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The La Cala Lions in conjunction with the Classic Car Club of AndalucĂ­a are pleased to present

Sunday 21st Feb. At the El Chaparral Golf Club Car Show from 12noon See an impressive collection of classic cars from around the world and visit the many stalls.

(If cancelled due to bad weather the event will take place the following Sunday the 28th)

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Sex and the City


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The Rain in Spain 16&17

Burns Night

Siera Navadas 24

elcome to our 44th issue and as we are now into February already, how time flies when you're having fun. As the coast feels the economic pinch and we all have to knuckle down and do the best with what we've got, it reminds me of the saying "It could be worse it could be raining". I shouldn't have said that! The PADs animal shelter have had more than their fair share of water, like most of the other refugees, and in some cases they had to call the fire brigade to come and pump them out. This has only added to their many problems as the amount of abandoned animals has increased recently and their funds have been stretched to their limits. Any donations will help to keep the unwanted cats and dogs off our streets and in the safety of the shelters. On a lighter note, this is the month of romance and love, so book your restaurant table early as we hear on the grapevine both Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th are proving to be popular. The party people have already been in full swing at the Hotel Tamisa Golf again, see our sexy Scott's inside. Those that love to ski have enjoyed slipping about in style following the abundance of snowfall up in Sierra Nevada. Finally at the end of the month there will be a splendid Classic Car Show at El Chaparral Golf Course in aid of the Lions Charity why not join in the fun. Have a great February, we're planning to do so!

Read more in his new book which is now available from The Irish Card Shop in Fuengirola

By Stuart Wright


ow come on! If you're on holiday, the chances are that you will want to have a little lie-in on a few mornings. If you go on a bender one night then you will definitely want a lie-in because the chances are that you won't have even got back to your hotel until daft o'clock. What always happens when you want to stay in bed? There's a knock on the door whilst you are in a complete coma and you just ignore it. There's another knock on the door but you ignore that as well because you're so out of it that you don't even know if it is a knock on the door or whether it's that little (I'll teach you to get drunk) man inside your head with his great big sledgehammer and a gong. It always seems to happen on the morning that you want to stay in bed. The maid wants to clean your room first. You were so ratted when you got back to your room that you didn't even think to put the 'Do not disturb' sign on your door knob. In fact you were so blathered that you probably ate it! Some maids let themselves into your room if they don't get a response to the knocking and you can't blame them really. They have a job to do and the sooner they start, the sooner they will be able to go home to their family. I guess it's fair for them to assume that nobody is in the room if they don't get a response. Christ; I bet they see some right sights don't you? Most middle aged to older couples will not have this 'maid' problem but many younger couples do tend to go on benders whilst on holiday and I think I did it myself. What about the groups of guys who go on holiday for a stag do? Whooooooooooh! Its 9.00 am in the morning and Christina is just starting work on the first floor. There she is outside the first room (yours) with her cleaning trolley and she knocks on the door or rings the bell. Nothing! She knocks on the door again or rings the bell. Nothing! In goes the skeleton key and she opens the door. She forces the beer cans and half empty take away trays into the room from behind the door and walks in gingerly. 'Mama mia!' There's bodies all over the place and none of them have any clothes on. There's one guy with a sombrero half on his head, a half eaten pizza in one hand and his willy in the other. There's another guy with lipstick on and his eyebrows shaved off because his mates thought it was really funny to do that because he passed out first, one guy sat up asleep on the toilet with his shorts around his ankles, and then two more guys stark naked on the floor with their arms around each other because they were missing their wives when they got home and couldn't see properly. I bet Christina has a good look - I betcha!


Hemmingways & David's Bookshops in both Los Boliches and Benalmadena

Bookworld Espana and Morrisons Gibraltar

Also available online from Amazon, Waterstones

PAD Ladies’ Lunch & So Much More


akoras are fritters made with gram flour (chickpea flour). It is a much healthier way of cooking food in a batter, as the flour seals better than normal flour, absorbing less oil during cooking, giving a really crisp result. Nearly anything that you like can be coated in the batter and cooked this way‌.vegetables, potatoes, chicken or prawns, make a hot and spicy comfort food snack or appetizer. Pakoras can be made with plain flour. I made some chicken and potato pakoras, which were devoured with some, hot mango chutney. For the batter 140 g gram flour 3 green chillies, deseeded and finely chopped 2 tsp garam masala Approx 100 ml water 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp salt For the pakoras select: Chicken cut into bite size pieces (I marinated a chicken breast sliced, in juice of one lemon, 2 cloves garlic crushed and grated fresh ginger for about an hour, ½ tsp ground cumin powder and ½ tsp chilli powder.) Prawns, peeled and de-veined Small potatoes, sliced Variety of vegetables, such as courgettes, carrots, onions, spinach, finely sliced or grated Small mushrooms or large ones halved Method 1. Into a large bowl, place all the dry ingredients for the batter. Make a well in the centre, then gradually add the water, whisking well until you have a smooth, thick batter. Allow to stand for half an hour. 2. Heat the oil for deep-frying. 3. When ready to cook, dip the chosen ingredients into the batter and mix well to make sure it is well coated, then drop carefully into the hot fat. If you are using a mixture of vegetables, drop in about a dessertspoonful at a time. Fry four to six pieces at a time for 3 -4 minutes, until crisp and lightly golden. 4. Drain on kitchen paper and keep warm in a low oven until ready to serve. 5. Serve with your favourite chutney or a minty yogurt dip.


e l


t e

Protect and reduce the effects of dust, wind, noise and rain Create an all year round usable terrace Frameless glazing system Undisturbed views Specialist in manufacturing glass curtains Trade & Commercial Welcome References available upon request From quotation to installation you can be sure of a first class product and service from Elite Glass Curtains

E FREn r u o For yobligationow on no n call atio quot

952 830 503 or 630 625 085


N O V I A S Designer Bridal wear and Evening wear Also Dress Hire Kilts, Sporrans, Buckles & Kilt Pins. We have the largest selection of Evening Wear in the Malaga area. Tel. 952 58 09 76 Fax. 952 19 70 77 C/ Parroco J.A. Jimenez Higuero s/n Frente a Juzgados - 29640 Fuengirola


CITY at the Hotel Tamisa Golf


omen from all over the Costa and the U.K arrived in abundance to catch up on the 4th Sex and the City evening, which was hosted by Claire, the hotels P.R. and the owner, John Peach at the Tamisa Golf Hotel. And what a night it was! All the ladies glammed up to be presented on arrival with champagne and canapĂŠs, then to mingle and network over a prestigious three course meal. Later a fashion show was elegantly performed by Wendy of "Damaris" and her models who are pictured here in just a few of her designer fashions. Some of the men were allowed in to enjoy the final part of the night which ended in dancing to the extremely talented music of "Kat and Co" band from America. Some of the visitors took advantage of booking a room for the night at the Tamisa to end their evening in style. An evening with a spectacular difference and so much fun, was the general feel sensed from all the ladies. Well done Claire, a great night for the girls and great value for a bit of glam!

Costa Salmon Imports Suppliers of the Finest Scottish Smoked Salmon NOW AVAILABLE IN Iceland - Kwik Save Miraflores Supermarket Cornish Pride Calypso The Real Sausage Company Fuengirola Costaless Benavista


Ladies Fashion Outlet Newly Opened in La Cala All 100% cotton original designs in a relaxed easy to wear style

Already in France, Denmark & Greece and now in Spain. Family Business dating back to the 1700s. Suppliers to the top London Hotels, Restaurants and No1 stores in Knightsbridge. Salmon caughtFreshly every day in the Outer Hebrides and Faroes and then smoked for 18 to 20 hours to produce that special unique Scottish taste. EEC Approved Kosher Licence. Stock flown in on a daily basis. Sold at very competitive prices. Head Office in Riviera del Sol Fresh Smoked Haddock also available. Daily deliveries: 952 930 036 Mob: 617 932 263 / Email:

Opposite the information Tower. C/ Torreon, La Cala

Open 10.30 - 2.30. 5.30 - 8.30

Tel. 952599318


s you are all aware we have had a LOT of rain recently, which has filled the reservoirs with enough water for 2 years, which is very good news. However, because of the amount of rain and its ferocity it created problems for many including our Cat and Dog Shelters at Pads'.



bviously this has created financial "holes" for us which we would ask you to help refill. A piece of good news that happened during all this was we were bought 2 soaked baby goats. They were found alone in a waterlogged field by a man walking his dogs. Our Cattery Manageress took them home and bottle fed them through the night and gave them anti-biotics. The next day we managed to find the Shepherd and Adam and Eva were re-united with their distressed mother".


he first flooding was on Xmas Eve, late at night, when lots of people were thinking of Santa. Unfortunately all the staff and helpers at Pad's were praying for dry weather. The photographs show the problems that ensued. On the 29th of December, with the ground still sodden we were deluged again and the problems were repeated.

The methods of payment can be found on our Pads' Web-site:




MEETINGS AGAIN AT OLE RESTAURANT - LA CALA The Mijas La Cala Lions return to the Ole Restaurant in La Cala for their two-meetings-a-month on 10th February 2010 at 6pm. following the Christmas holidays. The meetings are always on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Anyone interested in becoming a Lion should contact Membership Secretary Paul Brabrook on Tel: 952 669 709. Volunteers to help in the La Cala charity shop are always needed. Contact Manageress Rosemary Brabrook on the same number to arrange an interview.

The Lions have helped to organise a special charity classic car meeting on Sunday 21st February from 12 noon at El Chaparral Golf Club. Come along to see a fabulous variety of classic cars from all over the world and visit the many stalls under the supervision of Lion Joy Wildbur. Call her on Tel: 952 471 457 should you wish to take part. A 3course lunch is available, with wine, from 1.30pm for just 20 euros. To book a table call the golf club direct on Tel: 952 599 433. Make this a pleasant Sunday out with the family to be part of and enjoy a page in motoring history. If cancelled, due to bad weather, then the event will be run on the following Sunday - 28th. February.



Iceland Employees Help Cudeca

€56,647 Raised in Cudeca's Collection Tins!


n the 13th December, Iceland employees, Dominic and Sam participated in a 5km sponsored walk in aid of Cudeca. Dominic's Dad sadly died of cancer in September 2008, and he was determined to do something in his memory and raise funds for the Hospice. Thanks to all their colleagues & friends who sponsored them, a fabulous total of nearly 400 euros was raised. Anne who works in the Iceland store café also raised funds for Cudeca over the festive period. She appealed for voluntary donations towards a Christmas hamper & then raffled it off in the store raising a fantastic 73€ from customers & staff. Cudeca sends sincere thanks to all involved for the invaluable support. Dominic is delighted to donate the money to such a worthwhile cause and is sure his dad would be proud". For more information on how to organise an event in aid of Cudeca, please contact the Fundraising department on tel: 952 56 49 10 or e-mail


Marisa Ballestracci with s Bea and Ed Thorington


espite the unfavourable economic climate, Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice still achieved an amazing total of €56,647 in their collection tins for 2009. The locations where they have their tins increased from 870 in 2008 to 909 at the end of December which hopefully will bring in more income this year. From Nerja to Sotogrande, Cudeca has tins in bars, restaurants, shops, private homes and 2 stand-up collection points at Malaga Airport. A team of hard working Volunteers are taking care of the tins all year round and as Marisa Ballestracci, Cudeca´s Tin Army General says, "our Volunteers deserve a massive thank you for the tireless effort they put in and I also thank the general public for their continued support. I also wish to give my sincerest gratitude to Richard Sturman and Hazel Pettit for counting the coins at the Hospice Centre." (If you would like to become one of Marisa´s Tin Soldiers, please telephone her on 952 56 49 10 or alternatively email at

SATURDAY 13th FEBRUARY 2010 (20:00h.)

MENU We have relocated to the lower sales floor in the Sunshine Golf building at La Cala de Mijas

Welcome Cocktail with Cava, Red & White Wine, Beer and Canapés 11

Cauliflower Cream-soup With Cod-fish Slices and Black Truffle Goose Pâté with Apple Mousse and Red Fruits Sauce Iberian Pork Loin Wellington Style with Red Wine Sauce and Sautéed Vegetables Strawberry Heart and Chocolate White & Red Wine, Beer (free till Midnight) Mineral Water and Coffee + Liquor PRICE PER PERSON: 42 € (VAT included)

HAIR AND BEAUTY SALON For Appointments please call Hair & Beauty 952-587-700 ext 28


TEL. 952 599 433

Welcome to the Golf Connection

La Cala Resort continues to be the biggest in Spain


or the fifth consecutive year, the Royal Spanish Golf Federation has confirmed that La Cala, with 60 holes, is the country´s largest golf resort. In total there are now 416 golf clubs in the country. Andalucia, with 102, is the region with the most clubs, followed by Catalonia with 46. Commenting on the announcement, La Cala´s Managing Director Denis Foley said: "We are delighted to be the largest golf resort in the country. Obviously Spain is one of the most important world markets in terms of golf tourism. Our aim has always been to be not only the biggest but also to be the best. Our 3 courses, Leadbetter Academy, hotel/spa and other facilities are the main reasons why clients invest in a second home at La Cala and become members of a vibrant community of owners. The Mayor of Mijas, Antonio Sánchez, has received the news with great pleasure: "This is a very important asset for Mijas, to have the biggest golf resort of the country and the leader in its sector. This positive influence for the municipality has been extended to the Costa del Sol and the facilities have recognition through all Europe. We are sure that La Cala Resort will continue to lead the way in promoting excellence in tourism. As the Town Hall, we continue promoting this area, for example in the new theme guides that we represent at FITUR, one of them is dedicated to golf and can be accessed by anybody around the world through internet." The news has also been welcomed by the Real Andalucian Golf Federation. "The RFGA is delighted that La Cala Resort continues as the market leader for golf resorts in the country. It shows the importance of Andalucía as a major golf destination and highlights the range of world class facilities in the region. La Cala has not sacrificed quality for size and the standard of its courses and facilities is evidenced by the number of prestigious national and international competitions held on its three 18-hole courses." The resort also is the location of the only David Leadbetter Golf Academy in Spain, an executive 6 hole par 3 course, a driving range and putting and chipping greens. For more information enter our website

European Tour leader honoured by La Cala Resort

Pablo Martín and the team from Galicia


Málaga's Pablo Martín has been presented with the La Cala Resort Junior Masters Player of the Year award at a ceremony to launch this year's Junior Masters, a prestigious inter-regional team event played every January. Pablo created history by being the first amateur to win on tour, when he captured the 2007 Estoril Open de Portugal. He turned professional a few months later but found the transition tough, struggling for form for almost two years before adding a second European Tour title at the Alfred Dunhill Championship in South Africa last month, the first event of The 2010 Race to Dubai. With a strong sixth place finish in the second event of the year, the South African Open, he now leads the 2010 Tour Rankings.

Fiestas and Siestas Miles Apart

By Alan Cuthbertson

Fiestas and Siestas Miles Apart is the humorous but true story of what happens when the Cuthbertson family decides to sell everything (including the family business), load the family car, and move from England to Spain …………………………………… Whilst Alan and Heather were making plans for the big move to Spain their daughters, Stacey and Ashlie, suddenly announced their plans to go back-packing around Thailand and Australia for a year, their only contact with them was via e-mail and texts.

he got them?" The heads were gross, about the size of a horse's head covered in dark-brown, coarse hair with sharp teeth and pointed tusks facing upwards on either side of the mouth. "He hunts them, last month they had a 'drive' down the valley and they shot seventeen of them." "You mean those things roam around out there?" I pointed over my shoulder into the countryside. "Yes. They're wild boar, but you're okay, they normally only come out at night time." My mind drifted back to me and Heather clambering around the night before as it was getting dark. I couldn't miss this photo opportunity. I went home, collected my camera, and knocked on Van Cleef's door. When I asked if I could have a picture taken with his trophies to e-mail home to my friends he was delighted. "Un momento," he said and dashed back indoors. Five minutes later he returned with all his hunting paraphernalia. Another five minutes later he was photographing me standing under the heads of the wild boar wearing a hunting jacket, matching hat, and two shotguns in my hands. When I sent the e-mail to my friends in the UK I put under it the caption: ME, TAKING IN THE WILD LIFE………OR SHOULD I SAYTAKING OUT THE WILD LIFE.

After buying the house of their dreams and making friends with their neighbour, Antonio, (Lee Van Cleef look-alike) Alan and Heather start to explore the local area.

What a Boar It wasn't uncommon for me and Heather to take a long walk after tea. In fact, most people regardless of age can be seen at different times of the day strolling along roads and country lanes. I was told that if you go to the doctor with an ailment the remedy prescribed is usually given as a 'distance to walk' each day.

On one of our after tea strolls we went a little further than we had expected and ended up cutting across the fields as the sun went down. The next day we were talking to our friends, Hugh and Sylvia, outside Lee Van Cleef's house when he brought out a couple of stuffed animal heads and hung them on his outside wall. "What's he doing with those?" I asked. "He's putting them outside while he paints the front room," Hugh answered. "I don't mean what's he doing with them I mean why has


As I left, Van Cleef invited me to take part in the hunt next November. The bar, if you had not already gathered, is the centre of village social life, as it is in most villages anywhere in the world. I had never had a pub I could call my local, a bar you can go into any day at any time and know there would be somebody to have a chat with. That was until I came to Spain. When we walk into the village bar the first couple of minutes are usually taken up with greetings from the people already in, and throughout the night greetings are extended to and from the people who come in afterwards. Our regular visits to the bar had enabled us to become friendly with a group from the village. I was going to say a family from the village, but this would have been less than accurate, because we later found out that just about everybody in the village is related to everybody else in one way or another. The locals are so generous that we found ourselves inundated with free drinks. Quite often at the end of the evening when we came to settle our bill, we would find that it was the equivalent of only one or two drinks, even

Burns Night at the Tamisa


nce again the Tamisa Golf Hotel celebrated Burns Night, or should I say Burns Nights? Due to such popular demand the party runs for three nights. As usual the evening was hosted by John Peach and was equally as spectacular as any in the past. The celebrations started off with the piping in of the Haggis and later the meal got underway accompanied with a wee dram o Whiskey, and Haggis was served with Neeps and Tatties in the traditional way. After the meal there was an amazing display of Celtic dancing, and then the guests were enticed to the dance floor


by a live band who rocked the crowd till late. While ever there is a Scotsman, there will be a Burns Night. Robert Burns author of many Scott’s poems including "Auld Langs Syne" which is now sung as a folk song at Hogmanay and other New Year celebrations across the world. The 25th of January is in fact the birthday of Robby Burns, the first Burns Night dates back to the 18th century in Ayrshire.


THE JOHN GADD APPEAL by Frank Bowles . Full Amount Raised and Paid. A cheque for 5.500 euros was recently presented at SomePlace Else, La Cala Hills to complete the amount needed for the John Gadd Appeal. This money has gone to rehouse John in a mobile home, complete with electricity, following his eviction just before Christmas. The money has been raised by local golfers over the last few weeks with a golf competition, a quiz night and a social evening at the Hotel Tamisa Golf along with a donation from the Mijas La Cala Lions. John told me: "I am such a lucky person! Friends of mine have just taken me from the brink of disaster to a standard of living beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful to everybody who has helped to make me so happy. Thank you!"


All Live Sports Shown Sky, ESPN, Showtime

Under new management SATURDAY NIGHT DISCO

Monday - Italian Night Tuesday - Curry Night

Every Saturday Global Radios very own Mark Peters spinning the wheels of steel from 8pm til late. Music for every ones taste

Wednesday - Steak Night

SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE Every Sunday Live Music from the best artists on the coast 8pm - 10pm Food served til 9pm

Thursday - Pizza Night Friday Fish & Chips ONLY 6.50

Eat in or Take Away. Served from 5pm Large freshly crisp battered Cod & Chips

Saturday - Weekender

Sunday - Sunday Roast ONLY 8.95 Choose from Succulent Topside of Beef, Leg of Lamb or Chicken, served with Roast Potatoes cooked in Goose fat, 3 Seasonal Veg and Gravy. Served from 1pm - 6.30pm - Booking advisable

Food Served Daily 9am till 9pm Open Daily from 9am till Midnight


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very short space of time. A key holder can ensure that the house is opened up prior to the clients arrival, so that your house is seen at its best, as soon as a client puts foot onto the driveway. Don't just rely on the agents … you can sell your house better than anyone. Take a look at · For a minimal fee of 150 euros, we guarantee you an advert not just on our website, but for 6 months on Rightmove Overseas, the largest overseas property advertising portal, with 25,000 hits on Spanish properties for sale per week…we give you the details of any enquiries and we take NO COMMISSION on a sale. The largest agents will all advertise your property on Rightmove because they know it's the best, but will still charge you at least 5% commission on a sale, and Rightmove themselves, will charge you £499 to place the same advert with them privately !! We cannot guarantee that we will sell your property, but we CAN guarantee that it will be advertised to at least 25,000 people searching for Spanish property every week…. And the only fee you pay will be 150 euros !!! It doesn't come better than that ! Look forward to hearing from you Melanie and Jan

Tel: 0034 663 852200 0034 693 708992

Aries Mar 21 - April 20 I know that there has been lot's on T.V. lately but you really must give the T.V. a rest. Try your local bar where you can watch theirs instead. Your T.V. definitely needs a vacation. TaurusApril 21 - May 21 Your love for comfort and food enables you to enjoy that special Valentines date. For those one's who are single just, eat for two. Gemini May 22 - June 21 So you're always in two minds about what to do. Toss a coin every time you need to choose. Just toss it in my direction and I can decide for you. Cancer June 22 - July 23 Other people admire you as you are a person that started out with nothing and luckily you have most of it left. Leo July 24 - Aug 23 You just love Boots don't you? Try to be a bit more adventurous and shop around, there are all kinds of chemists around the coast. Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23 "Well done" is what your friends will be saying to you this month. You invite them round for dinner but overcook the dish. Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23 There is never a dull moment when you are around. In fact it is dull all the time. Polish up your act a bit. Wear silver this month. Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22 I have finally found someone who can put a smile on your face. Look in the directory for a chap called Charlie the clown, he does great face painting. Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 22 You need to change your wardrobe as you are getting a bit bored. Try the new mirrored floor to ceiling ones, they make you look great everytime you look in them Capricorn Dec 23 - Jan 20 You thought you had lost weight the other night didn't you? No, sorry you picked up an identical coat to yours when leaving the party, just a bigger size. Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19 Why do we cry? You are always wondering, you always feel bitter. Make a fresh start and eliminate onions and lemons from your diet, simple no more tears. Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20 You feel like a fish out of water this month. I hear they have a fantastic range of salmon in the supermarkets, or go on a boat and catch your own.


ITV 1 STOP SHOP ITV due? Call us

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Marbella DUNNES Stores

KM 1.9 on the left after Motorway Cars

952 466 648 Coin Road

Camino de Coin, La Hacienda, Mijas Golf

952 492 646 662 303 033

Discount Warehouse


Mon to Fri 10 - 13.30. 17 - 20.30. Sat. 11 - 13

In the La Vega Garden Centre

Mijas Golf

The Tamisa Hotel

La Hacienda Complex

Bolcan Auto General Mechanic Air Conditioning Re-charge and Repair Fast Service - Exhausts - Tyres - Pre-ITV Computer Diagnostics

Mecanica en General - Aire Acondiciondo Servicio Rapido - Ruedas, Escapes - Pre-ITV Diagnostico Ordenador

952 492 443

Camino de Coin, La Hacienda Complex, Mijas Golf

Bolcan Auto LAVACASA


Thurs at 7.30

St. Anthony’s College

La Cala Hills

OPEN From 9.30am to 7pm Saturdays from 10am to 2pm

Just past the Tamisa Golf Hotel Cno. de Coin Hacienda de Mijas Golf

Tel 952 666 237

Road Closed Ahlaurin

La Cala Timber Buildings

Jean and Bev welcome you to their nest

Sunday 14th Feb. Valentines Day Special 2 Course Meal Free Glass of Cava & Entertainment A Romantic Afternoon for only12€ per person Book your table on 696 100 573 or 610 164 095

Thursdays Night Quiz with Ronan


Inc. Open the Box. 1€ per person Starts at 9pm.


Spanish Lessons for Beginners From 1st March Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 11am. To 1pm.

Food Available 7 Days a Week 1pm to 9pm

Tapas from 2.50€ Menu of the day 9.95€ Sunday Roast 1pm - 7pm

Happy Hour 6pm - 7pm 50% off Beers Wine & Spirits

Cafeteria - Bar Opening Hours:12pm to 1am Sunday Hours - 5pm to 1am


Menu of the Day Pizzas €5.50 Curries Hot Dogs INTERNET Fish & Chips Baguettes DARTS Hamburgers Visit our website

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sa C/T orr

Play a




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Bea ch

LIONS CHARITY SHOP LA CALA Clothing, Books, CDs & DVDs, Bric-a-Brac and Household goods. The shop is open from 10am to 2pm every day except Sunday.

Mercacala Bread freshly baked daily Organically grown Fruit and Veg. All at Low market prices OPEN SUNDAYS British Products at Fantastic Prices Next to the Lions Shop

Ladies Fashion Outlet Newly Opened in La Cala Open 10.30 - 2.30. 5.30 - 8.30

Tel. 952599318

Go Fresh Take Away Wonderful tasting, fresh deli food to take away, at great prices Telephone orders welcome for collection or delivery within the La Cala area.

View our menu on or call

69 32 25 081

Calle de Torremolinos 10, La Cala De Mijas. (Just up from the childrens play boat)


spa, salon, barbershop

Ladies - Roots retouch & cut & blow dry Only 38€ Gents Cut - now 10€ Tel. 952 493 377 Calle Cartama 35. La Cala Mijas Costa


By Stuart Wright


s it just me who didn't notice? It's only during the last few years that I have noticed many, if not most men, over the age of around forty five have got these man boobs. Have they always been there? It's a strange phenomenon this man boob thing. Not all of these booby type blokes are fat either. Is it something they have started to put into the water supply or do some men actually pay for a boob job these days? If so, they're being ripped off. Surely they don't pay for these sack type, baggy booby thingies do they? If they do, then it's obvious to me that cosmetic surgeons make a far better job of women than they do of men.

Top German Football Club trains at La Cala Resort


Feb 20th, Saturday Ladies Lunch With a difference at Molino del Cura, On the Mijas Road, there will be stalls of various kinds, Clothes, Jewellery, Pad merchandise, Pet toys etc. from 11.00, entrance 5€ inc coffee or stay for a Buffet Lunch 20€ March 7th Sunday Open Day at the Shelter Noon till 3.00 March 13th Saturday AGM At the Tamisa Hotel 1st call 4.00pm



orussia Mönchengladbach, one of Germany's top football clubs, has spent a week in mid-season training at La Cala Resort, Mijas, Málaga. Based in the eastern city of Mönchengladbach, the team plays in the first division of the Bundesliga and is one of the country's most well-known and successful sides. The team's head coach is Michael Frontzeck, a former German international. He said they were very happy with the January training camp and were particularly delighted to have a dry week and a pitch that was in excellent condition. He described the break as a good, short week at a resort that has everything that they required. "The pitch and hotel were perfect for our needs. We used the other facilities such as the gym and spa and have no complaints. It's very important to have a good week to set us up for the remainder of the season and we are now looking forward to that.” With over 40,000 members, Borussia Mönchengladbach is the sixth largest club in Germany and one of the bestsupported. A large number of these fans made the trip to La Cala and attended the daily training sessions hanging supporters' club flags around the perimeter of the pitch. They also enjoyed a social night with the squad.


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What´s On...

Sunday 14th February Valentines Lunch for 17.50 euros per person or Valentines Evening Dinner for 25 euros, with Live Entertainment at both events with the fabulous and well known Paul Ellis as "Frank Sinatra".

Sunday 14th March Mothers Day 17.50 euros lunch menu with Paul Ellis entertaining as Frank Sinatra.

Friday 19th February Jazz Evening Non-skiers can also take the gondola to Borreguiles and are rewarded with the most spectacular snow covered scenery. It's great to relax in the sun outside one of the restaurants whilst perhaps sipping a mid morning coffee or enjoying a light lunch and watching the numerous array of brightly coloured skiers and snowboarders, from the expert high speed and in control, to those who spend most of the time horizontal! Its tremendous fun participating or watching! There's a good choice of ski schools, with qualified instructors offering lessons for all levels. You can opt for either a group lesson or a private one-to-one. It is also very easy to hire all the equipment needed, with some very good offers on the website for ski packs - ski's, boots and lift pass and also accommodation, 5 star hotels through to cost effective apartments. There are many bars and restaurants dotted around the resort which are open throughout the day serving a selection of hot meals, snacks and drinks. At the end of day, when the pistes close, the après ski facilities in the village are excellent and there's nothing better than a warming 'lomumba' - hot chocolate with brandy - to relax those tired muscles and warm you through to your toes! Take a look at the website, and then head for the slopes or maybe put it on your 'must do' list for next season.

at 9.30pm - tickets 10 euros with first drink included. Contact Claire on 636561475 for more information.

Wednesday 17th March St Patricks Night International Irish Singer "Peadar Cowan" flying in for 2 nights plus The Celtic Dancers will also be performing a "Riverdance Special" : Tickets are 45 euros inc all wines & Dinner etc.

Yoga Classes with Emily every Monday and Friday at 11am12.30pm

Happy Hour Every Tues, Thurs and Sunday from 6pm until 8pm : Everything Half Price

Lets Talk Sex Every Thursday Night from 8pm (after Happy Hour) with Bonnie Saunders

Hotel Tamisa Golf Camino Viejo de Coin Km 3.3 29649 Mijas Costa (Malaga) Tel. 34 952 585 988 Fax. 34 952 663 893

Mike Hennell Reports on a Recent Visit


he snow came a little late this year to the Sierra Nevada ski resort. The season usually begins mid November but this year it wasn't until January that conditions were suitable for skiing and snowboarding. Located just south-east of Granada, a couple of hours drive from Malaga, Europe's southern-most ski resort is ideal for enthusiasts who want to enjoy a few days skiing, or just get away from the beaches to enjoy some sun and snow for a change! The drive to the resort is relatively easy, with perhaps the last half hour from Granada to the resort village of Pradollano, at 2,100 metres, the most demanding. However, the road is in good condition and generally kept clear of snow and the route takes the visitor through the most stunning mountain scenery. Adequate underground parking is available, giving direct access to Pradollano and the ski lifts. There are over 100 well prepared pistes, 16 green runs for beginners, 34 blue and 43 red for the more experienced and 7 black for the 'adrenalin junkies'! This resort really is perfect for beginners as well as the more experienced. The pistes are reached by some 22 lifts, including 2 gondolas, which take skiers from Pradollano to the main skiing area at Borreguiles - from there numerous chair lifts whisk you off in all directions, including the very top of the mountain, Veleta at 3,398 metres.


FORD FOCUS 1.6 AUT. TREND 07.2006 32.000KMS 11.000€ FORD FOCUS C-MAX 1.8 TDCI GHIA 115CV 21.12.2006 21.564KMS 12.000€ BMW X5 3.0D 182cv 14.05.2003 50.064kms 32.000€ OPEL VIVARO 2.5 CDTI 145cv 3.955KMS 17.10.2007 17.000 € OPEL ZAFIRA 1.9 CDTI ENJOY 120cv 03.2006 61.103kms 10.800€ FORD FOCUS 1.6 I TREND 100CV 30.09.2008 12.013KMS 12.000€ CHRYSLER VOYGER 3.3i AUTO.11/2003 106000KM 13.800€ HYUNDAI COUPE 2.7 V6 FX 10.2004 167cv 25.768KMS 11.000€

Cno. Coin s/n-29649 Mijas Costa FOR DETAILS OF THESE CARS CALL TODAY ON 952 46 80 49 / 46 14 73

Connection The Print

For further details telephone 695 155 085 or 616 061 553 or email for a price list


The Costa Connection Magazine can now offer high quality full colour printing at an affordable price. As businesses need to advertise their services more than ever, we are offering free artwork, fast turn around and quality to show your business at it’s best. From Business Cards to Brochures just ring

616 061 553 for a quote today

Recambios Open 9.00 - 14.00 16.00 - 20.00 Saturdays 9.00 - 13.30

Tel. 952 66 70 97 Tel./Fax. 952 58 15 32 AutoRecambiosZafra

Avda. De Los Lirios, No.15a Las Lagunas (Mijas Costa) Euro Markets Las Lagunas Avda. De Los Lirios Auto 40 Calle Azucena RecambiosZafra N3

For all your insurance needs, do it the right way. Motor insurance for UK and Spanish plates, home and contents, health insurance, pet, travel and commercial insurance. Established on the coast for over 7 years thousands of satisfied customers New Address CC. Las Postas Local 9 Calahonda 29649 Mijas Costa Tel. 952 934 963 or go on line

Right way Insurance... Insuring you, your family and your belongings the right way

A Classic Winter's Tale The Classic Car Club of Andalucia Enjoy a Winter Drive


ountain tops with a dusting of snow, waterfalls cascading down hillsides, ice covered rock pools and icicles on buildings…… perfect conditions for the Classic Car Club of Andalucia's winter car run. Under crisp, clear blue skies, indeed, the one clear day during some very stormy weather during the early part of January, the car club took full advantage of the fresh conditions to organise the seasons first car run of the year through some spectacular Andalusian countryside.

After a warming breakfast in Venta Caserio in Estepona the classics set off into the Sierra Bermeja and Serrania de Ronda mountains. The views were stunning, stretching for miles across valleys and pine covered limestone mountains. The colourful classics drove through several mountain villages; Jubrique, Algatocin and Atajate to the obvious delight of the villagers.

The return from Ronda to the coast offered everyone a dramatic change of scenery, the views were now across the clear blue Mediterranean with Gibraltar and North Africa in the distance……most impressive! After the excitement of the days motoring it was time for lunch, which was taken at the welcoming Restaurante El Rincon at the 5 Star Gvadalpin Hotel in Puerto Banus where club member and Restaurateur Garry Waite provided a first class three course lunch with fine wines and excellent service. If you own a classic car here in Spain and would like more information about the Classic Car Club of Andalucia then visit the website Alternatively, contact Club Secretary Linda at

though we had been in the bar all evening. This was because people would just ask the person serving to move some of our bill onto theirs. Others would walk past our table and put down a drink they had bought for us, smile and walk off. Some would think this Utopia but to be honest it made me feel very guilty; none of the locals were particular wealthy, or so I thought, and many would be up at dawn to go to work, whilst I would sleep in and do virtually nothing all day. To get around this, as soon as I went into the bar I would get a round of drinks in, for anybody and everybody who I thought might buy me one. One evening we decided to go to the next village to check out the bars there. I joked with Heather that at least

Pepe's Bar

we wouldn't have the problem of everyone trying to either pay our bill or ply us with drink. I ordered a couple of small beers and took them to the table. When we had finished and agreed to move on, I went to settle our bill. "No need," said the barman and he nodded to the end of the bar. Standing there, smiling, was the owner of 'Pepe's', the bar in our village where Heather felt uncomfortable and used to hide tapas in her handbag rather than admit she didn't like it. You may wonder why people don't just pay for their drinks when they buy them; well that's not how it's done in Spain, certainly not in the mountains. You don't settle your bar bill until the end of the night. Usually the barman will keep a running tab behind the bar and tot it up at the end. Quite often though, in the bar in our village, he will just ask what you have had and pick a figure out of thin air. Another one you just can't imagine catching on in the UK. " Honest gov. hic. I've only had two, hic, Cokes all night."

Fiestas and Siestas Miles Apart is published by Strategic Book Publishing The book is available from Alan can be contacted at

Female Cream Labrador Puppy with big brown eyes Lily Needs a loving home... Lily is 12 weeks old and has a lovely little character. She has had really bad luck with her owners, the first one just dumped her in a park when she was just 8 weeks old. This was witnessed by a passer by. Her second owner ran her over in his car. Unfortunately she was very badly hurt and the operation was going to cost 400â‚Ź, at which the owner said he would rather have her put to sleep than pay for the operation. FAMA was contacted and we took her in and paid for the operation. We now have her in a foster home - she is so beautiful and really deserves and a new life of happiness and fun. If you are interested in adopting Lily, please contact us at : Or any donations towards Lily's operation would be greatly appreciated.



Kylie Minogue

DUNNES STORES ALWAYS BETTER VALUE Mijas Costa Hiper Andalucia Fuengirola Centro Las Rampas Malaga Centro Comercial Larios Velez Malaga Centro Comercial El Ingenio Coin Centro Comercial La Trocha





The Fuengirola Charity Shop, Monday to Saturday from 10:00h to 13:00h.

Lions Club La Cala. Meet second & fourth Wednesday every month. Ole Restaurant, Los Claveles, La Cala at 6pm Tel.952 494 323

Age Care Association Help desk every Wednesday 10 am to 12.30 pm Manila Bar, Los Boliches. Help lines 691 761 088

The Good Companions Club, raises funds for CUDECA and meets every Tuesday at 11.30 am in Manila Bar, Los Boliches. Telephone 952494730


For further information Please call Paqui 615 196 378

For support in Breast Cancer Charity We have now managed to raise enough money for the transportation and it is now up and running if anybody would like more information call

Lorraine 670 004 422

Royal British Legion Every Monday and Thursday at Manila Bar, Los Boliches on Mondays and at Reginas Bar, Fuengirola Port on Thursdays.

Tel. 952 468 106

ALZHEIMERS Please Telephone Mati 952 464 426

FUENSOCIAL In aid of Handicapped children, Working hard to create better facilities and Day Centres

if you wish to support this charity telephone for more information.

Please call 952 473 345

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Costa Connection Issue 44  

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