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The best solution for PPM training Project Portfolio Management (PPM) applied today in most business sectors and industries to achieve goals, under the limitations of time and cost, utilizing the available resources. The projects environment is dynamic and continuously changing. Training has to prepare and provide participants with the right skills and capabilities, reflecting real environments and challenges. Cosmos web seminars series cover the full range of PPM application, specially designed and structured to lead participants to gain knowledge through interaction and communication.

Business Sectors Construction

Complete training series Covering the full range of project portfolio management, we provide a complete training


solution for organizations and individuals

Architecture & Design

seeking to improve interpersonal and technical PPM skills and capabilities.

IT & Telecommunications Aviation Aerospace and Defense

Best practices Cosmos web seminars incorporate the best practices

Financial & Banking Services

from Project Management

Health & Pharmaceuticals

standards and methodologies, correlating knowledge with

Tourism & Events Planning

experience and know how.

Entertainment Public Sector

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“User friendly platform, extremely flexible attendance�

Not just theories, applicable content Executives don’t need theoretical training. They need solutions and directions to manage real life problems and issues. Cosmos web seminars, designed to provide applicable training, prepare and support participants to take action and respond effective to project and organizational challenges.

Affordable solution

Engaging content

Knowledge does not have to expensive in

The online forum specified for each lesson,

order to be consistent. Providing great value

additional study material, articles, examples,

for money, Cosmos web seminars offer high

videos, images and presentations consist of

quality knowledge with low cost access to

the online training environment, promoting

everyone, everywhere in the world.

active participation and communication.

“Take your seat early and benefit from special offers” Continuous Interaction, among the participants and instructors Public discussions, follow up comments and private email feedback support and monitor the participants’ learning progress and development.

Take your time! Cosmos web seminars have longer duration than the usual, in order to manage on your own when to study and practice. Not everyday participation required. Lessons uploaded every 2 or 3 days and you can login and study whenever you have available time!

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Scheduled Courses until January 2012 To learn more details about the courses visit our website:

People and Projects People involving in projects usually have to deal with more challenges than they initially expect. August 25 2011- September 25 2011

Unforeseen conditions and changes may create conflicts and crises and it turns out to be more difficult more

Cost 75.00 €

difficult to meet the project’s objectives.

This course is focusing on the human side of projects. Analyzes the behavioral factors affecting the projects, including the skills and capabilities needed to develop -both personal and as a team, in order to work and collaborate in a more efficient environment.

Project Management

Project management is an increasingly required skill October 06 2011 - December 06 2011

in many business sectors, enabling organizations to coordinate efforts effectively, utilize resources and

Cost 120.00 €

minimize costs.

This course incorporates the tools and techniques, providing knowledge and guidance to plan, perform and control your projects; how to manage the needs, requirements and changes from the early project stages up to completion.

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Scheduled Courses until January 2012 To learn more details about the courses visit our website:

Earned Value Management Earned Value is the technique to correlate, analyze and compare the project’s costs, enabling realistic December 14 2011 - January 14 2012 Cost 75.00 €

estimations for the final outcome, helping the team to plan early for corrective actions.

Designed on a way easy to understand, full of examples and clarifications, through this course you learn to exploit the most valuable technique to control and forecast your projects’ costs.

Portfolio Management

Projects and programs are part of the corporate strategy January 24 2012 - February 24 2012 Cost 75.00 €

and need to be analyzed and coordinated ensuring that the organization’s goals are met.

Through the course, you apply portfolio management processes, learning to select and prioritize the right projects to perform. Includes methods to evaluate future project and program investments and utilize the current portfolio’s results.

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