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PRICE : $3 .00 COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself throw h Jesus of Nazareth the Buddha, Kristine, Mohammed, Edgar Cayee and other gt~rreat avatar] who served ax 'Channels' for the `Heavenly Father' and who monks &Taro today as the world begins Lo enter the New Age of apidlnv tual consciousness and awarcnoba . Since 1962 Cosmic Awareness has been connuunieet _ through ugh carefuthr trained channels The Info : oration contained herein was received from deep su onecious trance levels and 'interpreted' y an entity affiliated with C .A .C. This information is for those who desire to help in b ' g in the New Age . Throughout the thousands of 'Readings' given through these channels , Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel , what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and mugged. Neither C .A.C ., the Aqquaxtan Church of Universal Service, or the Interppret. Paul Shockley is responsible for anything Cosine Awareness may state in any of these readings, nor doer C.A .C . or Nail Shocley noceaaaru y believe or agree with the statements of Cosmic 1,wareneas . Paul interprets the energies as he secs them hi trance levels and is {rot personall y responsible for what is said.Members of C .A.C . are invited to send in questions of general interest to ask Awareness for posaibie publication.

Paul Shock, : y 'Prance--Interprete r

(Opening Message, C .A .C . Gen . aeading ) May 9, 198 0


This Awareness indicates there are situations wherein entities may find themselves having to choose whether :o take the path of none-resistance or whether to resist . This Awareness indicates that in the Law of Love, i t ias been given that `love follows the course of least resistance . ' This Awareness indicates this being so . This Awareness indicates however, that the implication of the meaning of following the course of least resist ace may not be fully understood by entities, and therefore could create difficulties through such misunderstar g. Copyright 19bu by Cosmic Aw.<renem Communucationu & the Assam-tau Church of Un!veteal Service . Reproduction by permission

This Awareness indicates that for example, an entity may wish to express an action which you can clearly se e would bring about great problems, difficulties or very damaging results . This Awareness,indicates that wherei n you look at this situation and the entity's desire for such expression, and you think in terms of the Law of Love, the reference to following the course of least resistance, you may feel that the Law of Love is saying to you, "Don't resist this entity or this entit y 's expression . Simply allow the entity to express himself or herself, becaus e this is the easiest way for you and leads to the least resistance by you, and therefore is an expression of love . " This Awareness indicates that this may not be the proper expression of love, for often the course of least resistance is not in surrendering or in allowing others to have their expression even though you know this expressio n is damaging . Often the course of least resistance is found in confronting the situation at the earliest possible time , before the great problem has its chance to overwhelm you or others after its initial expression . This Awareness indicates for example, an automobile sitting at the top of a hill wherein the brakes go out, an d you wish to resist its movement down the hill : this can be stopped most easily before it gets its momentum started by simply throwing a rock under the wheel . This Awareness indicates that a more difficult action might be t o allow the automobile to roll on down the hull, smashing into whatever, and facing the consequences for that act ion ; then blaming the Law of Love by saying that you took the path of least resistance . This Awareness indicate s that of course, you face the resistance to all the consequences that follow which, in fact, turns out to the path of most resistance . This Awareness indicates that likewise in relation to an entity, the expression of love does not necessarily mea n that you must allow that entity to push you around in a non-resisting fashion, overwhelming you or your love d ones or others . This Awareness indicates the path of least resistance may require that you speak out to that entit y in a way whereby the entity discovers itself and the error of its way, even as you resist it not, because of you r verbal confrontation . This Awareness indicates the path of least resistance may not require physical resistance when verbal resistanc e is possible, may not require verbal resistance if mental or psychic resistance is possible . This Awareness indicate s that in some cases you may need to express emotional resistance in order to avoid facing other types of resistance . This Awareness indicates that essentially what the Law of Love means, is to find that way of dealing with th e situation which requires the least resistance in order to neutralize the greatest problems caused by the action . Thi s Awareness suggests that the Law of Love as that which does not use a sledge hammer to get a point across when a simple statement could do so ; does not require that you attack an enemy with your physical might when negotiations are possible . This Awareness indicates that it does not necessarily mean that to express love you must be come a masochist and allow others to torture or walk over you . This Awareness indicates that this might not eve n be healthy for those who would walk over you or torture you, and your surrender could well be a form of encouragement which, in time, could lead them to great problems and difficulties . This Awareness suggests that sometimes it is necessary to express love in a firm voice, in a firm way, guidin g and directing or even shouting and forcing an entity to look at what he or she is doing . This Awareness indicate s for example, if an entity were contemplating suicide or violence toward another, it might be necessary for you t o become extremely outraged or even physical with the entity to prevent this action, and that action of yours ma y be an expression of love . This Awareness indicates that the entity who simply states, "Oh, you wish to commit suicide . Well, 1 will no t resist you because I love you ." This Awareness indicates this is an absurdity, and obviously is not an expressio n of love. This Awareness indicates that there can be confusion regarding the statements involved in the Law of Love, if this is not fully understood . This Awareness indicates that wherein you express yourself, meeting each urgenc y in a way whereby you deal with the urgency with the least amount of resistance necessary to bring about th e harmony desired and the neutralization of that urgency, this is the expression of love .

WHAT ABOUT KILLING iN SELF-DEFENSE ? QUESTION : A related question on this from N .S . of ()rem, Utah.. "Awareness states in `Revelations of Awareness ', 80-14 , that every individual has a cosmic right to defend themselves against violation . So killing others under these conditions is justified, whether by gunfire or whatever, so long as it is in self-defense . If we are capable of applying the Law of Love, when would this ever be applicable, or is the method determined on a consciousness level ?" COSMIC AWARENESS :


This Awareness indicates that it does not advocate that entities kill another to save themselves . This Awareness indicates that It is stating essentially that you use the least amount of resistance, the least amount of force in order to bring about,tl e,greatest amount, of harmony . This Awareness indicates that if an entity intends to kill you, and the least amount of force available to you t o prevent this action is to render that entity unconscious, then you have the right to do so . This Awareness indicates that if the least amount of force available to you to prevent the entity from killing you is to injure that entity , then this would be appropriate . This Awareness indicates that if the least possible action in preventing the entity from destroying you woul d be to destroy that entity, then you do not necessarily have the right, but that the action would not necessarily b e the wrong action either. This Awareness indicates ther e would be an establishment of karm a between yourself and that entit y which would, in time, need to b e confronted in one life or another . This Awareness indicates that if you used greater force than was necessary and destroyed another, eve n though that other could have bee n rendered harmless with less force, the n you have created a wrong action . This Awareness indicates that where in an entity harms another accidentall y or harms one with greater harm than -"'intended, this is a mitigating circumstanc e which may be modifying to the situation . ~ This Awareness indicates that it is not as strong as a deliberate action, and therefore not as â&#x20AC;&#x17E;, wrong. This Awareness indicates that an accidental harm t o another is not excusable simply because it was accidental, but it is not as strong or wrong as a deliberate harm . This Awareness indicates that It suggests entities to not put themselves in a position wherein they would b e likely or possibly subjected to a situation which could conceivably or probably lead to violence . This Awarenes s suggests that entities look ahead at the ramifications of a situation ; and wherein, observing the ramifications, entities see that these actions could lead to harm, could lead to violence, could lead to conflict or difficulties whic h are not conducive to a healthy and harmonious spiritual life, this Awareness suggests that entities then avoi d moving in that direction . This Awareness indicates however, that wherein entities find themselves in a situation wherein an early confrontation can prevent greater confrontation or greater conflict or can prevent violence at a later time, then entitie s are spiritually obligated to face the confrontation at the earliest convenience before the problems become magnified, leading to violence or greater conflict . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity must take action of a violent nature to preserve the life o f others, (this Awareness indicates for example wherein a loved one is being threatened and the lives of your famil y or other loved ones are endangered), then you have the right to take the least amount of effort, use the leas t amount of force necessary to prevent those loved ones from being harmed . This Awareness indicates the question then arises, what would be necessary ? This Awareness indicates that if you use too little force, you might find yourself the victim, and your famil y or loved ones still being violated . Therefore, this Awareness suggests that this becomes a personal question, where in each entity must weigh within his or her own conscience to determine what would be the least amount of forc e that would preserve the lives of your loved ones . This Awareness indicates that the question may arise regarding concepts of group preservation or national preservation or national security . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity is led by the actions of another, s o that the other puts one in a position of being forced to commit violence, or leads one to a position whereby th e entity might be forced to commit violence, this Awareness indicates that entity has a right not to follow tha t leader, if the entity sees in principle that the actions are wrong and will lead to violence and there is some othe r path toward peace . 3.

This Awareness indicates that, for example, wherein an entity within a nation recognizes that the leaders o f that nation are embarked on a course of war which. is totally unnecessary, that entity has the spiritual obligatio n not to follow those entities, not to follow that nation in its direction toward war . This Awareness indicates however, wherein an entity sees that a nation is being attacked by forces and th e nation is threatened, and the nation has not deserved that attack and cannot survive that attack without help o r assistance from its people, and wherein an entity sees that his or her lives and the lives of his or her fellow assoc iates is endangered by that attack !'his Awareness indicates wherein an entity sees that there is nothing left t o do to find peace or to bring about peace except to resist the attacks, then the entity may find that he or she is forced into an action of violence . This Awareness suggests however that such an action or situation by an aware being would be extremely rare . For the entity who is aware, the entity who is living the spiritual life, generally would not be caught in a situatio n of feeling obliged to follow the path of violence perpetrated by its leaders, for most aware entities would recognize that the leaders of their country had contributed greatly to such an attack, had contributed in one way o r another to the atmosphere that brought about the attack, and such entities might find themselves working in a different way, in a diplomatic way, to assist the suffering, to assist those who could bring about peace or harmon y or a healing of individuals or of groups or of the nation . This Awareness indicates such entities might find themselves serving as nurses or doctors for the injured or ill , or such entities might find themselves serving to awaken the masses, or to, in some way, bring about and promot e concepts of reconciliation . This Awareness indicates that those who add their energy to the promotion of violenc e --such as those who invest in war machines, those who work in the plants for the production of war machines-- these entities are contributing to the violence . THE KARMA FOR



This Awareness suggests that a contribution to the violence may or may not carry karmic repercussions for th e individuals, depending entirely on the individual's own belief of the rightness of his action . This Awareness indic ates that wherein an entity sincerely feels that it is an honorable action in preserving one's freedom and rights t o promote the assistance of the armies or armed services in their actions against another country, that entity wil l very likely receive little karma from that particular action, at least on a personal level, This Awareness indicate s however, that the entity does, in fact, receive a group or cultural karma, according to the association the entit y has with the group which he is involved with, with the culture he is following . This Awareness indicates that those who work for forces which are totalitarian, which are violent in nature , and which would destroy others in a callous manner, (even though he personally believes in their rightness), doe s indeed absorb the group karma o ;' that culture ; and whatever its error may be is reflected in the entity's own , personal karma, regardless of his intentions, which may be pure and free from his own conscience and the karm a of his own honor . This Awareness indicates that this type of karma is brought on, not by the entity's own deliberate violations of others, (for he may sincerely believe in the rightness of his action),, but is brought on by th e entity's ignorance of the truth ; wherein the entity has ignored or has not yet discovered the truth as to what i s occurring in the group, or nation, or culture's attack upon others . This Awareness indicates that in other words, an entity may inherit karma simply from his or her own apathy of following the dictates and leadership of others, as well as the entity who inherits karma from his own maliciou s actions. This Awareness indicates that the frog has its own group and its own species' type of karma . The karma o f being a frog is quite different from the karma of being a cat . The karma of being a cat is different from the karm a of being a dog, and the karma of being a cow or a horse . This Awareness indicates likewise, the karma of an entity being ignorant is different from the karma of the entity who is wise, even though there are other levels of karm a also . The ignorant entity may be spared from certain karma which the wise entity would need to face for simila r actions . THE KARMA OF BEING IGNORANT , This Awareness indicates an entity who is ignorant in committing a violent crime may not receive as muc h karma as one who is extremely wise and knowing, but who creates the same crime as the one who was ignorant . This Awareness indicates that likewise, an entity who is wise and understands the fallacy and futility of war an d violence, if avoiding such violence, will escape from certain karnhas which would befall the entity who was ignor ant of these facts and allowed himself to become involved in war and violence . This Awareness indicates that karma essentially is cause and effect, and each entity's position, each entity' s level of awareness, each entity's situation adds to, modifies, and determines the karma which would befall a n entity 's actions.

This Awareness indicates that It has asked Its followers that you not participate or allow yourself to becom e involved in an action which would conceivably or probably lead to violence . This Awareness indicates that thi s ability to avoid such situations will depend upon your own ability to perceive the consequences of actions befor e you have to face those consequences . This Awareness indicates for example, if you are of one level of consciousness, you may feel free to walk dow n a dark alley, feeling that it is a short-cut to your home and therefore beneficial to reaching your goal . This Awareness indicates that another entity may decide that the dark alley appears to he dangerous or potentially dangerou s or even probably dangerous ; and therefore, this entity may walk around in a different direction wherein lights ar e lit and the path is safer, even though farther to reach the goal . This Awareness indicates the one entity in walkin g down the dark alley, may decide that, "Yes, this is dangerous . Therefore, I shall start carrying a weapon with m e as I go my way and I will defy anyone to hurt me ." This Awareness indicates the other entity may not need to carry a weapon because the entity is walking i n areas which are more safe . This Awareness indicates that the entity, however, may decide also to carry a weapon , but still to walk in areas which are safe, so as not to be put in such a likely position as to be forced to use tha t weapon. This Awareness indicates the one entity taking the longer, well-lit route will be more aware and evasiv e of any potential violent situations than would the other, who seeks the short-cut, even though it may result i n violence. This Awareness indicates that all is relevant to the entity 's desire and inclination to be non-violent or t o avoid potential areas of violence, and there are some who would avoid violence at almost any cost, even to th e point of giving up their own life . This Awareness indicates there also are entities who love violence and who woul d do almost anything to express violence, even to the point of taking another 's life or losing their own in the conflict . This Awareness indicates that It is advocating that entities take the path of least resistance, the path that woul d most likely avoid the most violence or conflict . This Awareness indicates that if an entity feels that the only wa y to avoid violence is to carry a weapon or to lock oneself within one 's home, then the entity has the right . This Awareness indicates this as a spiritual right . This Awareness suggests however, that if the entity carries a weapon and locks oneself within one 's home i n an action whereby the entity is tempting violence, hoping that violence comes, so that the entity can put an en d to it by a violent means, this entity is not living in the spiritual path . This Awareness suggests that .It does not advocate that entities kill one another . It advocates that entities avoid violence at any cost ; but 1t does not ask that you be killed by others, or that you allow your loved ones t o be killed in order to avoid reaction in a violent way . This Awareness suggests however, that It does advocate tha t you use the least amount of force possible in avoiding violence . This Awareness suggests therefore, entities wh o allow themselves to be conscripted into armies or into military forces or into police actions, whereby this conscription or voluntary enrollment in such actions appears to be that which would probably or likely lead t o violence---such entities are not moving according to the will of this Awareness. This Awareness suggests rather, that Its followers, that Its adherents move into actions which would promote peace . This Awareness suggests that entities may wish to become enrolled in the diplomatic army or the army o f peace, the army of peacemakers . This Awareness indicates that this as being an action whereby entities communicate their feelings, influence with their energies to bring about reconciliations which would prevent war an d violence, so that peace can have a chance . This Awareness suggests that a peace corps or a peace group would be a proper action for those who woul d avoid violence . This Awareness suggests that those who move into military training, who move into situation s which train for violence, these entities are flirting with the probability of violence . This Awareness indicates that the entity who leaves his or her house unlocked, but sleeps with a gun or othe r weapon, as being foolish and as inviting violence. The entity would be better off to have locks upon the door , lights around the home and have the gun empty, elsewhere, or disposed of . This Awareness indicates that each situation is unique for each unique individual, and it is for the individua l to determine what is the path of least resistance wherein the least conflict and least violence would occur :-'-'What action should I take at this time to avoid future conflicts, violence, or confrontations? " This Awareness indicates that it may be that you will need to take a difficult action at the moment in order to avoid greater difficulties or violence or conflict at a later time . This Awareness indicates the entities who allo w others to violate them when such violations could be stopped, or entities who, in their frustration, violate other s on a chronic and repeated path of action, such entities would be better off to have a clear communication, a clea r showdown to solve the problem once and for all, rather than continuing time after time, day after day, the sam e chronic and sick relationship . 5.

This Awareness indicates that wherein entities confront one another to resolve these chronic situations, the y may well find it diffic ..= lt at the moment, but less difficult than it would be at a future time after the intensities , emotions, hostilities, had built to a point of intense, furious eruption . This Awareness suggests that, "Better t o let off a little steam now, than to have a major explosion tomorrow" .


(Some Pitfalls at the Spiritual Marketplac e

A question from T.O ., Falls Church, Va . "Today a burgeoning spiritual marketplace offers competing varietie s of meditation . trainingpsychics, reading courses, and counseling . Selecting the most. valuable from among th e legitimate can appear to be difficult . By what methodology can an individual discover which avenues of pursui t to commit himself to? Can Awareness recommend specific disciplines, or is there some reason why one 's spiritual diet cannot be planned as rationally as one's diet of food, and must be chosen merely on the basis of feelings o f good vibes and high purposes? Surely, judging by results is prone to emotional bias and can necessitate larg e investments of energy . " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that your best approach to selecting the proper route for you is to first be closel y attuned to your own needs . This Awareness suggests that you also need to be closely attuned to your own bein g in its development, recognizing your assets and liabilities and that which would be beneficial to you . This Awareness indicates that this may require that you look at yourself from different levels : the social, the physical, th e emotional, and the spiritual . This Awareness indicates that you may consider call aspects of these different level s of your being, and ask yourself which of these needs developing and nurturing . This Awareness suggests that yo u focus on those particular areas of yourself which need nurturing, and wherein you decide to look for help fro m outside, such as through books, tapes, or teachers, ---this Awareness suggests that you then begin searching i n those areas, in catalogs, in bookstores or through listings of classes available, asking questions rather than lettin g entities sell you the course . Asking questions about the course to see if it fits you, just as you would ask or tr y 6.

on clothing to see if it looks good on you . This Awareness indicates that in asking questions to see if this fits you r mods, ; cm t i n discover much iii}tut the program, much about the tea ' .â&#x201A;Źtier,, or much about the message which i s to be presented . This Awareness suggests that you be very cautious, suspicious ; for there are many scams, and tricks and hustlers in the business, many of these firmly believing in their product . This Awareness suggests yo u -' not argue with these entities about their product, but simply ask questions and examine, read or glance over th e material available, and see whether it fits your needs . This Awareness indicates that there is no particular formula which this Awareness can give that would fit th e needs of every entity, for each entity has different needs . This Awareness suggests that some of the needs may be addressed from spiritual levels, from asbtract levels by those who speak in abstract terms . Some entities are cap able of applying this to their particular, needs . Others will require specific help on specific problems, and abstrac t assistance will be of little value. This Awareness indicates ethers will require scientific help, others spiritual help , some psychological help, and some financial help . This Awareness i.adicates that others may need social assistanc e and still others may need all of these . This Awareness suggests that you, yourself, must determine your own need s and determine what hest fits your needs . This Awareness suggests in searching for the answer to your needs, shop around . Don't buy the first thing presented to you . Don't put yourself in debt for something which may he much too expensive and turn out not t o be the product which satisfies your needs . This Awareness suggests also that you be very cautious of that produc t which starts out : with a low cost, and the price gets higher the further into it you go . This Awareness indicate s this likened unto purchasing a machine at a great discount only to discover that you must have more parts t o make it work, and you must have continuous repair to keep it going . This Awareness indicates that there are man y spiritual courses which operate on this same principle ; that there are also many business courses which operat e on this principle . This Awareness indicates there are also many social relationships that operate on this principle ; wherein an ent ity forms a relationship on a cheap level that begins to create greater and greater expense and cause more an d more involvement, until the entity is completely devoured by the relationship . This Awareness indicates that entities who allow this to happen to themselves are simply being drawn . into levels of limbo, sucked into the vacuum s and needs of others . This Awareness indicates that those who are wise will enter where they choose, and avoi d those dens and nooks and crannies where the greed factor lurks .






A question from one of our lady members : ' p his is a personal question, but probabl y is pertinent to others . I have had a problem with drinking in the past . I have had a reading on this and was told that I was not an alcoholic and would never be one . I sometimes hav e a glass of wine or two and don ' t care for more . But the last ; couple of weeks I have been drinking more . In fact, my husband told me it's either him or the wine . I just don't know what get s into rue . I start getting nervous and 1 . think some wine will relax me, but I don't stop . I'm really getting scared . I keep thinking it might be a physical thing . Are there som e herbs that could be good for this? I really want to stop drinking completely . As I said before, 1 don't drink all the time . It's not my husband ; he's very good to me and we lov e each other . I want to be free of this problem . " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that this as stemming from an emotional need to be coddled and babied . This Awareness indicates that the nervousness begins when you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and would prefe r being taken care of like a child. This Awareness indicates there is a particular ,child-litre quality within you that i s not being expressed properly . This Awareness suggests that if you learn to express your need for affection and i f you have someone who will listen to these needs, who will listen to your inner feelings, this can be of much help . This Awareness indicates that the action of turning to wine or to the bottle is but a substitute for the child withi n you, wishing to turn to the nipple or baby bottle in its efforts to find security of affection, nurturing and love . This Awareness indicates that the wine itself having certain qualities, unlike mother's milk is addictive in it s own sense, and the habit of turning to this for satisfaction can create problems which can become more intense . This Awareness indicates however, that when you turn to this for your remedy and to satisfy your needs, it fails . It. does not satisfy . In fact, it creates greater problems, even though it stupifies you much likened unto an anesth 6.

etic while you suffer greater maladies from the stupor . This Awareness indicates this is like going to a hospital , being given an anesthetic, so that entities can violate you and make your life worse than before . This Awarenes s suggests that the anesthetic which you are taking has not satisfied your needs, and is not satisfying your basi c needs ; and the first action in understanding this is to accept that the methods used are futile,---that the wine i s not the savior, even though the emotions may can for a glass of wine . This Awareness suggests that when you recognize this, and recognize the habit of responding to that particular emotional need, you may desire to substitut e at that point . This Awareness suggests that one substitute which would be very beneficial in driving the lesson home, woul d he to purchase a baby bottle, fill it with milk : and when you desire wine because of this particular emotiona l problem, this Awareness suggests that instead, you take the baby bottle and drink the milk dry . This Awarenes s indicates this will trigger off certain realizations within yourself . This Awareness suggests that following this,(i f you accept to do this,) this Awareness suggests that you also begin to talk about your feelings with a loved one , so that these feelings need not be bottled-up inside and stupified or given anesthetic of wine or other alcohol, bu t may be expressed and released . This Awareness suggests that counseling can help, or clear discussion with one who is willing to hear can be o f great help . This Awareness suggests that your husband, if open, will be the best counselor in hearing you r inner feelings, and this can be of great assistance . If this entity cannot be open to listening to your feelings, or if you r feelings threaten the entity and he becomes defensive and this defensiveness causes you to block and lock up you r feelings, then you may need to seek outside assistance in your expression,---a counselor who will assist the two o f you in communicating more clearly, in listening to each other without feeling threatened by the other ' s words . This Awareness indicates that often the feelings an entity has which threaten their mate, actually come from earlier experiences with other entities, and the mate is being used as a substitute for the regurgitation of these feelings ; or the mate may feel threatened by those feelings, even though the feelings are not meant for him or her . This Awareness indicates that, therefore, it is difficult for entities to communicate together unless they are willing to listen to the feelings of each other without feeling guilty or without feeling threatened . Or if they do feel guilty or threatened, they must state, "That causes me to feel guilty . That causes me to feel threatened . " And i n so stating, this allows the other to recognize the effect : of that feeling and clarify, so that it needs not be projecte d to cause guilt or to create a threat . This Awareness indicates that very carefully, entities being aware of each other's feelings, can begin to comm unicate and unlock those blocked energies inside . This Awareness indicates the drinking problem is not so muc h confined to the bottle outside, as to the bottled-up energies inside, which are not expressed openly and clearly . And when entities move toward the bottle, they are seeking to find that stupor which allows them to have the excuse to open up and say what is bottled-up inside . This Awareness indicates the problem is that the spirits which enter with the alcohol distort the feelings whic h are inside, and the message comes out in a manner that is inevitably unacceptable to others . This Awareness indicates that this leads to greater rejection and greater problems, which then are bottled-up inside and not, released : and therefore, the entity seeks to stupify himself with further drinking . This Awareness suggests that there are other methods also for dealing with the drinking problem, such as th e various alcoholic clinics. This Awareness suggests however, that this drinking problem is but a symptom of th e real concern or real problem which is bottled-up inside . This Awareness suggests that entities who cannot unloc k this inner bottle should seek counseling by trained and qualified persons . E'll's Note : For more information on alcohol and other drugs and how to end the problem, please refer t o `Revelations of Awareness' No . 77-13 :$2 .00 from C .A .C .



QUESTION : A question from 1-I . A ., Mt.. View, Calif . "In the New Testament, Matthew 2, Chapter 3, verse 16 and 17 , "After Jesus was baptized by John, the spirit of God descended like a dove over Jesus and a voice from the sk y said, `This is My beloved son . My favor rests on him .' Were these words spoken by Awareness? If not, woul d Awareness please identify the voice. Also would Awareness please elaborate a little on the event? " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that these parables and stories being written in the literary style of a journalist o r reporter who stood by while this voice spoke to this entity . This Awareness indicates this as being obviously a report written from one who was tuned in to the event : through recollection or through the feeling of the event ; but, finding it necessary to put this into story form and into words, the entity used those terms and literary styles of the age, of the time, to present the message.

This Awareness indicates that in those days, (even as now) , entities were inclined to call the'voice which is heard in silence, a crake from on high' . This Awareness indicates that entitie s today occasionally hear voices in their heads which seem t o be coming from outside themselves, and this voice may spea k to them . This Awareness indicates essentially, this voice is th e conscious cell within the individual---the God Consciousness , this Awareness, Buddha, or whatever term entities wish t o give to this voice ---l .t is their own divine spiritual being withi n themselves, the Knower, which observes and watches . This Awareness indicates that if a writer were testifying t o the event today, using ordinary literature techniques, th e entity would state that, "The voice came to me from inside my head, but it appeared to be outside, from all over . And T heard this inner voice say to me " This Awareness indicates that because writing was mor e difficult in those days, (the electric typewriter not havin g been invented to make it easier for writers), words were chose n carefully, so that the nucleus of the message was conveyed , and entities were left to understand for themselves the meanings of the words . This Awareness indicates present--day writer s are much more explicit and much more careful in defining al l the slight nuance of meaning or description or phrases o r colorations in order to clarify and eliminate any possibilit y of misunderstanding . The modern-day writers can afford t o do this because they have much greater access to printing an d writing tools and equipment . This Awareness indicates that writing in those days require d much labor. One word carved on stone may take as long a s a page of typed story in modern days . This Awareness indicates that writing penned with a quill is much slower than a mod ern typewriter . This Awareness suggests that entities mus t understand that to take each statement literally, expectin g that those statements given in those early writings were absolutely clear in their meanings, and assuming that if they ha d meant the voice from within, they would have said so, ---suc h entities who assume this are deluding themselves and not bein g realistic . ' s that lr1i~eV6'ist,, It the volf..e Chil e indicates from within, the entity hearing the voice would have to shar e this with another, unless this was conveyed telepathically an d all entities involve ; heard this at t :he same time . This Awareness indicates that in this particular case, this was not so muc h a voice, as a recognition by those involved . This Awareness indicates that this recognition was not conveyed in words, but the writer p resented this in his particula r literary style in order to convey the story to the masses . 1. ti i .. .t iAwal',SS





(Clos ng Meeeax,.' rn,m a C .A .C . Gen . Reading ) of Juls. d, t9Af! This Awareness indicates there is seen that wheat appears likened unto a Sphynx,---the eyes piercing, looking toward the future . This Awareness indicates this Sphynx es timeless . That winds of change bypass the Sphynx, and move on . The eyes stare, fixed , toward the future . The sands of time whirr about the Sphynx creating shitting, changing dunes ; --stew landscapes . The eyes of th e Sphynx stare, fixed, into the future . Thi, Awareness indicates the storms of life move howling around the Sphynx and pass on int o history---the eyes of the Sphynx stare fixed into the future . This Awareness indicates that nations, economies, cultures, religions , ideals, ideas, leaders, and people rise and fall like a sea of humanity . The eyes of the Sphynx stare fixed into the Eastern sky waitin g for the sun to rise to bring the future .






QUESTION : A question from J .M ., of Calgary, Alberta . "Would Awareness please comment on when a person goes to a reading or a seance or the like an d they are communicating with a person who has passed on? Is it in fac t the actual person they are communicating with, or something from thei r subconscious resembling the person who has passed ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates it is both, for the subconscious of an entity attunes and spreads out into the space of the Universe in which that ent itv has passed . This Awareness indicates that you may understand th e nature of vibrations, of consciousness, of space, of life, as being multi dimensional . That a frequency has its direction, its sides ;--the upper and lower sides of its vibration . Likewise , the frequency has the near side and the far side of its vibration, and has echoes coming off of it, affecting othe r frequencies,--above, below, near and far . This Awareness indicates that those who are one particular side of a frequency may not be aware of the other side of the frequency ; and therefore will see a particular reality, which excludes the other reality of the other side of the frequency . This Awareness indicates that when entities pass from the frequency which is termed the `physical world", into the frequency which is termed `death' or `the beyond ', they do not necessarily change in their inner being ; hut th e outer appearance is different, and the physical shell is left in the physical frequency and the inner being of th e entity moves on into the magnetic side of the frequency . This Awareness indicates that moving on to the othe r side of that frequency, the entity is still present, but the physical shell is not seen . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity within a physical shell closes off his concern with the physica l and attunes to the other side of the frequency, the entity comes in contact with his own being, the life within th e physical shell . The life within the physical shell is present even in those who are on the physical side of the frequency ; and also the life within the physical shell of the entity who has moved on out of the physical shell, is jus t as real, but unavailable to the senses in the same way that it had been . This Awareness indicates therefore, the entity without the body is present in the Universe and in the consciousness, and the entity within the body is presen t in the Universe and in the consciousness of the Universe . The only difference being that. the one who hasn't th e shell, isn't identified with a physical location or confined to a physical shell, whereas the one who is in the physica l body tends to be anchored to that physical body--grounded, and has less mobility in the Universal Mind, in th e ability to move about in time and space . This Awareness indicates that those parts of the entity which is in the physical body, can break free from that identification with the physical and can attune itself to the Universa l Mind . This Awareness indicates that wherein this occurs, it can be in communication with the beings of other s who are also attuned to that Universal Mind . This Awareness indicates that in this manner, entities attune ther m selves to each other and are attuned to each other through their own consciousness . This Awareness indicates it matters not whether the entities are dead or alive . That the electro-magnetic energie s --the energies of the soul or subconscious--are present throughout the experiences of these entities and are connect ed . This Awareness suggests that if you can imagine a universe wherein you could not possibly see or feel any physical matter, and yet everything existed exactly as it is in your . life today, wherein entities moved about, had relationships, carried on their affairs This Awareness indicates that if you can imagine a Universe wherein all thi s occurred in levels of imagination, without the senses of the human body being involved ; then you can better under stand the nature of the subconscious, the nature of reality, the nature of life and death, and the nature of th e universal eternity .


QUESTION : Awareness, in the case of a spiritualistic seance, where they have these entities talking to spirits and spirit guide s and sometimes do materialization, does what Awareness just said hold true in these cases? It was my under standing a great variety of these coming through were merely the astral shells of entities long gone . M.

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that entities who have reincarnated can still be called upon. from these seances from their previous lifetime experiences or names . This Awareness indicates for example, Joe Doe, having died, ma y now have been reincarnated and be a small child in the first grade in another city ; yet the widow of Joe Doe ma y still be getting messages from Joe Doe at the seance . This Awareness indicates that this can be a combination of energies created from the astral shell, or memory projected by the widow, or residue Ieft over by Joe Doe in th e astral plane ; or this may also be, in part, a communication from the subconscious of the new reincarnated chil d who is being contacted during certain times of seance by the medium and his previous widow . The contact need not even be known by the child in a VHQVHRIWKH child being aware of having been contacted and brought through a medium in a seance somewhere, nor does the timing of the contact need to be one wherein the child was asleep . This Awareness indicates the entity, for example, may be contacting partly the astral shell of Joe Doe--partl y the astral shell being brought into materialization by her own memory and projection of energies and partly b y the psychic contact to Joe Doe, himself, who is now reincarnated . This Awareness indicates that as they mov e through time and space, entities leave vibrations, memories and energies which can be molded and used, which leave messages, which can be drawn upon by others for their needs . This Awareness indicates whereas the widow of Joe Doe still needs guidance from Joe, yet Joe has moved o n and has become a child -_Jim Smit :h,--the widow assumes she is still speaking with Joe l)oe and Joe Doe has no t yet returned . This Awareness indicates that all of this is but the reflection of the nature of consciousness itself ; for all entities have that ability to create with their imaginations the reality which they accept . This Awarenes s indicates that Mrs . Doe believes Mr. Doe is still `over there' waiting for her. Mrs. Doe communicates with Mr .Doe, and when she passes over, Mrs. Doe in .'act will be met by Mr . Doe, because that is the image which she has hel d and holds in her consciousness, and that non-physical experience is in the realm of imagination, and that real m of imagination is the reality of the Universe . This Awareness indicates that it is no less real than the physica l plane. This Awareness indicates the entity who sincerely believes that hell-fire and damnation awaits for him, eve n though he has sought to disbelieve in that concept ; that entity will, on passing over, experience the hell-fire an d damnation which he believes in, for whatever time it takes to diffuse that belief. This Awareness indicates that the entity who believes he will pass into heaven, even though wishing to believ e in something else, the entity indeed will pass into heaven . That the duration of the experience will be as long a s the entity desires the duration, and will cease when the entity recognizes that it is but imagination of his ow n projections. This Awareness indicates that likewise, the entity who has been expecting hell-fire and damnation . will eventually discover that this is his own projections from his own consciousness . This Awareness indicates that those who expect something different will find what they truly expect . Wherein there are conflicting ideas within an entity about life beyond death, these ideas will average out, will balanc e out---so that the entity receives something which is approxima te to the average experience the entity has expect ed . This Awareness indicates that all reality is created by projections . The individual realities are created by projections, but these are modified by the general projections of other forces--such as Cosmic Laws, or social laws , or laws of physics or laws of karma . This Awareness indicates that therefore, entities are not the sole creator o f their world, but do have influence in creating their realities upon the laws of the Universe . This Awareness indicates that these creations are the realities or are the illusions of the imagination . That th e terms used to describe these --realities or illusions---do not matter . This Awareness indicates that words describin g are only for the benefit of the mind and for the benefit of the form, to hold the spirit, of life which flows throug h these concepts, through these words, through these diminsions, through these images, through these laws,-- physical, universal, social, and spiritual : This Awareness indicates that these laws are but the principles on which the spirit of life builds and expresse s itself. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH TO THOSE WITH NO PREpONCEIVEO NOTIONS ? QUESTION : Awareness, what would the entity who passes over expect to find if he or she has never energized or made up th e mind that the after-life is going to be a particular thing? Would that be the experience through the white ligh t and go to a particular level that they haven't conceived of ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that wherein one is totally open and questioning and uncertain and does not have an y preconceptions or ideas in regards to what lies beyond death's door, such an entity will perceive the reality befor e passing through death's door . This Awareness indicates that the entity who assumes that death 's door is the final

end and that there is nothing after life, that entity upon dying will not recognize that he or she has indeed died , but will simply think that they must have been transported into another place perhaps on another planet, or in another city, or to another area, and that they have somehow lost their memory as to how they got there . This Awareness indicates these entities will be met there by others who have similar attitudes, wondering ho w they got where they are, and will simply wait to find a way of continuing their expression and will continue t o feel that there is nothing after the life which they are experiencing . This Awareness indicates these entities ma y eventually discover that they have indeed moved on into a different dimension but this may be unlikely for mos t of these entities . For their memory as to how they arrived is as foggy as their understanding of where they are , because these entities are stuck in the dependency on their senses for their realities and will not accept anythin g other than their senses and the knowledge which their senses dictate . This Awareness indicates this, of course , being relative to how long it takes the entity to discover that his or her philosophy of material existence and non e other, has flaws in it . MORE ON THE LIFESTREAMS OF CONSCIOUSNES S

(Closing Message )

( Why Many can Claim to be Reincarnations of the Same Famous Person 1

This Awareness indicates that there are what may be termed `mainstreams of consciousness' . There are wha t may be termed `lifestreams of individuals' . This Awareness indicates that an individual's lifestream may move o n to reincarnate into another body, leaving behind branches of twigs of that lifestream for others to recall, to relat e to, or to communicate with through seances . This Awareness indicates that often the mainstream or lifestream of consciousness of an individual will communicate to an entity through a seance and inform that entity that they are about to reincarnate and enter agai n into the physical plane . This Awareness indicates that when this occurs, that the entity can assume the messag e is valid . This Awareness indicates that often this is done so that the earthbound entity, the entity bound to th e earth by the one holding the entity through the seance, will be released from the responsibilities and duties t o appear at the seance for that loved one, and may go on into the physical reincarnation from that other plane . This Awareness indicates this freeing the spirit to reincarnate, rather than to continue reappearing at the seanc e in order to please the seeker who wishes to communicate with the spirit . This Awareness indicates that likewise, lifestreams of individuals can branch, and entities can attune themselve s to these lifestreams and can form beings or identities around these lifestreams ; and over a period of time---ofte n several lifetimes---can become identifications and individuals which, in tracing their roots back, may find tha t they each move back to this central core lifestream of a being . This Awareness indicates in this manner, it is possible for several entities to trace back the origin of their identifications to a particular entity ; and those entities may each claim, rightfully so, that they are the reincarnation of that particular entity . lifestreams, like stream s of water, are not necessarily confined in pipes which do not leak ; for lifestreams of entities often break from thei r bounds and spread out into different tributaries, creating new souls, new identifications, new expressions, whic h may later come together, or may go in different directions entirely, but will inevitably be able to trace their origins back to that particular lifestream . This Awareness indicates this accounts for why some entities far enough back in history, are often claimed b y others in present time as their sole ancestrial being, claiming to have been reincarnated from that ancient being . This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that every entity who claims reincarnation from an ancien t being is but one of many, for the entity may be, in fact, the only one ; but this does indicate that the entity wh o claims to he reincarnated from an ancient being may, in fact, not he the only one who can legitimately make tha t claim, and may, in fact, be claiming part of the lifestream from that original source . This Awareness indicates that entities change and discard certain substances from their soul, and other entitie s may pick up on that discarded substance and claim that substance ; and eons of time later, through cosmic memory, may recall where that substance came from and claim, rightfully so, that they are reincarnated from tha t entity which discarded that substance . This Awareness indicates that these also may be considered illusions, imagination ; but this Awareness ask s you, "What else is there? " EI)'s Note : For more information on reincarnation and lifestreams, please refer to `Revelations'of Awareness , ' No . 78-3) : (St . Francis of Assisi : How come there are so many of you around?) ;$1 .00 from C .A .C . For more information on psychi c seances and thier pitfalls, refer to `Revelations of Awareness', No . 78-17 :'61 .00 ; also No . 78-44 ;$2M0 . For more information on the `Law of Love', please refer to the booklet, `The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness' :$3 .00 ; als o No . 78 .37 (The Law of Love Revised) ; .50cents, from C .A .C .Also recommended, No . 79-7 The Spiritual Snob) ;2 .00 ; also No . 79-11 (The Mark of the Beast) :$2 .00 . Also recommended is the C .A .C . taped lecture .No . 8 (Resist . Not Evil) by Gerry Morrts :$5 .00, available from C .A .C . Law of Love info also in 80-8 ;$2 .00 ; Resist Not Evil also in 80-10 ;:);3 .00 . REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published every two week% by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P .O. Box 115, Olympia, Washu,aton (A nun profit organization) . Rates and membership iniurrnation available upon requests

No . 5

LETTERS FROM BILL . . . . ( A Cosmic View of things from another frame of reference ) Jan . 4, 198 1 Dear Everybody . . .In that first Ietter to you, I, related those first "Cosmic Experiences" pretty much in generalities . Where it described the destruction of New York, and where the ` Council of 13 ' in London was revealed , these details seemed just too specific, too literal to be believable . That ' s why l didn 't go into such specific detail in that first letter . But then it turns out that the same information, even the specific details, had been coming through C .A .C .'s own channel . That's what was such a mind-blower, coming to find I hadn't been hallucinating all this stuff after all . This channel had talked about the "Underground church behind the Iron Curtain ." Evidently this was th e Skoptsis Paul and Dr . F3eter had been talking about . And then the android-robotoid correlation seemed lik e too much . In the aftermath of the New York crisis, a set of circumstances seems to stand out in retrospect . The Skoptsis had been planning on blowing New York, figuring that if this action disabled the Rockefeller-CFR-bankin g combine it would bethe lesser of two evils' . 'rire end justifies the means" must've been their thinking . The y could see that the U .S . was a captive milch cow, being milked of its wealth and technology to build up th e entire Communist world . But if they had only known the full story, the main power source they should hav e sought to destroy was not the one in New York, but the one in London, in the house of Rothschild . The Rockefeller (or Bolshevik) outfit in New York is only a lesser arm of the secret Rothschild power cult . The Russian Skoptsis could see that the Rockefeller banks and the U .N . were all in New York, so they must'v e figured the whole world was controlled from there too . Through incomplete understanding, they targeted Ne w York for destruction . If they had actually blown New York, the Rothschilds would be laughing like crazy , chalking up a victory . Had the Skoptsis but known, the Rockefeller (or Bolshevik) center in New York is con trolled from Brussels, which in turn is controlled from London . The Skoptsis should've been shooting for those . So in the final analysis, the Skoptsis would have made a terrible blunder by destroying New York . At best, such an action would only serve the power-play of the Rothschilds . No doubt the `Beast' Forces would've tried to exploit the New York disaster to precipitate a "Nationa l Emergency", implementing the Executive Orders, and putting the U .S . under actual military occupation . Ha d this happened, the Beast would've gained tremendous ground, and would be crowing and chortling, singing , "Today the United States, tomorrow the world . The Beastie marches on . " But a phenomenal work of Inter cession on the inner planes has turned the tide . If we keep the pressure on, keep the accelerations of Ligh t coming in, the Beast will never, ever be able to repair itself again, or regain the ground it has lost . Let ' s kee p Ilumpty Dumpty from ever getting patched up again . Let's show the Dark Force that there are Light Worker s out there who've "got the balls" (cosmically speaking) to carry the Light right into the very innermost circl e of the House of Rothschild . So "Let there be Light! " Vondir and Namaste . . . .Bil l PS : Enclosed are a few more thoughts and channelings : ON OPENING THE CROWN CHAKR A The laws of consciousness are such that the Crown Chakra will never open until one criterion exists : th e motive of the heart must be "Not my will but thine be done . " I.t, takes an attitude of pure surrender to th e will of God and a wholehearted desire to he a clear vessel for the will of God . Once that attitude exists, th e opening of the chakra is amazingly simple--nearly automatic, in fact . But the chakra will quickly shut down again if any element of self-will or ego-ambition comes into the mind . That is a cosmic "fail-safe" mechanis m that prevents any impure motive from ever passing the Crown Chakra . The key to opening this chakra and keeping it open is a pure love toward God, a love for God that surpasses any other love . It is that condition less love for God that says, "Take me and use me as an emptied vessel of Ydur will . Use me for thy instrument, even if it destroy me and even if it cost me all that I hold dear in life . " Once there exists that desire an d willingness to be totally emptied, to have all ego and pride and vanity crushed out, then the laws of th e Universe step aside and the Crown Chakra will open . So many entities have never understood this necessity for to[,tl surrender to God . They have tried to "tak e heaven by force" through Kundalini Yoga and many other spiritual practices . They have tried to "get" God and make God conform to their personal ambitions, (like a cosmic Santa Claus) . They have tried to use Go d without first loving God . They may have felt reverence and warmth toward God, but He was not the Firs t Love of their lives . They may have tried to use God for things that seem right to the rational mind . But the y were not surrendered to the highest will of God, which seldom conforms to the rational mind . The true leading of God often runs directly contrary to the "logic " of the world . And so these entities spend lifetimes i n misery, wondering "why doesn't God hear my prayers?" Tire answer is : "God was not the first love in you r life ." 1

And that is the simple key to Reality . The Crown Chakra will open, the lower chakras will fall into resonance ; your consciousness becomes the Consciousness of the Universe . And the mysteries of the Cosmos reveal themselves to you . All the inner planes come into alignment, and you can speak (or write) "with the tongu e of angels," a virtual two-way telephone link with the heart of God . And the ecstasy : It, is the "peace that passeth understanding", the perfect serenity of knowing God by direct perception and being in the perfec t will of God . So the opening of the Crown Chakra, of and by itself, is not something to be striven for . A million year s of striving will never open it . Strive for a pure surrender to the will of God ; make God your first love . Tha t is the secret . Then the opening of the chakra is effortless and nearly automatic . It opens like the flowers tha t bloom the spring rains (whereas without those rains they would never bloom) . The pure love for Brahma, for the Great Spirit, for God, or Yahweh, is the whole duty of man . Without it , man will never know Reality or experience his reason for being . To go on existing apart from God, with Go d not the central love of your life, is madness and absurdity . It is what the Eastern mystics call illusion, or Maya . An existence not centered in God is what led the human race into karma and reincarnation . Reincarnatio n and karma raid when the heart .becomes totally fixed on God . The lesson of life has been learned, the Promised Land gained . The wanderings in the "wilderness" of karma and rebirth are over . When the heart is truly rooted in the Great Law of Jesus, "Ye shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul an d all thy mind," there is Grace, ,or the l3hakti of the East . Karma is transcended . "This day ye shall be with inc in paradise" . The Crown Chakra opens, and another Prodigal has come home to the Father's house . This i s the Resurrection . "Behold my son who was dead (in karma and rebirth) . Though he was dead yet now h e lives (in Cosmic Consciousness, in the Resurrection of Grace) . " When the pure love for God is established, the Crown Chakra can be exercised with a little "priming of th e pump" . Deep breathing, taking a few deep breaths and holding the last one for a little bit helps oxygenat e the blood . This helps spiritual eattunement., and helps all the chakras come into resonance . At the Crow n Chakra, the very top of the head, try to visualize and feel the stroking of an angel hand . Gentle waves, like pleasant electric thrills, start spreading from the Crown Chakra and flowing in cascades down the whol e body . As this cosmic tide of bliss and ecstasy flows, meditate on God and pour out your love for God . Always strengthen the concept of. "not my will but Thine be dome ." Use your favorite hymns or chants o r mantras or mandalas--whatever best represents your love for Deity . Soon the Chakra will stay lit of its own accord, and you will likely find yourself channeling beautiful things from God---maybe poetry or art o r music or teaching, or just plain good happiness and cheer . But whatever you channel will be God's true purpose for your life, ordained from before the foundation of the -world . This is your Grace and your Resurrection, your return to the Godhead . Hold to this surrender for the balance of this embodiment, and there is no more karma . (Remember th e repentance of Rhyee) . Karma to the world is burned up in the fire of pure love for. God . Every soul, when it first came out from the Godhead, was ordained to learn this one lesson, Grace, or Pure Devotion to God , is the "high road", the 'Royal Way' back to the Father's House . It is & midi, the transcendance of all karm a and Maya . It is a higher way than the karmic path . It is only through this Ilhakti or Grace that the Chown Chakra will open . It cannot be opened by any othe r means than pure surrender . The sensations and thrills emanating from the Crown Chakra may not always b e present . In fact, there will probably be "down" times known as the `dark nights of the soul' . There will b e mountains and valleys in the life dedicated to God . The point is not to strive for the bliss and ecstasy as a n end in itself . The truly surrendered devotee is content in the valley as well as on the mountaintop . His contentment lies solely in being surrendered to God, even if the valley never ends or the chakra never opens . The key to true Enlightenment lies in releasing even the desire /or enlightenment .The key to Reality i s total sacrifice, total surrender to the will of God, to the Higher Self, and making God the first love of you r life . As the scripture says, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these (other things) will be added to you . " This one principle is so pivotal, so universal, so all-transcending . It cuts across all psychology, philosophy ,, parapsychology, metaphysics, and karma . It cuts across all mysticism and yoga (except Bhakti Yoga) . It is so simple, so wonderfully obvious and attainable, yet so totally ignored by humanity . Why should Reality be rejected and ignored any longer ? There is no inherent difference between the Soul and God . They are identical, just as the image in a camer a is identical to the scene it depicts . Yet the mind, in order to formulate its meditations, usually has to think i n terms of "God and I ." God, or Brahma, is identical in every respect to Atman, the human soul . Yet the soul , in its "Love-Play" with God, generally thinks in terms of "I and Thou . " A slightly different technique for God-Realization was also taught by Jesus and some of the Ascended Masters . That is the "I AM" meditations . The soul's oneness with God is directly affirmed . cutting away the littl e "I" or ego . Atman or the Soul is directly energizing its oneness with Brahma, in the same spirit that Jesus said , "I and my Father are One ." In the `I AM' meditations, it is the soul declaring its Oneness with God . The rational mind and ego are transcended, and the entity experiences the mystic alchemy of "I Am Thou," or " I Am the Resurrection and the Life . " Most entities, however, find it more comfortable to stick with.the "I and Thou" approach . This `Love-Play ' with God lends itself to equally g eat ecstasies and cosmic accomplishments . But whether the concept is " 1 and Thou" or "I Am Thou,' it has to always be predicated on absolute surrender to the Divine Will . Entities will never know the perfect peace and serenity of God-Realization as long as they look for happiness in the external world . This is important to understand . The "arm of flesh," the externl world of possess ions, entertainment, money, sense-gratification, friends, family ties etc .,can never bring lasting peace or happiness in this life . Happiness and peace can only come from absolute surrender to God_ And that surrender wil l sometimes cost you your life---all that you have "lived " by in the world . It may cost you all your family an d friends---your very own sons and daughters and loved ones may all turn againstâ&#x20AC;˘ you and revile you . It may cos t you your pride and self-esteem which has alwaye been your staff and strength in "this world" . It may cost yo u 2.

all your money and material possessions . The Kingdom of God is the "Pearl of Great Price" for which a tru e seeker will sell out all he has if need be, even his pride, self-centeredness, and ego . The calling of God does no t always come sugar-coated and giftwrapped . The calling of God may be ferocious and terrible, manifestin g calamity after calamity until the ego finally begins to crack and yield . You may even end up penniless and o n skid row, or in a psychiatric lock-up--yet filled with the riches of the Universe, the Treasure beyond price . The serenity of pure surrender to God transcends all outer circumstances . That is how Paul and Silas were able t o laugh and sing and ecstatically praise God even while they were locked up in prison . Such austerities and sacrifices as these might not literally come to pass, yet on the other hand they may . 'There has to be the willingness to sacrifice all, and do it if need be, lust as Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac . This principle of "to will and to do," the willingness to literally sacrifice all in life, is the pric e of Reality and God-Realization . So simple, yet so hard for entities to "Let go and let God . " Entities want t o cling to everything but God, apparently not feeling that God is actually real or that His providence will tak e care of them as it does the lilies and the sparrows . All it takes to `let go'--to sever all ties and dependencies temporarily and step out purely on faith, trustin g the Unseen Hand to be your staff and guide . When your motive toward God is pure, that Unseen Providenc e is always there, manifesting your daily needs in ways that would seem miraculous . That is how the Apostle s traveled, "without script or purse" . And that is how St . Francis traveled all over Italy many times . It is thi s great Comforter, your own High Self, the ever-present Christ of the Universe, who said, "Fear not, for I will never leave you nor forsake you ." All it takes is the attitude of pure [surrender, pure love toward the Divin e Will, the willingness to trust, follow, and obey the Inner Voice, whatever the cost, whatever the journey . Thi s alone is Reality, the divine birthright of every human . (There are some entities who are already established in the Divine Will without being particularly aware o f it . Their attunement is on the inner planes, their sacrifice having been accomplished in a past life . The outward evidence is simply the harmony, the fulfillment, and the satisfaction with what they're doing in this life . To these entities, their work is their sacrament, and their life is their meditation . Such entities, already established in Grace (they may be Wanderers, or members of the avataric group), are able to fulfill their life's calling without a lot of Yogas or disciplines . ] But to most entities, the Path exacts a heavy price, the "spiritual surgery " of the crucifixion, the cuttin g loose from all that is unreal, from all that is not God . Yet, the pain of the crucifixion and the rigors of sacrifice are a light burden compared to endless rounds of rebirth on the wheel of karma . The temporary pain o f sacrifice was common to all who have ever trod this path . There is no valley so deep nor mountain so hig h that is not the common heritage of all the Sons and Daughters of. God . But the sacrifice, the surrender to God, whether now or 100 lifetimes from now, is the highest and quickest road to Reality---ending the tread mill of karma and rebirth, ending the Luciferian experiment . **aa,*** * Jan, 2, 198 1 Dear. Folks . . .this channeling just came through, and it indicated that it should be sent as the main body of th e letter . The other channelings in this batch also came through with a feeling like they might be of unusual importance . They seemed particularly relevent to the need for increasing people's awarness of Magic and steppin g up the Intercession . Down hero, I've got the rites worked out to where I can do them without a physica l altar, just using a small globe of the Earth . When the rites become structured firmly enough in consciousness , the need for a physical machine diminishes . The "grounding" seems to occur as a natural process . It seem s like my whole reason for being is wrapped up in these rites . With the ecstasy and love that is involved in them , it's hard to imagine doing anything else . Anhow, here's the channeling . (Love, Bill) . AN EXPLANATION OF "NOT COMPROMISING WITH THE WORLD " Most Spiritual Masters, including Jesus, have always taught entities to "be in the world, but not of it . " In other words, "The world, the status quo, is here . For all its shortcomings, it is the established order . Be in it, function in it, accept its existence . Recognize it as a reality . But uphold the higher precepts as you go abou t your affairs of the world, and don't partake of the world's corruption . Be a light and an example in the world .' All this is predicated on the world being a bona-fide, established order that is authorized to go on existin g in its present form . And under that assumption, it is correct to teach entities to "be in it, but not of it . " But at the level of 888, at the Law of the One, the present world system is n a r recognized as an acceptabl e reality . The present world is founded on the concept of separation from God ; it is rooted in illusion, in Maya ; it is not rooted in Reality . Therefore, the present world order is not legitimate . It is artificial and anti-Christ . It is a bogus, counterfeit system that cannot be reconciled to the New Ageâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; The New Order is founded on th e One Reality of God . It is rooted in the Immaculate Concept, the unity of all things as facets of the One Spirit . The New Age is rooted in Reality, which is the Christhood manifest in all things, There is no concept of duality or separateness . Duality, the concept of a reality separate from God, is Maya, and is not recognized an d cannot, exist under the Immaculate Concept , The agents of 888 cannot go on personally being "in" the old order if they are to give their total energy to the New . To go on with personal involvement in the old order, giving credibility to it, treating it as th e authorized establishment, is a denial of the New Order . The agents of 888 simultaneously destroy their ow n channel of High Magic . The agents came into the world to learn to become pure vessels for Magic . Their miss ion in the earth is to give 100% of their energy in channeling Magic for the New Age to manifest . Every tim e they attempt to link themselves hack to the old system, they short-circuit their own channel and even destro y previous gains made by the Light Forces . This gives energy to the anti-Christ and is an unwitting betrayal o f all the Light Workers in the world . 3.

The agents of 888 are few in number, and they alone are charged by almighty God to have no persona l compromise with the old antichrist system . The agents do recognize that there are many Light Workers whos e mission is to be "in the world, but not of it ." And the agents do recognize that there has to be a period o f transition for the New Age to be phased in . And the agents can analyze the world condition from within an d give evaluations of it from any level of consciousness . But this is not what is meant by "compromise ." 'Compromise ' means personally fraternizing the old system, personally taking part in its version of reality ; in short , recognizing its right to exist . 888 recognizes no such right of the old order to go on existing . These agents, in order to function as pure vessels of Magic, cannot afford the "spiritual prostitution" o f having personal links with the old antichrist system . Through the working of Providence, there is a way th e agents could avoid short-circuiting their channel if they could find other Light Workers willing to be thei r intermediaries . Through others who are "in the world, but not of it," a link could be established whereby th e agents could fulfill their mission on Earth . If there are Light Workers who understand the position of th e agents, they could be their logistical support if they want to . Under such an arrangement, the agents would be free of compromising, and in return for the logistic .support, they could give written channelings and discourses from Cosmic Consciousness . If such an arrangement were acceptable, it would be a major cooperative venture helping to manifest th e New Age . (The agents would in no wise withold'any channelings in any case . ) TIHE REPENTANCE OF LUCIFE R Among some groups there has arisen a contention about the repentance of Lucifer . According to some devotees of the Ascended Masters, Lucifer was captured and taken before the 'Counci l of 4 and 20 Elders' on Sirius, where he was sentenced to death and executed on the spot . This was supposedly in April of 1975 . On the surface , this seems to contradict the teaching that Rhee or Lucifer had repented some years earlie r and returned to the Godhead, absolved of all his sins . The plain fact is this : it was the astral shell of Rhye e that was destroyed on Sirius in 1975 . Rhyee ' s astral aspect, or shell, had been stalking the earth, leading an d inciting the ferment that led up to the Great Intercession which began in 1975 . That Intercession began wit h the destruction of Rhyee's astral shell . Also, the Ahriman, or Satan, has fled the earth for the present time, further weakening the antichris t regime . In the Ascended Masters' teaching, there is a distinction between Lucifer and Satan ; they are tw o separate beings . The 'Satan' was a high 'lieutenant' of Lucifer . This would agree with the concept of Rhye e being a distinct entity from Ahriman . When the facts are squared, there is no contradiction in these teachings . The entire management of the antichrist force was left in the hands of the 'Council of 13', and they ar e rapidly losing their control of it . They cannot mold it into a cohesive unit any more . Its dismembered tenacles are still lashing and flailing, spitting venom wildly in every direction ; but its real power is gone . Lik e arms of an octopus severed from the head, the antichrist is dying . And its grotesque, go-for-broke deat h throes are the convulsions that are still wracking the earth . The 'Council of 13' is as busy as a eat covering up shit, trying to patch the octopus back together again- sort of like Humpty Dumpty . And that is why the Light Forces cannot . afford to slack off doing Magic an d Intercession . The job of 'mopping up' is not finished until the last trace of the antichrist empire is gone fro m the earth, whether that takes 10 years or 1000 years . [Right now, we should be beaming especially high levels of Light into Poland] . CONCERNING CONTRADICTIONS BETWEEN CHANNEL S It should be remembered that Cosmic Consciousness contains several distinct planes, or levels of Reality . And the concepts of Truth vary markedly from one plane to another . Different channels are not alway s speaking from the same level . And that is why there sometimes appear to be contradictions . But there are no contradictions really . There . is only Truth perceived from different levels of consciousness . Every level of Awareness or Truth is represented in Cosmic Consciousness, beginning with the stric t duality of the fundamentalists (which is the consciousness of the old Te slament ), and reaching up to th e Oneness of the 8th plane . And properly understood, all the levels can be easily reconciled . Each level of unfoidment is like the opening up of a folded roadmap, or the blooming of a bud into a flower, as it says in the Bible, "From glory to glory " .

ED's Nutc ; For an introduction to Bill, please refer to Revelations of Awareness , No . 81-2 (A Search for Cod) ;$J .00 from C .A .( ;. Most newsletters from then on , contain some '1 .ettcrs from Bill' . "LETTERS FROM BILL" are published periodically as a service to the C .A .C . membership and is published by Cosmi c Awareness Communications, P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington, 88507 . Subscription rates and information on request .

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