both jurisdictions and make your tax affairs much easier. You are also required to register with the Hacienda. All three jobs can be carried out in one visit which is why in the Torresol office we call the process the “Hacienda Trinity”. Please note that protocol varies depending on the location of your local tax office. Paying tax to the Hacienda does not necessarily mean you will pay more than you do in the UK. Although the current individual allowance is only €5.050, there are additional allowances if you are over 65, are disabled or a carer for example; there are also allowances for certain life assurance and pension premiums, interest paid on mortgages, etc. Note that although some UK benefits e.g., invalidity, are taxable in Spain, these are at a greatly reduced rate. Spanish fiscal law also has some quirky rules regarding the number of sources of income and as a result, many individuals end up paying less than they would having tax deducted at source.

The following scale is applied to the general income tax base before any reduction for personal thresholds (different to the system in previous years):

Tax Base


Tax On Band

Culm. Tax















General Notes: If net salary is equal or inferior to €9.000, the total taxable income is reduced by €4.000. If net salary is between €9.001 and €13.000, the formula to determine total taxable income is 4.000 – 0,35 x (income-9.000) If net salary is greater than €13.000 or derives from sources distinct from employment, the total taxable income is reduced by €2.600 Any unused individual allowance – “minimo vital” - can put against savings tax liability

References: Ley 35/2006 de 28/11 - Concerning Income of Physical Persons and the partial modification of the laws regarding taxation of Companies, the Income of Non-Residents and Assets (BOE 285). Commentary on Ley 35/2006 de 28/11 Landwell (Price Waterhouse Coopers – Spain). References taken both from the full Spanish version and shortened English text. Taxation of Non-Residents in Spain 2005 – Agencia Tributaria Ministerio de Hacienda Convenio Hispano-Británico 21/10/1975 Agencia Tributaria Ministerio de Hacienda


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Obtaining a Mortgage In Spain

brought to you by Richard Borthwick from European Mortgages


ho offers mortgages?

Mortgages are available from most High street Spanish banks and saving banks[Caja] and International lenders in Gibraltar. Most Developers will have a loan scheme in place on ‘off-plan’ purchases, but you ned to be aware that these are only available on completion and will not cover any stage payments i.e. normally 30% deposit. Resale properties are also sometimes offered for sale with a mortgage in place that can be easily transferred.

What is the cost of arranging a mortgage? The cost of a Spanish mortgage varies greatly from lender to lender and also from broker to broker. Generally you should allow between 23% of the purchase price of the property.

Why is it so expensive? The up-front costs on a Spanish loan are much higher than in the UK for a number of reasons. Firstly the Bank itself will charge an arrangement fee ranging from .75% - 2% of the loan depending on the loan to value and the complexity. The higher fees are generally charged for ‘non-status’ lending or bridging finance and for a normal mortgage you should not pay more than 1.25% There is also mortgage tax of 1% of the value of the loan and 1% of the interest due to be accrued over the term of the loan e.g. on a loan of €100,000 over 25 years at 3.5% the total interest payable is approx. €50,990 making the tax payable €1000 + €509.90 As a Spanish mortgage is attached to the property and not the owner it has its own title deed. You will have to pay for the deed to be produced and also land registry and notary fees. The cost of this varies from area to area and on the value of the property. Valuation fees vary depending on the value of the property and the valuation company but start at about €200 for a small apartment. Lastly you have the services of a mortgage broker and again this can vary tremendously. Some charge nothing and just rely on the commission the banks pay them whilst others charge up to 1.5% of the loan. It is recommended that a broker is used if income is hard to prove as they will know which lenders are the most flexible and can save valuable time. The break-even point for a Spanish loan as opposed to a UK loan or remortgage is approximately 5 years, so if you are considering paying the loan off in full before that time you need to think long and hard about which way to proceed as it may be cheaper to raise the funds at home. 56 costa life

How much can I borrow? As general guide a non resident will be able to borrow 70%-80% of the valuation of a property, whilst residents can borrow up to 100% of the valuation. The key to obtaining the maximum mortgage offer is in achieving the maximum valuation, which is the job of the Tasador [valuer]. Most Banks will accept valuations from 1 or 2 Tasadors whilst a few employ their own. Your income is the other determining factor and the monthly repayments have to be covered by up to 40% of your NET salary, but most banks will only accept 35% Land purchase is limited to 60% of valuation by most lenders, as is lending on ‘Finca Rustica’ property. If you already own land and want to build then construction loans are an option. The bank will lend up to 70% of the projected completed value which in most cases will be more than enough to cover 100% of the build cost.

Which Currency should I borrow in? Mortgages are available in most major currencies. You should be aware that if you borrow in a currency that does not have a fixed value against the euro, currency fluctuations could make your borrowing more expensive or less expensive depending on whether your chosen currency weakens or strengthens against the euro.

What Interest rate will I pay? Interest rates again will depend on the currency you choose to borrow. Interest rates for mortgages in euros are based on the EURopean Inter Bank Overnight Rate, or EURIBOR for short, which has largely take over from the older MIBOR.The lenders rate will be margin over EURIBOR generally EURIBOR +0.75% to 1.5% but individuals circumstances can dictate higher or lower rates. Fixed rate mortgages are available at slightly higher interest rates. Some lenders offer a lower Start up interest rates of for the first year or part interest only mortgages, ideally suited for funding new construction.

How often will interest rates be reviewed? Usually once a year, fixed rate mortgages are available at a higher interest rates.

What is the maximum repayment period? Mostly commonly, 15 or 20 years, but up to 35 years can be arranged.

What information will the bank require: Banks vary in the amount of information that they require, but in general the more you can provide the easier the loan is to procure. Ideally the following would be good

If you are employed: Last 3 wage /salary slips. Latest P60. Last 6 months bank statements. Reference letter from your employer confirming date of employment, proof of income and position and prospects within the company Bank reference (The lender may have to apply for this themselves depending on who you bank with) Some lenders require an experion credit check to be carried out Copy of passport/residencia.

If you are self employed: Last 2 years tax returns. Copies of accounts for the last 2/3 years Charted accountants copy report, confirming your annual personal drawings from the company Copy of your passport/residencia 6 months personal bank statements Bank reference letter

You will also need: In relation to a specific property, the nota simple from the property registry, offer letter or sales purchase contract. If you are applying for a construction loan then you must provide the Escritura for the land, The plans stamped by the College of Architects and a 10 year building guarantee. An NIE number from the local police station, which you or your lawyer can arrange. You will also need to open a Spanish bank account and it is advisable to use the same bank as your mortgage is with.

Renovated, completely modernised, detached villa, providing a tasteful living environment. The open-plan lounge has a gas fireplace. There is extensive use of natural wooden beams and doors throughout the house. On the ground floor is a large, newly constructed room used at present as a dining room. The upper floor has two bedrooms, a large dressing area with fitted wardrobes and a bathroom with spa bath, shower and toilet, natural rock wall. Lots of terraced areas, with eating area, barbecue and further storage room on the roof. The property is fully fenced, gated with secure parking.

This is a 1st floor apartment, within easy walk of the centre of Mijas village, with good views of the coastline. The property, which is fully furnished, consists of 1 bedroom, open plan living/dining/ kitchen, bathroom and terrace. The small development, which has only 10 apartments, has a communal swimming pool.

Beautiful and unique duplex apartment in Mijas Pueblo, with secure parking and within easy walking distance of all amenities. Has its own private gated entrance through the communal courtyard and has a lift to the parking garage. The apartment has a spacious lounge/dining room, fully fitted kitchen with all appliances included and a guest toilet on the ground floor, there are 2 bedrooms, the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, fitted wardrobes and a small terrace overlooking the courtyard.

NV 330

NV 260


Price: 350,000€ €

Price: 158,000€ €

Price: 250,000€ €

Spacious, 3 bedroom townhouse in Mijas La Nueva. The property has a large open plan lounge dining room, with wood burning stove. There are 3 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and 2 bathrooms, which have recently been renovated. The modern kitchen is fully fitted with the appliances included in the sale. In excellent repair and is being sold furnished. A/C in both upstairs bedrooms and a ceiling fan in the lounge. Community has 2 swimming pools, tennis courts and a restaurant.

Delightful villa, in the popular Mijas La Nueva area, built on two levels, with its own private pool. Has 3 bedrooms ensuite and an additional room, currently used as a study, also with its own en-suite. The main living area has 2 lounges, separate dining room and a fair sized kitchen which is fully fitted. Easily kept terrace areas with stunning views of the coastline. Has A/C, solar water heating, Sky television, spa bath in the master bedroom, and relaxing pool area with fully equipped bar.

Stunning townhouse in Mijas La Nueva, just a short distance from the centre of Mijas. Modernised, extended and comes tastefully furnished. Everything has been up-graded, the kitchen re-fitted and there is nothing left to be done. The floor tiling is uniform throughout and is of a good quality, rustic style. The development has 2 communal pools, tennis courts and a restaurant.

NV 349

NV 366

NV 302

Price: 325,000€ €

Price: 795,000€ €

Price: 265,000€ €

Restored, village townhouse in Mijas Pueblo, with great views. Renovated and lovingly improved into a spacious family home consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living-room and well designed, newly fitted, kitchen leading onto a breakfast patio with feature rock and staircase to the next level. There is more external space here and a further roof terrace, which has a covered area with seating, and is accessed by using the outside spiral staircase. There is street parking close by.

Stunning semi detached townhouse in Mijas Pueblo. This property has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large lounge dining room with fireplace and French windows to the terrace and larger than normal sized garden. The bedrooms have fitted wardrobes, are spacious and the master has a small terrace with stunning views of the coast and surrounding countryside. The kitchen is fully fitted. There is a communal pool and an allocated parking space.

Delightful apartment in Mijas village close to all the amenities.This fully furnished and equipped property has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and a lounge/dining room with feature open fireplace. The apartment is spacious and the bedrooms have fitted wardrobes. The flooring throughout is stylish, fitted when the property was renovated some years ago. There is a communal swimming pool, communal terrace areas making this a great holiday hideaway.

NV 184

NV 351

NV 373

Price: 375,000€ €

Price: 349,000€ €

Price: 195,000€ €

Feature Property

€ Carratraca € 480,000 A beautiful home, with spectacular views & great access, all at an incredible price. 4 beds, 4 baths, 2 storey, 224m2 build set in over 25,000m2 of land, town water & for many months natural spring water. Pool, fabulous views & terraces.

Alhaurín el Grande


Highly successful, fully licensed & approved (by the Junta de Andalucia) kennel & cattery business plus wonderful country home & pool. Set in over 6,000m2 of land with great views and access plus all services connected.

Almogía € 350,000 € A wonderful home on a great landscaped plot with one of the most spectacular, infinity swimming pools we have seen - all registered on the deeds! 3 beds, 3 baths, 2 fitted kitchens & a living room plus utility room all set in 12,963m2 of land. Call to view!

€ Cártama € 262,500 Fabulous & charming country home with great views over the Guadalhorce Valley. 2 beds, 1 bath, fully fitted kitchen not to mention covered terrace, flat, landscaped land with easy access yet private - all for a great price.

Álora €€275,000 GREATLY REDUCED - MUST SELL NOW! Large, 5 bedroom, 2 bath & WC family home. All services are connected plus there is solar heated hot water, aircon units plus a woodburner. Fabulous views especially from the top terrace. Perfect access. Good location for a business.

€ Cártama € 299,500 A beautiful country home that is set in lovely gardens, with views over orchards & towards the mountains. There are 2 beds & 2 baths and a wonderful, private swimming pool. Access is great.

€ Álora € 228,900 Acountry house with all the benefits of a townhouse with country views, near to the charming village of Álora. It comprises 3 beds & 3 baths, a lounge & a large open kitchen. There is a communal pool, boule area and gardens. The access is very good via a tarmac road all the way.

Yunquera/Jorox €€200,000 A nicely built, good value, country home with spectacular views, due to its elevated position. It comprises 3 beds, 1 bath, a lounge & a kitchen/dining area. The home has a plentiful supply of water - there is a flowing stream that runs all year round - plus solar power & a generator for additional power!

Almogía €€189,000 A lovely old mill house (140m2) that used to adjoin the olive mill. In need of reform but will make a fantastic home, full of character, once renovated. It retains many wonderful features that make it unique. It comes with 4,000m2 of land.

PROPERTY OF THE MONTH MACR - 303 Alhaurin el Grande

899,000€ €

Beds: 4, Baths: 3/half, Build: 150m2 maim + 60m2 guest house + 6 x 4m2 office, 12 x 14 stables, Plot: 10,000m2 An exquisite equestrian property new on the market this property is located in a sought after area, which is very peaceful and beautiful. There are good size stables, tack room, a hay barn, Sand arena 20 x 40m2, post and railed and a big exercise area. The property is set back off a good road, great for hacking; there is ample parking, big enough for a lorry, easily accessible for vehicles, and close to amenities. The main houses are enchanting throughout, with many special feathers, everything has been totally finished to high standards and with elegance. There is also a separate one bed roomed self-contained guest apartment or groom’s accommodation, which is very pleasant and homely. Both properties have satellite television air-conditioning hot/cold, the main house also has a log burning fire and a nice separate area for pets. There is a pretty wooden house on the land (6 x 4m2) which is currently used as a fully equip office, a long paved drive with court yard, electric gates and the land is all fenced. A truly appealing property.

MAVL-330 Alhaurin el Grande

€ 685,000€

Beds: 3/could be 6 Baths: 4 Build: 385m2 Plot: 9,000m2. Beautiful cortijo situated a short distance from the town centre and offering spacious living accommodation. Main entrance to the house has antique doors leading to the large reception room with open fireplace and dining area. A staircase leads to the master bedroom, The master bathroom has a corner bath, separate shower and dressing area. The oldest part of the house has a study and a dining room, leadingto the country kitchen, two utility rooms, courtyard. The guest has a small sitting room, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, Large garage and outbuildings, swimming pool.

MAVL-261 Alhaurin el Grande

475,000€ €

Beds: 3 Bath: 2/half Build: 148m2 This villa is due to be finished by the end of December, and if an offer is made soon you would have the opportunity to choose internal, external finishes and also the design of the pool. It has a very light and airy feel to the property with an open 1st floor hallway over looking the main entrance and an open wood burning fire place. Situated on the very popular urbanization, it is ideally located for Malaga airport and Marbella only 30mins away.

MAVH - 301 Alhaurin el Grande

270,000€ €

Beds: 4, Baths: 1/Half, Build: 110m2, Plot: 47x20 Awonderful property on a very small select urbanization of only 10 houses. The property is at the top end of the urbanization, with an exquisite natural park behind and divine panoramic views of the country side. The 10 houses are on a private fenced plot, with a car park and concealed swimming pool.All the houses have the option to use another swimming pool and tennis courts on the main urbanization should they wish. The property is located next to an impressive golf course and 5 minutes to theAlhaurin town. The house is very spacious with many terraces and a beautiful private garden.

MAVL-302 Coin

650,000€ €

Beds: 6 Baths: 6/1 en-suit Build: 279m2 Plot: 643m2 A Luxury Villa in immaculate condition on a quiet urbanization, which has plans for a new golf course to be positioned opposite the urbanization. This property is situated alone at the end of a col-desac and is not overlooked by other villas, and has charming views of the mountains. The villa is on 3 levels, very light and airy, with spacious terraces around, a lovely garden and pool area. The basement part of the villa is a 3 bed roomed self contained apartment, which is ideal for guest or family. There is air-conditioning hot and cold, log burning fire, satellite TV, telephone and internet connection.

MAVL- 294 Coin

850,000€ €

Beds: 6, Baths: 5, Build: 330m2, plot: 1,2000m2 An exquisite villa on a superb urbanization. This great property is totally complete to very high standards; the new occupants may move in straight away and enjoy a home that requires no further improvements. Every fine detail in this villa has been carefully thought out and at no expense considered. A truly fantastic property.

MAVL-311 Alora

699,000€ €

Beds: 3 Baths: 3 Build: 180m2 Plot 32,000m2 An entirely magnificent property in the wonderful country side of alora. This elegant villa is situated superbly within its own surroundings and overlooking the most lovely scenery possible. 3 Phase electricity, a plethora of power points throughout the house, under floor heating, air-conditioning throughout, solar panels and wireless internet.


MAVL-282 Alhaurin de la Torre

490,000€ €

Beds: 4 Baths: 2/half Build 170m2, plus 14x3m2 An absolutely exquisite villa on a popular urbanization. This beautiful villa is fully fenced with a nice drive and electric gates. The property comes with heating, air-conditioning double glazing and is gorgeously. Decorated throughout .The property is spilt into two levels with both having 2 bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and could be converted into a large family home. This property also benefits from a large double garage and workshop and a wonderful pool and B-B-Q area with an easily maintainable garden.

MACR-267 Alhaurin el Grande MAPB - 227 Alhaurin El Grande

295,000€ €

Beds: 2, Baths: 1, Build: 75m2(116m2 on deeds), Plot: 5,000m2 Wonderful little urban property, (ONLY JUST BACK ON THE MARKET) with room to extend to 125m2 build (at the moment has 116m2 on the title deeds.) Nice flat plot with great views and in a wonderful location. A perfect buy for the investor as the house has for much potential.

1,200,000€ €

Bed: 6 Baths: 6 Built Area: 270m2, main, 60m2, 44m2 & 70m2 other accommodation Plot: 7,000m2. A great property in a sought after part of Alhaurin el Grande, Properties in this part of town really become available, which make this one very special. The property has many separate dwellings, which the owners earn a good income from renting some of them out. The main house is very big 210m2, with three/four bedrooms and can be enjoyed by a large family or divided in again more separate accommodation. There are also two one bedroom self-contained apartments, one studio accommodation, a casita/office, workshop and a garage. Grande swimming pool BBQ area. Fully equipped spacious bar/pub. Hugh car park for many cars. A fantastic property with so much potential, it would make a great bed and breakfast or guest house.


MARP - 295 Alhaurin el Grande

250,000€ €

Beds: 3, Baths: 3, Build: 80m2, Plot: 4,000m2 The house needs some home improvements and modernizing but really this is a great property for value for money, as it is very difficult to find properties at this price. This property is in an excellent area, with great access no dirt track, and has gorgeous views. A very private house that if extended would make a beautiful villa.

MAVL-324 Alhaurin el Grande

650,000€ €

Beds: 5 Baths: 3 Build: 200m2 Plot: 10,000m2 Villas in this area rarely come onto the market and once on get sold quickly. The villa is situated on a very private plot of 10,000m2, surrounded by mature countryside, with enormous views. The Swimming pool area is private, with only the beautiful green trees around, a real place to relax. This property has so much more potential and is on the market at a good price.

MAVL - 196 REDUCED PRICE OF 888,000€ € Alhaurin el Grande

1,200,000€ €

Bed: 6, Baths: 6 en-suite, Build: 360m2, Plot: 18,000m2 A beautiful villa decorated with style and warmth and offering spectacular views of the country side. The property is surrounded by a gorgeous garden, swimming and coved resting area for afternoon siestas. Further on the plot of land there are a variety of delightful fruit tree’s to enjoy. A delightful villa.


Maco-309 Alhaurin el Grande

50,000€ €

Office’s all have kitchens and bathrooms. A perfect opportunity to purchase or rent luxury offices in a sought after part of Alhaurin el Grande. All offices can complete with kitchens and toilet, light and airy and a beautiful court yard with a water fountain. Perfect for the investor.

MAVL-209 Alhaurin el Grande

MAVL-314 Cartama

475,000€ €

Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Build: 150m2 Plot: 3,000m2 This is a beautiful newly built Finca, located on the hills overlooking Cartama Estacion. The beamed interior has a working open fire in the living area. This property boasts one of the best views in the area with amazing uninterrupted views to the south looking towards the bay of Malaga and to the west towards the mountains behind Marbella. The Finca is built in true “RUSTIC” style and also has a large garage which could be used as a workshop/study/further bedroom. Located only 15 mins from Malaga. This property is being sold fully furnished.

2,650,000€ €

Bed: 5 Bath:9 Build: 700m2 Plot:62,000m2 5 ensuite bedrooms with whirlpool baths, or hydro/massage showers. 3 of which have walk-in wardrobes and wrap around balconies. 4 Reception rooms. Each with its own character. Tower room with panoramic views. Downstairs cloakroom. Luxury kitchen with adjoining laundry room. Separate 2 bedroom 2 bathroom fully self-contained apartment. The extensive recreation area includes a heated pool, sunken Jacuzzi, BBQ and pool bar with separate lady’s and gentlemen’s changing rooms. Stabling for 4 horses. Provisions for a 2 bedroom bungalow or recording studio. Ample space for Tennis Courts or paddocks. Helicopter Landing Area. A perfect location for an elegant hotel, restaurant, club or a retreat.

MAVL - 268 Alhaurin el Grande

541,000€ €

Beds: 4, Bath: 2, Build: 214m2, Plot: 2,000m2 A lovely villa in a fantastic area, with gorgeous views the property has great potential and would make a lovely family home.

MAVL - 304 Alhaurin de la Torre

440,000€ €

Beds: 3, Baths: 2/ 1 en-suite, Build: 120m2, Plot: 4,900m2 A wonderful property is located next to Lauro Golf. The house is situated in a position which offers breathtaking views which sets the property aside from others. The beautiful terrace and bar area is a perfect setting for relaxing and enjoying the surroundings of the wonderful countryside and stunning mountains. The garden is mature and very pretty, and surrounds the lovely swimming pool area. A great property for complete privacy with gorgeous views.

MAVL-331 Alhaurin el Grande Beds: 4 Baths: 4 Build 325m2 Plot 12,000m2 Price OnApplication. Secluded location close toAlhaurin el Grande and 20 minutes from MalagaAirport. Set in 3 acres of beautiful gardens and fruit orchards, this country home with guest cottage is unique.Aresidence where traditional elegance combines with contemporary style and the 21st century essentials of designer kitchens, stunning bathrooms – gymnasium – sauna – pool – integral sound and home cinema system plus a “Captains lounge” with pool table and bar. Sold by Elves is a real estate agency and professional consultancy service. We offer a broad selection of elegant inland country properties. Please call us on (0034) 627 292 562 for more information and to arrange a viewing.

PROPERTY 5 OF THE MONTH MAVL-306 Alhaurin el Grande

795,000€ €

(new on the market, 2 properties on 1 plot) Beds: 5, Baths: 3/half, Build: 315m2, Plot: 10,000m2 A charming property in a sought after part of Alhaurin el Grande, villas in this marvelous area rarely come onto the market. There are two properties on this superb plot; the main villa has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool. The second house is very private totally fenced and has 1 bedroom with en-suite, a 20m2 storage room with nice views, could be 2nd bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen/ lounge, lovely terraces and a gorgeous Swimming pool. Both properties have Air-conditioning hot and cold, independent satellite TV, internet and in the main villa a telephone. The properties are in a perfect position with magnificent views of the country side and mountains, the entrance leading up to the villas is quite private and the track is tarmac ked Theses properties are full of character, beautifully decorated throughout and have superb gardens with outside kitchen and BBQ area and lovely terraces. An absolutely great property.

MAVL-326 Alhaurin el Grande

575,000€ €

Beds:3/couldbe6,Baths:2Build:6,200m2 Verynicecountryhouseononefloorwith2000m2flatgardenarea.Beautifulviews. Wine,citrusandtropicalfruittreesgrowonadditional4200m2onthreeterraces. Automaticirrigation.Goodaccess.Quietlocation,butonlyminutesbycartothecity.2 golfcoursesarenearby.Thepropertyhasawaterdepotof30m3,abarbequehouse andaworkshop.Thereisafireplaceinthelivingroomandawintergardenof41m2. Furtherdetails:electrounderfloorheating,securityglasswindows,windowshutters, ironbars,alarmsystem,satelliteTV.mainsandirrigationwater,heatpumpforhotwater, rusticfloortilesandcavitywalls.Builtin1991.CoolingAirConditioning,Parking,Garage, PrivatePool,OutdoorSecurityStorage,Roomandoffice.

MAVL - 197 Alhaurin el Grande

995,000€ €

Beds: 3, Baths: 2, Build: 230m2, Plot: 25,000m2 We are very delighted to offer, this unique luxury villa, in the sort after area Las Lomas, Alhaurin el Grande. The villa is situated perfectly in the beautiful Andalusia Mountains, giving the owners and their guest’s spectacular panoramic views. The pool area is a very pretty tranquil and private place, a space to really take it easy and relax. Once inside this exceptional property, you are welcomed with beautiful high sea ling’s, terracotta tiles and attractive decor throughout. There is also a good size lobby or office area on the lower part of the house. Atruly charming property with bundles of warm character.

MAVL-307 Alhaurin el Grande

335,000€ €

Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Build: 168.24m2/ plus 14 x 5 outbuildings Plot: 3,200m2 Great villa with a lovely garden and beautiful swimming pool. A good property at a very good price.

REF34 Location: Mijas Golf

€€750 per month long term This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, furnished apartment on mijas golf is absolutely fantastic. Features include a build of 90 metres, terrace of 15 metres, telephone, air con, heating, community pool, store room and parking. There are lovely views over mijas golf and beyond.

Finca w. Building Permission (Casarabonela)

Country House (Alozaina)

Built: 132 m² (acc. to architect project) Land: 6000 m² Permission to restore old farmhouse with 132 m² constructed area Magnificent views · Good access · Excellent value for money 145.000€ €

Built: 132 m² Land: 6.400 m² 3 bedroom · New Construction Living room with 40 sqm + chimney + genuine wood · Rich in water · Magnificent views 1.5 km to main road 200.000€ €

Country Villa (Tolox)

Old Authentic Farm House (Yunquera)

Built: 95 m² Land: 60.000 m² Very charming Riverside Property with private access Renovated · 2 bedrooms · 1 bath · Abundant water · Pool 4,6 km from main road 245.000 € € Built: 480 m² Land: 10.000 m² 8 bedrooms · 5 bathrooms Used for rural tourism 3 independent dwellings Ample terraces w.magnificent views · A Retreat with old, mature trees 950.000€ €

REF64 Location: Benalmadena €€750 per month long term A wonderful fully furnished apartment on the Reserva Del Higueron Urbanization in Benalmadena. Located within 15 minutes of the airport and within 5 minutes drive to both Benalmadena and the beaches, the apartment comprises of 2 beds, 2 baths, air con and heating, 95m2, terrace, 2 pools, tennis and leisure centre.

VP 220 Plot 12,500 m2 with planning permission to build 70 m2 house. Electricity and water. Beautiful views to Alora and Valle Abdalajis.


VP75 - Alora House in ruins with 4 bedrooms situated in a plot of 4,000 m2. Water and electricity.

84,150€ €

VP231 - Alora Various irrigated plots of land from 10.000 m2 to 17.000 m2 with building permission for 60 m2. Water and electricity. Good situation with fantastic views and access.


VP 63 Plot 3,000 m2 with brand new 140 m2 house. Fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool. Electricity and water near to Valle Abdalajis with excellent views.


VP 10 Plot 25,000 m2 with 140m2, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. Electricity and water, beautiful country views.

204,345€ €

Ref: 504210 - El Hornillo Apartment - 230,000€ € 3 bed, 2 bath, build 106m², terrace 30m² Facing: North, Views: Countryside, Garden, Hills, Mountains, Pleasant, Surrounds. Features: American Kitchen, Charming Property, Community Garden, Completely Equipped Kitchen, Dining Room with Fireplace, Green Zones, Ideal Family Home, Immaculate Condition, Newly Fitted Bathroom, Renovated, Sunny terraces.

Ref: 182 - Miramar Apartment - 265,000€ € 2 bed, 2 bath, build 88m², terrace 16m² Partly Furnished, Equipped Kitchen, Parking: Garage, Pool: Communal Pool, Garden: Community, Facing: North, Views: Hills, Mountains, Panoramic, Sunny all day long. Features: Air conditioning Hot/Cold, Automatic Entrance, Conveniently Situated Schools, Covered Terrace, Charming Property, Double Glazing, En suite bathroom, Excellent Condition, Glazed Terrace, Good Rental Potential, Good Road Access.

First Line Beach - Fuengirola We have several apartments with 1 to 4 bedrooms and 44m²-200m².

Ref: 104 - Mijas Costa Townhouse - 420,000€ € 3 bed, 2 bath, build 139m², plot 180m² Furnished, Fitted Kitchen, Off road parking, Communal Pool, Garden: Private, Facing: South. Views: Coastal, Pleasant, Sea. Features: Access to Beach, Air conditioning, Conveniently Situated Tennis, Detached villa, Double Glazing, Easy Renting, Fireplace, Fitted Kitchen, Garage, Storage, Very Good Access, Well maintained community.

Ref: 112 - Benalmadena Costa Townhouse - 260,000€ € 2 bed, 2 bath, build 126, terrace 16m² Close to the Sea, Furnished, Equipped Kitchen, Off road parking, Communal Pool, Garden: Community, Facing: South. Views: Garden, Hills, Mountains, Urbanisation. Features: Alarm System, , Dining Area, Dining Room with Fireplace, Fitted Kitchen, Fully Furnished, Living room with dining area, Near Transport, Open Fireplace.

Ref: 504202 - Benalmadena Costa Penthouse - 391,000€ € 2 bed, 2 bath, build 126, terrace 87 Close to Golf, Furnished: Optional, Equipped Kitchen, Communal Pool, Garden: Community, Facing: South, West and North. Views: Garden, Pleasant, Pool, Urbanisation. Features: Access to Beach, Completely Equipped Kitchen, Conveniently Situated for Golf, Dining Area, Double Glazing, Dressing Room, En suite bathroom, Excellent Condition, Good Road Access, Lift, Marble Floors, Modern Style, Negotiable, Separate Dining Room.

Ref: MLSA504220 Townhouse 295,000€ € 4 bed 2 bath, 144m² build, 44m² terrace Partly Furnished, Fitted Kitchen, Community Parking, Communal Pool, Community Garden, Facing: South and West Mountains, Sea & Urbanisation Views. Charming Property, Conveniently Situated for Golf, with Independent Apartment, Living room with fireplace, Lounge Dining, Near amenities, Quiet Location.

Ref: MLSA504226 Marbella - Los Arqueros Apartment - 295,000€ € 2 bed, 3 bath, 100m² build, 20m² terrace Close to Golf, Furnished, Fitted Kitchen, Communal Pool, Community Garden, South Facing, Views of Africa, Gibraltar, Golf, Mountains, Panoramic, Sea.Air conditioning Hot/Cold, Storage room,Covered Terrace, Fireplace, Lift, Marble Floors, Safe, Satellite TV.

Ref: MLSF504212 - Alora Finca - 245,000€ € 2 bed, 1 bath, plot.20,000m², build125m² Countryside, Partly Furnished, Fitted Kitchen, Parking: Ample Garage, Garden: Private, Facing: West. Views: Countryside, Mountains, Very good. Features: Charming Property, Condition - Good, Double Glazing, Fruit Trees, Garage, Ideal for Country Lovers, Living room with dining area, Renovated, Rustic Style, Satellite TV, Storage, Water Deposit.

With prices ranging from 160.000€ € to 1.100.000€ € Please call for more INFO.

Ref: 206 - Torreblanca Developments - 185,000€ € Beautiful garden apartment 2 bed, 2 bath, 117m² build, terrace 40m²

Ref: MLSV504213 - Entrerios

Finca - 2,500,000€ € Neg.

4 bed, 4 bath, plot 10,200m², build 480m² Close to Golf, Furnished, Fitted Kitchen, Parking: Garage, Pool: Private, Garden: Private, Finca has a separate guest house of 200 m², with two independent apartments, very quiet location, but only a few minutes to all amenities Facing: Southwest. Views: Countryside, Hills, Mountains, Open, Panoramic, Surrounds, Trees. Features:Air conditioning,Automatic Entrance,Automatic Irrigation System, Bar, Barbecue House, Charming Property, Country, Dining Room with Fireplace, Double Glazing, Electric Entry Phone, Exclusive Development, Fruit Trees, Guest House, Horse Boxes, Library, Marble Bathroom, Negotiable Price, PrivateArea, Satellite TV, Solar Panels.

Ref: 149 - Fuengirola Detached Villa - 600,000€ € 4 bed, 2 bath, plot 250, build188 Close to town, Fitted Kitchen, Parking: Garage, Garden: Private, Facing: North. Views: Town. Features: Air conditioning, Close to all Amenities, Walking Distance to Rest., Walking Distance to Shops, Walking Distance to T. Centre.

It has 60m² of Basement, private garden, Fitted Kitchen; Hand in date is summer 2007. Come and see our developments all over the coast, there is something for every budged, perfect for investments. Give us a call for more information.

€€1.085.000 Top quality villa between Mijas and Fuengirola with panoramic sea view 4 bed - 4 bath - 1 tower room - double garage - guest apartment - private pool - build 447 m2 - plot 6700 m2 - marble floors with floor heating - triple glazed windows - air conditioning hot/cold - fire place - 100 m2 basement Ref nr: 33831

Villa close to Fuengirola with sea views

Apartment in Los Boliches Fuengirola

3 bed 2 bath build 185 m2 plot 803 m2 garage glazed terrace private pool fire place

2 bed 2 bath build 103 m2 terrace 130 m2 garage for 2 cars heated pool fire place air-con. hot/cold

Ref nr: 32227

Ref nr: 32217


Penthouse in Miraflores with sea view


1 bed 1 bath build 55 m2 terrace 40 m2 communal pool lift furnished

2 bed 1 bath build 72 m2 terrace 10 m2 communal pool comm. parking furnished

Ref nr: 33357

Ref nr: 31940

€ € 180.000

Apartment in Rancho de Miraflores


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Is your business fit.... for business? (part 3) BUSINESS PROCESSES Having previously reviewed the areas of Business Planning and the People in our Businesses, this month we look at some of the Business Processes that we need to adopt to help make our business more successful. In business there is a constant need to improve productivity. Continued success depends on our business processes being examined and greater efficiency achieved. Business Processes are the systems you adopt and the activities that you carry out in the day to day running of your business. Monitoring, managing and setting manageable targets for these processes (for you and your employees) can help your business reach its full potential. How is Your Business Doing? As an owner-manager, you’re probably fully occupied running your business. It can be difficult to find the time to stand back and analyse the performance of the business as a whole, and to find out what your competitors are doing. But unless you know how well you are doing now, it is hard to identify ways to improve performance. Most owner-managers are aware of their financial position, because cashflow is the lifeblood of any organisation, and they are held to account by their bank, lenders or shareholders in the business. However, other types of performance - equally vital to the health of your business - should also be monitored. Your business plan - revised and updated as your business develops - will highlight areas where you can monitor your progress, measuring current performance against the targets you set for the business. For example, you can see how closely your spending and income matches your budgets and profit forecasts, and which growth targets you have met. The facts and figures that show your performance in the areas that drive your success are often referred to as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs will be specific to each business, depending on its objectives and how it measures its own success. A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis is always a useful exercise. It provides a snapshot of your current position relative to the marketplace in general, in any given area of the business. After the crucial early stages, you should review your progress, identify how you can make the most of the market position you’ve established and work out where you can take your business next. After that, it’s a good idea to revisit your business plan with your new strategy in mind and make sure you introduce the developments you’ve identified. Monitoring and Measuring Customer Attitudes Success for any business depends on giving customers what they want and expect. If you under-perform in this key area, customers will let you know by going elsewhere. Prevention is better than cure - knowing how well you are performing in your customers’ eyes is perhaps the best Key Performance Indicator, as you strive to keep existing customers and gain new ones. 68 costa life

Get Feedback! If you do not receive many complaints, do not assume that customers are satisfied with your business. Most dissatisfied customers don’t contact the business but simply switch to an alternative supplier. Take seriously the complaints you do receive and address them as necessary. Structured questionnaires can encourage feedback from customers, and technology can help you manage this dialogue, particularly with a large customer base. Mystery shopping is a revealing exercise. Putting yourself or a friend in the customers’ shoes by phoning or visiting your business, visiting your website, requesting literature and so on, will give a useful indication of how well your organisation responds. Ask yourself the following questions: How long did it take to find the information you were searching for? How easy was it to buy the product or service? Were your questions answered in a timely and polite manner? What impression did you come away with? You can also compare your customer service standards with those of your competitors. Measuring Employee Performance and Using Employee Feedback The bigger and more diverse your company becomes, the more you will need to involve your staff in order to keep you informed of what is happening in their own areas of activity. Practical ways to measure your employees’ performance include: Regular staff meetings Formal procedures such as appraisals Informal meetings where employees can provide open and honest feedback Getting and Using Employee Feedback Successful companies call upon the specialist knowledge of employees, who are often the first to notice performance failings or to get feedback directly from a customer. It is important to develop a company culture that encourages staff to draw attention to shortcomings, so they do not feel they are putting their own jobs or reputation at risk by doing so. You can glean management information from informal meetings and staff meetings as well as formal appraisals. As well as correcting shortfalls, staff input can boost performance by injecting fresh ideas to improve the way the business works. They might even think of new products and services that you can offer your customers. You may decide to encourage feedback with rewards and incentives for staff who contribute to the business in this way. Recognition can be a good motivator, improving staff performance and your business. Delivering the Goods! The ultimate test of a business lies in its ability to deliver what its customers want, and to do it on time. Doing this will avoid additional costs, whilst keeping costs low and delivering on time means customers are satisfied, so they will keep using your business.

Leadership and Vision The performance of a business is closely linked to that of its management. You need to apply the same review and monitoring process to yourself as you do to the business: Stand back and assess your current position objectively Identify your own key performance indicators Compare yourself to other leaders and managers Ask others (staff and customers) how well you are doing Set benchmarks against which you can measure your current and future performance Set performance targets to achieve, with time scales and deadlines You can assess your own performance by using methods including self review or feedback from your peers and the people who report directly to you, and if appropriate your boss or owner of the business. Do you, for example: Recognise high levels of performance among your staff? Routinely challenge existing methods by introducing creative and groundbreaking ideas? Follow up on good ideas, wherever they come from? Make effective decisions - short decision cycles can significantly reduce the time-to action, improving your business productivity? Surround yourself with talented employees and/or advisers (successful companies are built around high performance teams, not just individuals)? Have a clear and unified vision of the future for your business? Welcome innovation and change? Innovation and change Innovation is an excellent catalyst for growing your business and improving performance. Failure to innovate in time can result in your business falling behind the competition, and simply going out of fashion with your customers. Factors that may inhibit your ability to innovate include: Lack of time Not having systems in place to promote innovative thinking Failing to canvass employees and customers for new ideas Lack of funds - some innovations need investment to set up Not consulting professional advisers with specialist knowledge, skills and a wider perspective Change and growth go hand-in-hand in a business - one usually leads to the other. If you have assessed your performance and set targets, you can embrace change and growth with confidence and enjoy the rewards! In summary then, make sure Your Processes are Fit....for your Business! Bars in Spain SL is a Franchised Real Estate Network throughout Spain offering business advice & information for anyone considering starting or purchasing a bar, business or franchise in Spain. To find out more call 952 499 400 or visit

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>> Bryan Ferry - Dylanesque For those who know Bryan Ferry solely as the frontman of ‘70s art-rockers Roxy Music, the news this foppish, handsome Englishman is a Bob Dylan acolyte might come as something of a surprise. However, the appearance of Dylanesque - eleven covers of songs by the Freewheelin’ one - is not totally unprecedented. ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’’ is perhaps the highlight, Dylan’s bare-bones protest classic reworked as a velvety art-rock anthem, while ‘If Not For You’ is notable for its strings and “sonic augmentation”, courtesy of old friend Brian Eno. But whether it’s a gutsy, impulsive experiment, or just a handy way of avoiding writer’s block, Dylanesque works more often than not.

>> Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope Third studio album from eccentric, eclectic Russian-born New Yorker follows hot on the heels of her ‘Mary-Ann meets TheGravediggers’ compilation. Whilst Spektor made her name as part of the ultra-lo-fi “antifolk” scene, this release, produced by Dave Kahne (Bangles, Paul McCartney, Sugar Ray), has a lush, expansive sound replete with a multitude of musicalideas through which Spektor’s street-smart songwriting shines. Includes the single ‘On The Radio’ and ´Fidelity´.

>> Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion Debut album from Beirut-born, London-based singer-songwriter who topped the BBC’s Sound of 2007 poll. His sound - flamboyant, funky, quirky, grandiose pop - has seen him described as “a one-man Scissor Sisters” and has also drawn comparisons with Freddie Mercury. Includes the single ‘Grace Kelly’, which topped a quarter of a million listens on MySpace in just four months and went on to number one in the UK singles chart for five weeks.

>> Van Morrison - At The Movies This 19-track compendium underscores that notion, gathering a career-spanning collection of the Irish rockR&B legend’s contributions to an eclectic body of films that stretches from Pope of Greenwich Village’s effusive early solo hit “Jackie Wilson Said” to the unlikely live collaboration with Roger Waters on “Comfortably Numb”. The collection serves as a concise primer to the high points of Van Morrison’s mercurial career, from the gritty career-breakout hits of his British Invasion band Them through such early solo touchstones as “Wild Night,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Domino,” and the collection’s fine, previously unreleased live version of “Moondance” from An American Werewolf in London.

>> Norah Jones - Not Too Late A brand new album from Texan’s most popular lady artists of the last five years. Often compared to Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, Norah’s last offering Come Away With Me was a million seller in many countries fusing jazz, soul, blues and folk. As well as some superb cover versions, Norah has again written many songs which, while not bad, pales a bit next to the many masterpieces she covers. Including the current single Thinking About You, this collection is bound to grace many CD cabinets this year.

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>> Casino Royale Bond is back! Starring: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Judi Dench, Ivana Milicevic Back to the beginning of James Bond’s career, MI6’s newest recruit (Daniel Craig, the first blonde 007) is tasked with taking down a man known as “Le Chiffre” (Mads Mikkelsen), a money launderer for terrorists who is raising operational funds at a high-stakes poker game in the exclusive Montenegro establishment of Casino Royale... Exhilarating, breathless and at times brutal, this is the first Bond adventure since 1987 to be based on one of Ian Fleming’s original novels. Paul Haggis (Oscar winning writer/director of Crash) adapts Casino Royale for a new generation as Daniel Craig, new Aston Martin DBS in tow, fills out the tuxedo of the ultra-smooth and ultra-deadly superspy.

>> The Queen Tradition prepared her. Change will define her. Starring: Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen, James Cromwell, Sylvia Syms In the wake of the death of Princess Diana in 1997, Queen Elizabeth II (the outstanding Helen Mirren) must come to terms with a nation in mourning, a new government under pressure to deliver an outpouring of grief and a Royal family in turmoil...

>> The Departed Cops or criminals; when you’re facing a loaded gun what’s the difference? Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg, Ray Winstone, Alec Baldwin Two men operate on different sides of the law; one a mole with the Boston State Police department, the other within the Irish mafia. When bloodshed breaks out on the streets, each mole is despatched to discover the other’s identity in a race against time.... Driected by Martin Scorcese, The Departed is a big-budget Hollywood star power remake of the Hong Kong classic crime thriller Infernal Affairs

>> Borat High Five! Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Pamela Anderson, Ken Davitian Kazakhstani TV personality Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the “greatest country in the world.” With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson! The full movie title is actually: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan!

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GENERALENTERTAINMENT BBC ONE BBC TWO BBC THREE BBC FOUR ITV ONE ITV TWO ITV THREE ITV FOUR ULSTER TV S4C~ Digidol S4C~2 Channel Manchester Bonanza Life TV Legal TV Wine TV You TV 2 You TV 2 Extra Information TV Information TV 2 Baby Channel Teachers’ TV Community Channel Propeller Men & Motors Audi Channel Life 24 Open Access Open Access 2 Hollywood TV TTV2 AXN Italy NEWS Sky News UK Sky News Eire CNN News Euro News BBC News 24 BBC PARL’MNT CCTV-9 Al Jazeera CHILDRENS CITV CBBC Channel POP Tiny Pop CBeebies MOVIES & REALITY True Movies True Movies 2 Movies 4 Men Movies 4 Men 2 Film 4 Film 4 +1 Film 4 Test Eat Cinema Zone Horror Zone Reality Zone Thriller Zone Reality Zone Reality +1 Reality TV. MUSIC TV The Musik Bubble Hits Chart Show TV Performance The Vault Channel ‘S’ B4 B4U Music R Music TV Channel U

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COMPUTER STILL SLOW? So you have been following the tips, defragged your hard disk added more RAM and backed up your valuable data onto a removable back up device so what is next. You could try doing a disk cleanup, by freeing disk space you can improve the performance of your computer. The disk cleanup tool is a tool that is part of windows XP, it is designed to help you free up space on your hard disk. The tool identifies files that can safely be deleted, and then enables you to choose whether you want to delete some or all of the identified files. Windows XP allows you to use disk cleanup tool to, remove temporary Internet files, unused downloaded program files (such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets), empty the recycle bin, delete many windows temporary files, uninstall windows programs and tools that you no longer use. To use disk cleanup; click start, point to all programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click disk cleanup. If you have more than one hard drive available, you might be prompted to specify which drive you want to clean. After a few minutes, the process completes and the disk cleanup box closes, leaving your computer cleaner and performing better.

USE SKYPE ON THE MOVE We just received one of the first Wireless Internet mobile phones for Skype. The new WiFi phone includes Skype software that allows free calls to Skype users anywhere in the world and enables users to call ordinary landlines and mobile phones at a very low cost. Skype has already been downloaded by more than 100 million PC users worldwide. As one of the first Skype Certified WiFi phones, the SMC WiFi Phone for Skype makes Skype calling even easier and more convenient for its users and because the software is built-in there is no need for a PC to be connected so the phone allows you to Skype via any WiFi connection The SMC WiFi Phone delivers 3-hours continuous talk-time and 30-hours standby time from its internal Battery, and can be recharged from any USB enabled socket. Its a new milestone in Internet calling, allowing users to make free calls at home, at work and beyond. The new SMC WiFi Phone gives users great flexibility and mobility—all that’s needed is a WiFi access point at home and access to one of a rapidly growing number of wireless access points; as on university campuses, in offices, at airports or hotels, or at a free public hotspot.

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WINDOWS VISTA IS FINALLY HERE Well, Windows Vista is finally here. There’s just one question - should you get it? I want to answer that question, at least in part. The criteria that users look for in an operating system are going to be very different; we’re going to be showing you the new features of Vista. The Windows Vista puzzle box There are a number of different versions of Vista, all of which cost different amounts of money and have different feature sets. Here’s a quick recap of the differences: Vista Home Basic: The basic product. You won’t get much of a difference over XP. but have it installed on a new PC to save having to spend on new memory and larger faster hard disks Vista Home Premium: This is the version most people will end up with. It includes Media Centre support, as well as HDTV support, DVD authoring software and better hardware support, such as for SideShow displays and touch screens. Vista Business and Enterprise Editions: Business and Enterprise Editions are designed for Office use and will perform well in the workplace environment so if you bring your laptop home from work this will be your preferred choice Vista Ultimate Edition: This is the big daddy version, which has everything that Vista has to offer. You get all the hardware support, Media Centre, as well as extra games. You can get software to use full-motion video as a desktop background. BitLocker encryption is included, as well as WinSAT, which claims to improve game performance. However, do note that once you’ve installed a genuine copy of Vista, the license agreement prevents you installing it on another machine. Upgrades, however, are permitted.

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Cuisine by Jan Morley of FreezerMor

Smoked haddock...a taste of Scotland The origin of Smoked haddock, or “Finnin Haddie, ” first appeared (according to local legend, of course!), in Auchmithe north of Arbroath, when the local fish wives would skewer the haddock and smoke them over whisky barrels. Another legend claims that the smokie was first created when a haddock was discovered in the embers of a burning cottage, this charred fish was tasted by some fishermen, and voila! the smokie was born. The Arbroath Smokie now has PGIthat Protected Geographical Status, ( from the “muscles in Brussels, no less) along with Champagne, Parma ham and Stilton. A special tartan was designed to celebrate this event. Even if you’ve never visited Scotland, just one bite of “finnin haddie” will take you there. It’s earthy and smokey and smooth all at once. The best smoked haddock has been split open, brined and cold-smoked, at a temperature no higher than 34°c, to a pale yellow colour, over oak chippings. The most popular recipes include kedgeree and “Cullen Skink”, which is a chowderlike soup- from a small fishing port on the Moray Firth. “Skink” being Gaelic for essence… Here is a delicious recipe using smoked haddock. It is best cooked, then eaten straight away, accompanied with some wilted fresh spinach and creamy mashed potatoes….

Smoked Haddock with a Parsley and Chive Hollandaise INGREDIENTS Allow 6oz (175g) smoked haddock fillet per person 275ml (10fl oz) milk 1small onion finely diced

For the Sauce 3 egg yolks 175g (6oz) butter Juice of ½ lemon ½ teaspoon English mustard 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Black pepper


Simply poach the fish in the milk, with the diced onion, in a frying pan over a gentle heat, approx. 6-8 mins, sprinkle with black pepper, no salt required as the fish is quite salty.

To make the sauce 2. Melt the butter in a pan 3. Put the egg yolks in a food processor, with the mustard, blend together

4. When the butter reaches the boil, pour onto the yolks, slowly, let it trickle, with the processor running

5. Then add the lemon juice and herbs, plus 2 tablespoons of the poaching liquid from the fish

6. Serve the fish on hot plates with the sauce over the top 76 costa life



You could advertise your business here for as little as â‚Ź180 per issue

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STRANGE BUT TRUE Believe it or not… A cockroach will live nine days without its head, before it starves to death. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. A pig’s orgasm lasts for 30 minutes. A snail can sleep for three years. All Polar bears are left-handed.

Words to remember… The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends — if they’re okay, then it’s you. Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don’t have film. Never argue with an idiot. The people watching might not know the difference. In the 60’s people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

Is this your kid?

Some days you are the bug, some days you are the windshield.

Bizarre holiday complaints… According to Thomas Cook some holidaymakers are just never satisfied. Here are the top nine most bizarre and genuine customer complaints received by the firm in recent years: 1. On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food at all. 2. The beach was too sandy. 3. I bought a snorkel and swimming mask for my six-year-old son, but he was too upset to use them as the fish frightened him. 4. Topless sunbathing on the beach should be banned. The holiday was ruined as my husband spent all day looking at other women. 5. I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts. 6. It’s lazy of the local shopkeepers to close in the afternoons. I often needed to buy things during ‘siesta’ time - this should be banned. 7. We bought ‘Ray-Ban’ sunglasses for five euros (£3.50) from a street trader, only to find out they were fake. 8. None of the hotel staff was English, and the tea didn’t taste the same as at home. 9. I would like to complain about the price of alcohol in the resort. It was too cheap and I woke with a hangover every day. 78 costa life

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes (You MUST read them out loud)

1) That’s not right ..................................... Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harboring a fugitive?....................Hu Yu Hai Ding 3) See me ASAP.......................................Kum Hia Nao 4) Small Horse ......................................... Tai Ni Po Ni 5) Did you go to the beach? ....................... Wai Yu So T 6) I think you need a face lift ........................Chin Tu Fat 7) It’s very dark in here ................................Wai So Dim 8) I thought you were on a diet .....................Wai Yu Mun Ching? 9) This is a tow away zone ..........................No Pah King 10) Our meeting is scheduled for next week .. Wai Yu Kum Nao? 11) He’s cleaning his car....................Wa Shing Ka 12) Your body odor is offensive ......................Yu Stin Ki Pu

Sudoku and Crossword answers for Issue 24


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7 3 8 5 7 9 2 1 7 8 5 9 1 4 4 8 2 6 7 8 2 5 9 1 4 2 5 2 1 6 4 2 6 The rules of Sudoku: place a digit from 1-9 in each empty cell, so every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9.

CHALLENGE Across 1 Rascal 6 High cards 10 Grain beards 14 Canvas support 15 Corn bread 16 Close 17 Botch 18 Robin of Sherwood 19 Desiccated 20 Eskimo 21 Uncomfortable 23 Assessed 25 Drying frame 26 Dies down 28 Chirp 30 Power source 32 Petty quarrel 36 And so forth 37 Black gibbon of Asia 40 “What Kind of Fool __?” 41 Percolate 43 Provided with new inhabitants 45 Frenzies 48 French rocket 49 Long for 52 Long-legged shorebird 53 Sagebrush genus 56 Wooly ruminant 59 “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” author 60 Opening for a coin 61 Classify 62 Cut and paste 63 Hearty companion? 64 Shoelace tip 65 Brief moments 66 Pro side 67 Handle

Down 1 Trucking rig 2 Abel’s killer 3 Confidence 4 Settle disputes 5 Conpirators 6 Sap sucker 7 Hep, as cats 8 Hydroxyl compound 9 Composed 10 Goes along 11 Cereal crop 12 Tend 13 Direct 22 Shirt type 24 Morales of movies 26 A lot of time 27 __ noire 28 Scholarly books 29 Enfold 31 Biblical weed 33 Tasty 34 Congregation’s conclusion 35 “The __ Is High” (Blondie hit) 38 Cleverly effective 39 Big apes 42 Temple officiants 44 Plunder 46 Prepare for war 47 Japanese entertainer 49 Broad valleys 50 Eat away 51 Impassive 52 Makes replete 54 Kill 55 Maiden loved by Hercules 57 Encounter 58 Choir part


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“The Brits are coming” well they have in the past, and they have certainly did returned with vengeance for this years Hollywood Oscars… I’m not certain if this story is true. Queen Elizabeth turns to her husband, The Duke of Edinburgh and says, “Phil I gather they are making a film called Helen Mirren . Do you think they will ask me to play her.”… The uncrowned queen of British acting Helen Mirren has already cleaned by getting two Golden Globes, one for portraying Elizabeth 1 for a TV series, the second for the film The Queen, the very regal Helen says, “The globes will make two very nice book ends”. What will she do with an Oscar for the Best actor, will she like former British actor Glenda Jackson , now a Labour party MP, use it as a doorstop? ...Another British queen of acting, the wonderful Judi Drench was nominated for her new film, Notes on a Scandal …and Peter O’Toole had been nominated for his role in Venus. If they had given out Oscars for wrinkles and false teeth, maybe dear ol’ Peter, Judi and Helen would have got the panels votes…Hoping, that very soon an Oscar will come her way is the young and very pert British actress Emily Blunt for her role in Gideon’s Daughter, if not this time, one to watch in the future… Hugh Grant goes to many award ceremonies, like a bridesmaid, never becoming the bride, he never wins anything, Hugh complains about the bad traffic jams in Los Angeles, and how easy it is to get caught in your car. Last time this happened, he was arrested by police while having sex on the back seat with a prostitute …My favourite actor of all, and the most nominated lady in films, is the brilliant Meryl Streep for her role in The Devil Wears Prada…So what do you do if you can’t win an Oscar? call your Oscar. The diminutive Gillian Anderson formerly of the X-files has recently gave birth to a boy. Gillian lives in London with a millionaire called Mark Griffiths , whose company clamps cars? With Gillian’s poor history of relationships. Mark will probably have to clamp her with a Denver boot…Making a huge impact in the US now is the film Bobby. Written, and produced by actor Emilio Estevez it stars Sharon Stone , Lindsay Lohan , Anthony Hopkins and Demi Moore and tells the story of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. Hollywood loves a dead hero…Has the controversial adoption/kidnap of baby David by Madonna , become the final nail in the marriage for the queen of pop, and her British film director husband Guy Ritchie . Friends of the couple say that the marriage has been in trouble for some time, since the baby incident and the adverse public reaction, and now David’s African father is saying he wants the baby back. Madonna is threatening to return to America for good, friends say Ritchie will not follow…British film director Michael Winner famous for his violent action films, and known to his friends as Winner’s dinner’s, is having serious health problems, doctors have warned him that they may have to remove his leg to save his life…As always in Hollywood Life, Death, Divorce and Awards…

So what else is New?

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HEARTWORM DISEASE eartworm disease is a preventable, but serious and potentially fatal, parasitic disease that primarily affects dogs, cats and ferrets. There are documented human infections, but they are thought to be rare and do not result in clinical disease.


the diagnosis and to help determine the severity of the infection.

How is heartworm disease transmitted and what does it cause?

How can my pet be treated?

Heartworms are transmitted from animal to animal by mosquitoes. When an animal is bitten by an infected mosquito, young heartworms (called microfilaria) are transmitted to that animal. In about two weeks, the microfilaria develops into larvae. The larvae, as they mature, move through the animal’s body and eventually enter the heart and blood vessels. Over the next several months, the g r o w i n g heartworms reach adult size and reproduce. In time, the worms cause injury to the pulmonary vessels and heart. This can lead to severe lung disease, heart disease and damage to other organs. Heartworms may survive for 5 to 7 years in dogs.

Where is heartworm disease found? Geographically, heartworms are a potential threat in all Spain, as well as in many other countries around the world. All dogs, regardless of age, sex, or living environment, are susceptible to heartworm infection. Indoor, as well as outdoor, cats are also at risk for the disease. How can I tell if my pet has heartworm disease? Dogs: If your dog has been recently or mildly infected with heartworms, it may initially show no signs of disease. However, as the disease progresses, your dog may cough, become lethargic, lose its appetite or have difficulty breathing. You may notice that your dog seems to tire rapidly after only moderate exercises. Your veterinarian will test your dog’s blood for the presence of adult heartworms. Further tests, such as chest x-rays and an echocardiogram, may be necessary to confirm

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Cats: Signs of possible heartworm infection in cats include coughing, respiratory distress, and vomiting. (In rare cases, a cat may suddenly die from heartworms).

Dogs: As with most medical problems, the best defence is prevention. However, if your dog is infected with heartworms, there is a treatment available. Although there is some risk involved in treating a dog for heartworms, serious complications are rare among dogs that are otherwise in good health and if the disease is detected early. The

goal of heartworm treatment is to kill the adult worms that are present in your dog’s body. While your dog is hospitalized and for a period of time afterwards, it will require complete rest and may need additional medications to help limit inflammatory reaction as the worms die and are absorbed by the body. Cats: There is currently no effective and safe treatment for heartworm infection in cats. If your cat is diagnosed with heartworms, your veterinarian may recommend medications to limit the inflammatory response and the resulting heartworm disease.

Can heartworm disease be prevented? Heartworm disease is almost 100% preventable in dogs and cats. There are several heartworm preventives (STRONGHOLD. PFIZER) available in a variety of formulations. Your veterinarian can recommend the best method of prevention based upon your pet’s risk factors and lifestyle. A blood test for existing heartworm infection is recommended before beginning a prevention program to confirm that your pet is not already infected with the disease. In addition, annual re-testing is recommended to check your pet’s status and ensure that the appropriate medication is being prescribed.

Myramar animal Hospital. Av/Santa Amalia s/n Fuengirola. 29640. 952588543 667433678




o you always look on the bright side of everything or do you give up easily and get despondent? Are people happy to be around you or do you find yourself spending a lot of time on your own?

Have you ever casually asked someone “How are you?” and then received a detailed description of every ailment. Sometimes the shirt is even unbuttoned and you are compelled to view the scar from a recent operation! Or perhaps you have simply tried to have a simple conversation with someone who launches into a tirade against some person who has offended them. Every detail of the alleged offence is related to you with a red face and fire being breathed through their nostrils. The sad truth is that lonely people are longing for sympathy and attention but they simply don’t know how to find friends. But on the other hand certain people seem to generate warmth and joy that others find attractive. What’s the secret of the popular person who always seems to be surrounded by cheerful people? It’s not beauty or intelligence. Usually it is simply that the popular person enjoys life and always has an optimistic outlook on everything. People want to be encouraged! Sometimes someone may be struggling with a painful condition and even confined to a wheelchair and yet they seem to create an atmosphere around them that is joyful and optimistic. They are interested in others and always ready with a word of encouragement. By contrast some healthy able people are full of moans and groans and no one wants to be near them. A pessimist will always expect the worst based on their experience in the past while the optimist is always expecting things to improve. Do you see the bucket half full or half empty? In Bible days certain individuals were employed to carry heavy loads on their backs through the narrow streets from one place to

another. The ‘atal’ would sometimes carry such a huge load that it reached far over his head which forced his head and neck down into a bowed and painful position. He used a particular technique to lift the heavy load on to his back but with an excessively heavy load he needed the help of someone else to lay it down. Today there are modern ‘atals’ who carry excessively heavy burdens through life that cause their head and shoulders to be stooped and their hearts to be heavy. But someone else can come alongside and help to remove that burden and set them free. When the head lifts, life can take on a whole new meaning! The Bible says “……Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls…..” (Matthew 11:28 NLT) If you are a pessimist carrying a heavy burden through life, look up and ask God to help you remove it. If you are a cheerful optimist, keep looking up and bringing joy and encouragement to those around you.

Annette Riggall

costa STUFF >>

Young Hope a project started in April 2005, mainly operating in the North of SriLanka, in a village near Trincomalee. This area, living in conditions of civil war for the past 20 years or more, was severely hit by the Tsunami in December 2004. As a result not only did the villagers lose all their homes but many lost their lives. I am not going to tell you about the effects of the Tsunami as I am sure that you already have seen the T.V. coverage and know enough about it. So let me tell you about our little project.

A hut was built and the eager children would sit on the floor ready to learn. Gun fire is a common sound as are land mine explosions and bombs. These children live in fear. Jobs are scarce in the area. Finding their daily food becomes a difficult task. There is no running water or electricity. These are families who had proper homes with land but living in conditions of war and suffering the effects of the Tsunami means that they now live in coconut thatched mud huts. They have no choice. Things I know I take for granted become treasured luxuries to them. There are very few NGO’s in this area. There is a huge contrast between the North and the South of this little Island.

A typical home

Shops in the village Young Hope is run by Suzie Malt who lives in Spain, and her daughter Priya Tew, living in England. Just after the Tsunami Priya visited Sri-Lanka and saw, first hand, the devastation. It was then that she came across this little village of Nilaveli, where she found around 300 children who had lost either their mother or father. She discovered that 3 nuns from the sisters of Charity, were trying to set up a little school for these children in order to protect them and prevent them from being taken into the white slave trade, or be sold for donor body parts. Life is cheap when faced with such poverty. It was then decided between us to try to help these nuns begin a school and help to feed and educate the children. As a result Young Hope was born.

Currently we have 50 children sponsored and hold fundraising events in order that all the 300 children are taken care of. We are also grateful for the many donations we receive. As a result of our supporter’s generosity we were able to fill a van with dried food products as well as basic school necessities and take it to them in January 2006. It’s important for you to know that 100% of the support Young Hope receives goes to the cause, all administration and other costs, such as air fares, are borne by us when we visit the project. If you would like any more information about this project or to get involved in any way please get in touch with me. We also have a blogspot for you computer buffs. We know that Young Hope has touched God’s heart. Not only because He asks us to look after widows and orphans and those less fortunate than ourselves, but because God is all about love. This project is about sharing that love of God. It’s Love in Action. That’s what we hope to convey this July, when we hope to take a team of 8 out to this war torn area and spend a week with the children bringing them food, music and games. With God’s help and protection we know that we will make it despite the war. We are not able to change the whole world however we can make a difference in the lives of a few. A wise person once said ¨It is the greatest mistake to do nothing because you can only do a little¨: we need to do what we can. Together we can make a difference.

Feeding programme

Suzie with some of the children - Jan 2006 Suzie Malt email: phone: 952 934 879

Eager to learn

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All your local information for the costa del sol


Useful info numbers, phrases and shopping tips that will aid your stay in Spain



Indoor/outdoor activities



Bars & Restaurants Sponsored by


Business Directory All your services and business needs in our comprehensive guide Sponsored by




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Costa info is sponsored by

Useful numbers EMERGENCIES >> LOCAL POLICE Antequera Arroyo de la Miel Benalmádena, Málaga, Marbella & Ronda Coin Estepona Fuengirola Nerja Torremolinos

952 708 104 952 708 104 092 952 453 267 952 800 243 952 589 324 952 521 545 952 381 422

>> NATIONAL POLICE National Police

TRANSPORT >> 080 952 804 483 952 461 046 952 774 349 952 383 939



>> AMBULANCE Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Málaga & Marbella

902 505 061


>> GUARDIA CIVIL Guardia Civil

>> FIRE BRIGADE Benalmádena, Málaga & Mijas Estepona Fuengirola Marbella Torremolinos


Benalmádena Fuengirola Málaga Marbella Torremolinos

902 505 061 902 505 061 951 030 300 952 769 946 952 386 484


>> BRITISH CONSULATE Calle Mauricio Moro, Pareta, 22nd Floor, MÁLAGA. Open 08:30 - 13:30 Enquiries 952 352 300

TOURIST INFORMATION Benalmádena Estepona Fuengirola Gibraltar Málaga Marbella Mijas Nerja Torremolinos

952 442 494 952 802 002 952 467 457 956 774 982 952 213 445 952 771 442 952 485 900 952 521 531 952 379 512

TOWN HALLS Estepona Fuengirola Gibraltar Málaga

952 801 100 952 467 625 952 774 902 952 135 000

Marbella Mijas Nerja Torremolinos

952 476 013

952 761 100 952 485 900 952 520 404 952 379 400

TOUR OPERATORS Airtours Cosmos Direct Holidays First Choice JMC Thomson

971 900 100 952 386 012 952 382 035 952 384 827 952 384 470 952 812 132

AIRPORTS Malaga Gibraltar

952 048 844 956 773 026

TAXIS Benalmádena Estepona Fuengirola Gibraltar Málaga Marbella Mijas Costa

952 441 545 952 802 900 952 471 000 956 770 027 952 327 950 952 774 488 952 476 593

BUS STATIONS Algeciras Alhaurin Benalmádena Coin Estepona Fuengirola La Linea Málaga Marbella San Pedro Torremolinos

956 654 304 952 490 709 952 443 563 952 450 366 952 802 954 952 475 066 952 172 396 953 350 061 952 764 400 952 781 396 952 380 965

TRAIN STATIONS The Coastal Service stops at every major town between Fuengirola and Málaga from 06:45 and 22:30 from Málaga 902 240 202 Call





Allied Irish


Lloyds TSB


American Express




Bank of Scotland


Nat & Provincial


Barclays Bank




Diners Club




First Direct


Yorkshire Bank




costa GUIDE >>

Qué ?...


>> Some phrases in Spanish to help you get by: Hola Hola, diga Adiós ¿Cómo estás? ¿Cómo está? Muy bien, gracias Buenos días Buenas tardes Buenas noches ¿Cómo te va? ¿Cómo le va? ¿Qué tal? ¿Qué hay? ¿Qué pasa? ¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Cómo se llama usted? Me llamo Chris Mucho gusto. Encantado Bienvenido, bienvenida, bienvenidos, bienvenidas ¿Dónde está ... ? ¿Dónde están ... ? ¿Por dónde se va a ... ? or ¿Cómo puedo llegar a ... ? ¿Está lejos? ¿Está por aquí? Estoy perdido (perdida if you're female) ¿Dónde puedo coger un taxi (un autobús)? Escríbalo, por favor. Hágame el favor de hablar más despacio. No entiendo bien el español. ¿Hay alguien que hable inglés?

Hello, hi Hello (on the telephone) Goodbye How are you? Very well, thank you Good day, good morning Good afternoon Good night How's it going? What's happening? What's happening? What's your name? My name is Chris It's a pleasure to meet you Welcome Where is ... ? Where are ... ? How do you go to ... ? Is it far away? Is it near here? I'm lost. Where can I catch a taxi (a bus)? Write it down, please. Speak more slowly, please. I don't understand Spanish well. Is there anyone who speaks English?

>> QUESTIONS ¿Quién?









¿Cuándo? (kooahn-doh) When? ¿Por qué? (pohr keh)

Why? How?




(kooahn-toh) How much?




>>Spanish Facts >> Telephone: to make an international call from Spain, dial 00 and then add the country code (UK 44; USA 1; Australia 61; Canada 1; Irish Republic 353; New Zealand 64) and the rest of the telephone number minus the first zero if there is one. To call Spain from abroad, the country code is 00 34. >> Business hours: the normal opening hours for shops are Monday to Saturday from

around 10am until about 1.30 / 2pm. After siesta they reopen from around 5.30pm until 8pm or 9pm. Large stores usually stay open all day. Most places are closed on Sundays. >> Banks: generally open from 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9am to midday or 1pm on Saturday. Hours may vary in summer.

>>NUMBERS 12345678910 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 500 1000 -

uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez once doce trece catorce quince dieciséis diecisiete dieciocho diecinueve veinte treinta cuarenta cincuenta sesenta setenta ochenta noventa cien quinientos mil -

oo-noh dohs Trehs kooah-troh seen-koh sehees see-eh-teh oh-choh nooeh-bveh dee-ehs ohn-seh doh-seh treh-seh kah-tohr-seh keen-seh deeeh-see-sehees deeeh-see-seeeh-teh deeeh-seeoh-choh deeeh-see-nooeh-bveh bveheen-teh treheen-tah kooah-rehn-tah seen-kooehn-tah seh-sehn-tah seh-tehn-tah oh-chehn-tah noh-bvehn-tah seeehn kee-neeehn-tohs meel

... Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 330 million people speaking it. ...

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Costa Shopping


f you can drag yourself away from the beach long enough to venture out shopping, the Costa del Sol offers a wide selection of retail outlets catering for all tastes and budgets. From shopping malls such as La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella, La Colonia shopping centre in San Pedro de Alcantara and the new Myramar centre in Fuengirola to small boutiques and markets, there’s something for everyone. Along with those favourites from home, United Colors of Benetton and Dunnes Stores, Spain offers its own chain stores such as El Corte Ingles, Zara, Bershka and Oysho. El Corte Ingles is one of Spain’s leading department stores, featuring Spanish aswell as International designers. Zara and Bershka offer a wide selection of up to theminute fashions for men and women at high street prices. Oysho, one of my favourites, sells the best sexy/sporty underwear and nightwear. Marbella and Puerto Banus are where you’ll get the chance to really flash your cash, featuring stores selling Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Gianni Versace and Gucci to name but a few as well as smaller boutiques selling lesser known designer wear. Most large stores open 10am till 9pm but many of the smaller boutiques will shut for siesta. Credit cards are accepted in all department stores and most shopping outlets. Proof of identity may be requested to complete a credit card transaction.



ooking for a bargain? Try one of the open-air markets that most towns on the Costa feature. Leather goods, linen and ceramics are particularly good value but there’s always a very varied selection of goods on sale. Many of the markets combine antiques and new goods aswell as local fresh produce. On a Saturday, Fuengirola hosts the biggest flea market on the Costa.

MONDAYS >> Marbella weekly market (recinto ferial) Álora weekly market (village centre) Torrox (Plaza Almedina)

TUESDAYS >> Fuengirola (Feria Ground) Nerja weekly market (Calle Chaparil)

WEDNESDAYS >> La Cala market Estepona weekly market (Avda. Juan Carlos)

THURSDAYS >> Alhaurin el Grande weekly market (La Fama) Torre del Mar weekly market (town centre) Torremolinos weekly market (El Calvarío)

FRIDAYS >> Arroyo de la Miel weekly market (Tivoli World) Elviria weekly market (Banco Atlantico)

SATURDAYS >> Puerto Banus (Centro Comercial Plaza) La Cala market


SIZE COMPARISONS >> Don’t let being unsure about sizes impare your shopping sprees...


Men’s Wear

Men’s Shirts

Women’s Wear

































































Estepona's second weekly market (Marina) Fuengirola (Mosque near Myramar) Málaga rastro (near the football stadium) Nerja car boot sale Sotogrande antique market (marina)

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ADVENTURE TRIPS >> Natural Ronda Ronda +34 952 873 496 In the Natural Park of Grazalema, feautures walking, trekking, horseriding, mountain biking, canoeing, archery, cycling routes and all adventure sports. Fuengirola Jeep Safari Fuengirola +34 616 337 996 Paisajes Andaluces Malaga +34 952 060 656 / 659 266 333 Features Jeep safaris, Canyoning, Hiking, Walking and Mountain biking.

ANIMAL THEME PARKS >> Selwo Marina Benalmádena +34 902 190 482 Enjoy all the fun of the deep at Selwo's fantastic Marina. Fun and interesting.

also catered for with tasty flame grilled meats and a delicious selection of salads.

CABLE CARS >> Telecabina Benalmádena cable car +34 952 575 038 These cable cars leave from the Tivoli esplanade, crossing high over the motorway to the peak of the Carramolo mountain, from where one can view the entire Costa del Sol and the mountains of Africa across the Mediterranean on a clear day.

CASINOS >> Casino Marbella Marbella +34 952 814 000 Open everyday from seven til late, Casino Marbella features a wide choice of games such as Bingo, Keno, Roulette, Black-Jack and different kinds of poker.


Gibraltar Dolphin Tours +34 956 680 741

GUN & COUNTRY CLUBS >> Marbella Gun & Country Club Monda +34 952 112 161 Features clay pigeon shooting, archery, air rifle target shooting, quad bikes, go-carts and jeep safaris.

The Hipodromo Fuengirola +34 952 592 700 Racing fans can enjoy the horse races at Mijas Costa from October to May on Sunday mornings from 10.30h/From June to September on Saturday from 23.00h. Racing lasts around approx. 5 hours.

Crocodile Park Torremolinos +34 952 051 782 With over 300 crocodiles, and featuring the largest crocodile in Europe.

HORSE RIDING >> Horsin’ Around Nerja +34 625 809 875 Situated in the National Park in Nerja, Horsin’ Around offers happy, healthy horses for all ages & abilities. Lessons are also given.

Selwo Adventure Park Estepona +34 952 792 150 At Selwo Adventure Park you’ll witness the wildest animals closer than ever, such as lions, Bengal tigers, elephants, giraffes and rhinoceroses.

QUAD & BIKE RENTAL >> Quad Rental Fuengirola +34 687 727 074

Fuengirola Zoo Fuengirola +34 952 666 301 Open from 10.00h to midnight during July and August, giving a chance to see nocturnal animals by moonlight. Otherwise open from 10.00h to sunset.

Rentaquad Fuengirola +34 676 771 120 Rentaquad tours will take you over the breathtaking views from the mountain tops down to the Mediterranean coast of the Costa del Sol.


Dawn Approach Fishing/Boat Trips Fuengirola +34 952 668 052 Based in the port of Fuengirola, Dawn Approach allows you to search for dolphins or simply relax and enjoy the view. A wonderful Sunset Cruise & BBQ is

Dolphin Safari Gibraltar +34 956 690 702 Dolphin Safari Spain specialise in dolphin trips in the Bay of Algeciras, to suit all age groups and tastes. They guarantee dolphins on every trip and cater for fun and educational trips alike.


Tivoli World Benalmádena +34 952 577 016 Tivoli world. Fun packed day or night out for the whole family at one of the coast's best theme parks and childrens fun fairs. open all year round.

Aqua Vista Fuengirola +34 952 666 601 Boat trip with submarine vision and dolphin trip.


Yelmo Cineplex Cinema 20 Ultramodern cinema screens, With a 20 screen cimema (showing some English films in English everyday), Times, 15.00h - Last session at 1am Malaga Highway E15

BCT Torremolinos Quad Rental Torremolinos +34 676 299 155 Active Adventure +34 952 599 164 / 687 727 697 Guided quad bike tours from 50 euros, all equipment provided.

costa GUIDE >> SCUBA DIVING >> Scuba Med Fuengirola Scuba +34 660 719 233 Scuba Tours Fuengirola +34 639 676174 Simply Diving Torremolinos +34 600 506 526

TENNIS CLUBS >> Marco Tennis Academy Marbella +34 952 83 17 39 Tennis Club del Sol Calahonda +34 952 939 595 El Madro +34 952 778 580 Lew Hoad Tennis Club Mijas +34 952 474 858

THEATRES >> Salon Varietes Theatre Fuengirola +34 952 474 542 Teatro Cervantes Málaga +34 952 224 109 Salla Marbella Marbella +34 952 825 035 Sala del Encuentro Marbella +34 952 825 035

WATERPARKS >> Parque Aquatico Mijas Fuengirola +34 952 460 404 Family friendly waterpark at the heart of the Costa del Sol. Open May through September. The park offers everything for a full day of sun and exciting water adventures. Great value. Aqualand Aqua Park Torremolinos +34 95 238 88 88

MUSEUMS >> Archaeological Museum Málaga +34 952 216 005 Archaeological Museum Nerja Caves +34 952 529 520 Located just outside the caves it contains artifacts found within the caves. Bullfighting Museum Mijas +34 952 485 248 This museum has received donations of costumes and capes etc. from famous bullfighters such as El Soro and Joselito. Cathedral Museum Málaga +34 952 220 345 Open Mondays-Fridays from 9.00h to 19.00h, Saturdays from 9.00h to 18.00h. Contemporary Spanish Sketching Museum Marbella +34 952 825 035 Engravings and sketches from different movements and artists of the 20th century. Miniatures Museum Mijas +34 952 485 900 Features a copy of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci painted on a grain of rice. Museum of Fine Arts Málaga +34 952 218 382 Features an extensive collections of paintings, furniture and sculptures from the 13th century onwards. Includes a large collection of work by artists from Málaga. Pablo Ruiz Picasso Public Foundation Málaga +34 952 060 215 Situated in the house where Pablo Picasso was born. Pablo Picasso Museum Málaga +34 902 443 377 Open Tuesdays -Thursdays: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Fridays - Saturdays: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Sundays and Holidays: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. d.

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ACTIVITIES The Activities available include Archery, Clay Shooting, Quad Biking, Air Pistols, Horse Riding and Scuba Diving -and you don’t have to have a go at all the activities in one day, you can carry on where you left off the next day.

CLUB RESTAURANT The Restaurant offers an innovative menu, featuring fresh fish, the finest quality meats, a good selection of vegetarian options and, if a full meal isn’t to your fancy, there is also a wide choice of light meals and snacks to be enjoyed in the bar area or out on the poolside terrace. The first of ten new superbly appointed Scandinavian log cabins is now ready for viewing. This first phase will be located close to the pool, patio, restaurant and boasts some of the finest views the club has to offer. Anyone interested in a viewing please contact the club to make an appointment. Opening Hours Activities - 10am to 6pm Club House - 10am to 7pm Restaurant - 11am to 5pm (open 7 days per week) Please call for further details Cuesta de la Herrera, s/n 29110 Monda, Málaga, Spain tel: 0034 952 112161 fax: 0034 952 112162

You could advertise your business here for as little as â‚Ź300 per issue


& restaurants Where to eat and drink along the coast.... Sponsored by

Photo courtesy of Aroma Restaurant - Fuengirola



El Faro Fuengirola

Captains Bar


La Cala Marbella

Blancos Restaurant - (0034) 952 499 400

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Calypso, Calahonda Spit Roast, Kentucky style chicken Indian Gujerati style specialities, Kebabs, wraps, pasta + special curries


Including soft drink We cater for vegetarians, parties and supply indian snacks to bars and cafes! Opening hours Mon - Fri 12 noon till 3.30pm and 6.30 pm till late Sat - Sun 6.30pm till late

If its finger licking it’s V ijays! Urb. Calypso between Barclays and Santander Bank

952 933 891 or 660 030 601 order in advance

98 costa life - (0034) 952 499 400


Costa del Sol Business Directory

Welcome to the Costa del Sol Business Directory, your comprehensive source for all your business needs on the Costa del Sol...



ENVIROCARE Cooling, heating & dehumidifying. Quality installations. Service contracts available. Envirocare SL 952 663 141

TIM HART-W WOODS Kitchens & bedrooms. Free planning and design service, free quotations without obligation. Deal with the professionals. Camino Viejo de Coin, FUENGIROLA, call 952 667 370 or Local 31/32 Dona Lola CALAHONDA, (N340 KM 197 beach side) Call 952 935 159.

VILLASLOMAS AIR-C CONDITIONING All aspects of air-conditioing. Full installations/Pre-installations. Repairs and servicing. 952 453 917/652 558 454

ANIMALS & PETS >> MYRAMAR ANIMAL HOSPITAL Are you looking for the best animal care for your pet? For an appointment call 952 588 543 or emergency number call 667 433 678.

BRITISH FOOD SUPPLIERS >> COSTALESS For all your favourite groceries, Fresh, frozen, chilled and dry. Brands include Heinz, Birds Eye, Tetley, Youngs, Muller, Princes and Many More! Three great stores at Arroyo de la Miel, Centro Comercial Benavista and Calahonda. FREEZERMOR Your favourite British chilled and frozen foods now available in

Alhaurin el Grande. Plus a wide selections of mugs, dinner services, Kitchen utensils, tin openers, baking trays, potato peelers, acrylic glasses, dishes, gift ideas and much, much MOR‌.! Tel 677838830 Find us on: Avenida Blas Infante

CAR PARTS >> THE PARTSFINDERS.COM All vehicle international parts sourcing and supply. LandRover, Rnage Rover, Japanese & Korean, Prestige German brands, 4X4 and all terrain vehicles and much much more. Poligono Industrial La Rosa, Alhaurin el Grande 951 047 358

CARTRIDGES (PRINTER) >> CARTRIDGE CONNECTION Refilling and remanufacturing of inkjet and laser cartridges. Refill while you wait. Inkjet & Photo paper. 952 494 360

CONSTRUCTION >> CONSTRUCCIONES DORADO DOG S.L. New builds, extensions, renovations, swimming pools, terracing, driveways, garden walls, advice on design. Fully legal and insured. 952 414 068

COURIER & MAIL SERVICES >> OFFEX COURIER OFFEX COURIER,EASIMAIL, need a parcel collected in the UK? OFFEX offer a choice of services to suit your individual requirements. First and second class mail, royal mail parcel service, recorded delivery, courier and freight service, UK courier and parcel service and Worldwide courier. TEL: (0034) 952577816 FAX: (0034) 952561298 Email: - (0034) 952 499 400

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DENTISTS & DOCTORS >> ARCO IDEAL D.r. Joachim Stickel, Orthodontist, 25 years experience.Choice of systems for that perfect smile. Individual assessments, personally optimised treatments, beautifully aligned teeth in the quickest time. Ceramic brackets, Invisalign and lingual brackets. First consultation free, easy payment plans available. Calle Ramon Gomez de la Serna, 22, Edificio King Edward(behind the needle on the golden mile) Oficina 409, 29600 Marbella. 952 866 571 fax 952 776 690 e-m mail: CLINICA EUROPA DENTAL D.r. Kirstin Brorson and D.r. Lars Brorson. Established family dental practice. All the latest equipment and technology. All types of dental work carried out. Swedish dentists speaking English, Spanish, German and Scandinavian. open Monday to Friday, 10-8pm. Avda Gerald Brenan 37-2D, Alhaurin el Grande. Above Solbank, 2ND Floor next to Manzanares. 952 499 366 or 654 454 860

100 costalife

CLINICA SANDALF Mr Alf Neuhaus Orthopedic Surgeon and Sandra Vincenti Chartered Physiotherapist. Treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. Joint replacements - Hip, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Back and neck problems, Keyhole surgery, Hand and foot surgery and rehabilitation. 24hr Emergency service 656 313 293. Calle Pepa Guerra Valdenebros, 29631, Benalmadena 952 577 766 MARBELLA CLINIC World famous clinic for Plastic and aesthetic surgery, Breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery, Orthodontic treatment, lipo suction, sports traumatology, laser therapy. Calle Gladiolas, Urb Royal Garden, Marbella. 952 816 981

EXHIBITION & PUBLICITY MATERIAL >> EXPOSOLUCIONES SL Pop Ups, Roll Ups, Banners, Brochure holders, A boards, Expoline display system for windows and walls. Large format printing, Vehicle sign writing. CALL 952 963 597 - (0034) 952 499 400


HAIR AND BEAUTY >> THE RETREAT HEALTH AND BEAUTY Decleor facial and body treatments, massage, hot stone therapy, St Tropex tanning and waxing, Jessica manicures and pedicures, reflexology, Reiki and Indian head massage to make an appointment call Hannah Henley CIBTAC/CIDESCO 952 595 846 or 666 143 901 e-m mail located at Apt 1B Vista Valle 3, Calle Charlot 14, Alhaurin el Grande

HEATING >> ENVIROCARE Gas Fires and central heating. Quality installations. Envirocare SL 952 663 141

INSURANCE >> CAMEWITH INSURANCE SL The expat specialists in Motor/Motorcycle, Home, Contents, Life/Health, Business, Travel, Marine & Pet insurances. Avda. Ricardo Soriano No35, Bloque A ID, 29600, Marbella. 952 765 079 or 637 442 215 Email:

102 costalife

SANTALUCIA INSURANCE Specialists in Home, Business & Offices, Communties, Public Liability, Life, Funeral and Pet insurance For further information on coverage and a no obligation quote on any of Santalucia policies call 902 886 079 Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm

JEWELLERS >> CHIRINE AYOUBI JEWELLERY Bespoke jeweller and all your jewellery requirements. 952 897 266 or 647 154 077

PETS SERVICES >> POSH-P PETS-S SPAIN incorporating “Hair off the dog II” The English canine grooming salon & canine beautician training centre, pedigree pooches to Heinz 57’s. Also pet relocation specialists by land, small doggie hotel, English pet feed stockist & on-line designer pet wear. Call Rachel on 952 597 035 or 676 249 782 & click on links you require or email - (0034) 952 499 400


You could advertise your business here for as little as â‚Ź125 per issue VI-P PET WORLD SERVICES Kennels and Cattery, Worldwide pet travel, Vet service, Grooming parlour, Collection and delivery, Pet homecare. 902 301 002

POOL HEATING PUMPS >> ENVIROCARE Swim all year round. Very low running costs. Envirocare SL 952 663 141



DEEP BLUE POOLS Katchakid pool safety net, is you kid safe? Katchakid has 100% safety record, 3 year guarantee. Deep Blue Pools, pool heaters/covers, pool tools,chemicals, springboards, slides, regualr cleaning pumps, filters. Prompt reliable service. Call 952 594 393 or 657 081 514. Email info@deep-b blue-p www.deep-b blue-p

WARM HORIZONS Ltd Local, National, European and international removals, storage and distribution. No job to big or to small Call (00 34) 952 499 337 or (00 34) 628 003 358 or email

GREEN DRAGON pool maintenance, chlorine free systems, repairs and problem solving, garden maintenance service also available. Call Ian on 650 200 040 or 952 455 282 SPLASH SWIMMING POOLS S.professional pool maintenance, new pool construction, renovations and repairs, quality pool furniture, great water games, inflatable rafts and islands, part packs, solar showers and more. Call 952 591 053

T-SHIRT PRINTING >> KESTRAL PROMOTIONS QUALITY PRINTING onto Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Caps and other promotional items. Vinyl signs and A-Boards. +34 952 499 208/660 941 578

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La Cala Hills Apartment

La Cala de Mijas Apartment

Ref: 28262

Ref: 26024 Well located 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom apartment in Torreblanca walking distance to train station and beach, wonderful sea and mountain views, property also comes with 2 garage spaces. Very well priced property. Viewing recommended!! Built: 70m2 Terrace 15m2. Total 85m2



Ref: 28506

Mijas Golf

Ref 30258


Fantastic offer for a large 2 bed 2 bath luxury front line apartment overlooking the new Golf Valley. Hot & cold Air-con, fully fitted kitchen. Communal pools & gardens. First quality materials & design. South West facing. Cheaper than from the Developer. Built: 93m2 Terrace 24m2. Total 117m2

Nice apartment on the Mijas Golf area. The property could do with some small renovation work but is in structurally sound, Communal Pool and Garden, Private terrace overlooking the pool. Orientation South. This property is sold fully furnished. Call for more information. 55m2 built, 7.5m2 terrace.



Ref: 30972




This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom well groomed apartment is situated in the up and coming area just next door to Mijas Golf. The apartment comes with air conditioning hot/cold, satellite t.v, internet access, storage, underground parking, video entry, THIS PROPERTY FOR THE PRICE WILL NOT BE AROUND FOR LONG. IT ALSO COMES FULLY FURNISHED!!!! Built: 96m2. Terrace 20m2


Francisco Lojilla


Los Pacos


Ref: 28744

Brilliant rental property in the heart of Fuengirola you are 150m walk from the beach and a 1 min walk to the famous fish ally, this property comprises of 3 good size bedrooms. The master bedroom has onsuite bathroom. This property is on the 2nd floor and has a sea view (just) from the terrace.

Beautiful new development in Los Pacos with fantastic sea and mountain views. The property has installed air-con in all rooms, communal pool and gardens, also there is a gym , sauna on the complex, the property has marble floors through out, Fitted kitchen, with bosh electrical goods, double glazing and a laundry room, alarm Includes parking. Built: 75m2 Terrace 20m2. Total 95m2



Ref: 30603

Lew Hoads Apartment

Ref: 30932

150m2 two storey Cortijo, quiet village, 9km from Montefrio. It needs only a little renovation. A typical style rural Spanish property with 4000sq mtr of land.

This elegant south facing 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Apartment right next door to the Lew Hoad Tennis Complex is on the ground floor and leads straight onto the community swimming pool. The lounge area and bedroom are very spacious and it comes with communal satellite TV. This property is in a great location for holiday rentals.




BANK VALUATION OF 695,000€ FOR SALE AT 449,000€ ono. This is a truly massive and luxurious front line golf penthouse which is situated in Riviera del Sol. This 3 bed 2 bath has 200m2 of living space and a wrap round terrace of 150 m2. On the terrace there is a private swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It also comes with 2 parking spaces and a store room. This is a must see property. Main terrace has been increased in level and wall has been reduced to give better view of the golf.

Call Now on +34 952 667 136 Jacinto Benavente, Edifico 3, Local 4, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain Fax: 952 667 137 email:

Calahonda Duplex Apartment

Ref: 26962



Ref: 27115

Mijas Pueblo

Ref: 29672


End of terrace townhouse 3 bedrooms 1.1/2 bathrooms on small complex situated in a great location only 300 meters from the beach and just 75 meters from the shops and bars. This property does need a new kitchen and bathroom and a good paint all over, once done, this property would make a great holiday home with very high all year round rental potential. 118m2 built 15m2 terrace.



Ref: 29921




This 2 bed, 2 bath penthouse has wonderful sea, Golf and mountain views, the property has two terraces, one of which is south facing and benefits from sun all day. It is difficult to find a property of this quality in the area. There is a bank valuation of €275.000 so obtaining a 100% finance should not be a problem. This property is being sold fully furnished. Built: 85m2. Terrace 15m2 Total 100m2

La Cala De Mijas


Ref: 29941 This 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment comes with Communal Satelite t.v air Conditioning Hot/Cold Video Entry and is in a great location for rental potential. Its also just around the corner from Miraflores Golf Course. This Apartment is priced to sell!!! 83M2 BUILT. 12M2 TERRACE




Very well priced duplex apartment. As you walk through the front door you come into the lounge to your right is the kitchen with an arch, also down stairs there is a toilet with shower room and storage cupboard. Up stairs consists of 2 double bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Front of the house is a small terrace with awning which has the sun on it for most of the day also has a little private garden for sun-bathing/BBQs. Nice community pool, very close to bars and restaurants and the beach, also very quite.

Riviera del Sol

c du


Miraflores Apartment

Ref: 30180

This 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment is not only in the best phase at La Cala Hills but is also in the best block. The apartment has satellite t.v, internet service (free),air conditioning hot/cold, parking and storage, and also this apartment comes fully furnished. 100m2 built. 22m2 terrace.

Beautifull spacious apartment in Miraflores. The complex has immaculate gardens and two pools one of which is heated in the winter. Property is south facing and includes Store room, Garage and totally furnished to high quality. Alarm and Aircon fitted. 98m2 built. 30m2 Terrace



Ref: 27769 This lovely townhouse is part of a small well kept community sharing manicured communal gardens and large pool area. The house it self has been updated and extended by the present owners and makes a perfect home for younger families as well as a great vacation retreat. The +50 m2 terrace enjoys spectacular sunsets and views over the white village of Mijas, the breakfast terrace has the morning sun! Lock up garage and off road parking. Nearby access to public transport and minutes from Mijas , Fuengirola and Benalmadena. Bank Valuation 404.000,€ 100% Mortgage Available! Built: 125m2. Terrace 63m2 Total 188m2


Riviera Del Sol Villa

Ref: 30186 Fantastic opportunity to purchase a front line golf Villa on Miraflores Golf Course, 3 bedrooms 3 ½ bathrooms., Lovely manicured gardens with private pool and garage. Aircon, large modern kitchen, 500m2 plot 280m2 built excellent views. 280m2 built, 500m2 plot


Costa Life Magazine #25 Mar 07  

Mar 2007 Issue 25 of the people's magazine for the Costa del Sol and inland Andalucia.

Costa Life Magazine #25 Mar 07  

Mar 2007 Issue 25 of the people's magazine for the Costa del Sol and inland Andalucia.