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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed . Edgar Cayce an d other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the heavenly Father' and who speaks again today ae the world begins to enter the New Ag e of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has Dann communicating through dare :fully-trcined channels. The infernnntion contained herein was received from deep supver-conscious trance levels and 'interpreted' by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age . Throughout the thousands of 'Readings ' given through these channels , Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, tit to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel , what is the truth . Cosmic AJrarcness will only In, llrcate and suggeet . Neither G .A .C ., the AqQuerian'Churchof lniversal Service or the interrppreter , Paul Shockley is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness may stale In any of these readings, nor does C .A .C . or Paul ShocirieY necessaril y believe or avec with the statements of Cosmic Awareness . Pahl Interprets the energies as heaves them in trance levels and LV pot personally reapoueible for what is said .Members of C .A .C. are invited to send In questions of general interest to ask Awareness for possible publication .

The 'Re ellin' in Heaven n and the Taft" o MORE ON THE DARK & THE




Paul Shockley, Interprete r ,(Opening Message, General C .A .C . Reading) March 21, 198 1

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness wishes to bring, out another level of observation whic h entities may experience . This Awareness wishes to point out how the Ligh t and Dark Forces work together for the ultimate good of humanity . This Awareness indicates that it has been given that the rebellion i n heaven as relayed by mystics and legends, whereby Lucifer took a portio n of the angels from heaven and set out in rebellion against the laws of th e Divine . This Awareness indicates that this action as referred to as the Fal l of Man, or the Fall of the Angels ; and whereby through this action, th e concept of darkness was created and the results of evil as a position i n consciousness for entities to wrestle with . This Awareness indicates that in a more symbolic sense, this action represented the right of each part to experience its ow n Individuality through its own potential growth and development , to be whatever it could be, without .being dependent on the will o f a Divine Creator . for its every.rnove. This Awareness indicates thi s action, symbolically, is no different from the child being born an d the rationaI :thinking part of the mind being given the right to dev elop and to think and to grow and to nurture itself into a rational being, individual from the dictates of it s father or mother . This Awareness indicates that this as the concept of free will . (This Awareness indicates this also may be considered by those who have deeper understanding as an illusion of free will.) This Awareness indicates that the falling angels, Lucifer and his followers, moving our into the universe o f mind or consciousness, seeking to create structures and !or<der out of an unfinished creation, an unfinishe d realm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; unfinished because it did not fit into the expectations of those who were experiencing it .---this Luciferian hierarchy of energies in this â&#x20AC;˘ifinished realm, as that winch is the left side of the Cosmic Mind, wherea s on the intuitive side of the Cosmic Mind is that which holds the creative forces. This Awareness indicates i n Copyright 1981 by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service

that intuitive side, the right side of the Cosmic Mind is that force which is holistic in nature, gestalt, capabl e of seeing the total, seeing the infinite experience, of seeing the whole, or holy creation . This Awareness indicates that the left side, (that of the Luciferian realm of Hades,) this left side of the Cosmic Mind is that whicl: holds the forces of rational thinking, â&#x20AC;&#x201C;thinking which moves from line to line, thought to thought, in increments, inching toward conclusions, never quite reaching a total understanding of anything . This Awareness indicates that in ancient times, long before your modern sciences began to understand th e nature of the right and left sides of the brain, the zen masters of China and the orient were already workin g with techniques, psychological techniques developed over a period of time which assisted in breaking dow n these structural creations, these towers of information built upon logic, built upon structure, upon civilizatio n of concepts and ideas ; and these zen masters, in breaking down the rational, left-side efforts to reach the absolute tower to heaven, were doing so in order to allow the right side, (the creative side), to have the holisti c experience, the total understanding of What Is . This Awareness indicates that this action by these zen masters as reflected in their techniques, are wel l known in the philosophical circles of the West today . This Awareness indicates however, that many entitie s have not yet recognized that in the Christian doctrine, this same zen principle has been applied, wherein th e actions are created so that as a koan, or system, the rational mind is brought up to a point of clarity beyon d which it cannot move without completely falling apart . This Awareness indicates that an example of a technique is that which is often and most popularly referred to as the "sound of one hand clapping ." This Awareness indicates this utterly confounds the rational mind so that it cannot function . This Awareness indicates another example as when the new student approached the zen master and the ze n master told the student, "You may put your things there," and the student said, "I have come empty handed . ' The zen master then replies, "You may put them there," and the student replies, "but I have nothing to pu t down". The zen master then answers, "Then you may continue holding them ." This Awareness indicates these foolish statements are designed to confound the rational mind, the entity who is tirelessly trying to mak e sense out of the universe, to understand, to gain knowledge, to fully develop and understand everything tha t needs to be understood from the ground up,-the tower of Babel being built to heaven . This Awareness indicates that wherein these towers are destroyed by these zen masters through their koans , their tricks or whatever, the mind of the entity then becomes totally frustrated to the point where a new understanding occurs in a flashâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;this through the intuitive side of the consciousness, the holistic, the right side o f the brain . This Awareness indicates that this as that portion of consciousness which contains the holistic app roach, as opposed to the dualistic approach to understanding . This Awareness indicates that in the Christian doctrines, the concept of the virgin birth, the concept o f resurrection, the concept of an entity having all power of a god living a life of love and sacrifice : these wer e designed as koans in consciousness, in the brain of humanity, whereby the logic would be fractured, woul d not hold up, could not be answered, could not be satisfied ; but the effect of these stories, of these weavings , of these religions affects the right side of the brain of humanity and the followers of these religions, so tha t a new being emerges and acts and lives a life based upon these stories, as though these were to be emulate d and followed as truths, even though they may not appear to be rational . This Awareness indicates that this is the purpose, and has been the purpose of religion, and the purpose o f government is that which is to structure a rational system to allow the fundamental material needs to be satisfied . This Awareness indicates that the appropriate action is that which allows both sides to function side b y side. This Awareness has in the past referred to the Dark Illuminati and the Light Illuminati . This Awareness indicates that the Dark Illuminati as being linked with those referred to as the Luciferians . This Awareness indicates that these forces may also be symbolized in the ancient symbol of the caduceus, wherein the black serpen t is shown wrapped up toward the crossbar of a cross, and the white serpent, in opposite directions flows bac k and forth, also up the corssbar, so that these two serpents mirror each other,---one white, one black,--climbin g this crossbar . This Awareness indicates the cross is the symbol of the human consciousness in its evolution an d development . The dark serpent as the symbol of the magnetic, dark, rational, greed, material force moving u p in its search for security and understanding through the tree of knowledge . The white force, moving up wit h understanding, with its intuitive realization of wisdom,--this being the tree of wisdom . This Awareness indicates that those entities in the movement of humanity in its evolution, who cling to th e Dark Force seeking to find growth, salvation, achievement, accomplishment, heights of glory and power thron e its cells, through its molecules, through its systems, through its methods, will find that the wages of these effor t result merely in death and loss . This Awareness indicates that those who link their being through identification to the white serpent, those entities will be sustained in spite of the appearance of material death, in spite of th e appearance of Ioss of fortune . This Awareness indicates this as a symbolic lesson or message. This Awareness indicates that in another example of this same message, the ancient teacher Kapila* aske d an entity, "Which would you be--the tree which stands upon the bank of the stream, the bank of the strea m which is being washed away by the stream, or the stream?" This Awareness indicates that the entity obviousl y recognized the importance of being identified with the stream of consciousness rather than the forms and th e outgrowth of material developments . This Awareness indicates that the entity identifying with the stream o f consciousness is the same entity who selects the white serpent of wisdom, the tree of wisdom, whereas th e other entity is the same entity who selects the dark serpent, or the serpent of materialism, the tree of the senses , the fruit of knowledge,--the senses ,thich teach and explain the material world, but give little information regarding the abstract and anti-material world . 2.

This Awareness indicates that these actions of the Light and Dark Forces,, working side by side, mirrorin g each other, do have an effect upon the souls of entities ; this likened unto the grain of sand in the oyster havin g its effect upon the flesh of the oyster, so that as time passes, the oyster in response to the irritation of th e sand--the dark, negative force,--begins to build itself a pearl of great price within its flesh . This Awareness ind icates this as the development of the soul, built out of the suffering caused by the Luciferian efforts and energies .of the dualistic thinking mechanisms of rational mind . This Awareness indicates that the same may be seen in reflection on what is occurring in your present world , whereby you see the efforts of that which this Awareness has referred to as the Beast attempting to set up it s rule as expressed in the Book of Revelation, following the patterns as prescribed. This Awareness indicates that this as no accident: this as a .pre-planned, pre-programmed, pre-intended and cosmically directed scenari o to allow entities to have that experience in consciousness whereby the rational side of human civilizatio n reaches such an apex as to be capable of seeing the fallacy of such absolute expression . This Awareness indicates that due to the introduction of mystical teachings, the introduction of certain drugs or hallucinogens and psychedelics that opened up new levels of consciousness for masses of entities, th e rational side of the mass mind has been shorted-out already to such a degree that the apex previously neede d to bring man to that point of frustration in his "Beast trip" for the pursuit of world power and domination, â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the apex cannot be reached at this time to the same degree because of that which may he termed `prematur e ejaculation' of the Beast's intentions and goals . This Awareness indicates that it has been losing its power sinc e 1969, and at the same time, has been attempting to rebuild its power and potency, but is finding it more an d more difficult as entities are becoming aware of its intentions and its foolishness in its efforts . This Awareness indicates that many entities are now beginning to laugh at the whole concept of a Beast taking over . This Awareness indicates many of the C.A.C. members have experienced such laughter from their spouses an d friends, and this laughter at the Beast is also having its effect in shorting out the rational efforts of the Beast . This Awareness indicates the entities are looking rather toward something more holistic, something tha t would be more satisfying to all involved, not just to the few who gain power over the masses. This Awareness indicates that therefore, what is occurring is the Beast is seeking to build its name, to emit its anti-christ, t o create the world leader that holds all of the SRZHU within it, even as a sperm, seeking to find its destiny . Bu t through the premature ejaculation, the early climaxes, the timing is being thrown off : the total mismanagement, the interferences of the "dirty hippies", the effects of throwing off the sexual mores, the rules and regulation s which have been broken and which can never be patched together again properly---this is beginning to frustrate the ego of the Beast so that it is becoming more desperate, and even as it becomes more desperate, it create s a situation whereby it may totally lose control and simply peter out . This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, the Forces of Light, the right side of the brain,--the holistic , creative, feminine aspect, the Isis side, that side which. has waited for the frustration of the Beast,--this as having undergone certain changes because of these rubbings and irritations of the Beast ., and this as that whic h allows for a new experience, a new being which accepts the Beast for what it is, but gives it no power or authority over humanity. This Awareness indicates this force of Light, of wisdom, is that which sees the Beast as a servant of humanity, not as a master of humanity . This Awareness indicates that entities in understanding how these Dark Forces and the Light Forces work together, how the rational can be a servant of the individual but the individual's holistic mind must be th e master ; how Christ in referring to Satan was, in effect, referring to that which is the materialistic or rationa l istic mind, the dualistic mind, and stating that he `keep behind' : in effect, this is the essence of the message s from the past religious teachings to present social experiences. This Awareness indicates from this, entities may make future inferences . **se * (Closing Message) This Awareness wishes to remind entities again, that. clinging to the black serpent of materialism, with al l its promises of security, clinging to the tree of knowledge, holding steadfast to the bank which is being washe d away by the Sea of Consciousness, is but the fool's journey . This Awareness indicates the entity who attune s to the spirit, the eternal "now", the eternal consciousness, the realization of being, and in that being, knowin g what one is ; this is the true security,--security based on the Divine Being, rather than on the material body . This Awareness indicates that you need not deny the logic, you need not deny the left side of the brain , you need not deny the physical body in order to accent, to accentuate, to adore and to reside in the holisti c experience, the intuitive consciousness, the right side, the spiritual side of experience,----this Awareness indicates you need only remember ZKR is master and ZKR is servant, and keep the left side subservient in all things *According to Awareness, former Interpreter David Worcester had been Kapila during that lifetime .



Awareness, a lot of the so-called Light groups, including Anthony Warren's group, are promoting information ; on this Lord Maitreya fellow which was talked about in the book by Benjamin Creme which Awareness ha s already commented on .* However, as more and more people are beginning to accept the concept that thi s entity really is the Christ returned, talking about how "on Good Friday, the High Christ energies begin t o penetrate, causing submission in all hearts, the rebellion over . Then when it is Sunday on the planet, or Saturday still, the UFO landings will take place and the people will be informed . The new government will b e instituted--a theocracy, with those in the leading positions having very exalted states of consciousness etc . " I'm beginning to wonder about this Lord 0DLWUH\D if there is something more behind this than meets th e eye. Could Awareness give any more information on this ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this is, indeed, an enigma which this Awareness does not wish to break, t o influence, or to tilt in terms of evaluation for any individual . This Awareness indicates that this is indeed th e crucial point in the experiment, whereby the entity may well become the Messiah, or the anti-ehrist . Thi s Awareness indicates that for this Awareness to evaluate or to disclose information to assist entities to evaluate . this would simply be an action satisfying the left side of the brain, seeking rational answers so that the entit y would not have to intuitively determine truth for himself, but could rely on some so-called or alleged authority such as this Awareness . *For more on Lord Maitreya the Christ, please refer to `Revela+tiens of Awareness' No . 80-30 (The 2nd Coming of Christ) ;$3 .00 .


The newspaper tells us WRGD\ that we are going into the planetary alignment which has long been heralded as the "Jupiter Effect", which begins now and lasts through April, I believe . The paper said this could create a number of earthquakes, and Mt . Etna just recently went off. Does Awareness VHH anything significant about this so-called Jupiter Effect that ft hasn 't already given ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates there may be some dramatic changes in many levels, both geophysical, social, an d psychological for entities . This Awareness indicates this also having spiritual effects . This Awareness indicate s that some of these geophysical effects will be experienced within .a short time. This Awareness indicates that others will not occur until a more dramatic alignment occurs in approximately November and December o f `82 . This Awareness indicates that these experiences will have their effects on economies, social and spiritua l attitudes of entities, and will cause entities to become much more aware of global affairs and concerns ; and i n effect, will also cause entities to become more holistic in thinking, recognizing the entire universe, recognizin g also the need for being more holistic in their personal attitudes, for the security of a home and bank accoun t do not create much security when the planet is shaking . This Awareness indicates that it appears WKHUH will also be some potential for other volcanic action . Thi s Awareness indicates that there is some potential for Mt . Hood to be activated . (This Awareness will have more information on this as it develops, LI it develops .) This Awareness indicates that much of this also is being interfered with, wherein the natural forces are being assisted or countered by artificial man-made activities an d forces. Therefore, developments are still subject to changes in consciousness, and from a particular level o f looking, this makes prediction impossible . This Awareness indicates however, that on a higher level, as given previously in the opening message, entities may recognize the direction and movement of the course of history . *is** *


QUESTION : In reference to the information and forecasts Awareness has given previously about the economy of th e United States and events coming ; has there been any changes in that information since the attempt to assassinate the President was frustrated? 4.

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that there still are forces which are very powerful in terms of manipulating th e economics and other areas of consciousness . This Awareness indicates that these forces still are working t o create the atmosphere whereby greater control of the masses is possible through manipulation of the economics and political areas. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that the economy at present is begi nning an upswing in the sense of improvement with regard to inflationary causes . This Awareness indicate s however, that while this is apparent, it is in part a manipulated move which does not carry any real permanence . This Awareness indicates that there appears to be, rather, a point in time whereby more serious change s shall begin to affect the economy in a general sense, which will be used for greater control of the masses . This Awareness indicates that the first noticeable event shall be in the fall of this year . This Awareness ind icates that thereafter, another change appears in the winter months of the following year . This Awareness ind . icates that these changes are being effected by forces which seek to manipulate and control the economies i n order to gain greater powers . This Awareness indicates however,,that this action is also being controlled o n other levels, by other forces which recognize this as simply part of a more grand design or plan for creatin g the changes in consciousness which may necessarily bring about the opportunities for the new holistic attitudes necessary to preserve the higher levels of consciousness in the mass mind and to bring about the spiritua l evolutien necessary on this plane . This Awareness suggests that the information given by Dr . Beter in reference to the economic nationa l emergency and the fluctuating price of gold as that which needs to be watched in this regard,--in reference t e the actions of the fall of this year, and also in reference to changes coming in the following year . This Awareness indicates that much of this also is being affected by international politics and the conflict which is i n motion between the various powers of the world in terms of military and social blocs and also in terms o f the economic blocs and nations .

WHAT TO DO WHEN THE GOVERNMEN T REPUDIATES THE $100 BILLS QUESTION: Could Awareness give a little more information on what to expect when the government repudiates the $10 0 bills later on, probably this fall, as Dr . Beter release d in his last Audio Newsletter ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this will have a temp orary effect on the economy, giving an appearance o f greater stability and of the slowing down of inflation . This Awareness indicates that this also affecting th e criminal element in society, whereby certain entities are held at bay in terms of their economic expression . This Awareness indicates however, that this is but a temporary illusion that forestalls certain events whic h are inevitable and which also create a precedent that allows for greater controls to be presented in terms o f monetary actions and controls over the economy . This Awareness indicates that the prices of precious metals, gems, stones as that which will be affected a s well as antiques and other valuables such as art and properties containing intrinsic and traditional values . Thi s Awareness indicates that these shall begin to become more valuable as objects which can be used to sav e wealth through systems of storage . This Awareness indicates wherein large bills are no longer of, any security , then entities will simply shift to these other forms of storage for their wealth . This Awareness indicates tha t in this manner, the effects on the currency, while temporarily improved, can in the long run have greater dis advantage to the general currency . This Awareness indicates that this particularly in regards to the large hold ing of American currency by overseas interests . _



This Awareness suggests that entities at present who wish to preserve their savings, will continue to benefi t by investments into precious metals and semi-precious and precious gems . This Awareness indicates that th e semi-precious gem market as that which still holds the best true security, for it does not fluctuate so violentl y as do the areas of the precious gems and stones and metals . This Awareness indicates however, for those wh o understand the game and wish to play with the fluctuating markets in terms of precious metals and gems, thi s may offer,--for those skilled at the game,--opportunities for greater increase than in the semi-precious market . This Awareness indicates that while the opportunities are there in the precious gems and metals, there also ar e greater risks than in the semi-precious gems . **** * ED's Note : Awareness has previously su,, ested that entities wishing to invest in semi-precious gems, should contac t Bob Beard, PO Box 40083, Portland, Oregon 97240, who is a gem wholesaler with extremely fair prices .


MORE ON THE PRICE OF GOL D QUESTION : Awareness, those entities holding gold, like Kruggerrands, --in the back of their minds they're always afrai d that the government will confiscate gold once more like it did in the `30s . When they confiscate the $10 0 bills, this will probably make those entities sell real quickly and depress the price of gold . Does Awareness sh e the price of gold depressed for a very long time if this does occur? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this shall be only briefly ; that once this price of gold drops, it will quickly clim b much higher than has ever been experienced before. This Awareness suggests that entities who can buy durin g this depressed time are those who will profit most . This Awareness indicates that these essentially however , are those who are behind the action and who know the timetable because they are creating the event and time table in which to act. This Awareness suggests that entities who do not have this inside information will profi t by buying while the prices are reasonable, holding on while the prices drop, and wait for these prices to rise . This Awareness suggests these prices appear to triple what are presently experienced . `6S+ ED 's Note : At the time of this reading the price of gold was approximately $490 an ounce . The highest it has qi'_i ever been was approximately $850 an ounce . Entities interested in the Dr . Beter Audio Newsletters may write for free information to : The Dr. Beter Audio Newsletter, Suite 5092, 1629 K St. NW, Washington DC 20006 .


More on the moment of death


the sexual orgasm )

QUESTION: A question from J .H. of Vancouver, B .C . "Ron Hubbard has a process his students go through called th e "Ring of Fire' ; and apparently, we have all experienced something in past lifetime, catastrophes in nature tha t is still with us . My question is : was the catastrophe a destruction of a planet due to atom bombs, and is th e process helpful in freeing us from the past? " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as what may he termed a genetic memory in the mass mind whereby entitie s may tune in and recall the destruction of Maldek . This Awareness indicates that this destruction of. Malde k also as having been what may be termed a reflection or echo from the so-called "Big Bang" of the universe . This Awareness indicates that likewise, this having its reflective or echoing experience in the "Big Bang" o f an individual's death or birth, wherein the sudden change in consciousness occurs, whereby the entity come s face-to-f ace with the blinding White Light at the moment of death, or wherein the entity comes face-to-fac e with the blinding White Light of reality at the moment of hirth,--this in the physical sense . This Awareness indicates that this Ring of Fire essentially is symbolic of the movement of consciousness from one experience or dimension, into another dimensional experience . This Awareness indicates that it can he of great benefit for entities to move through the memory of thes e experiences . This Awareness indicates that in terms of this same kind of energy, this has a reflective echo in the experience of the climax or orgasm in the sexual experience . This Awareness indicates that this also a s reflective in terms of the experience of ego-death . This Awareness indicates that all of these being the momen t of transition between one movement and another, between the energies of one state of being and the entry int' another state of being . This Awareness indicates that this as the Ring of Fire, or Ordeal of Fire as in terms of ancient symbology . This Awareness indicates that this Ordeal of Fire as that transition between one dimension or level and another, whether this be emotional, psychological, conceptual, physical, or universal in nature . QUESTION : Would this also apply to the moment of physical death ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This in the affirmative, This Awareness indicates that this may he seen as the point of crossing over in th e figure eight, or in the infinity symbol, wherein the energies of one dimension or level come together at an ape x before entering into the next dimension or level,---this as the central point of these two energies, the connecting link ; this as the Ordeal of Fire, This Awareness indicates this may be recognized also in terms of the sexual act between male and female, and the heated energies which are generated . This Awareness indicates that this in reference to the Kundalini Fire . This Awareness indicates that in terms of the more cosmic intensities, thi s refers to the resonating electromag etic energies which are generated when two dimensions of consciousnes s merge together for purposes of healing or for other intense energy exchanges . 6.

This Awareness indicates that in terms of physical science, this refers to the explosions which come abou t when matter and anti-matter, or when various chemicals in combustion occur . This Awareness indicates i n terms of emotional levels, this occurs in an explosive situation whereby emotions in conflict are brought together and the heat of emotion is generated . This Awareness indicates that in terms of concepts, this occur s as insight, wherein two concepts come together and clash, creating an insight . This Awareness indicates that i n terms of friction, this may be seen as the igniting of energies, bursting into fire . This Awareness indicates tha t this Ring of Fire as being the transition point between levels and dimensions or between polarities . *:** * WHY THE EARTH WILL NOT BE DESTROYE D ( Bruce Cathie ' s book, "Harmonics 33" )

QUESTION : L.A. of Lincoln, Nebraska, asks : "In 1968 Captain Bruce Cathie's book, Harmonics 33, and in 1971 his book, UFOs and Anti-Gravity were published . Both books have to do with a grid system that was establishe d on this earth by the Great White Brotherhood to keep man from blowing himself up by nuclear destructio n as they did on the planet Maldek thousands of years ago . My question is this : If the grid system is in fact i n place, and the detonation of nuclear devices must be done at certain times and certain places on grid points as described in Harmonics 33, is it possible to have a nuclear attack such as the controlled press talks abou t with thousands of target points vulnerable at any one time, or are only a few target points susceptible t o destruction at the push of a button? If only a limited number are susceptible, is our government keepin g the masses under control by the supression of this knowledge, or is it best that people not get too comfort able with the idea that total global destruction is not possible at any one time and fall back asleep, thinkin g they are safe? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially, the concepts disclosed in Harmonics 33 as that which is ver y closely reflective of the Higher Plan of evolution on this plane . This Awareness indicates that in understanding this, entities can better perceive the flow of events and the nature of manipulation on this plane . Thi s Awareness indicates that essentially, much of the programmed information into'consciousness regarding th e threats and regarding predictions of things to come are designed, in fact, to change the consciousness of ent ities by making them more aware of the larger experience and less concerned about the personal experience . This Awareness indicates that predictions in regard to earth shifts, earthquakes, earth changes, great calam ites and chaos always accompany sudden and massive changes in cultural consciousness . This Awareness ind icates that these predictions, while seldom occurring in fact, do have their effect on the consciousness level o f the culture, and the culture undergoes the changes . This Awareness indicates that it is the culture which experiences the shift in poles, the new alignment of polarities or the changes of a chaotic nature ; it is the culture that experiences the Armageddon . This Awareness indicates that the culture being that which is not so muc h of a social or physical experience as that which is of the mental and evolutionary experience in regards t o awareness levels . This Awareness indicates that these changes in consciousness are accompanied by reflective actions in physical levels which may be equated to acupuncture probes in the mass consciousness or in the body of humanity . This Awareness reminds entities that the earth is a living being and that entities essentially are its inform ation-gathering nerves and feelings, that these entities or beings inhabiting this earth being, are similar to th e nerve-gathering actions of a physical body : the little molecular electronic creatures within your physical body which sense, which see, which smell, which taste, which hear and which feel the external world . These little electromagnetic beings which inhabit each cell of your body, have their counterpart in the body of the eart h as little human beings, little animals, little plants, little sea creatures, which gather information as to the experience which the earth is having . This Awareness indicates essentially, being that the human creature is the most advanced physical body o n the earth plane, it may be considered as the brain of the earth, and its responsibility may be considered as a n action of having to think for the earth itself . This Awareness indicates that once entities begin to recogniz e part of their action is to think for the earth and its welfare, the entity then becomes the New Being . This Awareness indicates so long as the entity is only thinking for his own personal interests and sees himself upo n the earth and considers the earth to be a non-living creature, the entity can easily forego any responsibility fo r the large picture, for the general scheme of things ; the entity can simply be a little victim of fate . This Awareness indicates however, wherein the entity recognizes that his or her role is to think for the earth , to be part of the brain and thinking capacity, to be the consciousness of the earth itself in its relationship wit h other planets in the universe and all of the other social bodies of that universal society, wherein entities recognize themselves as being the brain of the earth, thinking for it in its relationship in the society of heavenl y bodies ; then entities begin to comprehend the awesome and total and important responsibilities which the y have been given by their creator. : ... .And once these responsibilities are understood, then the confusion as t o what is morally right or morally wrong is dissipated, and entities then have the wisdom of recognizing by circumstance of the broad and general experience, what is morally right and what is morally wrong in terms o f the overall effect of the earth's experience in its relationship with other heavenly bodies ; and entities then be come the conscience for the evolving earth, so that they can direct its evolvement and development in th e society of heavenly bodies.



LA. had one other question : "Recently in Egypt the news carried a story that a small pyramid located betwee , the sphinx and the great pyramid had been found, but not yet opened . Could this be the Hall of Records tha t Edgar Cayce predicted would be found and opened in the latter part of the 20th Century which will contai n the history of ancient Egypt and Atlantis? Also, if so, when will it be accepted by the scientists of our worl d that a technology greater than ours existed previous to this time ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the scientists in the upper echelons of science are already aware of these thing s This Awareness indicates it is the masses who are not aware and who have been kept unaware of these things . This Awareness indicates this largely because of the concern for what would occur to the social values, whic h are based on narrow religious concepts, which would be shattered by such information . This partially in order to preserve the power of such information and to prevent more of a stampede into the study of these ancien t sciences and occultisms, which could unleash much information which could be considered dangerous to th e governments if too many entities understood the power in occult and metaphysical concepts without having been brought to levels of development whereby they could properly accept that power without misusing it . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the National Security Agency and various levels of the CIA an d FBI (to a lesser degree), are aware of many of these things which relate to the ancient sciences as discussed i n the Cayce material and in other metaphysical materials . This Awareness indicates that they are aware, for ex ample, of the various tunnels crisscrossing beneath the great pyramids ; they are aware of these interconnecting passageways underground which have been discussed previously by this Awareness . This Awareness indicates that these entities are aware of the ancient . civilizations which inhabited the earth as a high technology . This Awareness indicates that this information has also been restored in part to the forces of modern technology and duplicated, so that many of these areas, -- regarding the UFO, regarding the transmutation o f metals, regarding the creation of matter, and all of these various metaphysical and occult theories,---much o f this is already understood by the higher echelons of science and government . This Awareness indicates however, this not revealed to those who are on the lower exoteric realms, or even in the passing political offices , such as Predidents and Congresspersons---(The higher echelons being in the secret agencies and in the scientifi c communities which do not depend on votes for their position of power . )

MORE ON THE NEW SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS (Opening Message, Gen . C .A .C . Reading, May 3, 1981 )

This Awareness indicates that there is seen a variety of shifts occurring in the direction of the human consciousness, this in reference to the mass mind . This Awareness indicates that greater and greater portions o f this consciousness of the mass mind as that which are aligning themselves more with the Universal Concept s and away from individual competitive pursuits of power, This Awareness indicates that these alignments wit h the Universal Concepts as having an effect on the rest of consciousness in proportion to the increased movement of such energy . This Awareness indicates that essentially, evolution occurs as much on a level of consciousness in the sense of ESP or extrasensory perception as in terms of external experiences . This Awareness indicates that discoveries have recently been revealed that an observation of certain type s of monkeys, wherein one monkey begins to discover the concept of washing food prior to eating . that as thi s is spread throughout the culture of monkeys in one area, this same concept begins to occur in other area s remote and apparently without connection to that particular culture . This Awareness indicates likewise i n terms of the human evolution, as more and more entities attune themselves to holistic concepts and the Universal Laws, this energy of evolution in consciousness begins to infiltrate in other remote and apparently disconnected areas of consciousness . This Awareness indicates that evolution occurs not simply through necessit y of external environment changes, but also through the influence of internal consciousness effects of the extra sensory perception between individuals and cultures. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the changes are beginning to increase at a rapid rate whereby evolution in its present state as more quickly moving from the separative concepts to that of the inclusive concepts . This Awareness indicates that as more and more entities are affected by this kind of alignment in th e mass mind, the opportunity and chance for peace is that which is greatly enhanced . This Awareness indicate s his being part of the overall plan of consciousness and the actions associated with the acceleration of acceler :btion in regard to evolution energies for the spiritual growth on this plane . This Awareness indicates that th e .cceleration of the accelerating spiritual energies moving through time and space at this time, is that whic h becomes a greater and greater force to avoid the chaos which had been in motion,--which now is in motion , hut which is rapidly being overtaken by levels of awareness and spiritual evolution . i Closing Message ) This Awareness indicates that the energies of consciousness as having been shifted by the recent oppositio n of planets,--those in conjunction in 1h e sign of Aries and those of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra ; that this a s (saving created a very intense time for many entities. This Awareness indicates that this intensity as that whic h S.

released certain energies into consciousness which, in turn, has allowed more openness to occur . This Awareness indicates that there have been things revealed in this present reading which could not have been release d prior to this time . This Awareness indicates this in reference to the role and nature of predictions in the role and nature of concepts of evolution and change . This Awareness indicates that there also can be greater releases of other information which can be likened unto water which has broken through a dike and now ca n fill a void to give greater service and understanding to those who have long thirsted for information . This Awareness indicates however, that this new pool as that which is also limited until further breakthrough s occur to allow even greater opportunities for understanding in the mass consciousness of humanity . ** : *** WHO COLLECTS THE INTEREST ON THE NATIONAL DEBT ? QUESTION :

( From a C .A .C . General Reading, Dec . 3, 1980 )

W.J.F ., President of the Society for Psychic Investigation, sent us a letter and he has an interesting suggestio n here: "If you wish a thought which can create impact on your readers, why not run something on who cashe s the cheek for the interest on our national debt? Everyone recognizes a mortgage holder has the say-so whe n the payments stop, so many believe we owe the debt to ourselves ; they never bother to think why it is nec essary to pay interest and who gets it ." I don't recall Awareness ever getting into this area of interest on th e national debt which takes so much of the average person's money each year . Would It please comment on this COSMIC AWARENESS :


This Awareness indicates this information as having been available through various t sources . That the latest tape, the number 58, from Dr . Beter touched briefly on areas \ :) related to this. ' This Awareness indicates that essentially, the Federal Reserve Bank as that which i s a private corporation, and those in charge of this Federal Reserve Bank are the entitie s involved in collecting the interest on the Federal debt for any obligations to that particula r bank, which is the bank holding most of the notes for the indebtedness of the Unite d States . This Awareness indicates that it is not exclusively the mortgage holder of thi s nation, for the Treasury Department, the United States, also as having agreements an d paying interest in other areas as well ; however this as being the greater portion . Thi s appears to be approximately 98% of the national debt being owed through thi s bank for various activities, such as the financing of wars and various nationa l programs . This Awareness indicates that It previously gave information regarding th e entities owning and controlling the Federal Reserve ; that these entities on occasion change, but essentially the power remains in the hands of those wh o control and manage the affairs of the Chase Manhattan Bank and also, to some degree, that of the Rothschil d empire. HOW ABOUT A CLASS-ACTION LAWSUI T

AGAINST THE FEDERAL RESERVE ? QUESTION : B .C . of Michigan sent me a copy of a suggestion . He says, "The monetar y situation in this country is so vital to the United States and to the whole worl d that we must not let the money spoilers continue to thumb their nose at us an y longer. (This is a copy of letter he sent to Dr . I3eter) . Would it be possible to institute legal action against some of the responsible persons to force them t o conduct a physical inventory at Fort Knox and to take other steps necessar y to set up a sound U .S . monetary policy'? Perhaps this could be in the nature o f a class-action suit on behalf of the American people directed against the Hous e and Senate Committees on banking and possibly also against the Board o f governors of the Federal Reserve System . At this time, of course, a considerabl e change in personnel is going on in Washington which could have some disadvantages ; but Judging from past experience, tremendous pressure will be necessar y at any time in order to get any constructive action on monetary reform . " And this also is pertinent because Senator Proxmire has lost his position on th e Senate Banking Commission and is using this as an excuse to do nothing abou t investigating the gold stolen from Fort nox by the Rockefellers . I'd like to ask Awareness if this suggestion from B .C . should be energized and,something done about it?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this in the affirmative, that this could be energized . That the concept coul d be passed around and spread aro rd the nation through SPIRAL organizations and through other ways , whereby entities begin to discuss, so consider, and whereby such action may be organized and taken, eithe r by one group or by many entities filing separate suits . 9.

ARE DINOSAURS ALIVE AND WELL IN AFRICA ? (Excerpt from a C .A .C . Gen . Reading, Oct . 11, 1980 )

QUESTION : There was a story in the paper this week that a mysterious western African elephant could be a dinosaur . "Two American scientists believe a mysterious elephant-sized animal with a long neck and tail seen in a swam p jungle in western Africa may be a dinosaur," the newspaper reports . The magazinc'Science 80' said, "a preliminary investigation at the University of Chicago by a perpetologist living in Texas suggests the creature resem bles a brontosaurus dinosaur believed to have died over 70 million years ago ; and although nobody has see n any of these creatures, they were quoted as saying that `natives of a largely unexplored region of the Cong o say the animals have smooth brownish-gray skin, a long flexible neck, a very long tail and three clawed feet a s big as frying pans .' Natives call the animals mokele-mbembe . The report said the strongest evidence is a 195 9 report of an animal that was killed because it disturbed native fishing on Lake Telly . The scientists said natives reported that the task of cutting up the animal was difficult because the creature had such a long neck and tail ." Would Awareness please tell us if these are dinosaurs ; and if so, how they managed to stay there so lon g and is there other varieties there ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this appears to be in the :cffirmative . This Awareness indicates that this as relate d to the storage of eggs in the area which, by changing conditions,--temperature and locations of these eggs- brought about a hatching . This Awareness indicates this appears to have occurred approximately 50 year s ago...(this Awareness indicates this may have been more closely as 40 years ago) . This Awareness indicates that this as related to similar reports whereby frogs have been found in a dormen t state of suspended animation within the concrete blocks of buildings which have been torn down some 5 0 years after having been built, wherein no possible entry or exit for the frogs could occur, except when th e building was torn down . This Awareness indicates that the reptilian-type of energy is such that it, throug h eggs, or in some cases, through suspended animation, can live and last in states which would appear to be impossible to the normal consciousness of entities . This Awareness indicates that seeds found in the pyramid , dating back several thousand years, have also been shown to still be vital and capable of growing . This Awareness indicates that likewise, these dinosaur eggs, having been capable of storage, may show up in various places,. allowing this entity which appears to have been extinct, to reemerge . This Awareness indicates that likewise , some creatures in states of suspended animation are capable of returning to life after having appeared to b e extinct for many years . QUESTION : Awareness, are there any other countries other than Africa where the dinosaurs still exist in the world, o r any other types of dinosaurs? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that there are potentials for such existence in various places on earth, dependin g on the condition of the environment . This Awareness indicates there are also creatures of a similar natur e under water which occasionally manifest and show themselves on the surface. This Awareness indicates tha t these being of a different type of creature, but of the type which has been assumed to be extinct . This Awareness indicates that this such as the Loch Ness monster and others in various places of the world . This Awareness indicates that much of the cause of these creatures reappearing is related to changes of the density o f certain forces upon this planet ; the temperature changes being in part an influence . This Awareness indicates that also, there are still within the inner parts of this planet, certain areas where these creatures still remai n and, on occasion, have the opportunity for surfacing, particularly as eggs or as small creatures which may b e brought to the surface by carriers of natural or artificial means . This Awareness indicates that, for example, an underground stream may carry the eggs of unusual under ground creatures and this could, in some instances, surface to the outer surface of the planet . This Awarenes s indicates those of the area of Africa, however, appear to have been in a state of storage whereby condition s changed to allow for hatching of these entities into the revitalized creatures .


(Actual photo )

10 .

QUESTION: Awareness, are those creatures similar to the Loch Ness monster and other creatures which have been reporte d in every major lake in the world (practically)--are these actually physical entities, or are they more of an elemental-type that can change its vibratory rate when it wants to, because so far they haven't been able to actual â&#x20AC;˘ ly detect these creatures with sonar and so forth to identify them as solid objects' ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that these entities appear to be solid objects . This Awareness indicates there also , of course, are those hallucinations which entities often see at certain times and during certain states of mind . This Awareness indicates that many reports of the various lake monsters are nothing more than hallucinations or the imaginations of entities while in certain states of mind . This Awareness indicates these may also be termed as astral projections or elemental energies of a non-physical nature . This Awareness indicates that the infrared spectrum as that which contains many such creatures, which ar e not in the actual reality of the so-called `physical world', yet are in the reality of the infrared octave ; and many entities are occasionally in a state of consciousness which allows them to perceive these creatures in the infra red octave, this being an example of similar levels of reports . This Awareness indicates however, that there are also the true physical creatures---these being more rarely seen . a***

Thisfall, scientists will continue searching for a living specimen of a prehistoric beast . Two satellites and sophisticated surveillance equipment will assist them in their quest .

Pygmies in the 1950s are said to have speared, killed and eaten a hippopotamus-size beast that may well have been a dinosaur. The creature had tried to break through a wooden barricade erected to keep it out of a lake in the area used by fishermen . (Illustration from article of June 1981 Science Digest, P .C . Box 10090, Des Moines, Iowa . 10 issues for $11 .97 ) ED's Note : the illustration above from the Science Digest article of June, 1981, concerns the same report of this dinosaur a s was the above question put to Awareness last fall . However, this article went on to say that pygmies speared one of thes e creatures, cut it up and ate it. All those who partook of its flesh were said to have died a short time thereafter . This fall a n expedition, led by veteran tracker of elusive animals, Roy Mackal, is going to attempt to locate these monsters, using sona r and video cameras, and will keep a precise account of their position by means of a radio link with the navigation satellit e NAVSTAR . For more information on prehistoric creatures, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No . 78-15 ($2 .00) ; also for more information on the petrified dinosaur discovery, please refer to the booklet, Cosmic Awarenes :. Speaks ($3 .00) from C .A .C .

11 .

IS THE CIA BEHIN D THE ATLANTA CHILD--KILLINGS ? (Excerpt from a C .A .C . Gen . Reading, March 21, 198] )

QUESTION : Several SPIRAL eyes have mentioned the same thing in the last week o r two . One of them puts it this way : "Recently I sensed that the killing o f the 20-some black children in Atlanta, Ga . was a covert CIA dirty-trick s operation to promote fear and racial strife . Now the mysterious "Broder " in the Village Voice newspaper has said the same thing . Would Awarenes s comment on these mysterious killings of black children in Atlanta an d whether it is a CIA operation ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to comment on this statement, as this has highly charged energies which need some time fo r release . This Awareness indicates that this appears to be something whic h shall surface within a few weeks ; that more information will be availabl e then . This Awareness indicates however, that there are many forces work throughout this planet in ways which require deep understanding and observation and which are kept generally well hidden from the masses . This Awareness does not wish at this time to comment on this particula r situation, as it needs to surface through other means . ED's Note : shortly after this reading, "New solidarity " newspaper did an article indicating these killings were a conspirac y designed to create polarity between whites and blacks in this country . QUESTION :

Could Awareness indicate one thing about this : whether it is the work of one person, ten people, or a cul t of people---which are three different theories which have come out of the Atlanta police department ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this is more than one entity involved . ...that this as contributing to certai n Luciferian energies to assist in polarizing the masses who can be worked up by such, into going against eac h other. This Awareness indicates this as a kind of trial experiment, or test experiment by Luciferian Force s to determine the readiness of entities to be manipulated into civil chaos for future purposes of these forces . IS DICK GREGORY'S VERSION OF THE KILLINGS VALID ?

(Excerpt from a C .A .C . Gen . Reading, May 3, 1981 )

QUESTION : We keep receiving a lot of letters about these killings of black children in Atlanta, which now stands at 26 . Awareness indicated previously It would not give information on this, that this would surface shortly . It hasn't surfaced yet, but M . G . of Florida sent in a clipping which presents and interesting theory, and I'd like to ask Awareness to comment on this. It appeared in a newspaper, by a reporter named Mike Royal . Its a long article, but distilled down, it says that the ex-comedian Dick Gregory, who now writes books and lecture s at colleges, has been telling his listeners on his route that this is indeed a conspiracy that 's going on . The article says it was during a recent talk in Los Angeles that Gregory unveiled his theory . It goes this way : An amazing cure for cancer has been discovered . It cures even the most severe cases . However, it is tremendousl y expensive to produce and it requires a very special substance--the blood of black youths . As Gregory tells it, the key to the cure is that black people have something called sickle-cells in their blood, and the sickle-cell s are what makes the anti-cancer serum effective . He says nature provided black people with the sickle-cell s because they ward off malaria, thus blacks survived in Africa . Now Gregory's plot thickens . The federa l government wants to produce this miraculous serum . Gregory didn't say who would be cured of cancer, bu t the implication is that rich, important white people would benefit . But to make the serum, it needs the blood of black youths, so the government decided to kindap blac k youths and take their blood . That, he says, is what has been happening to the Atlanta children : they have been snatched by the federal government agents, and their blood drained . But what about the remains of al l those murdered youths who have been found? Gregory has an answer for this too . He says these bodies ar e not really the bodies of the missing murdered black children---these are bodies of people who died in the mass suicide/murder at Jonestown . The government has had them stashed so it could substitute them for the bodie s of the missing black children . I'd _ilk to ask Awareness to comment on what Dick Gregory is saying . 12 .

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this information not available at this time . This Awareness indicates there i s energy on this which is highly volatile and disrupts clarity for the Interpreter ; therefore, this not presentl y available through this Interpreter . This Awareness suggests this question be re-asked it a later time ; that a t present the energies are such as to block clarity . This Awareness indicates that this and similar questions often can assist in openin gup energy fields to allow greater clarity to emerge . This Awareness indicates that these areas being higly volatile and charge d with much emotion are similar to a radiator in an automobile, wherein the steam as under pressure, prevent s the opening of the cap ; and when opened, must be done with great care so as to prevent great discortifort i n the discharge of the pressures within . This Awareness suggests that further questions be asked, but that thi s may not be sufficient for release of this pressure . IS





QUESTION : The question from V .W . about karma and preprogramming . She wanted to know if before these childre n were born into this time of earthly life, was this event programmed into their life? In other words, did the y know about it beforehand, or is it just an accident of circumstance ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the Lau of Karma is that which essentially is Cause and Effect whereb y entities draw to themselves certain effects based upon causal energies which they have emitted . This Awareness indicates that to some degree, there can be variations as to the peculiarities of the effect . It is not th e exact circumstances of the effect which are caused by the karma, but rather the energies which are effecte d that draw in the experiences in their peculiarities . This Awareness indicates in different terms, an entity does not simply have a karmic obligation to be, for example, murdered by a particular method at a particular age or a particular place ; rather, the entity may have an energy field present in the entity 's aura which draws i n certain circumstantial experiences, and these energy fields create the experience or effect of the peculia r karmic experience . This Awareness indicates that the recent example brought to public attention in regards to a realizatio n from certain psychological observations that victims of rape have a peculiar walk, different from those o f others ; wherein a rapist generally would bypass nine out of ten entities, but choose the tenth entity as th e victim . This Awareness indicates that it is the energy around the victim which creates a peculiar imbalanc e that draws in the probability or likelikhood or the energy of the rapist and his imbalance, to bring about tha t karmic situation . This Awareness indicates that likewise, the energies which entities carry in their aura, tend often to pu t them in positions or in circumstances where they are endangered . This may be simply a desire, a subconscious desire for danger, or a feeling of guilt or some other attitude which makes them feel a need for punishmen t or violation . This Awareness indicates that these energies are in the consciousness of the entities, but reflec t in external mannerisms and behavior which make them prone, both physically and psychically, to becom e victimized by others who are in the opposite mental state of seeking a victim of prey . This Awareness indicates that it is not something which can simply be pa sed off as, "well, that's their karma", for the energie s of karma are simply emotional/psychic imbalances which need to be brought into harmony with externa l forces . This Awareness indicates that forgiveness, grace, alchemical understanding, wisdom, awareness---an y of these terms wherein an entity becomes enlightened, can overcome the effect of these karmic imbalances . This Awareness indicates that treatment through psychology, through the love of a friend, through religiou s experiences, or through any other action which affects the consciousness of an entity to bring the entity 's consciousness into harmonious balance, will resolve any karmic tendencies, which are nothing other tha n psychic imbalances. This Awareness indicates this is why some entities in certain cultures can destroy the life of another an d feel proud, receiving perhaps a medal of honor, and not suffer karmic repercussions for the actions ; whereas another entity in killing, will suffer great pangs of guilt and remorse and great psychic imbalance for the aetioa :. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the act does not create the karma ; the attitude about the act is that which creates the karma . This Awareness indicates that the children involved in this ex p eriment in Atlant c are no more "due" the experience for karmic punishment than would be most average children of this nation . This Awareness indicatee4 that this action which has been occurring in Atlanta as that which is, in part, a tes t or experiment into the study of violence on a society . This Awareness reminds entities of previous message s given by this Awareness wherein It explained the nature of mind control techniques for training entities int o violence and how these entities would be put into circumstances wherein they would watch filmy of violence while being monitored for their reaction and feelings, and when these feeling ; showed no further emotiona l response, the films of violence we +Id increase and become more realistic, and when the monitoring device s showed no further shock or r eponse emotionally to this violence, the violence again would be increased an d made more realistic until the entity was totally immune to amt remorse or emotional shock in regards t o violence . 13 .

This Awareness indicates that during the past many years, violence on television has been created to brin g about greater and more explicit imagery ; that the emotional charge has been reduced, while the imagery ha s been accented . This Awareness indicates that in recent uproar about the violence on television, the emphasi s has shifted to certain areas in the movie industry, whereby even greater violence than has HYHU been shone'on television or in previous movies is now being implemented to condition the masses to accept with greater an d greater vividness and explicit imagery the violence-charged scenes, one following the other, so that entities ar e becoming more and more immune to the shocks of seeing such violence. This Awareness indicates that obviously, if the actions are to continue having effect on the masses and i f entities wish to continue creating greater immunity to emotional shocks over violence, then it must eventuall y leave the screen and occur in society itself, and on a regular basis, whereby entities do not see it as simply bein g haphazard or normal, but whereby they become accustomed to the regimental, regulated murder of member s of the society and accept this by continued repetition, so that the immunity, in terms of the emotional shoc k and uproar, begins to increase and the emotional uproar in the society begins to fade and diminish, whic h then allows for the next step to occur, whereby the society accepts still further violations to itself throug h other types of wholesale murder . This Awareness indicates that the experiment which is occurring in Atlanta, is that which is being computerized for long-term projections to understand social behavior and to formulate future programs . This Awareness will say nothing more in this regard as any further statements would jeopardize entitie s involved in releasing this information, end would be pointing fingers at those involved . This Awareness indicate: however, that entities can well imagine what forces are at work behind this circumstance . (Emphasis is by the editor) ED's Note : In reference to the violent movies Awareness mentioned, in today ' s paper on the movie page, the followin g flicks were advertised : "Friday The 13th–Part 2" (`the body count continues–26 more murders'} ; "My Bloody Valentine" ; 'The Fan " (the story of a great star and a fan who went too far) ; The Howling (`Imegiine your worst fear a reality') ; "Kill and Kill Again" , "Motel Hell", "Game of Death" ; "Fear No Evil" ; "Throne of Blood" ; "'[lie Hand" ; "The Sphinx"; "Happy Birthday to Me" (`Six of the most bizarre murders you will ever see ' .) In past weeks certain Zionist-controlle d parts of Hollywood have sent us such bloody flicks as "Halloween " ; "Friday the 13th" : "Terror Train" ; "The Shining" ; " The Fog " ; "He Knows You're Alone" ; "Scream" ; "Prom Night " ; " The Brood " ; "Phantasm " ; "Night of the Living Dead " ; "Dawn of the Dead" ; "Silent Scream" ; "Fun House" ; "New Year's Evil"—the list is endless, and all of these in the pas t few months. Most of these films follow the same gory pattern : the stalking and pursuit of teenage girls or young wome n by a maniac, wherein knives and axes and similar instruments are used to torture, mutilate and eventually kill these entities . For more information on rape, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No . 78-18 (Profile of a rapist) ;$2 .00 ; also 80 . 3 1 istrtl Rape) :$3 .00 . For more information on mind-control, please refer to No . 79-3 (The Guyana Tragedy)$2 .00 ; als o y 18-31 (Television, Violence & Mind Control as Tools of the Beast) ;$2 .00 from C .A .C . (For related information o n terrorism , please refer to No . 79- 15 (Reign of Terror)a$2 .00 : additional information can be found in 'The Gathering Storm' and following readings regarding the Beast conspiracy . The information being published in the `Village Voice' by the mysterious `Broder' has been confirmed by Awareness a s being valid . Those interested in following these communications should contact : SPIRAL News Network, PO Box 1799 , Hendersonville, N .C . 28793, which reproduces these re}eases in its monthly publication . Write for details and subscriptio n rates .

GREAT CHANGES COMIN G ( Closing Message, A .C . Gen . Reeding, July, 29, 1980 )

This Awareness indicates that the human race as being on the threshold of great changes ; so great, that at present time they are not and cannot be fully comprehended, and will not be understood for approximatel y fifty years, when entities can look back and recognize when and where certain changes began . This Awareness indicates this particularly refers to those changes which are occurring politically, in th e secret war which is occurring behind the scenes, and also genetically in the science of genetic engineering , which is on the threshold of creating totally new kinds of sciences and benefits, and problems for mankin d *4c** * to solve. REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is cosmic newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P.O . Pox 115, Olympia, Washington 919307 to non-profit organization) . Subscription rates are available upon request,

No . 10 "No man is truly has as long as any man is bound ."

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April 26,198 1

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Dear Avaton—I just got into that Spotlight magazine and read the articles on the Zionists . Here's what apparently Is happening : the Dark Force is making an all-out, last-ditch grab for world takeover, and is energizing Israel to do it now, by making th e Israelis take over the U .S . military and intelligence . Before, the Dark Force tried to use the Bolsheviks and then the Skoptsis t o take over, and that effort was defused by the Light Fora last December (the New York crisis) . The Skoptsis ploy to take ove r the world and de-nut everybody was foiled and used by the Light Force for good in spite of the Skoptsis intention . It dc-energize ( the Bolsheviks and their planned Electronic Funds dictatorship . This is an example of transmuting the Dark Force into Ligh t in spite of itself. Now the Monists' ploy is going to be transmuted into Light in spite of itself, too—just watch and see . Th e Luciferians"trump card' is going to show its hand . There is a martial art known as Aikido . It is the art of non-attacking, of non-resistance . It employs the cosmic principle o f "resisting not", as taught by Awareness and the Bible . Aikido disarms the opponent's attack harmlessly and graciously, and al l the opponent's energy is transmuted and dissipated . And both parties can be reconciled in friendship, with a spiritual bond tha t wasn't there before. Aikido, I believe, grew out of Korean Buddhism ; and it practices the Cosmic law of non-violence, non-hating , which is essentially the Law of Conditionless Love, or the Law of the One . It transmutes dark into light, hate into love, in spite of the opponent's intention . Like the Immaculate Concept, it acknowledges only the positive and the spiritual, and energize s only from that frame of reference- . It is like Jesus said, "If my kingdom (my consciousness) were of this world', then there would be a fight", But Jesus' action of not resisting, not counter-attacking, became a tremendous victory for the Light Force . And the ` Cosmic Aikido' of 888 is doing exactly the same thing today--transmuting every action of the Dark Force into a victory for the Light . It "resists not", attacks not, and acknowledges only the Immaculate Concept or pure outcome for all events in the earth . Reagan, in his action of cozying up to the Israelis, is actually doing what he believes is good . In his conscience, at his level of comprehension, he is responding to Light and doing good as he understands it . His mental vehicle believes the Israelis are th e `Chosen People ; and in his conscience, he believes the U .SmIsrael pact to be of benefit to all parties . Reagan has a conscience , and that's the thing that really matters . The Light Force must continue pouring Light and Love into Washington, into Israel, into all the robots and puppets, and th e whole scenario will be transmuted into Light . We don't have to attack anything or hate anything . And we don't have to figur e out just how the mechanics of it work . That's not important . When you want to walk, you don't think about all the mechanica l processes involved . You just do it . It all boils down to the simple purity expressed by those Avatars who told us "Al! you gott a do is love" . This is not a case any more of being like the ostriches and ignoring `what is' and letting it have its way . We hav e already seen `what is' , and now is the time to open the floodgates of love from the High Country of heaven ; now is the time fo r those Avators to shine ; Now is the time for then to pour their simple, childlike purity and innocent love into the whole earth . Now is the time to heal and forgive and restore, and phase out the old karmic system and Hierarchy's jurisdiction . The "Bette r Way" of Grace `resists not' and is the pure, childlike love of the High Self, pouring into this world through the awakening o f tens and hundreds and thousands and millions of Avatars, until all of humanity is ascended and free, in love with the earth, th e Cosmos, and all that lives . Like the rising of `Columbia', this is the Resurrection of a little outpost-world of fallen, cast-off souls who fought the greates t battle and overcame . That battle was against the spell of maya, the illusion that keeps the soul bound in karma and rebirth . The Risen Consciousness, the Law of' the One, will light this Cosmos with a new star—the Freedom Star--and the Hierarchy will loo k up and marvel at For this was the lowly earth, now the brightest light in the firmament, where the Sons and Daughters o f God fought the darkest enemy in all the Cosmos, and won . And that enemy was maya, the sense of a selfhood apart from God . This is the New Heaven and the New Earth . Yours truly, r' . ..2 f

P .S . You probably better hold off any further mailings, I'mon the road again and will let you know as socn as I get a ne w address . ,tx

' « .

Note : Although Dr . Beter has revealed in his Audio Letter (No . 62) that the spites uhuttle Columbia was destroyed by th e Russla ne only minutes after it took off, and the astronauts killed and Synthetics made fee their replacement, Bilr'b view of thi s from the plane of Oneness, which sees all things as but illusions, can view the event as positive in the long run due to the energie s of the millions of Americans who do not realize what Ilea really happened, but viewed the event us the re-establishing of th e coucept of freedom and leadership which our country was founded upon . Another case of the 'divine allegory' turning what i s negative into something which is positive and beneficial .


WHAT IS COSMIC AWARENESS ? 'Cosmic Awareness' is a term that can sometimes get a little bit sectarian in spite of our best precautions . Sometimes peopl e begin to associate 'Cosmic Awareness' with one particular channel, despite that channel's admonishing them that the cup is no t the water and the channeler is not the Awareness . Cosmic Awareness is not one man's channel, but many . Cosmic Awareness is Holistic Awareness . It is the Aggregate, the Collective, the totally compatible Consciousness of the One expressing through many channels . Sometimes contradictions com e up between channels, or at least it appears so to the 'rational mind' . But when you take the different channelings all togethe r holistically, let them blend, let them meld, and look at the Grand Overview of all the channelings together, you see that the y actually complement and fill in, and add to one another . They produce a picture that is 'synergistic', that is, greater than merel y the additive effect . There is that 10 to 20 percent error-rate in any one channel operating by itself . This 10 to 20 percent error is chiefly the resul t of the channeler's mental vehicle interjecting opinions of its own to explain or clarify the channelings . But when two or more channels pool their material, these errors , re resolved . Far from contradicting, the result is a much greater understanding of 'wha t is". So Cosmic Awareness is the Light that shines through many windows, clarifying and illumining, and nullifying any distortio n or error that might be present in a single window . 1.

This channel (Sheppard) has made errors, incomplete assessments, that were clarified by Paul Shockley's channel . And th e reverse is also true . But the aim is not to gloat over correcting an error, but to glorify Truth and reality . This was the . intent o f Him who said, "Ye shall know the truth ; and the truth shall make you free . " Cosmic Awareness is the Holistic, the Total, the All-Mind of Reality that grows by the square and the cube and the power s of the cube : It is the Light from many lamps streaming into a world, raising that world into the glorious Ascension In the Light . Children should naturally be taught to feet good about : themselves . But they should be taught to feel self-worth only as the y manifest the Mind and Spirit of God, The only way to feel good is to love others and to serve others, even at expense to oneself . The second part of the Great Law said, "Ye shalt love thy neighbor as thy self" . And who is 'thy self'? Why, it is the Self of al l people, animals, and things . It is the Great Self of the Universe, the Christ , The only way to teach a child self-worth is to teach him to esteem the Self of all his brother-creatures as God . It is a grav e mistake to rear a child in the false ego of separation from God . This false ego, that thinks itself important as an entity unt o itself, apart horn God, is the spirit of the antichrist and Lucifer . i4Nk .l it f

THE DEFINITION OF PORNOGRAPH Y Pornography is defined as that which presents sex and the human body as something to be snickered and laughed at, joke d about, and treated as cheap and unclean . Pornography presents sex as carnal and biological, an appetite of the senses, withou t recognizing the sacred and spiritual side of sex, Porrtogr ; phy treats sex as something to "get" to gratify the senses only, and t o inflate the ego . While there is a certain value in looking at sex candidly end open-mindedly from the carnal perspective and breaking throug h the taboos and hang-ups, it must not stop there . If sex is tc have any meaning, and if human beings are to amount to any mor e than sub-species of animal, sex must be seer : for what it is . It must be seen as the sacred Creation-Force itself, and not as mer e porn . Sex as porn pulls man down and de-humanizes the race. But sex as the Life-Force of God exalts the race as the very progen y of God . Many marriages are dens of porn and inst . But there are also couples who have no marriage papers, yet know sex as the Lif e of God . They know sex in the right perspective, as something pure and holy, even without "legal" gapers . So in the eyes of God , which is the real marriage? This example is of the "2nd grade", outside of the karmic : taws of society, in the plane of Oneness , or Grace . As Christ said, "My kingdom (or my consciousness) is not of 'this world' . " But porn itself, as something merely of the flesh and senses, is definitely not under Grace . It is negative karma, and amount s to anarchy and destruction in the karmic world . The karmic or dualistic world had to have morals in order to survive . It is th e foundation on which to build the New World, And the passing fascination with forn, as an ' l amer geni :y bridge" toward Highe r Consciousness, needs to give way now to the sea! meaning of sex : exalting man as God and God as man . True marriage is to live consciously as God and Goddess, free of any taboo whatsoever . 0ioseest

ED'S NOTE : Awareness has indicated that 'pornogaphy' and obscenity are in the eyes of the beholder . To Awareness the only 'obscenity ' in the world is war . Them are many who feel that'! V these days is a hotbed of 'pornography' with all those jigglin g bosoms and derriere's, T'he-re ere those who believe `Playbo ' magazine's display of nubility, the glimpse of a pubic hair, a breast or other parts cf the beautiful human bode (created by Godyincidently) is `pornorgepby' . There are those who cancelled their subscriptions to 'ight' when this conservative publication happened to feature two teenage girls in bathing suite emergin g from the waters at Coney Island (it was a story about the heatwave last summer), forcing 'Spotlight' to make a public apology . Where are some who use 'pornography' simply as a means to get horny (a terns which Awareness considers `preening' and gettin g aroused so love-making can occur), it indicated this is a natural thing for entities and there are many ways and many things tha t can stir this `arousal' . Regardiess of the mediae and whether entities ieali :e it or not, other things occur on the mystical leve l when couples get together in the sexual act ; for one thong, they are tapping into the energies of the Godhead itself and this i s one of the ways that God experiences Its 'cosmic orgasm Awareness talks about . C .A .C . has quite a lot of information on the subject of sex, lust etc., but eecrytiir.,e we publish anything along this line we ;et all kinds of nasty mail and cancellations whic h we can ill effendi ("Shame on you ; and you (d11 yourself a 'spiritual' publication") . One such loiter came from a lady who onc e had a personal reading informing her she had a previous lifetime as a certain famous person . The history books tell us that thi s particular `famous person' was a nymphornauiac whose see n it exploits became legendary throughout Europe and Russia . (Sh e once took on an entire regiment of soldiers in whet m'isf have bis o n quite an exhausting weekend for that entityit We are therefor e waiting for these sanctimonious entities' awareness to rise before we release much more of this type of information . There are some, evidently, who have no sex life at all, or ever have had, nor care to, but will c,. end much of their time venting this frustration out in self-righteous judgment and coi .dreixi un on of others.. A mtichi i ;c,fn cted reading along; this eery line relating to anothe r area is 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 79 . 7 (The Spiritual Snob) : $2 .00 from C .A .C . It should he read by everyone if they trul y desire to become 'aware', In the meantime, those Avatar ; out there should continuing transmuting those energies of Limbo, th e Beast etc . in whatever psychodrama you find yourself, including any sexual activities, as explained by Awareness in the "Gathering Storm" and subsequent readings on the bnsnsmutaf :ion of heavy energies through psychodrama, which is resulting in th e bringing forth of the New Age . WHAT IS THE TRUE GURU i Many spiritual aspirants (including this one) have made long treks and pilgrimages hoping to find a guru or Master or Erilightended Being somewhere on the earth who could !Kid them into spiritual advancement . And in many cases, such aspirants hav e jvund a suitable Master or discipline to follow . Whenever e guru--chela relationship develops, there is one and only one criterio n for determining if the Master is a true guru . The true guru will show you the Christ within you, and he will show you in word an, : in deed how to open your own Christ-Consciousness . He will bestow on you the key to your own liberation . He will always empasize that the Guru is your own High Self, the God within you . The true guru will show you that there is only one "I", and tha t is the Great Self, the Christ in all, To a guru or Spiritual Master, his greatest joy is to see his chides go on to a greater enfoldmen t than he has attained . A true guru never seeks authority or dominion over his disciples or tries to act as a dictator, or boss over therm A Jim clone s or a Herbert Armstrong is the type of leader who demands submission end obedience to his word, and tells his followers, "I a m your authority, i am God 's Apostle tc y iu, so you just be quiet and let me do your thinking for yiel d " This is not a true guru o r teacher . (In the case of Herbert Armstrong, he is an incarnation of Light, but his present consciousness is fixed at the level o f being a spiritual dictator . in his next embodiment he will very likely uniirid as a true Master) . 2.

The true Master will tell you, "the Guru is not a person or a personality . I am not a guru . The Guru is the Christ in me, wh o is also the Christ in you . Follow me only as long as you see the Christ in me and only as long as I can help you unfold the Chris t in you . " As Jesus said, "Why do you rail me (Jesus) good? There is only one good, who is God" . And this is the self-abasement an d ego-abasement that is the mark of a true guru . He constantly emphasizes that the Guru is the Christ within you . Now many entities at this point are going to start thinking that the spiritual Master is going to show them a nice, easy, sugar coated path to Enlightenment . And is some cases this may be true . But more than likely the Master is going to tell them . th e words of Christ : "Renounce your ties to 'this world', leave your nets of karma and attachments, take up your cross and follo w me" . The Master, the true guru, will tell them "You are Avatars, pioneers, who came into this wordd not to have a soft, sumptuous life of ease, but to blaze a trail of Light and raise this world up into Light . Break your tics to the tinsel and glamour an d artificiality of 'this world' and walk as men and women of the New Age even if 'this world' crucify you for it . This is the Hig h Calling and the True Mission of the Christ within you . " Entities who feel the Inner Voice callin g to them from the level of Grace, from beyond the duality and karma of 'this world ' are the Avatars and Christs to whom this channel is directed . The Guru is not the personality doing the channeling . The Guru i s the Christ who speaks to your own inner Consciousness through these words . If you feel the truth and the pull of these words , then you are one of the pioneers, one of the Christs who came in to heal this world . Your own High Self, the Guru within you , tells you in feeling and conviction whether these things are true or not . if these things don ' t ring true, then there are other disciplines and other paths to follow . Not all entities are of the Avataric descent, But the path of the Avatars, if this is your calling , is not going to be an easy or a comfortable life in "this world" . And it may cost you all that you've 'lived' by in this world, including pride, ego, kin, money, and material . possessions . Your own sons and daughters and mothci s and fathers may disow n you and revile you and even seek to destroy you . And this is the pain of the Crucifixion, the 'crossing-out' of all that is not o f the Real World and the New Age . This is what has been referred to as "NOT COMPROMISING" with the consciousness o f "this world" . So the true Guru is the voice within you that speaks in the heart, speaks in feeling and hunch and intuition . It speaks at you r own level of unfoldment, and beckons you on to a greater surrender and a deeper unfoldment . The Guru tells you that Pur e Surrender, Pure Devotion to God is the "straight and narrow way" that is the High Road to Reality, for an individual and fo r s the world . It is the "peace that passeth understanding", even though you may be bereft of all the material comforts of 'thi world' . It is the perfect serenity of living and moving in the Providence of God, in Oneness with the universe even as the fis h naves in oneness with the sea. It is the Great Liberation from the bondage of karma, from the 'nets' of this world, and is the initiation into Eternal Life i n Oneness with God . The true Guru tells you that this is the Highest Way, the Royal Road back to the Father's house . This is th e Guru of the Avatars . The Guru may speak to other entities at other levels of unfoldment, through the consciousness of Yogananda, Meher Baba , ;Mary Eddy, Vivekananda, or Ramakrishna . The true Guru speaks at your own level of unfoldment, and witnesses at the leve l that is right for you . The many different teachers speak at many different Levels and from many different perspective . And th e Guru within you tells you which teacher is presenting the path that's right for you . Always follow the Guru within, which i s the "still small voice" of hunch and feeling and intuition . Follow a person or a personality only as long as the Guru wit-bin you witnesses to the truth of what he ' s saying . This is th e True Guru .


_, m ar .â&#x20AC;˘


h The Star Wars series is an amazingly accurate parable of the Rothschild-Illuminati conspiracy controlling the earth . Dart Vader, of course, is Rothschild, the Dark Lord in command of the entire Beast system . He is 2nd in rank only to the Empero r himself. (In the movie parable, the Emperor would be either Satan or Lucifer, and the plot . digresses slightly in this respect, sinc e Lucifer is already gone from the scene . But that's no problem in understanding the parable . )

The Rebel Alliance is the collective body of Freedom Fighters, Patriots, and Light Workers who've been fighting the onslaugh t of Vader's (Rothschild's) Wehrmacht . Out-gunned and outnumbered, the Rebel Alliance has dodged from pillar to post trying t o hold off the steadily-advancing Beast as the world disappears into its maw . Then, when the situation appears the bleakest, a new entity comes on the sceneâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Luke Skywalker--born in obscurity yet carrying an anointing that infuses a fresh new resolve into the Rebel Alliance . He is the '2nd Son', the new Avataric Force now com e into the world in the manner of Christ . For a time, he fights the 'money-changers' or Rothschild-illuminati . In some of his battle s he is severely crippled and nearly killed at the hands of the Dark Lord . But if you read the heart of Luke Skywalker even in the movie, you notice that he doesn't hate. Though he carries the scars o f his battles with Vader, and knows all the evil that Vader has done, he lives in a Reality above hating . Vader pressed the fight an d Luke fought on, but not out of malice or hate . (This spirit was also seen in President Lincoln, who had the band play 'Dixie' whe n the South surrendered) . But all during this time, Luke's sufferings had been energizing the Great Intercession (remember, 'Luke' is the new Avatari c Company) . The Great Intercession, working by the higher laws of 'The Force', has begun to open the floodgates of Light int o the world . These incoming intensities of Light are swiftly building up to a level that the Dark Lord cannot counteract . He doesn ' t have access to high enough magic to withstand these new energies . For the first time in his tong reign, he sees that his days ar e numbered . He knows he is soon going to have to flee into the outer reaches of the universe and take refuge there . He finds hi s hold on the Empire slipping away, and his own forces are beginning to scatter and desert, defecting over to the Light . Amazingly , even the Emperor has abdicated and join . d the Light. So what is Varier to do ? 3.

The Light Forces send him a message : "Come and join us . Be healed and cleansed of all you've done . We mean you no malic e or harm, for there is a high test of The Force that forgives and pardons, and does not seek vengeance or mete out punishment . Come and stand beside us in Love and Light . That is the highest way of The Force . " And so Vader joins the Light, and proves that Love is the greatest power in the universe . Love can penetrate and heal the hardest heart and wins victories that the most awesome weapons can never begin to match . The highest aspect of The Force is beyon c all duality, and has no enemy at all . Darth Vader, Rothschild, even Satan himself are not the antichrist, The antichrist is maya--t h system based on duality, on karmic retribution, on man separate from God . Maya is man 's only enemy . This would be the highest plot for Star Wars. seise * ED's Note : For Cosmic Awareness's version of `Star Wars', please refer to the book, "Cosmic Awareness Speaks', Vol . 2 ; $3 .0 0 from C .A .C . (Awareness has previously indicated that It channeled to George Lucas the stories for 9 movies in this series) . Bill's suggested version above is probably exactly how the movie series 'is going to end . Let's wait and see . "'RUSSIA--THE HOPE OF THE WORLD" (Edgar Cayce ) April 22, 198 1 Dear Avaton . . .Just rec'd your mailings dated the 18th and 20th . The most striking thing of all was the article you sent abou t the new Christianity in Russia. This is certainly proof that there LS a great spiritual awakenin g, in Russia, in the Orthodox church r Up to this last year or so, this was .unheard of . The Orthodox, "visible" churches had atways been kept under a sterile, state managed formalism . But now, there is indeed a Coming of Christ in the mainstream churches, as the Communist party loses it s grip on the consciousness of the Russian people . This coming of the mystical Christ-Consciousness to Russia is certainly wha t Cayce foretold when he said : "The hope of the world comes out of Russia, guided by the nation that has the motto : 'In God we trust' . " The unseen Underground Church paved the way for this Awakening in Russia . Through the intercessions and sufferings o f the Underground Church, Christ is now coming to Russia . This Awakening is also fanned by Light Workers and Avatars in th e Free World . God, this is tremendous and beautiful I And no doubt the literal Skoptsis did play a part in the whole scheme of things . Their action was at the basic, elemental level , by which they did overthrow certain Bolshevik elements, Although the literal Skoptsis /idly intended to literally rule the world, it did not turn out that way for them . Even though the Skoptsis' actual plot didn't materialize, their action still served the caus e of good in the overall scheme . The entities of the Dark Force (which the Skoptsis are, even though they consider themselve s "Christian") were used for cosmic good in spite of themselves . This is one example of the Dark Force being transmuted into Light in spite of its own intention . This would be tike the Crusaders or the Jonestowncrs being used for a higher, cosmic purpose . in addition, the real Underground Church can now begin coming out of hiding and can start to mingle with their awakenin g brethren . For the Rothschild-Zionist-Communist energy in Russia is crumbling and withering under the rising Sun of Conscious ness . For did not the Father say, "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased"? Oh, people, let's step up those Radiations, thos e planetary beams of Light going into Russia . The wedge is already set . Let's drive it on home, end split asunder the dark iro n curtain of maya in Russia and all of the Communist world . The " Spiritual Skoptsis " , just like " Spiritual Israel " , is the Christ Consciousness, the Kingdom of God, which is man's native state . . (This channel has been criticized for using this allegory . But this channel would ask you one tieing : what reality or meanin g is there in a physical thing unless it is a spiritual symbol? How can anything have any meaning unless it out-pictures the Causal , the Spiritual side of reality? I-low can entities live in a world of illusions, of fantasies, of things-that-appear-to-be, cut off fro m the Causal, and call such a world "reality"?) .

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