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These are exciting times : Magic and Miracles are happening all around you ! - - That petition to the Galactic Confederation (An Update ) - - The Galactic Federation and the Orion Empir e -- More on the 12 planets in our galax y - - Is there a safe birth control method that really works ? -- The Building of the Sphinx and who did i t -- The implanted genetic memory that all blacks are slaves for all lifetime s The Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development Cours e (Moon Child) Lesson number tw o

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CAC General Reading 3-25-08 Will Berlinchof Interprete r Questioner: Joa n

Is there an opening message ?



This Awareness is prepared to go straight into th e questions at this lime. MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE GALACTI C CONFEDERATIO N QuESrIoN :

The first one concerns the Galactic Federation . The writings of Zecharia Sitchin are invaluable and includ e so much mind-boggling information, the reader almos t needs to common index these books to find somethin g specific that was previously referred to . I do not recall i f these questions were previously addressed . Just in cas e these were not, they are now offered for discussion . What was the origin of the Federation and who initiated it? Was it a case of one or more representative s from each of the constellations? It is assumed that th e constellation of Orion . also referred to as the Giant, o r the Hunter, is not part of the federation . Was the federation originally formed due to Reptilian aggression . or prior to it. or for the purpose of an overall perspective , or were any other factors also involved in the creation o f this alliance? Is there an approximate time fram e available for when the Federation was formed? What ar e the names of the participating planets, constellations , and the representatives'.. Who are now involved with the Federation, othe r than the Andromedans, the Arcturians .. the Pleiadians , the Sirians or the Vegans? Are these the primary five ? Does this group hold regular meetin gs . with a board o f directors, executive officers, president, vice president , manager, supervisor'? Where do the Federation member s meet and how often? Has the Federation membershi p number increased or decreased from its original inception? if decreased . why would this choice or route hav e been chosen by that representative? How do thes e g roups differ from each other regarding society, life style, entertainment. enjoyment, family structure an d culture in general? What is their mode of transportation ? What do they do for entertainment ? Does a commonality exist between all of these groups? Could Awareness also discuss the famil y structures and cultures? In what way does these groups differ from humanity re<garding lifespan, personality , temperament, appearance . apart from being extremel y advanced in all ways? Was their lifespan extensive du e to being a superior race? The majority of humanity has a basic understanding of its ori g in with the informatio n presently available . Did each group of entities in th e Federation orig inate and evolve in the same manner as mankind? How did each group come to be? Did eac h have their own experimental Adam and Eve situatio n and challenge? As it has been suggested . mankind learn s from the past, to understand in the present, so that suc h knowledge can be useful in the future . We are mos t appreciative and grateful for any information offered ." c wtc,a oR'JaL

MILL. '(CU twRR't UPtI

That Petition to the Galactic Confederatio n (An Update )

i 3 Fly y

There are multiple questions and avenues to investigate in the barrage of questions offered . but this Awareness is fully prepared to go throu gh the list of questions and offers Its insights and awareness on the matter of th e Galactic Federation . however before it starts, It wishe s first to con gratulate Avaton and all who were involve d in the formulation of the petition to the Galactic Federation. for that has already had effect . It has been noted that there is a. movement on this planet that is starting t o bring together the conscious awareness of humanity itselr towards the invitation to the Galactic Federation, t o participate in the affairs of this planet earth, the Terr a planet. As the momentum rows and more and more peopl e come across the petition and sign the petition . welcoming the Galactic Federation into the affairs of human kind . there will reach a point where the Galactic Federation will indeed come in and offer their services to fre e mankind from the yoke of oppression that it is no w under. That yoke of oppression is the result of secre t government-makin g agreements with the agents of th e Orion Empire. As tliat level of consciousness is reache d that allows for a mass-understanding .of what has bee n hidden from humankind for so lon g, is reached, that there will come that X-point, that point in huma n consciousness where a majority of humanity gives voic e to the invitation to the Galactic Federation, thus allowin g it to intervene and become involved directly in th e affairs of humanity. Cosmic Awareness Energies Have Been Adde d

This point of consciousness is quickly bein g approached and it will not take long for that level o f awareness to be reached . This Awareness is supportin g this action also . and is bringing Its own energies to play in this matter. It is to be remembered that it does not take a volume of people to reach this point of consciousness . It is an X-point, not an actual amount or number, i n terms of: 80 percent of humanity must have this consciousness before the Galactic Federation can interven e and involved itself. The actual percentage of humanit y that must actually sign the petition is renttively low, fo r really what occurs is that as a certain point is reached. where a number of people are aware of the petition an d of this purpose, that a level of consciousness will b e reached that expands the awareness outwards to th e masses . The Hundredth Monkey Principle is at Work

This is also known as the Hundredth Monkey Principle : that when a certain level or point in consciousnes s is reached, then all become aware of this, and that is wh y it does not need to be a volume point, such as 80% of all humanity must know of this petition before the Federation can actually participate, but rather, a level tha t brin g s the consciousness up, thus making it more available to humanity to understand that this principle even exists . that this procedure is in effect . First Contact Could Occur This Year of 200 8

This point of consciousness is being approached. and this Awareness sees this being reached sometime withi n the year 2008 . which will then allow a greater amount o f humanity to become involved in the procedure itself. It ZLOO also be that point that the Galactic Federation ca n begin to make itself known on a more conscious level , preparing humanity for the proposed First Contact .

When this First Contact occurs . life on this planet wil l change radically, and it is indeed the plan and th e ]p urpose at this time to move towards First Contact , hopefully in this present year, 2008 . This Awareness is well pleased by the efforts bein g put out by those few who are attempting to brin g to consciousness the petition and the invite to the Galacti c Federation . This is a movement whose time has com e and it is growing rapidly, and is reaching out to many . There is a shift in consciousness already occurring tha t this Awareness can read from Its position in consciousness. This Awareness is complete with Its opening message regarding the petition to the Galactic Federation. It now wishes to proceed with the first of the man y questions presented by the energizer today regarding th e Galactic Federation .


QucsrioN : What was the origin of the Federation and wh o initiated it? Was it a case of one or more representative s from each of the constellations? It is assumed that th e constellation of Orion, also referred to as the Giant, o r the Hunter, is not part of the federation . COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness wishes to intervene at this point, t o address the beginning of the questions, regarding th e Galactic Federation, and the Orion Empire . This Awareness has spoken before of the 12 planets that support human life, and that these 12 planets have humanoi d inhabitants . humanoid consciousness . The planet earth , Terra, as it is indeed one of the 12 planets is considere d the child of the 12, the youngest planet of human consciousness . It is a planet that is well favored an d thought of kindly, not unlike a family with a young chil d who is growing into maturity every day . So is the plane t Terra, known also as earth, seen by the Galactic Federation. It is the child planet, the youngest of all of the 12 , the last that has brought to it human consciousness . humanoid beings. Human Life Spread to Other Planets by "The Ancient Ones "

The other 11 planets are ancient in description an d come from times back in history that can be measured i n the millions of years. The system of Orion was one of the first of the 12 planets, for it too contains humanoi d life, human consciousness . The original planets that came together were Orion, the Pleiadian system, the Sirian system, the Arcturian system, the Vegan syste m and the Andromedan systems. These planets, thes e systems started all individually . Human life was sprea d to these separate systems by an even more ancien t group, that group known as the Ancient Ones . Orion System Became a Rogue Planet and Drops Ou t

The seeds of human consciousness were spread to th e 12 systems and the solar system and the planet eart h were one of the 12 . This Awareness wishes to also stat e that the Orion system became tainted in its desire to b e the chief power and have power over all others, and i t fell away from that federation of the 12 planets tha t contain human life, and it became a rogue planet . a rogue system, and created a new empire, and it turned t o others to be part of its empire. such as the Reptilian Draco system . the Zeta Reticuli, the Blue Dwarf being s that are also part of the Orion Empire . Several others

also became part of that faction known now as the Orio n Empire . and the original 12 were reduced down to 11 , however. there is another human planet that came in . The Sirian Planet is Added and Becomes the 12"' Plane t In fact . tiie solar system, the Sirian planet was adde d at that point, becoming the 12 " planet with human life . It is one of the reasons why the Orion Empire fe?ls that i t has the right to claim this 12 '1' system , this 12 " human planet with human life, for it too is of the humanoi d species, as a form of human consciousness, and as it i s and was one of the parent planets and parent systems, i t feels that it has a right to claim the descendents on thi s planet who are part of the 12 planets that hold huma n life. It would be 13 if Orion was still to be considered ; 13 being of course a magical and mysterious number . Orion and the Galactic Federation Have Fought for Eon s

It is because of this that there has been a tension an d a battle over the planet earth between the Galacti c Federation and the Orion Empire . This is a battle that extends back for hundreds of thousands of years . The battle between the Orion Empire and the Galacti c Federation is indeed long standing in nature . This Awareness wishes all to understand that this struggle ha s been so long and is so deep in human consciousness . that it still resides in the cellular structure of humanity as ancient memory . The entity Zechariah Sitchin in hi s studies and research has uncovered traces of thi s struggle going back into the writings of the inhabitant s of the planet earth going back thousands of years , alluding to the nods that walked amongst the humans at the time . At different stages, these gods were considere d as mythical, but this Awareness states that these wer e extraterrestrial beings on the planet at the time . The Twelfth Planet referred to in Zecharia Sitchin' s work. that planet Niburu, or Tiamat, was a planet that a t one time housed Orion beings, from the Orion system , and they originally settled the planet, and claimed it for their own. They created life on this planet. At first, as the books indicate, they themselves provided the labor t o mine the gold and other precious metals and resource s from this planet. After awhile, they tired of providinf7 such menial services themselves, and instead, brought i n the Sirians geneticists . who worked with genetic engineering, and thus it was the Sirians who produce d the strain of modern humanity, who brought human life on this planet . How the Sirians Genetically Created Human Being s That Eventually Would Evolve Spirituall y

They were assisted by those Orion agents, includin g Reptilian bein gs who were also on the planet, and ha d been by the Orions, for they too traveled on that plane t Niburu. A struggle ensued between those forces, th e Reptilians and the Sirians . Those Sirian geneticists understood that the being they were creating would b e suppressed, would be a being that was a corruption o f the human consciousness and the humanoid faction o r strains of the 12 t Planet, and this they could not abide , so in secret, they planned to create a strain of human beings that would one day eventually evolve to a plac e of spiritual awareness and understanding . The ori g inal beings were a grafted bein g . The original humans had both a portion of the Reptilian brain a s well as the mammalian simian brain, grafted on to on e another, creating this new human strain that is somewha t different than the strain of humans on those other planets, and yet each strain is unique and different i n itself, so there was no problem seen with the creation o f this new human being . this new addition to the 1 2 planets that hold human life .

4 Due to Long Distance Viewing the Sirians Could See All Thi s

This was all seen by the Sirians, due to long-distanc e viewing in time itself, and it was understood that i t would take millennia before those beings that the Sirian s had created would come into full fruition, and reach a place of spiritual evolution that would allow them t o ascend to a new level of consciousness, a new level o f participation in the Galactic Federation . That time i s coming . That time is at hand, yet there is still a battl e between the original inhabitants of this planet Terra wit h the Galactic Federation who have prepared humanity fo r this next stage of the evolution . and that is the battl e rages at this time, even now, between the Orion Empir e and the Galactic Federation . This is a very brief summation of the history of th e development of the human strain on Terra, its purpose , its goals . those who created it, those who sought to enslave it, and indeed still seek to enslave it . Thi s Awareness wishes to move to another portion of th e commentary presented by the energizer for furthe r discussion .

DOES A COMMONALITY EXIST AMONG THE 11 PLANETS? (How Like Humans on Earth Are These Entities? )

Qul.s'noN :

How do these groups, the other 11, differ from eac h other regarding lifestyle, entertainment . enjoyment, family structures and culture in particular, as well as what is their mode of transportation, etc ., or if perhap s these are not part of their culture, what do they do for such entertainment? Does a commonality exist betwee n all of these groups ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

Yes indeed, there is commonality amongst all of th e groups . It is why they are known as the 12 planets that support human life . Thus, all are strains of huma n consciousness and humanoid beings . If all were place d side by side in a room, it would be apparent that all hav e a genetic root that is seen to be human in nature . They would be seen as unique representations of the huma n species with some variance and differences among each . It has already been stated that the humans of the planet Terra (earth) have the unique distinction of having th e Reptilian brain grafted on to the mammalian simia n brain, thus giving it a uniqueness of its own . What Sirians and Pleiadians Look Lik e

The other groups also each have their own uniqueness . The Sirian strain is unique . There are no reptilian energies involved in these beings, but their geneti c features are somewhat different than those of Pleiadians . They are seen to be long in feature, long in limb . long i n fingers and appendages . They are seen to have strikingl y blue eyes and long blondish hair . The Pleiadians als o look somewhat similar. and yet there is, again, a difference to them also . The Pleiadians also have quite a different cultural background . Their cultural mores an d ways are quite different than the others . They believe i n a more open environment in their society, especiall y sexually . A Peek at the Arcturians

They hold different attitudes and principles in thi s than perhaps the Arcturians do . The Arcturians are see n to be noble people . with high morals, especially moral s towards governance for the people and by the people . They are seen to be smaller in stature somewhat, and ye t there is a nobility to them that is easily seen and noticed .

It is from the Arcturian strain that the concept of Kin g Arthur and his people comes . The Arcturians are very present at this time in the consciousness of humankind , and is the foremost leading group of the 12 that i s seeking to help assist humanity in the process of spiritua l evolution at this time . Our Crop Circles are Created by the Arcturian s

Of course the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Vegans are also involved, but at this time, over the last fiv e years, the Arcturians' presence has actually made itsel f known more strongly on the planet itself. This bein g so, it is a leader at this time . It is why there is so muc h interest in Arcturius . why so many people are aware o f Arcturius, have been channeling Arcturius . It has bee n the Arcturians in particular who have been laving dow n the phenomenon known as the crop circles . They ar e indeed formed by the Arcturians . They are symbols and codes and communications that are being left on th e planet for humans to discover and to behold . The 12 Planets All Have a Sense of Famil y

The discussion is about the 12 planets and the Galactic Federation, so this Awareness wishes all to under stand that while each is unique and different both in th e appearance of each as well as their cultural differences , there is that commonality that understands that they al l indeed come from the same strain, from the same poin t of origin, and that this is why there is that sense o f family amongst all of the 12, and that the 13 `h member, that which is no longer a member of the 12 planets : th e Orions, do indeed have a longing within them to return back to the fold, but at this point they do not know ho w this is to be accomplished, and at this point they stil l come from that place of darkness, of that which is th e Dark Forces . and it is their dark energy that is at thi s time affecting the planet Terra . and has controlled it fo r so long . This Awareness is complete . but of course welcomes more discussion on this matter, both from th e energizer and from other members of the organization . i t is ready to move on .

Family Structure on the Other Planets QUESTION: (How Childbirth Is Handled Compared to Earth )

Family structure and culture on these other planets . . Could you comment on this please ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This is indeed a relevant question, for the famil y structures on the other 11 planets are recognized to be o f extreme importance. but it is dealt with quite differentl y than is so on this planet Terra . On Terra, basically any human woman can bear life, and birth a child . Any mal e and female couple can come together and create life . There is of course a spiritual element to this, for no chil d is ever born onto this planet without an a g reement between mother, father and child . First of all the deepe r agreement of them coming together to create the life , and then the agreement of the soul in agreement with th e mother and father who will host that soul and give birt h and life to it . There Are No Accidents When Birth is Concerne d

This agreement is such that without an agreement , no human 'being can host that spark of consciousness : the soul spark . There is no way that a soul will just ente r into a life randomly or by accident . In other words, there are no accidents whatsoever into the birth of a child . This is all part of the spiritual process of bringing life

into human form . On the planet earth . Terra. it is given to a degree of irresponsibility if you will . for it has no t been seen or acknowledged vet that the bringing of life onto this planet carries with it a great responsibility . a great weight . And while it is so there is the factor of a mothers love being a deep instinctual love towards th e child. and a father's love being a protective instinc t towards the child . many are the occasions where th e child being born into a y family unit arises the situatio n and occurs the situation of abuse . of hardship, of the passing on of issues and problems from generation t o generation . Birth and Birth Control on Other Planet s

There is no training . There is no qualification . Ther e is no necessity to understand the importance of the rol e of being a parent . or being parents, and in effect . anyon e can do it, and in effect . everyone does it . have children . This Awareness is not saying, that the having of childre n on the planet earth is a bad thing . It is the wa it is done y that has not vet reached a point or a place of spiritua l evolution and deeper understanding . How it is done o n the other planets is through a consciousness, a consciou s awareness of the importance of the role of being a birt h mother. a birth father . Not all Pleiadians will hav e children . Not all Arcturians or Vegans will have children. This is a specific role filled by those who ar e suited to be parents, and who have that instinct, that calling, that desire to be parents . On these planets, this is acknowledged and supported . If it is so that the purpose of one's life at a stage is to be a parent, then that woman . that man will b e hompletely supported on all levels : financially, physically, morally . it is set up that the birthing of children i s highly esteemed and a very sacred task indeed, for th e children indeed hold the future of the people, and whe n those children are allowed to be born with no qualifications of the parents towards raising those children, t o ensuring, the highest be reached for those children, b y those children, then there are great difficulties that ar e incurred . Many problems are passed down from generation to generation at that deeper level . . It is seen by those other planets that this is not appropriate, and because they have reached a higher leve l of spiritual awareness. steps have been taken over th e millennia that have honed this whole area, that hav e focused the participation of those who would be parents . It is not necessary for all to be parents, to be mothers an d fathers, but for those who have that calling, that desire, there is great support . there is great assistance in thi s process . there is trainin g, . and there is a level of community that supports all who choose to be parents, wh o choose to step into this most honored and most sacre d role. This level of Awareness is approaching in huma n consciousness on the planet Terra . Part of the Ascension process will also evolve the awareness of the importanc e of being parents, of the task and the honor that i s involved : the task being raising children in a healthy , clear and strong way, and the honor for doing so . fo r being a parent. Those who choose to be parents do so fo r a number of years and then of course involve themselve s with other tasks and other chores, knowing that the y have completed a very important task in their society . This level of awareness and understanding is approaching for the humans on the planet terra also .

1 Pi'Ck'ulStot,l




[[ l~'/4W IC


Thank you . I really appreciate the insights that hav e been offered . and I'm sure the members will as well . On a relevant level. there's another question concernin g bitch control that came from Millie P ., from Tucson . Arizona. She writes : "In a recent newsletter, old birth contro l information was reprinted . There still does not appear to be a safe and natural form of birth control available . The choices still out there (the pill, IUD, etc .) are inconvenient or dangerous for women . Is there anything out ther e for effective birth control that is both safe and convenient?" Also . another question that l had related to tha t was "Please discuss victim-hood ; unwanted pregnancie s due to rape or otherwise, and the action of giving one' s power away to others for whatever reason ." Millie carries on " Neem oil was once said to b e effective when in gested by the man for six months prio r to the need for birth control . Does this oil work- effectively for this purpose ? Is there something that woman can incest instead , since they're more likely to remember such a regimen ? Thanks, MP . in Arizona." COSMIC AWARENESS :

No Such Thing as An "Accidental" Birt h

This Awareness has already begun to comment o n this matter in the previous question, when It stated that no child ever comes onto this planet earth without intent and without aLnâ&#x20AC;˘eement . Thus, there is no such thing a s an accidental birth. Jumping to the part oldie questio n that related to a woman who became pregnant through a rape or an act of violence against that woman, that while on the one level it is indeedan act of violence and thi s Awareness does not condone such a thin g, but It still must point out that the child that is the product of such a coupltna, even if it appeared that the woman did no t wish tone raped and become pre gnant, still has that element of a child coming into life only through a deepe r soul agreement. Couples Have Agreed to Create a Child Even If It Takes Rap e

It is seen that on that level of consciousness. that agreement is made at the spirit level, between the mothe r and the father and the child, or the soul that wishes to b e born . The manner of the coupling, of the comin g together of the mother and father is that which is als o discussed . The norm is for a man and a woman to com e to gether voluntarily in agreement . but for the nature o f certain karmic lessons, of deeper soul lessons, some times the agreement is to come together under a violen t circumstance . such as in a rape . If a woman becomes pregnant in that rape, eve n though it may be felt that she had no desire to becom e pregnant, that it was not her wish . that this is not entirely true. for at the deepest level, in the agreement to hos t and bear a human life . the agreement must be given, o r else that soul . that spirit. that soul spark cannot ente r into human life . It simply cannot . End of question ; en d of problem . There is not a way that a soul will come int o human existence if a mother does not wish to have life grow within her and to bear life . This will become the norm for birth control . At thi s time . there simply is no Guarantee to any form of birt h control as being 100% absolutely effective in preventin g


birth . If it is the desire and the agreement for a child to be born . for that soul spark to find its wav into a human body no matter what kind of protection is used . n o matter if it is this man oil that was mentioned . an IUD . the pill or a condom . If it is the purpose for a child to b e born . then an accident will happen that will allow this to be so . Of course . there are no accidents, so when thi s Awareness says an accident will occur . It is bein g facetious . It is no accident when a child is born . An Increase in Sexual Freedom is Coming Soo n

With the times coming and with the expansion o f consciousness to the Divine Nature . the sacred nature o f parenthood, that those who seek to be parents will do s o in complete and flail consciousness . That means that there will not be a pregnancy occurrin g unless it was desired . Thus . in terms of sexual freedom . there will be an increase in sexual freedom . for there will not be a worry or a strain on a couple who are havin g sexua l intercourse that there might be an unwanted pregnancy . This will not occur. A soul will not enter into that sexua l union . Conception will not occur . if there is no agreement to it . but when there is agreement, then all factor s will work together to bring human life into the host bod y and the woman will agree to it, and it will not be an accident. it cannot be an accident . The father will agree to it also, and the child will get its wish to be born . This is what this Awareness has to offer on thi s subject at this time .

Giving One's Power Awa y (More on Victimhood ) QUESTION :

Thank you. Could you comment on the action o f giving one's p owerr away to others, for whatever reason , with regard to birth, or otherwise ? whether this powe Cosr4ic AWARENESS : There are multiple areas and levels to this question . This Awareness needs to know if it is specifically in lin e with the question preceding it, that being of giving life , birthing a child? Is this what is meant by giving powe r away ? QUESTIONER :

No . it is more in terms of . . . g ivin g power over whatever that may be, away to another person . COSMIC AWARENESS :

There is no way that a being gives their power away , unless they choose to give it away . There may b e ignorance around this choice . There may be a misunderstanding around this choice . There may be karma aroun d this choice that is being invoked so that an experienc e can be had . ultimately . the giving away of one's powe r is so that a lesson can be received, an experience can b e had that is meant to teach one . However, this does not mean that this is always understood or perceived . Humanity is at this time still asleep to its greate r understandin g and awareness . because it is asreep i n consciousness still . This means that many do no t understand that a choice is made to call in an experienc e in life and that the common mentality is that of victim hood . It is supported in the society itself and by societ y that all are victims . that there is no choice, there is n o right to say no, and thus . it is seen that if one takes another's power . that this is how it is. whereas the truth is that at the deepest level, all experiences are called in . All experiences are a matter of choice, whether a choice

at the deepest level of consciousness and awareness or a t a surface level where there is an actual choice that i s made . Because of this mentality of victim-hood . it is eas y for a person to think they had no choice and to blam e another for the actions that befell them . that were perpetrated onto them . Thus it is that a woman . in a sense of victim-hood . still asleep to the deeper levels o f choice and the deeper reasons for such choices . woul d perhaps hold that she was a victim, that she gave awa y her power, or that her power was taken . that she had n o choice in the matter . and this simply happened to her, b y the actions of someone else . While this is so, on on e level of understandin g . at the deeper level it is not so . All Experience is Set Up Before Birth on This Plan e

At the deeper level of consciousness it is understoo d what experiences are needed by the individual in a lifetime . Indeed, these experiences arc set up before th e individual even enters into physical life for they are al l part of the life purpose that the individual . the spirit, th e soul . has chosen for itself to experience on the_ journey of physical life . Thus, rapes are often understood at tha t deeper level, are often called in at that deeper level . In the case of karma for example, the 'victim- who i s raped. may herself have been a rapist in another lifetime . This experience is not so much called in as a punishment but as a way of understanding both sides of that coin , both of being the victim to an act of rape as well a s being a rapist who has inflicted their desire . their needs , their violence . onto the victim . Ultimately, in terms of the soul experience, the ful l picture is understood, the full picture is accepted . That i s not how it is viewed on the level of human consciousness that holds victim-hood as the primary way o f things, that would blame everything on others and no t take on responsibility themselves for what has occurred . A rise in awareness, a rise in understanding will chang e this . Those who have reached a certain level of enli g htenment understand that all is called in for a reason : even those occasional random events do still have a deepe r purpose behind them that can be understood . When Random Events Occu r

Random events often happen when there is an unwillingness to move forward with the planned action , thus calling in that which is considered a random event. However . when it is dug into deeper. it is understood and seen that perhaps even random events have a purpose behind them . There is really no way that a n individual gives their power away unless they do so in a state of ignorance . unless they do so while they are stil l asleep to the truth of their real being and their rea l power . That is the only way that power can be give n away, and yet it is not truly given away .

7 infant-like eyes that are perceived across the board b y humanity as being cute . That Overwhelming Urge to Pinch Baby's Chee k


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Role-Playing: Why Two Faction s QUESTION :

There's a question here from John Locke, Chattanooga, Tennessee . He writes. "I'm readin g the latest issue of CAC and enjoyin g it very much . It has a very positive message about the near future chan ges. The darn is now crackin g. I just wondered how the aliens fit in t o these chan g es, both the good aliens, like the Nordics . and the negative aliens, such as the Reptoids . Could yo u please ask Awareness this question? Thank you . " COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness has already presented a discussio n of why there is conflict between the two groups : the Galactic Federation and the Orion Empire . On anothe r level, however, there is also that level of spiritua l awareness that understands that there is an evolutionar y process for all consciousness . These two factions, th e g ood and the bad, also play a role in sparkin g th e evolutionary process that mankind is going through at this time . Therefore, those who would work in darkness and who would promote the darker forces, also hav e their role, as do those who work in the Light, who ar e here to provoke an experience of the Light, and that the two come together, even though they are extraterrestria l in nature, to assist in that time in that evolutionary spiritual process that is unfolding at this time . This is the answer that this Awareness has to th e question .

Cuteness: What's Behind It? (Those Huge Eyes of a Baby )


(Thank you) Our next question concerns cuteness . It's from Millie P ., in Tucson, Arizona . She asks : "Can Awareness please explain our reaction to cuteness ? When people see things they consider cute . they usually feel a need to draw in their shoulders or squeal, and/o r make a face . Many women want to pinch the cheeks o f cute children, or simply squeeze them in general . I've noticed also the urge to clench my teeth and/or "devour " the cute thin g , whatever it is . Senously, what's behin d all of that? Thianks . " COSMIC AWARENESS :

That which is behind cuteness is a connection t o infanthood or to babies, to children, and that has to d o with a state of purity that is available at that time . Babie s are born with their eves hu ge. for it is so that the huma n eve is already fully developed, even in that young infan t child. that baby . It is often seen that that which is cut e has this connection to childhood . to infants . to babies . The huge eyes for example, have been used by differen t people. artists and groups . The organization known a s Disney often draws their animated characters with huge eyes. the Japanese anime cartoons also employ thi s same technique, thus their characters often have the huge

Women are especially drawn to such infant cuteness . and it evokes within women a strong maternal reaction . thus the pinching of the cheeks of a cute child . It is guaranteed that the cute child does not like its cheek s tieing pinched. and yet the overwhelming urge of a woman towards this cute child is to acknowledge it, an d one way this is done is through the pinching of cheeks o r the squealing of appreciation of the cuteness that i s there . Animals also are seen to be cute in their youn ger stages . thus puppies and kittens with their lar g e eyes are seen to be cute and irresistible . A young shark is not considered to be cute . A youn g mollusk or lobster or crustacean is not considered to b e cute for they do not fall within this parameter of cuteness that is held by humanity . It very much has to do with young children and that pure and innocent state tha t all humans 17o through, that the human child goe s through, as it becomes the human teenager . At that poin t the cuteness is already starting to fall away . Thus, by the time that the human being becomes the adult being . that memory of cuteness is seen reflected in the child and in children and in young creatures that are mammalian i n nature . This is what cuteness is all about . and this Awarenes s appreciates this cute question .

Does the UN Still Want to Disarm America ? (The Right to Keep and Bear Arms )


(Thank you) Our next question is from Maeve Fitzerald, from Rocks Sprinh, W y oming. it concerns firearms and Americans . She writes . '`I'm working m y way through the 1994-1995 newsletters at this time . I find that Awareness states that the UN needs to find a way to disarm Americans . Is this still a necessity? Is thi s why so many of our soldiers are deployed out of the country? I read in <DKRR1HZV that the US is the most heavily armed (civilian) nation in the world. with 90 firearms per 100 people . Would Awareness pleas e comment on this : Thank you" COSMIC AWARENESS :

This is a huge question indeed, for while on the surface it appears that predominance of so many weapons is a negative factor in a nation's character , there is much more to this. The matter of troop deployment also is a much deeper issue . First of all, thi s Awareness wishes to remind all that the ri ght to bear arms is a fundamental freedom guaranteed in th e Constitution of the nation of the United States o f America. It was seen and understood by the foundin g fathers that there might always be danger of an irresponsible government usurping the rights of the people . It was understood that the ri ghts of the individual and of the people were far more important than a controlling government. a tyranny. a regime that woul d abuse their power, and the right to bear arms was seen a s a way of preventing such an occurrence from happening . This is why it is so deep in the consciousness of th e American people that they have the ri ght to bear arms . and that this is a way of protecting themselves and their loved ones from an overbearing dictatorial government . It is exactly this that is now occurring in the Unite d States of America and it is for this reason why th e American government is trying to take away the right s

8 of the individual to hear arms . for it is seen that there are more arms in the hands of free citizens than there are i n the arms and hands of the military and the police an d other agencies of the government that have the right t o bear arms . This creates an effective force of oppositio n against the dictatorial government that would seek t o enslave the people of the United States of America . This being so . that is one reason why the right t o bear arms is an important issue at this time . The ri ght t o bear arms prevents a corrupt government from enslavin g the people . At this time what is occurring are man y incidences being perpetrated that are an abuse of arms . There is no denying that arms in the hands of those wh o are violent in nature . or who would use the weapons t o create for themselves to force others to do what the y wish, to steal from others ; these are not in the highes t realms of what this Awareness is talking about in th e freedom to bear arms .

This becomes a very heated subject indeed, and on e that has a lot of confusion around it . It is at this poin t that this Awareness wishes to state that It is not in favo r of arms being used violently, however It does say that the use of arms to prevent the corrosion and con =uptio n of human rights in the United States is understood b y this Awareness . It hopes that It has been able to she d some light on this very complex matter . QUESTIONER :

(Thank you) Your comments are very much appreciated . We have about 5 minutes left on the tape . Is the Interpreter getting tired ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

At this time the Interpreter is almost at a state o f being complete in his energ ies and this Awareness doe s suggest that it is time to bring the Interpreter back .

A Deeper Purpose Behind Virginia Tech-Type Slaughters

It is exactly these incidences as well as the events o f killin g of many people in a rampage by a disenfranchisea individual that are makin g the headlines . There i s a deeper purpose behind such events as the killin gs at Virginia Tech and more recent campus killings . By bringing such things to the forefront of consciousness , the cry goes out that weapons should be taken away, tha t the right to bear arms should be removed from th e individual, that the American individual should not b e allowed to have arms . for look at the results of those crazies who go into the campuses and schools and the malls of America and arbitrarily shoot individuals down , kill and slaughter the innocent .yOf course, this has a strong emotional energy to it and on the one level, thi s Awareness certainly cannot and does not support arm s for this purpose . This is never a good enough reason t o bear arms . However, It needs to speak that there is an ulterio r motive . Many of these incidences are deliberately set u p for the purpose of creatin g a backlash against the bearin g of arms . Responsible individuals who have an awarenes s of why they bear arms are not the ones who go into malls and into the schools and shoot individuals down . These are often individual who are on the edge and wh o are psychologically provoked through means that thi s Awareness Is not prepared to discuss at this time . but ha s discussed at other times . These individuals, throu gh a form of mind control . often are provoked into such incidences so that there i s indeed this backlash, this response to take away arms . There are nations . such as the nation of Canada, wher e individuals also bear arms . but there are far less incidences of murder and of abuse of the weapons . Why is it so that the United States of America has such rampan t violence and abuse of firearms? It is because the right t o bear arms as provided in the Constitution . acknowledged and foresaw a time where a government might try t o take away the power of the people and enslave th e people . In a nation like Canada, that government control i s of a different order . In some ways the nation of Canad a is already under stricter control by its government tha n the government of the Untied States at America and th e people of America . This being so . there is more freedo m in America to voice opposition to the governmen t through use of arms against a corrupt government, against a government that would invoke its will upon th e people. That is why the weapons and arms were guaranteed under the Constitution of America .


Is there a closing message ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

At this time there is no closing message from thi s Awareness . (The Law of Gratitude is given . A count of 12 ) IN THIS ISSU E Many Questions About the Galactic Confederation That Petition to the Galactic Confederation-(An Update) The Galactic Confederation and the Orion Empir e (More on the 12 Planets in Our Galaxy) Does a Commonality Exist Among the 11 Planets? Family Structure on the Other Planets Is There a Safe Birth Control Method that Really Works? Giving One's Power Away (More on Victimhood) Role-Playing : Why Two Factions Cuteness : What's Behind It? Does the UN Still Want to Disarm America? You Were Intended to be Godlike The Cosmic Law of Change These are Exciting Times : Magic and Miracles Are Happening all Around You As Creator Beings Thoughts Are so Important More Questions on Prehistory of Humans The Building of the Sphinx Who Were the Entities who Built the Sphinx? The Shift in the Poles Were Neanderthal Types Available for Experiments? Who Created the Yellow Race? Why Do All Racial Groups Have Reptilian Brains? The Original Egyptians Were Alien in Appearance Who Took Leadership Positions in Egypt? The Anunnaki Are Retuming to Earth Now Which Party Has the Power? How Did Sirians Evolve and Come to Earth? The Implanted Genetic Memory That All Black are Slave s For All Lifetimes Stolen and Forged Lottery Tickets (Lotteries Rigged?) The Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development Cours e (Moonchild : Lesson Number 2)

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COSMIC AWARENESS Is the Force that expressed Itself throug h Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayc e and other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Heavenl y Father and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter th e 'New Aqe' of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 CosmicAwareness has been communicating through carefully traine d cnanneis . This information Is for those who desire to help In bringing I n the New Age . Throughout the thousands of 'Readings' given through these various channels, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believ e anything, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself , through your own channel what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness wil l only 'Indicate' and 'suggest' . Neither C .A .C . or any of the Interpreters Is responsible for anytning Cosmic Awareness states in any of thes e readings, nor does C .A .C . or the Interpreters necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The interpreter Interpret th e energies as they see them In trance levels and are not personall y responsible for what Is said . The Interpreters published herein have n o connection with, nor control over the editorial comments and material , Including illustrations . This is entirety the responsibility of the editor . Members of C .A .C . are Invited to send In questions Of general Interes t to ask Awareness for possible publication in this newsletter . Lauri' 60 years cf Nakba The Chtasrrepny(, th.:L:5 rle.

Wisdom of Awareness . . .

You Were Intended to be Godlike This Awareness indicates as the third dimension melt s and the fourth dimension materializes or emerges . yo u also discover that the mind which you possess has th e capability of manifesting in this new reality . You can manifest food . Even thou g h the old three dimensiona l world may have left starving entities, you now have th e ability to manifest the food you need right out of thin air . just as the yogi's of Tibet and India have been known t o do for many, many ages . This Awareness indicates that as entities reach withi n themselves, find the essence of their own God-like bein g within, they can manifest in this new reality, this ne w creation, to satisfy the needs of each moment . Thi s Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to keep in mind those thin g s that this Awareness has tol d you : The universe appears and disappears every fou r quadrillionths of a second . and because each fou r quadrillionths of a second is a totally new universe, yo u can create in that next moment those things that are necessary for your new universe to sustain life, t o sustain those things you need . This will be the great security that entities seek : You become the rainbow's end . You become the pot of gold , rather than pursuing the pot of gold at the end of th e rainbow . You become the one who manifests the realit y you seek . This Awareness indicates that as you learn t o create your world with each step, as you learn to mov e from moment to moment creating your new reality, yo u will then realize you are indeed a multidimensiona l being with God-like abilities . This Awareness indicates that many will think this is a sacrile g ious statement : that humans cannot, should not , and would not rightfully ever consider themselves a s God-like . but this Awareness suggests that the Ultimat e Divinity, the Ultimate Creator intended for His or Her s or Its creation to become likened unto Itself, to hav e similar powers of creation . This Awareness indicates you cannot, as a third dimensional lesser bein g equate yourself with the Divin e Being, but as you move into such Divinity yourself . the n you become One with the Creator. One with the Divin e Father, and thus have similar abilities, similar empowerment . (From Revelations of Awareness issue 97-3)

;c. i

r '.lm ~




The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness . . .

The Law of Chang e This Awareness indicates there is a Law which g ovems all things, and allows no thing to remain unchecked , and allows no checks to remain unchanged . That i n anything seen . done . experienced or known . you ma y look at it and say with absolute certainty : "This too wil l pass ." This Awareness indicates this as the Law of Change .

1. 0 CAC General Reading 2-26-08 Will Beriinghof Interprete r (Law of Love is given and a count of 12) Does Awareness have a n opening message ?



This Awareness does have an opening message a t this time . It wishes for all those who read this message and hear this message . to understand that they are in a state of transition, that they are participants in great events that are occurring all around them at this time ; not simply those events that are shown on the evening news which are controlled events, events that are shown to the public to foster a certain attitude and opinion t o hold those who view the nightly news into that box o f perception that is so very controlled by those powers tha t be . This is known by many, but even knowin g this does not always translate to individuals starting to loo k outside of the box . While it may be known that th e powers that be control the information and the news it i s sometimes difficult for the Li ght Workers to see the miracles in their own lives, and to understand the beaut y of what is transpiring around them without gettin g caught up in the negativity, the fear . the ignorance . These are indeed amazing times, challenging times , interestin g times, but they are also times of great magi c and miracles . They are times where the potential o f transformation and transmutation are available on a dail y basis. The Challenge to go Beyond the Negative Events "Out there "

It is the challenge of all to go beyond the negativit y of the events that are taking place `out there', and to start realizing the significance of the little events, the miraculous events happening in here, and by "in here ", this Awareness is referring to each and every, individual' s personal space, their own field of expenences . At this time it is much more important to stay focused on one' s own personal experiences than it is to become to o involved in the external activities of the world, thos e activities being the events reported on the nightly news . This Awareness is not saying it is not good at this tim e to feel involved in external affairs, but that they need t o be on a more personal level versus just panicking o r feeling confused or fearful about those events that ar e going on in the world that are beyond their control . It is indeed part of the agenda to create a continuou s state of fear and apprehension in the populace, for it i s so much easier to control and manipulate a populace i n fear and panic than those who are calm, cool an d collected, and who do not buy into the agenda of thos e who are in powers . It is for this reason that the news i s always so neg ative and why it is that the main messa ges is that the individual has no ability or capacity to make a difference, to change matters in the least . This message is contrary to the truth . The message that this Awarenes s wishes to deiiver at this time is that it is the individual' s perception of the reality of their own life that matters th e most. People Must Stop Seeing Themselves as "Victims "

It is imperative that the individual stop seeing him self or herself as a victim . stop seeing themselves as powerless to change anything, because they are after all only one person, and switch the focus to that one perso n being the source of all change, for it is with the individ -

ual that the perception begins to the reality that is aroun d them . If that perception of the reality.around them i s intruded upon or altered or manipulated by those power s that be, by the sources that have control on the physical level of this planet. then it will never be understood ho w one creates their own reality, how what is being expert . enced is the direct result of the beliefs, the mind-sets, the attitudes held by the individual . How One Thought Can Create Your Reality

It is imperative now, as these amazing times progress and proceed . to begin to understand how one' s own beliefs and attitudes so clearly define one's ow n reality, and that the perception of a reality that is negative and hopeless, will indeed, through the belief o f such, create a negative hopeless reality . The seam is so complete that one cannot see where one thought begin s and the other ends . how one's thoughts create the reality , for if it is understood or perceived that the reality fro m outside is what is more important, then it will b e impossible for an individual to ever consider that he o r she can change anything of the world outside them selves. and indeed would be hard-pressed to chang e anything in their own lives . This is exactly what the powers that be would wis h all to believe. for as one believes it so, as one believe s that it is the forces outside of the self that has greater power to create the world around them than they themselves, then they do not see how it is they them selves that are creating the reality based on thos e assumptions, beliefs, mindsets that they have bough t into, that have been force-fed upon them . The seam i s flawless, and that is why so many cannot see that they themselves are the Creator Beings of their lives, becaus e they have bought into a reality not of their making, but rather one that has been passed on to them, and whic h they have accepted and never question, and every time that they watch the news, this concept and belief i s reinforced and they continue, each and every individua l continues to continue creating a world of negativity , fear, violence, hopelessness, confusion and chaos . Reinforcing the "Lull Before The Storm" Informatio n

In these amazing times, it is now imperative that each individual begin redefining themselves, rediscovering themselves, going deeply into their own beliefs an d attitudes . This is indeed a time of deep and powerful introspection . and this Awareness has spoken of this an d to this matter in that which is known as the Lull Before the Storm .* It wishes to reinforce that previous messa ge by again expressin g how important it is for the indivicd ual at this time to dig deeply into the core of their being , to ferret out those core beliefs . those inner attitudes that have embraced a mass-message that is conflicting or perhaps blocking the creation of a reality more to the liking of the individual.

'Revelations of Awareness issue 2008-1 (The Lull Before the Storm )

By doing so, by ferreting out these core beliefs , these negative beliefs and attitudes, and by deliberatel y choosing to release them and change them and transfor m them. the individual will start to create a world more t o his or her liking . It may not happen immediately . This is something that this Awareness wishes at this time to express every clearly . It may not happen immediately , but it will happen. if' one continues to have faith that altering the beliefs and attitudes held at the deepes t levels will indeed have an effect on the individual's life . The problem is, of course, is this does not manifes t instantly and immediately, many lose patience, and thin k that this doesn't work, this is a flawed way of thinking , and they return back to that mindset that says they have

1- 1 no power . they are impotent and powerless to make an y changes in the world, or even their lives .

only in their own lives, but in the greater collective also . the world itself .

Why the Book and Movie "The Secret" Disappoints Some Entities

One Individual Can Change the Worl d

This Awareness reminds all how deeply the socia l conditioning goes . how deeply mass-beliefs are held a t the collective level and of course at the personal level , and because these mass-beliefs are also personal beliefs . it is not always simply a matter of thinking differentl y and having a different result immediately . In the movi e `"The Secret", the suggestion was that to create a visio n board . or to put out those positive intents would immediately result in success, in change . Many have since discovered that it does not always work this way an d have become discouraged and despondent when they failed to have the success seemin g ly guaranteed in th e movie and the book "The Secret .'' This is not because what "The Secret" was puttin g out was wron g or erroneous . Rather, there were certai n things that were not quite included . such as the power o f core beliefs to sabotage the implementation and creatio n of ones' desire . One may say to oneself that they are open to abundance and prosperity and eventually thi s message will get through to the low self, and eventuall y the low self may change the reality around the individual towards financial success and abundance, but if a cor e belief is held by the individual that they do not deserv e wealth or financial success, this core belief . this attitud e of ne g ativity will always sabotage the intent toward s wealth and abundance . That is why this core belief and negative attitude must be discovered and brought to th e surface and recognized and acknowledged and must b e chan g ed and released .

Thus if the individual begins to understand this an d work this and have faith in this process then they ca n understand that the individual can indeed change th e world . and with one individual holding such powerfu l belief, connecting with another who can also learn t o hold such beliefs, connecting with others who have suc h strong powerful beliefs, then indeed . anything can occur . The world can be chan ged because of one individual an d his or her belief in somethin g different . These are indeed amazing times . This Awarenes s invites all to have fun . to play, and to be open to thes e amazing times and all that they have to offer . Thi s Awareness is complete with Its opening message an d invites the questions to be presented at this time .

Core Beliefs Can Sabotage What You Want to Create

Once this occurs . then the attitude towards abundance and prosperity can be realized, but if one does no t seek deeply within themselves core beliefs that ar e sabotaging their intention . then one will always go manifesting, or perhaps not manifesting that which i s their deeper belief . That is why this Awareness is sayin g how important it is to go inwards at this time, to dea l with the deep emotional issues, the core beliefs and attitudes that still affect each and every individual . The Li g ht Workers have a responsibility now t o focus on themselves so that they can indeed overcom e these negative beliefs, attitudes and emotions . and b y doing so, they free themselves and release themselve s from the box of collective mass consciousness an d beliefs and are free to start a new path . a new way, are free to raise their vibrations to match the rising vibrations of planet earth, of Gaia . That is why this Awareness invites all to start looking for the miraculous event s of their lives : even the little events of synchronicity. that are occurring with more and more frequency, for eac h time such an event of synchronicity occurs, each time a little miracle occurs, an individual understands an d knows that they have started to change their inner cor e beliefs, for it is allowing such events, such positiv e occurrences to take place in their lives . More Synchronicity (Coincidence) Occurring is a Sign You Are Creatin g

That synchronicity is that state of meaninuful coincidence that indicates a deeper connection to the spiritual flow, to the High Self, and to those levels o f consciousness that go beyond physical third dimensiona l reality . These small miracles . and sometimes even larg e miracles will do much to confirm and uphold a new set of beliefs and attitudes that the individual is indeed th e true creator of his or her reality, and that each individua l has the power to effect deep and profound change not

As Creator Beings Thoughts Are So Importan t (Gaia is Moving Into Her Light Body)


The part that came through very strongly was th e importance of a person's thoughts and the ener gies that they project by these thoughts, and I thank you for that . COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness does state a gain that it must b e recognized by all that they are Creator Beings . and to b e in ignorance of this or to deny this is the single greates t obstacle at this time that must be overcome by those who would wish to move into the higher vibrations tha t are unfolding all around them at this time . The Interpreter earlier in the day in speaking with a friend wa s given an analog y of what is happenin g . This frien d spoke to the Interpreter and said that Gaia was movin g into her Light Body, and this would of course infer that Mother Earth herself is also shifting vibrationally, as ar e the many who are starting to understand and comprehend that they too are moving into their Light Bodies , the higher vibrational essence of their bein g that woul d correspond to the vibrational essence of Mother Earth, o f Gaia . As Beings of Light We Can Create the Circumstances of our Lif e

This is achieved through leaving behind the ol d heavy energies that are indicative of a planet of consciousness that does not understand the higher principles, the higher truths, that would still hold that all are victims to outside events, circumstances and individuals . whereas the hi g hest understanding and perception is tha t as Beings of Li ght, we can create the circumstances o f our life . It is held that all who hold this are responsibl e for doing exactly so . and that the "we" becomes a collective we . a wholeness, a oneness, of many comin g together at a higher vibration, at a hi higher gher frequency that of Mother would allow them to be in the Ligh t Earth . Mother Earth's Light Body is "Planet A" the Ascension Plane t

It is this Light Body of Mother Earth that is what this Awareness has referred to in the past as Planet A , the Planet of Ascension . the Light Body of Ascension . Those who are themselves creating their own Ligh t Bodies are indeed involved not only in their ow n personal process of Ascension, but also the planetary process of Ascensions that is at this time taking place . That is why this Awareness suggests that these ar e interesting and amazing times, and that the onus an d responsibility of each individual at this time is to di g deeply into themselves, their own being, their ow n emotional foundation, to bring out, to heal, to release

12 those negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotion s that prevent them from stepping in to their Light Bodies . that prevent them from expanding their consciousnes s and becoming a part of the process of Ascension that i s occurring at this time . This Awareness is complete . QUESTIONER :

(Thank you) It ' s almost like moving everything up a notch . COSMIC AWARENESS :

This is correct . QUESTIONER :

Can I offer


There is indeed enou gh in this first opening question that could preoccupy this Awareness for hours . so It would suggest that It remains with this question at thi s time . The first level of the question being asked is : What races were around at the time of Sphinx and the buildin g of the Sphinx . It is seen that this was the influence of th e race of the Anunnaki, those wanderers of what Zechari a Sitchin referred to as the l2~ ' Planet, the wanderin g planet which came through at that time . The individual s Involved, particularly Enki and Enlil . were very involve d in the building of the Pyramid, and even proceding th e pyramid : the building of the Sphinx . The Egyptian God Thoth (Enki) Built the Sphin x

some questions ?


This Awareness is open to the questions the energize r has for It .

More Questions on Prehistory of Human s (Questions Continue From a Previous Reading )


These are three questions concernin g prehistory and the races . They're somehow related in the sense tha t they are all on the same topic, and they are from thre e different individuals . Would you prefer that all three b e read for a combined reply, or should I just read each on e at a time ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness s u g gests that each individual quer y is read first, and perhaps at the end this Awareness wil l tie all three together .


(What Races Were Around at That Time? )


This first one comes from Paul Somerville, fro m Fenton . Michigan . He writes "As many newsletters a s I've read, some things just are not clear . I was readin g 2001-7, reading that those who built the Sphinx cam e from the constellation Leo . Okay, but who were they ? What races were living on the planet at that time? I' d like an approximate date for the Sphinx . Awareness said the Jehovah group came much much later . Whe n Jehovah created the Adam and Eve types with a reptil e brain, were they experimenting with the Neandertha l types? What races already existed? If the red race came from the Atlans in Vega, th e Whites came from one place, the area of the blacks wa s being encroached on by Reptoids : so someone brough t them there ; the brown race is a mixture of others . an d the yellow race came up from hollow earth, then wh o created the yellow race? If Jehovah only made th e racial Semites from around 10 .000 BC, why groups have a reptile brain with a mammal brain from the dolphins placed on top of that ? Awareness described the ori ginal Egyptians as alien in appearance with a wide upper head, narrow mouth . and pointed chin . What aliens were involved and wher e did they come from? When Atlanteans migrated t o Egypt, did they take control of the leadership positions? " Can Awareness comment on this one, or should I read the next?

do all

At the same time . the Assyrians were part of th e genetic building of humanity . yThis all going bac k hundreds of thousands of years . so that many of th e races that were formed were g enetically created . Goin g back to the Egyptian period, the Sphinx was built by that Egyptian Goa-known as Thoth . This would be Enki i n the Anunnaki understanding of the individual involved : Thoth being the magical god who had the understandin g of the powers needed to create such an edifice as th e Sphinx . This is a matter of great complexity . At the time o f the building of the Sphinx, there were no other bei n gs i n that land known as Egypt, for so old is the Sphinx tha t beings were brought into that region to create it, to buil d it . While that individual now known as Thoth was th e chief architect and engineer, he too was that bein g known as Enki, the Anunnaki . who had a great love for the beings being created by himself and his Siria n colleagues and associates in the labs . He was als o vilified at a later date, given a bad rep, so to speak. The Sphinx was built at a time that was the be ginnin g of that area that was colonized and became what i s now known as Egypt . This Awareness said that there was no one there in the region where the Sphinx wa s built . This does not mean that there was no one in the area known as Egypt or the lower Nile areas . The building of the Sphinx and then later on the pyramids , was created at the time to be an edifice of the occupying race, and at that time there was no mystery around the Sphinx itself. The Lion's Body Represented Leo and the Face was Enk i

It represented the peoples from the Leo constellatio n and region : hence the lion's body . The human face wa s the face of the humanoid Enki, the Anunnaki people, an d those who were building it recognized and understoo d this, but this truth was lost and now the Sphinx i s understood as a mysterious character, when in truth i t was more an edifice to those who had come from thi s great distance and who colonized this region . This Awareness asks if the energizer has a questio n at this point . QUESTIONER :

Not at this point . COSMIC AWARENESS :

It wishes more of the original question read, for It feels It has gone astray .

Who Were the Entities Who Built the Sphinx? (Harmonics Used to Lift Stones of Great Weight)


I was reading that those who built the Sphinx came from the constellation Leo . Okay, but who were they'?


The Shift in the Poles

(This Was Part of the Downfall of Atlantis)



This Awareness will answer this directly . It has spoken of this . They were the Anunnaki . They were those space travelers on the traveling 12 t' Planet . Tiamat . that built the Sphinx, using humanoids for physica l labor . but also employing great tools of technology that are not known of today, using harmonics, thus bein g able to lift stones of great weight, and to cut with laser s and to use great knowled ge and wisdom to create th e Sphinx . the pyramids and other structures of the ancien t world . The laborers there were to do more menial tasks . but the great task : the great liftin g of stones and all wa s completed by the Anunnaki . by the guidance of Thoth . the chief architect and en gineer.

The shift that was mentioned, is that the shift of th e poles- the North and South Poles . or is that a differen t shift in consciousness . or what shift would you b e referring to there ?


The approximate date for the building of the Sphinx ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

Approximately 10 .000 BC QUESTION :

Were there other races living on the planet at the sam e time? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This is so . The Atlanteans were definitely in existence in the area, but this was still a very different grou p of individuals and people, and there was much extraterrestrial contact with that group known as the Atlanteans . They preceded this building of the Sphinx and were her e for many thousands of years before . It is often considered that civilization started approximately 10,000 years BC, but all that happened was that there was a shift fro m the people that were on the planet at this time, th e Atlanteans in particular, and there were other races o n the planet not as hi ghly developed or advanced . Such is even the condition in these times . where there are mor e primitive tribes of peoples still living who do not com e from that highly technologically advanced civilization that occupies the Western world . Such was the case in Atlantean times . There were indigenous peoples i n different regions, and there were indigenous peoples i n the Egyptian area, but these peoples were used to hel p build the structures, and when the Atlanteans colonize d into areas of Egypt, the Mediterranean, England, tha t local people were often used as servants to take care o f the needs of those Atlantean colonists who came int o these regions . It is seen that there is a connection with the chie f architect Thoth and the Atlantis and the Atlanteans ; that he himself was an Atlantean, as well as part of th e Anunnaki. This is seen as confusing, but this Awarenes s simply says that this race of beings already was interacting with the peoples of the planet in a very active way . Later on they built their temples and their habitats at th e top of the pyramid structures, at the top of the Ziggurat s ofBabylon, and became worshiped by the peoples of th e space below, the land below the Zi ggurats . They even existed in Atlantean times as well . v L ' ,'



AlT (ou'R E



The shift in the poles . There is g eological evidenc e that the magnetic fields did shift at that time . hut this to o was part of the downfall of Atlantis . the sinking o f Atlantis. Much more occurred than the simple disruptio n of the geological foundation below the continent o f Atlantis . At that time there was a polar shift, and th e whole planet flip-flopped at the same time . which is one of the reasons why the destruction of the continent wa s so thorough and complete . The whole planet wen t through a desperate traumatic time through this shift o f the poles . the volcanic eruptions and the sinking of tha t continent now known as Atlantis .

Were Neanderthal Types Available fo r Experiments?


Awareness said the Jehovah group came much much later . When Jehovah created the Adam and Eve type s with a reptile brain, were they experimenting with th e Neanderthal types? What races already existed ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

There were indeed the Neanderthal types availabl e to the genetic exploration of those beings that took thi s on, those beings as the Anunnaki, once again, in association and assisted by the Sirians . They took these race s and manipulated them . grafted on the Reptilian/ Mammalian brain and created a specie of Homo sapiens, o r Cro-Magnon men . This eventually became modem man . These experimentations were done far, far greater back in time than 10,000 BC . and this is part of that which was known as the Jehovah group that this Awareness ha s spoke of in previous times.

Who Created the Yellow Race ?


If the red race came from the Atlans in Vega, th e Whites came from one place, the area of the blacks was being encroached on by Reptoids, so someone brough t them there ; the brown race is a mixture of others, and the yellow race came up from hollow earth, then who created the yellow race? If Jehovah only made the Semites from around 10,000 BC, why do all racia l groups have a reptile brain with a mammal brain fro m the dolphins placed on top of that ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This does indeed go back into the genetic work don e by Enki, as well as his Sirian colleagues . This goes back to the original human beings that were created : th e Homo sapiens, the modern man that they were trying t o create as a slave population to work in the mines o f Africa and throughout the planet at that time . Thi s precedes even the Atlantean race, and this core stem being was the being from which all other races eventually arose from : the yellow, red, the white and the black . It is correct that the red race stemmed from th e Atlanteans . but even before Atlantis . this work was don e to create the genetic template for humans, and this goes back several hundred thousands years, so far back that i t is difficult at this time to understand how far back i n time this was, for it is beyond the comprehension o f many who understand civilization started at 10 .000 BC,

14 when in truth . 300,000 years ago, there were thes e beings DOUHDG\ on this planet, already starting to creat e the slave race that eventually became humanity in th e various forms . the various races . It was the Anunnaki . through Enki and the Sirian s who created the original Adam/Eve prototypes . All of this has been discussed very adequately in the books o f Zecharia Sitchin that this Awareness recommends to the readership .* This Awareness is complete with thi s question . 'CAC permanently stocks the books of Zechana Sitcnin . Pleas e refer to our Book Price list .

Why Do All Racial Groups Have Reptilian Brains ?


The last part of the question : If Jehovah only made the Semites from around 10,000 BC, why do all racia l groups have a reptile brain with a mammal brain from the dolphins placed on top of that? Is there any particular reason for that ?

Many are approaching this point RI spiritual evolution. of the quantum leap Into the higher frequencies, bu t many are still at a lower level of consciousness and ar e not ready to advance at this time . This was all seen so fa r back in time by the Sirians, and it was an ultimate goal that they understood could one day be achieved, even i f it did take hundreds of thousands of years . This is wh y the mammalian brain was grafted to the reptilian brain . At first. it was presented as the perfect combination o f the slave race, that they would follow their order s diligently, but still have a capacity to think things out, s o that they were able to work out problems that needed a certain degree of intelligence to deal with, but there wa s a hidden agenda behind this also : that being that th e eventual evolution RI the Homo sapiens would bring it to a condition where it would exceed its original masters and then even beyond that, would come finally to a poin t of spiritual evolution, of transformation to a highe r consciousness and a higher conscious being . This Awareness is complete .

The Original Egyptians Were Alien in Appearance


The reason was due to the Sirian intervention . This was not the original goal . In the creation of a slave rac e it was understood that what would be preferred is a subspecies that did not have a highly developed capacit y for thought that would simple be followers . who would do what was commanded, without question, withou t thought . It was the Sirians who understood that thi s would not be something that they could be involved in . They chose to graft on the mammalian brain to th e reptilian brain with the thought that eventually, at som e point in human history and evolution, that which they were creatin g , the Homo sapiens being, would be able t o think for itself. and be able to question and deny its mor e reptilian nature . The reptilian part of the brain was seen as that par t which would make the following of orders, rigid regime , order regularity, all of this as paramount to the slav e beings that were being created, but as the Sirian s understood it, this was not something that they coul d totally support, and with Enki's assistance and help, the y secretly created a bein g that would have this potential a t a later date because of the grafting of the reptilian to th e mammalian . At first the mammalian was not supposed t o be such a highly evolved brain or have such a capacit y that the dolphin brain would have . but that is why thi s was done in secret, and against orders, if you will . Enki's Transformation of Humans Into Higher Beings Finall y Arrived

This created a bein g that in the beginning was subservient . was the slave being, but with time started to g o against the gods themselves until now a time has bee n reached, the evolutionary place has been reached that th e Sirians and others of that which is now known as th e Galactic Federation, once understood and saw as bein g the eventually outcome, the transformation of th e original bein g into a higher conscious being, eve n eclipsing and exceeding the Reptilians themselves . whose brains are not hotwired for such an evolutionar y process, who will always have a tendency toward s regimentation, order, hierarchical structure . There ar e Reptilians who also have advanced, who have reache d higher levels of consciousness themselves, but the mai n group of Reptilians has this tendency to be devou t followers and not necessarily high thinkers, but eve n within the Reptilians there are different levels o f consciousness, just as it is among Homo sapiens .


That's amazing ; we're definitely very fortunate . The last part of this question is : "Awareness described th e original Egyptians as alien in appearance with a wid e upper head, narrow mouth, and pointed chin . What aliens were involved and where did they come from ? When Atlanteans migrated to Egypt, did they take control of the leadership positions'?" COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness has answered this question severa l times over . These were the original Anunnaki, thos e beings that traveled in the 12th Planet, the planet Tiamat, and they are so described in texts as having the broad forehead, the narrower bottom face, the chin, the nose . and the lips . This is indeed how the Anunnaki looked , and still do .

Who Took Leadership Positions in Egypt ?


Hmm . Then this last part : "When Atlanteans migrate d to Egypt, did they take control RI the leadership positions?' COSMIC AWARENESS :

It is seen that the Atlanteans colonized the Egyptia n area, the lower delta in particular . The Anunnaki were already a part of the society of the Atlanteans . and some of the Anunnaki found a great affinity to the colonize d regions that are now known as the lower Nile region . as well as Egypt itself, so they have a natural predispositio n towards colonizing that area . There is not seen any conflict as such, simply a moving into an area that in an earlier time was still largely abandoned and left to th e indigenous beings of that region . Those indigenou s beings also were a pan of the genetic manipulation tha t had occurred at a far earlier stage . The Anunnaki that were Atlanteans, rememberin g that many of the Anunnaki had left their planet to live o n this planet, and became the ruling classes, the rulers o f the worlds then : many of those ruling Anunnaki the n took on the leadership roles of the onginal Pharaohs an d it is the Pharaohs that most had the appearance of th e Anunnaki because they ZHUH the Anunnaki .


The Anunnaki Are Returning to Earth No w

(Battles rage in space between the Anunnaki and Reptilians ) QUESTIONER : '

And it is the Anunnaki that are returning to earth a t this particular time, is that correct' ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This is correct. It is this race that still feels that the y have the right to control, dominate and manipulate thi s planet . The Reptilian forces have always been subservient to them . as have the Orion forces, but there is als o conflict . for the Orions have tried to overcome th e Anunnaki, so there is seen a battle of sorts occurring among the different factions at this time . The Orions, fo r many thousands of years were left alone on this plane t and they feel that it is now theirs, this being mostly fro m that period 10,000 BC onward in time . The Anunnaki largely left for a space of time, and there is a conflict an d a battle now between those two forces . but at one point, the Orions, the Reptilians, were subjugated to the will o f the Anunnaki forces . QUESTION :

I see . Will the "battle" between the two take place o n earth or in outer space ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

The battle is taking place all over, already . There ar e battles in outer s ace . 'fhere are battles on this planet , mostly battles of the powers and the powers that be . There is even seen in those controlling factions an d forces a division of loyalties to the various extraterrestrial beings and forces . Some are givin g their allegiance to the Orions . who have so long controlled and manipulated the planet. and that is mostly the political force s that have been and are in power now, and have been i n power so for lon g , but there are others who are startin g to find a greater alliance with the Anunnaki and thei r agents, and there are many struggles behind the scene s for power at this time .

Which Party Has The Power?


Would it be correct to say that Anunnaki are aligne d with one particular party and the Orions, the Reptold s are aligned with another, or is it more complex tha n that'? COSMIC AWARENESS :

It is indeed more complex than that . The Orions an d the servants of the Orions, the Reptilians, do indeed hol d most of the power of those that this Awareness ha s referred to as the powers that be . but the Anunnaki are starting to rise up by bringing forth those individual s who are starting to challenge the existing forces that ar e in power. It is seen that there is a situation in the Unite d States where there is an act of impeachment against th e present president, but this is something that is part of this struggle that this Awareness has been talking about . The entity Wanta*, this Awareness is not sure of th e spelling or pronunciation, but this can be researched- bu t there Is through him a civil legal action bein g taken ou t for the impeachment of the president of the Unite d States as well as the paying off .of this individual o f trillions of dollars that are said to be owed to him . Decisions have already been made in his favor, but thes e decisions are not being honored by the president or hi s cohorts. This is leading to a situation that is highly

sensitive indeed, but is also very secretive and still no t reported by the press . 'Leo E . Wanta (Go to Google and type in his name to see what h e is up to . Ed Light Workers and Rising Consciousness is Yet Another Element

This is one of those actions between the powers tha t be, the Orion based powers . and the Anunnaki and thei r rising powers. By that . this Awareness means those wh o are in conjunction with them . There is also another element to this, and that the element of the Li ght, the Light Beings, the Light Workers . who are not ali gned with either of the two old factions that are struggling fo r dominance on this planet . and thus there is seen a thir d way, a third way that this Awareness has talked of, th e rising consciousness, the higher vibrational frequencies . that would put those who acquire this level of vibratio n in their Li g ht Bodies, which will then ascend with th e planet that is itself ascendin g, that is itself creating it s own Li ght Body, and this is almost a separate process t o the conflict process that is occurring amongst the power s that be, the controllers of the planet . That is why this is all confusing in some ways . fo r there is more than one game being played at this time . QUESTIONER :

We do have several questions on politics, but w e won't have time for those today, because they can b e quite lengthy . Did you want to carry on with the prehistory, and get this topic out of the way ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This is so .

How Did Sirians Evolve & Come to Earth? (How the 12 Human Races in the Galaxy Came to Be )


Okay . This is a very short one . I think you already answered this already. This is from Maeve Fitzgerald, Rock Springs . Wyomin g. She asks, "Awareness speaks of the Sirians as being human . How long a go did the y first come to earth pnor to the civilization X00 thousan d years ago? Where did they evolve or become human? " COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness wishes to correct this somewhat . The Sirians are humanoid . of humanoid making . Thi s Awareness is seeking the proper description at this time . The Sirians are humanoid. There were several humanoid species . Indeed, there were twelve : the Twelve Human Races. These 12 Human Races developed in different areas of the galaxy . The Sirians developed in that which is the Sirius constellation : the planetary alignment around the double sun . There are other humanoid/huma n races or species. In the Galaxy Planet Earth is Referred to as the Child Planet

There are the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Vegans . those from the constellation of Andromeda . The plane t earth and the humans that developed on this planet wer e the last to be developed . This planet is often refen-ed to as the child planet . The humans that arose here with th e assistance of the Sirians and others of the Galacti c Federation are the children of the family, if you will . That is one reason why they have had such a journey . It is seen almost as if the child is a problem child . and has not vet reached its level of matunty where it could tak e its nghtful place among the 12 Star Nation Tribes, th e Star Nation s peoples, the extraterrestrial beings wh o came to the planet in the first place to develop human life.

The Anunnaki Are One of the 12 Original Star Nation People s

The Anunnaki are one of the 12 ori ginal Star Natio n oples . This is why there is an interest by the others o f e Galactic Federation to assist that which is seen as th e iungest child of the family to grow u p . to reac h aturity and to find its own potential . It was understood id seen by the Sirians as well as others of the Galactic ederation . the importance that the child planet . thi s lanet Earth . held to the 12 Star Nation Tribes . It wa s ope, it was that which would be a way forward. and i t vas for this reason that the Sirians chose to help in th e :volutionary process . There were humanoid beings on this planet before .he genetic manipulations created modern man, but tha t the spiritual evolution of this race would have take n many more millions of years . and it is one of the reason s why the Sirians chose to become involved in the geneti c engineering of the humanoids . They did not want to se e the genetic manipulation of one of the members of their Star Nation family be corrupted by Anunnaki . The Anunnaki are seen to have been somewhat of a rebel. of a breakaway race to some degree . but because they too were part or the 12 Star Nation group, this i s why the Sirians and the Anunnaki could work together . That being known as Enki held more the Sirian belief s and attitudes . and why it was that he chose to work wit h them in such close harmony to create the potential Sta r Being that would birth itself at some point . This Awareness asks if this makes sense to the energizer, or if ther e is need to explain this further ? QUESTIONER:

No. I think in light of everything that's been said o n this topic, I think It's quite clear . COSMIC AWARENESS :

Then this Awareness wishes to move on .

The Implanted Genetic Memory That all Black s are Slaves For All Lifetimes (More on Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans )


(Thank you) There is another question on the blac k race. This is from Cathy Walters . from Canton . Ohio . She writes, "In the book "Blue Blood, True Blood", a genetic memory was planted in all races to think the blacks as slaves for all lifetimes . My question : Is tha t why the blacks are still badly treated in New Orleans , trying to destroy public housing so Trump can come i n and build hotels and change the structure? They ar e having a bad time there . tearing down homes that are okay in New Orleans: a house can be demolishe d without tellin g or letting the people know . Why is the black race still hated? More blacks are in prison tha n ever . Privatization is the new norm now ." Thank you fo r any information offered on this particular situation fo r Cathy . COSMIC AWARENESS :

This is a question that this Awareness sees in tw o parts, one having to do with very ancient manipulations and genetic engineering, and one havin g to do with the present political situation that to some de gree even arose out of those original manipulations . The black race wa s one of the original inhabitants of that continent no w known as Afnca . Back in history, in time, these humanoid beings, which became darker in their skin tone as preventive way of surviving a hot arid environment . were used ori ginally by the Anunnaki to create a slav e being. The later formulation of that which is known as

the Adam & Eve creation used the white skinne d humanoids . Before this . there were the humanoids created b y only the Anunnaki . who became the workers of th e mines and these bein gs were not given the consciou s level or awareness or understandin g that the later creation was endowed with . for it was their reasonin g that they did not wish to have a slave race who coul d think for themselves, thus they took the humanoi d beings who were indi genous to the region, who were darker in skin tone than the lighter skinned brothers an d sisters in other regions of the planet . and worked wit h them. did their genetic en gineering on these beings, thu s creating a being that could be used in the mines and fo r other menial tasks, who were indeed a slave race . Later on . it was seen that this was not a successfu l experiment, for these beings could not think for them selves . They were not designed for that. but this cause d problems for there were situations where a degree o f comprehension was required to deal with problems tha t presented themselves at the mining sites and elsewhere , and this is why a second genetic project was undertaken . to create a bein g that had a higher de gree of comprehension and a capability to think for Itself. This Awarenes s has already spoken of that process and procedure. bu t the original bein gs, the dark ones, were always seen as inferior, and held to be so by their masters and creators . A Thought-Form Held in Humanity

This somehow became translated into the future generic manifestations : those beings that were created at the later stage . It was this original schism that created a Thoug ht Form held in humanity, that the black race wa s inferior, that they were the slave race, and it wa s promulgated by the master race themselves : many of these extraterrestrials that stayed on the planet, tha t controlled the affairs of humanity behind the scenes, tha t held that the original creation of this slave race stil l holds sway . It was still felt and believed that the blac k race was the slave race . the inferior race, and this was absorbed into the consciousness of the species created later. Hurricane Katrina a Preplanned Event Against Black s

Thus. it is held by the white race that the black race i s somehow inferior, is somehow still the slave race . Thi s persists even into these modern present times . This bein g so, this Awareness can now move on to the second part of the explanation of the question : that the destruction o f the areas that were inhabited by the blacks in New Orleans was preplanned. The whole destruction of tha t region by Hurricane Katrina was a preplanned event, for the purpose of clearing out that entire region, so that those homes and houses . those communities where the ghetto blacks lived could be finally eradicated, for the rands that they occupied were considered valuable land s and lands that were desired by those who had power , those who had the means to destroy the existing house s and homes, taking them over and creating what the y wanted in the region . The mention of Donald Trump as one of thos e individuals, but he is not the only one involved . Ther e are many who understood and knew . for this was something that was planned many years before . an d carried out against these blacks, who are still held b y those in power as inferior, as not being worthy of assistance, help or replacing of the homes and th e communities that were destroyed . It was seen as okay to simply destroy this area and reclaim it for the needs an d desires of those who had the money and wished to mak e more money by building an area of casinos and hotels

17 and other establishments that could be used for the fu n and pleasure of the whites and those who would com e into those areas. The problem was that those areas were occupied b y these black people and ghettos were there which wer e hard to get rid of, and this is why the powers that b e came up with the plan of a natural disaster that woul d totally wipe out this region . so they could then move in . because the black individuals had no significance, ha d no real meaning, could have their lands taken easily, an d that is what the plan was all about. It did not work at first. for the Hurricane Katrina was to destroy the leve e and let the waters in . but this did not occur. even thou gh the levee had been rigged to collapse with the hurrican e hitting it . Why the Levee Was Exploded in the Middle of the Night

This is why the levee was exploded in the middle o f the night, letting the waters into the region that the man y black people lived in, ultimately destroying that area o f the houses, or causing great damage . Not all the house s were destroyed as was presented in the question, but th e peoples themselves were driven out in a horrific manner, with no care or attention taken to them or their needs ; no compassion, no heart being shown to them . This is stil l part of that original programmin g that happened s o many hundreds of thousands of years ago that still lie s deep in the character of those who are in charge and thi s is held on a societal level, but on an unconscious level . Realize Skin Tone Doesn't Matterâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Humans Do Not Diffe r (We All Have Had Many Lives in All the Different Races )

This Awareness must speak this : It is something tha t can be easily overcome when an individual realizes tha t this makes no sense . This racial prejudice is onl y maintained in ignorance, and that once questions ar e asked, once it is understood and seen that there is n o difference between one human to another . no matte r what the skin tone or color, and once it is also under stood that all beings through the process of reincarnatio n have lived all lifetimes, have been members of bot h genders and members of all races ; once this is understood. then the whole prejudicial attitude falls away . This is not so with the controllers, for they still hol d that they are the superior ones, and that they are white , and this is why they can so easily take such an abominable action against other human beings, but this is wh y the action of destroyin g the ghetto region of Ne w Orleans was taken and why It is still felt to this day, wh y houses are still being destroyed, for the intent was never to return all the families and individuals back to this rebuilt region . It was rather to reclaim it and to divert i t to new reasons of use . The use that it is meant to be pu t to now is more for the pleasure of the powerful ones, th e ones who would make a profit from this, and quit e simply the blacks and their communities were in the wa y for this bein g so . They simply saw this as an obstacle , which they dealt with . That was why the Hurrican e Katrina and the exploding of the levee were allowed t o occur . These were indeed manipulated events . and to think otherwise only allows the ignorance to continue an d shows that those who believe so have not yet begun t o question the actions of those who are in power . Thi s Awareness feels complete with this question . QUESTIONER :

(Thank you) It's admirable how these people are abl e to endure the hardships that they did .


This Awareness wishes to make comment on that. It is admirable indeed, but it is also part of that which i s the human condition, that a soul will enter into as part of their human experience. That is why this Awareness spoke that all individuals have been whites, blacks, re d and yellow peoples. have been both male and female i n many lifetimes . These are all seen as part of the human condition that the soul has chosen to incarnate into fo r the reason of growth and soul advancement . QUESTIONER :

Thank you for the information on that . It was very revealing. The last question could be quite lengthy . Should we save this for another time ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness prefers to save the question for an other time . for the next session . Stolen and Forged Lottery Ticket s (Can the Lottery be Rigged? ) QUESTION :

There are two separate letters, the first from Jame s Mosley, from Hesperia, California . He writes : "Back in March of this year I visited a few days my sister wh o lives in Calgary, Alberta . The daily paper ran article s about how across the country the police proved man y millions of lottery dollars collected were absconded b y sellers . What about the USA'?" And the other question is related to the same thing . Should I read this one ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

Please. QUESTION :

It is from Jerry Doffing, from Frederick, Wisconsin . He says "Also a few years ago I was listening to Alex Jones on the shortwave radio. He was going Into detai l how the lottery in his area was rigged, so certain peopl e would always hit the multimillion jackpots . He gave examples of one police chief winning two big wins in a row, and another public official hit the big one . He wen t into details how the winnin g numbers were drawn . then another ticket was printed with the winning numbers o n it. and given to their chosen person ." It's more of a comment than a question . Could Awareness pleas e comment on these ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

There is indeed manipulation of the lottery and thi s does indeed happen in the United States . as the first question asks if it does happen there . The incident of th e stealing of Lotto tickets by venders was indeed an even t that dick happen in Canada, but it was discovered an d regulations have been placed that prevent this fro m happening, and things have changed in that country s o that a vender cannot simply claim an individual's ticke t for it must be signed each and every time . This has no t yet occurred in the United States . Such theft by venders does indeed happen . It is no t reported upon, but it does indeed happen . Manipulated Lotteries to Pay Off Certain Entities

More serious is the manipulation of the lottery numbers or the printing of a lottery ticket after the drawing . of the numbers to be given as massive payouts to certa n individuals, which are now public, and the public is no t supposed to question this, for the winning of a lottery is


such a random event that they do not see or understan d that perhaps this was a manipulated event, a way to pa y off certain individuals for services rendered, and this i s one of the vagaries of the lottery system that does stil l occur in the United States, but this is not really a matte r of great significance . for these kind of individuals wil l be paid out one way or another. whether it is throug h bogus lottery tickets or not . Generally speaking, the lotteries are still availabl e to individuals as a way of calling into their lives hug e amounts of money, which may in the end be more of a curse than a blessing . This Awareness is complete wit h the answer . QUESTIONER:

Everything comes around, right? COSMIC AWARENESS :

Morris . r_m 1 Si soot ,~ISSIY.Ir ' lor: rnrr: Hut tts:_t1T \fonL n nrLti( .?


This is indeed so . QUESTIONER :


Moon Child (Imagination ) Awareness, we are gathered here tonight for th e second lesson of the Correspondence Course in the Sea of the Moon Child. The second lesson is that which i s concerned with the imagination as a builder, building th e world of form, working as a partner of mind, the partne r of mind being likened unto the mother - mind being th e male principle, and matter its offspring . QUESTION :

We're coming towards the end of the tape . Does Awareness have a closing message ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness feels that there is no need for a closing message at this time, for It feels that this sessio n will be continued at a later date* . It simply wishes to bring things to a conclusion and to bring the Interprete r out of his deep state . Thank you ) The Law of Gratitude is given and a count of 12 )

'Ed's Note : This question and subject was continued and th e reading was published in Revelations of Awareness issue 2008-5 (The Prehistory of the Human Races )

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This Awareness indicates this action of focusing, o f taking that which is large and focusing it into a point. of taking that which is a big picture and bringing it down t o a snapshot, of taking that which is a large concept, an image seen in consciousness and decreasing it down to the size of a word, of taking these words and idea s which are the offspring, or seeds of images, these seeds being allowed to grow by adding the water and nourishment of spirit to recreate their ori ginal picture or image these seeds known as words can be conveyed from plac e to place. from entity to entity, much more easily tha n can the crop of images . The full-blown tree cannot be passed from on e entity's territory to another as easily as can the seed fro m the tree - the acorn. The full-blown concept, image . system of one nation or group, cannot be transferred from one place to another as easily as can the diagram , or the words which describe that system . Therefore, th e action of taking images and putting these images int o words, into pictures, into hieroglyphics, into letters, int o symbols, shapes, designs, whereby the pictures, letters , or substitutes symbolize the original, yet take up les s space in their conveying mechanisms . and whereb y entitles wishing to receive the messa g e carried by thes e symbols, may simply look at the symbols and, havin g been trained . can decipher or decode these symbols and know what messages are being conveyed . This Awareness indicates that in this manner , languages and communication are formed which allow messages to move from one center of ima gination to another center of imagination, and the perceivers . or observers, can take these deh y drated images carried i n words- symbols, or diagrams and can add the waters o f Akasha. and lo and behold, the image reappears in the consciousness of that perceiver . that observer. This Awareness indicates that the action of focusing, the action of transferring images into symbols is a n action known as mind, and mind is the builder whic h structures and conveys images and allows communication on certain levels which could not otherwise occur i n

19 the same manner . Yet, it happens that occasionally min d becomes so fixated in condensing images into their symbols, and becomes so fixated-in the nature o f manipulating symbols, thoughts . numbers . ideas . words . that tie mind never takes the time to add the waters o f Akasha and to experience the meaning behind the words . behind the numbers . behind the symbols, behind th e diagram. This Awareness indicates that this leads to over specialization, whereby the system . the thinking mechanisms . overwhelm the experiential levels, and whereb y the systems become masters over the bein<gs who are served by the system. This Awareness indicates that i n this manner the system becomes a tyrant, whether thi s system is within an entity or in a society or in the force s of consciousness . This Awareness indicates In thi s manner the system. which is made of unfeelin g words . ideas, numbers, and patterns . which convey and manipulate and affect the other parts of consciousness - th e system becomes the beast. becomes that which is devoi d of feeling, of sensitivity, and of imagination . This Awareness indicates that in recent times ther e was a movie . a series which was played upon you r television, relating unto the genie who was marr ied to an astronaut . This Awareness indicates this as "1 Dream o f Jeanie." This Awareness indicates that the symbolism o f this show was that of the conscious mind, exemplified in the astronaut, and the subconscious mind, exemplified a s Genie . This Awareness indicates that the astronaut and th e Genie, his wife . are in each of you as the thinker and th e imager . This Awareness indicates that in each entity an d in each thing there is the genie in the bottle and the on e who can pull the cork to allow that g enie to escape, and wherein you free the genie, the genie becomes you r servant . This Awareness indicates that wherein you fre e your imagination and communicate clearly with it, yo u have at your hands a servant which does serve you well. This Awareness indicates that wherein you cannot mak e friends with your imagination, or wherein you have great fear of your imagination, or hostility toward those thing s and those images which come from those deeper level s of yourself, this may he likened unto a house divided, and war within the household . This Awareness wishes you now to observe th e ima ge of two entities within a house : the male entity being the mind . the female entity being the imagination . The house can be one whereby the mind rules like a tyrant, and the imagination is chained and locked into a cellar, never being allowed to glimpse anything outsid e for fear that the imagination might escape, or th e imagination may be allowed certain freedoms unde r certain conditions . but very much controlled by th e mind . Or the imagination may be such that it rebels an d sneaks out when the mind is not lookin g, when the mind is asleep or is tired or is drunk . and in this manner . the mind fails to have an awareness of what is occurring i n his house with his spouse . Or the mind can be such that it is totally enamored and charmed by the ima gination and allows the ima gination to float and parade and danc e and sin g and go where it will and feels great pride i n allowing the ima gination to soar (this house being on e where the imagination runs wild and the mind simpl y smiles and does nothing) . Or the house can be on e wherein the imagination controls the mind and henpeck s the mind . causin g the mind to feel inferior, causing the mind to feel blocked and incapable of functionin g. Th e imagination can become such that it completely over -

.whehns and bullies the mind, trampling the mind . causing great guilt feelings and even leading the mind t o suicide or to other violent crimes . This Awareness indicates that these various approaches in this house have been given many names b y your psychiatrists and psychologists . The various mental illnesses . the various forms of behavior ca n switch and chan ge and play various roles as the imagination and the mind stru gg le for power through competitive life styles . This Awareness suggests, however. that a house built solidly, a home based on harmony an d communication between the imagination and the mind . wherein there is the working agreement by the two as a team. rather than as competitors or possessions of on e another - wherein this team begins to function, each i n his or her own particular way, the mind and the imagination . working together, alternating in their own fashion , each giving what it can give for the betterment of the other : this leads to a harmonious home. and the harmonious home becomes that which brings forth bountifu l joys and prosperity to its owner . This Awareness indicates that your home is wher e it 'is.' That in your own bein g. which is your 'home, ' there is the imagination and there is the mind, an d wherein your mind and your imagination can com e together in harmony without rebellion . one against the other, without desires to dominate one over the other wherein there can be this harmony and the communication that follows such harmony (this within your ow n being). then you have at your disposal a situation tha t allows you to live your life integrated and in harmony with the forces of the universe . This Awareness indicates that you have but th e opportunity to begin where you are, for you canno t begin anywhere else . That your imagination may drea m of other places or other times, yet this is but a dream, and you must turn and face the reality that you ar e married to a mind, and in being married to this mind._ you must learn to communicate and relate in such a manner that your freedom is gained through a workin g harmony rather than through a rebellious war . This Awareness indicates that as mind, you mus t look at your mate and recognize that her power is fa r greater than your reasoning ability, or your focusin g ability, or your will, for there is no way that in your mal e supremacy you can forever dominate and control th e feminine aspects of your imagination (your spouse) , except that she allow this to occur . and wherein this imagination goes along with your domination . it is fo r her own purposes and not because of your masculin e appeal. This Awareness indicates that as mind, you must understand, before you lose all that you have created , that there is a change occurring in the nature of th e universal forces which does not any lon ger condone th e patriarchal type of consciousness symbolized by min d controlling nature . For nature - the subconscious, th e imagination levels of the universe, of your being - natur e has beo-un to rise up and rebel against the controls o f mind . and a shifting of energies 's occurring, and on al l levels, communication is the only way whereby harmony and balance can occur . This Awareness indicates that in order to sav e yourself from `teat difficulties, mind and imaginatio n must come together as a working team, playing and enjoying each other's company . This Awareness indicates that in terms of entitie s upon this plane, that you begin with where you are . look

20 at what you have going for yourself. Imagine that whic h is attainable : dream great dreams, but put your energie s into those which are attainable : carve carefully with words. for those words which y ou use are carving ou t the images and the experiences which you shall h e moving Into during your future moments . or which yo u shall find yourself experiencing . Be very careful i n terms of the words used to describe yourself and others . that your images are those which are pleasant and brin g forth happiness and joy, yet which speaks truth when truth is needed . yet which speaks truth in a way that i s gentle and loving . This Awareness indicates that wherein you addres s yourself from the spoken words, addressing yoursel f which is your inner being (which is the 'spouse' - th e genie in the bottle) - wherein you address this 'wife ' within yourself, be very much aware of the self-imag e which you are creating, and do not create an imag e which you would not like to live with . This Awarenes s indicates that wherein you run yourself down . wherein you think hostile thoughts of yourself, wherein you hea p guilt upon yourself. this is creating a wife who feel s belittled, who feels incompetent, and who begins t o serve from that belittled and incompetent level and wh o loses her magic and her ability to serve you well . This Awareness suggests that in lookin g at yourself. that you begin to send forth positive and creativ e self-images which centralize and focus upon the bette r qualities and ignore levels of performance while these , better qualities are emphasized, so that you begin t o have a good feeling about yourself, about your wife which is yourself. And as you be gin having a goo d feeling, the creative imagination (your spouse) will the n begin to work for you. will gain confidence . will work with you. and you shall begin to have powers unlimite d at your disposal . This Awareness suggests that in the same way, yo u ma relate also to others . and by relatin g to them i n y positive, creative images, words which bring fort h happiness, others also shall begin to have good feeling s about themselves . This Awareness indicates that goo d performance cannot come from entities who havelo w self-esteem . and self-esteem must conic before the goo d performance can be expected . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entity has a low self-esteem, that yo u begin by ignoring the performance level and wor k instead on assisting that entity, or yourself if this is you r situation, to develop a higher self-esteem . This Awareness suggests that this may begin b y listing all of the better qualities, those things which ou can do well, those things which you appreciate abouyt yourself or the other entity, and i gnore all the other aspects which are not appreciated . This Awarenes s su gg ests in emphasizing the better qualities, the entity' s serf-esteem may begin to rise, and as this rises, the selfimage begins to emerge in such a manner that the hom e becomes more enjova'ble, and the relationship betwee n the ima gination and the mind creates a warmth tha t allows the scene which can bring forth flowers, fruits , and the joys of life. This Awareness suggests this as the conclusion o f the second lesson in the Sea of the Moon Child . QUESTION (Vw.ia) :


Would it be appropriate to ask a question at thi s


This in the affirmative . QUESTION :

I can't feel a separation between my imaginatio n and mind . I can't seen to feel one talking to the other : How can you tell if your imagination is tree ? CosnnC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that if there is no are a within yourself which seeks to rebel against any othe r area of yourselff, the indications are that your imagination is working well with the mind . That wherein ther e is the criticism of self, and vet there is the aspect withi n yourself that is continually causing problems whic h bring forth more criticism of self the indications ar e there is a division between mind and imagination . This Awareness indicates that wherein you ar e critical of others about you . the indications are that there is a division between you and your ima gination, for your imagination is in tune and in harmony with the other s about you . And if these relationships can be cleared u p easily so that the divisions between you and others ar e not lingering or chronic and the relationships can b e brought into harmony, the indications are that you r imagination is working with your mind in assisting yo u in your relationships with others . This Awareness indicates that one cannot criticize others without being critical of oneself and wherein on e is critical, that part which is critical will also criticize oneself: and the imagination (the spouse within) will fee l that criticism as being her own and will respond to tha t criticism . This Awareness indicates that wherein you condemn, judge, or criticize others harshly, there is an equa l reaction orenergy that goes directly to your wife, th e bride within, the 'spouse .' the imagination within you r 'house.' The hostile word toward another comes bac k and your own subconscious picks up . .. and takes thi s upon itself. Wherein this is taken upon itself (a hostile wor d being sent out, returning to the subconscious or th e imagination), this is assumed and incorporated into th e being of the subconscious . This Awareness su ggests that you give out th e carbon copy but keep the original yourself . That words spoken to others go out and go in and impress them selves upon the cells of your body . Therefore . this Awareness suggests that you no t criticize others, that you be careful in how you speak of others . That you may analyze, discuss, and talk wit h others in any manner so long as your efforts for th e discussion are designed to bring about a reconciliation o f any differences . But that you not emit hostile words o r criticisms simply for the sake of dividing yourself from another. for the division will occur within yourself. This Awareness suggests that the mind and th e imagination can work in harmony . That in later lessons , discussions will center about how to enhance you r imagination and delve more deeply into closer relation ship, discovering the depths of each other's being . (The Law of Gratitude is given .)

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