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Alan’s Bit Are you ready for this Christmas? If you were in England you would have been urged to ‘get ready’ since August at least! If you were very organised you bought your cards and wrapping paper in the sales last January. But most people are still panicking even in December. It is a bit less frantic here in Spain because the Christmas hype starts much later. BUT the question is not just about presents and cards. What is it all about anyway? Jesus, the baby, was born over 2,000 years ago. Why should we be concerned in 2011? Does his birth make any difference? Well, first ask this as a personal question: Am I ready to respond to the love God showed in the birth of his only son? Is Christmas just an opportunity for nostalgia as we indulge in a few favourite carols and a bit of sentiment? What does the carol mean when it says ‘Be born in us today?’ Is Jesus alive in your life and does it make any difference? Secondly, we need to ask the Church whether we are ready for Christmas. I know that the whole Church will be rushing around organising everything and trying not to forget to visit everyone who expects a visit. But we have a much greater task. The Church should be shining into the world with God’s love. Let us share God’s peace and joy through our services and the way we care for one another. Thirdly, Is God’s world ready for Christmas? Well, there’s no doubt that much of our world is crying out for a bit of that love, joy, peace of which we sing. Maybe if we shared more of Christmas with those in need we would see his creation responding in thankfulness to God the creator. We might also find that we re-discovered the real meaning of that first Christmas when ‘love came down’ to us as a baby!


Chaplaincy House

For baptisms, marriage blessings, home

C/ Juan de Fuca 27, Urb. Beverly Hill, 29680 Estepona Tel: 952 808 605

and hospital visits, and for any pastoral needs...Call Alan on 952 808 605

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Items from the minutes CHARITABLE DONATIONS On a proposal by the Treasurer, the policy on charitable giving was redefined in two separate tranches — the Chaplain’s Discretionary Fund continuing at €2,500 per annum, and a tithing (10%) of annual income which by definition can only be established exactly at year end. Pursuant to this the Treasurer proposed an immediate distribution of €1,000 to the Mercy Ships and €1,000 to Caritas; both proposals were approved. There was unanimous agreement that (other than the Mercy Ships to which we have strong links) our donations should go towards helping local concerns like Emmaus and Caritas. FINANCE The Treasurer circulated a revised Budget which now forecasts a deficit of €7,000 for the year after inclusion of capital expenditure on a new car for the Chaplain. Reserves remain healthy; it is planned to move most of these to Solbank/Sabadell. The Treasurer and Vice-Chairman will take advice on another suggestion, that we should open an account in another currency (possibly Sterling) as a hedge against uncertainties with the euro. COLLECTIONS Collections from the Harvest Appeal go directly into Church Funds but it was suggested that identifying specific charitable aims might increase donations. The Remembrance Sunday collection at San Pedro will go to the British Legion and Sotogrande’s to the Help for Heroes. HOME GROUPS House group activities are functioning as programmed and by-andlarge going well. The Monday group led by Barry Mason in Estepona will shift on his departure to a Tuesday and take place at the Chaplaincy house. SABINILLAS Catherine Kemp and Debbie Tan have organised two successful ‘Celebrations’ in the Villa Matilda at Sabinillas and were planning a third in December (see opposite). The organisers have managed to make the right contacts in the local authority to be able to use the hall which is ideal and has easy parking at no cost. The PCC agreed that this initiative merits support. COMMUNION DISTRIBUTION It was agreed that Roger Richards and Malvin Preece be added to the list of Communion Servers at San Pedro. Canon Alan will confirm these names with the Bishop.


SABINILLAS ‘CELEBRATION’ Catherine Kemp reports that the November ‘Celebration’ in Sabinillas was on a theme of ‘peace’ and involved a dramatic portrayal of the rich young ruler’s search for inner peace. The Parasol Singers wished away loved ones on ‘Trains and boats and planes’, hymns and songs were enjoyed by everyone, while Linda told us her own story of how she decided to stop rebelling and to live God’s way. Readings and stories were followed by a feast of goodies and drinks to round off the evening.


Members of the PCC Chairman: Canon Alan Maude 952 808 605 Vice-chairman: Gordon Braithwaite Treasurer: Cathy Braithwaite Secretary: Douglas Allan Synod Representatives: Lorenzo Wilkendorf Barry Mason, Thea Horsey Electoral Roll Officer Bob Hilton Child Protection Officer Andrea Bennett Church Warden — San Pedro: Mavis Tolfree 952 792 454 Church Warden — Sotogrande: Ros Burns 956 695 178

The theme of December’s ‘Celebration’ will ‘Joy’ on (Sunday, December 4 at 6pm, Villa Matilde next to Supersol on the Manilva road, Sabinillas). The venue can be chilly in winter so dress accordingly and please bring a plate of finger food to share. Bring your friends! Everyone welcome.

Sotogrande Warden’s Group Ros Burns Rosemary Dale Nikki Van Wyck Penny Hale Lorenzo Wilkendorf


Douglas Allan Olwen Smith Ed Le Feuvre Roy Stoddard Alan Maude

Other members: Janet Humpidge Joan Thompson Malvin Preece Penny Hale

Representatives from the Gibraltar Methodist Church: Fidel Patron David Russell Mary Dolding


Olwen Smith Nikki Van Wyck Ed Le Feuvre Roy Stoddard



Concert of excerpts from the Messiah Sotogrande Church (8pm)

Parish Christmas Lunch at Estepona Golf (1:30pm) — Details from Joan Robertson



Services as usual — see pages 26/27

Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am)

Sabinillas ‘Celebration on the theme of Joy’ Villa Matilde (see page 5 for details) (6pm)

Methodist Service Sotogrande (11.45am)



Sotogrande Carol Service (7:30pm) — Details from Ros Burns

Sanyres Carol Service (11.30am)



Services as usual — see pages 26/27

Sabinillas Carol Service (7pm) La Iglesia Parroquia de San Luis (town centre)


International Carol Service — see page 13

Holy Communion San Pedro (11am Time change) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15

Holy Communion Sotogrande (11am Time change)

San Pedro Carol Service (5pm)


Diary SUNDAY, JANUARY 1 NEW YEAR’S DAY Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am) Methodist Service Sotogrande (11.45am)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8 Services as usual — see pages 26/27


Wow! What a success!

Services as usual — see pages 26/27

SUNDAY, JANUARY 22 Services as usual — see pages 26/27

This year’s Christmas Fair exceeded all expectations. Canon Alan writes...


This year we moved the Christmas Fair from Estepona to the Bel-Air Tennis Club near Cancelada. It was an act of faith as we had not held any event in that area before. We were delighted at the response. The Club were very generous in their help and many who came along to play tennis also came to the Fair.

Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am) Songs of Praise Sotogrande (11.45am)

JANUARY 30 – FEBRUARY 3 Archdeaconry Synod


Many people worked hard to make the event such a great success. But we must make special mention of our two organisers, Annie and Sheila (pictured above), not forgetting their long-suffering husbands, Peter and Tony. Thank-you to all who made the event such a great success.

Services as usual

Home Groups For information contact numbers are: Lorenzo & Margarita (956 792 151) Joan & Douglas (956 615 457) Chaplaincy (952 808 605) Yvonne Vince (952 883 685) Men’s Prayer Meeting (952 808 605)

More pictures page 14



Readings from Scripture for December—February December 4 Isaiah 40.1-11 ● 2 Peter 3.8-15a Mark 1.1-8

February 5 Isaiah 40.21-end ● 1Corinthians 9.16-23 Mark 1.29-39

December 11 Isaiah 61.1-3 & 8-end ● 1 Thessalonians 5.16-24 ● John 1.6-8 & 19-28

February 12 Proverbs 8.1&22-31 ● Colossians 1.15-20 John 1.1-14

December 18 2 Samuel 7.1-11 & 16 ● Romans 16.25-end Luke 1.26-38

February 19 2 Kings 2.1-12 ● 2 Corinthians 4.3-6 Mark 9.2-9

December 25 Christmas Day TBA

February 22 Ash Wednesday Isaiah 58.1-12 ● 2 Corinthians 5.20b-6.10 John 8.1-11

January 1 New Year’s Day Isaiah 61.10-62.3 ●Galatians 4.4-7 Luke 2.15-21

February 26 Genesis 9.8-17 ● 1 Peter 3.18-end Mark 1.9-15

January 8 Epiphany Isaiah 60.1-6 ●Ephesians 3. 1-12 Matthew 2.1-12

The Chaplaincy online FACEBOOK Our facebook name is CostaChurch and we can be found at

January 15 1 Samuel 3.1-10 ● Revelation 5.1-10 John 1.43-end

TWITTER We can be found tweeting at

January 22 Genesis 14.17-20 ● Revelation19.6-10 John 2.1-11

BLOGGING Our blog can be found at WEBSITE On the web we can be found at

January 29 Presentation of Christ Malachi 3.1-5 ● Hebrews 2.14-end Luke 2.22-40

Each issue of Welcome! can be found online at



Alfie Fripp, a very special man In June this year Anne Gibbs introduced her father, Alfie Fripp, to our Sotogrande congregation when he worshipped with us. It was on the occasion of his 97th birthday. Most of us were unaware of his fame as a survivor of the notorious Stalag Luft III POW camp, the scene of the biggest mass escape of World War 2. It was only when Anne asked if we had seen her father in a television programme with David Jason that I discovered he was so special.

Alfie (above left) at the RAF memorial to the 50 escapees who were executed, on the 65th anniversary of the Great Escape, and (left) at his desk in Stalag Luft III

Alfie – or Squadron Leader Fripp as he was during the War – joined the RAF in 1930 after being told by the Royal Naval College that he was too short to be a naval officer! He was shot down in October 1939 flying in a Blenheim as a navigator on a photoreconnaissance mission. Damaged in an attack by a Messerschmitt 109 the Blenheim hedge-hopped for half-an-hour on one engine towards Switzerland. When the aircraft’s remaining engine clipped a tree they crash landed and the crew was captured. Alfie spent more than five years in prisoner of war camps, including Stalag III. He was moved to another camp two months before the ‘Great Escape’; sadly the pilot of his Blenheim was one of the 50 escapees later executed on Hitler’s orders. Despite his advanced years, Alfie continues to be an after-dinner speaker, recently receiving a standing ovation at RAF Cranwell. Sales of his signed photos go towards the RAF Benevolent fund and this year, on November 11, he attended the Cenotaph remembrance accompanied by his grandson Julian. Penny Hale ■ Monday, November 28 (9pm) Alfie Fripps appears in a Channel 4 programme called ‘Digging the Great Escape’. ■ On his website – – you can find out more about this very special person.



International Carol Service

Christmas Fair tops € 3000

The date for the annual International Carol Service at the Parroquial del Virgen del Rocio in San Pedro was incorrect in last month’s WELCOME! The correct date is: Wednesday, December 14 starting at 5pm. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Receipts from the Christmas Fair held on November 20 exceeded expectations at over € 3,300. Organised by Annie Bates and Sheila Wilkinson, the Fair at Bel-Air Tennis Club was packed from opening at 11am till close at around 3pm and every stall did brisk business. As well as all the usual features there was a painting contest for children from Sotogrande, Laude and Aloha schools.

As usual the traditional lessons and carols will be in English, Spanish and German and the Collegium Musicum will lead the singing.

The local charities helped by our Harvest appeal

Thanks to everyone who came along and helped, to the management of Bel-Air Club, to the gentleman from Help the Aged who helped clear much of the leftover goods, and to Joan Thompson who ensured the event was well publicised in the English-language press.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this year’s harvest appeal in October. We have passed on gifts to Caritas in San Pedro, Emaus in Estepona, the local needy in Sotogrande RC parish, the Fransiscans and the Baptist Church in Algeciras. Please continue to bring nonperishable foodstuffs and other items to the Church services and we will pass them on. The need is so great that one week in October, Caritas ran out of food and had to turn people away hungry.

Málaga’s new chaplain St George's church Málaga welcomed their new Priest-in-Charge on November 11 when Rev John Henry Bowden was officially licensed. He is no stranger to the Diocese in Europe, having recently served as locum Chaplain to Bishop Geoffrey and previously was Priest-inCharge of Venice with Trieste in Italy. See page 15.

From the Registers FUNERAL November 4


Violet Ferguson

The editors would like to receive any pictures of yourself or f


fellow parishioners

The Christmas Fair was a cracking success thanks to lots of help from lots of people — too many to name, but here’s a few familiar faces. Thanks to all!


A stunned silence … and a few ‘wows’ Olwen Smith on her Home Group experience The Wednesday Morning Home Group meets, naturally enough, on Wednesdays at 11am at the home of Douglas and Joan Allan. We start with a prayer and over the months we have gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bible from the inspired DVDs of David Pawson entitled ‘Unlocking the Bible’. Each DVD covers a book from the Bible and David Pawson gives his in-depth interpretation based on his remarkable research and knowledge. Genesis left us speechless (but not for long) as he explained the perfection of the first chapter, and recently we have studied Ezekiel and again have had our hearts and minds opened. Other DVDs we have studied are from Christopher Hill whose words paint such vivid pictures, and from the American John Piper, whose animated delivery commands an audience to listen to every word. After each of these there is usually a stunned silence or a few ‘wows’, then we top up our herbal teas and the discussion begins. Our numbers vary but those who go really enjoy it and benefit from it. We finish at 1 pm. ● Did you know that ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ originated from the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans? ‘Hip’ is an acronym from the Latin Herusalem esta pulta meaning: ‘Jerusalem is fallen’, and ‘Hooray’ comes from Hu-raj – ‘and we are on the road to Paradise’? You do now!


Change for Charity Do you have spare coins lying around the house? We are collecting spare change to give to local charities. There will be a jar at the back of each church, or you can give cash to Roz (Sotogrande) or Cathy (San Pedro or at Sango’s office opposite San Pedro Post Office — 952 781838). Use your spare change to change somebody’s life!



Perfect day! Earlier this year Penny Hale offered a ‘day out’ as one of the lots in a ‘Silent Auction’ in aid of church funds. In September the winning bidders — Jeni Tipton and Mark Wozniak — took up their option starting from Penny’s Casares home. Penny takes up the story...

...For Jeni and Mark and their golden retriever Chas it was an opportunity to escape work for a day and explore new places. After a coffee we headed towards Gaucin, stopping at the Rio Genal, sparkling in the sunshine and still flowing well despite almost no rain since the spring. We paddled across to inspect a dam where otters can sometimes be seen. Another brief stop at the mirador overlooking Atajate perched on the steep mountainside gave Chas an opportunity to stretch his legs. Coffee and cake awaited us at Molino del Santo, an idyllic location beside a millstream. We reconnoitered the start of the beautiful 8km valley walk from Estación Benaoján to the next station along the line, Jimera del Libar. Cueva del Gato is hard to reach at the moment as the bridge, destroyed two winters ago, is still not repaired and Jeni stayed with Chas who has a bridge phobia anyway! I climbed down with Mark to look at the deep turquoise pool. A beautiful spot … I just hope they repair the bridge soon. Then we headed for the Valle del Libar which lies hidden above Montejaque, a valley John and I would never have found without the help of our Ronda friends Peter and Brenda Jones. It was a surprise then to encounter a lone vehicle coming along the rugged track in the opposite direction and to see Peter at the wheel. In time-honoured Spanish fashion we chatted through car windows but this time there were no other vehicles waiting behind us. Peter voiced his doubts as to Jeni and Mark’s sanity in choosing to spend a day out with me! The valley was a complete antidote to Jeni and Mark’s busy working life. Craggy peaks soared either side with Griffon vultures nesting noisily; Iberian pigs wallowed ecstatically in the mud around a water pump; sheep, goats, cattle and horses grazing on the extensive plain were all a novel experience. We picnicked in the shade of cork oaks before it was time to head home. Back at Finca La Molina, a drink on the terrace whilst Gordo, our retriever, played with Chas, completed an almost perfect day.



PC carol

Problem solving

Little donkey, little donkey on the dusty road Got to keep on plodding onwards with your precious load ■ RSPCA guidelines impose strict load limits for donkeys along with specified feed, water and rest breaks over set plodding periods. ■ The HSE strongly advise Mary and Joseph to wear face masks against the risks associated with the inhalation of road dust.

There was an engineer, an office manager and a computer programmer driving together down a steep mountain road. Suddenly the car’s brakes failed and it sped down the hill, out of control. Half-way down the driver managed to bring the car to a halt by rolling it against the embankment. They all got out, shaken by their narrow escape. The manager said: “To fix this problem we need to organise a committee, have meetings, and brainstorm our way to a solution.” The engineer said: “No, that would take too long. With my trusty Swiss army knife I will take the brake system apart, find the fault and correct it.” The programmer said: “You’re both wrong. I think we should push the car back up the hill and see if it happens again.”

Parcel parable A gracious old lady living in Sussex was sending an old family Bible to her brother in Scotland. When she presented the package to the post office clerk he asked: “Is there anything breakable in here?” “Only the Ten Commandments,” she replied.


Thinking Aloud IS IT A HAPPY CHRISTMAS? Is it a Happy Christmas for over one million young people unemployed in the UK? Is it a Happy Christmas for the 43% of young people in Spain without a job?


AND WAS THE FIRST CHRISTMAS OF ALL A HAPPY ONE FOR TWO YOUNG PEOPLE? A young man, Joseph, with his heavily pregnant fiancée Mary, had to walk 64 miles in the cold from their home town Nazareth to Jerusalem in order to register for taxation with thousands of others. When they got there, there were no rooms left. They had to put up in a stable, an out-house of an inn. Father Maurice You would have thought that someone would have helped them. But, no, some would have said: “They’re a young unmarried couple” or “To be born by the Holy Spirit! Pull the other one!” No, I don’t think Joseph and Mary were at all happy on that first Christmas night... UNTIL THE BABY JESUS WAS BORN! Shepherds came into the stable and said: “An angel has just told us that your baby is born to be the Saviour of the world.” THAT FIRST CHRISTMAS IMMEDIATELY BECAME A WONDERFULL HAPPY CHRISTMAS FOR TWO YOUNG PEOPLE, JOSEPH AND MARY. But what about those more than one million young people unemployed in the UK? Or of that 43% of young people without jobs in Spain? A prayer for them: Dear Jesus, Saviour of the world, you were born of young people in a stable the first

Christmas, we pray that this Christmas we and our leaders may be so ashamed of the millions of young people who are without a job, that we will move heaven and earth to get them work. AMEN

Enough to know the Master is there As he was preparing to leave the doctor’s, a sick man confessed he was afraid to die. He knew the doctor was a Christian so he added: “Tell me, doctor, what lies on the other side.” Quietly the other replied: “I don’t know.” The man was dismayed. As the doctor held the handle of the door, there was a sound of scratching from outside and when he opened it his dog sprang into the room, leaping on him with an eager show of gladness. Turning to the patient, the doctor said: “My dog didn't know what was inside the room, except that his master was here and he sprang in without fear. I don’t know what’s on



Our Sunday Schools meet every week during the morning services at San Pedro and Sotogrande. Why not bring your young ones along?

San Pedro — ‘God provides’ During services in November the Sunday School at San Pedro focussed on ways God provides for us. Some sessions were about God providing through Elisha the prophet. One story the children heard was about a women whose husband died and all the debtors came wanting their money (2 Kings 4:1–7). The woman was very poor, in fact she only had a little oil left for her and her two sons and no money at all. Elisha told her to fill as many pots as she could, then sell the oil to pay the debts. She filled and filled the pots and the oil did not run out until she had filled every pot she could find. God provided for her. Children of different ages love being The children in Sunday Club talked about God involved in activities together. providing for our needs and then with some air dry clay, they all made clay San Pedro helpers: pots to take home. During Advent the theme will be: Good news for everyone — Hear the good news of Christmas and join in celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Marjorie Maude ● Sheila Wilkinson ● Janet Humpidge Call Janet for details: 952 762 348


Getting stuck into Christmas cards

Activities for children at the chaplaincy’s Fair included a stall where children could make their own Christmas cards. This was organised by the Sotogrande Sunday Club and seen here is one of the organisers, Caroline, along with Arthur and Emily among others, all having a great time.

Sotogrande helpers: Margarita Wrann Hartmann â—? Claudia Compiled by Andrea Bennett, Child Protection Officer for the Anglican Church of the Costa del Sol West

and Ed le Feuvre Call Margarita for details: 650 965 677


HOW TO There are two congregations in the Chaplaincy One is based on San Pedro, the other on services at either location.

San Pedro congregation

Services at San Pedro are held in a hall adjoining the Parroquial del Virgen del Rocio, a Roman Catholic church at the western end of the town. Services of Holy Communion are held every Sunday morning. Services begin at 10.15am.

After the Service we meet for coffee in the Ruta de la Plata café

Major roadworks in San Pedro are disrupting traffic and the A7 at the point on the map is closed to East-West traffic.

The San Pedro team Mavis Tolfree (Church Warden) Gadjia Burne (Sacristan) Joan Robertson Cathy & Gordon Braithwaite Carlos Llorente Margaret Bennecker Janet Humpidge Annie Bates Pamela Alba Barry & Ethne Mason Martin & Cindy Holmes Yvonne Vince

From Estepona and Marbella—Traffic is Marbella diverted along a temporary ‘by-pass’ south of the A7. Following signs for ‘Glorieta del Ingenio’ will bring you to what was the original roundabout on the main road at Km 170 . Continue northwards and follow the map. Parking is plentiful in the streets close by the church. The Sunday Club for children is held in the same building.

Fred Wallis


FIND US of the Anglican Church of the Costa del Sol West. Sotogrande. You are very welcome to attend In charge is CANON ALAN MAUDE Services at Sotogrande are held in La Iglesia de Nuestra Sra. de la Merced (the ‘Big church’). Many members of the congregation participate in both Methodist and Anglican services. ■ 1st & 3rd Sundays — Methodist Service ■ 2nd & 4th Sundays — Holy Communion ■ 5th Sundays — Songs of Praise Services begin at 11.45am

Sotogrande congregation

The ‘Big church’ is visible from the A7 autovia. Exit the A7 at Km 130 and take the coast-side service road heading northeast. This brings you to a roundabout . Take the first exit (right). Pass the security point barriers and go straight on for about 200m. On the right-hand side there is the first of a series of white-on-blue signs to the ‘IIGLESIA’. Follow these through a large housing development to reach the church and its large car park.

The Sotogrande team Ros Burns (Church Warden) Paul Martin, Penny Hale Diana von Ahlefeldt (Sacristan) Lorenzo Wilkendorf Douglas Allan Olwen Smith Roy & Di Stoddard Rosemary Dale Debbie Tan Cindy & Martin Holmes

Join us for coffee after the service at the back of the church


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Welcome! December 2011 / January 2012  

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