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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d e other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag . carefully-trained channels of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through 'certain . The information contained herein was received front deep, super-conscious trance states and 'interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age .Throughout the man y , thousands of 'Readings' given through these channels Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, exploreo f doubt, and discover tyourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suaest . Members . Cosmic Awareness Conmsunications arc invited to send in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Newsletter

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COPYRIGHT 1979 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction by permission only .

EDITOR ' s Note : For the benefit of new CAC members, a brief explanation of why this particular reading was given . Dr . Pete r Beter (his first and last name rhyme) is a well-known and respected Washington lawyer with many contacts high in governmen t positions who 'leak' information to him . During the past four years, be has been revealing this information to the public in the for m of 'Audio Letters '--GO minute tape-recorded cassettes which he mails to subscribers each month . His information mainly is concerned with behind-the-scencs activities and intriqucs, power struggles etc . between agents of the United States, Russia etc . Th e information Dr . Beter reveals seldom appears in the 'controlled ' press or television networks . In the past he has uncovered such strange plots as the removal by Rockefeller of the gold from Ft . Knox, the placing of neutron bombs in the freshwater lakes an d rivers of the U .S . by the Russians . Although his information is 'far out' to many, quite cont roversial and sensational, most o f his accusations have never been adequately refuted by his many detractors (mainly publishers who have been `scooped' by hi s stories) . Much of his information parailals certain information Awareness has been revealing for some time, this mainly abou t the Illuminati conspiracy (a tentacle of the Beast) and the Rockefeller-Rothschild connection . Information on this is containe d in the *DWKHULQJ6WRUP readings (No . 79-1) . Early in 1979 Dr . Biter revealed the 'Bolshevik plot ' taking place behind the scene s in Washington . These were entities expelled from Russia, brought to the U .S . by Kissinger, Rockefeller and Nixon and placed i n high positions of authority--their ultimate aim being to take over the government of the United States and collectivize the entir e country, thus creating a totalitarian police state . In the meantime, the 'new guard ' in power in Russia, (Christians, who had bee n waiting tiO years to oust the Bolsheviks) had perfected the art of creating 'doubles'— trained look-alikes by use of plastic surgery , actors etc . who would quickly replace an official who had been secretly executed, and assume that pretense to the public . In thi s manner, a revolution took place behind the scenes in Russia, unknown to the public, and the familiar faces in the Kremlin bega n to gradually change their stance . According to Dr . Beter, the Russians no longer desire a ' cold war' or any war for that matter, fo r they have developed technology (with the aid of UFOs) that is years ahead of that of the United States . They have develope d e ` particle beam ' laser-type weapons, UFO type aircraft, ('Cosmosphcres ' ),which hover above our nation and which are capabl e . Beier, the Russians have not only won th . In short, according to Dr of incinerating an entire city within moments if necessary y war the US or any other country might tr ' cold war, but are totally in command and fully capable of winning any kind of `hot . The four Rockefeller brothers (who were behind the plot to take over the US) were all executed, according to Dr to pull of . Beter and replaced with doubles (all but Nelson's, whose murder was detected and subsequently covered up) . When the Bolshevik s in power in the U .S . learned about the doubles being used here and abroad, they became desperate . In order to maintain thei r positions, they decided to try a 'first-strike ' limited nuclear war which would wipe out the missile bases in Russia and destro y that country as a world power . Thus 'Operation Global Shield ' 79 ' was staged . The plan was to send all SAC bombers and NAT O bombers around the world, loaded with nuclear warheads to the Russian boarders (without prior notice), then turn around an d cone back . This so-called 'exercise' was so planned that the bombers would not turn back at the Soviet borders, but would continue on into Russia and wipe out their missile bases . Fortunately, this did not occur as the Russians had informed Washingto n that if they proceeded with the plan, they would launch a full response of nuclear warheads against the United States, and a cosmosphere hovering over Washington DC was ready momentarily to wipe out that city . None of this, of course, appeared in th e controlled press . The alarm was being rung by Dr . Betcr and by the 1HZ6ROLGDULW\ newspaper, and by Cosmic Awareness . (Pleas e refer to 5HYHODWLRQVRI$ZDUHQHVV1R . 79-7 Ilodine . 'The Eve of World War ill' and 79-14 Hotline, 'The Passage Perilous ' whic h goes into great detail on all this) . One big reason this nuclear disaster was avoided was because the Russian agents in Washington, working behind the scenes t o prevent the Bolshevik takeover here in the U .S .,began a campaign of executions . Systematically they executed those in position s of power who had been pushing for war and replaced those entities with 'doubles ' or look-alikes . According to Dr . Beter, som e of those executed included Jimmy Carter, his entire fancily, Vice President Mondale, all of Carter 's Cabinet, many in the military , the heads of NATO . In Dr . Beter's latest Audio Letter (No . 47) he reveals that the U .S . Supreme Court has been replaced, tha t the assassins are now moving through Congress and the mass media, eliminating and replacing those who have been `Hawkish ' o n containing Russia and promoting legislation and propaganda favorable toward war in the Middle East and elsewhere etc . Heady stuff, this, and if true the citizens of the United States are due for quite a sururise when the plot is finally revealed to them , which it eventually must . (You can 't kill off every right-winger and hawk in the U .S . and replace them with doubles without eventually being caught in the act) . When Cosmic Awareness, which in the past had indicated that Dr . Beier was 90% accurate in hi s revelations, confirmed that these cxdcutions were indeed going on behind the scenes, many members of C .A .C . decided that was too much, they could not handle that type of information-so they resigned . Many of Dr . Beter. ' s subscribers cancelled also .If the y thought WKDW was too far out to swallow or handle, they should have waited until Audio Letters No . 4 . 6 and 47 were released . For Dr. Beier revealed on these two latest tapes that the reason the Russians have successfully executed and replaced so many bigwig s with doubles is that they have been able to create artificial humans (organic robotoids)-bow these creatures from a single cell o f the executed person within hours and program them through computers to do and say what they want them to . Having the sam e DNA as the original, the robotoids retain the same memory, personality and traits as the original entity . Their lifcspa.n, however, is very short (a matter of weeks)so new Robotoids must constantly he grown . Weird, huh! har-out! Straight out of science fiction , perhaps? Well . . . .who can say? Being a science-fiction freak and Frankenstein fan, I personally can believe it . . .and I dig it . Most of the entities they have 'offed ' so far are people, in my opinion, the world can do without--people who promoted war and powe r for ego and personal gain . When you consider the alternative-billions incinerated in nuclear holocaust—the removal of a few hundred entities in Russia and the U .S . is indeed a small price to pay . (It would have been much nicer though if the Russians coul d have just had one of their UFOs haul them up somewhere in the sky or confined them to another planet or something) . But havin g studied the Awareness readings for some time, death itself is meaningless : you die on one plane, but find yourself being rebor n into another, and vice-versa-the soul itself being indestructible . So it stands to reason that if our planet is to survive, those wh o would violate it and humanity with nuclear war should be removed, one way or another . We owe that, at least, to the billions ye t unborn who would otherwise be denied the experience of life and learning on a physical plane .

In the *DWKHULQJ6WRUP readings, Awareness indicated the strong possibility of a revolution occurring in this country when th e conspiracy was revealed to the public . If Dr. Beter's robotoid stories are true, it is just a matter of time before the Russians will announce on network TV and in the mass media, that they have taken over the United States government . They may even dissect a Carter robotoid right there on NBC to prove to millions of stunned Americans that what they are saying is indeed true . I don' t know, but I sure hope they do that . That would be the funkiest happening on that medium in many years and just might blo w away the laugh tracks programmed into their minds by year's of being hypnotised by the Beast . In any event, it would certainly be a `mind-blowing' event . In any event, we should all remain watchful as this strange play is acted out before our eyes . I think w e should all withhold judgment, keep our minds open to the possibility that all this just might be true . And if it is true, what doe s it mean for Americans . . .what does it mean to America? What, if anything, can we do about it? So far I have not been able to fin d anyone who can answer those questions, but I am certain the future is not fixed, and time will reveal the answers . In the meantim e when people ask me whether I personally believe in organic robotoids, I just shrug and say . . . ' an organic VVIIAT?' (However, every now and then I give Vikki T . a squeeze in the right places, just to make sure they haven't gotten to her so far) . I hope this Iittle rap to our new members will encourage them to stay with us for awhile . Actually, this heavy information fro m Awareness, much of which confirms what Dr . Beier is revealing, has only been coming out during the past year and comprises bu t a small percentage of the information from Awareness and published by CAC . You are cordially invited to stay, and to grow, an d to test yourself as to how well you can handle dynamite information of this type, along with the other more spiritual informatio n being published . If you wish to drop out or cancel your membership, that is okay with us, for we can get along fine without you . But if you opt to stay with us, please do not write and ask us to apologize for Dr . Peter Beter or for Cosmic Awareness or that yo u now have doubts about the entire Awareness material because you cannot bring yourself to look at the possibility of organi c robotoids . If you choose to write off 15 years of Cosmic Awareness material because It maintains Dr . Beter is 90% accurate—then this reflects, in my opinion, exactly where your head is at (in a part of your anatomy not designed to hold the cranium), and yo u should take a good long look at yourself and that part of the conscious, reasoning mind which is the Lucifer, the Beast, and as k yourself, 'Who is really running my show? ' We expect that from time to time, more information on organic robotoids will be fo rthcoming . Dr . Beter maintains on his Iates t tape that this concept MUST be understood and accepted, or nothing that occurs in the future in this nation will make any sens e at Al . For nothing, he claims, will EVER be the same again . In 1.963 Cosmic Awareness started the 2UJDQL]DWLRQ of $ZDUHQHVV and CAC is an extention of that original concept, which wa s to enable its membership to become AWARE . The digesting and consumption of mind-boggling concepts such as `organic robotoids', looking at these concepts without judgment, and accepting the possibility they could exist, is going to put us all to wha t could be the most severe test of our lives—but it could also help us to become aware . . .and be able to move on from there . Also, we should keep in mind that Cosmic Awareness indicates there are two factions (the good Russians and the bad Russians — the Bolsheviks) now manufacturing and using these doubles in a behind-the-scene war to take over our country . Somehow w e must learn to determine which is which, particularly on that day sometime soon when they make their presence known to th e general public . In any event, fasten your seatbelts . . . .there is some very heavy weather ahead . Yours in the service, From the Staff of CAC , Avaton

For information on how to subscribe to 1)r . Beter. 's Audio Letter, please write : Dr. Beter Audio Lette r P .O . Box 1642 E Ft. Worth, Texas 7613 3 For additional information on the nuclear war which was averted, t,tcase refer to 5HYHODWLRQVRI$ZDUHQHVV No . 'V 79-17, 79-18, 79-19 ($2 each, available from CAC) .

ABOUT THOSE ROBOTOIDS . . . . Well . . .You DID As k

From a C.A .C . General Reading , June 29, 1979

QUESTION : We've received quite a few letters in reference to Dr. Beter's Iatest tape and the 'Robotoids', and we will probably no doub t get many more unless we print something up . And, probably this letter from M .W . will suffice for the general tone of the letter s we've received . I will read the letter, then ask the first of three specific questions tacked onto the letter . " Dear C .A .C . I think it is absolutely imperative that Awareness comment further on Dr . Beter 's last two tapes, No . 's 45 and 46, concerning the Russians killing top American leaders and replacing them with organic robotoids . This idea is so completel y ridiculous that not even the most open-minded people are willing to accept it . To me it seems as though Or . Beter has flippe d out and CAC also must be flipped out to support this crazy theory . I admit, Beter had me going with the Bolshevik double theory, but now the robotoid thing is just too far out( Also I hav e gotten some issues of the SPOTLIGHT and find them extremely narrow-minded and offensive . And it seems that CAC shoul d not support this type of propaganda . Their support of Anita Bryant, for example, their condemnation of 'left-wing hippie socialis t radicals' who protest nuclear energy etc . is simply the same type of narrow-mindedness we should be trying to get away from , NOT SUPPORTI I don't even want their newspapers in my housel And Gary Allen's books, with his support of the John Birc h Society, which is one of the most fascist organizations in the world, are also narrow-minded to the point that they begin losin g credibility . How can I believe unprovable accusations made by narrow-minded, right-wing, fascist organizations, and how ca n ANYONE believe that our nation has been taken over by Russia by means of 'organic robotoids ' ? It sounds like nothing more than a paranoid's fantastic fantasy, and CAC's support of these crazy people forces one to questio n CAC's credibility . Is it possible that Paul has tuned into Dr . Beter's twisted mind? Is it possible that Paul has become lost on a path of right-wing political insanity? I don ' t know, I hope there is some logical explanation for all this . I don ' t think CAC ca n just shrug off the robotoid thing now that they ' ve brought it to our attention . I feel Awareness MUST explain this craziness . Yo u can ' t really expect anyone to believe it, can you ? At least not without some solid evidence . If Shockley is indeed a clear channe l for Cosmic Awareness, can't he give us information on how to prove these happenings ? I have accepted much of the conspirac y theories up to now, but I now am beginning to feel I've been led down the path of some crazy people 's paranoid fantasies . I hop e Awareness can satisfactorily explain some of these seemingly crazy theories . At this point, I don 't put much faith in anythin g I've read by Gary Allen, the SPOTLIGHT or heard from Dr . Beter, because their ability to see things clearly and open-mindedl y seems suspect . And now I have to say I'm even suspicious of the clarity of CAC's readings . I'm sure a lot of people feel the sam e way . I hope this can be cleared up . "

And his first question is : "Awareness, please comment in detail on Dr . Beter ' s theory of Russian robotoids replacing Carter , Brezinski and so forth, and give some means whereby this seemingly insane theory may be proven true or false . "

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that before attending this first question, this Awareness wishes to comment on you r letter in general . This Awareness indicates that throughout your letter the question is asked, 'How could anyone expect another to believe such insanity' ? This Awareness has again and again asked entities not to believe .* This Awareness asks entities to discove r what is. This Awareness asks entities to discover what is by questioning and doubting--by doubting not onl y others, but by doubting one's own beliefs . This Awareness suggests that entities in discovering what is must first question themselves and their own beliefs . This Awareness suggests that in terms of the information which this Awareness has given, It did not say t o support Dr. Beter, to Support Spotlight, to support the information of the New Solidarity or U .S . Labor Party-this Awareness indicated that these were sources of information which could not be found in other places . Thi s Awareness indicates that these sources of information add to one's general understanding of what is occurring . This Awareness did not indicate that the Spotlight was completely true, but that it was partially true . This Awareness suggests that you refer back to that reading where this Awareness indicated these sources as bein g of value.* * •ED's Note : this information has even been incorporated in the letterhead of 'Revelations of Awareness' .(Doesnit anyone read That? ) •* Please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 79-10 (How to Keep Informed In Spite of the Controlled Press) : $1 .50 from CAC .

This Awareness suggests that in terms of the conflict between Dr . Beter's material and the material printed by the Spotlight, that this information can be evaluated in terms of the overall and long-range information pre sented by these organizations, rather than over particular articles . This Awareness suggests that in terms of th e accuracy of these organs of information, that there are indeed areas wherein there is inaccuracy printed or re leased, both in the New Solidarity–U .S . Labor Party material and in the Spotlight material and also there i s some error in the Dr. Beter material . This Awareness has indicated that the Dr . Beter material as being approximately 90% accurate in those areas which it covers . This Awareness indicates this means there is approximately 10% that is not accurate . This Awareness suggests that likewise, there are certain percentages in the Spotlight publications which arc inaccurate . This Awareness indicates that the information being released by the Spotlight as that which presents a certain viewpoint, which is part of consciousness . This Awareness indicates the information being released by the Ne w Solidarity is also presenting a certain viewpoint in consciousness . This Awareness indicates that the informatio n released from the controlled press presents a certain viewpoint which is prevalent in consciousness . This Awareness indicates that the U .S . Labor Party is generally considered to be left-wing, the New Solidarity newspaper as representing a somewhat leftist approach to political evaluations . This Awareness suggests the Spot Light as that which generally is seen as representing the conservative point of view . This Awareness indicates that if one is of a liberal mind, that entity will consider himself or herself to be in the middle of consciousness, an d anything to the right of their own attitudes as being conservative or extreme right . This Awareness suggests that if one is in the conservative vein, they would consider the liberal to be a Leftist . This Awareness indicates all thi s is relative . This Awareness indicates that a mind which is truly searching to discover what is, will look at all differen t opinions, will read all different viewpoints–and that this kind of consciousness will be capable of looking withou t feeling offended, without feeling violated at the different viewpoints of various entities or various concepts o r various opinions, when discovering or when reviewing certain information . This Awareness suggests that the entity who is offended by Anita Bryant, the entity who is offended by certai n right-wing concepts, this entity is close-minded to these areas . This Awareness indicates the entity who is offended by left-wing liberal concepts is also close-minded . This Awareness asks entities to become aware, and to be come aware entities must look at the thing from all sides . This Awareness indicates that your controlled pres s tends to look at things from a very limited point of view, not to look deeply, but to look from a shallow an d very pacifying point of view, with the emphasis given to the political attitude of the party who is in charge o f the controlled press at the time . This Awareness indicates that the mass media generally takes the attitude of `Don't shock the public wit h anything . Don ' t let out too much news about anything . Keep the public somewhat ignorant of the facts behin d the headlines .' This Awareness indicates that when It recommended the U .S . Labor Party paper, the recommendation is not simply on the grounds of its total accuracy, but as much if not more so on the depth of informatio n –that this organization has a very profound intelligence system, whereby they look behind the scenes and evaluate the activities which arc going on in a political, economic and social atmosphere within the world's environs . This Awarneess indicates that this organization, the U .S . Labor Party, gives more information of the world event s in one newspaper than you will find in most newspapers in a month of reading . This Awareness indicates tha t the accuracy is not the only thing to consider . This Awareness indicates that this newspaper does have its particular slant, its particular point of view . This Awareness suggests that It expects entities to question those slants and those points of view . This Awareness indicates that It does expect entities to have some originality in thei r thinking and in their evaluation, and not simply to believe this newspaper or to believe every statement presente d simply because this Awareness has indicated that it was 65% accurate . This Awareness indicates when It indicate d 65% accurate, this meant that there is a chance of 35% inaccuracy, and this Awareness suggests that entitie s may also look for the inaccuracies involved . This Awareness indicates that in terms of the Spotlight information, the information which is given goes int o detail in several areas, and again this is slanted from a right-wing point of view which is so obvious that entitie s may look around the right-wing point of view and see what is happening–recognizing that they are viewing thi s from the conservative eyes of this newspaper ; yet there is information being printed in this newspaper whic h gives knowledge that is not available elsewhere . This Awareness suggests that this as likened unto looking at an elephant in a stall whereby the entity stand s in the front of the elephant and observes this elephant and states what is seen, and all observers stand aroun d and say, "That appears to be correct to me ; that appears to be the face value in-depth observation of this creature ." This Awareness indicates that another reporter, or publisher may move over to the right-wing side of the elephant, looking through the stall, may describe what is seen . This Awareness indicates this description being presented, the audience standing in front says, "Oh, that is absurd ; that is an extreme and offensive description t o me ." This Awareness indicates that another reporter may move to the left side of this creature and describe th e nature of the elephant as viewed from that side, and the entities standing in front looking at face value will say , L .'

"That is ridiculous, these are idiots on the extreme left side and they do not see clearly . " This Awareness indicates there are others who look in depth and see that which is from the rear of the elephant, and describe this , and those in front simply remark, "This is totally ridiculous ; this man has simply flipped out and has gone insane '' This Awareness indicates that an entity who is attempting to be scientific and truly objective, will consider al l sides of the elephant rather than simply the face value as indicated by the controlled press . This Awareness indicates that in terms of your evaluation of Dr . Beter's information--you have the right t o close your mind at any time you choose—all entities have the right to close their eyes and not look. This Awareness indicates you have the right to refuse to accept the viewpoint of someone on the right or on the left, yo u may also refuse to believe those who are giving you the information on face value . This .Awareness indicates yo u also can refuse that which is described by those who are observing from all sides . This Awareness indicates if yo u truly wish to be objective, you will listen to everything and not close off any possibilities for information t o enter into your consciousness. There is no need for you to make a decision as to whether the elephant is real, unreal, shaped like this, shaped like that, looks like this, or looks like that, has this purpose or has that purpose , —no one is forcing you to reach a conclusion at this time . This Awareness suggests that you may reach your conclusion if you so choose, or you may remain open an d wonder whether there is any truth to any of these reports, and allow these reports to continue to come your wa y and to observe that which you have not seen before, to listen to the reports of others as they see and as the y report. This Awareness indicates it becomes absurd not to listen to the reports of others, but to refuse to liste n to the reports of others . This Awareness indicates when entities close their eyes, close their ears, close their mind s —then they may be satisfied that they have all the information they need to make a decision, but they have ceased to hear anything more, and they have their decision--but they have lost their curiosity and their ques t and search for truth, for they assume they know the truth . This Awareness indicates this has been going on for centuries and many entities prize that attitude of `I kno w the truth, I need not be shown anything more . ' This Awareness indicates that in your demands, or your request, whichever it may be, that this Awareness o r the entity Paul Shockley prove to you that the robotoids exist, you are setting yourself up for a disappointment , for neither this entity nor this Awareness is your servant, nor needs to prove anything to you, but can share what is seen, when and if you open your consciousness to receive, to search, and to wonder whether there i s anything to this or not . This Awareness indicates that the fact that you wrote the question, asked the question , indicates that your mind is still searching, and therefore you have not closed your mind to this . This Awareness therefore suggests that the question be asked and that this Awareness shall give you indications whereby you may search for better understanding of how these robotoids might be real .



QUESTION : " Please comment in detail on Dr . Beter's theory of Russian robotoids replacing Carter, Brezinski, and so forth, and give som e means whereby this seemingly insane theory may be proven true or false? "

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness does not wish to prove this true or false . This Awareness indicates that if It presented th e proof of this information, the Interpreter, the staff of C .A.C. and the majority of members in C .A.C. and Dr. , Beter, would in fact be jeopardized and endangered by the proof . This Awareness indicates that this informatio n as being extremely dangerous for this entity to have released—that the only reason why the entity has bee n allowed to continue serving after the release of this information is because it appeared to be so unbelievabl e that the public has not responded or reacted in a manner that threatened those who are behind this action . This Awareness indicates that there is no way and no need for this Awareness to prove these exist in orde r to be in your good graces . This Awareness indicates it is for you to make this discovery after researching an d learning and digging and waiting, and wondering if this is important to you to make a decision as to their reality or not. This Awareness indicates however, that there are ways whereby you may search out further informatio n on the development of these creatures. This Awareness indicates that you research the areas of the DNA (yo u may begin with the book mentioned by Dr . Beter), that you research areas on cloning, that you research areas on electromagnetic fields, that you research areas in relation to UFOs—for these are all tied together . This Awareness indicates that the electromagnetic fields are used in creating certain atmospheres of an electronic nature, for the transmuting of the DNA . This Awareness indicates that information which may lead t o certain possible areas of research in this field, can be found in studies on mice and frogs and other small animal s in the early researches of the DNA . This Awareness indicates that the majority of this type of information has been withheld from the public, and is not available . This Awareness suggests that if you wish to spend some tim e 3.

moving into these fields of study, you may spend approximately ten years working through various scientifi c works and becoming acquainted with different scientists in the fields, to ask questions and research the information in this manner . This Awareness indicates that otherwise you may seek to explore through contacts with secret services, variou s entities who have contacts in the CIA or the secret services, and if careful you may become aware through som e of these entities of areas wherein certain researches of this type have occurred . This Awareness indicates this may take quite some time in developing friends in these branches of government who will share information with you or refer you to others who would do so . This Awareness suggests that if working your way up through the scientific academy or working through th e secret services or through research in libraries does not appeal to you, this Awareness suggests that you wait fo r other Dr . Beter tapes and other Awareness messages and other sources to present themselves to you for you r further evaluation, and that you shelf your concern for immediate answer to this situation . This Awareness indicates that essentially `there are more things in heaven and earth than you have dreame d of in your philosophy' . This Awareness indicates that the magnitude of this area of research and developmen t is so great that entities cannot at present comprehend . This Awareness indicates that this however is but a smal l portion of information which is withheld from the public . This Awareness indicates that entities ask this Awareness questions--this Awareness, speaking through Its Interpreters, gives information . This Awareness indicates entities are not satisfied with the information given , but want more information, more in-depth information—want to know more about how this or that can be . This Awareness indicates if It gives everything that an entity could ask about, if It answered all the question s in perfect proof and perfect evidence, exposing all secrets that the members would ask about, the Interprete r would be slain and the members hunted down for knowing too much about vital secrets to those who have powe r and wish to continue holding that power . This Awareness indicates the Project Bluebook * once had twelve hundred employees—there are now thirtee n of these entities still alive —for they knew too much . *CD's Note : Project Bluebook ' was a federal research group, started in 1946 , to investigate the UFO phenomenon .


TECHNOLOG Y Thanks to Rockefeller & UFOs )

QUESTION : H .N . of El Cerrito, Calif . has a related question, I believe, in relation to this . She says, "Some years back , some of the Russian government men were eliminated and were replaced by some of the `serpent people', wh o have the power to appear as an exact duplicate of any person" and she was wondering if this could be what i s happening that Dr . Beter describes as the `robotoids ' ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the production of these creatures in Russia has been occurring for approximately ten years . This Awareness indicates that research has been going on for thirty-five years . This Awarenes s indicates that entities may be shocked to discover that Russia has advanced so far in terms of technology, bu t this is not so strange when entities realize that the Rockefellers were working with the Russians during th e past thirty-five years and longer . This Awareness indicates these Rockefellers with their various agents an d agencies, those familiar in the government -- the FDA, the CIA, the AMA, and others — confiscated man y inventions, many secret discoveries and placed these in restriction in the United States so that they could no t be developed or could not be made public, but sent this information to Russia for development in secret laboratories and in secret experiments and research centers there . This Awareness indicates the intention was to giv e all of this high technology to Russia so that Russia, working with the Rockefellers, could take over the Unite d States when the time was right and would assist in setting up the new world government which the Rockefeller s and Rothschilds had planned . This Awareness indicates the information given by Dr . Beter about the breakdown of that alliance betwee n Russia and the Rockefellers explains how this fell apart, and why the Russians are now in control of this hig h technology and the Americans are behind . This Awareness indicates the American scientific and military developments in terms of this technology are lagging from fifteen to twenty years behind . This Awareness indicate s that the colleges teaching science to their students in comparison to the advancement of scientific technolog y which occurs behind the scenes, particularly in Russia—these colleges are likened unto schools teaching childre n 4.

to play with tinker toys—they are given only the basics of science, and in many cases are given information tha t deliberately is designed to keep them from advancing scientifically . This Awareness indicates this particularl y in terms of medical and military, physics and sciences—this last statement to be clarified : this particularly i n terms of military and medical sciences, in that these be of use to military purposes or medical purposes . Thi s Awareness indicates that these schools being supplied with text books from those organizations, publishing houses which are controlled by the Rockefellers, which have been controlled by these entities, --these textbook s as determining the level of development in these areas . For 30 Years, Russia has been Buying U .S . Patents for Ten Cents Eac h ('Oil Shortage' a Contrived Result of Rockefeller Greed )

This Awareness indicates that the Rockefellers had an arrangement with the U .S . Patent Office, that Russi a could have any patent for ten cents per copy . This Awareness indicates that it automatically was to suppl y these patents to Russia---this has been in existence for some time, approximately thirty years . This Awareness indicates the best brains in America, the greatest inventions, these have been of great valu e to the Russians along with their own creative and inventive capabilities, whereas the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have hindered these brains and inventors in America to prevent them from bringing forth those invention s which could be of great benefit to the masses . This Awareness indicates the `oil shortage' is but a contrived result of this and other situations, for there ar e many inventions at this time which allow free energy---energies which need no oil . This Awareness suggest s there arc inventors who have created working models of various types of engines or power-producing plants , which need no oil and which can run on free energy . This Awareness indicates for example, the wave turbine s which produce electricity from the waves of the ocean, whereby these placed on both sides of the continen t in the Pacific and in the Atlantic, could power all electric needs of this nation---from coast to coast, for les s than the hydro-electric dams . There are Many Inventions withheld from publi c (Motors that will run without oil )

This Awareness indicates that there are also motors which run on electro-magnetism, on the breaking dow n of water into hydrogen and oxygen, on the use of vortex energies and motors which run on air alone by turning this air into gases . This Awareness indicates there are also solar powers, which can be made to produce energy in a much more inexpensive way than the oil or nuclear power plants---there are also thermal energie s from beneath the ground, the geothermal energies which can be a cheap source of power . This Awareness indicates there is also that which can make fuel for automobiles and for other forms of heating, through the us e of wood and organic plant life, by creating alcohols and oils which can be used or by creating gas, which ca n be used for these purposes—but none of these can be brought forth without the permission of the multi-nationa l oil companies who control the wealth and energies and those of the public and private utility companies an d the government which supports these monopolies . American Medical Association (AMA) is Suppressing Healing Machine s

This Awareness indicates there are also healing machines and methods which are suppressed by the power s of the unions and associations, that of the American Medical Association . This Awareness indicates there i s so much control and power based on the greed force, that the entire network from government, from the corporate levels down, through the controlled presses, the medical and the American Bar Association, and eve n into the trade unions—this Awareness indicates that all of this needs to be cleansed . This Awareness indicates this is occurring and will continue to occur and there is a great power movin g through the Illuminati at this time, which is dismantling this organization and all its complexities--taking th e Beast apart from the top down . This Awareness indicates entities who w-nt proof of this, may need to wai t until it is announced over their television, radio or in their newspapers and magazines . This Awareness indicates that it is not a matter whether entities believe or not ; it does not matter to thi s Awareness whether entities believe or not . This Awareness suggests you not believe—this Awareness asks yo u to become aware, if you can find any way of becoming aware, this Awareness suggests you do that . This Awareness does not indicate that awareness must come through this Interpreter, through Dr . Beter or throug h any other particular source : This Awareness suggests you find those sources which help you to become aware .

(Reading concludes on following page ) 5.

(Closing Message ) This Awareness indicates the word `awareness' carries with it a hint as to how to become'aware .This Awareness indicates it is closely related to the word `beware' . This Awareness indicates it also contains the letters A.W.E . This Awareness indicates when one experiences awe, one is opening his or her consciousness and i s taking in, taking in, taking in, receptive---the awesomeness, being in awe of---when one is in awe, one is recep tive and open and listening . This Awareness indicates when one cease to be in awe, ceases to question, cease s to wondor, ceases to search, ceases to listen—one simply knows and is satisified and therefore, can put th e issue to rest and needs not question, and may go back to sleep, or forget . This Awareness indicates when one begins to shut down, close down the shop of mind, close down th e awareness, the search, the questioning ; when one closes down one's consciousness (no longer seeking), assuming to have reached the conclusions and answers needed, one has eaten of the tree of knowledge and knows . This Awareness indicates when one knows, one no longer is receptive to the energies of life . This Awareness indicates the Tree of Knowledge closes off sensitivity and stops the energies from enterin g the body, which give it enthusiasm, which give it vitality . This Awareness indicates when one is questioning, wondering, searching, the entity is also absorbing vital energies—the questioning mind, the searching conscious ness allows an entity to live longer and fuller, and to maintain youthful vigor much longer .

HARD TIMES STILL ARE COMIN G ( Gathering Storm Information Still Valid ) (Opening Message, Reading of June 29 . 1979 )

This Awareness indicates that the energies at the moment in this latter part of June as that which may b e likened unto a peaceful intersection of waters from various channels and sources, whereby one may rest, wai t or reside temporarily in time and space but cannot remain permanently . This Awareness indicates there are several directions whereby the movements may go . This Awareness suggests that it appears the movement shall continue on the momentum which has been built, toward that whic h was indicated last fall in the Gathering Storm information . This Awareness indicates that the probability of severe economic difficulties as that which is rapid approach ing, that the exact timing given last fall as a probability of October 29th, that this is not necessarily valid as a date, for this as being an economic crisis that cannot be controlled with that exactness . This Awareness indicates however, that the effect will be felt on a more gradual . downturn . This Awareness suggests that the contro l of this crisis is not likely to be quite so motivated as was previously indicated to set up the economic control s which would enslave the masses . This Awareness indicates however, that there will be other potential controls, for other motives, that ca n create many hardships for entities . This Awareness indicates that it appears to be a situation whereby th e powers controlling the economy shall experience an influence that comes from many sources which prevent s absolute control by any one group or any one organization . This Awareness indicates that in this process, ther e can be much readjustment and realignment of the responsibilities and rights of individuals and their expectations and claims to those rights . This Awareness suggests that there will be many who will suffer, particularly in the economic sense—tha t many others will benefit from the time coming . This Awareness suggests that this action has broad scope o f purpose in the general sense, and will have an overall beneficial result for humanity even though the immediat e effects will be unpleasant for many entities . This Awareness indicates that more will be 'released on this infor mation at a later time . *** a * * ED's Note : We suggest that any new members who have not yet done so, order the booklet Saving Fortunes by Sbaringg Favors , written by Paul Shoc7dey, which gives detailed information on how to side-step the coming depression . (Price : $2.00, available from C .A.C. or the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . 'Gathering Storm ' booklet (79-1) is Available from C .A .C. ($4 .00 )

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