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Saturday November 19 New Venue this year! Near Cancelada — see p 14 for full details



Alan’s Bit God is good; let’s sing and shout it! We often sing this chorus with our children, but it’s true for adults as well. We want to thank God for his goodness over the harvest period just past. As a church we have enjoyed praising God for his goodness in our services and also saying thank you to many people who have given to our Harvest Appeal. We are also looking forward this month to several important events. Of course, many of us will want to remember the special people who work for us in the Forces to bring peace to our conflict-torn world. For more people than ever there is a personal note to these memories. No longer are we confined to remembering two world wars. We remember today’s conflicts in different parts of the world where different allies work together and often are injured or die together. Don’t forget our Christmas Fair on November 19. It sounds as if it will be extra special this year. There is an article later in the magazine. The last Sunday of the month is Advent. This is the beginning of a new church year and it heralds a period when we are encouraged to look at Jesus – the Babe of Bethlehem, the Saviour of the world and the coming King of all creation. Why don’t you spare a few moments each day to think about him and to prepare your life to celebrate again the great event of Christmas? Finally, in looking forward, you will see the dates for our Christmas services and Carol Concerts. Please join in the festival!


Chaplaincy House

For baptisms, marriage blessings, home

C/ Juan de Fuca 27, Urb. Beverly Hill, 29680 Estepona Tel: 952 808 605

and hospital visits, and for any pastoral needs...Call Alan on 952 808 605

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Items from the minutes SOTOGRANDE WARDEN’S COMMITTEE MEETING — SEPTEMBER FINANCE Finances have improved in Gibraltar and the Methodists will be happy to contribute again to the rent of the Sotogrande church; deductions from collections should recommence in October. The Warden reported additional funding from the Treasurer which, after disbursement of normal organist’s fees, had left her with the sum of €504.07. She was encouraged to spend the 7 cents wisely on a charity of her choice! CAM Bank have closed their office in Sotogrande but the church has an account with Banco Sabadell/Atlantico and collections should be deposited there in future. The Warden has account number details etc. PAST EVENTS The P.G. Wodehouse evening was voted a great success. A gentle arm-twisting was begun on Roy vis-a-vis another skit for the Christmas lunch. The visit of the Rooke Band was also another triumph followed by a very enjoyable shared lunch at the home of Ed and Claudia le Feuvre. Summer arrangements had worked well on all counts and principally in terms of Services and Sunday School. David and Anne Stuart Smith and Nikki deserved grateful thanks. FUTURE EVENTS House Groups will all be restarting with immediate effect. Alan Maude would also like to arrange meetings to take on the Just 10 programme in two bites of five weeks before and after Christmas. How these will be organised remains pending. AWAY DAY The idea for an Away Weekend as opposed to an Away Day had produced limited response. An alternative suggestion was for attendees to have the option of staying overnight if they wished. Alan and Lorenzo will investigate the YWAM facility in Torremolinos as a possible venue. SOUND AND PREMISES The Warden mentioned she had found a website with a variety of sound systems which might resolve the problem in Sotogrande church. The difficulty is not so much money as discovering something that actually works. CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE The couple who had seemed likely candidates for a church youth leadership role now look less likely, as the husband had had a pacemaker fitted.


SABINILLAS Alan Maude reported that he would be having a meeting with Debbie Tan, Cathy Kemp and David Russell to review developments in Sabinillas. The SWC felt that house groups together with the occasional major celebration were undoubtedly the way forward.


METHODIST SERVICES The Warden expressed concern over church attendance during the summer. The meeting felt that the Anglican problem was probably seasonal.

Members of the PCC Chairman: Canon Alan Maude 952 808 605 Vice-chairman: Gordon Braithwaite Treasurer: Cathy Braithwaite Secretary: Douglas Allan Synod Representatives: Lorenzo Wilkendorf Barry Mason, Thea Horsey Electoral Roll Officer Bob Hilton Child Protection Officer Andrea Bennett Church Warden — San Pedro: Mavis Tolfree 952 792 454 Church Warden — Sotogrande: Ros Burns 956 695 178

GUADIARO Ros said the Catholic church in Guadiaro no longer held mass at times inconvenient to ourselves and suggested it might be worth looking at as an alternative to the ‘big’ church as it is the right size, parking seems easy and sound problems may be diminished. Lorenzo and Douglas were asked to contact Padre Agustin.

Sotogrande Warden’s Group Ros Burns Rosemary Dale Nikki Van Wyck Penny Hale Lorenzo Wilkendorf


Douglas Allan Olwen Smith Ed Le Feuvre Roy Stoddard Alan Maude

Other members: Janet Humpidge Joan Thompson Malvin Preece Penny Hale

Representatives from the Gibraltar Methodist Church: Fidel Patron David Russell Mary Dolding


Olwen Smith Nikki Van Wyck Ed Le Feuvre Roy Stoddard

Chaplaincy SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30


Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am)

Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am)

Holy Communion Sotogrande (11.45am) Joint Songs of Praise & supper Estepona Golf. Details from Joan Robertson (6:30pm)

Holy Communion Sotogrande (11.45am)



Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am)

CHRISTMAS FAIR — see p14/15

Methodist Service Sotogrande (11.45am) Sabinillas ‘Celebration on the theme of Peace’ Villa Matilde (next to Supersol on the Sabinillas to Manilva road) (6pm) Date provisional, please check

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20 Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am) Methodist Service Sotogrande (11.45am)



Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am)

PCC Meeting (5pm)

Holy Communion Sotogrande (11.45am) FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11


Welcome Service for new Chaplain at Malaga (4pm) See notice boards for details

Holy Communion Sanyres Home (11am)



SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17 Parish Christmas Lunch at Estepona Golf (1:30pm) — Details from Joan Robertson


Concert of excerpts from the Messiah Sotogrande Church (8:30pm) — Details from Ros Burns

Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am) SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4

Methodist Service Sotogrande (11.45am)

Services as usual — see pages 26/27 Sabinillas ‘Celebration on the theme of Joy’ Villa Matilde (next to Supersol on the Sabinillas to Manilva road) (6pm) To be Confirmed

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20 Sanyres Carol Service (11am)



Sotogrande Carol Service (7:30pm) — Details from Ros Burns

Sabinillas Carol Service (7:30pm)



Services as usual — see pages 26/27

Holy Communion San Pedro (11am Time change) WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14

Holy Communion Sotogrande (11am Time change)

International Carol Service — see page 13



San Pedro Carol Service (5:30pm)

Holy Communion San Pedro (10.15am) Methodist Service Sotogrande (11.45am)

Home Groups

Look back and thank God Look forward and trust God Look around and serve God Look within and find God!

For information contact numbers are: Lorenzo & Margarita (956 792 151) Joan & Douglas (956 615 457) Chaplaincy (952 808 605) Yvonne Vince (952 883 685) Men’s Prayer Meeting (952 808 605)

Submitted by Nita Marsh



Readings from Scripture for November to January November 6 Amos 5.18-24 ● 1 Thessalonians 4.13-end Matthew 25.1-13

January 1 New Year’s Day Isaiah 61.10-62.3, Galatians 4.4-7, Luke 2.15-21 January 8 Epiphany Isaiah 60.1-6, Ephesians 3. 1-12, Matthew 2.1-12

November 13 Zephaniah 1.7 & 12-end 1 Thessalonians 5.1-11 ● Matthew 25.14-30

January 15 1 Samuel 3.1-10, Revelation 5.1-10, John 1.43-end

November 20 Christ the King Ezekiel 34.11-16 & 20-24 Ephesians 1.15-end ● Matthew 25.31-end

January 22 Genesis 14.17-20, Revelation19.6-10, John 2.1-11

November 27 Advent Sunday Isaiah 64.1-9 ● 1 Corinthians 1.1-3 Mark 13. 24-end

January 29 Presentation of Christ Malachi 3.1-5, Hebrews 2.14-end, Luke 2.22-40

According to Wikipedia, ‘Advent’ comes from the Latin ‘adventus’ which in turn is a translation of the Greek word ‘parousia’, used in reference to the Second Coming of Christ.

The Chaplaincy online

December 4 Isaiah 40.1-11 ● 2 Peter 3.8-15a Mark 1.1-8

FACEBOOK Our facebook name is CostaChurch and we can be found at

December 11 Isaiah 61.1-3 & 8-end ● 1 Thessalonians 5.16-24 ● John 1.6-8 & 19-28

TWITTER We can be found tweeting at BLOGGING Our blog can be found at

December 18 2 Samuel 7.1-11 & 16 ● Romans 16.25-end Luke 1.26-38

WEBSITE On the web we can be found at

December 25 Christmas Day TBA

Each issue of Welcome! can be found online at



Some of the participants at the first celebration — more pictures on p16

Great start for Sabinillas celebrations A Harvest celebration in Sabinillas last month marked the start of something new for the Costa del Sol West. One of the organisers, Catherine Kemp, stresses that this is not a new church, more a community event for people interested in exploring the spiritual dimension to life. It was held in a secular building to attract non-believers as well as traditional church people. Catherine explains that the occasion was not a service but “a live presentation of local choirs, groups and individuals doing different activities with a Christian influence, mixed in with traditional harvest hymns for people who may never even have been in a church, but who enjoy singing.” Last month’s celebration was a thanksgiving party. Held on Sunday, October 9, it was bi-lingual with participants welcomed in English and Spanish by Catherine and Lorenzo. The venue –Villa Matilde in Sabinillas – was made available by the Mayoress of Manilva. There was an interval for food and drink on the terrace as the sun went down, and the surrounding gardens provided the perfect backdrop. Canon Alan and Father Maurice both participated, there was an enactment of the wheat and tares parable and a talk by a local Jewish writer about the Day of Atonement. At the end € 230 was collected for the Mercy Ships charity. The aim is to make the celebration a monthly event on each first Sunday with a different theme each time. The next one (provisionally on Sunday, November 6), has as its theme ‘Peace’. There will be a chance to enjoy the Parasol Singers of Manilva, a skit featuring a talking camel, and readings and talks on ‘Remembrance, War and Peace’. Everyone is invited to bring a plate of food to share at the buffet supper at which they will be able to meet new people and share their own thoughts on peace. The venue will be the same (Villa Matilde, next to Supersol on the road to Manilva from Sabinillas) starting at 6pm. The theme for the December celebration will be ‘Joy’.



This year’s International Carol Service details

Another big ‘0’ birthday George Grice (right), former Church Warden at Sotogrande, will be celebrating his 70 birthday on October 30. He and Janet will be on a cruise on the day. A very happy birthday to him!

This year there are no fewer than five special carol services at five different venues — see Diary page 7. These include the usual Chaplaincy services plus the famous International Carol Service which, for the second time, will be held at the Parroquial del Virgen del Rocio church (the ‘host’ church to the Chaplaincy’s San Pedro congregation in Avda. Virgen del Rocio).

Sanyres numbers grow The number of people attending the services held at the Sanyres home in Puerto Banus is growing. Held on the last Tuesday of each month, the service has had a positive response from many of the residents, some of whom previously attended Chaplaincy services.

This wonderful new church was used for the event for the first time last year; previously it was held in a church in the centre of Marbella. The new venue proved a great success.

Thanks go to the regular team of supporters who join Alan and Marjorie there — in particular Pamela and Roger and musicians Cindy and Martin.

Once again the nine lessons will be read in English, Spanish and German and the Collegium Musicum will perform, conducted by Annemarie Philipps with organist Delyth Bressington. This year the junior choir of St George’s British School, Malaga, will also take part.

From the Registers BAPTISM October 9

The date is Wednesday, December 15 starting promptly at 5pm. Organised as always by Fred Wallis, there is no admission charge but there is a collection to cover expenses.

Izellah-May Guyon


Linda Gray & Malvin Preece

FUNERAL October 6


Charmaine Spencer

Before the Day

Saturday, No

Please help by... Donating Tombola prizes Every year the Tombola is one of the key stalls at the Christmas Fair and prizes — bottles, confectionary, cosmetics, and any other compact gifts — are urgently needed Making mince pies Mince pies, cakes, buns are another sure-fire success at the Fair; please let the organisers know what you are able to bake and bring

Opens 1

Bring along books All books in reasonable condition are needed — hardbacks, paperbacks, audio — as these sell well and are a big draw Donating Raffle prizes Items that are especially good are vouchers from local businesses — please ask your favourite restaurant, hair/beauty salons, garages, etc if they can help ALSO NEEDED... Toys, bric-a-brac, good quality second-hand clothes, puzzles, jewellery, DVDs, CDs, etc Ideally, please bring all your items to the venue — Bel Air Club — on Friday, Nov. 18 AFTER 3pm


Sheila (952 817 107 or 6

Annie (952 815 803 or 60 THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF THE


ovember 19


On the Day

Come Along...and bring your friends Bel-Air Club de Tenis is the new venue for this year’s Fair. The Club has been very generous and deserves all the support we can give it. The accommodation is very attractive and easy to get to — exit the A7 at Km 165/166 (Signed to Cancelada) then just follow the map & signs. There’s plenty of easy parking too. ATTRACTIONS include: Father Christmas Lots of stalls Competitions Wheel of Fortune Mulled wine & mince pies Aloha International School Choir Bel-Air BBQ* A Schoolchildren’s Art Competition

609 934 249)

07 803 971)

* We would like to thank the management of Bel-Air for volunteering to donate all profits from the Barbecue on the day to the Church



The crowds flocked to a new ’celebration’ in Sabillinas in October — a mix of talks, songs and drama (see page 11). Held at Villa Matilde the organisers hope it will become a regular event.

Sheila, Alan, Annie and Gadjia on a ‘recce’ of Bel-Air Club de Tenis ahead of this month’s Church Christmas Fair, being held there for the first time this year — see page 14


Change for Charity Do you have spare coins lying around the house? We are collecting spare change to give to local charities. There will be a jar at the back of each church, or you can give cash to Roz (Sotogrande) or Cathy (San Pedro or at Sango’s office opposite San Pedro Post Office — 952 781838). Use your spare change to change somebody’s life!



Babes in arms… Natalie & James Guyan (above) with baby ‘Izzy’ whose baptism at Sotogrande in October provided plenty of photo opportunities. Right: Meanwhile in San Pedro, the Harvest service provided the Sunday school with a theme for posters.



Parable of the four worms

High finance A businessman walked into a New York bank and said he was going to Europe for two weeks and needed to borrow $5,000. The loan officer said they would need some security so the man handed them the keys to a Rolls Royce that was parked out front. Everything checked out and the loan officer accepted the car as collateral and an employee then drove the Rolls into the bank’s underground garage. Two weeks later the man returned, repaid the $5,000 plus interest of $15.41. The loan officer said: “Sir, we appreciate your business but we’re puzzled. We did a check and found that you’re a millionaire. Why would you bother to borrow $5,000?” The businessman replied: “Where else in New York can I park my car for two weeks for fifteen bucks?”

A minister decided that a visual demonstration would add emphasis to his sermon. So he put four worms into four separate jars: the first into a jar of alcohol, the second into a jar of cigarette smoke and the third into a jar of chocolate syrup. The fourth worm he put into a jar containing good clean soil. At the conclusion of the sermon, the Minister reported the following results: the worm in alcohol was dead, the worm in cigarette smoke was dead, the worm in chocolate syrup was dead but the fourth worm, the one in good clean soil, was alive! So the Minister asked the congregation, what was the moral of the tale? An elderly lady sitting in the back raised her hand and said: “As long as you drink, smoke and eat chocolate, you won’t get worms!”

Who else? An elderly man was stopped by the police around 2am and asked where he was going in the small hours. The man said: “I’m on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late.” Unimpressed, the officer asked him: “Really? And who’s giving that lecture at this time of night?” The man said: “That would be my wife”.

Submitted by Penny Customer in a bookstore: “Where’s the selfhelp section?” Sales assistant: “If I told you that it would defeat the purpose.”




Every day hungry men women and children are fed by the ‘Emmaus’ food bank project in Estepona, something which would have been inconceivable just a year or so ago. Due to the crisis caused by the money bankers, many people in Estepona cannot afford food to eat. Emmaus is a world-wide Christian-led organisation. Normally it functions in very poor areas but the need in Estepona is great with the high level of Father Maurice unemployment especially amongst young people. You will find Emmaus just near one of the ancient towers, past Supersol above Estepona port. The Council have given the accommodation and a hotel the catering equipment. The rest is up to us. The greatest need is for milk, oil and sugar which will be gratefully received. If you go to San Pedro services you can bring milk, oil or sugar along and we will be pleased to take your gifts to Emmaus for you. Just speak to Mavis, the San Pedro Churchwarden. Or at Sotogrande talk to Ros, her opposite number, about their arrangements. THE GOSPEL CONTINUES: “When was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food or thirsty and gave you drink?” “Just as you did it to one of the least who are members of my family, you did it to me.” AND SO TO SAN PEDRO... Who would believe that San Pedro, a part of prosperous Marbella, would have the need of a food bank. But there are people who cannot afford a daily meal in San Pedro. So Caritas, another international Christian organisation, is setting up a food bank in the town. Kathy Braithwaite, our church treasurer, will have further information of help that can be given to get this food bank off the ground. “Just as you did it to one of the least who are members of my family, you did it to me”. Further info. Emmaus is an international charitable movement founded in France in 1949 by a priest, Abbé Pierre (left), to combat poverty and homelessness. Since 1971 it has operated under a parent organisation, Emmaus International, now run by Jean Rousseau, representing 310 groups in 36 countries, offering a range of charitable services. These days Emmaus is not a religious organisation, but it has kept the name because of its symbolism. The biblical story, found in Luke’s Gospel, describes how two men saw the resurrected Jesus at the town of Emmaus and so regained hope. Today Emmaus embraces people from all backgrounds. Information courtesy Wikipedia: Wikipedia Picture courtesy Studio Harcourt Paris



Our Sunday Schools meet every week during the morning services at San Pedro and Sotogrande. Why not bring your young ones along?

San Pedro — ‘Harvest Thanksgiving’ The children at San Pedro were kept very busy, beginning the service as helpers to receive and display the harvest gifts from the congregation. They then heard from Luke 12 v13 –21. Jesus tells a crowd the story of a man whose harvest is very good and so decides to build a bigger barn to store the grain, thinking that he could then rest and have a good time. Jesus explains that God will provide for us if we trust in Him. The children were encouraged to think of the things that we need to thank God for; food, our families and friends. With these San Pedro helpers: in mind they made three large posters which were Marjorie Maude ● Sheila Wilkinson ● shared with the congregaJanet Humpidge tion at the end of the service and became the focus Call Janet for details: 952 762 348 of the prayers.


Sotogrande - Finding God’s Guidance During September and October we looked at how we can find God’s guidance. We played a game where we chose partners and guided them to a prize using only voice and then not using voice or hand signals at all. This allowed the children to understand how difficult it is to understand God’s guidance when he might not be able to point us or tell us directly. We then considered how God could guide us in four practical ways; firstly through reading the bible, secondly through prayer and carefully listening whilst praying; thirdly through discussing it with our Church elders and members and finally through acknowledging ourselves as trying to be like Christ! During October we focussed on God’s gifts and thanking him for them. This was in preparation for the Harvest festival.

Sotogrande helpers: Compiled by Andrea Bennett, Child Protection Officer for the Anglican Church of the Costa del Sol West

Margarita Wrann Hartmann ● Claudia and Ed le Feuvre Call Margarita for details: 650 965 677


HOW TO There are two congregations in the Chaplaincy One is based on San Pedro, the other on services at either location.

San Pedro congregation

Services at San Pedro are held in a hall adjoining the Parroquial del Virgen del Rocio, a Roman Catholic church at the western end of the town. Services of Holy Communion are held every Sunday morning. Services begin at 10.15am.

After the Service we meet for coffee in the Ruta de la Plata café

Major roadworks in San Pedro are disrupting traffic and the A7 at the point on the map is closed to East-West traffic.

The San Pedro team Mavis Tolfree (Church Warden) Gadjia Burne (Sacristan) Joan Robertson Cathy & Gordon Braithwaite Carlos Llorente Margaret Bennecker Janet Humpidge Annie Bates Pamela Alba Barry & Ethne Mason Martin & Cindy Holmes Yvonne Vince

From Estepona and Marbella—Traffic is Marbella diverted along a temporary ‘by-pass’ south of the A7. Following signs for ‘Glorieta del Ingenio’ will bring you to what was the original roundabout on the main road at Km 170 . Continue northwards and follow the map. Parking is plentiful in the streets close by the church. The Sunday Club for children is held in the same building.

Fred Wallis


FIND US of the Anglican Church of the Costa del Sol West. Sotogrande. You are very welcome to attend In charge is CANON ALAN MAUDE Services at Sotogrande are held in La Iglesia de Nuestra Sra. de la Merced (the ‘Big church’). Many members of the congregation participate in both Methodist and Anglican services. ■ 1st & 3rd Sundays — Methodist Service ■ 2nd & 4th Sundays — Holy Communion ■ 5th Sundays — Songs of Praise Services begin at 11.45am

Sotogrande congregation

The ‘Big church’ is visible from the A7 autovia. Exit the A7 at Km 130 and take the coast-side service road heading northeast. This brings you to a roundabout . Take the first exit (right). Pass the security point barriers and go straight on for about 200m. On the right-hand side there is the first of a series of white-on-blue signs to the ‘IIGLESIA’. Follow these through a large housing development to reach the church and its large car park.

The Sotogrande team Ros Burns (Church Warden) Paul Martin, Penny Hale Diana von Ahlefeldt (Sacristan) Lorenzo Wilkendorf Douglas Allan Olwen Smith Roy & Di Stoddard Rosemary Dale Debbie Tan Cindy & Martin Holmes

Join us for coffee after the service at the back of the church


Welcome! November 2011  

Welcome! The Magazine of the Anglican Church of the Costa del Sol (West).