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NOTE : The enclosed reading contains subject matter of a sexually-oriented nature .

If you are offended by this type of material, or your head can not handle the concept that disembodie d spirits can sexually assault entities on the physical plane, please return this reading immediately to C .A .C . (UNREAD) and we will send you another communication of a more uplifting nature .


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QUESTION : There is a best-selling hook on the inerket called , the Entity, written l y Frank DeFeiitta, a novel the author claim s is based on a real life case of a woman preyed upon by a spectral rapist . It concerns a young mother living alone wit h her two children, who was sexually assaulted night after night in the most brutal manner by an invisible entity, a huge Oriental man accompanied by two dwarfs . This entity calls her foul names, creates all kinds of poltergeist activity to frighten her and bend her to his lustful will .She knows this is not an hallucination for her body is bruised and her sexual organs are sore . She can fully and completely feel the weight of this entity upon her and inside her . After many nights of continuous ravishing, she finds herself experiencing orgasms of astonishing intensity . At one point she felt she was pregnant, but eventually aborted some weird substance . The presence of the entity was always accompanied by an overwhelming stench of rotted meat . When psychiatric treatment did not end these attacks by this unknown entity, parapsychologis ts were called in . They created a `simulated environment ' of her home, set up infrated cameras and other sophisticated devices including helium gas to freeze the entity so it could be monitore d and photographed when it came on its nightly visit to ravish this woman . They were able eveatually to prove by these techniques that an entity of some sort was indeed violating this woman , but the book ends with the entity finding her again no matter where she moves to .My question is, if this book is truly based on a real life cane history as claimed by the author, would Awareness please explain how such violation s a e carried out and allowed under karmic and other cosmic laws, and how an entity from one vibratory rate ca n become physically solidified at will on the physical plane and violate others . Also, how common is this phenomena , what attracts these entities to certain p eople, and what can be done about it ? COSMIC AWARENESS : l'h = s Awareness sugge sts these questions he taken individually . clUE 3TION :

Would Awareness p l ease explain how such violations are carried out and allowed under karmic and other cosmi c la- is? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness ind i cates that this violation as that which occurs due to the intense power and will of that forc e and due to the rece p tivity of certain aspects of this entity . This Awareness indicates that there are certain cosmi c :ants which do not allow entitles to violate each other and to get by with such violations, yet violations still continu e for these laws do not actually prevent violation, they simply create situations whereby the violator must experienc e repercussions for that act . This Awareness indicates that the reading previously given on rape* applies to this excep t that this is a situation iia which a very powerful force, which is not materialized as a human in a physical body, i s capable of moving into a semi-physical ! ..~â–şn? and attacking as an astral being . This Awareness indicates this needin g to be done at certain rimes when the entity is herself in sleep and consciously incapable of keeping the force away . This Awareness suggests the next question he asked . QUESTION : How does an entity from one vibratory rate become physically solidified at will on this physical plane and violat e ofher? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this has been explained in previous information--the question previous to thi s topic . Fn's Note :

The questions Awareness is referring to have been previously published in `Revelation :, of Awareness' No . 80-9 ($3.00 from C .A .C . ) These concerned ` Project 'nvisibility ' --Einstein's Unified Field Theory, and the question about Raising the Kundalini, and the questio n `Do C .A .C . members have more sexual energy ? ''Revelations of Awareness' No . :8-18 (Concerning Rape) :$2 .00 from C .A .C . *The Entity, by Frank DeFelitte, Warner Books Publishers, P .O . Box 690, New 'f ork, N .Y . 10019 ($235 5 plus postage) NOTE : C .A .C . does not stock this book .

Q JEST. ON : Now common is this phenomena?


COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as relatively uncommon, yet more common than entitie s would believe .

QUESTION : What attracts these entities to certain people ?


This Awareness indicates that this relates in part to entities being receptive or subjective in their consciousness , wherein entities fear such beings, become obsessed with such thoughts, become subjective to imaginary beings , these entities open up for such invasions . This Awareness indicates that entities who have strong imaginations an d in their imaginings perceive forces and then begin to define the type of force being perceived as being a negativ e force and then follow this with a fear of that negative force, these entities can easily become fixated or obsesse d with the fear of that negative force, and coupled with a fear of being raped, can in fact draw in the negative forc e as part of their own repercussions for such thinking . This Awareness indicates that once this occurs, it can intensify so greatly that it becomes a reality rather than merely a fantasy and marks can be left . This Awareness indicates this is similar to actions wherein a hypnotist may tell a person that they are being nailed to a cross or tell the entity that they are a composer of great music, and th e entity believing himself or herself to be nailed to a cross may suddenly find bloody holes in their hand or hands . This Awareness indicates the entity being told under hypnosis that he or she is a great composer may find himsel f or herself capable of playing beautiful music even though not normally able to do so . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity has allowed auto-suggestion to convince the entity that they are being attacked or over a perio d of deepening suggestions have led the entity into this situation of feeling and believing that they are being hounde d and eventually attacked and raped by such a force or entity from another dimension, then indeed this can becom e a reality and show external evidence . REALITY AND IMAGINATION -- NO DIFFERENCE.

This Awareness indicates that entities ever and always wish to think that there is a division between reality and imagination . This Awareness indicates that entities ever and always wish to think that reality relates to science and imagination relates to illusion or religion or fantasy . This Awareness indicates that nothing can b e further from the truth, for imagination is that which builds and creates the reality which entities enjoy or despise . This Awareness indicates that, the consciousness is that which creates the reality, that theiasitlze caacpt, -davell . u . . . t,.p • ou h becomes a manifestation in the physical sense . This Awareness indicates that likewise , to remove something which is physical, enti -1es must begin bylixiaginingthat being elsewhere, disappearing or leav ing . This Awareness indicates that very wise entities realizing this phenomena, have set about to attempt to erase this type of manifestation by simply stating, that anything other than that which is scientifically and rationall y provable is mere fantasy and does not exist . This Awareness indicates that this was a way whereby these entities could eliminate much of the phenomen a which occurred when entities delved into imaginary worlds and created these types of demons which possesse d them or which hounded them or which caused mischief for others . This Awareness indicates these entities in statin g that this is mere imagination, could be termed rational and scientific, and in so doing could imply that the imaginar y was unreal, was mere hallucination and did not exist -- this would allow entities being trained in the rational an d scientific schools not to be subjected by those imaginary or fantasy demons . AN EXERCISE ON HOW TO EXPEL DEMON'S

This Awareness indicates this allows entities to consider that type of thing as being merely superstitious . Thi s Awareness indicates that thisaiso prevented many of these possessive beings from having energy on which to fee d in order to possess entities in the physical realm . This Awareness indicates that this became a kind of progra m during the past several hundred years, for Christian nations in particular, so that they could avoid anything of a psychic nature, avoid creating demons other than those which they wished, such as Satan and his imps . This Aware.. ness indicates that ti ti a they be der oil pr deities, areonly capable of bennag mi nifcsted_or-d contour them up with their obsessions having energies when en ities elicve in then and clat; t em en <, certai n + ter,-rt' s,,he more energy directed toward such entities, the more and their focusingandtheir be' and more powerful they br~c ome_ , --

This Awareness indicates that the hest way to create such a demon is to say to yourself that one is coming , whether you believe this or not . This Awareness suggests that this is an action of a stupid idiot who wishes to b e hounded by a demon . This Awareness indicates the best way for an entity to rid themselves of a demon isto state , "The demon is leavi • 17 w -ether f beliey_e his nr not . "


This Awareness indicates that as entities make affirmation of this type and wherein entities affirm that "Entitie s are coming to save me, higher spiritual forces are protecting me, whether I realize it or not, " such entities will i n short time find that their luck has changed and they are indeed experiencing greater good fortune and greate r harmony . , This Awaren , ' . >eests that also you let ever aff is : ' • r this can be th e clapping of the hands after such a statement, or stamping the foot, or lighting a candle, or falling to your knee s and giving thanks to those higher spiritual forces . This Awareness indicates it matters not what the physical actio n is, but the same action should be used each time after giving an affirmation so that your subconscious accepts tha t particular action as being likened unto a physical christening of the affirmation . t

This Awareness indicates that when a ship is ready to sail, it is christened as it is put afloat . This Awareness suggests that when you affirm a concept, if you wish to have valid purpose that you also accompany this with a physica l action or ritual .This Awareness suggests this be considered as a christening of that concept . This Awareness indicate s this can be as simple as the snapping of your finger or as complex as a three day ritual . This Awareness indicate s that the complexity or simplicity of this physical action to accompany your affirmation depends on what it take s to convince you that this is in fact happening . This Awareness indicates that if you still have doubts as to the validity of your affirmation, then you should go through longer rituals, devise something more complex which become s a satisfaction to you and leads you to feel that in fact your affirmation surely is truthful . This Awareness indicates that if you believe the affirmation which you have given, then a simple snap of the fingers may be enough . Thi s Awareness suggests that you may wish to develop certain rituals of your own for the grounding purpose, or yo u may wish to use rituals which are available in books or through messages from this Awareness . This Awareness indicates that there is the Banishing Ritual and the Invocation Ritual which can also be used . * CATS AND DOGS FOR PROTECTION AND BANISHING FORCE S

This Awareness wishes also to comment on the use of animals : that essentially the dog is an animal which i s fac This Awareness indicates that much like the Banishing Ritual, in that . . • - )s away c • . . - • .eG wherein entities are hounded by forces which they do not like, whether these are physical or psychic, to have a do g of any size---particularly the type of dog which will bark if startled, bark or growl . This Awareness indicates tha t this will serve as a banishing type of force . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities wish certain types of energies to assist them, that a cat is ha t which invokesprotective ty es of ener 'es . This Awareness indicates that many witches use cats ; that the purpose of. the cat is to raw in forces for their deeds . This Awareness suggests also that entities need not draw in negativ e forces, that it depends on your motive and the type of force you wish to draw in . This Awareness indicates that a cat can be in your presence and its purpose may be to keep you surrounded by high spiritual forces, drawing fort h or invoking the higher forces or energies for your purposes . This Awareness suggests that if you get an animal which is unruly, it can often indicate at times a force which i s attempting to get to you and may need to go through your animal first and the animal stops the force . This Awareness indicates when this occurs, you can be aware of the force as it operates through the animal . This Awareness indicates the negative forces always move through the weakest area possible, that an animal can be a weak area an d allow the negative force to channel through it . This Awareness indicates when this occurs, you may wish to do th e Banishing Ritual on the force operating through the animal . This Awareness indicates that in some cases it may b e necessary to get rid of the animal and to get another animal which is stronger . This Awareness indicates that in th e action of an animal who is continually possessed by a negative force that it often is most efficient to get rid of th e animal rather than attempting to deal with the force . This Awareness indicates t his depends on the strength of th e individual ; that some entities can keep an animal around which is inhabited by a negative force and in this manne r will know exactly where the negative force is at all times . This Awareness indicates that other entities would not b e able to deal with this and would feel threatened by the animal and the force which inhabits the animal . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that as previously mentioned, none of this can come about excep t through the opening, the doorway which entities create by imagining negative forces attacking them . This Awareness indicates that while negative forces do wish to attack anything that is attacking them, and can in fact attac k entities who are innocent, that the negative force cannot gain foothold except wherein someone or some forc e gives them the energy to do so . This Awareness indicates this does not mean that if an entity is being attacked b y 4.

a negative force that the entity alone is giving the energy to that negative force to bring about that attack, for th e entity attacking, the negative force which is attacking the being may be receiving its force and energy from anothe r source. HOW TO COUNTER A BLACK MAGICIA N

This Awareness gives an example : Source A directs Source B, the imaginary entity to attack C . Source A continues to imagine a being, letter B, who will do his or her bidding to harm C . Source A continuing to feed energy to B eventually creates enough energy, known as B, that B then moves to attack C . C, being innocent, does not recognize what is occurring, except that there appears to be some force which is attacking . This Awareness indicates that thi s is an action known as black magic . This Awareness indicates that in some cases black magic avoids B and goes direct ly to C from A, sending energies . This Awareness indicates that for C to be protected from this type of energy, C must recognize the attack, then build a shield around himself or herself, so that the shield will not allow a penetration of these energies . This Awareness indicates the shield may include physical shields such as doors, locks on the doors, or symbol s such as candles or crosses or whatever types of symbols would satisfy the entity's needs, or an animal to protec t the entity ; or the entity may simply be successful by visualizing a white shield--a shield of white light, or the La w of Love--operating around the entity for protecting the entity against these forces . This Awareness indicates tha t the entity may also choose to visualize the force which is being projected at themselves being directed toward the m for destructive purposes, striking the shield and bouncing back on the entity who is projecting that force . Thi s Awareness indicates that this is a way of reflecting the black magic back upon the magician . This Awareness indicates that again a physical action must accompany the imagery process---wherein an entity images a field around them selves, there also should be a physical action to ground this image into reality . This Awareness indicates that in reflecting back the image or the energy of the black magician or negative force, the entity must feel satisfied and unafraid, must feel confident that the force has not penetrated the shield, --the imagined shield---and when the entity feels this, then there can be no penetration . This Awareness indicates that if the entity does not feel satisfied and i s simply hoping the shield will withhold the attack, then the entity is working with a thin protective device . This Awareness indicates that to strengthen the device, the entity then must repeat the imagery process agai n and again until satisfied, and, or, create physical actions or rituals which reinforce the imagery process . This Awareness indicates that in bouncing back the energy from the attack of the black magician or black force, (the negativ e force), the entity may wish to transmute that force into white light, with the idea that the black magician has sen t negative energy toward yourself, but you shall change this and turn it into light , and this light shall return to th e black magician and shall destroy the darkness and light up the entity toward higher divine purposes . This Awarenes s indicates this is much more damaging to the black magician than to simply throw his or her energy back to them , for they do not mind their own energy coming back so much as having transmuted energy coming back to chang e their entire being from dark to light-_such entities actually fear light . This Awareness suggests that this as being th e most appropriate method whereby entities can deal with dark forces of this type . This Awareness suggests that you also may visualize wrapping that Dark Force with the Law of /RYH and chainin g the force or binding the force with a series of hooks or circles in the form of the Law RI/RYH symbol---this bein g intended as a kind of cocoon to light up the entity and turn the black heart into a loving heart---to turn the darknes s into light . This Awareness suggests that these images of the /DZRI/RYH be such that they appear as clear whit e light wrapped around the Dark Force, and completely enclosing that force, causing it to light up and making it s o that it cannot escape the brightness of the light . *The Banishing Ritual was given by Awareness and is taught to all entities taking the Cosmic Awareness Development Classes . (Thes e d hopefully, will be available later on to the C .A .C . membership on tape . Similar rituals can be found in the works of Israel Regardie an . in their various works on ceremonial magic . Ophiel and W .E . Butler etc Symbol for the Law of Lov e



QUESTION : In light of what Awareness has just said, it seems more probable then that the lady in this actual case histor y created this entity out of her own mind and energizing---sort of like St . Twinkle could be created, rather than it being an actual astral entity . Is this correct? b.

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates not necessarily, and it appears that in this case this was not so . This Awareness indicates it appears that this entity was given energy from another source, someone who knew this lady, who held hostility toward this lady and who directed this force towar d her after feeding this force the hostility and energies which were necessary to allow it to have the power to manifest as it did . This Awareness indicates the lady did allow herself to become vulnerable . Had she understood how to deal with these forces early enough , she could have warded off that energy before it ever became a stron g force in her life . But after this force became well entrenched in he r life, occupied her consciousness, became extremely significant to her, then the force becomes such that it is extremely difficult tis defeat .



In the book the entity tried to kill her several times, and the reader is left with the uneasy feeling that the entit y is going to track her even after she leaves this plane in death, and manages to maintain a hold over her . Is this possible? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative, that this will continue until interference with the entity, to sto p this entity, or wherein the woman herself ;earns to face the entity without fear and deal with the entity on a one to-one basis . This Awareness indicates that the entity as becoming obsessed and gaining greater energy from th e woman's fear . This Awareness suggests that entities upon hearing about such can assist to stop this type of energy by followin g the method previously described . This Awareness suggests your readers may wish to send white rings of fire shape d like the /DZRI/RYH toward this black force, wrap p ing this black force, imprisoning this black force in these ring s of white light until the force is neutralized and transmutes into a higher being---this to preserve the woman fro m further harassment . This Awareness indicates that it will only take a few entities sending these images to stop tha t force and neutralize the energies which have been built . This Awareness suggests that a grounding action accompan y such images ; that also entities may wish to write to the woman to assure her or inform her of what is occurring . This Awareness suggests that this may he accomplished through the publisher of the book . * *You can write to the author, Frank DeFelitta, care of the publisher as indicated on page 2 of this reading .


QUESTION : One final question in relation to this type of activity . There was a book written by Dr. Nandor Fodor, I believe, a number of years ago, called Between Two Worlds'", telling how he investigated a similar type of violation--this tim e also with a woman---but his conclusion was that this was an entity (someone very famous who had made a nam e for himself in Vietnam on some type of missionary work, who had died of cancer just a few months before), an d it was this entity who was ravishing this woman . And my question is, is this type of violation also possible by a n entity who has just recently left his body and has not gone into other dimensions, or perhaps an earthbound spirit ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that these entities, earth-bound, wh o move into mere physical manifestation, this requires great energy and these entities must receive this energy fro m someone on the physical plane . This Awareness indicates that the entities themselves may exist in the astral or spiri t level, yet to have an effect on the physical plane these entities must receive certain amount of energy from someon e 6.

_ the-


on the physical plane . This can occur through the entities of a physical nature using drugs or alcohol or being suc h that they project energies of a low vitality,---that a low vibration can be utilized by these astral entities . This Awareness indicates astral entities also enjoy feeding off of blood and concepts of blood,--that horror movie s and movies of ;violence or acts of violence or places of violence can give astral entities energies to drive them grea t distances for their purposes . This Awareness indicates that these astral beings can also feed off of emotional discharges from physical entities . This Awareness suggests that generally speaking however, they do not except in cases of karmic obsession---they d o not attack entities in this manner unless driven by some other force, or invited by the entity through some kind o f action or invitation, or unless they hold that entity by an obsession which is based on a karmic obligation whic h has not been discharged . QUESTION : Then this type of activity would fall under the classification of Incubus and Succubus---is that correct ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This in the affirmative . ******** * "Between Two Worlds", by Nandor Fodor ; Parker Publishing Company, Inc ., West Nyack, N .Y . (C .A .C . does not stock this hook) . ED's Note : the chapter in this book which tells about this lady who is ravaged nightly by an astral entity who actually materialize s and talks to her, is called "Lo, The Incubus' . The ravisher--a world-famous Catholic doctor, who wrote numerous books, and gaine d a wide reputation as a `Saint' for his alleged dedication to a suffering humanity in tlx: jungles of South East Asia, was not actuall y named by Dr . Fodor "to avoid a national scandal for besmirching the reputation of an all-American hero" . (Those who remembe r the `Tonight Show' with Jack Passe can draw their own conclusions) . The woman in this case history who was constantly assaulte d by this spirit doctor, had worked for him previously and had admired him greatly . This story, weird as it may seem, makes much mor e sense to this editor, as this confirms what Awareness has just indicated, that a living entity must supply the energy which then call s forth the earth-bound entity . Dr. Fodor had arrived at this conclusion also .






QUESTION : (From a later reading) There was one question relating to the question yesterday about the Incubus and Succubus, wherein Awarenes s indicated that after the physical death of this lady who was assaulted by an astral entity, that this entity coul d follow her into those other realms . Now, if she goes through the Bardos and through the Light, would this entit y still be able to pursue her ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the entity, at the moment of death, moves toward that which is the Clear Light . This Awareness indicates that an entity clinging to the Clear Light, remaining or residing in the Clear Light, wil l be protected from any other form or force in the Universe . This Awareness indicates that whereas the entity moves toward the Clear Light but fears the light, for fear o f being revealed unto oneself, then the entity may retreat back into darkness and in so doing become vulnerabl e to attacks by such forces . This Awareness indicates that the entity after passing through the Clear Light, the n moves into those realms wherein other sounds, other colors, other lesser lights create different forms and differen t images . This Awareness indicates it would be during such times that these forces, or this force which is pursuin g the entity, would make itself known . 7.

This Awareness wishes to remind entities that as is indicated in the Tibetan Boole of the Dead, these wrathfu l deities or as many refer to them, these demons, are but extensions of their own consciousness . This Awarenes s indicates that wherein entities face these demons, even though created by themselves or others, they can have n o effect upon an entity unless the entity recognizes them as having power . This Awareness indicates that wherei n you do not give such being, or such images, or such hallucinations if you prefer, energy or give these the attribut e of power, then indeed they have no power over you . This Awareness indicates this in physical or in the worl d beyond . This Awareness indicates that this of course does not deny that they can have some influence on your life, bu t rather that they cannot overpower you unless you give them that attribute . This Awareness indicates that It-doe s not in any way recommend that entities avoid recognition of what is, but rather that entities recognize these fo r what they are .

ED's Note : `The Tibetan Book of the Dead ' is listed in the C .A .C . book catalog . For more information on astral invasions and how to prevent this, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness' No . 79-1.3 (Psychi c Vampirism) ;$2 .00 from C .A .C . Occult literature is full of accounts similar to the ladies in this reading . However, the Incubus, or male, is not always the predator .Th e female counterpart, called the Succubus, is an earthbound entity with an insatiable sexual appetite who preys on males . It was commo n belief in the Middle Ages that the Devil himself could easily assume female form, to tempt some male saint such as the beleaguere d e St . Anthony . It was a short step, therefore, for the Incubus and Succubus to be seen as the same devil, putting on a male body on , night to visit a women, a woman's body the next night to tempt a man . Out of this idea came the belief that devils, spirits or not n could impregnate humans . Many young women, including, during the Middle Ages, quite a few nuns, claimed rape by an incubus whe d . Naturally, it was assumed that any lewd thoughts entering the sleeping mind of a devout an the loss of their virginity became evident , celibate churchman, must have been sent by a devil . Other nuns who recounted great 'ecstasy' during these nocturnal visits by Incubi credited this to Jesus coming upon then . Several of whom, I believe, later were sainted by the Catholic Church for these sexual miracles . Evidently the Incubus is alive and well . C .A .C . received a letter the other day from a woman who saw our ad . (Her letter is wha t prompted this editor to put this particular reading together so we could send her a copy) . Her letter is as follows : " Dear Whomever . I saw your ad in the paper. I don ' t know how much you charge for your services . Please let me know . I am a responsible lady . I am curious about myself . From time to time, I see visions . I have been visited by dead men . At first I thought i t was one man, however I believe there have been more than one . I am single, have been married twice--not happily . First husband died, the second one left me . Many men loved me when I was young , but no one lasted with me . i have been abused and kicked around most of my life . The strange thing is dead men have sex with me . I t is very real! I ' ve seen a blond man and I have seen dark men too . The last one was only a boy . I talked to him, and asked him his age . This boy told me he was 16 years old . I asked him what he wanted with a 65 year old woman, and he said, "Because we love eac h other ." At that point, I felt very happy and asked him to kiss me, which he did . Now, nothing has happened for a few months, but it alway s comes back . I fear it, yet I feel good when, during these times, I feel a pair of very strong arms around my waist . The person is alway s back of me . What does it mean? Or am I going crazy? Please help me . (I am a fan of Edgar Cayce) . " We will send this lady a copy of this reading and perhaps it will help clarify what is happening to her .

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