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PRICE $3 .00 COSMIC AWARENESS is the Vince that expressed itself throu g h Jesus of Nar.areth the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed . Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who se' ved an 'Channels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who spears again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag e of spiritual eo :escie>usuess ar.rl awatencss . Since 19€i Cosmic Awareness has been comtrennieating, through earefoliy-drained channels . The information contained herein was ree ei ;ed £rout deep wiser-conscious trance levels and 'inter,_eted' by an entity affiliated with, C .A .C . Thi s informsdon is tot those who de :s :re to help in bri2u,t,v in die New Awr . Throughout the .1lcnrsands of 'Readings' given through these channels . Cosmic Awarmless tally us not to believe x iytlting, lout to Ouestion . .:xplore, doubt, and discover fog 'e'ourscl£, through your own channel . what i, the truth . Cosmic warenev, v.11 only indicate dote suggest . Neither C .A .C.the . Aquarian Church of Universal Service or the Interpreter, Paul Shockley is renponsibie for anything Cosmic Awareness may state in any of these readings, nor does C .A .C . or Paul Shockley necessaril y believe or agree with the statement :, of Cosmic Awareness . Paid interprets the eusrgles as hi, sees them in trance levels and Is not personall y responsil:Ie for v,hat is said .Metnbces of C .A. .C . are, invited to surd in ryceestiona of general interest to ash ,tx•aieness for possible publication .


E (Part 2 )




(76% CHANCE LASER MARK WILL STILL BE USED ON SOME ) (Ft can a C .A.C . General Reading, July 1, 1980)


Paul Shockle y Trance-Interprete r

(Opening Message )

This Awareness indicates that while certain intensities again come into focus as polarities upon this plane, thi s Awareness indicates that this as being part of the general course of events whereas the intensities may ap p ear threatening, and may in fact be threatening, the potential outcome of danger to entities upon this plane has diminishe d greatly during the last two years . This Awareness indicates that there still are great forces which may .nova toward those intensities which have been warned about in previous messages . This Awareness indicates however, the capability of carrying out the intentions by these forces is not so great as before . This Awareness indicates this being approximately 70% of the potential success ratio as compared to that of one year ago in the Fail and Winter o f '78 and Spring of `79 wherein the dangers were most threatening . This Awareness indicates that, there still appears to be the force moving in the directions previously described in the titbering Storm information, but the force no w as having diminished to approximately 70% of that which it previously held . This may be likened unto a hurrican e which is losing its wind and power---this still capable of doing damage, but not to the same degree as previousl y anticipa ted .

Copyright 19tiO by Cosmic Awareness Conanrwslcatloo,a & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction however, is permitted .

"HAND -- SCAN" (

tVtAt;F iNlri

iahhi v LH


Christian Cable TV Network Keeping an Eye on the Boas t

QUESTION : Along this line, we received a letter from Joseph Dearborn of The Christian Cable Communications, and IT rea d a little bit of it and ask Awareness to comment on this . "Gentlemen : On May 31, 1980 at 10 :30 A .M . a nationally known banker appeared on America's leading independent television station and announced to the world for the first time that the ` Hand-Scan ' machine is now a living reality . This machine does away with the need of plastic credit and debit cards and identifies a person' s " secret number " as it electronically scans the right hand . This machine has just been secretly tested to gain acces s to the computer vault . by security personnel . The manufacturer does not want the general public to know anythin g about their `Hand-Sc' device, especially the concept . This can all be verified because the Christian Cable Communications was involved in arranging for the release of this information via the television interview ." Would Awareness please comment on this ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as accurate . This Awareness indicates this Hand-Scan as having been built in th e mid-sixties . This Awareness indicates this appears to have been in operation shortly thereafter on a test basis, thi s being originally built by a Dutch company . This Awareness indicates that essentially this machine as that which can read the ivisible tattoo on the hand of an entity, the purpose being that of a kind of permanent identification mechanism . This Awareness refers entities to earlier readings, parti"uiarly that of the Gathering Storm, wherein this was discussed in greater detail and the concern regarding how this may be misused to enslave entities upon this planet . This Awareness indicates that the action is still in motion, but as indicated in the Opening Message, the forces ar e losing power in their efforts to implement this slave-state program which was predicted in the Book of Revelatio n of the Holy Bible---this in the New Testament . * This Awareness again reminds entities that the ancient city of Tyre as that which first implemented this plan an d it was through this that the information became available to those of the earlier groups and it was through thi s leaking of information as to the plans and intentions and dangers of this system that the Rook of Revelation was conceived and delivered . This Awareness indicates that this system on this plane as having been introduced fro m other planetary systems as previously indicated by this Awareness through earlier readings .* This Awareness indicates that those wishing further information regarding this may refer back to these earlier messages . HAND-SCAN DEVICE WILL BE USED IN UNITED STATE S


(We're not out of the fire yet )

But as it stands now, Awareness does not see this Hand-Scan machine actually in use anywhere on this plane i n the future ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness did not indicate that would not be in use . This Awareness indicated that the Hand-Sca n machine as still part of the key elements of the efforts by these Alien Force entities to create the slave state . Thi s Awareness has indicated that the danger is still present, but has been diminished to approximately 70% of what i t was when the Gathering Storm information was released . This Awareness indicates that if entities relax and forget the vigilance necessary to protect freedoms, this percentage will increase again and move back to where it was . This Awareness indicates in such a case, the chance o f again diminishing the force will be much unlikely . This Awareness indicates that there still is a strong 70% likelihoo d of the movement in this direction at this time . This Awareness indicates, however, that this 70% likelihood is cap able of moving any direction and of diminishing as entities continue to awaken each other to the dangers of thi s system . This Awareness indicates this 70% likelihood as relative to the percentage of the p revious Gathering Stor m information . This Awareness indicates this being vs, hereby previously, on a scale of 1 to 10, the chances of th e Beast setting up it 's program was approximately 9 or 90% . This present 70% figure is equivalent to 70% of th e 90% probability of the previous period . Theretore it is diminishing somewhat . That the diminishing factor woul d mean that the present likelihood of such occurring is of approximately 65% likelihood . This Awareness indicates that in one sense you may expect this to occur to some degree, in the United States i n particular, and in general in European areas ; for the network is already set up and the plan is in motion, and eve n though entities are awakening to the dangers, the conflict is still on course and resolution is not in sight . However , the chances of this being net up as a permanent or powerful force have diminished greatly to approximately 70 % of what the chances were in the Fail of `78 . This Awareness indicates that these potentials indicate a present probability that approximately 65% likelihood that entities will witness the tattcoing of the hands whereby the electronic fund transfer system will . be implemented to some degree . This Awareness indicates however, that this lessenin g of the potential is that which is allowing the escape for most entities, so that those who are aware can avoid th e threats, at least to some degree, if they are careful in their actions and are prepared to take the necessary steps fo r avoiding this course and collision with the Beast .

This Awareness indicates that this greatest danger as that which will begin to become more apparent in the Fall- either before election or shortly thereafter, depending on the capability of entities to read what is going on . This Awareness indicates the plan in motion appears to be one whereby events are being set up for rapid and unusua l oo ur:enres and changes beginning in the Fall of the year, whereby the election becomes a focal point to take attention off of other things which are occurring and to allow transitions whereby none can be held accountable unti l after it is too late to do anything about the situation . This Awareness indicates along with these dangerous times, there are also many entities who are making grea t efforts to reach some kind of defusing or reconciliation in terms of the potential threats, and this may gain momentum as time passes . This Awareness indicates that essentially you are not out the fire yet, but the temperatur e and the winds have diminished somewhat, allowing you an opportunity to become more vigilent and active and t o awaken_anc? save others from the impending dangers . TEXTRONICS AND SONY CORP ARE PRODUCIN G



Will Awareness indicate if these Hand-Scan devices are now or companies that are producing these instruments ?

in mass production, and if so, the name of-the compan y

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this appears to be in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that Textronics as being the company which appears to hold . the keys or patent or contract on these machines . This Awarenessindicates, however, that there appears to be several other companies invol ved . This Awareness indicates this appear s to he that type of equipment whereby parts are assembled or purchased from various sources and reassembled else where . This Awareness indicates it appears, also, that SONY may be one of the contributing companies and tha t several other Japanese firms are involved . This Awareness indicates that these names not seen clearly, nor does i t appear to have any particular relevance, for the production of these machines would continue even if entities wer e to object and boycott the companies . There would he little value in such action, for the profits from the machine s would overshadow any boycott efforts . SONY COR ' P



QUESTION : Speaking of SONY, 1 believe Dr . Bet ex once indicated that SONY was actually a Rockefeller company and tha t the abbreviation stood for Standard Oil of New York . Will Awareness verify that ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this information not having come from Dr . Beier . This Awareness indicates, .however , that this information as having been released through various sources, and the information as being somewhat This Awareness indicates that the Standard Oil of New York and th e valid but not entirely so, for there is also Rockefeller interests have had controlling interests in this company, but that there also are others involved in th e company . This Awareness indicates that essentially it is much like many other companies, whereby these forces . have enough control to influence and direct the course of the company 's activities, but still allow for others t o invest their life energies into the companies also . This Awareness reminds you that in a company wherein members' generally own one percent or less of the stock , the company which owns five percent has controlling interest . Therefore, a small percentage in the right situatio n can actually have greater influence than others which have even smaller percentage, though that company may b e but a very small stockholder in the larger sense . This Awareness indicates, also, that the Rockefeller empire often has enough control over other companie s which do business with a particular company so as to be able to control that particular company by manipulatin g the buying or selling and contractual arrangements of those other companies with that company . Therefore, even in having but a small holding in a company or having no interest in the company at all, when that company depends on others which are controlled by the Rockefellers, the Rockefellers then also would have some say as t o what occurs in that eompany .Tiis Awareness indicates this as in reference to previous information in which th e Rockefellers have been referred to has having great control over large segments of society . This Awareness suggest s that whereby the percentages given on paper as to the control are not nearly as explanatory or expository, a s able to expose the power which the company actually has, for a five percent control of a company, or no apparen t control, does not look like much on paper, but in relation to how the control is used and the relationship of tha t company to others, this is where the real . controls lie . This Awareness indicates also that you may recognize too how these forces controlled certain of the key products of industry such as copper, oil, steel, food, electro lies and similar hardware that it is a very necessary ingredient to the economy of a society . Therefore, in controlling each of these many and varied commodities the company can essentially regulate the economy of the society by various levers . trhis Awareness indicates the Rockefelle r empire is no longer controlled by the Rockefellers themselves, but is controlled by the hand of those known a s the Rothschilds and their associates . 3-


JESTION : ould that control include what Dr . Beter refers to as the `Bolsheviks' . ? OSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness reminds entities that the Rothschilds purchase d of the war production machinery of the United States after World War II and sent this to communist Russi a ad China, so that the Russians and Chinese could build up their armaments . This Awareness indicates that th e iothschilds and Rockefellers, having been chess-playing with the rest of humanity, setting up the Cold War o f [leds' against the `Non-Reds'----this Awareness indicates that this likened unto the Bolshevik War of the Red s gainst the Whites in Russia . This Awareness indicates that at present, the Rothschilds have overpowered the Rock fellers and this power has been absorbed by the Rothschilds, and a new force has come on the scene---this bein g he Russian skoptsies . This Awareness indicates that this now as entering into a new type of chess game for th e lomination of the world . This Awareness indicates there are, of course, other challengers waiting in the wings whe n his chess game is concluded, and the game may go on ad nauseam . Ruch

For more information on the Mark of the Beast, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness' 79-1 (The Gathering Storm),$4 .00 ; 78-45 (The Mark i s Ready—Are You? ),$1 .00 ; and 79-11 (The Mark of the Beast. Part 1),$2.00, available from C.A.C . Also please refer to No . 79-18 (The Web of Conspiracy , part 1 ;$3.00 ; and No. 79-25 (The Web of Conspiracy, Part 2), $4 .00 . For more info on laser marking now going on, please refer to the book, "The Mark is Ready--Are You?" by Ron Steele (Avail_nbl e from C .A .C. book catalog . $6 .75). Entities wishing more information on the Hand-Scan machine, are invited to write the Christian Cable Communications, PO Cox 72 , College Place, Washington 99324 for more information . Printed and taped information is available from these entities . ARE THE U .S . GOLD MEDALS A GOOD INVESTMENT ?

Navy's New Jet In Big Troy bl e OW Led Us.* Taa Is snasax." to', ...+sdoWs Jw.rr . sass sows aialal.. .m Is Mti • • war wr.r «~.. . ..•a... vs.* nwar••

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Wore on the price of gold )



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WOW, ...raft IN So •= ■

A question from V .K . of San Francisco : "If it is true that th e United States is minus all or most of its gold reserves, how ca n the government issue the gold medals which they will be offering for sale in July of 1980, and will these medals prove a goo d investment numismatically? "


ram•'. a. . .s. SUS Or ►•r r ram I.


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.S. `Sneak Attack

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M .4r o w, • Q ec9F _ M O M,Na Une ~yV , 1 n •,or.m.~ y.. w al Mr.r 7~~T7 OIN see 1'~ Al t tie _may R ',ran, w ■ N•I w tN. iw tn. . 0 S 1Jv e I~.•' '11Y „:.,T::~ %par ; ri .,,r. p •"a.rl.•' : Women May Still Feel A Dra- '” aW . .t



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Carter Polle

Alert Called

e erV®U Called `Kited' ▪,gaU By IMAM I.a.. .► rrte ` w . +su e~rrgg r,, .,,f r w).meal s~ •1 Its 's• Ay S .P•''. U.4 ~~ pqaw .nP„AY.r Idt~r••~ r r.a ® ,.s F .• r •• raw. ip ▪ ss• •sa

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. Y Kissinger Falb


.." ' °' .fi„"" . ,►.:,, sae . were,

Off si JP~orm

This Awareness indicates that proportionally, these as bein g of small quantity, in terms of the gold reserves which are claime d by the United States . This Awareness indicates that it appears these can be of particular value in terms of their numismati c and also their gold content . This Awareness indicates that th e present movement of the dollar, the present manipulations o f interest rates, this as being conducted, in part, as an effort fo r sake of election and political interests to give the slight shot-inthe-arm of the economy prior to election time, so that entitie s do not feel the full impact of what is happening . This Awareness indicates that the price of gold will continue rising over the nex t several years ; that it appears likely this will be of greatest impac t during the 1982 and `83 period . This Awareness suggests thi s appears to be the time when the economy of the United State s will become most disturbed . This Awareness indicates however, that all of this can b e changed, depending on what occurs in consciousness . For this Awareness reminds entities that this is all being manipulated b y human minds and human interests, and many of these minds an c these interests are in conflict with one another, and those wh o are in power and in control--in the driving seat of the economy- may either be persuaded to turn about, or may be removed fro)) that driver's seat, therefore, allowing certain changes to occur .


This Awareness indicates, however, that in a more general sense, the economy of this nation has no choice but t o go down . The RQO\ choice available is in respect to now it goes down : whether this comes as a "thud" or whethe r this comes as a gradual lying down and gentle rest . This Awareness indicates that the economy which went up , based on inflation, whereby money was printed that had no backing and money was created that had no value, thi s obviously created the appearance of wealth, whereby entities began to realize that the money was becoming les s and less valuable . This Awareness indicates throughout history, in all civilizations, inflation has been used by those rulers, particularly from the time of Nero, wherein Nero minted coins which were not true gold, but were infused with impuritie s and other metals allowing for the same weight without the same purity . This Awareness indicates that in othe r countries the coins may become smaller, so that a silver piece was not worth as much intrinsically, though it stil l carried the same amount in terms of its monetary value . This Awareness indicates that these were early forms o f inflation . This Awareness indicates that the present methods of taking the gold and silver out of circulation an d producing a note claiming to represent gold or silver, this as having been another form of creating inflation, creating the appearance that there is more money than there actually is . This Awareness indicates this as likened unto taking a balloon and blowing it up and making the balloon appear to be something more than what it was . This Awareness indicates the amount of rubber in the balloon still stays the same, but the amount of space it covers an d the illusion conveyed is that it is larger . This Awareness indicates, likewise, wherein a nation begins creating th e effect of the inflation of its economy, it appears to be a time of great prosperity, and the prosperity and added income pleases the masses . It also pleases the government, for the government can tax such entities for their increased wages and earnings, even though those increased earnings buy less than before . This Awareness indicates that in this particular economy, the increased wages and earnings also throws entities into a higher tax bracket, so tha t those who might not have paid any tax before now must pay tax on their inflated earnings and deflated values, th e deflated dollars . This Awareness indicates that this again lowers the standard of living, even though the appearanc e may be such that entities feel they are making more than they ever have before . This Awareness indicates this'as a way of allowing what may appear to be a tax cut or allowing taxes to remain unchanged, while still taxing entitie s all the more, through the inflation of the dollar .

The Depression Is Coming, Says For d

This Awareness indicates that as this continues, as the government take s on more and more of the income of its citizens, as the government create s more bureaucratic jobs [This Awareness indicates that approximately one in every three, or approximately 35% of all employed entities are on the ta x NEW YORK (API 窶認ormer Presi dole, are receiving their wages and earnings from money taxed from the other dent RPG Ford predicte D H 65%] This Awareness indicates that because' of this, these entities have more the economy will be in worse d worseshape s interest in those laws and programs which increase government spending . this fall than during the Great Depres Therefore, this encourages even more government taxation and spending, sion of the 193as, and that Presiden t Carter must take the blame . again eating into the private enterprise, so that the producing entities receive "Our economy is in a free fall , still less and pay more to the government . This Awareness indicates as this faster n and faster into the murky continues to increase there will come a time wherein the government will depths a economic depressio n have over 50% control of all occupations, and there will be a diminishing of which will be worse than we've see n since the Depression of the 1930s, " private businesses ; and as this again increases, there will be a greater need ford told a breakfast meeting of th e for greater taxation and inflation . This Awareness indicates that this moves Association for a Better New York. toward a socialist state, a state controlled by the government, wherein the economy is government-owned and government-controlled, and wherei n entities must seek their livelihood through working for the government . This Awareness indicates that continuatio n in this direction mushrooms proportionately to the degree of expansion and inflation . Therefore, entities may expect a rapid accellerating problem with the economy during the decade of the '80's . This Awareness indicates particularly in terms of inflation, which will eventually result in the depression wherein money loses its value so muc h that it becomes literally worth less than the cost of printing .


I going of


This Awareness indicates that the only hope entities may cherish is that it goes down gradually in a series o f falls rather than in a quick "thud" . This Awareness indicates this appears to be what the manipulators are attempting . This Awareness indicates that it appears that the economy will fall in a series of brief shocks, each one gainin g some momentum, some recovery, before the next drop . This Awareness indicates that once this has occurred, (an d this may take until 1986 before it is completed), then a long recovery period may also be in order, whereby entitie s move back toward the traditional standards of gold, silver, precious gems and stones, or other commodities beside s paper from the Federal Reserve printing presses . This Awareness indicates that this will leave in its wake a history which will be even more dramatic than th e previous depression . This Awareness indicates that great changes will occur, not only on the physical, economic , social and personal levels, but also in the understanding of entities and in their spiritual development . This Aware ness indicates great changes shall occur during this time as entities catch on to the game of life which has bee n nlaved with them and their ener ies for so loner by so few . 5.


Will U.S. Survive ? "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it can ' not survive treason from within . An enemy at the gates is formidable, for he is known and he carrie s his banners openly . But the traito r moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard i n the very halls of government itself For the traitor appears not traitor;

he speaks in the accents familiar t o his victims, and he wears their face and their garments . And he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in th e hearts of all men . He robs th e world of a nation ; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city . He infects the body politic so that it can n o longer resist . A murderer is less to be feared." —Cicero

If Cicero were alive today he would probably still be exposing wha t is occurring behind the scene s

WILL THE GOVERNMENT AGAIN CONFISCATE GOLD ? QUESTION : Awareness, is there any danger of the United States government ; tstating a law confiscating gold from America n citizens as was the case during the Roosevelt administration ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as probable at the time wherein they again wish to bring the economy back ou t of the depression. This Awareness indicates that the use of laws to regulate the economy in this way whereby certtain forces are benefited by the laws and others are hindered, this Awareness indicates as likely to continue for son time on this plane . INTEREST RATES




The interest rates, the prime rates, have dropped to about 12% and people are starting to buy cars and boats an d things again . Now, from what Awareness has just said, can we expect after the elections that these rates again wil l climb astronomically and credit will get even tighter ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as likely, for the problem remains and the inflation continues . This Awarenes s indicates that essentially, inflation helps the government to raise more money to supply those programs which i t desires . This Awareness indicates likewise, depressions and unemployment hinder in the raising of money, therefore , the government must be very careful, even as a juggler, in changing the inflation rates so that the unemploymen t problems do not become too great at any particular time . This Awareness indicates however, that it appears there will be double-digit inflation rates, double-digit interes t rates and double-digit unemployment . This Awareness reminds you that double-digit unemployment is not alway s acknowledged in your newspapers or in the government records ; for when an entity's unemployment benefits ru n out, the entity is no longer considered unemployed by these records . The entity who is considered unemployed o n these records is the entity who is receiving unemployment benefits . This Awareness indicates that these double digit problems appear to be such as to continue for some time, at least most of the next four to five years . This Awareness indicates however, that this can change drastically, upward or downward, depending on the affairs , but that it appears the best and most harmonious method would be to continue keeping these in balance as near a s is possible, so that the economy does not actually crash on the runway, but observes certain bounces and sligh t drops as it rolls to its destiny . This Awareness indicates that the unemployment rate for blacks and minorities as already in very high double digit figures . This Awareness indicates that, likewise, many of these entities feel great frustrations, having neve r received the apparent benefits of certain laws which have been passed favoring minorities . This Awareness indicates that quite obviously if a crisis occurs, such entities may be expected to grab what they can during those moments wherein there is an opportunity for such . This Awareness indicates that this not limited to blacks, this including also many whites and others who feel they have been cheated by society . 6.




., mN. O



This Awareness indicatet, therefore, i' a` particularly isi certain cities and ghettos, as well as in some of the sub urban areas, you may expect that if a time of economic crisis erupts, that there will be some degree of rioting an d potential violence . This Awareness indicates that this kind of violence from ghettos will likely not spread more tha n approximately three to five miles, or at a maximum of fifteen miles from the ghetto area . This Awareness indicates that, however, in terms of suburban areas wherein there are entities who already are involved in high degrees o f theft and burglarizing, these areas can expect more of this type of activity . This Awareness indicates that being in a suburban area is no longer particularly safe, although it still may be muc h safer than some of the cities . This Awareness suggests that these concerns must be individualized whereby entitie s can make their own homes more burglar-proof by proper locks, lighting and gates, and by . having guards or a guar d dog for helping to ward off such possible problems . This Awareness indicates that all of these things must be considered if and when a major economic problem occurs, as is destined to occur during the next few years to som e degree or another . This Awareness indicates that also, entities living in certain cities may expect that the citie s themselves could undergo economic crash or problems, even before the nation experiences such . This Awarenes s indicates those in such danger as New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D .C ., Baltimore, Los Angele s —this Awareness indicates generally any city of over two million may be considered in jeopardy, and those wh o have relied most heavily on municipal bonds or government subsidies and contracts and individual corporations . These must be looked at carefully to determine their chance of economic survival during the coming years . COSMIC AWARENESS TELLS OF THE DRAMATIC CHANGES COMIN G

This Awareness indicates that likewise, there are other dangers facing entities : this being in terms of political , weather, environmental, industrial and cultural change . This Awareness indicates that all of these, including geophysical changes, are also part of the future and must be reckoned with by any planning which would attempt t o stabilize the economy and lifestyle of individuals . This Awareness indicates excess pollution as that which threatens the environment . A threatened environmen t creates greater medical problems, and the threat to life and food . The threat to life and food demands that some thing be done to curtail the pollution . The curtailment of pollution affects the manufacturing and productions . Th e population growth demands more production and more manufacturing, and therefore, entities are in a viciou s circle whereby the greater demand on the environment and the greater the pollution factor . This Awareness indicates that this vicious circle appears to be ever-increasing . This Awareness indicates there are, however, ways out of the vicious circle . For example, finding certain energy sources that are non-polluting, finding ways of manufacturing which do not harm the environment, curtailing th e population growth somewhat, and greater awareness of the environment and its importance . This Awareness indicates, for example, as more and more trees are destroyed, oxygen content in the atmosphere is hindered, and this can create a vicious problem which accelerates greater future problems in terms of health and pollution concern s and in terms of the "greenhouse effect" . This Awareness indicates that all of these changes which are occurring a t an ultra-rapid pace at this time : in the economy, in the population, in the demands and needs of entities, in the cultural shocks which are occurring, in the rapid-changing consciousness levels, the value systems which are under going great stress, strain, shaking and death-thros, in the violence which is being spread across this globe throug h various groups and individuals, in the strange weather and geophysical patterns of nature, (whether natural or manipulated origins), and in the astrological and cosmological influences upon t .is plane This Awareness indicates that these rapid changes are hurling this planet into the future at a pace that is accelerating the acceleration . This Awareness indicates that this movement is that which It has referred to as the "melting pot of humanity", the risin g of consciousness, the temperature of consciousness, which is being heated up because of these accelerating experiences, demands and movements . This Awareness indicates that it is natural for entities to resist the unknown when that unknown appears to b e threatening . This Awareness indicates also, that it is natural for entities to avoid the unpleasant . This Awarenes s suggests you follow these natural tendencies, but that you also recognize that a temporary unpleasantness may, i n fact, be necessary for greater future pleasures, or for the avoidance of even greater displeasure• in a future time . This Awareness indicates that many entities may be required to make mementary sacrifices in order that they benefit from these sacrifices at a later time . This Awareness indicates this as related to the Law of' Leverage, where a'smali amount of energy given at on e particular time and place moves great energy and changes the course of history at a future time and place . This Awareness indicates that entities in understanding this, may also not identify with the sacrificing and suffering o f the changes, but that they may give their identification to the .flow from the old to the new, and pour their energie s into that which is becoming -- the new way of life, the new world developing . This Awareness indicates .as you let go of the old structures and move with the stream and find where the rive r flows, with hope and vision to guide you, then the journey will not be one of struggling for your past life, but o f moving on toward something better . This Awareness indicates that you may hold on as long as you desire, an d salvage whatever is salvageable to bring into the new experiences . This Awareness does not ask you to give up any thing you desire to keep, but is asking that your attitude be one which is emanating faith ' in the future, rather than fear of losing the past . This Awareness indicates this choice of attitudes may be the most valuable treasure that yo u can receive or hold as you traverse these coming years . 7

This Awareness indicates that faith the future can provide, you wean the spirit to carry on, regardless of wha t is occurring around you and what has happened to you in your past . This Awareness indicates that those who clin g to the past, cling to the sinking ship, sad vri1I go down ; !'or the changes which are occurring require that entities , to survive, must move forward and let go of some of those sinking valuables, sinking memories, sinking ways of th e past . This Awareness indicates that this shall continue throughout much of this decade, particularly during the firs t half of the decade, wherein entities will witness great changes in political, social, economic, personal, cultural, technological, geophysical and national expressions .

"First will come a national identificatio n card, then the identification number, the n the laser mark . Here is wisdom . Let him tha t bath understanding count the number of the beast : for it is the number of a man ; and his number is Six hundre d threescore and six . (666 ) Rev. 13 :18

The Beast may attempt to entice entitie s with free money, (about $2000) to lur e them into the Electronic-Funds-Transfe r System . " . . .Cosmic Awareness (The Gathering Storm )




A question from R .G . of Norwalk, Connecticut : "I would like to submit to Awareness a question about the draf t and registration : What can be done to avoid the military draft? I know there are movements around, but will thes e people be heard? We all know that this is senseless and only needed to benefit the already wealthy and people wh o are always benefited?" (I think he probably means the actual draft rather than the registration, since the registration is already occurring . . . ) COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the registration as that which is required by law and carries stiff penalties, includin g up to five years in prison for entities who fail to register . This Awareness indicates that the entities who register ma y write across their cards that they are opposed to violence, that they are conscientious objectors, or that they are registering under protest . This Awareness indicates such a statement can help to substantiate the future attempts b y the entity to avoid the draft under conscientious-objector status . This Awareness reminds entitie s that the status of conscientiou s objector is no longer confined onl y to those entities of particular religion, such as the Quaker religion , or those which have long been established as anti-violent . That th e status of conscientious objecto r does not even require that the entity belong to a particular church , or to any church at all . This Awareness indicates, how ever, that belonging to a churc h which has a strong objection t o war and violence can be beneficia l to the entity to assist the entity in substantiating his philosophy of non-violence . 8.


i fe4


"As entities prepare for war in times of peace, they shall surely create the war to end the peace"

Cosmic Awareness

This Awareness indicates that in the event that an entity who fully is committed to be non-violent in nature i s drafted and put into a situation whereby he or she is expected to be violent, this Awareness indicates that entity , if his or her commitment is strong enough to be non-violent, cannot be forced into violence if the entity simply refuses . This Awareness indicates that whereby you declare at each step of the way that you will not violate another, tha t you will not knowingly put yourself in a position whereby you could violate another against your will ; and whereb y each step of the way, you inform others that you do not believe in violence and that you will preach and teach an d share your non-violent philosophy with all others who come in contact with you---this Awareness indicates tha t this will perhaps label you as an undesirable or one who would be a trouble-maker among others who would b e good for training in violence . This Awareness indicates that when they seek to train people in violence, it is not conducive to their cause t o have other entities who are preaching non-violence as a way of life . This Awareness indicates such an attitude woul d perhaps make one unfit for the training in military roles of a violent nature . This Awareness indicates that essentially, no one can force anyone to do something they fully refuse to do . This Awareness indicates however, the consequences for disobedience may appear very grave at times . This Awareness suggests, however, in terms of national establishments, such as the military, there are rules which apply to thes e forces, and your own rights as an individual must also be recognized by these forces . Therefore, the threat often i s greater than anything which could actually be placed upon you as a punishment for non-cooperation in the trainin g to be violent . This Awareness reminds entities also that members of the Aquarian Church of Universal Service are forbidden by the church from putting themselves in positions whereby they could cause violence or support violence . This Awareness suggests that entities wishing more information on this to write to the Aquarian Church . This Awareness remin d entities also that the Quaker or the American Friends' Committees, the Quaker organization, have much information available to help entities in their efforts to avoid being forced into actions of violence against their will . ******* * WHERE YOU CAN GO FOR HELP ED's NOTE : The following groups are organizing against registration and the military draft : THE AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE (founded in 1648 by George Fox and William Penn) has chapters in nearly ever y state . Check your telephone book or contact the national office at 1501 Cherry St ., Philadelphia, Pa . 19003 : Phone : (215) 241-7000) . This organization was instrumental in stopping the Vietnam war and during the recent draft registration had members outside ever y major postoffice in the U .S . advising those registering how to register under protest etc . THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE FOR CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS can be reached at P .O. Box 15796, Philadelphia, Pa. 1900 3 Phone : (215) 588-797 1 THE WAR RESISTERS LEAGUE, a long-time pacifist organization is at 339 Lafayette St ., N .Y . N .Y . 10012 .(212) 228-0450 . THE AQUARIAN CHURCH OF UNIVERSAL SERVICE can be reached at P.O . Box 144, Colton, Oregon, 97017 . EV LA IQNS OF AWARENESS O . ox,, 11 , Olympia, washllleton

, co is newsletter published every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications , :ts :,ls 'n~ mt,nsle. r, t , ;n ;n a sses eese :,

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Cosmic Awareness 1980-26: The Mark Of The Beast; Part 2  

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