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The present investigation is about the application of educational text which links to the Spanish language Kichwa language and how it can help to develop verbal linguistic intelligence in children of second year basic education school "Juan Alberto Araujo, "with the application of different skills that encourage the development of verbal linguistic intelligence for students, developing in them attitudes that it let act them with more easy and development in the course of their lifes, respecting their customs, traditions As a student teacher the present research work to develop with the students of secondyear basic education. We made a Co relational research , to determine how the application affects the text "1 ....... 2 ............. 3 ... Rainbow of Knowledge, written in Castilian and Kichwa, was applied to ten teachers who work in the institution at the end of the application of the text, a questionnaire with 10 items which consisted in questions about the content of the text, to the students with work and with apply an observation sheet with the objective to know the results of the level of impact on communication, oral expression and comprehension of the meaning of the text. To show the results used statistics in which by means of percentages shown positive change in children with whom they work. As a result it has been established that there is a significant change in the level of development of verbal linguistic intelligence of the students who apply the text "1 ....... 2 ..... 3 ... Rainbow of Knowledge .., besides the use of educational text data were satisfactory in terms of the level of participation, development and interaction in different learning activities of students in second year of basic education school " Juan Alberto Araujo, for direct and open communication with the use of his native Kichwa language and the right used of the Spanish language skills were more attractive and better assimilated.

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