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t'USM111U AWAitP:NPISS IS the I urr,. that exnresaed Itself through Jeaua of Nazareth, the Buddha, Kritduta, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d Ag e other (treat avatars who served at; 'Channel s' for I lit' 'Heavenly Pothe r ' and who speats again today us the world begins to enter the New through carefully-trained channels . The infor of stlintual to ou t,,uaness and awareness . Since 1 '3111 Co :unic Awareness bus been cominunicatliil, mation contained herein was received from deep super-conscious trance levels and 'interpreted ' Icy an entity affiliated with C .A .C . Thi s information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age, Throughout the thousands of 'Iteaetings' given through Cheat! channels . Comic Awareness tells us hot to believe anything, but o question, explore, doubt, and discover for yoururlt . through your own channel , Service or the Interpreter , what is the truth . W ritie Awareness will only indicate and suggest, Neither C,A .C ., the Aquarian Church of Universal y Paul Shockley is responsible IRU anything ('osmie Awareness may state in any of these readings, nor does C .A .C . or Paul Shockley neccasarll . Paul interprets the energies as he sees them in trance levels and is pat personall y .resnttr Awareness believe or agree with the itateuu'/tu nl / . responsible for what in satd .Meutbeis of C .A .C . ate invited to send in questions nl general interest to ask Awareneas for possible publication





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QUESTION : A question from I) .13 . of Long Beath, Calif ., "Last July a small ite m appeared in the I .vng Beach Tress Telegram that the police had foun d heads, skins, and bones o1 dogs and birds buried in one of our parks . d i There were no bullet, holes, so the police surmised that the dogs an e .als . Everyon birds had been killed with rocks and eaten by the orient e . Tourists in the Orient, are warned to h knows they love dog meat careful walking their dogs . To date, Los Angeles county has taken ii i 35,000 of these people . We have several families near us . For the mos t part they are thrifty and well-behaved . I see them, the woman an d children, going up and down our alleys gal hering the trash we thro w away . They like beer cans and have bags of them over their shoulders . But their housclife is primitive I understand ; the women hang thei r washing on the trout porch, and the teachers tell me that the childre n have to be taught to use the toilet . Nothing is ever thrown away ; the y even make soup of the weeds that, grow on the curbs, and of course gas stoves and refrigerators and electri c lighl,s and ears are all new to them, hut they are learning fast . The ones that were here first are helping thos e Cupl'rigttt 14141 hi Crisman .


Couununicalioits & the Aquarian Church of Universal Si mite . Repiodue.tiou by iittun aslon,

who come later, and while they are not given any money, the volunteer agencies that sponsor them see toi t that they have housing, good food and clothes for a time, bu g unless they can find work and get some money , sometimes they are forced to go on welfare, Governor Brown in a speech over the radio said that the city o f Los Angeles was now one-half Mexican and by the year 2000 it would be 90% Mexican . He was telling us here in California to learn Spanish and being kidded about the fact that he couldn't speak a word of Spanish him self. These people are untrained too, but unless they can get jobs, (and they are willing to do any hard dirt y work that . the Americans won't do), they have to go on welfare . Our Med-Cal payments are now 2 billio n dollars . Of course Welfare is only one of the counter ruling factors, but Los Angeles is going broke . The tax payer's are screaming and the race wars have already started . My question is: I know there isn ' t any quic k solution ; but is there DQ\ solution? Signed, `Scared in Long Beach--1) .B. " COSMIC AWARENESS :


This Awareness indicates that this as becoming an increasing problem which will lead to further racial tension which has not yet been brought out in the controlled press . This Awareness indicates that the recent dfscussion in high circles of allowing a kind of reprieve for the millions of aliens in the United States to allow the m to remain and receive citizenship ; this is in effect, a sanction of letting entities come in illegally . This Awarenes s indicates that many entities would object to this ; others would argue that " there's no way to get them out anyway, so why spend all the time and money searching for them when they might, as well be allowed?" Thi s Awareness indicates that there are also problems in relation to this situation, in that these entities take job s from others, and this creates some hostility . This Awareness indicates that essentially, there has been an invasion of this area of the United States by th e Mexicans which has been so subtle that entities did not . recognize the import of the action until it KDG reache d a point of near critical concern .'1'his Awareness indicates the concern in high circles now is whether to allo w these entities to remain and set up a new border control to prevent further entry and to focus on keepin g others from entering while living with the present situation . This Awareness indicates that this in reference to the influx of Mexicans into the United States through Arizona and California and New Mexico , This Awareness indicates that part of this is being promoted and allowed by certain forces in high levels i n order to assist in breaking up the unions, whereby cheap labor can be brought in to replace entities who are backed by unions . This will begin to break down the unions and the wage levels of the society . This Awareness indicates that in terms of the Vietnamese and the Cubans, this was not a consideration in allowing them to ente r into this country . [ This Awareness indicates that this was also not, necessarily a consideration in allowing th e Mexicans to enter into this country, but has been since seen as a way of breaking the unions to allow these illegal aliens, (those who do not have permission to enter the country), by allowing them to remain under a n amnesty ;--this being considered as a method which would have the subtle purpose of helping to break th e unions and create greater labor forces for cheaper labor . ] This Awareness indicates that there will be increasing problems in terms of social strife among minoritie s and races and nationalities and in the area of increased population and closer association of entities as tha t population increases . This Awareness indicates that the problems are not simple . On the one hand, there is th e concern for these increasing numbers of entities who infringe upon the claimed territorial rights of others, an d whereby others are angry and upset : at having their territories taken over by intruders, and the concern fo r freedom being taken away, individual liberties being taken away, to make room for greater influx of outsiders , of new people, of new generations of entities, of new programs . Then on the other hand, there is the concer n for preserving the rights of life for the 4-1/'2 billion entities and the more to come against the plans of thos e who would destroy two-thirds of the earth's population within the next 20 years . * This Awareness indicates that this as a situation which needs to be looked at very carefully ; and entities wh o do not wish to see the two-thirds population of the earth destroyed may wish to look at . their neighbors care fully and ask themselves : " l.s it possible for me to get along with these entities in a manner whereby we ca n live harmoniously on this little space which we have? Or should I join with those who would destroy two thirds of the earth's population in order that, entities like myself could have more room and not need to fin d ways of relating to these entities which seem so different from myself? " This Awareness indicates that obviously, an entity will recognize the need to find ways of not only aligning oneself with the planet earth, with the Universal Forces, but also with those entities of one's family, o f one 's society, and of the various cultures, so that greater communication and harmony can be tolerated an d allowed without explosive friction and hostility . ***a _ * la's Note : Awareness is referring to that part of the Beast 's program called "Operation Global 2000 " which calls for th e annihilation of two-thirds of the world's population by the year 2000, through wars, starvation, weather warfare etc . This

program was introduced by Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller powers and has been embraced by the bankers and man y of our political leaders, as well as the United Nations . (More on this sinister plot . now in effect, will be published by C .A .C . later on) . For an indepth report on this world-genocide plot, please subscribe to New Solidarity, the weekly paper put ou t by the U .S . Labor Party (recommended by Awareness as one of the few uncontrolled presses) . This paper is running a n expose of those who are promoting Operation Global 2000 and how it . is being effectively used even now . Write to : New Solidarity, C/O Campaigner Publications, 301, W . 58th St ., New York, N .Y . 10029 . (50 issues for $15 or 100 issue s for $>25) .




QUESTION : In reference to orientals eating cats and dogs : there ha s been about 30,000 of these entities move in to th e lower Puget Sound area in the last few years an d there 's been recurring stories that complete neighbor hoods are being wiped out of their animals and they usually can eventually trace it to an oriental family , and there was a story that recently appeared in the papers on how a Catholic priest, a Bishop I believe it was, has a solution, and I 'd like to ask Awareness to comment on his suggestion : In San Francisco, a suggestion that impoverished refugees be allowe d to dine on dogs and cats has brought howls of protest from anima l lovers . The reverend John J . O 'Connor says h e's not sure why . O'Connor , who heads Catholic Charities for the San Francisco arch-diocese, mad e the suggestion in a letter sent in February to San Francisco State Universit y student Patricia Briggs, who had asked what the Charities were doin g about reports of pet-eating by Vietnamese refugees . In his letter, O'Connor noted that society spends hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to kill o r spay hundreds of thousands of pets . `I see absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging refugees to go to the local humane societies and claim unclaime d pets for personal consumption . I would especially encourage this for people o n meager salaries', he added ." Would Awareness comment on this suggestion? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this action as that which does meet a problem head-on with a solution that, answers two problems at once . This Awareness indicates that wherein the Humane Society and citie s are destroying animals daily and by thousands, and the animal populatio n has become a problem for cities, and whereby the oriental entities are ou t in the neighborhood stealing pets from the local neighbors, and whereby someone suggests that these entitie s rather go to the dog pound or Humane Society and take those animals instead of the pets of those in the neigh borhood---this Awareness indicates that this as a solution which meets the problem head-on, as a very practica l approach . This Awareness indicates however, the solution is very distasteful to the animal-lovers, . . .(no pun intended) . .. **** Note : at this point the Interpreter broke out laughing , as did the energizers, the pun knocking Paul out of trance . We di d not wish to let the issue stand at what Awareness had briefly related to animal-eating, so the next day during another tranc e session further questions along this line were asked . This reading follows . EATING DOMESTIC ANIMALS IS NOTHING NE W


t Getting a piece of•Myrtle I

Did Awareness complete Its statement on the final question last night regarding the eating of domestic animal s by orientals? (This reading was interrupted by a pun .) COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the .Americans and culture of the entities, particularly in the United States and many countries of Europe, find the concept of eating `pets' or domestic animals to be highly repulsive . This Awareness indicates that not all cultures have this same attitude . This Awareness indicates that in man y other countries, such as in many of the oriental countries and in Greece and certain other areas of the Mediterranean, the eating of cats and dogs is not seen as repulsive . This Awareness indicates also, many of these countries eat snakes, rats, and other creatures . This Awareness indicates that there also are certain groups and familes in the southern part of the United States which, particularly in past generations but still somewhat in present times, induge in eating rats . This Awareness indicates that these activities are repulsive to many entities of the so-called `civilized' countries who do not indulge in eating domestic animals or rodents of this type . This Awareness indicates that i n some instances, American Indians have also in past generations and in some cases recent times, indulged in th e eating of domestic animals and rodents . This Awareness indicates that this is not as uncommon among culture s as it may seem . This Awareness suggests that while being highly repulsive to the citizens of the United State s in particular and in certain countries of Europe, the concept of eating domestic animals in many other culture s is not looked upon with repulsion, but is perfectly acceptable . 3

This Awareness indicates this society itself may not be much further ahead in that, it consumes large amount s of flesh from other animals which also may be considered as domestic, such as the cow or sheep or chicken .This Awareness indicates that the main difference is that the society has a different classification for cats and dog s and considers these animals to be friends and pets, generally having names . This Awareness indicates that entities find it more difficult to eat a creature that has a name,--a personal name, such as Rex or Rover . This Awareness indicates that it is not quite so difficult to sit and eat a piece of steak which conies from an anonymou s donor . This Awareness indicates that much of this is simply a matter of attitude and programming . This Awareness indicates that wherein the steak came from your favorite calf, Myrtle, and you found you rself eating one of Myrtle's ribs, you would find a different attitude toward the piece of meat, on your platter . This Awareness indicates that it is the concept of rapport which they do not necessarily have with other animals, and this is that which creates the feeling of being affronted by those entities who would eat cats an d dogs . This Awareness indicates that the thought of eating a cat or dog by many entities of this society is repulsive in part because they must, in reflection, imagine themselves eating a cat or dog, and having a rapport wit h cats and dogs find the whole concept terribly repulsive to them . This Awareness indicates that many entities in this society think of dogs and cats almost ; as their children . In fact, there are some entities who can only establish close relationships with dogs and eats and may have closer rapport with these animals than with an y other persons . This Awareness indicates that society in its development, placing cats and dogs in high esteem, is only on e step behind the society which also places other living creatures in high esteem and which would not consider eating other living creatures, such as cattle or chickens or birds . This Awareness indicates that for the societ y to make room for those entities and to accommodate those entities who wish to bring their culture into tha t society, to indulge in `pet-eating', to allow them to steal the pets of neighbors, or to create an opportunit y whereby they may shop for pets at . the pound ; this action encourages the continuance of that element of th e culture which is behind the society which has gone on, beyond that level . This Awareness indicates that if you were to travel to India, and ask those of India to let you eat their pe t cows, you would find this to be totally unacceptable . This Awareness indicates that if you were to go to th e places where the cows are taken when they die and seek to have an agreement allowing you to eat these animals, again, you would find this to be unacceptable to the Hindu culture . This Awareness indicates that for you to seek to change the customs of India, of the Hindus in order to accommodate your appetites, this would b e an affront to their religious philosophical foundations . This Awareness indicates that likewise, wherein entities enter into your society and seek to eat your pets, even though it may be arranged from an economic and practical state to allow these entities to have the food from the pound or the Humane Society and its extermination processes, this still is an affront to the consciousness of the society which is moving beyond such levels i n its evolution . GUESS WHAT'S FOR ()INNER -- Sauerkraut, Chow Main, and your Tom Ca t

This Awareness indicates that the repulsion experienced by many entities in regard to the eating of domesti c animals is similar to that which the Hindus experience when thinking of Americans and others of the Wester n world who indulge in eating cattle . This Awareness indicates that many of these entities of India consider th e eating of flesh in any form as being just one step away from cannibalism, and are highly repulsed by such concepts and attitudes and the actions of entities who eat the flesh of animals . This Awareness indicates that . therefore, cultures become accustomed to their own standards of acceptability from continued practice of the eating of certain foods, and when faced with the prospects of different cultures having different standards, are often appalled or shocked at these standards . This Awareness indicate s that in older days of the .Roman Empire, there was a common law given to the soldiers of Rome : "When i n Rome, do as the Romans do" . This Awareness indicates that this implied that when in other cultures, you recognize their standards . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities enter into your particular culture an d you do not appreciate or accept the standards which they hold, the recourse is to ask for legislation and pas s laws, or to work out agreements in some way, whereby these entities will comply with the standards of you r society, either voluntarily or by legislated laws . This Awareness indicates that obviously, there is the distasteful feeling toward these activities, whereby entities eat domestic animals which are held in high respect in your culture . This Awareness indicates however , there is little real concern among the people in regards to the pounds and Humane Societies picking up stra y animals and having them suffocated or gassed by the thousands, so long as no one sees or hears about this, an d so long as they are shoved out of sight or buried or burned, so that there are no traces left . This Awareness indicates that, for the public to hear of an agreement whereby these animals would be used for food for a segmen t of the population, this is totally appalling ., and entities would prefer these animals be put to death for no usefu l purpose . This Awareness indicates that from a practical, economic sense it would appear that these animals could bes t be utilized as food for this segment of society which desires to eat such animals . This Awareness indicates how ever, that this is an affront to the level of society in which these entities have entered ; and the society 's standards which do not accept this type of action would need to be lowered to accommodate this segment of society . This Awareness indicates that from this sense, the concern is more than merely economic consideration ; fo r there is the concern of the evolution of a society in its general growth, whereby a society on its path of evolvement is asked to take a step backwards to accomodate laggards who are but one step away from cannibalism . 4.

THE ANSWER TO FLESH-EATING IS INCREASING THE AWARENES S Public attention and animal birth control also headed )

`Phis Awareness indicates therefore, th e question may be considered from that of whether the economic concern is of greate r importance than the ethical and socia l evolution concern, and whether a societ y which has allowed foreign elements to enter as guests in that, societ y should be burdened by their habit s which are alien and unacceptabl e to the society . This . Awareness indicates that the solution does not li e simply in the economics of the situation, but rather in assisting th e foreign element to evolve to th e standards of the new society .



This Awareness suggests that thi s be accomplished through educatio n techniques, educating the childre n and the adults as much as is possibl e to the adjustment or alignment wit h the new culture .to avoid what may b e termed the `cultural shock' which thes e entities may experience in finding such diversity between the previous cultural activities and the new cultur e into which they they have entered . This Awareness indicates that this should, in fact, be a priority for an y element of a foreign nature which moves into a society ; that it . he given the opportunity for adjustment an d for orientation into that society along with its .standards and cultural rules . This Awareness indicates that this discussion does not in any way diminish the need for better approaches t o the problem of what to do about the stray cats and dogs which are plaguing cities and societies, and which ar e being put, to death by the thousands each,day . This Awareness indicates this also requires of the culture greate r attention and education in terms of the various means of birth control for the animal population, so that thi s need not continue at such rampant pace . `Phis Awareness indicates that likewise, this culture must also, i n time, move on beyond the actions of raising animals for slaughter, to eat and to use for clothing and othe r purposes . This Awareness indicates that these things do take time, even as it took thousands of years for entities t o move out of cannibalistic tendencies, to cease eating each other. This Awareness indicates it also will take tim e for cultures to move beyond the eating of animals . This Awareness indicates that this however, is increasing rapidly on this plane, as other types of food are discovered and developed which give better nourishment o r sufficient nourishment to replace the more commonly used nourishment provided by flesh . This Awareness indicates that the movements of social change are slow and gradual . That entities who wish to speed up that change may find it . valuable to communicate their ideas, for communication educates others . This Awareness suggests' in terms of these entities eating cats and dogs, the more this is brought to public attent s ion in protest, the sooner this will cease . This Awareness suggests that entities wishing to put a stop to thi s should begin letter campaigns to newspapers, and discussing this on radio talk shows and putting up signs i n their neighborhood calling attention to this . This Awareness suggests however, you take care not to turn thi s action into a `witch hunt ' against these people whose culture has allowed them to indulge in such activities , but rather that you call for a program to educate these entities and to assist them in finding other sources o f food and `giving them the word' that . your society simply will not tolerate their eating of your cats and dogs . This Awareness indicates that this needs not turn into a bigotry or intense conflict, but may remain in level s of firm confrontation, with communication emphasizing an educational•program for adjusting these entities t o the cultural environment in which they have entered that they might better understand the standards of you r society. This Awareness suggests that you may petition your city to enact laws against any suih.kidnapping o f cats and dogs by entities who would devour or harm these animals . ITS TIME TO DEAL WITH THE TORTURING OF ANIMALS IN GREEC E

This Awareness indicates that the nation of Greece as also having a very low regard fo r animals . That these entities often indulge in torturing animals for the sheer pleasure of suc h actions and the government does not have any restrictions on such actions . This Awareness suggests that it. would be also beneficial for entities to concern themselves with this type o f affront to animals in the country of Greece and in other-similar countries ; This' Awarenes s indicates that more information regarding•a program for action in this regard can' be forth coming at a later time . This Awareness is referring to a type of action similar to Amnest y 5.

International, which focuses on human rights and political prisoners , but whereby this action would locus on the rights of animals an d creatures other than human---this being for the purpose of calling attention to gross violations and torture of animals .


U .S .D .A Stamp of Approval Should be Required )

QUESTION : This might be a point to consider in the campaigns entities might mak e in their local areas . This Catholic bishop suggested these oriental entities pick these animals up alive at the dog pound, which raises th e question of how would they dispatch these animals? Would they do i t in a humane manner or would they treat them like a lobster, mayb e putting a live cat into boiling water . And there's also the question o f disease . Probably a lot of these animals are sick with distemper, an d full of parasites, and maybe the entities that eat these would get sic k and spread their sickness to others . Are these valid points to conside r in the argument against the eating of these domestic pets ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative ; that entities should not consider eating any cat or dog that does not have the FDA stamp of approval or the Agricultural pull date . This Awareness indicates tha t obviously, these animals are not raised for purposes of human consumption and therefore, from a mere hygienic point of view, these animals could spread disease t o entities . Sonie of these animals may have various types o f disease, ranging from cancer to distemper to rabies o r $:25'727+26 ( leukemia, to other unknown diseases and containing :+2($7&+,&.( 1 parasites . This Awareness indicates that this as bein g not only unhealthy to the entity which might ea t ( DON'T BUY BOXES OF PARTS ) such creatures, but also this may spread amon g those who are associated with the entities wh o east these creatures. This Awareness wishes, while o n the subject, to point out anoth er area paralleling this topic . Thi s Awareness indicates this in reference to certain fowl ; these being available in some areas, whereby chicken parts are sold in large quantitie s such as five pound boxes ; some of these parts not being complete chick ens or being a wing or drumstick or portion with portions of the par t removed . This Awareness indicates these parts of chicken sold in thi s manner are often taken from chickens which have been diseased, where by the better parts are kept and the diseased parts are cut off and throw n away . This Awareness indicates that some of this is in reference to chick ens with cancer and other forms of infectious diseases . This Awareness indicates that for entities who use chicken i n their diets, that it is better to select whole chickens or thos e which have all of the parts present, rather than purchasing th e cheaper boxes in large lots with parts or smaller pieces of chick en . This Awareness indicates that to be safe, entities would b e better off purchasing fresh whole chicken or that which has obviously been cut from a whole chicken . This Awareness suggests also, in this regard, chicken whic h has a yellow color to the skin and fatty tissue is generally hig h in hormones which have been given to these chickens to mak e them grow rapidly . This Awareness indicates that this high hormone content is that which is not healthy for entities . 6.

This Awareness suggests that the whiter meat of chickens which as white or bluish skin as that which doe s not have this high level of hormone additives . This Awareness indicates that this high level of hormone additives is usually found in chicken which has been shipped long distances to other areas partially frozen ; and tha t chicken which has been locally grown or which does not show the yellow-colored tint in the flesh and fatt y tissues, are somewhat more healthful than the others . This Awareness indicates there is, however, good likelihood that any commercially grown chicken will hav e some excess hormone added to their feed and in their system . This Awareness indicates that It is suggestin g that you he aware of the effects of excessive hormone additives and how to spot these chickens which have excessive hormone additives . HOW ABOUT THE FAST-FOOD CHICKEN CHAINS 7 ( Three Cheers for the Colonel! )

QUESTION : Would Awareness indicate whether it's the general practice of some of these fast-food chicken chains such a s Chicken Delight, Colonel Sanders and so forth ; if these companies as a general rule include diseased parts o f chickens or chickens that are overly-charged with these hormones? It's difficult, almost impossible to tell onc e you eat this because it's been baked over and you can ' t even see the color . COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the Colonel Sanders type restaurant does not use diseased parts or chicken s with diseased parts . This Awareness indicates that this company as of present time is careful in its standards . ( This Awareness indicates however, this does not mean that the standards may not later sink .) This Awareness indicates that at present time, the standards of this restaurant are relatively high in this regard . This Awareness indicates however, in terms of the hormone additives in the chicken feed ; that this is used in the raisin g of these chickens for this restaurant . IS IT FITTING THAT A SUGGEST






Getting hack to the subject of eating cats and clogs ; does Awareness see it fitting that a Bishop of the Catholi c Church would make a statement about the eating of domestic pets, or is this type of consciousness a regula r part of the past history of that particular church ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this entity as expressing not for the church, but expressing his own opinio n in regards to a situation . This Awareness indicates that this suggestion as being, in part, intended to point u p a dual problem which could be solved if entities could accept the solution . This Awareness indicates that th e entity not only was pointing up the desire for these foreign elements in society to eat cats and dogs, but was also pointing up the problem in the society 's handling of the excess population of cats and dogs . This Awareness indicates the entity did make a strong point which brought things into focus, so that society could look at this more carefully . This Awareness indicates that the entity was not speaking in behalf of the church, bu t was speaking as a member of society and allowed his office as Bishop to support his personal statement . Thi s Awareness indicates the church itself did not pass that statement to the entity in a policy or condone th e suggestion with any policy or statement . * This Awareness indicates that this entity as being aware of the great diversity of cultures in the variou s parts of the world, and seeing that rather than have neighborhoods robbed of their pets, the better actio n would be to allow these entities free access to the pound . This Awareness indicates that of the two actions,- having a neighborhood robbed of its pets or having the pound give these entities the animals which would b e slaughtered anyway,---this entity selected the latter as being the more reasonable recourse or solution . Thi s Awareness indicates that his statement did not carry far enough to consider the concept of educating these entities to move beyond levels of pet-eating. This Awareness indicates likewise, entities of this society hav e not yet moved far enough as to consider moving beyond levels of flesh-eating . This Awareness indicates thi s wilt come, as new foods are discovered by society which give greater nutrition and satisfaction . (' 'V1RWH ,WDOVRGLG QRWLVVXHDQ\VWDWHPHQWWKDWLW GLG SLWFRQGRQHWKHHDWLQJ RIFDWVDQGGRJV HYHQ WKRXJK VRPH&DOLIRUQLDHQWLWLHVLQWKDWDUHDZURWHWRWKH3RSH .

QUESTION : It seems like by that same logic, they could use the . theme that was in the movie of Soylent Green : th e answer to the world 's hunger problem is to eliminate the cemeteries and plant vegetables in them, and b y making the Soylent Green tablets out of healthy entities that died by accident and so forth . There's a lot o f ramifications to that whole idea of eating pets, I thought . COSMIC AWARENESS : This in the affirmative .


QIJES'l'ION : One aspect that 1 was curious about in relation to the effect on the animals--the unwanted street animals tha t never had a home or were particularly cared for . Earlier, Awareness discussed a flower being picked to be enjoyed got a kind of sense of satisfaction out of it, compared to one that was picked just . because it was in th e way . How would that relate to these creatures being used for food or just simply being destroyed ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that as far as the animal is concerned, its own destiny is not affected by whethe r it dies from asphyxiation and is burned or buried, or whether it is eaten . This Awareness indicates that animal s in their consciousness move in a manner which seeks survival at all costs, up to a point ; and then, at a certai n point of consciousness, the entity seeks to surrender and to die. This Awareness indicates that these animal s seldom carry terror into the death state itself, or beyond the point of death . This Awareness indicates tha t humans can carry over feelings of terror into the afterlife, and may experience repercussions later from such . ***** ED's Note : In the many readings given concerning animals, Awareness usually refers to them as 'entities ' --which has bothere d some of our readers . For those who wish to understand how the human aspect is related to animals and other life-forms, pleas e refer to the book, "Thinking and Destiny " by Percival . (Available from C .A .C . See book catalog) .

411ES`l'I ON :

WHY DOES AWARENESS REFER TO ITSELF AS "IT" ? ( More on the gender of God )

V.K. in San Francisco writes : "Would Awareness kindly explain why the Heavenly Father is referred to a s IT? While there is no gender involved in Spirit, and God is energy and Light, spirits do have form . Since th e Heavenly Father is a spirit, He must possess a form as well . Therefore, would Awareness describe what is see n as God's form? Does It manifest as a man, since Christ taught us in the Lord's Prayer to address God a s 'Father' and did so himself, according to the scriptures? He also stated he was `going unto the Father' . COSMIC AWARENESS.: This Awareness indicates that in ancient terminology, which has developed from the concepts of a kind o f psycho-physics, or efforts to understand the universe in regard to vibrations of consciousness, entities bega n to recognize certain relationships in terms of matter, whereby that which created form was classified as feminine because it was the female who created form . This Awareness indicates that these entities classified tha t which was projective and expansive as masculine, because the male tended toward greater expansion and projective expression . This Awareness indicates that in earlier times, it was assumed that it was because of form that entitie s suffered . Entities in form would experience pain, whereas entities in expression experienced greater freedom ; therefore, the misconception came about through following this kind of symbolism, that the female qualitie s created pain, the masculine qualities created joy and freedom . The one was called `evil' or `bad ' , while th e other was `good '. This Awareness indicates however, these entities were not of the bigoted and narrow-minded level as man y today, but were highly intelligent in their approach to finding symbols to explain the metaphysics of th e universe ; and therefore, recognized not only that pain came through form, and that release from pain wa s through the spirit, but also saw that this was an interrelated process--the Yin and Yang, that there could no t be one without the other . The one material plane was Matriarchal, or the Mother of creation, and the spiritual plane was Patriarchal, or the Father of creation . This Awareness indicates that therefore, in the ancient teachings and philosophies, the mother earth an d the father sky are the two principal beings and the offspring in between was the child, or the creature know n as man. This Awareness indicates that not only was this limited to the kingdom of mankind, but it also included all of the other kingdoms, such as the animal kingdom and the vegetable kingdom . 8.

`Phis Awareness indicates that in these concepts, the entities understood more clearly the nature of creation, and could classify through a polarity system certain energies which could be logically understood in relation to other energies by use of these polarity'systems . Therefore, from such reasoning came about many sciences, one of which still remains as acupuncture . This Awareness indicates that there were, of course, man y others which still remain, such as astrology . This Awareness indicates there are still many more,---one may recognize that sociology is based somewhat and has been based somewhat upon similar principles . This Awareness indicates that essentially, however, much of the knowledge was lost, even after being highly perfected ; but what has come down, are some of the principal genders, and the term "Father" or the masculine quality is that which has `stuck with' the concept of God or the Sky, the Spirit ; and the term `Mother ' is that which has `stuck with ' the material, as in Mother earth or Mother nature. This Awareness indicates these concepts of masculine and feminine in the ancient teachings, if interprete d into modern language, would be changed to read "positive and negative " energies . The positive being Radian t Energy, the negative being Magnetic Energy . This Awareness indicates that it has nothing to do with male o r female bodies, except as these energies may affect the seed, or germ, or sperm and egg, which might creat e such a creature who would develop into physical form, in male or female body . This Awareness indicates that the Radiance or positiveness, and the Magnetic or feminine qualities, these are the positive/negative or male / female principles of the ancient science, and it is only in a symbolic sense that the concept as God as bein g masculine has any validity . This Awareness indicates that likewise, it is only in the symbolic sense that th e concept of matter is feminine . This Awareness indicates that in terms of spirits of a higher vibration than the physical being, or mor e correctly, of a more subtle vibration, such as astral or etheric spirits hovering in other octaves or vibrationa l ranges in the universe ; this Awareness indicates that many of these are in masculine or feminine bodies, thes e being more radiant or more magnetic in nature . This Awareness indicates that the higher the being evolves , the less there tends to he any farm--masculine or feminine-- and the entities become androgynous . This Awareness indicates that as these entities evolve even further, the form dissipates more and more, until there is n o form,--there is only a light Which emanates ; and in that emanation and in that light, there is being and wisdom and bliss and life .


QUESTION : A question from J .M . He writes that "the night after the election I hear d a radio report, allegedly claiming that the CIA manipulated the Electora l College so that Ronald Reagan would be elected . Is there any trut h to this? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this ca n best be understood in realizing that the big oil companies an d Chase Manhattan bank were backing Ronald Reagan's election , the Bolshevik 's backing Carter 's election, and the voting booths which work on computer systems were built and owned by Exxo n company* . This Awareness indicates that this as essentially a conflict of interests in American political systems . s/.s&AB C W Mnsn tits! 1 loos, 1111N . . .1 11111 . bull 1. n. 11p 11111u1N1 M

This Awareness suggests that entities may wish to research o r investigate to discover more about this . This Awareness indicates however, that one can expect to run into much opposition as on e enters into such research, unless it is done carefully, throug h printed materal rather than direct communication with those involved .

AMY . . M11N.' M hl l~n





*Exxon Corporation is the same as Standard Oil Corporation s which are owned by the Rockefeller brothers .




Would Awareness comment and perhaps give some suggestions that might apply for this increasing proble m of abuse to women? The papers are full of stories of women being attacked, raped, beaten by their husband s and by their family etc ., and I ' ll read a few things taken from a report done at a special conference on thi s subject : " One out of every 4 girls born in the United States will be raped or molested by the time she is 1 8 years old . According to one of the speakers at a conference on Violence Against Women, 18 million American women have been beaten by their husbands and probably many more cases go unreported . These were some of the statistics presented to the 700 women from 30 states and several foreign countries who attende d the National Conference on Violence Against Women . ` Women are controlled by fear,' one speaker said, wh o teaches in the University's department of women's studies . `The first contact we have with that fear is that fear of rape' . Government statistics indicate 1 .8 million American women are victims of wife-battering, bu t there probably are many more cases that go unreported . Lyle Sandford, an author and workshop leader, con tended that one of ever four girls born in the United States would be raped and molested by the time she i s 18 years old . Sandford is the author of the book The Silent Children, and said she got her figures from th e National Abortion Rights Action League and the FBI , One woman, who said she was raped repeatedly by her father from the time she was 8 years old, told he r story at the workshop : "I grew up in a small New England community . We were respected and an admire d family," said the woman who asked that she not be identified . Her father, she said, owned a constructio n firm . " When I was 8 years old my father took me into the woods to look for wildflowers . My father raped me and I fought and tried to get up and I was hurt physically . The next day I told my mother . She slappe d me and told me I was lying . After that I never told anyone what he was doing to me . " Another speaker i n her thirties said she was severely beaten by her husband, a psychologist, for more than 9 years . `After on e week of marriage my husband punched me in the stomach," she said . "After 6 weeks of marriage he punche d me in the face and broke my nose . I realized this man could kill me . Fear and shame kept me a silent victim . No one could have guessed what was going on . I was coordinator for programs for the handicapped . We looked successful, appeared to share the household, housework, traveled to foreign countries etc ." She said sh e left her husband three years ago after learning about shelters for battered women . Anne Dworkin , the key-note speaker at the conference and the well-known feminist author said, "Degradation of the female is a means of achieving power . Despite shelters for battered women, self defense classes , groups and legal reforms, Dworkin believes women are worse off now than they were a decades ago . " Does Awareness see any solution or have any suggestions for this problem which seems to be growing daily ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this is a deplorable situation in that it is increasingly growing more difficul t for women to have the respect due them . This Awareness indicates this in part related to deterioration o f values of society . This Awareness indicates that this as also resulting from a conflict of values, whereby entities who wish their ideal of the concept of " woman" to match up to some fantasy which they hold ; an d wherein entities seek to fit their ideal woman into this fantasy, only to discover the entity is a human being, – such can often become hostile toward the female . This Awareness indicates that this as created by a changing of value systems and the transition which is occurring . This Awareness indicates that many men simply either have no respect for women, or have such an illusio n about, the role of women that they can't accept them as they are . This Awareness indicates that many men , therefore, being totally frustrated in their positions and self-images, and in their attitudes toward women, fee l a kind of belligerent hostility toward all women in general, and toward certain women in particular, and thi s may be triggered by certain circumstances or situations . This Awareness indicates since most men are stronger than most women, they can very often express thei r frustration in physical violence toward the woman . This Awareness indicates that on the other side of th e coin, there is the woman whose physical form is weaker than that of the man (in general), and who mus t rely on her wiliness and her intellect-and her charms and her clever approaches to keep the man in line, s o that he does not become violent . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the best role for a woman in terms of security and safety, is to be supportive of the man . This Awareness indicates that the role which most men prefer is to be protectiv e of the woman . This Awareness indicates that wherein these roles become changed, and the woman seeks t o challenge the man,--rather than support,--and the man seeks to dominate the woman,--rather than protect, the n distortions occur in the relationship which can lead to great problems . This Awareness indicates that in terms of dealing with these situations, there is enough understanding o f the problems of relationship that programs could be created and established to allow entities who have suc h problems to attend and to receive proper counseling . This Awareness indicates that the only way this will occur is if enough women seeking their rights not t o be abused band together in a kind of voice or union, and demand these rights and respect, and demand tha t society gives them the tools whereby their own private bodies can be protected against such violations . This Awareness indicates that this can best be achieved by both men and women who support these ideas, writin g to newspapers, to legislators, to influential people, speaking to their ministers, speaking to the civic leaders , speaking out on television, or in any area possible where these concepts may be publicized, speaking out i n schools, and bringing these things t.o the public to look at, and demanding that something be done . 10 .

This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity cannot herself enter into the arena of public protest o r demonstration or legislation, the entity can at least sit down and write one, two, three, four, five or more letters to different influential people, demanding that something be done to protect the rights of women . This Awareness suggests that a chain-letter type of pyramid information system is that which could flood th e offices of legislators and influential policy makers, and of television, newspapers, and those others who ca n publicize, discuss, and bring attention and action to bear on this problem . This Awareness indicates that wherein women demand respect and receive respect from the society, th e entire society will become more solid and stable . This Awareness indicates when this occurs, all entities wil l benefit .

WHY THE RAPIST OFTEN BRUTALIZES OR KILLS HIS VICTI M ( in search of the Virgin Mary ) QUES`IION : Awareness, it just seems lately, so many of these attacks against women that we read about in the paper , that the man doing this is not content just with accomplishing a rape : he brutalizes the woman, he torture s the woman, and in many cases kills the woman . Now, this must be related to the Alien Force Awareness ha s talked about earlier, being unleashed, and the limbo vibrations and energies . COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that this as related unt o centuries of conditioning which demanded that women be subservient to the ideals and desires of men . This Awareness indicates that each child growing up during these many centures, each male child, was raised t o believe that "mother was a virgin" and was initially shocked to discover this was not so . This Awareness indicates that this disillusionment as that which created the first feeling of contempt for the female, and whe n carried further, was transferred from "mother" to other females . This Awareness indicates depending on how strong this entity may have desired to be the virgin-bor n Christ, and how hurt and shocked he might have been to discover that his mother was not the Virgin Mary , the entity might then feel a corresponding degree of contemp for others . This Awareness indicates the entit y then might feel that if he was not, born of virgin birth, perhaps he could at least sire a child born of a virgin ; and therefore, the entity would pursue the quest of finding the virgin worthy of giving birth to this chil d which would exemplify and reflect the image which the father desired . This Awareness indicates that such type of value system repeated in multitudes and over centuries, creating certain energy fields in consciousness surrounding these principles and concepts of significance in term s of virgin births and such, creates within the mind of certain entities who are subject to astral or demonic o r spirit possession the opening to allow those energies to enter into their thinking, into their emotions, int o their astral being, and these entities then become likened unto parasites, eating away at the reasoning abilit y of the entity, until the reasoning ability is short-circuited and the entity is overwhenled by this driving forc e which compels him to seek out and lash out against that which has obsessed him so much . The entity then may seek, hoping to find a virgin, but not believing such would occur, or not really carin g whether the entity was virgin in fact, so much as virgin in mind or attitude, so that the entity was at leas t shocked at being raped . This Awareness indicates that this entity in seeking such, and then expressing all o f that pent-up frustration from all of those astral energies, can very easily then turn toward himself and se e how despicable this was ; and rather than despise self, the entity looks back at the victim and sees that "I t was you who caused me to do this abhorrible deed"' And therefore the entity in seeing the temptation whic h was placed upon him, then wishes to destroy that force which could create such horrible temptation upo n his "divine " being . This Awareness indicates that this as one of the fruits which has been grown from the tree of religiou s dogma . Note : It would be interesting if those who compute statistics on rape would determine how man y rapists were brought up on the Roman Catholic programming which made such a big deal out of the Virgin Mary as opposed to other religious teachings which did not make the Virgin Mary such an issue . LD's

For more information on rape, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness' No . 78-17 (Profile of a rapist),$2 .00; also No .80-31 , (Astral Rape) ;$3.00 ; also 81-15 (Why rape victims walk in a certain way),$3 .00 from C .A .C . 11 .

PRAYER VS . MEDITATION---WHICH IS THE MORE SPIRITUAL ? ( More on Jesus and the Lord's Prayer )

QUESTION : I have two questions by two entities that are on the same subject with a little different perspective, and I' d like to read both the questions and have Awareness give the answer sort of in combination . The first is from V.K ., who says, "Certainly no one was more capable of a perfect meditation than Jesus Christ . Yet he di d not find it beneath himself to pray . As a matter of fact, he introduced us to the Lord 's Prayer, and we are also told to `pray without ceasing' . if meditation is superior to prayer, why were we not directed to meditate without ceasing? Why did Christ give us the Lord's Prayer at all? Many people can't get anywhere with meditation . If prayer did not exist, they would be left with nothing . Thanks for an explanation ' And A.M . has this question : "The entity Jesus Christ stated that `the Kingdom of Heaven is within '. To see k within, I have learned, is to go within by meditation, yet the New Testament shows no evidence of meditation being mentioned . Was Jesus teaching the entities to use meditation and go within, or is there another wa y of seeking within without using meditation? Can Awareness comment on this? " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that `meditation' relates to the word `medium ', and `medium' is like that which i s a yoke or connecting force . The word `yoga' or `yoke ', hooking together two aspects . This Awareness indicate s the medium, in terms of the seance and the spiritual world ; the medium between two forces or between tw o entities,--this as always seen as a connecting energy or force . This Awareness indicates that the meditation i s an action which links one with that which is focused upon . This Awareness indicates that wherein you meditate on water, you will find yourself experiencing qualities of water . This Awareness indicates wherein yo u meditate on rocks, you will find yourself experiencing the qualities of a rock, or of rocks . This Awareness suggests when meditating upon trees, you will feel yourself experiencing the qualities of trees . This Awareness suggests when meditating upon the Father in Heaven, you will find yourself feeling the qualities of the Fathe r in Heaven . This Awareness indicates that wherein you meditate on the Kingdom Within, you will feel your self experiencing feelings of the Kingdom Within . This Awareness indicates that the entity Jesus stated, "I and the Father are one ." This Awareness indicates this as the Christ Light and the speaker, unified in one as a kind of oneness that was brought on by the medium or meditation of uniting or at-one-ment or the atonement of the surrender of the self to the Divin e Within. This Awareness indicates that in the action of prayer, wherein one asks for something of a superior being , or one who can provide that,--whether this as a prayer in a court of law, asking the judge to grant the favor , whether this as a prayer by a child to the mother, a pleading to receive some request as granted, whether thi s is a petition to society, or whether this is a petition to God, a prayer to God, asking for some blessing, som e reward, some favor, asking for forgiveness, or something of benefit,---this Awareness indicates that whateve r the action, in terms of a prayer, there always must be that feeling of separation, whereby the entity requesting is beneath and lower than that which may provide . This Awareness indicates that there is•nothing wron g with praying and asking for help . This Awareness indicates that entities who are in need, should in fact ask for assistance, should in fact ask for help, particularly when they cannot help themsel ves. This Awareness indicates however, prayer or pleading is not the most efficient and rewarding state of consciousness, is not th e highest state of action, is not the most spiritual thing an entity can do . Prayer, pleading, petitioning, beggin g of Divine forces, of higher forces, of parents, friends or associates : this kind of dependency, while sometime s necessary, is not the most spiritual action that an entity can engage in . The most spiritual action occurs whe n the entity surrenders to the Will of the Divine, trusts the Divine to supply whatever is the Will of the Divine , and accepts whatever the Will of the Divine may provide . This Awareness indicates the entity Jesus in his prayer, asked that the cup be taken from him, but acknowledged a willingness to accept the cup if it turned out to be the Will of the Divine : "Thy Will be done ". This Awareness indicates therefore, the entity gave a prayer, then surrendered his own will to the Will of the Divine , allowing It to determine, and accepting whatever judgment would be rendered in that determination . This Awareness indicates that this action as a form of meditation, whereby the entity surrenders to th e Will of the Divine, becomes One with that Will of the Divine . This Awareness indicates that in this manner , the entity gave forth the Lord's Prayer which was, in fact, an action that linked the concept of prayer to th e concept of surrender to the Divine . This Awareness indicates that action of surrendering to the Divine is i n fact the meditation, is in fact the purpose and goal and result of true meditation . QUESTION : That essentially then, is what the entity Bill Sheppard means when he gives instructions on opening the Crown Chakra ; when the entity strokes the chakra gently with his finger and says essentially : "Not my will, but Thine be done" ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that the action of opening oneself up to receive i s an action of prayer. The action of receiving the Will of the Divine is the action of meditation . This Awareness indicates essentially, the process which entities use in terms of meditation includes both the willingness to be open to recieve, which is a ques t or prayer for unity with the Divine ; and that unity is the meditation, the medium by which the entities merge,--the physica l being and the spiritual Divine force merging together through the medialm ()I: atonement or meditation .

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