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Sensual Moments

Pianist and composer was born in Warsaw, Poland, on 19 October, 1987, where he began to play the piano and attend music school at the age of five. Since then, Wawrzyniec has built up an impressive record as a pianist and composer in the classical and jazz music genres, including extensive on-stage experience as a performer. Reflecting his broad professional development and musical prowess, Wawrzyniec participates in a diverse range of musical projects from classical to jazz, pop, and even house music, including his performances as a session musician with well-known jazz and pop artists.  He has also composed music for film and television productions, and has written arrangements for various instrumental configurations, including for orchestra and big band ensembles.  Wawrzyniec has won many piano competitions, and has a natural gift for collaboration with other musicians.  He has appeared on television, radio, and many well-known stages, as well as at music festivals in Poland and abroad. Wawrzyniec has received critical acclaim in reviews published in national newspapers, on music portals, and in renowned publications such as Jazz Forum magazine. He studied at the Academy of Music in Katowice.

The album entitled “sensual moments” is a compilation of romantic instrumental compositions by the young composer and pianist Wawrzyniec Prasek, arranged and performed by the same artist with the accompaniment of premiere jazz musicians and string players. Presented with elements of classical music interwoven with smooth jazz, the album is characterized by fairy-tale charm giving way to a romantic atmosphere of warm and relaxing moods.  The acoustic sounds of traditional instruments – including a full string section – emphasize the purity and uncompromising professionalism of the recordings. The author’s compositions are characterized by very agreeable, melodic themes rich in piano tones, enlivened by improvisations and solos on saxophone, double bass, and piano played by Wawrzyniec in the company of veteran jazz performers. The musical journey of this album is suited not only to sophisticated listeners keen on satisfying their ambitious artistic pursuits, but also to a wider range of music lovers. The recordings were crafted with a view to the tastes of individuals with a sensitive, romantic personality and an affection for smooth jazz, new classics, and film music. The recordings were made at the Tokarnia studio near Warsaw, Poland, and were engineered by Jan Smoczynski. Many of the artists featured on the album are leading Polish jazz and classical musicians who are well known and respected for their participation in other successful musical projects and recordings.

Musicians: Wawrzyniec Prasek – Piano Michal Kulenty – Saxophones, Flute Pawel Puszczalo – Double Bass Roman Slefarski – Drums Violins: Mateusz Smoczynski, Bogdan Kierejsza, Agata Slowikowska, Maximilian Grzesiak, and Helena Matuszewska Violas: Roman Protasik and Agnieszka Dobrzynska Cellos: Krzysztof Lenczowski and Magda Bojanowicz String arrangements: Sebastian Lewicki and Krzysztof Lenczowski Sound engineer: Jan Smoczynski Cover design and titles: Tomasz Kryszkiewicz at Cosmic Promotion Photos: Nikodem Szymanski Special thanks to: Ewa Domzala, Aleksandra Mersini, for their cooperation and support in the creation of this album.

wawrzyniec Prasek CD cover