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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jests of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'I leavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag e of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels . The information contained herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance state .; and 'interpreted' by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inerit the New Age .Throughout the man y thousands of 'Readings,' given through these channels, Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, and discover of yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Members of Cosmic Awareness Communications are invited to send in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Netvs ester .

HUMAN BONDAG E The Love Relationship in Marriag e and the Pangs of Unrequited Love . . . .Of

Paul Shockle y Trance —tnterirete r

QUESTION : We have a question from H .B . of Chicago, Illinois, which is a very personal question but it represents probably a situation in marriage and relationship that's very common . So I will read the question : "This question for Awareness deals with marriage . What is to he done when partners in a marriage do no t feel equal attraction and desire for each other, and both are dissatisfied with the relationship ? A greatly complicating factor for us is that our marriage has produced three children who arc now four yea r two and a half years and ten months . Specifically, my partner in this relationship is extremely attached to m e as a sexual partner and as a mate, and seen] to feel the feelings which are typical of a husband in a good marri a lie also feels that besides himself, 1 am the only person he has ever met who is worth knowing . Incidentally, I don't feel that I or anyone else is one of the few people in the world worth knowing . 1 feel everyone is wort h knowing . I also feel that some relationships are more valuable to me than others, and i have learned that it i s important for the roles played by partners in a relationship to correspond accurately with the true feelings o f those involved in the relationship . In the case of my present marriage relationship, conflict exists because alth c I do love my partner and don't want to hurt him, 1 don't feel at home in the role of wife to him . I have neve r been 'in love ' with him . I don ' t desire him se'aially and I really don't fed married to him ; nevertheless, I hav e in the past somewhat foolishly tried to accommodate his feelings for me . We are both wondering if it is really worthwhile to continue ongoing efforts at reconciling our feelings tou t each other, and our expectations for the relationship within the framework of marriage . Since we have begu n to communicate about our feelings toward each other and our relationship, my partner said that he will no t satisfied with a marriage in which sex is a `handout' but rather he wants a marriage in which his partner dcs i and loves him enough so that she is happy to be his wife, including sexually . This seems to be a legitimat e request, yet I don't feel able to fulfill it . 1 have tried to meet the requirements of this request for five years, : 1 simply feel unable to do so . Thus, vsithin this marriage my partner has felt and continues to feel much pai n ~'• , . .,mniratEe•n & the Aqu :,rian Church of IIniversal Service Reproduction by permission only .

rejection, depression, dissatisfaction and confusion because he can 't understand why a person could love anothe r so much and yet: not have his love returned in the appropriate mode of expression . And also, I also within this marriage have felt much pain and guilt for being the object of such feelings o f adoration and desire on one hand and such feelings of rejection and hurt on the other . And I too, would like to be married to a person with whom I feel sexually and emotionally compatible--someone to whom I feel marrie d in spirit as true marriage is described in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ*. In addition to all this, bot h of us feel much love and responsibility toward our three children which greatly complicates our efforts at deciding whether to separate or remain together . Both of us feel much need to resolve our present situation, ye t every solution we contemplate seems painful . Separation is becoming a real possibility . I-low can this relationship be dealt with in the best interest of all concerned?" COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this is not at al l unique . This Awareness indicates this as basicall y the situation of marriage . This Awareness indicates that often this alternates wherein one partner love s the other with great adoration, then the other feelin g a kind of coolness toward that love, and the firs t partner eventually withdrawing his or her love, and the withdrawal causes the other partner then to pursue the first partner . This Awareness indicates that in a general sens e wherein entities are thinking in terms of objects o f love, objects whereby they can direct their love, pou r their love into this object, this is that which relate s to the cause or root of the problem . This Awareness indicates A loves B, B feels unworthy of so much love, B feels a need to express love, bu t does not feel worthy of the love which A presents , therefore feels a kind of aversion to the love from A . B then seeks to find some object which B can love, there fore searches for C . This Awareness indicates that B may feel obliged to love A, rather than to search for C, bu t B feeling obliged to love A does not create love for A . This Awareness indicates that A continues to pour love toward B, and 13 continues to build a feeling of aversion, eventually reaching a feeling of resentment due to a feeling of not being worthy of that much love . This Awareness indicates generally A is not actually pouring lov e into B, but A is enjoying the activity of pouring energy toward B simply because A loves to love . This Awareness indicates that B resents and rejects the love from A, not because B is unworthy, but because B does not kno w what to do with that love . This Awareness suggests that B wishes to be loving, but A is so loving that B does not know how to compete with that much love, to return that much love, to repay that much love . This Awarenes s indicates that B therefore can only feel obliged . This Awareness indicates this may be seen more clearly in terms of money, wherein A pours money into B , A is investing into B, and pouring all this energy and investment in 13, causes B to feel obliged and indebted t o A . A, feeling that A has invested so much into B that B cannot possibly leave, cannot possibly escape from th e magnitude, service and the great investment which A provides . B, however, is feeling this greater and greate r indebtedness to A, and the indebtedness begins to hang heavily over B, and B wishes to have equality in relation ship, rather than to continue to be dependent on A for such energies . This Awareness indicates that occasionally B begins to accept the energies from A, begins to recognize tha t these need not be repaid, but this kind of recognition only comes about when B actually realizes A is giving tha t love without expectations, bonds or any form of controls . This Awareness indicates that in most cases A is expecting something in return for the investment, and in most cases B recognizes that A expects something in return , and in most cases B feels obliged either to return that or to escape the indebtedness through bankruptcy of th e relationship . This Awareness indicates that this will clear the slate for 13 ; that wherein A at that point becomes extremely frustrated and upset, B then realizes that A's investment of love or money was not a true gift, but had string s attached, therefore B eventually will need to test the love of A, the investment of A, to discover whether this wa s true or whether this was simply an investment seeking interest from B . This Awareness indicates this likened unto the pouring of interest into another until the principal has been drained and in the hopes of gathering and bringing back the interest and holding onto that interest and making a claim on that which was the object of interest . This Awareness indicates that this kind of relationship will require an intense pouring and stretching whereb y the partners find themselves testing each other's depth of their being, the depth of their motives . 2.

This Awareness indicates that essentially one of the best approaches as far as A is concerned is for A to with draw the investment of energies and to allow B to have the space to give love to A . This Awareness indicates tha t in the case where A continues loving after B has indicated it has had enough, then that love becomes a smothering type of energy.

WHAT IS LOVE ?(Bartering for Affection? )

This Awareness indicates It uses the term `love' in expressing that which is the pouring of attention towar d the object of love and the desire to receive mutual return for that attention or interest . This Awareness indicate s that this as not the actual meaning of love as far as this Awareness is concerned, but is the commonly believe d feeling, the feeling which most entities believe is love . This Awareness indicates that in general entities believ e that if they are interested in an obsessive way in the being of another and their welfare, and if they want th e other to return that interest in them, most entities consider this to be love . This Awareness indicates this is no t necessarily love, but this does have a close relationship to it . However this kind of attention wherein there is a pouring of energy with a definite desire for a reaction, a response, a return for their energy—this is not love , but rather a form of bartering for affection . This Awareness indicates true love is that wherein one gives attention to another, so long as that attention i s needed and wanted, and this attention as being beneficial to the needs of the other . This Awareness indicates that this true love does not drain the one who ,gives this love to the point of sacrifice or suffering, for if on e sacrifices or suffers, this does not help the recipient of the energy to feel happy, but rather puts an obligation , a sense of duty, a feeling of responsibility, a feeling of indebtedness on that object of the attention, forcing tha t partner to feel a need to return some of that which has been given . This Awareness indicates this is a form o f manipulation . This Awareness wishes entities to look at this in terms of valuables such as money . Supposing two entitie s have these coins which are called `love'--these coins are available to either entity in a proper amount and these entities come together on the path of life ; and in their coming together, one says, "1 wish to share my love coin s with you," the other says, "Thank you very much ." That entity may either take that coin and move on, or th e entity may say in return, "I wish to share my coin with you," and these entities exchange with each other . Thi s Awareness indicates that in some cases entities manage to keep this love which each contains balanced, and the y make sure that each of the partnership has enough in return whereby one is not overloaded with coins, and th e other is not empty-handed . This Awareness indicates that in other situations, one may wish to be liked and loved in return, therefore tha t entity enjoying the action of sharing may begin putting one coin after another into the arms of the other perso n until the entity is empty, and has nothing more to give . The other entity may have arms full of love, but may no t wish to return to that first entity, and having received all this love, the entity may ORRN at this beggar and tur n and go toward another in order to give away some of the love which has been gathered . This Awareness indicates there arc many entities who spend their life gathering love, and who do not kno w what to do with this when they have an abundance ; and many entities look upon those who have given thei r love to them with a contempt and a disrespect because they do not feel they were worthy of all this love---ye t they are inherently too greedy to give back the love, and they feel that the entity who gave them the love mus t have been a fool--therefore, why give it back ? This Awareness indicates that there arc other entities who will take the love of others and turn and give thi s to still another . This Awareness indicates marry entities are over-loved, and others are under-loved, and thos e entities who are capable of giving their love without feeling deprived when their love is empty, these entities ma y turn DQGSLFN up more love to give to others—for love is everywhere, as long as there is life there is love, but som e entities have the feeling that love is a rare commodity and they have only so much which they can give, therefor e they must give this sparingly and in a manner which buys something in return . 3.

This Awareness indicates the majority of entities believe that in giving love, they arc giving this in order to get something back of a similar nature . The majority of entities do not recognize that love can conic from any source, that they themselves generate love—that they can love themselves, that the universe is filled with love , —the majority of entities believe that love must come through objects, through others, and therefore seek to b e loved by others . This Awareness indicates that many entities seek attention from others, beneficial attention being that whic h they call love, and these entities are willing to barter and give energies in order to receive that beneficial attention in return . This Awareness indicates that some entities give their attention with hooks in that attention i n order to grab that love, that beneficial attention which the other holds, and draws this back to them . in this manner, many entities seek to possess the other with their love . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities have this kind of hook in their love, or wherein entities fee l that the hook is there and their partner in giving love is seeking to control them and hold them, these entitie s may feel the relationship is strained and not clear . This Awareness suggests that wherein entities simply lov e in the same manner whereby a tree bears fruit, whereby a rose gives fragrance regardless of whether the rose i s rewarded for its fragrance, whether the tree receives anything in return for its fruit--these entities are the entitie s who are truly expressing love . This Awareness indicates these entities are those who hold closely with the heart , but allow the arms to open to set others free . This Awareness indicates when entities hold closely with ope n arms, whereby others are free to go, whereby you can express your love to another, making yourself vulnerable to being hurt, but not being hurt in such a manner that you would be devastated, not being hurt in such a manner that you express a kind of masochism, but simply being rejected and loving the other even though rejected, for you are strong enough that you can continue even without that other—such an entity becomes ver y hard to resist, and it is such an entity who draws others to them, for they are lovable . This Awareness indicates that when one is able to love in this manner, they arc lovable and can basically hav e the choice of almost anyone they choose . This Awareness suggests that such entities seldom choose to love onl y one person, but generally love everyone who comes before them—this not necessarily in terms of sex.uaI relationships but in terms of the heart. This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity seeks to be close to another wh o does not respond and appreciate that closeness, the entity is simply allowing himself to be placed in an inferio r position . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entity begins to feel unappreciated by a loved one, it is tim e for that entity to start reeling in his or her investments of love, or to stop the energy loss, for this is likend unt o casting pearls before swine . As, This Awareness suggests that you not give your love in this manner to those who spit upon your love . This Awarenes s suggests that you have enough self-respect that you place you r ::! love because you love, or if you must place your love on a n object, that you. choose that object which welcomes you r love . This Awareness suggests that wherein you hav e enough respect for the other who does not wish you r love, you. will also avoid that kind of violation of puttin g your love on that entity who has indicated a desire to be free from your love . WHEN CHILDREN ARE INVOLVED

This Awareness indicates that wherein there are childre n involved, and both parties love the children, and one party loves the other party, and the other party does not retur n iii ; that love for the first party but still loves the children---thi s Awareness suggests that both parties may become intereste d and pour their attention to the children, and in this manne r become mutually aligned so that they have a common pur 1 post:, and from this common purpose wherein their energie s are being given to the children, mutually working out any problems or differences in how these energies can be given to the children, whereby these partners can relate o n verbal and mental and emotional levels to one another, discovering each other's deeper feelings, and whereb y these partners can begin again to acquaint themselves with each other, but without expecting a total relationshi p —these partners can restore and begin to recreate a deeper feeling of respect for one another . This Awareness indicates that when an entity pours love into another, and the other does not have the equa l opportunity to return that love, there is a loss of respect in the relationship . This Awareness indicates that whe n one entity begins to lose respect for the other, this creates a strained relationship and the parties involved begi n to suffer . 4.

This Awareness suggests the roots of a tree equate to the respect when one party pours its energies towar d another, to the point where the party is becoming uprooted, and the one receiving all these energies does no t recognize and offer the respect for that party who is giving himself or herself totally–the first party is becomin g unstable, even though giving great love, and the second party is becoming overloaded with love and is beginnin g to suffer from a feeling of a burden . This Awareness indicates that this first party needs to retract and begin t o have self-respect . Would'any self-respecting entity uproot oneself to give affection to another who does not wis h to have that affection . THE BASIS OF LOVE --- MUTUAL RESPEC T

This Awareness indicates that love is the transfer of energies between entities, in a manner that attends t o the welfare of the other ; the attending to the welfare of another implies that there is something lacking whic h needs attention, therefore love satisfies needs and weaknesses . Wherein love satisfies needs and weaknesses, thi s allows entities to share each other's problems and to solve each other's problems . This Awareness indicates that when entities are concerned for the weakness of another, they express love . This Awareness indicates a relationship cannot live on love alone, that the relationship also needs respect – mutual respect . This Awareness suggests that: respect is built upon strengths—the strengths that entities hav e are recognized by others with respect . This Awareness indicates wherein one entity is loving, and another doe s not respect that entity, does not recognize the strength of that entity, that entity which is receiving the lov e from the disrespected person will consider that love as a weakness and will not appreciate that love . This Awareness indicates that wherein the entity sees the strength of the other person, they will appreciate the love whic h is given, feeling that the entity giving the love does not really need to give that love, but is simply capable o f giving that love . This Awareness indicates that when an entity feels another needs to give love and is weak, that entity generally believes that the love is tainted and is seeking to be rewarded and therefore not only is th e entity weak, but that you must prop that entity up and allow the entity to have your strength . This Awareness suggests that wherein entities feel a need to prop up their partner an d the partner is eternally grateful likened unto a dog whose tail wags feverishly at you r presence, you find it difficult to love that entity in any way except that of a kind o f condescending and affection with 'a, tinge of sympathy . This Awareness indicates tha t wherein the partner has his or her own strength and you know that the entity coul d stand alone without you, and therefore doesn't really need you, there is a tendency t o respect that entity more greatly ; and when love is given by that entity you will appreciate that love and recognize that love as a genuine and valuable gift . This Awareness indicates that when you give your love to another, not because yo u are simply loving and wish to express this love, but because you want something i n return, that love is likened unto a hook that goes out to catch a fish, to catch a reward , and those recognizing this will reject your efforts . This Awareness asks entities not to give their love in order to get love, but to give their love because the y have so much which can be given freely without strings attached . This Awareness suggests that wherein you have given your love and it is not appreciated and wherein entities believe you have strings attached to your love, and refuse to love, this Awareness suggests that you are wasting your energies and casting your love befor e swine and those who do not accept that . This Awareness suggests that wherein you find yourself pouring lov e toward one who does not respect your love, this is likened unto giving valuable gifts–a painting to one wh o simply tosses your painting into the garbage can . This Awareness suggests it is a waste of energy, that you mus t let them know that your love is valuable, and you do not give it simply to be thrown away . This Awarenes s indicates this will lead these entities to look more carefully at the love which you are giving . This Awareness indicates this likened unto a tree who bears fruit, and that there are ." those who walk to the tree, picking th e fruit and throwing this fruit without recognizing its value . This Awareness suggest s this likened unto those who toss the frui t away as though it were meaningless an d having no purpose or value in their lives . This Awareness suggests that the tree has the right to state to those who would wast e its fruit, "I have worked hard, I have put' . forth much energy to bring this fruit of m y love, and you treat it as though it were trash ; therefore I will not give you tha t fruit again until you recognize its value ."



TI-Ii : VULNERABILITY (The Pearl of Great Price )



This Awareness suggests that in this manner, the entity can have some control over the wastefulness or the value of one 's love ; in this maner the love is produced, bu t carries with it a kind of demand for respect . This Awareness indicates that entities who love as the rose, who love as the fragrance of the rose, giving forth to beggar-kin g alike, giving their fruit without requirements in return, giving their being totally--thes e entities arc truly loving—but these entities are very vulnerable and can be sacrificed b y those who have no respect for their being : these entities are putting themselves in a vulnerable position whereby they can be destroyed . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity can give forth this kind of essence , this as that which is a wonderous quality, but the entity may end up being crucifie d or sacrificed by those who have no appreciation–the fruit tree may be chopped dow n and burnt for wood, or chopped down simply to test the axe . This Awareness indicates that wherein the tree demands its own respect for what it is, for what it can do, fo r what it can produce, for what it can be—this creates a new consciousness in the on e who approaches that tree . This Awareness indicates wherein an entity gives love, but has enough self-respec t for one 's own capabilities and demands that that Iove be recognized and respected , then the entity can expect that respect to be given in return . This Awareness suggests that when this occurs, the entity will be more able to #* give freely of love, without fear of being rejected, without fear of being violated f --that love must be given carefully, not as an organ that chooses and simply pick s some object to pour forth love, but rather as an organ that loves in all directions , but recognizes that that love be respected . This Awareness indicates this has to do with one's own attitude toward themselves . This Awareness suggest s that wherein an entity does not demand a respect for one ' s own love, but simply pours love into another in hopes that the love which is being sent will catch that other, will fulfill the other ' s needs so that you you yourself can tap that entity in returning, that you may devour their love—this is that which is the error which causes grea t pain in relationships . And entities who have experienced this kind of love, who have received love with hook s in it, whereby the love comes out not with its own demand for self-respect, but rather comes with hooks t o catch you, to catch your love, to entangle you—this is that which has caused many entities to fear love, t o become cold, to become frightened when they see love approaching, to withold themselves and to run from love . This Awareness indicates that entities may visualize love as an energy which can flow freely, but which does nee d to be looked at carefully, for it has many faces, and reflects itself in different ways—Love is that which is likene d unto pure clear water that flows through the universe, but which in flowing through different entities may emerge murky, twisted or filled with poisonous energies to trap, to seduce, to harm or to destroy another.

This Awareness indicates pure love must be fille d with the clarity of relationship, communication , self-respect, which demands that others recogniz e the purity of that love ; and wherein this is seen an d recognized, others will value this a s a pearl of great price .

EU's Note : For more infomia.tion on this subject, please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 2 ( 'Concerning Love, Relationships & Living Together ' ) This subject is also covered in the Correspondenc e Lessons.




Awareness, one question in relation to a situation described in the letter just read : if one of the partners becomes aware tha t he or she is sexually incompatible with the other, or the othe r is feeling guilt feelings for that type of relationship, and th e one withdraws, figuring that he or she loves the partner an d soon this will pass and they have a period of abstinence . Then time passes and the situation doesn ' t clear up, and one of the partner s feels this abstinence is affecting the body or mind or something, and migh t suggest to the other that if he or she can 't provide a sexual relationshi p and feel comfortable about it, then allow the other to find this in a casua l relationship outside of the marriage . I know this happens and I wa s wondering if this does help cement the relationship ultimately or does thi s almost surely open the door for a permanent break ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this depends on the entities and their tolerance toward each other and how far thei r relationships can be stretched and strained . This Awareness indicates that generally the female as having a mor e difficult time in terms of having sexual relationships with others without feeling a desire to be permanently wit h that sexual partner ; that the male tends to be more capable of having sexual relationships and still being emotionally, mentally and socially tied with the mate or family . This Awareness indicates that wherein the individuality comes into the situation, this can alter according t o the qualities of the individuals . This Awareness suggests that wherein both partners are compatible and agree able with such types of extra-marital relationships, this is a possible way of helping to fulfill needs of individuals , but that this is not a permanent solution to the problem—this may fulfill certain individual needs for a perio d of time, but that if this does not bring about the personal needs of an entity within a reasonable length of tim e the partnership or marriage will suffer . This Awareness indicates that generally speaking, once this begins, mos t relationships deteriorate, and most relationships--in fact nearly all relationships–will never again be the same ; that in some cases they become more cemented and back together with greater harmony and understanding, i n other relationships they may simply break apart and end in separation . This Awareness indicates that what is important in terms of the outcome of such activities is whether ther e is in fact a deeper commitment and a deeper love and respect which holds the entities together, and goes deepe r than personal pride or values in terms of sexual relationships—that many entities feeling that sexual relationship s are the most intimate and ultimate contacts between persons will feel that this kind of extra-marital relationshi p is impossible to accept in terms of their mate and another, the pride, the personal involvement and their ow n self-esteem suffering too greatly to be acceptable. This Awareness suggests that others can look at this and lov e the partner for other purposes and other reasons besides the sexual contacts, and will remain with the partne r even though the partner has had extra-marital relationships because they love the person, rather than the persona l pride being important to them, and feeling that they have sexually been insulted by allowing the partner to hav e relationships with someone else . This Awareness indicates that still there is the other situation, whereby an entity can allow this up to a point , but when the partner continues and continues and continues having various relationships with others, the on e who is allowing this and who awaits the partner 's escapades and hopes for the partner to get through these needs , and begins to feel that this will never end, this first partner may decide that it is not . worth the effort to continu e living with one who continues such escapades . This Awareness indicates that still another may be concerned about the effects of these activities on the consciousness of the children, wherein one partner is always out with someone else, and the children become awar e of this . This Awareness indicates that many many entities do not care about what their children think . This Awareness indicates that in any case, these are dangerous areas in terms of the relationship . 7.

SEXUAL FANTASIE S (Not all of them Need to be Fulfilled )

This Awareness suggests it appears that there is a common misconception among most entities in believin g that they must have all of their sexual fantasies fulfilled, that they must be completely satisfied on that level , even if it hurts the children, hurts other entities . Even if it upsets the strength of the family, even if it upset s and bothers their friends and parents and other loved ones, many entities arc willing to risk this in order to hav e that biological feeling satisfied . This Awareness indicates that many entities think that the love which they desire will come about throug h the sexual relationship simply because this is the most intimate level of relationship available to humans . Thi s Awareness indicates that this belief that if you obtain the plum you receive the entire meal—this is an error . This Awareness indicates that many entities believe that if they have sex withh another, they have love--this i s not so, This Awareness indicates they have had a sample of love. This Awareness indicates that many entitie s seeking love, go straight for the ultimate experience and ignore the communication, the relationship, the int imacy, the sharing of feelings, of inner desires, inner experiences and the actua l emotional exchanges, and go straight for the genitals . This Awareness indicates that these entities often believe. this is th e s, trap, whereby if they can grab for the genitals of the other, they ca n WKHQ reel in all of the love which they wish that other to give to them . This Awareness indicates this is the fallacy and error which entitie s in this present culture appear to live by, and which causes the heavy emphasis on sex, and which causes the heavy emphasis on divorce an d separation, because they discover that they are incompatible wit h each other on other levels, and the sex was only a temporary hook an d the other levels are now driving them apart . 100% SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY NOT NECESSAR Y

This Awareness suggests that entities do not need to be 100 % compatible sexually to respect the other, to love one another, and t o carry on a happy relationship with their children and family . Thi s Awareness indicates that too much emphasis has been placed on sexua l compatibility and many happy families are broken up because of wanting more and more, and more and more , from the partner in terms of sexual response, this simply caused by a desire of the person to have greater Iov e than is humanly possible to receive from the partner . Confusing Gratification with Love

This Awareness indicates that they confuse gratificatio n with love and they often overlook love, devotion, compatibility, the efforts and hard labors which are based and motivated on love for the partner--they often overlook the fac t that the partner has worked for hours in order to satisfy a need for their loved one, and base their judgement on th e relationship from a very brief sexual encounter . This Awareness indicates that there are many schools , many books which have been written and are available t o assist entities in having more pleasure and greater gratificatio n through the sexual encounter, that these may be introduce d for entities if there is a problem . * Sexual Incompatibility Not Grounds for Divorce

This Awareness indicates that such perfect sexual compatibility is not something which is pounds for divorce if it i s not always satisfactory, that many entities have discovere d that when their relationship has been severed because of a lack of total gratification, their lives suddenly took a tur n for the worst, and their belief that they could find ultimate happiness with another suddenly turned into a nightmare , and many entities would, will and have wished tha t they had never begun that separation, for they hav e stepped out of that which was not total, not completely satisfactory into that which was awful an d terrible, and very unsatisfactory to them . 8.

*CAC ;ke not stock this type book, but these are plentifully available in bookstores .



Law Should Require Counseling Before Divorc e

This Awareness indicates that it is very important for entities to attempt t o do all that is possible to reconcile their marriage, their relationship, to find ou t how to solve any problems . This Awareness suggests it should be a requirement of law that no entity i s allowed to be divorced without first going to a marriage counselor and havin g several sessions to attempt to patch up the relationship—this in particula r wherein there arc children involved in the marriage . (Closing Message ) This Awareness indicates that relationships arc of such complicated concern s that most entities are not given the tools in their educational schoolings to dea l with the problems of relationship : the marjority of entities are simply give expectations ; and as children grow up in families, they look forward to thosn e ideal situations which they are sure will come their way when they leave thei r mother and father to marry and live happily ever after . This Awareness indicate s that snaring the mate becomes an end result for many entities but few recognize that this is only the beginning . This Awareness indicates that many single entities who feel lonely and frustrate •, look at marriage partners and feel envious, and wish that they too could be living happily ever after in a marriage of such ideal appearance . This Awareness indicates that few entities realize what actually goes on in the bedroom—that there is more conflict, mor e competitiveness, more confusion and feelings of separateness and often much loneliness, even though this entity is sleepin g with them, and they are married and appear to be stable . This Awareness indicates that it matters not whether entities ar c married or single—each entity is still alone, and each entity is always seeking to be closer to someone else, and each entit y always will feel a feeling of unfulfillment, and this can never be satisfied . This Awareness indicates one illusion which causes much pain and suffering is that fairy talc belief that if you have the righ t person, if you have the proper situation, you will be eternally satisfied to live happily ever after . This Awareness indicates tha t this is simply fantasy—that you will be given that which you need to develop and to grow, and that which you need to develo p and grow includes an eternal dissatisfaction along with the satisfaction ; that there is a balance of Yin and Yang in the universe , that all things have their opposites, and for every fulfillment you receive, you are also given an area which is unfulfilled .* This Awareness indicates that when entities can accept that emptiness as part of their eternal being, and they do not resen t or reject or resist that emptiness, they can turn their attention to that which is present, which they have, which they can value , which they can love, which they can appreciate, which is theirs—and they can enjoy that which is available . This Awareness indicates this is likened unto the entity who looks at the pitcher of milk, and laments that it is only half full , whereby another entity looks at the pitcher of milk and is overjoyed that it is half full . ***** *

The Law o f Eternal Unfulfilbnent'. For a complete description of thi s law, please refer to the booklet , 'The Cosmic Laws of Cosmi c Awareness', $3 .00, available from C .A.C .

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Cosmic Awareness 1979-23: Of Human Bondage...the Love Relationship In Marriage  

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