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COSMIC AWARENESS it the Force that expressed ttse•it through Jesus .,( NH'.ure th 7 the [tuadf :a, Kristine, Mohammed, 1'di ;ar Cayce and other great B'vatars who nerved a3 'Channels' for the ' Heavenly Father' u,td who speatts again today ar the work! begins to enter the New Ax e of spiritual consciousness and awareneue. Since 196 :1 Cosmic Awareness hay: been communicating through carefully-trained chtatniel :; . The information contained herein was received from deep wiser-conscious fiance levels and 'interpreted' by an entity nffiliuted with C .A .C . Thi s information is for those who dr:site to help in bringing in the New Ace . Throughout the thousands of 'Readings' given through these channels , COanttc Awareness tells us not to believe anything( but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourvdr, through Your own channel , what iv the :ntth . Cosmic Awareness will 'only indicate and suggest . Neither C .A .C ., the Aquarian Church of tlniversal Service, or the Interpreter , Paul SltochWry is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness may state in any ni these readings, nor does C .A .C . or Paul Shoctiey necessaril y believe or agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. Pau: interprets the energies as he sees them in trueee icveie and is not personall y responsible for what is said .Members of C .A .C . are invited to send iu questions of general Interest to ash Awareness for pnisible publication .

The Nature Creation MORE ON ORGANIC ROBOTOED S (Reeding ofd


Paul Shockle y Trance—Interprete r

.n . . I'M())

ED[TOH's Note : Due to the bizarre nature and concept of organic rohotoids, Awareness has asked us not t o question too much in this area and what information we do p ublish should he more or les s lumped together into one package, rather than having this information sprout up here an d there periodically through this publication . The questions on robotoids in this reading were taker, from general readings given in 1979 after this phenomenon was first revealed by Dr . Beter, with several others asked in early 198(1 . We hope this reading will help to throw mor e light upon the subject of robotoids and perhaps put an end to the questioning for a while .



A question from U . H ., Tucson, Arizona . "hdgnr Cayce salted that one of the main reason s that Atlantis was destroyed was that the Atlanteans were tampering with the liar force by artificially seating aunutrttens, huma n forms with a type of animal consciousness that were programmable and were used as slaves by the Atis ntea.ns . is there any Connectio n between these creations in the past and the robotoids Dr . :Icier is now describing? "

COSMIC AWARI7,N[?SS : '['his Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that there is a very similar proces s involved . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the .Semites were the results of this earlier experiment . Thi s Awareness indicates there is something not clariIted at this p oint which will require : thither uh .servation or questioning at a later ridge . 'This Awareness indicates that this in regards to the cloning pIotc :is which occurred on Mars COPYRIGHT 19$0 by Cosmic Awareness 4'•:, : i .tu?tli, .,,e is


tt:c ,1st, .:

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t'' , : i)y perMISSion .

and the Atlanteans upon the Earth, and a type of offspring resulting in the Semite people . This Awareness indicates that this will require further energizing and observation for clarification purposes . QUESTION : One lady sent in a question, 1 can't put my finger on it at the moment, about these robotoids . She wanted to know, once a perso n has been dispatched from this plane and a robotoid has replaced that entity . does the fact that the robotoid exists have any influenc e at all upon the soul growth of the entity who was eliminated ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this in the affirmative--that essentially the entity eliminated, the core aspect o f the being, moves on to the clear light and passes through its various experiences as indicated by natural law, bu t there is that feeling of distance as though something were left behind, which calls the entity hack to this earth plane . This Awareness indicates that this recollection can be easily broken by the entity upon reflection of th e situation, particularly where the entity does not identify with the being which inhabits the robotoid . This Awareness indicates that essentially the robotoid is creating an elemental or basic soul energy, that this may be likened unto a split from the origina .i soul of the entity, and this weak energy of the robotoid soul doe s continue on but without great strength . This Awareness indicates this as a way whereby souls may be created . This Awareness indicates that this also may be considered as a clue to the creation of the original souls of humanit y as the body of the original being was separated into cells reflecting itself in each cell, and each cell reflecting in it s parts and separations as the movements continued on all levels of division, This Awareness indicates the sequentia l separation or change whereby one thing reflects and evolves from another . and the cyclic change whereby on e thing develops different qualities in itself through its cycling in time and space--these changes are key factors i n the evolution of souls and the direction of their physical expressions . THE NATURE OF CREATIO N QUESTION : Awareness has indicated in the past that all entities were souls before the cosmologies were formed and th planers and so forth, an d were all part of the body of the Awareness, and that all souls would eventually return . Now, in the case of a rohotoid, which f assum e was not created at that time, will this eventually develop and grow and return as the originals ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : "Phis Awareness indicates that as in the affirmative, that this may not ever develop and grow into completion . This Awareness indicates that this may be seen in the analogy of the cell within the body of a human : will the cel l within the body of a human ever develop into a full-fledged human? This Awareness indicates this as unlikely in man y ways, for the majority of these cells will simply wither and die, but the energies contained within these cells wil l continue on and eventually wi l l return to the origin t,teir source. This Awareness indicates likewise, the souls o r energies of a robotoid may never fully develop into an integrated and total human, yet these energies may eventuall y become incorporated by returning n the original soul or from there back to the ori ginal body from which the soul came . This Awareness wishes to comment briefly on the nature of creation . This Awareness wishes entities to imagin e if it is possible that you have no eyes to see, no ears to hear, no hands or feelings to touch with, no mouth wit h which to taste, and that you have no nose with which to smell---that the five senses have been shut off', and yo u have nothing but your consciousness . This Awareness indicates that to imagine this you will be required to ignor e any factor of your knowledge that would rely on sight, taste, touch, smell or sound for its validity, that you ignor e everything you know which is based upon these five senses and then, in your meditations, imagine being in a universe wherein nothing is seen, heard, smelled, tasted or Mtilt . 'I"his Awareness indicates when you can do that, al l mysteries of creation will be unfolded to you for you will recognize the truth of . the universe and will sec that th e five senses are but creations in themselves to project illusions, mysteries, confusions, smokescreens and fantasie s upon the screen . of truth .i'his Awareness indicates distance and time and space will lose their meanings in thi s reality, for all wi .1l become „s one in the universe which contains no division of any part based on the illusion s created by the senses . This Awareness indicates that the fruit of the "free of Knowledge, the five senses, gives great pleasure to entities : that the Tree of Wisdom with its eternal life exists without : much fanfare or attention, for there is hut Iife an d silence without imagery and the thrills of the sensual expressions or impressions . This Awareness indicates that i n uncle :;.sanding this, entities may begin to appreciate each other as though they were part of their own being, an d entities may also appreciate the senses which have been ;given to them as gifts for their joy and pleasure so tha t they do not abuse these senses.

This Awareness indicates, if thine eye offend thee, heal it ; if they hand offend thee, fix it so that it is mor e pleasurable to thee ; if thy mouth speaks evil, speak with it good . This Awareness indicates that those who punish , destroy their own being for its failures ; those who would pluck out their eyes for seeing that which is not pleasant , these entities are violating natural laws and the consequences suffered from these violations are their own karmi c repercussions . This Awareness suggests that to avoid hostility toward that which you see, taste, smell or hear o r that which you touch, this Awareness suggests that you first tune into that silence, that quietness, that inclusiv e totality, that unity of all things which is within your own being, behind the senses ; and once in tune with this, you will have greater appreciation for your senses and will use them with greater skill, discernment and tenderness . This Awareness suggests that entities in visualizing a being who has no smell, vision, hearing, taste . or touch, tha t these entities in visualizing this creation ask themselves, 'What knowledge do I have about the Universe which woul d he deprived from such an entity?" Ask yourself, `Would this entity know of mathematics, science, drama, art, lan l wage, politics, astronomy ; would this being know of sociology, of people, of religion, of the material world, o f abstract concepts ; can an entity understand abstract concepts if the entity does not see, smell, taste, hear or touc h images which form the concepts? This Awareness indicates that obviously such an entity would have the consciousness of a stone, except that a stone may have a sense of touch ; the entity may have the consciousness of a tree . except that the tree may also have a sense of touch . This Awareness indicates that the entity not having concept s or images with which to relate, not having senses with which to measure experiences, the entity would be classifie d as dead to this world, to the world of senses . This Awareness indicates however, that the entity would still hav e life in it even without having the ability to see, hear, touch, smell or taste, therefore, the classification of deat h would not be appropriate . This Awareness indicates that such an entity must be considered conscious and alive , even though not tangibly attached to the world which you know . This Awareness indicates it is that life within, not the sensual experiences without, which is the essense of you r being ; it is that Iife within that makes every human face every other human face . This Awareness indicates tha t when entities exit from thisplane, they simply lose contact with the fivesenses ancj move into the innerplane. and create new and different typesofsenses appropriate to that dimension which are similar but extended even Furth r,_ than those of t~nr~r five senses experienced on tTis pa~Tnhis Awareness indicates those experiences and senses o n the inner plane, the senses may not include the tangible and the taste sensitivities to the same degree as those experienced on your outer plane . This Awareness indicates that. still on other planes, within, in the higher planes, the sensitivities of taste and touch become so great : that the slightest flavor of love expressed in a remote part of th e universe is a delicacy to the tongue of one residing on such planes . REALIZATION THROUGH ISOLATION CHAMBER S QUESTION :

Would the isolation chambers

that are being used nowadays be another method of this same kind of realization ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this would bring about the realization . This Awareness suggests that this can b e used to assist entities in their pursuit for understanding of Who In Fact They Really Arc . This Awareness indicate s that this of course being used with that purpose in mind ; that there are also ways whereby these rnav be misused , whereby entities can be deprogrammed and reprogrammed in terms of sensual data to be something which they would not like to be . This Awareness indicates that entities may also be frightened in these chambers so that the y become terrified from programmings they may already have or carry with them in their imagination or create as they experience these situations . This Awareness suggests that when done properly, entities can discover muc h about the true nature of their own being when the senses are shut off. This Awareness indicates that entities may also throutrh theseaction$Jhrolgh proper trainin proper self-discipline, entities may begin to learn how t o move rom one dimension ro anothet on the inner planes without passing through the proe ess -orocath's door_t'hi s Awareness indicates this could cof great benefit in terms of spiritual and psychic and steal rciuve.natio n purposes---tits also IncWiner r-n naLrepivc•nvatirans . – This Awareness indicates that this could be developed as a science or practice with guidance and care and coul d be of great benefit to entities . This Awareness indicates however, without proper guidance and proper care, entitie s could easily be caught : in actions whereby they lose touch with this reality, become locked into other realities , cannot separate one from the other and become basically insane as far as the physical reality in which they fin d themselves would be concerned . This Awareness indicates that with proper guidance, an entity would be able t o keep order in terms of the various levels of reality, separating one from the other so that the entity could mov e into various places, various experiences on the inner planes into other dimensions and return to the physical with out becoming confused as to which level of reality the entity was experiencing . This Awareness indicates that as long as the frame of reference is kept clear and the entity can distinguish which frame of reference he or she i s experiencing at each moment, the chance of insanity diminishes . 3

How to Guide arc Entity Through the Isolation Chambe r

QUES lON : zloty could the entity receive proper guidance through this if he is isolated and can't hear or feel ? COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness indicates that this would be through communication telepathically or through voice communication at intervals whereby the entity expresses what he or she is experiencing to one who is still presently grounde d in the physical dimension and can monitor and request information or g i ve reminding, give information to remin d the entity as to how to return on the same path which the entity followed in the pursuit to the other dimensions . This Awareness indicates this would take the cooperation of one who understood metaphysics as well as having a basic sense of reality such as a scientist or parapsycliogis : This Awarcriess indicates that this would also take th e cooperation of an entity whose own mi id was strong, v•'bosc sense of identity was strong_ who had an adventurou s spirit, much likened unto the astronauts who journeyed into outer space, for this entity would be exploring inne r space and inner dimensions and the requirements fr. mental discipline would be great, that the healthy physica l body could also be a rcc;uirernent, for the physical I ;ody would need to be monitored during such experiment s also, to protect it from any forms of psychic attacks base(' on fear or loss of mental cooperation with the physica l body . This Awareness indicates the mind and body working so closely together would need to be monitored fo r physical purposes . (Closing message ) This Awareness indicates that humanity while being on the three-hold of disaster, teetering on the brink of ca . astrophc, also is much likened unto the tightrope walker or the entity who faces the moment of death whereb y the truth becomes more awesome, becomes more powerful, and the lies and illusions must fall away as that moment of truth bears clown upon humanity and it must realize that all differences, different words, different labels , different ideas, different methods, different religions, different philosophies, different political systems, differen t lifestyles, different races, different sexes---all of these differences ill fall away at the moment of death or th e moment of truth, and cntiiacs Gave only one choice and that is to accept the one truth, that: all are Ore . The Muviir---The Stepford Wive s . . . .Was this About Robotoids ? QUESTION : A question from " Can Awareness comment on a movie, called The Step/old Wives, that was released, I believe, in '74 or '75 . I never saw it, but i was told bout it . What I learned from Awareness makes me wonder about it . i was told it's about robotoids an d that it ends witlr a housewife roboteioi malfunctioning . is - -ants to know, was this script to this channeled, if it indeed was abou t robotoids ?

COSMIC AWAR[iN1 i.SS : This Awareness indicates that this as based partially on leaked information regarding the synthetics---that thi s as also not necessarily completely accepted as truth by the writer, but considered as good material for scienc e fiction . This Aware miss indicates that essentially the story as that which has symbolic value in light of presen t conditions of real situations on this plane . •['his Awareness indicates that the writer did use some intuition an d much imagination, and in one sense, did channel this information, but did so unwittingly without knowledge o f the full implications of his work . This Awareness indicates also the release of the movie ; 6QDIFKHUV WKLV as the secon d version), the first being produced dur* the `S0's . This Awareness indicates that this new release as also havin g much symbolic information regarding the synthetics and robotoids . This Awareness indicates that this as also bein g based on information leaked to certain sou-cos wherelot,' the writers considered this as good material for scienc e fiction .



fr,, :adirr of Oct . 10, 1979 )

(P "ssian t,obot.oieis t &ao use:d instead of Mass nostruction )

In reference to what hd ; :'r C: . ;ee said about the A.s(ant cans tampering with the life force by artificially creating auto= tons--bun ;a n forms with a type ( ' f animal consciousness that wed! programmable and were used as slaves, is there any connection between th e Robotoids Dr . Beier is telling tis about and the upcoming earth changes as described by Cayce and other psychics ?


This Awareness indicates that the Atlanteans ached levels of technology wherein they were involved i n such experiments---this ranged over a long period of time, this running into several thousand y ears of their histor y . This Awareness indicates that this science did degenerate and become that which was thrown out of balance an d 4.

into misuse and into the vloiatror'r of propel' laws of the Universe . 'l' li :s Awareness indicates that this could agai n occur in the present situation if certain types of laws protecting rights of such creations and limiting the types an d numbers of such creations to those actions which arc of absolute necessity or of humanitarian purposes . This Awareness indicates that for example, such creations wherein the use of these as slaves, as guinea pigs or as creation s which might be used for entertainment of the masses, for destruction of each other, for the entertainment of onlookers---this type of misuse will bring down extremely heavy karma upon those who are involved in such actions . This Awareness indicates that the present situation is one whereby entities must look at the various implication s in terms of what is at stake and the alternative choices . This Awareness indicates that it is obvious that this eart h is going through a transformation which is costing the lives of some and saving others ; that there arc also alternative s whereby the lives of innocents could be taken art he desire of those who are motivated by greed and power and lust . This Awareness indicates that these gods of greed, power and lust seeking to control life upon this plan e through various forces acting upon this plane can be allowed if entities arc willing to allow themselves, their familie s and their neighbors to be sacrificed to these false gods . This Awareness indicates however, every living creature i n the universe has within it and is given by Cosmic Law, the right, even if not the ability to defend its life . Thi s Awareness indicates that wherein many lives are at stake and entities recognizing their lives to be threatened, thes e entities have the right to defend themselves against violence, against that type of violence which would take thei r lives. This Awareness indicates that this particularly wherein the entities are innocent and have not themselve s been involved in violations toward others . This Awareness indicates that this right does not extend beyond tha t force which is necessary to defend oneself, for wherein one defends oneself with greater force than is necessary, one then becomes the aggressor and violator of the other . This Awareness indicates that in the present situatio n the Russians have the ability to use greater force and to destroy many of her enemies without suffering grea t losses of her own, yet is using restraint in acting so that only that: which is necessary for self-defense and th e defense of innocents, that force necessary for this purpose is being used. This Awareness indicates that given the situation as it is for these entities, they are acting in good conscienc e according to their level of understanding and their capability of dealing with the total situation . This Awareness ` indicates that this does hot imply that they are perfect, that they could not do better, that they have no room for _ i growth ; this Awareness indicates that It is simply stating that it is less karmic an action these entities arc doing i n their self defense and defense of many millions, than has been shown by most civilizations upon this plane wh o have had less reason and perhaps less power at their disposal . This Awareness indicates these entities having muc h greater power to destroy, yet showing much greater restraint than any civilization in written history up to thi s point in your civilization . This Awareness indicates that ihis in tcrins of your past ten thousand years or more . This Awareness indicates these entities being as cautious in taking as few lives as possible under the circumstance s according to their level of understanding and their capabilities in relation to the threats which they sec. HOW OPPOSING FORCES CAN RECONCILE DIFFERENCE S

This Awareness indicates that if entities are concerned rather than to condemn or pass judgment or sit in the bleachers, the arena, watching the show, entities could involve themselves verbally and actively with time, energ y and their money to speak out, to demonstrate, to put their money where their mouth is and to start taking action s to attempt to promote love, reconciliation, harmony, peace, mercy between their fellow humans, between thei r associates, and even within their families . This Awareness indicates that entities can write to their heroes and heroines, to their leaders suggesting that they put greater emphasis on reconciling differences, in finding ways to make peace, in searching for those areas that can lead to greater communication . This Awareness indicates that this i n terms of all levels of society, that particularly in terms of dialogues between opposing groups, which have differences that can be resolved without hindering the lives of others . This Awareness indicates that it becomes importan t for entities to discern when to compromise, when to promote compromise and when to stand firm . This Awarenes s indicates that wherein you see that which can lead to death, destruction or loss and you wish to prevent that, thi s Awareness suggests that in such cases you may justify standing firm against any such action which would lead t o this death, loss or destruction . This Awareness indicates, however, when you see two opposing forces who coul d by their opposition destroy each other, destroy part of each other or destroy someone else in their conflicts, an d there is nothing outside this conflict which is at stake that would be destructive, then entities can feel justified i n calling for a reconciliation between those opposing forces . This Awareness indicates this also when you, yourself , are one of the opposing forces . This Awareness indicates that there are many ramifications to conflicts and in many cases the conflicts can b e both destructive and also can be protective of others' rights against destruction . This Awareness indicates wherei n this occurs, compromises can be sought in those areas of conflict which are not essential to the protection of th e rights of others, while you may seek to stand pat in your stand of protecting the rights of others or the rights t o defend yourself from destruction or loss . This Awareness indicates this may be used as a kind of formula to assis t in knowing when to justify conflict, when to justify compromise and reconciliation efforts . This Awareness indicates that this is also a general rule of thumb whereby entities can evaluate situations of conflicts to find whethe r solutions and compromises can be profitable or whether it is urgent that entities stand firm in their convictions . This Awareness indicates this may be applied in your personal lives or in situations of an international scope . J.




Would Awareness cover the second part of the question : "Is there any connection between the upcoming earth changes as describe , by Cayce and the fact as Dr . Miter describes that someone is now creating duplicates? "

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this appears to have no direct connection . This Awareness indicates that many of th e predictions given by Edgar Cayce in regards to these earth changes have been altered by changes in consciousness . [ .'his Awareness indicates that while there is likelihood of many earth changes, these are not likely to occur in th e levels of intensity previously indicated—this due to great changes in consciousness which have occurred on thi s plane during the last twenty years .



Awareness, there ' s an epidemic of honks out now in regards to earth changes, and there is on e called the lcn•tbquakc C neratiou that has brought forth a great number of questions on this , and I've never asked it because Awareness has indicated basically the information it just gave before ; but what Awareness just: indicated in regard to earth changes, implies these book s that are coming out predicting all these dire earth changes arc in error--that most of thes e people who wrote the books must not he aware of the changes in consciousness that occurre d and therefore most of the material they have written is now basically invalid . Is that correct ? ''


This Awareness indicates that this information not necessarily invalid in a tota l sense . This Awareness suggests this as modified . This Awareness indicates that many of the various psychics who have been echoing the Edgar Cayce materia l who see visions of great earthquakes and the sinking of California into the sea , sinking of land masses back to the mid-part of the United States, the sinking o f Japan and so forth, this Awareness indicates that much of this is but karmi c memory surfacing from the sinking of Atlantis . This Awareness indicates however , that entities must also, realize that Atlantis began sinking in approximately 50,000 B .C . and continued in variou s earth changes and shifts for approximately 40,000 years thereafter . This Awareness indicates that those who envision the sudden drop-off of a continent or a portion of a continent into the sea are simply seeing a speeded-up imag e of that which is symbolic of certain earth changes . This Awareness indicates however that earthquakes in them selves can be extremely devastating and harmful to life and that there can be great destruction from earthquake s without the total disappearance of part of a continent as has been prophesied by many who echo the Edgar Cayc e prophecies . This Awareness indicates that there appears to be an imminent earthquake building in the San Andreas Faul t which may he released during the corning months : 'Phis Awareness indicates the lime is not seen, that this can b e determined best through astrological calculation . This Awareness indicates that these and through scientific calculation . This Awareness indicates that the energies may be released through a series of small shocks, rather tha n one great devastating shock . This Awareness indicates also that certain stabilities may come about when, and if . the earth's aura stabilizes by greater balance and harmony in consciousness . This Awareness indicates that there i s seen however, much turmoil in consciousness which will be expressed during the coming months and this may als o serve as a release of much of the static energy which could be contributing to the potential iarthqual<e . This Awareness indicates as this pent-up energy in mass consciousness is released, it. will assist in leading to greater balance i n consciousness . '['his Awareness indicates however that this release may be of a violent nature whereby entities clas h with one another, creating a social earthquake . This Awareness indicates that this social earthquake may be equal ' to civil strife . This Awareness suggests that a better way of releasing this energy would be through reconciliatio n a way of life . This Awareness indicates however, this does not appear to be acceptable to the masses in consciousness who thrive on competition . This Awareness indicates that the Light Workers who are promoting such reconciliation arc having great effect and have assisted in minimizing or reducing the potential chaos which was previousl y predicted by such psychics as Edgar Cayce and many who followed . 6





C .A .C .



Awareness, i have a question about robotoids . Traditionally, esoteric happenings occur behind the scenes and the pubic is ver y seldom ever allowed to find out about these . Now obviously, it is not the intention or the duty of C .A .C . to expose the robotoid s happening, and if the Russians wanted the public to know they are capable of manufacturing these creatures, they one day probabl y will do so . My question is, why is C .A .C . putting out information on robotoids ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially the entity Dr . Beier released this information . This Awareness release d information last year regarding the UFO phenomena because it was reaching a particular point in consciousnes s where this was beginning to have ramifications in many levels . This Awareness indicates that in releasing that UF O information, the synthetics was a particular strong and major part of the information that needed to be included i n order to project the entire picture . This Awareness indicates that the release of information regarding the robotoids wa .s necessary in order to explai n what occurred behind the scenes to prevent World War III, from happening in May of i979 . This Awareness indicates that without this information, entities would not have been able to grasp what occurred . C.A.C. would hav e lost most of its rneml:hershipâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that with the information of the robotoids it has simply shifted into an area of th e unknown whereby one can only ponder the reality or unreality of the information--where one must look deepl y into areas that stretch the imagination, stretch the limits of consciousness, stretch the walls of reality where entitie s must begin to open their. minds to that which lies beyond their normal thinking . This Awareness indicates that essentially the information was released regarding robotoids because this Awareness indicated that Dr . 13eter's information was correct--was generally correct . This Awareness indicates that whe n Dr . Deter released the information regarding robotoids it became necessary for this to be questioned and the questioning involved C .A.C. and its newsletters, and information has been released . This Awareness indicates that C .A .C . does not need to continue answering every question entities write regarding robotoids simply because this concep t does not fit well or questions remain regarding this concept . This Awareness indicates that C .A .C . is not intended , nor is it necessary, for C .A.C . to define, clarify and become an organization that teaches entities about robotoids . This Awareness indicates that the reason C .A .C. has released information about robotoids is because entities aske d questions and this Awareness has inclined itself to answer questions asked when these questions arc not too offensive to human consciousness. THE FIXATION WITH


(Wit! C .A .C . Entities Get Robotoided? ) QUESTION :

A number of concerned members have written to the effect that now that we hav e printed information on the robotoids, why don ' t we stop--because they seem to think that the Russians have gone to great means to keep this secret, and that i f we continue talking about robotoids we might end up being roboroided ourselves . is there any possibility that this could occur?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that time information being repeated again and again" is rather ridiculous and does not: help your sell-image with those new entities wh o enter or who become acquainted with the C .A.C. material . This Awareness indicates that: there is not enough information to inform suc h entities regarding these, without their going back to the old material for referenc e and understanding, therefore to continue discussing and answering questions regardin g robotoids is of little value to the organization itself . This Awareness indicates however , it may satisfy the curiosity of a few members who are fixated on robotoids . This Awareness indicates this is a concept which can easily become a fixation, can become a humorous matter or can become a catch-all for weirdo concepts . This Awareness suggests that this could become so significant that it would begin to take on a movement i n various circles so that very unsual and not so pleasant experiences could occur to many entities . This Awarenes s suggests that it would be beneficial for these questions to be left unasked, or if asked, to he asked all in one projec t reading rather than popping up in various places over long periods of time . This Awareness indicates however tha t there arc also occasionally times when clarification of t ,: ucstion may involve the need to mention such as has bee n released . This Awareness indicates that in terms of the Russians harming C .A .C . for releasing this information, thi s Awareness indicates this danger as negligible unless this is presented in a kind of mass operation. 7.

T'liis Awareness, however, discourages questions regarding robotoids, tha t much has already been given, enough has been presented in previous questions an d releases . This Awareness indicates that the information Dr . Betel- has given ha s covered enough on this topic also . This Awareness indicates that it is not import ant to convince entities as to the reality of these creatures, or as to how it may h e done scientifically . This Awareness indicates this is simply presented because i t was a piece in the puzzle, expressing that which is happening on your plane, an d without that piece in the puzzle entities would not have clear understanding . Thi s Awareness indicates there are many more pieces in the puzzle which entities ar e not yet ready to hear, and until they are ready, these pieces will be withhcld .This Awareness that all will be revealed in tile :, for truth is coming out from the por e of the earth as entities awaken to the New Age of enlightenment . This Awarenes s indicates however, that entities prefer to awaken in their own time, without grea t shocks to their consciousness, and even though some shocks have been necessary , It needs not shock entities quite so much now that the greatits, urgencies hav e passed for the time being . THE MORAL




It was probably the moral ramifications and implications involved m the creation of these robotoids that brings forth most of th e questions, but I think in the last few sessions Awareness has given enough information ` on ibis WKDW we probably won't need to as k any more questions along that line .

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that there have been definite moral concerns by the Russians and also by German scientists who understood these creations . This Awareness indicates the German scientists did not believe the project wa s morally right and therefore shunned the entire project, but the Russians believed this was necessary although the y have certain concerns about the social implications and the moral implications . This Awareness indicates these Russian scientists recognize the robotoids as having a rudimentary soul and spirit, this being of an elementary level, wea k but present . This Awareness indicates they do not fully understand why or how these qualities are made present i n these beings, yet they recognize this . This Awareness suggests also that they recognize these creations as being a breakthrough in certain levels which allow them to make use of for ::es which have an advantage over other mor e destructive forces, and, it is this implication which has determined their use . This Awareness indicates these entitie s felt compelled to release the robotoids in order to prevent : Nuclear World War Three . 'i'his Awareness indicate s that this topic appears to have been covered satisfactorily . ***** * ED's Note : For more information on Robotoids, please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 's 79 . 20, The Straits of Transition, $3 .00 ; 79-21 , Organic Robotoids, $2 .00 ; 79 . 25, The Secret of the UFOs, $4,00, available from C .A .C . For the Audio Tapes on this subject, please write to The Dr. Beier Audio Letter, PO Sex 16428, Ft . Worth, Texas, 76133 . For transcriptions of these Audio Letters, send $10 for a year's subscriptio n to 'Wisconsin Report', PO Box 45, Brookfield, Wis . 53005 (Back-issues available) . Those who think the concept of organic robotoids is pure fantasy , should read the hooks, 'Future Shock' by Alvin Toffler, and 'The Biological Time Bomb', by Gordon Ra.tray Taylor . The,a could change your mind . REVELATIONS OE AWARENESS is o cosmic newsletter µutrlist.eci every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications, P .O . Box 115, Olympia, SiCn.Rbt it'gtt :i560 7 (A non••prai:it ur5Serd ::ut.ion) . EateS and ,,t, itiershsp '+.ra.for rnstiao f :+ su.rilss :,le li?; en request . C' or samples of thes e communications, send $11 .00 for 80 pate 1 .,,,ok, ` ., ;rcmic ,Avis *r,ess peek, . ' to ft 'e vs, sifdtcss .

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