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Pictured here: Discover how comfortable, earthy and serene modern design can be. See home feature, “Strikingly Simple,” on page 14.

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features 14 Strikingly Simple Extraordinary design and an exceptionally built home by Berhuis Construction 22 Growing Forward A growing family gets a new home as Dad grows into the builder role THE FLIP SIDE The 2014 Parade of Homes Preview And, the homes you won’t want to miss

departments 5 GARDEN CALENDAR Garden tasks all season long 6 UP FRONT Quick Reads Topics of interest to enhance your life 8 DECORTAINING Tray Chic Serving up memories throughout the home 10 MONEY MATTERS Gender and Retirement Are you prepared for the years ahead? 12 IN THE GARDEN Bountiful Backyards Create a beautiful and rewarding garden at home 37 PRIMETIME Society Events ArtPrize Premier Event and Studio 54 at the Amway Grand Plaza 32 LOCAL FLAVOR Recommendations for Area Dining Great food and ambience are a must when dining out

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cover photo by Ashley Avila

Volume XXVI Issue 2 No. 136 PUBLISHER

David J. Koning

Make everyday special STYLECOACHSTUDIO interior design decorataining

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4 | spring 2014


may june Divide and transplant springflowering bulbs

Fertilize roses and bulbs

Plant summer flowering bulbs

Remove dead bulb foliage

Sow annual, perennial and biennial herb, vegetable and flower seeds outdoors

Move seedlings outdoors

Remove runners from strawberries

Divide and transplant ground covers and perennial herbs and flowers

Remove faded flowers

Thin overgrown herbs, perennial flowers, seedlings and ground covers

Train and prune vines as needed

Fertilize roses and bulbs

Sow seeds outdoors for succession plantings

Stake tall plants

Thin seedlings

Shear formal hedges

Protect fruits from birds

Keep the garden free of weeds

Plant potted roses, shrubs, trees, ground covers, vines and perennial and biennial herbs and flowers

Fertilize plants as needed

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LEARNING all summer long Fun, brain-boosting activities for kids

Lazy summer days may sound refreshing to parents, however, they may be detrimental to their children’s educational advancement. A study by Dr. Harris Cooper, a professor of psychology at the University of MissouriColumbia, reveals that students can lose an average of one to three months of what they learned upon returning back to school after summer break. Avoid this “summer slide” by reinvigorating creativity, innovation and education during the summer. When you provide your kids with brain-stimulating experiences, you can help them to retain what they spent all year learning. Here are several engaging activities your kids will think are so fun they won’t even know they’re learning. Use books for family bonding A family book club is a great way to get in more bonding time while also encouraging a love of reading. The children’s section of the local library or bookstore is a great place to find books that also tie in scientific lessons. Discuss characters, plot and themes in an interactive fashion that allows every family member to take part in the discussion. Celebrate the curious mind Encourage inquisitiveness by enrolling them in a specialized summer camp, such as those offered by Camp Invention, which is supported by the United States Patent and Trademark Office with curriculum developed by inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Led by local educators, this week-long experience immerses elementary school children in engaging real-world challenges where they can

turn wonder into discoveries. Each themed module uses connections between science, technology, engineering and math to inspire innovation. Talk to their teachers Figure out what kind of lessons they will be covering in the upcoming school year and incorporate it into your summer schedule. Give them a journal Every child loves having a special spot to keep a record of their wonderful summer trips, times with friends and even drawings. Encourage them to keep a journal where they can tap into their scientific side by jotting down different discoveries. It's easy to break up the boredom of summer break with a few engaging activities that will get your kids off to a great start in the coming school year. For more information, visit

4toSTEPS GARAGE Organization

The importance of having a well-organized garage

isn’t only for improved functionality – it also helps add overall value to a home. More than 80 percent of real estate brokers or agents recently surveyed said that a cluttered, unorganized garage can have a negative impact on a potential home buyer’s first impression. There are a few steps that can help homeowners prepare for the ultimate battle against clutter and reclaim their space in the garage: CLEAN AND PREP Clutter is one of the biggest issues. The only way to know what is in the garage is to remove all of the items and start with a clean slate. As you remove items, be realistic about what you do and do not use and move them into categories: Keep • Donate • Sell • Toss. HAVE A GAME PLAN First, measure the garage so you can make an accurate plan for storage solutions and factor in large items, such as lawn mowers and sporting equipment. Next, decide how to group similar items and what your storage needs are. For example, do you prefer to hang items on hooks, store in baskets or hide items in cabinets? 6 | spring 2014

BUILD YOUR STORAGE SYSTEM Use the walls in your garage to get gear off the floor and maximize storage space by choosing storage solutions that are durable and long lasting. Modular storage systems get everything off the floor and allow you to customize. They are convenient and easy to install giving you the ultimate wall storage solution for baskets, shelves, hooks and various other accessories. ADD FINAL TOUCHES Once you have stored large items in your garage, it’s time to add some final touches to maximize efficiency and make your workspace functional. Keep a trashcan nearby your work area so it stays free of garbage and debris. Hang tools near your workbench so you can easily put them back in their proper place.

Tackling Spring Allergies AS YOU PLAN OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES this spring, Dr. Travis Stork, ER Physician and host of the Emmy Award-winning talk show "The Doctors,” has partnered with Church & Dwight Co., Inc., the maker of Arm & Hammer Simply Saline nasal mists, to share his top five tips for a congestion-free season.

CHANGE UP Your Routine Healthy ways to reinvent yourself

AGING GRACEFULLY is as much about feeling good on the inside as feeling good on the outside. It's never too late to make changes to reinvent yourself and maximize your mental and physical wellbeing. Self-improvement is at the top of many women's to-do lists, and doing so can take many forms. According to a recent survey by Post Great Grains Cereal, 73 percent of women said they'd reinvented themselves since they turned 40 by improving their health, finding a new passion or changing their career. Eighty-three percent of survey participants (women, ages 40-plus) think the greatest obstacle to reaching their full potential is what they think of themselves, rather than what others think of them. Follow these tips to become your own best friend and take steps toward creating a happier, healthier you.

KEEP IT SIMPLE AND NATURAL The overuse of over-the-counter nasal decongestants can actually cause your congestion to return much worse than when it first appeared. Using products that are drug-free and derived from natural ingredients can help. A product like Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Mist can be extremely effective in clearing nasal congestion, without side effects. KNOW WHEN TO WORK OUT Staying active and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day is a great way to fight off illness, but for allergy sufferers, be sure to plan workouts accordingly. Pollen counts are highest in the morning, so it’s best to plan to work out during a time of day when pollen levels are a bit lower. ALLERGY-PROOF THE HOUSE Allergens exist indoors and outdoors, so take steps to make your home allergy-proof. A simple way to keep allergens at bay is to wipe your feet and take off your shoes when entering the home. You can also prevent mold by keeping the indoor air dry with a dehumidifier and remove allergens by cleaning the floors with a vacuum that has a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. MIND THE KIDS Congestion-causing allergens are everywhere – on the bus, in the park, on our clothes and even in our hair. To avoid any impact on your family fun this spring, especially for the little ones, Dr. Stork says, “Keep congestion remedies on hand, like Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Baby Nasal Relief for both infants and kids.” WASH AWAY THOSE ALLERGENS Don’t ditch your favorite outdoor hobby just because you suffer from allergies, ditch the allergens stuck to clothes, bedding and bags. After a day in the garden, at the ballpark or family picnic, remember to wash clothes, bedding and bags as often as possible.

Give proper attention to your diet. A common form of reinvention is improving your eating habits. A balanced diet that promotes a healthy digestive system is an important step in creating a healthier you. Starting each day with a nutritious breakfast is one easy change. Fill your menu with nutrition you can see and wholesome ingredients, such as those in Great Grains Digestive Blend cereals, which have active cultures in addition to whole grains and natural fiber. Take time to understand yourself. Digging deep to understand your true passions may help reveal a new, more fulfilling path in life, whether it be in the form of new hobbies or even a new career. If you're not sure where to start, begin by making a running list of situations, which capture your attention, such as news articles or engaging conversations. Over time, look for patterns to emerge. Topics or themes rising to the top could signal a special interest you may have overlooked in the past.

Nurture valuable relationships. Knowing (and loving) yourself comes first, but having a strong support system is also important for overall wellbeing. While it's important for women to surround themselves with people who will boost them up, that boost doesn't always have to come from another woman. When they need a good laugh, 59 percent of women in the Great Grains survey said they turn to their significant other. Investing time to strengthen your personal connections improves not only the health of those relationships, but the effects of those relationships on your physical health, as well. While charting a new path may seem daunting, focusing on your physical and mental health as you work to introduce change into your life can smooth the way to reinventing a better and brighter you.

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Tray Chic

Serving Up Memories


erving trays are not just for your grandmother's tea set anymore.I use them to display trinkets from vacations, showcasing my favorite accessories, or assembling “go-to” items for out-of- town guests. Books, vases, candles and small mementos that would normally get lost, find themselves completely visible in a well-defined tray space. When bundled together, smaller-scale items transition into a large-scale presentation, allowing the eye to rest and reminisce at the same time. Check out some of the examples I have assembled to help you make use of some otherwise nonexistent serving pieces in your home. Making use of left-over wallpaper and paint for the tray's backdrop, then having glass cut to fit and “frame it in,” is a wonderful way to reinvent your tray. Another way to change the look of your tray is to paint one side of the glass liner with a waterbase or acrylic paint. The Overnight guest tray is an example of this with the cheery yellow background color. If I tire of the color, I can remove the paint by washing and repainting with the color of my choosing. I decided it would be best to order additional glass to have on hand that I could pre-paint so I could make my mind up on

Green Foo Dog, Tray: Make your bathroom vanity special with photo's, decorative boxes, pretty lotions and keep sakes. This Oval tray has a beautiful metal punched edge, but the floor of the tray was unfinished. At first I considered painting the inside, however I needed a solution that was less permanent. Making a pattern out of left over pieces of wall paper transformed the look of this tray immediately. The addition of a layer of cut glass on top of the wall covering protects it from spills and staining. The glass also helps to keep the paper in place with out the need for adhering it permanently to the tray.

8 | spring 2014

Seashell Tray with Vacation Mementos: Display the shells you found on vacation, add sand, coral or branches to add layers to the look. Toss in photos, maps and other souvenirs. Then display prominently.

the spot. Black painted glass makes a statement and is far less expensive than ordering Black glass. Old mirrors that may not work over the buffet or above the fireplace can make exceptional tray's for the coffee table or ottoman. I have attached cabinet hardware to either side to reinforce the tray idea, while giving it that customized look.

Welcome Tray for a Special Overnight Guest: Arrange great smelling soaps, toiletries, and hand towels in a way that will make them feel like royalty.

Rudyard Kipling Verse Tray: Embrace the small treasures that remind us of the blessings in life.

Organize the everyday in a beautiful, meaningful and functional way. Happy spring!

Wendy Finch is the sole proprietor of StyleCoach Studio Interior Design which she launched in 2008. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and has had many featured homes, including her own home, in Cosmopolitan Home magazine. She has been a decorator for the GR Symphony Showhouse and in 2011 was a participant in “19 Windows.� Recently, Wendy has added the American School of Protocol to her repertoire, an ideal accompaniment to her design-for-your-lifestyle philosophy.

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Gender and Retirement


How prepared are you?

hen it comes to planning for retirement, women feel less prepared than men. That’s according to the New Retirement Mindscape® 2013 City Pulse index survey, commissioned by Ameriprise Financial. Only 38 percent of women surveyed as part of the study say that they feel on track for retirement (or the remainder of retirement) compared to 46 percent of men. Women’s lack of confidence in the realm of retirement readiness may be tied in part to planning. Seventy-five percent of men surveyed report that they’ve done at least some preparation for retirement, compared to 70 percent of women. And over half of men (55%) say they’ve contributed to a 401(k) plan, while only 47 percent of women claim they’ve done the same. What accounts for the gender divide? It may have to with the fact that women often face unique financial hurdles on the road to retirement. Three big ones include: 1. Women are often the ones to take time away from work to care for children and ailing parents. While caregiving is important and often the best option for a family’s situation, the reality is that spending time out of the workforce – whether to raise children or to provide care for a family member – can have a negative impact on one’s earning potential. There’s no question that this work is admirable, but it’s important to factor in the implications that it may have on long-term financial goals. Women (and men) who anticipate pausing their careers at some point in time to focus on other priorities should consider setting aside extra money at other times when they’re able to do so, in order to offset the loss of income. 2. In general, people are living longer, but on average women live longer than men. This results in the need for additional retirement funds and increased health and long-term care costs. Yet, unfortunately, it appears that few people have a handle on how much they need to set aside. Only 15 percent of women surveyed in the New Retirement Mindscape survey say that they’ve estimated the amount of money they’ll need during retirement to pay for healthcare, compared to 21 percent of men. Not only is it important to determine the amount of money you’ll need, it’s also critical to take action. Create a plan for how you’re going to handle healthcare expenses. 3. Women tend to be more conservative with investments. While this may not be all bad, defining and taking the appropriate amount of risk with your investment portfolio may be beneficial. As with many things in life, it’s important to have a balanced approach to your investment portfolio. Gender aside, people are feeling unprepared for retirement. As more baby boomers approach retirement age – nearly 10,000 turning 65 each day – planning and preparing for retirement is becoming increasingly top of mind. With fewer years left to build up your nest egg, it’s important to focus on what you can control. Here are five steps you can take to feel more prepared for retirement: 1. Think about what you want retirement to look like for you and your significant other. Do you want to travel? Relocate? Spend more time with your grandkids? When you have a clear vision of retirement, it’s easier to determine what it will take to get there.

10 | spring 2014

2. Take advantage of employer-sponsored retirement plans. Make sure you’re maxing out your 401(k) contributions if you’re able. If you’re selfemployed, take the time to establish your own retirement plan. 3. Consider purchasing long-term care insurance. 4. Take an honest look at your expenses. Break them into two categories: essential and lifestyle expenses. Determine if there’s anything you could forego on the lifestyle side. 5. Focus on saving more, especially while you’re still working. Planning for retirement is complex and at times can feel overwhelming. And it’s not the same for everyone. Each person’s situation is unique. A “must have” in retirement for one person may not be important for another person. The key is outlining your goals for retirement, and then determining a path to get there. Consider meeting with a financial advisor who can help you with this. ❂ Lisa Cargill, ChFC®, CLU®,CRPC®, CDFA™ is a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. She specializes in fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies. Ameriprise Financial and its representatives do not provide tax or legal advice. Consult your tax advisor or attorney regarding specific tax issues. Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Some products and services may not be available in all jurisdictions or to all clients. © 2012 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.

Dr. Michel Marie Wicksall Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Michel Marie Wicksall, 1996 University of Michigan Dental School graduate; Michele Chatman, Dental Assistant; Mary Blodgett, Office Manager; Deb Koperski, Hygienist

4500 Cascade Road SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546

616.975.9700 Member of ADA, MDA, WMDDS, KCDS & CDS





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furniture design accessories


Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 11

inthegarden 1) DO SOME RESEARCH Find out what vegetables grow best in your area and when is the right time to plant and harvest. Many local university extension programs have this information readily available online. For each plant, consider the amount of water needed, how much sunlight is required and if it should be started from seed or a transplanted seedling. 2) CHOOSE A GOOD SPOT Keep in mind vegetables need at least six hours of sun each day, so plant away from the shade of buildings, trees and shrubs. Planting close to your house may make you more likely to bring your harvest right into your kitchen, and will help you remember to weed and water. Including rain and irrigation, your garden needs at least one inch of water per week. Make sure you can easily access a water supply nearby. Some products, such as an Ames NeverLeak hose reel, provide convenient hose storage and can easily reach all parts of your yard. Be sure to choose a level area of your yard so when watering it will not pool in lower areas. 3) CLEAR THE AREA Use your garden hose or a string to mark the area for proper placement of your garden. Use a sod lifter or garden spade, keeping the area level and removing as little topsoil as possible. Next, use a round point shovel, such as the True Temper True American Round-Point Shovel, to dig into the soil about 12 inches, breaking it up and removing clumps. To encourage proper drainage and escape light freezes in spring and fall, construct a raised bed by creating a border with wood slats and filling in with soil. 4) PREPARE THE SOIL Use a rake to create a smooth finish and remove debris or stones on the surface. You may want to add manure, compost or soil additives to provide additional nutrients in the soil.

Bountiful Backyards Tips for a beautiful garden

5) PLANT YOUR SEEDS Determine if you will be starting your plants from seeds or transplanting small seedlings. Be sure to research how much room each plant will need and plot the layout of your garden. Dig V-shaped furrows using a warren hoe or the edge of a garden hoe. Carefully distribute the seeds in the furrows evenly and in accordance with the instructions on the seed packet. Cover the seeds and pat down gently, then water thoroughly. Use this information for a fruitful harvest this gardening season. For more tips, visit


he benefits of having your own backyard vegetable garden are plentiful, and can include significant lifestyle impacts, such as healthier eating habits, money saving perks and more. A RELAXING, HEALTHFUL HOBBY Looking for a hobby that allows you to contribute to the health of your family? Take up gardening. Beyond producing nutritious foods, it can help you teach your family about local agriculture, all while basking in the tranquility of the great outdoors. Though starting your own home garden can be intimidating, there are a few simple steps to get you started. Once developed, it can yield fruits and vegetables from spring and into the fall.

12 | spring 2014

Try putting basil or rosemary in a vase. Every time you walk by, run your hands through it it smells wonderful and natural.



Featuring the Georgian Colonial


$359,900 • Secluded one-plus acre, wooded lot on safe cul-de-sac • Professionally landscaped (Knapp Valley) • Underground sprinkling • Mature Pines • Fire-pit • In ground, heated swimming pool (Polynesian Pools) • Low-voltage lighting≥• Quaint pool house/shed • Basketball hoop/driveway court • Spacious finished screened-in porch (700 square feet) • Wildlife (deer, turkey, fox …) • Forest Hills Eastern school district Custom Georgian Colonial (2,900 square feet) • Featuring Universal Design • Featuring Anderson Windows/natural Lighting Kitchen: Custom cabinetry • Stainless steel Kitchen Aid Deluxe appliances • Ceramic cook-top • Granite-topped moveable Island • Turret breakfast nook/casual dining area • 3 bedrooms (walk-in closets), 2 have dormers with window seats • Owners’ Suite: Dual walk-in closets (double sink, walk-in shower, Jacuzzi Tub) • Upstairs bonus room/4th Bedroom • 2.5 baths • Office • Dining room • 9-foot ceilings w/ custom tray and crown molding • Recessed lighting • Great room/gas fireplace • Open stairway & balcony • Wood floors • Main floor laundry • Upstairs cedar closet • Custom blinds,w/window treatments • Custom built-ins • Large unfinished basement • High-efficiency gas • furnace/central air • Well & septic Garage: 2.5 + 1 stall, finished garage • Ceiling-hung gas furnace hot/cold water hook-up • 2 drains


GRAND RAPIDS 630 Kenmoor Suite 101 Grand Rapids, MI 49546

JENNIFER KONING Realtor® 616.466.8236


SIMPLE Modern design is often misunderstood. Stark stereotypes

overshadow the true livability and

comfort of this minimalist style. Fortunately, evolving trends speak for themselves as more and more homeowners on a global scale are realizing just how comfortable, earthy, and serene modern architecture and design can really be.


The front entry evokes an instant feeling of light and air. The voluminous 25-foot ceilings are ideal for the elegant, glass chandelier that cascades down and catches light from multiple, overhead windows. A custom art collage made of walnut adds an earthy warmth.



GRAND RAPIDS 616.363.3513 • HUDSONVILLE 616.662.0140 • CASCADE 616.264.3424

16 | spring 2014

“My favorite feature of this project is the curb appeal as you drive up to the house and see it situated perfectly on a small bluff,” said Josh Berghuis, owner of Berghuis Construction. "It really sets the stage for what is inside." The homeowners had pored over websites and magazines, looking for ways to express their vision. They compiled a portfolio that planted the seed for a smooth design process, providing a resource for the entire team to stay focused and inspired along the way.

This allowed the team to use their expertise to bring this vision into a unique and custom reality. “Because they had done so much research before we even started the design process, working with them was very easy ... it helped us all keep the same vision,” said project interior designer Ashley Cole. This allowed the team to use their expertise to bring this vision into a unique and custom reality. Everyone involved could see the common elements and work together for a cohesive design and functional floor plan.

“It’s a great process when somebody else can help find a happy medium,” said the homeowner. David Maxam, architect with Maxam Architecture, was an integral part in designing the structural elements and efficient floor plan the family desired. He took the time to understand their needs and how they would use the space now and in the future. Maxam created a sculptural feel in each space which in return laid the groundwork for the home's modern design. Modern homes require perfection in the details, which starts in the planning stages. Its minimalist nature means there is nothing to hide behind, and open space is the name of the game and requires structural integrity to be at the top of the list of priorities. Maxam was able to give this family a home full of clean lines, useful space, natural light, and a unique exterior elevation through careful planning and a great team to execute it. Berghuis Construction, dedicated to creating homes uniquely designed for their clients, was a natural fit as the builder. “We will never be satisfied with status quo and are always looking for new opportunities to create a better home for each and every client,” said Berghuis. That attitude is what allows them to think outside of the box and create beauty in craftsmanship. From the meticulous matching of wood grain across a bank of cabinets to engineering beautiful features from a sketch or even just a conversation, Berghuis Construction showcases its work as art in this home.

The kitchen, designed by Ashley Cole, has a sleek look with its inset cabinetry and white-painted, slab-front doors. The contrasting dark countertops along the perimeter offset the elongated-glass tile backsplash. Maxam Architecture was an integral part in designing the structural elements and efficient floor plan. A sculptural feel was created in each space which in return laid the groundwork for the home's modern design. Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 17

sonality paired with her decade of experience and love for modern design made her an integral part of making this house a home. She focuses on creating spaces that enliven the spirit, which is exactly what this home does. The front entry evokes an instant feeling of light and air with the voluminous 25-foot ceilings and cascading modern glass chandelier that catches the light from the seemingly endless wall of windows. “From the exterior, it just provides a beautiful elevation,” said Cole. Although this space is most definitely a thing of beauty, it is also quite a structural feat to extend to that height with that

She focuses on creating spaces that enliven the spirit, which is exactly what this home does. much glass. This space serves as an introduction to the feel of the entire home, right down to the custom art collage made of walnut that is used throughout the home. The light bamboo floors keep with the light color scheme and extend throughout most of the main floor. Natural light is a feature in nearly every room, and the lofty ceilings and mezzanine-style second story keep the open feel throughout the home.

The unobtrusive dining space serves as an extension of the kitchen and features minimalistic dining furniture. The powder room features a dramatic tile mosaic reaching from the floating walnut cabinet and integrated sink to the ceiling.

The interior design was inspired by the homeowners, but Ashley Cole of Ashley Cole Design brought her expertise in modern design and her excitement to work with a cohesive team to create something very clean and minimal, yet warm and earthy. She infused accents in all the right places and showed restraint in others to create just the right balance of warmth and minimalism. “The biggest misconception about modern homes is that they are cold, white, sterile, and uninviting," commented Berghuis. "This is where Ashley did a great job working with the clients and infusing their personal style with the warm wood tones, finishes, and color to make a livable, inviting home.” Her zen and happy per-

The entry opens up into the spacious and seamless living space. The kitchen has a very sleek look with its inset cabinetry and slab front doors, painted white to highlight the stainless steel appliances and to provide the perfect showcase for the stunning island top. The contrasting dark countertops along the perimeter blend with the induction cooktop and allow the crisp, elongated-glass tile backsplash to shine. There is a bank of windows that filters natural light throughout the entire kitchen and dining space. The voluminous blown glass pendants over the island do not impede the view throughout the open space while still providing an artistic lighting approach. The kitchen layout was designed to accommodate the homeowners so they can efficiently prepare meals and entertain. It utilizes things like custom drawer inserts for utensils and a built-in coffee maker, while also incorporating things like a hidden microwave and warming drawer in the island to keep the uncluttered appeal of this space. The dining space is unobtrusive and serves as an extension of the kitchen. The custom walnut cabinets that circle the structural column in this space become a sculptural element against the minimalistic dining furniture. A modern sliding door is used to separate the home office from the main kitchen and dining area. “This style of door extremely versatile in places where you can’t do a pocket door because


Dutton Salon 3555 68th Street 616.656.8961

Ada Salon 500 Ada Drive 616.676.3304


1254 Scribner NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504

616.913.9148 800.255.4224


TM Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 19

The owners' bath features a floating vanity lining two walls with open shelving below. The elongated mirrors show off the height of the space while reflecting the natural light flowing through a bank of windows. A linen-look floor tile softens the space. The home’s floating stairs lead to a mezzanine hallway that accesses the home’s bedrooms and an inviting upper deck. 20 | spring 2014

of mechanical elements that can’t be moved, or to avoid door swings,” said Cole. The office's walnut cabinetry is a showcase of the meticulous, custom craftsmanship that Berghuis Construction embodies. The drawer pulls are one-of-a-kind, a design collaboration by the whole team and add architectural detail with an added level of craftsmanship. This space is framed in windows, with custom walnut shelves floating for display, an environment desirable for creativity and production.

The main living space lies on the other side of the column, with a designated play area that can later be used as an additional seating area. The living room has a custom walnut bookcase with asymmetrical openings to house books and the family’s mementos. A plush sectional makes this space a cozy spot for relaxation. The adjoining sprawling deck features the same cable railing system as the interior, adding to the cohesive feel of both. The powder room completes the main floor, but not without making its own statement. It features a dramatic tile mosaic reaching all the way

to the ceiling from the floating walnut cabinet and integrated sink. The modern fixtures add to the aesthetic appeal of this design. Floating stairs lead to the second floor that houses all of the bedrooms. With many out-of-town guests, the homeowners wanted to use the space efficiently while still making guests feel welcome and also create relaxing spaces for themselves. The main bathroom is at the top of the stairs, and it features cubbies for guests to store their personal items and a separate shower so multiple people can use the space at once. Natural light makes this room very welcoming. An additional close-by linen closet in the hallway offers extra storage. Down the hall, an inviting upper deck has plans to feature teak tiles and possibly a putting green for entertaining. The view and wide open space will provide a great backdrop for many parties. The owners' suite is the epitome of zen. It feels as though it is perched right in the trees. A wall of windows welcomes the outside into the bedroom, which mirrors the views through its natural color palette. The owners' bath, separated by another sliding door, allows the space to be a spa-like extension of the bedroom. It has a floating vanity lining two walls with open shelving below. The elongated mirrors show off the height of the space while reflecting the natural light flowing through the bank of windows. A linen-look floor tile softens the space while the accent tile behind the mirrors scale an entire wall in the shower as well. Frosted glass doors for the linen closet and water closet keep the space feeling light, yet conceals everything behind them. The closet offers generous storage, even more generous on the “hers” side with designated areas for everything. Two additional bedrooms are found down a mezzanine hallway. One features an adorable airplane theme complete with a modern acrylic airplane light fixture, the other a simple and clean guest space with a walk-in closet and lofty ceilings. Future plans for the home’s lower level include additional guest quarters, a kitchenette with wet bar, an entertaining space with comfortable seating and a pool table, an exercise room, and a wine bar. ❂

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Growing Forward

AS FAMILIES GROW bigger, older and wiser, their homes can feel like they are closing in on them. The dynamics of maturing children and an increasingly busy lifestyle don’t always “fit” our homes the way they did five years ago. The Suidinski family knew this feeling all to well. They had built their first starter home and, just like many families, had outgrown it and were in need of something larger. They wanted a home customized to the way they live and one that reflects their family's personality ...

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“Your locally owned, full-line building material supplier ...” 7440 Clyde Park SW, Byron Center, MI 49315 Building Materials: 616.281.5522 • Kitchen Studio: 616.281.6684

24 | spring 2014

For 12 years Scott Suidinski worked in the building industry gaining extensive knowledge of new construction. And, having successfully led the build of his starter home, he decided to take the helm again and build his new family abode. Through the experience, knowledge, and resources he has gained over the years, Suidinski was ready. “Being in the business, I had a very good support system so there was a bit of safety net with this," said Suidinski. "I met with builders and thought, I can do this ... and, I didn’t necessarily have to cut as many corners by doing it myself." Suidinski assembled an experienced team including LS Design for the architecture, Villa Décor for the interior design, and Woodways for the custom cabinetry, and set

the plans in motion to build a beautiful home on the Rogue River. “The team was certainly a product of Scott's ability to discern quality team members for each part of the process. His level of dedication to the details of this industry has given him the ability to know — know the answer or know someone who knows how to get the answer,” said Greg Ellis of LS Design. Ellis grew up around a family that worked in the residential construction industry, allowing him firsthand experience in nearly every aspect of the trade. This also developed his love for residential design. His education, paired with his passion for his work, generates a good foundation for a great custom floor plan. He takes pride in his clients’ satisfaction in the finished product, and he

The kitchen features inset cabinetry, from Woodways Custom Cabinetry, in a creamy white with contrasting blue-green island. The upper cabinets have seeded glass doors to lighten the space and add a vintage touch. The hand-scraped wood flooring from Standale Interiors adds a rustic element that is carried through to the dining area’s reclaimed-wood beams and large farmhouse table.

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 25

works very close with homeowners to assure that every inch of the home suits their needs and exceeds their expectations. Amy Darooge of Villa Décor was an integral part of the team as well. Her style is the perfect combination of old and new, classic with rustic elements. She too grew up in the industry, which made this team have an unspoken confidence in each other’s input. With over 12 years of design experience on projects ranging from bed-and-breakfasts to bistros and cottages and residences of all sizes, Darooge was a great resource for the details. Everything from the organic finishes to the found objects seen in every space. In fact, her love for antique character is contagious and has opened the homeowners up to a new love of the old. “In every project, I try to mix a little old in ... some antique pieces for character,” says Darooge. “We tried to make the interior more traditional yet have a rustic feel with an upscale element. There are all of these elegant touches with the rustic features that really work together.” 26 | spring 2014

The front entry opens right into the spacious living room, one of the more formal spaces in the home. The warm stone fireplace is the center of this room, surrounded by plush seating and a cozy, tufted ottoman. Linen drapes and earthy colors invite the outside in through a wall of windows with views of the river. Suidinski notes that the windows are a key feature throughout the home, which should come as no surprise since that is his main area of expertise. He used mostly standard windows, but made them custom by using a larger casing and placing them in a way so they become more of an architectural element. The hearth room lies on the opposite end of the home with the kitchen and dining room in between. The hearth room is cozy with carpet and a large sectional, but it also opens up to an outdoor deck with retractable screens. This allows the family an airy place to relax most of the year. The fireplace is double-sided so the dining room can take advantage of its warmth as well.

The owners' suite is spacious with beautiful views of the river. Storage is everywhere with built-in display cabinets that symmetrically flank the entry to the owners' bath. The bath features a cozy window seat, beautiful fixtures from Richard’s Plumbing, natural stone tile with in-floor radiant heat, and marble countertops. The shower utilizes extra space for niches to neatly stash bath products. The crisp, white, vanity cabinets reflect the clean and classic look of this space.


Custom Cabinetry & Furniture • Residential & Commercial Design Center & Showroom Factory & Showroom 4265 28th St. SE 616.956.3070 665 Construction Ct. Grand Rapids Zeeland Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 27

28 | spring 2014

The kitchen and dining area are at the center of the home, the ideal gathering place. “Although treating the kitchen as the hub of the home is not a new concept, it did drive the layout of this home," said Ellis. "I wanted to combine this thought process along with the evolving open floor plan concept that allows a particular room to feel connected and comfortable yet still have a sense of its own space.” The kitchen features inset cabinetry in creamy white with a contrasting blue-green island. The upper cabinets have seeded glass doors to lighten the space and add a vintage touch. The pantry area is decked out with open shelving and extra counter space. The hand-scraped wood flooring and apron-front sink add a rustic element that is carried through to the dining area’s exposed, reclaimed-wood beams and large farmhouse dining table. The subway tile backsplash in pale blue reflects the colors from outside, as do many of the earth tones found in the home's color palette. The back end of the home includes areas designed for mainly function but showcases

great character and charm. The mud room includes open shelves with baskets to corral the daily family chaos and hanging rods for coats. All of this can be tucked away behind a 130-year-old rustic barn door that slides along a heavy metal track. A grasscloth wallcovering and brick-set tile in earthy grey continue the organic feel that is seen throughout the home. Across the hall is the laundry room, complete with ample storage and natural light filtered through leaded-glass transom windows. The taupe cabinets are accented with a pop of red in the washer and dryer, a happy surprise in an otherwise utilitarian space. The powder room features a furniture-style vanity in earthy taupe. To keep the small space from getting too busy, the countertop was fabricated from lacquered wood in the same paint color as the vanity. A vessel sink sits atop the vanity, and traditional lighting finishes the quaint space. The high wainscoting, painted a crisp white, offers a fresh approach to a traditional detail.

Heading upstairs, the oversized landing provides a great nook for a window seat, one of many in this home. This makes the space more relevant as opposed to just an area at the top of the stairway. Two additional bedrooms belong to the family's two daughters, both sweetly decorated in pale pastels. Each bedroom has its own custom built-in dresser and window seat. Several vintage accents in each space follow the overall “old and new” theme of the home.

Also on the main floor is the home office. The views take over in this space with winCosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 29

dows along two walls. Transom windows featuring leaded glass tie in with the rest of the home. A small deck provides the perfect spot for a coffee break or some instant inspiration. Built-ins flank the door and provide areas for storage and display with a vintage drafting table anchoring the room. Heading upstairs, the oversized landing provides a great nook for a window seat, one of many in this home. This makes the space more relevant as opposed to just an area at the top of the stairway. The second-story floor plan is broken up with a loft space for the kids to avoid the feeling of just a long hallway with doors. This loft doubles as a place to relax as well as a place to play, keeping toys contained in the kids’ space instead of filtering throughout the home.

The home office is located on the main floor and features transom windows, from West Michigan Lumber, with leaded glass that ties in with the rest of the home. Built-ins flank the door and a vintage drafting table anchors the designation of the room. The powder room features a furniture-style vanity with a countertop fabricated from lacquered wood in the same paint color as the vanity. A vessel sink, from Richard’s Plumbing, and high wainscoting, painted a crisp white, offer a fresh approach to an otherwise traditional design.

30 | spring 2014

The first bedroom is the owners suite. The doorway is recessed back, allowing for a more private entrance. There is an inset armoire for extra storage without feeling too heavy or encroaching on the space. The owners' bedroom is spacious with beautiful views of the river along one entire wall. The bumped-out seating area is a great place to relax and watch nature. Storage is everywhere with built-in display cabinets that symmetrically flank the entry to the owners' bath, along with a large and well-organized walk-in closet. The bath

features a cozy window seat surrounded by gorgeous views, natural stone tile with in-floor radiant heat, and beautiful, marble countertops. The shower utilizes extra space for niches to neatly stash bath products. The crisp, white, vanity cabinets reflect the clean and classic look of this space.


The next two bedrooms belong to the family's two daughters, both sweetly decorated in pale pastels. Each bedroom has its own custom built-in dresser and window seat. Several vintage accents in each space follow the overall “old and new” theme of the home. They share a jack-and-jill bathroom that houses a separate shower area and water closet so both girls can get ready at the same time without being in each other’s space. A hall closet provides storage for extra linens while the laundry chute keeps all of the dirty clothes in check. The two-story three-stall garage continues the fulfillment of extra space. The upper garage has a coated epoxy floor for durability with cars. The lower garages are used mainly to store things like bicycles and play equipment. The unfinished basement will allow for a future bedroom, theater room, bar and game room, confirming space will not be an issue down the road. With two homes now under his belt and a growing network of good tradesmen, Scott Suidinski sees more building in his future. "We’re going to start off small and see where it takes us,” said Suidinski. 616.490.3396

Pre-planning and more pre-planning is the key. “There were very few surprises during the build," said Suidinski. "I think that’s when projects get into trouble, when owners try to add something major to a floor plan that is already going up. We spent months with the architect and designer and thought about it extensively — there were always things on my mind. “We had a really good foundation of what we wanted before we started digging. By making sure all the ground was covered before moving to the next step — that was a big key for me — to learn the patience of this process.” His patience and his attention to detail, as well as his careful selection of the right team, has led to a successful execution of a high-quality and unique build. This will certainly bode well for his future projects. ❂

RESOURCE INDEX BUILDER Scott Suidinski ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LS Design INTERIOR DESIGN Amy Darooge,Villa Decor BUILDING MATERIALS West Michigan Lumber CABINETRY Woodways Custom Cabinets DECORATIVE HARDWARE Modern Hardware FLOORING Standale Interiors FRONT ENTRY DOOR RJ Raven PLUMBING FIXTURES Richard’s Plumbing WINDOWS West Michigan Lumber

ROOKS LANDSCAPING Design Installation Maintenance

9244 36th St., S.E., Ada, MI 49301 (616) 897-4287 F (616) 897-5121 Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 31

local flavor Our Recommendations for Area Dining


32 | spring 2014

Lf BISTRO BELLA VITA, an Essence Restaurant Group establishment Fresh. Natural. Local. Mediterranean Countryside Cuisine. We go above and beyond to deliver the ultimate dining experience with top-notch service, whether it’s a simple pizza and beer or an elegant chef ’s table meal. Guests enjoy our unique downtown atmosphere and creative cuisine made from ingredients purchased daily from local farmers in season. Our culinary team creates authentic, scratch-made recipes that blend the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean countryside with a perfectly paired beverage offering served by a devoted staff whose passion is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Serving Lunch and Dinner Monday – Friday; Dinner Saturday and Sunday. 44 Grandville Ave • 616.222.4600 •

MANNA CAFE At Manna Café, we serve goodness from God’s creation. Our warm, inviting atmosphere and friendly, attentive service brings back old-time hospitality. We specialize in lunch and breakfast, where an innovative menu offers heavenly breads from our bakery, and features a variety of French toasts, pancakes and waffles, house seasoned and smoked bacon and sausage, outstanding egg creations, delicious sandwiches made with our house smoked meats, and fresh salads and soups. Our pastry and bakery selections already have gathered quite a loyal following. Come see what the buzz is all about! Located at 820 Forest Hill Avenue, one block off Cascade Road. Tues-Fri, 6 am-3 pm; Sat-Sun, 7 am-3pm. 616.956.9000 •

CITYSeN LOUNGE in the CityFlatsHotel CitySen Lounge, located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, is a hip bar with a big city feel. The focus is on fresh ingredients, seasonally changing ‘New American’ menus, and a full bar with local brews, wine, and creative cocktails. The lounge hosts a daily Happy Hour from 4-7pm featuring specials on drinks and small plates as well as half-off bottles of wine every Wednesday night. CitySen Lounge offers lunch and dinner every day and breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. The patio onto Monroe Center is open seasonally. 83 Monroe Center St NW. 616.608.1720 •

BOSTWICK LAKE INN Established in 1910, Bostwick Lake Inn feels like the old family summer home on the lake. Enjoy wonderful views of the water and our beautiful deck with a bar, seating and live music in season. Inside, there's a cozy, casual feeling of friendship and neighborhood gathering for food, fun and fellowship. The menu is casual, eclectic, and creative — with a focus on traditional and "new" American favorites. We've revamped the space with a new bar, decor, and staff, while staying true to the historic roots that have make Bostwick Lake Inn a West Michigan favorite for over a century. 8521 Belding Rd. NE, Rockford, MI 49341 616.874.7290 •

Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 33

local flavor RIVERHOUSE ADA Bistro Chloe Élan is now Riverhouse Ada, featuring a renewed comfortable, casual vibe and scrumptious regional American cuisine, a perfect fit with the community. While the new master plan for Ada Village places focus on its future, Riverhouse Ada memorializes Ada’s historic past, celebrating the town’s vital history. Come grab a local brew, watch the game, or challenge a friend at pool or darts in the lounge. “Summer Concert Series On The Lawn” begins in June. Lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and Saturday for dinner only. 445 Ada Drive SE • 616.432.3345 •

Photo courtesy of Ada Historical Society

THE GREEN WELL GASTRO PUB, an Essence Restaurant Group establishment Honest Fayre. Local Flair. Our innovative, neighborhood gastro pub blends a relaxed atmosphere with creative food featuring a global range of eclectic flavors prepared with many local ingredients. Over 20 rotating taps focus on Michigan brews and a vast bottle selection includes local and American craft plus traditional European styles. We also offer classic cocktails and wine flights. Our LEED®-certified building is environmentally safe, ultra efficient and leaves behind the smallest possible carbon footprint. Our greenness also spills over to guests who benefit from affordable prices and outstanding service by a fun, welcoming staff. Serving lunch and dinner daily. 924 Cherry Street • 616.808.3566 •

REDJET CAFE, Red Jet Cafe focuses specialty coffee service, fresh fruit smoothies, woodfired pizzas, and Grand Rapids' most authentic crepe selection. Breakfast is served from open to close and features a diverse menu, including Crepes, Deluxe French Toast, Scrambles and more. The Crepes are phenomenal, with both savory and sweet selections. Red Jet resides inside what used to be the Creston Library, creating a vintage interior complemented by a more modern decor. The wood-fired pizza selection is vast and the menu also features a nice offering of entrees, craft beers and wine. Enjoy our street-side patio during the warmer months. 1431 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505 616.719.5500 •

CITYVu BISTRO A distinctive rooftop dining experience offering fantastic views of downtown Holland. Fryers and frozen foods are out; fresh gourmet flatbreads and an array of seasonal entrees are in. Located on the fifth floor of CityFlatsHotel, the restaurant’s contemporary yet casual atmosphere, full bar, and unique menus make it the ideal spot for lunch, dinner, and Sunday Brunch. Happy Hour is available weekdays from 4-7pm and handcrafted sushi and live music on Thursday nights. Dine al fresco on the rooftop patio which is open seasonally. 61 E 7th Street, Downtown Holland. 616.796.2114 •

34 | spring 2014

Lf GILLY’S What makes for a dining experience? Is it an expertly prepared meal or the delicious, hand crafted micro-brew that washes it down? Gilly’s makes the answer easy — you get both in spades. Not only will the beer lover in you be indulged, (Gilly’s offers a variety of Brewmaster John’s brews) but the foodie in you will be satiated as well. Each dish on Gilly’s menu exudes a flair for both big flavors and culinary creativity. The menu provides a diverse set of options, from vegetarian delights to seafood specialties. Our Fresh Oyster selection and Crab Legs come highly recommended. 20 Monroe Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616.356.2000 •

STELLA’S LOUNGE Stella's has the best burger in town, the longest whiskey list in the state and cool video games that take you back to your miss spent time in the 80s. Ballah on a budget? Grab a beer that you swear you stole from your old man's fridge, pop a quarter in Mortal Kombat, and while the night away. Feeling spendy? Spring for a fine spirit, sip superiorly, and people watch to your heart's content. Either way, you win! Named best burger in Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Magazine January 2014 Named one of the top 5 burgers in Michigan - MLive 2013 Named the best burger in the United States - GQ magazine July 2012 We're Stella's, come check us out. Stella's Lounge: 53 Commerce Grand Rapids MI 49503 616.742.4442 •

GROVE, an Essence Restaurant Group establishment Earth to Table Dining: Artfully Crafted Cuisine Grove is our tribute to the bounty of earth’s harvest and how we bring that to the table with impeccable service, natural ingredients and innovative cuisine. We responsibly source as many ingredients as available from local, family and sustainable farms and we prepare them to demonstrate our respect for how these farmers raise and grow their products. We carefully pair daily menus with the best modern wines, also offering top-shelf and housemade infused spirits, craft beers, pour-over coffee and espresso. Serving Dinner Tuesday – Sunday. 919 Cherry St. • 616.454.1000 •

GRAND RAPIDS BREWING COMPANY Reimagined, reinvented and reopened as the Midwest's only USDA-certified organic brewery. From our re-pourposed wood tables to our retro art, we like reusing where it makes good sense. But, in reopening GRBC as the Midwest's only organic brewery, we knew we were taking a new step in the right direction. One sip and you'll know, too. Know what goes great with organic beer? Our hand-crafted food. From award winning chili and house-made sausages to our brewhouse burger, everything on our menu was made to be enjoyed with our beers. Grab anything off our pub friendly menu to go with your pint and you'll see what we mean. Grand Rapids Brewing Company. Organic never tasted so good. 1 Ionia St. SW Grand Rapids MI 49503 616.458.7000 • Cosmopolitan Home Grand Rapids | 35

local flavor BELTLINE BAR Take a step into old Mexico as you enter the Beltline Bar, Grand Rapid’s Famous Mexican Café. Whether it’s for a quick lunch or a relaxing dinner, enjoy a variety of great Mexican specialties, such as their world famous wet burrito. While dining, enjoy the comfortable southwestern atmosphere. Housing a full bar and lounge; stop in for their award winning signature margaritas. Curbside to-go, call ahead seating and catering are also available. 16 28th Street SE, located at the corner of 28th Street and S. Division Ave. 616- 245-0494. For more information visit

THE SUNDANCE GRILL The Sundance Grill started over 20 years ago in Grand Rapids, now with two locations to serve you. The Cascade location in the Esplanade Plaza (5755 28th Street) is commonly known as “The Weekend Breakfast Place”, and has become popular for lunch and dinner as well. The Downtown location in the Waters Building (151 Ottawa Ave.) has become the go-to “power-lunch” The Sundance Grill’s menu foundation consists of traditional American regional specialties, with Southwestern influences. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Both locations feature a fully stocked bar, take-out and catering. Visit for more information.




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Pathway Homes (231) 946-2506 Platinum Custom Homes LLC (616) 437-0538 Premier Home Builders LLC (616) 218-2487 Professional Home Improvements, Inc. (616) 784-5700 R-Services, Inc. (616) 366-2413 Rasmussen LLC (616) 742-5110 Raymar Homes (616) 299-7664 RDI Homes, Inc. (616) 277-1584 Redstone Homes (616) 292-7093 Renaissance Exteriors (616) 405-9316 Ridgeline Homes (616) 299-8180 Ridgewood Home Construction (616) 890-0862 Ritsema Associates (616) 538-0120 Rivertown Homes by Design LLC (616) 534-0466 Roersma & Wurn Builders, Inc. (616) 784-5592 Rollenhagen Builders, Inc. (616) 676-1187 Roosien Builders, Inc. (616) 554-4900 S & D Kuiper Builders (616) 534-5097 Sable Developing, Inc. (616) 866-3913 Schultz Builders LLC (616) 669-9771 Scott Christopher Homes (616) 784-4500 Sherwood and Sons Construction (616) 527-3407 Shuart Associates LLC (616) 942-6900 Slate Building and Development LLC (616) 293-6645 Snellink Builders (616) 437-4527 Solomon Homes LLC (616) 437-1179 Spoelma Builders LLC (616) 953-2382 Steve Visser Builder LLC (616) 791-4900 Synergy Custom Homes (616) 292-5334 Tanglewood Properties, LLC (616) 318-1549 Thompson Remodeling, Inc. (616) 942-1866 Tim Schollaart Builder LLC (616) 890-1381

Tim VerStrate Custom Homes, Inc. (616) 677-6062 HBA Member Since 1992 Tom Montsma Builders, Inc. (616) 662-0229 Van Zalen Homes LLC (616) 335-3118 VanDam & Krusinga Building Contractors, Inc. (269) 207-7925 Wade Schut Builder, Inc. (616) 669-0557 Wagner Builders, Inc. (616) 669-2433 West Lake Homes, Inc. (616) 364-8121 Wiersema Builders, LLC (616) 583-0610 Woods Builders Homes (616) 272-3468 BUILDING MATERIALS DISTRIBUTOR

ABC Supply Co. (616) 241-4848 Monsma Marketing Corporation (616) 245-8714 Square Deal Building Supply (616) 538-6660 Wimsatt Building Materials (800) 497-9000 Zeeland Lumber & Supply (616) 879-1158 BUILDING MATERIALS MANUFACTURER

CertainTeed Gypsum (616) 283-0580 i-stair, MPI Concepts Inc. (616) 299-8866 Pleotint LLC (616) 662-7216 BUILDING SUPPLIES & TOOLS

Modern Hardware (616) 241-2655 National Nail Corp. (800) 968-6245 Woodcraft of West Michigan (616) 957-9663 BUSINESS FUEL PROVIDER

Speedway SuperAmerica LLC (517) 490-2081 CABINETRY Century (616) 988-4493 CARPET & FLOOR COVERING

Advanced Interiors, Inc. (616) 457-4818 Carpet Bonanza, Inc. (616) 396-2765 Century (616) 988-4493

Columbo's Floors To Go (616) 669-6222 DeGraaf Interiors (616) 264-3424 DeHaan Tile & Floor Covering, Inc. (616) 455-3540 Evermore Floors, LLC (616) 988-9676 HBA Member Since 2013 Flooring by Design (616) 534-6500 Grand River Interiors, Inc. (616) 454-3258 Johnson Carpet One (616) 531-3100 ProSource of Grand Rapids (616) 257-9944 Rockford Floor Covering, Inc. (616) 866-2748 Standale Interiors (616) 453-8201 Village Flooring (616) 878-5000 CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS

Overhead Door of Grand Rapids (616) 261-0300 HBA Member Since 1984 WalVac Inc. (616) 241-6717 CERAMIC TILE Certified Tile & Stone (616) 437-3520 HBA Member Since 2014 Virginia Tile Co. (616) 942-6200 CERTIFIED AGING IN PLACE SPECIALISTS

Adapatable Home (616) 647-5840 Bosworth Builders (616) 292-5329 Creekside Custom Homes & Renovations (616) 669-7673 Cutting Edge Builders, Inc. (616) 813-8649 Disability Advocates of Kent County (616) 949-1100 DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids (616) 632-2284 HBA Member Since 2001 Habitat For Humanity of Kent County (616) 588-5241

Nook and Cranny Cleaning Services (616) 890-2504 CLOSET ORGANIZERS

Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 HBA Member Since 2009

Morris Builders, Inc. (616) 874-6110 HBA Member Since 1989 Rollenhagen Builders, Inc. (616) 676-1187 Tim VerStrate Custom Homes, Inc. (616) 677-6062 Van Zalen Homes LLC (616) 335-3118 CERTIFIED GRADUATE BUILDERS (CGB)


Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. Western Michigan Chapter (616) 942-9960 Dan Vos Construction Co., Inc. (616) 676-9169


Ben Brinks Homes, LLC (616) 425-5180 Bosworth Builders (616) 292-5329 Cutting Edge Builders, Inc. (616) 813-8649 David C. Bos Construction Co. (616) 842-2248 David Munn Custom Builder LLC (269) 467-8191 DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids (616) 632-2284 Eikenhout, Inc. (616) 459-4523 Glenn Tissue Builders, Inc. (616) 835-1521 Habitat For Humanity of Kent County (616) 588-5241 Heartland Builders LLC (616) 863-9313 Morris Builders, Inc. (616) 874-6110 Raymar Homes (616) 299-7664 Thompson Remodeling, Inc. (616) 942-1866 Van Zalen Homes LLC (616) 335-3118 CLEANING SERVICES

Grand Rapids Cleaning Services (616) 855-6524


Curb Appeal of Michigan (616) 371-1234 Grand Rapids Gravel Co. (616) 538-9000 H.S.V. Redi-Mix, Inc. (616) 374-8851 Hard Topix (616) 662-9800 K & H Concrete Cutting, Inc. (616) 877-4910 Laverne Schut Poured Walls, Inc. (616) 457-0440 Nobel Concrete, Inc. (616) 797-1210 Ron Miedema Cement Contractor, Inc. (616) 457-2244 Ted Miedema Contractors, Inc. (616) 457-4170 VanBeek Concrete LLC (616) 889-7570 CONSTRUCTION CLEAN UP SERVICES

Century (616) 988-4493 Grand Rapids Cleaning Services (616) 855-6524 CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING

JobFlex (855) 354-3539

Century (616) 988-4493 CREDIT UNION

Community West Credit Union (616) 261-5657 Option 1 Credit Union (616) 243-0125 CUSTOM FURNITURE & CABINETRY

Natural Elements (616) 453-3215 ORG West Michigan (616) 458-9700 West Michigan Cabinet Supply, Inc. (616) 896-6990 Woodways Industries (616) 956-3070 DECKING

Bosworth Builders (616) 292-5329 Homework Construction (616) 457-5880 Montell Construction (616) 805-4966 Rain Gutter Systems D.B.A. All Gutter Systems (616) 532-2200 DECORATIVE GLASS


Bolt & Regnerus Electric, Inc. (616) 669-6373 Created Control (616) 356-2660 DeWeerd & Van Dyke, Inc. (616) 669-6740 Imageworks Technologies (616) 726-1275 Kleyn Electric Inc. (616) 453-5673 Zacker Electric Company (616) 896-9765 ENGINEERED STRUCTURAL PRODUCTS

i-stair, MPI Concepts Inc. (616) 299-8866 ENGINEERS & SURVEYORS

Classic Engineering/Ascribe (616) 742-2810 Driesenga & Associates, Inc. (616) 249-3800 Exxel Engineering, Inc. (616) 531-3660 Feenstra & Associates, Inc. (616) 457-7050 Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc. (616) 575-3824 Moore & Bruggink, Inc (616) 363-9801 EXCAVATING & TRENCHING

CertainTeed Gypsum (616) 283-0580 L.B. & L.B. Construction, Inc. (616) 669-5671 Schepers Brothers Co., Inc. (616) 455-5318 Shepard andSchut Drywall Inc. (616) 893-3813

28 Specialties, Inc. (616) 836-8045 Brower Bulldozing Service, Inc. (616) 669-0110 Hap Hoekwater & Sons, Inc. (616) 457-1410 Herrington Excavating, Inc. (616) 874-7449 Hop Excavating (616) 292-7000 Steenwyk & Sons Excavating LLC (616) 891-1057



Fair Housing Center of West Michigan (616) 451-2980 Grand Rapids Community College (616) 234-3818 Home Builders Institute (616) 965-3831 Michigan Residential Properties (616) 299-4146

Fence Consultants (616) 454-1911

Modern Hardware (616) 241-2655 DRYWALL & PLASTER


Ada Electric, Inc. (616) 458-6200


Chemical Bank (616) 588-7438 HBA member since 2013 First Place Bank (616) 724-3911 Founders Bank and Trust (616) 575-3825


Cutting Edge Builders, Inc. (616) 813-8649 David C. Bos Construction Co. (616) 842-2248 Heartland Builders LLC (616) 863-9313 Raymar Homes (616) 299-7664

Closet Concepts, Inc. (616) 913-9148 Closet Design (616) 772-1119 Michigan Shelf West, Inc. (616) 863-6481 ORG West Michigan (616) 458-9700 Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 403-9220



Hanenburg Builders LLC (616) 534-9930 Heartland Builders LLC (616) 863-9313

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Independent Bank (231) 799-4027 Lake Michigan Credit Union (616) 234-6426 Macatawa Bank (616) 392-2130 Mercantile Bank of Michigan (616) 726-5871 Northpointe Bank (616) 974-8408 The Bank of Holland (616) 406-3149 United Bank (616)559-7000 HBA member since 2014 West Michigan Community Bank (616) 379-0645 FINANCIAL SERVICES

Lake Michigan Insurance Agency (616) 234-6983 Northern Mortgage (616) 532-5551 FINISH CARPENTER

Austin Home Builders, Inc. (616) 691-9878 Becker and Sanders LLC (616) 890-6479 Kingsbury Kabinetry LLC (616) 437-4473 FIREPLACES

Flame Center (616) 662-4400 Overhead Door Co. of Grand Rapids (616) 261-0300 Williams Kitchen & Bath (616) 771-0505 FLOORING

Evermore Floors, LLC (616) 988-9676 Expert Flooring (616) 292-7118 Homework Construction (616) 457-5880 FOUNDATION STABILIZATIONLIFTING & REPAIR

Adapatable Home (616) 647-5840 City Basement (616) 249-0899 FRAMER

Bosworth Builders (616) 292-5329 C B H Building & Development LLC (616) 827-9415 Gootjes Builders (616) 291-2020 GARAGE DOORS

Bouma Bros. Sales & Service, Inc. (616) 452-4704 HBA member since 1969 42 | spring 2014

Godwin Hardware & Plumbing, Inc. (616) 243-3131 Overhead Door Co. of Grand Rapids (616) 261-0300 West Michigan Door Co. (616) 454-0007 Zylstra Door, Inc. (616) 698-7242

Rivertown Homes by Design LLC (616) 534-0466 Scott Christopher Homes (616) 784-4500 Thompson Remodeling, Inc. (616) 942-1866 Van Zalen Homes LLC (616) 335-3118



Concrete Revival LLC (616) 443-6848

Cosmopolitan Home magazine (616) 514-9871 Odom Re-Use Co. (231) 276-6330


Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 Closet Concepts, Inc. (616) 913-9148 ORG West Michigan (616) 458-9700 Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 403-9220 GEOTHERMAL

B & B Mechanical/ West Michigan Geothermal (616) 887-1290 Midwest Geothermal LLC (616) 514-1101 GLASS & MIRROR PRODUCTS

Closet Design (616) 772-1119 Norbert's Glass & Mirror Co (616) 531-1110 ODL (616) 748-5309 Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 403-9220 Vos Glass, Inc. (616) 458-1535 GREEN BUILDING

Ben Brinks Homes, LLC (616) 425-5180 Cutting Edge Builders, Inc. (616) 813-8649 David C. Bos Construction Co. (616) 842-2248 Duane McIntyre Design - Build LLC (616) 293-0674 Glenn Tissue Builders, Inc. (616) 835-1521 GreenEdge of Michigan (616) 419-8558 Habitat For Humanity of Kent County (616) 588-5241 Heartland Builders LLC (616) 863-9313 Lee Kitson Builder, Inc. (616) 363-6860 McIntyre Builders, Inc. (616) 696-1890 Morris Builders, Inc. (616) 874-6110 Nugent Builders, Inc. (616) 866-7663


Pries Supply Co., Inc. (616) 532-3639 Rain Gutter Systems D.B.A. All Gutter Systems (616) 532-2200 Schmidt Gutter Systems (616) 450-4440 HARDWOOD FLOOR INSTALLATION

Homework Construction (616) 457-5880 HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING

All Phase Services, Inc. (616) 458-8700 B & B Mechanical/ West Michigan Geothermal (616) 887-1290 Design Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. (616) 437-5412 DeWeerd & Van Dyke, Inc. (616) 669-6740 Frontier Heating & Cooling (616) 891-8900 Godwin Hardware & Plumbing, Inc. (616) 243-3131 Lamphear Service Company (616) 538-9360 HOME AUTOMATION & ELECTRONICS INSTALLATION

Created Control (616) 356-2660 HOME FURNISHINGS

Design Quest (616) 940-9911 Huizen Furniture (616) 452-9920 Klingman's Furniture (616) 942-7300 Standale Interiors (616) 453-8201 Talsma Furniture (616) 455-3770 UBU Home Furnishings (616) 532-0175 HOME IMPROVEMENTS

Above Roofing Inc. (616) 662-7663

Bosworth Builders (616) 292-5329 DirectBuy of Grand Rapids (616) 532-9255 Ed Zaagman, Inc. (616) 455-2220 Homework Construction (616) 457-5880 Rasmussen LLC (616) 742-5110 Scott Christopher Homes (616) 784-4500 HOME ORGANIZATION

Closet & Room Solutions (616) 785-1021 ORG West Michigan (616) 458-9700 Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 403-9220 HOME WARRANTIES

Fortress Insurance Agency (616) 447-2293 Residential Warranty Company, LLC (800) 247-1812 INSULATION

Advanced Insulation Technology LLC (616) 241-6227 CertainTeed Gypsum (616) 283-0580 Comfort Insulation (616) 365-2600 DeVos Insulation Co. (616) 681-2449 Nu-Wool Co., Inc. (616) 669-0100 R Value Insulation Systems, LLC (616) 538-1386 INSURANCE

Allstate (616) 538-4200 Allstate - Genzink Agency (616) 791-9616 Allstate - Mcknight Agency (616) 878-9250 Fortress Insurance Agency (616) 447-2293 Hastings Mutual Insurance Company (800) 442-8277 Lake Michigan Insurance Agency (616) 234-6983 Melton-McFadden Agency & Carr Agency (800) 704-2280 Ottawa Kent (616) 457-1320 INSURANCE REPAIRS & RESTORATION

Construction Services of West Michigan (616) 243-1927 Rivertown Homes by Design LLC (616) 534-0466

VanDam & Krusinga Building Contractors, Inc. (269) 207-7925 INTERIOR DESIGN

Dwellings, Inc. (616) 532-7897 Francesca Owings Interior Design (616) 901-3837 Hard Topix (616) 662-9800 Homes by Gary Byker (616) 292-1398 K J S Interiors (616) 262-5021 Plush Interiors; Rooms of Grand Rapids (616) 531-7576 Polly Timmer Design (616) 217-7002 Standale Interiors (616) 453-8201 True Vine Creations (616) 450-1612 INTERNET SERVICES

Cosmopolitan Home (616) 514-9871 FreedomNet Solutions (616) 459-2000 KITCHEN & BATH

Burke Agency, Inc (616) 878-7300 Century (616) 988-4493 DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids (616) 632-2284 Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery (616) 356-1198 Granite Transformations (616) 726-1388 Great Lakes Granite Works (616) 785-3088 Hard Topix (616) 662-9800 Homelife (616) 682-0100 Homework Construction (616) 457-5880 Potter Distributing, Inc. (616) 890-6897 Standale Interiors (616) 453-8201 Standard Lumber/Standard Kitchens (616) 243-3655 HBA member since 1980 Starlite Kitchens (616) 583-9304 Thompson Remodeling, Inc. (616) 942-1866 Williams Kitchen & Bath (616) 771-0505

Zeeland Lumber & Supply (616) 879-1158



Adapatable Home (616) 647-5840 Aukeman Development Co. (616) 669-4363 David C. Bos Construction Co. (616) 842-2248 LANDSCAPING & LAWN SPRINKLING


Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery (616) 356-1198 Grand Rapids Lighting Center, Inc. (616) 949-4931 Kendall Lighting Center (616) 459-8866 The Lighting Corner (616) 534-8560 Lot Clearing Integrity Tree Services (616) 262-3597 LUMBER YARDS

Carter Lumber Co. (616) 784-3460 Standale Lumber & Supply (616) 530-8200 Standard Lumber/Standard Kitchens (616) 243-3655 West Michigan Lumber Co (616) 281-5522


Phil Elenbaas Millwork (616) 791-1616 Standale Lumber & Supply (616) 530-8200 Zeeland Architectural Components (616) 772-6000 Zeeland Lumber & Supply (616) 879-1158 MORTGAGE SERVICES

Northpointe Bank (616) 974-8408

Hard Topix (616) 662-9800 Kerkstra Precast, Inc. (616) 224-6176 Ron Miedema Cement Contractor, Inc. (616) 457-2244 PRINTING & PUBLICATIONS

Advance Newspapers (616) 209-0359 Builder Track Publications, Inc. (616) 676-3567 Cosmopolitan Home (616) 514-9871 Gemini Publications (616) 450-3009 Ridge Trail Group (616) 329-9320 PROPANE GAS

Michigan Propane Gas Association (616) 498-1361 RAILINGS

Critter Control of Grand Rapids (616) 245-4680

Fence Consultants (616) 454-1911 Vos Glass, Inc. (616) 458-1535




Modern Hardware (616) 241-2655 PAINTING

Bissell Painting (616) 667-1086 Meulenberg Painting & Decorating (616) 453-3533 New Look Painting (616) 532-3300 Parker Painting/Insulating (989) 291-3828 Seven's Paint & Wallpaper Company (616) 942-6253 Speese Painting Co. LLC (616) 863-3339 PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS

Dan Johnson Photography (616) 261-2949 PLUMBING & SEPTIC

Action Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc. (616) 877-4055 DeWeerd & Van Dyke, Inc. (616) 669-6740 Godwin Hardware & Plumbing, Inc. (616) 243-3131 Velco Plumbing, Inc. (616) 455-8890 Visser Plumbing, Inc. (616) 797-9944

American Living, Inc. (616) 457-1620 Coldwell Banker AJS Schmidt (616) 581-4819 First Companies, Inc. (616) 698-5000 Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (616) 940-8200 Greenridge Realty Inc. (616) 974-6010 Griffin Properties-affiliated with Keller Williams (616) 915-6060 Kent County Land Bank Authority (616) 459-8205 Michigan Residential Properties (616) 299-4146 Real Estate One (616) 920-1550 Steve Volkers Group (616) 284-1528 RECYCLING

Home Repair Services of Kent County (616) 241-2601 REMODELER

Adapatable Home (616) 647-5840 Becker and Sanders LLC (616) 890-6479

Bosworth Builders (616) 292-5329 Breton Builders, Inc. (616) 450-4429 Bryan VanBaren, Builder (616) 291-2123 Buffum Builders LLC (616) 538-4663 Christopher Jansen Builder (616) 291-7244 Classic Homes & Development (616) 450-4890 Creekside Custom Homes & Renovations (616) 669-7673 David C. Bos Construction Co. (616) 842-2248 DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids (616) 632-2284 Gordon Lucas, Builder (616) 891-1866 Home Specialists LLC (616) 453-4552 Huffman Homes LLC (616) 855-5590 JMP Construction & Property Services (616) 835-3816 Jody Ray Residential Builder DBA (616) 644-0013 Jonathon Kamps Carpentry (616) 249-8118 Meadow Ridge Builders, LLC (616) 446-6691 Melvin Jake Cooke, Builder (616) 676-9239 Midtown Craftsmen LLC (616) 245-5970 Montell Construction (616) 805-4966 Morris Builders, Inc. (616) 874-6110 My Home Renovations (616) 520-3333 P.A. DeHaan LLC (616) 299-1329 Professional Home Improvements, Inc. (616) 784-5700 R-Services, Inc. (616) 366-2413 Ridgewood Home Construction (616) 890-0862 Rockwood Construction, Inc. (616) 866-0138 Rollenhagen Builders, Inc. (616) 676-1187 Schultz Builders LLC (616) 669-9771 Scott Christopher Homes (616) 784-4500


Alfresco Landscapes LLC (616) 885-3404 Curb Appeal of Michigan (616) 371-1234 Emerald Landscapes Inc (616) 791-0231 Flier's Underground Sprinkling, Inc. (616) 583-9040 Harder & Warner Landscape Contractors (616) 698-6910 Knapp Valley Gardens (616) 363-8086 Landscape Design Services, Inc. (866) 750-8585 River Ridge Landscaping LLC (616) 696-7391 Rivertown Landscapes LLC (616) 866-1700 Sanderson & DeHaan Irrigation, Inc. (616) 453-5333 Schepers Lawn Sprinkling, Inc. (616) 669-2210 Scholten Landscape Maintenence (616) 755-2479

Clear Channel Media & Entertainment (616) 776-5913 Cosmopolitan Home magazine (616) 514-9871 MLive MediaGroup/ Grand Rapids Press (616) 914-7020



Zeeland Lumber & Supply (616) 879-1158

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Surpass Renovations (616) 784-4900 Tanglewood Properties, LLC (616) 318-1549 Thompson Remodeling, Inc. (616) 942-1866 VanDam & Krusinga Building Contractors, Inc. (269) 207-7925 Woods Builders Homes (616) 272-3468 RESIDENTIAL BUILDING SITES

Adapatable Home (616) 647-5840 Rivertown Homes by Design LLC (616) 534-0466 ROOFING

Above Roofing Inc. (616) 662-7663 Grandville Roofing and Siding, Inc. (616) 452-0805 SALVAGE & REUSE Odom Re-Use Co. (231) 276-6330 SECURITY

Engineered Protection Systems (616) 459-0281 Williams Electronics (800) 952-2805 SHOW PRODUCTION

ShowSpan Incorporated (616) 447-2860 SHOWER & TUB ENCLOSURES

Closet Design (616) 772-1119 Godwin Hardware & Plumbing, Inc. (616) 243-3131 Ridgeline (616) 987-4245 Norbert's Glass & Mirror Co (616) 531-1110 Sligh Closet & Glass (616) 403-9220 Vos Glass, Inc. (616) 458-1535 Your Shower Door (616) 940-0900 SIDING & ROOFING

CertainTeed Gypsum (616) 283-0580 Champion Window & Patio Room & Siding (616) 554-1600 Eikenhout, Inc. (616) 459-4523 Fox Brothers Co. (616) 455-5500 James Hardie (616) 304-3542 Montell Construction (616) 805-4966 My Home Renovations (616) 520-3333 44 | spring 2014

Professional Home Improvements, Inc. (616) 784-5700 Rasmussen LLC (616) 742-5110 Tom's Siding, Inc. (616) 877-4532 Zeeland Lumber & Supply (616) 879-1158 SIGNS & COMPUTER GRAPHICS

Cosmopolitan Home (616) 514-9871 (616) 261-2949 SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTANTS

Legal Shield/GoSmallBiz (616) 745-2663 SOLAR SCREENS Action Awning LLC (616) 874-7400 SOLID SURFACE, GRANITE, FABRICATION/ INSTALLATION

Hard Topix (616) 662-9800 Stoneway Marble Granite & Tile (616) 842-6118 Top of the World Granite, Inc. (616) 791-7444 Williams Kitchen & Bath (616) 771-0505 SPORTING GOODS

Holwerda-Snoap Sporting Goods (616) 452-1581 STAIRWAYS

i-stair, MPI Concepts Inc. (616) 299-8866 Zeeland Architectural Components (616) 772-6000 STONE & TILE

Genesee Ceramic Tile Dist (616) 243-5811 Granite Pro (616) 530-9728 Kamps Tile & Stone, Inc. (616) 669-6417 Ron Miedema Cement Contractor, Inc. (616) 457-2244


Champion Window & Patio Room & Siding (616) 554-1600 Montell Construction (616) 805-4966 Rodenhouse Door & Window, Inc. (616) 784-3365 SWIMMING POOLS & SPAS

Quality Pool & Spa (616) 940-9966 TIMBER FRAME HOME DISTRIBUTOR

Eaglecrest Homes Inc. (616) 292-7566 TITLE COMPANIES

First American Title (616) 975-3429 Sun Title (616) 458-9100 TREE SERVICES

Integrity Tree Services (616) 262-3597 UTILITIES

Consumers Energy (616) 530-4333 DTE Energy (231) 932-2838 VIRTUAL TOURS

Cosmopolitan Home magazine (616) 514-9871 Terrien Photography (616) 458-5169 WATER CONDITIONING & TREATMENT

Bayes Water Treatment (616) 887-9378 Godwin Hardware & Plumbing, Inc. (616) 243-3131 WATER PROOFING

Georgetown Waterproofing, Inc. (616) 457-2130 Kamps Tile & Stone, Inc. (616) 669-6417 Ron Miedema Cement Contractor, Inc. (616) 457-2244 WEB DESIGN

My Way Mobile Storage / MWGR, Inc. (616) 540-8860

Cosmopolitan Home (616) 514-9871 Spectrum Net Designs (616) 538-2914




Midtown Craftsmen LLC (616) 245-5970 Rodenhouse Door & Window, Inc. (616) 784-3365 STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION

Innovative Iron, Inc. (616) 248-4250

Century (616) 988-4493 Standale Interiors (616) 453-8201 WINDOW RESTORATION

Midtown Craftsmen LLC (616) 245-5970


All-Weather Seal of West MI (616) 897-7300 Andersen Windows, Inc. (616) 581-4822 Architectural Openings & Access, Inc. (616) 363-6854 Champion Window & Patio Room & Siding (616) 554-1600 Christopher Jansen Builder (616) 291-7244 Eikenhout, Inc. (616) 459-4523 Homework Construction (616) 457-5880 Montell Construction (616) 805-4966 My Home Renovations (616) 520-3333 Pella Windows & Doors by HORNE (616) 889-5857 HBA Member Since 1967 Standale Lumber & Supply (616) 530-8200 The Window Center, Inc. (616) 656-5834 Thermo-Tech (989) 907-9189 Zeeland Architectural Components (616) 772-6000 Zeeland Lumber & Supply (616) 879-1158

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