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COSMIC AWA1tENr:SS is the Fusee hat expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d other great avatars who erve,l as Chancels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New A!!,, e of spiritual coon. ciousne,s any . awareness Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained c'.aanc!ets . The information contained he chi was rr,,ieired tram deep, super-conscious trance states and 'interpreted ' by an entity affiliated with C .A .C. This inioru ation is tot those who deairc to hc:p in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age ..T hroughour the man y thou .ands of 'Rea givice through these chanr;els osmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, sod discove, for yoursetf, throutrh your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Members of Cosmic Awareness Contniumcations are. Invired to send in questions of general interest for possible publication m this Newsletter . 'st

C .A .C . General Reading, August '; , 197 9 FROM TRANQUILITY BA Y Paul Shockley, Trance-Interpreter TO POINT DEPRESSION , AND SO ARE HARD TIME S ►THE RUSSIANS- ARE COMING Hatches to Weather the Storm ) (l•iow to Batten Down the

COSMIC AAWri (i?J' ESS : This Asti , teness 'ndicatcs that mile movement at this time as that wherein you are leavin gs the Straits o f Transition into that which may be termed the Tranquility Bay . This Awareness indicates this as a time and space wherein a certain amount of tranquilty will be experienced, just prior to very fast :-moving events which may occur this fall . This Awareness indicates that essentially the entry into Tranquility Bay is that which i s a lime whereby you may stock up on supplies which will be necessary as your ship moves into that which i s Point Depression . This port, or Point Depression, is that wherein entities may expect approximately six month s of a slowdown in the economy, whereby unemployment will rise, and the expenses and costs may also rise . This Awareness indicates that for those in certain areas, particularly areas which have been dependent o n military and certain types of industrial income, many of these areas will experience some levels of depression , whereby the economics may be tight . This Awareness indicates this relates also unto the constraction busines s for as unenlplo went rises, there be difficulties in these areas . This Awareness indicates this also in variou s areas of manufacturing and in saes This Awareness indicates that generally there will be a slow-down in al l ospec4s of the economy during the winter months . COPYRIGHT 1979 by Cosmic Awareness Cnnntnuauications & the Aquarian Church u, Universal Service. Retnodoe . a ;.r, Saris- vat L ne : mitred .

This Awareness indicates that you may also expect certain changes to occur in the near future, whereb y more and more you will be hearing about the p atio alit- :tion of the oil companies and other .r ajar imciustrie e which control vita ; heed, of the people o ; : this government. This Awa reness Indicates that wherein these corp orations grow so large that their very existence overshadows the power of the people, and their ability to gov ern themselves, wherein the people become victimized by the size of these eorporatrors, this the i b :mcen,'. s a th:eat to the governing process of the people . This Awareness indicates this is being noticed, and may becom e a subject of more and more discussion during the coming year . Russians Are Coring to Liberate thu United Staten from t :ho Beas t

This Awareness indicates that there also will be seen a great movement toward detente with Russia, an d there will be certain sporadic activities within this nation where certain types of conflicts occur behind th e scenes which can be of a very serious nature, but which will appear only to those who are watching closely . This Awareness indicates that these certain conflicts which may flare up however, could become potentiall y dangerous for everyone, wherein they become a threat to those forces of Russia . which are presently takin g control of this nation . This Awareness indicates that essentially what is happening is that the Russian forces who have thrown ou t the Bolshevik controls, or the controls from the Illuminati, the Beast, whic h this Awareness has referred to before, which the Book of Revelations ha s referred to—this Awareness indicates that essentially tale Russian peopl e have thrown off this yoke, and are attem pting to liberate the United State s from this also .* This Awareness indicates that when this is accomplished, the intention i s to increase the productivity of the United States, to have it assist in th e efforts to then move into an action of neutralizing the rest of the worl d in alliance with Russia . This Awareness indicates that before the United States is moved int o this full capacity production, it will experience a depression, whereby th e Russian Christians now gaining control of this United States will gai n greater control of the economy . Executions in "dashington Continue . . .rsWtsry Soon Under Control, then the Econom y

This Awareness i odicares essentially the White House, the government in general, has been taken over b y these Russian Christians, with the help of certain high government officials in the United States and certai n government agencies of the United States, and with the held cf certain forces in the military of the United States--these forces having begun to throw off the yoke of the British-cont. -oiled illuminati, or that which this Awareness has called the Beast . This Awareness indicates that these Russian forces have also begun to gain control of the military, and whe n this has been completed to their satisfaction, the control of the economy viii`! follow—through the action o f allowing the economy to collapse as had been planned bit the Rothschil .ds and Rockefellers in their conjunctio n with the work of the Beast. This Awareness indicates that the collapse of the economy shall continue as previously planned before these Russian entities ca .ine upon the scene, but whereas previously (under Beast control ) this was intended as an action to set up emergency controls and dictatorship power s ers over the people of this nation, the present activity will be one whereby tere again may i emergency controls and tic dictatorshi p powers expressed, but this will not be used for the purpose of creating a warrime basis in an attack agains t Russia as had been planned, for the Russians themselves are 'n contro l . This Awareness indicates rather thi s will be an action whereby the Russians Bow this to occur in order to consent ate their control over thi s country--the United States . Relative Fci edoin

be A�o, .red air Lone as Ciuse;rm ASrizncc Cncrtinue s

This Awareness indicates that once this has been accomplished, a relative amount of freedom will be given , and the nation will be allowed to continue or ;a.basically independe ;:t type of program, so long as it continue s in alliance with Russia . This Awareness indicates that much of this information, if r :,ad solely from this particular reading, will no t set well with certain entities . sret this Awareness wishes to refer entiti e s to previous information which refer s to the Gathering- Storm, the information relating to the Passage Perilous, and the History of the Illuminati , and how they gained control and almost set up a world government which would have made slaves of many. This Awareness indicates that essentially this is not gain ; to occur, but th ere will be certain forces which th e Illuminati set into motion, which will continue and which will be used by those Russian forces now in power . This Awareness indicates that Chute are also opportunities in this ore : rut situation, whereby entities wh o are aware and who have the spiritual understanding and the spiritual inclination to see freedom and compassion and mercy upon this plane, to see entities living futurt . lifetimes with a kind of harmony that does not promot e or profit by wars of violence, but rather a harmony based on service toward one another--those entities wh o have that vision have this opportunity at this moment during the coming two years to influence the forces in movement, to influence these forces so that a new world can come about which can bring this vision into fruition . A Referenccs to this information vril be foun d at the end of this reaun,g .

Children of the New Age---i urn .,,, y,,,. . ~

This Awareness indicates now is the time for those who have th e vision of the spiritual life to come out and to begin shining and t o promote not themselves as spiritual beings and promoting themselve s as teachers, but to promote the vision which will give others freedom . This Awareness indicates those who have these visions to give freedom to others may now step forward and begin to give forth thes e ideas, inventions, actions, programs, teachings, and service, so tha t this begins to flower and to develop and to grow in consciousnes s as the new forces enter into this land . This Awareness indicates that there are certain considerations whic h entities must be aware of, that the ignorance of these can bring corn fo r but will not bring wisdom or understanding in times of crisis . This Awareness suggests this in relation to the vast power which is bein g held in abeyance, but which could be unleashed upon this nation a t any time--This Awareness indicates this in reference to the power of the Soviet Union . This Awareness indicates the power having been built and given, t o the Soviet Union by the forces operating with and for the Beast prio r to that time wherein the Beast was expelled from the Soviet Union , this power is now that which is directed against the Beast if it should r i again within the United States . This Awareness indicates these force s could be unleashed against the Bolshevik forces which are presently i n the United States, but this would only occur if these forces appear t o be gaining power again, and whereby they might become a threat t o the Russian people . This Awareness indicates that this appears unlikely—that essentially the Battle of Armageddon took plac e behind the scenes and is unlikely to erupt in a major war as has previously been expected . Stocking Supplies Before the Depressio n

This Awareness indicates that for entities sailing into Tranquility Bay at this time, this Awareness suggest s that you gather supplies to assist you in moving through the time wherein you may not be able to travel—thi s during the time of Point Depression . This Awareness indicates that many (luring this time will be mobilized int o labor forces---those entities unemployed after the unemployment occurs may be re-mobilized and put into seivi . in various actions and places . This Awareness suggests however, that many who who wish to have greater secur i during this time would be wise to consider the following : This Awareness suggests you consider food and heat and an alternative place to live in case of emergency, i n case the money flow is cut off and you cannot pay your rent . This Awareness suggests that some of you migh t consider pooling; your rent with another family and moving together in such an emergency . This Awarenes s d indicates that for those owning their own property (or being financially stable), this might not be such a cone particularly when these are already paid for . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities owe large payme r on their property, that this, in many instances, will require special concern and attention, particularly where t r employment of an entity is threatened . This Awareness indicates that the storage of wheat, barley, splitpeas, lentils, beans, nuts, honey, and other staples ; this may include some canned foods, frozen foods or dried foods . This Awareness suggests at this be considered, that this can be considered as a security measure t o last for approximately six months . This Awareness indicates that for heating purposes, coal is likely t o go to a cost of over $100 a ton, oil to approximately $ .85 to $1 .00 per gallon--this for heating . Electricity and gas also may be expected to ris e accordingly, therefore, those who have other forms of heat may wish t o consider this. This Awareness suggests that a wood stove and prope r insulation can be helpful . This Awareness suggests the wood stove ma y be purchased, that wood may be cut, particularly in those areas wher e there is much wood available . This Awareness indicates that many entities may find wood available through the forestry department i n certain states whereby contacting the forestry department they may find certain areas which are open for cutting free wood . This Awareness indicates that also entities who have wood in their area may consider cu t ring some . This Awareness suggests that this be done legally and ecologically so wood which is already dow n or dying or wood which grows quickly, such as alder—that these be considered . This Awareness does not su; that trees which arc endangered or which are extremely expensive in their value, or which take long years t c grow, does not suggest that these be used haphazardly .

In reference to the insulation of your home, this Awarenes s suggests that this be done early----that plastic may be put on th e windows to assist in such insulation, or storm windows may b e put on . This Awareness suggests that the walls be insulated properly—your doors and windows have the proper insulatio n around them—this Awareness suggests that the floors be covered with rug which keeps out much o the cold . This Awareness . suggests that entities who can use solar energy consider thi s also, for the prices of energy in oils and coal, in electricity an d in gas will increase considerably during the coming months. This Awareness indicates likewise the price of foods will increase--that those who can store this will be wise . This Awareness suggests that entities in considering the action of storing food may also consider renting a locke r for the storage of frozen food, that those who have home freezers may also benefit by usin g these as well as renting a locker . .01 This Awareness indicates that entities who are on medical programs needing certain medicines, will be wise to be sure of having a sup p ly of the necessary medicines or at least t o make sure that these medicines will be available through their doctors or pharmacy in cas e difficulties should arise during the future months . This Awareness suggests that in man y cases it would benefit the entity to have alternative sources in case one source should dry up . What to do Should you lose

your Jo b

This Awareness indicates that entities may also consider what they would do in case their own particula r occupation might be terminated . This Awareness suggests that you consider whether your occupation is the typ e which would be terminated in a downturn of the economy, considering how long you have worked, the demand s for your type of work, and the demands for the product or ser v ice which your operation produces . This Awareness indicates that in considering this you may recognize that a downturn of the economy would not affect your job, therefore there is little need to be concerned ; or you may feel that such a downturn in the econom y would quite likely mean the end of that particular job . This Awareness indicates in such a case the entity migh t consider changing jobs now, or finding another job which would be more secure, or having some alternative a s a wry of earning his or her livelihood when the downturn occurs . This Awareness indicates that it would not b e wise to quit your job before finding another, but it' might be wise to look for a job which would be more secur e or more stable in times of crisis . This Awareness suggests that you consider seniority as a factor, for often ne w persons hired will be the first to go . FEAST Centers Should be Activated No w

This Awareness indicates that those who are preparing for the FEAST center, the trade center operations unde r the Aquarian Church, will find themselves becoming more involved, and the needs for their services increasing — this as a way of profiting during the depressed times . * This Awareness suggests that the Interpreter should have the remainder of this FEAST center packet completely printed and to the centers by no later than the middle or end of September in order to give these centers th e time to get their own actions established, flowing and ready to operate . This Awareness suggests that the soone r the better on this . This Awareness asks that the staff of C .A.C. remind the Interpreter to work on this so tha t he does not let this slip by any longer than is absolutely necessary . This Awareness indicates this as a priority among several other priorities for the Interpreter, but that this must not be put off any longer than those date s given . This Awareness suggests that if this were available by the first of September this would be even better . * * FEAR NO T

This Awareness suggests that those entities who are listening to this message may automatically begin to loo k at their own situation and become insecure--this Awareness suggests that is a natural reaction--the future, i n terms of a negative peck, is always seen as more frightening than it deserves . This Awareness indicates that when entities move into any situation which appears dreadful, the dread is usually worse than the situation--tha t entities may expect to move into these changing times with certain hardships, but that these will not be anythin g which cannot be borne by entities . This Awareness suggests that you reflect back five years and look at th e present time . This Awareness indicates if someone told you five years ago what would be occurring presently , you would look at this time with foreboding and dread, and would be frightened . This Awareness Indicates tha t as you are in this time now, it appears normal. This Awareness sug gests that likewise as you move into these mor e difficult times. there will also be many compensations which are pleasant and rewardins to compensate for th e slowdown in economy which tends to hinder certain other activities and areas of your life . This Awareness suggests that entities not panic in reading this information, not to become fearful, but t o repare . This Awareness suggests that you not write to C .A.C. and their staff with frightened letters of concern — p'What shall I do " ?-but that you examine carefully your situation, discern as much as is possible . '1f you do not already have it, we suggest the booklet, "Saving Fortunes by Sharing Favors " (flow to Side-Step the Coming Depression) , $2 .00 available front C .A .C . or the Aquarian Church .

*vikki T . has accepted the responsibility of needling the Interpreter about thi a.(She is a Taurus) .


Parsonal She; $ m19s Limited to 10 a Month

This Awareness indicates that the Interpreter as having completed all but seven of the 71 Personal Reading s from the last year, and will complete these seven within the next few days . This Awareness suggests the Interpreter to allow approximately ten readings per month according to his time and energy available for these . This Awareness indicates that entities having particularly sensitive situations may send in for readings . Thi s Awareness suggests however that these be limited to approximately ten personal readings per month, and thi s be on an appointment basis . This Awareness suggests that entities wishing a reading from the Interpreter ma y send in requesting this, having their names placed on a . list, that the Interpreter will then determine how man y per month he will have the time and energy to do . This Awareness suggests this be approximately ten . This Awareness indicates that when an entity's name reaches the top ten on the list, the Interpreter may write thes e entities, these top ten, and give them the information that theirs can be done during the coming month . This Awareness indicates that at that point the entities who still wish to receive the readings will send in their questions for readings, along with their donations . In this way, the Interpreter does not receive the avalanche o f requests as when he received over 50 readings requests in a two month period . This Awareness indicates that this becomes an overwhelming burden to attend to such a large order and creates a psychological block, whereb y the Interpreter has difficulty rn approaching the situation . This Awareness suggests that the Interpreter ca n accept ten readings per month without difficulty--that this can be increased or diminished according to hi s energy level.. This Awareness indicates this also prevents entities of the membership from feeling frustrated a t having to wait so long after having paid for their readings . Eli ' s Note : information and release forms which must accompany all personal readings will be found in the 'Pct sonal Services' booklet .

IF RUSSIAN TROOPS INVADE THE U .S . ("Fear nat . . . .Orly believe" 1

This Awareness indicates that essentially the membership of C .A.C . is being given an advantage over mos t entities in this nation, for you are being given a snea k preview of times to come so that you may prepare your self for these times –and as magic is in the preparation , you will be able to weather through this time of Poin t Depression much better than most entities . This Awareness indicates that six months in this port, or this Poin t Depression, is that which appears to be the duration , thereafter the economy appears to pick up and mov e ,ha forward and a new time of construction and activitie s will emerge . This Awareness indicates that in many ways, the fac t that the American people are apathetic can be a kind o f blessing during these times . This Awareness indicate s that were they more radical and active, they might attempt to create a revolution to throw off the Russian influence in this nation, which in turn would likely b e cause for the Russians to unleash extremely heav y and powerful weapons against the people themselves . This Awareness indicates that there are preparations a s indicated in the Dr . Meter tape for certain Russia n invasion of troops and the occupation of this country, i f it becomes necessary according to their point of view . This Awareness indicates that essentially times of th e coming year shall be unusual and somewhat disarmin g if you ll excuse the pun, yet entities who understand th e Law of'Cne will recognize behind every human face i s every other human face---behind every set of eyes ther e is a divine spark of the Universal Deity, and this is s o whether the entity is American, Russian, white, black , red, yellow or any other color, or of any other religio n or any other nationality . This Awareness suggests that when you speak to others , regardless of the situation, whether these entities are o f foreign tongue or of American tongue, this Awareness suggests you address that spark of deity behind the eyes . This Awareness indicates there is no need to :ear, there is need to be aware, and to remember who you are i the deepest sense of your being . This Awareness asks you not to forget your own divinity, and to avoid fallin ng into mob madness, or the consciousness chaotic, but to remain in the divine sublimity of yourself . e

For a sequential explanation of the Illuminati and the resulting takeover of the United States, please refer to the following readings : 79-1 (The Gathering Storm) $4 .00 ; 79-7 (The Eve of World War Ill) $2 .00 ; 79-14 (The Passage Perilous) $3 .00 ; 79-17 (Apocalypse Averted)$2 .00 , 79-15 (Cosmic I listory of the Illuminati) $3 .00 ; 79-20 (Organic Rohotoids) $2.00 ; 79-21 (The Straits of Transition) $2 .00, available from CAC . REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P.O . Box 115, Olympia, Washia .t;ton, 93507 . Rates and membership information available upon request .

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