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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna . Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Ileavcnly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag e of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels . The information coutained herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance states and 'interprete d ' by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information is for those who desire to help in brining m the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Agc . ' Fhroughout the man y thousands of 'Readings' given through these channels Cosmic Awareness repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Members of Cosmic Awareness C:ornmunicattons are invited to send in questions of general interest for possible puhlication in this Newsletter .


Transmutation of the Beast )





RIFF--RAF F (Preparing for High Magik )

An Address by Cosmic Awareness to the officers and the cre w (C .A .C . General Reading, May 25, 1979 )

Paul Shockle y Trance-Interpreter

(Opening Message ) COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness wishes to comment briefly on the recent responses to the messages which have been released through you r organization . This Awareness indicates that generally the membership at large and others have responded with a keen sense o f urgency from states of awareness and responsibility . This Awareness indicates that these entities, many acting in response to th e urgencies sent out, without having having full benefit of the total picture of what was 'occun•ing behind the scenes—this Awareness indicates that these entities responding in this manner have assisted multitudes who were unaware of what was occurring,wh o may never fully understand what has occurred . This Awareness indicates that the majority of entities on this plane are not trul y clear in their observations, in their thinking, in their analysis, and in their researches, partly due to programming beliefs, and lac k of training in areas of research . This Awareness indicates that many do not have the time, do not have the means for researching and in-depth studies . Thi s Awareness indicates that many entities simply react from an emotional level or that which may be termed the 'gut-level response ' whereby they either like or dislike the information being received and respond from that level . This Awareness indicates that for those responding front this level, that is appropropriate, as that is the extent of their capacity . This Awareness indicates that it is not appropriate or necessary that any of those entities who have refused to respond, who have resisted response, who have fel t and expressed hostility at the information which this Awareness has released--it is not necessary that these entities be evaluate d in their development or in their capacity to respond, nor .s it necessary for entities working in high magic upon this plane to justif y to these entities the means, methods or reason for their own response and behavior . This Awareness indicates that you have had a very difficult task, and have guided the ship of state through the Perilous Passag e --you are not yet out of the troubled waters for there are still great dangers ahead, and many of those areas which have bee n warned about are still lurking in your future ; yet the great danger, the most perilous passage has been navagated and the potentia l for nuclear war has decreased to practically nothing at this time . COi'YRIGI IT 1979 by Cosmic

Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction, however


permitted .


This Awareness indicates this likened unto the ship moving through the dangerous rapids and destruction being avoided . Thi s Awareness indicates that many of the sleeping passengers who refused to come on deck, or those who came on deck and thos e who attempted to awaken their neighbor---many of these will feel they have been cheated because they did not experience th e holocaust which was warned about--many of these entities will gloatingly write that it did not occur, and they were right in remaining asleep, and that you all were fools . This Awareness indicates that many of your crew members who could not clearly sec what was occurring on deck may respond to you that they attempted to awaken passengers, passengers made fun of them fo r their stupidity and now they are embarrassed because nothing occurred that reeked of the danger which you warned them of . This Awareness indicates that these entities being fearful for their pride, fearful that they might be embarrassed before thei r friends, simply were half-awake, did not have the full information of what was occurring, nor did they take the time to find out . This Awareness gave many references whereby entities can check out the information which was given . This Awareness suggest s you check foreign newspapers, foreign radio broadcasts from those times, and that you not simply bury your head in a TV se t or your local controlled newspaper and assume that all was as is stated by these two communication devices . This Awarenes s indicates that when a ship is in trouble . the passengers are usually the last to know—this Awareness indicates so it is also with a nation, unless that nation is seeking to arouse the passengers to respond, as occurred in the December 1941 attack on Pear l Harbor . This Awareness indicates that even at that time, it was known approximatel y onolulu £+tnr-J3ulft-tinl=EXTRA one year before that the United States would enter into war with japan ; there wer e ; entities who attempted to warn that the Japanese were approaching, that the Japan varRUUSCOK is ►>,• Idul ee .w .It reeved W ese were to attack Pearl llarbor, yet these entities were shut off and not allowed t o mummy MAJ■vsom*ors had that information publicly .


OAu DOMBED DY SE' •i croicwcr PLANES Homna .

This Awareness indicates that it would not have made much difference as the averag e American would have simply considered the message as being that which was emanatin g from a crackpot . This Awareness indicates that it is always this way—that you not worr y yourself about being labeled a crackpot . This Awareness indicates that this was so als o –. '~arr.P during the Cuban missile crisis—there were warnings that Russia was building up an arm '°~ -}1^ ament of missiles in Cuba . These warnings were issued several weeks before it was ever decided to check out the rumors . Thi s Awareness indicates that the entities considered this as being nothing but a crackpot rumor, until John Kennedy asked his ow n brother to check out the truth of these stories . This Awareness indicates the rest is history, that it was discovered that in fac t there was a build-up of nuclear missiles in Cuba, the idea of such magnitude appeared to be absolutely unbelievable at that tim e ---in retrospect it is considered believable and fact without question . This Awareness indicates that in retrospect, what has occurred recently will someday be written as history, and all entitie s studying history will be let in on what occurred at this time . Meanwhile, entities who have known what was occurring will simpl y have to face certain amounts of ridicule from the ignorant who did not know what happened, and who still insist that all wa s well, and there was no reason for anyone to awaken the sleeping masses . DANGER STILL LIES AHEA D S .P .I .R .A .L GROUPS SHOULD STAY AWAK E

This Awareness indicates that ahead lies continued dangers ; there is no need for entities to fall back asleep at this time–or i f falling asleep and attending your own urgencies, this Awareness suggests that you be alert and be ready in case a response is need ed . This Awareness indicates you not attempt to awaken the masses who are too absolutely close-minded, but those who are ope n may wish to be informed as to what this was all about . To these you may explain . This Awareness suggests that there is no present danger of nuclear war, that this could rebuild, but the likelihood has diminished greatly . This Awareness indicates that the letter-writing campaign to those entities mentioned previously may now diminish , that this Awareness suggests however, that the SPIRAL organizations continue to be formed, and that these organizations ma y act independently of each other, but with a communication which allows them to share information with one another, and t o inform their local area of various things which are occurring . This Awareness suggests that this including any forms of activitie s which infringe upon the rights of individuals and their liberties . This Awareness suggests that these SPIRAL organizations simply be informative organizations rather than active or politica l groups. This Awareness suggests that the danger of a dictatorship has not diminished as greatly as would be desired, that ther e still are efforts to bring about controls and to reassert certain types of programs which would again grab the power which coul d be used against the masses and for world domination . This Awareness has indicated that this would be unlikely to succeed, bu t this as conditional on the premise that entities remain alert . This Awareness indicates that if entities fall asleep again, the chances of this occurring can indeed increase further . This Awareness suggests the 'Gathering Storm ' material` as that which may continue to be circulated as this can help diminish the possibility of it occurring . Don't Put Labors on this Heavy Informatio n

This Awareness indicates also that entities need not consider the information which this Awareness has given as being eithe r negative or positive, that the general public enjoys labeling things with polarized labels--good-bad, pro-con, for against, pleasan t or unpleasant, positive or negative, significant or insignificant . This Awareness indicates that the information which has bee n given is simply what it is--if you think it is negative, that is your own personal labeling . This Awareness does not consider this t o -- se PHOG rs this information to be what is .

This Awareness suggests that if you think butterflies, flowers, birds and sweet words ar e positive, that is your own labeling. This Awareness does not consider these things as necessarily being positive, for often these are tools for hypnotizing masses, or for hypnotizing individuals, or for seducing individuals, so that other activities less motivated by the qualitie s of love and humanitarian purposes can be instituted upon that person or group of persons . This Awareness indicates that positive or negative is simply a term used according to th e judgement of the entities observing and their opinions of what they see . C .A .C . NOT FOR EVERYONE . . .NOT FOR MOS T 'LIGHT' GROUPS (Large Membership not Necessary )

This Awareness indicates that many entities have cancelled membership or who have writte n criticisms are not fully familiar with what this Awareness has given previously to these particular intense messages, and simpl y are basing their evaluations on a fragment of what this is all about--making judgements upon the entire movement, or the entir e situation by observing the picture through a pinhole, which they were only recently introduced to and which allows them onl y a small peek . This Awareness indicates that you not worry about these entities who make their decisions about a situation whe n viewing only a tiny particle of the situation . This Awareness indicates that it is not important to win over foll owers ; it is no t important to build a large membership ; what is important is to remain aware, open, concerned about the needs of humanity , and to respond to those urgencies which come up . This Awareness indicates that the response by those who arc aware indicate s that the level of high magic within this group as that which cannot be denied, which is of a very powerful nature . This Awareness indicates that you cannot expect novices, beginners, to deal with these energies—that many of these entitie s who come in contact with these energies are repelled by the intenseness, the urgency and the extremely high vibrations whic h these energies are dealing with—many entities simply cannot stand the heat in this kitchen, in this alchemical furnace, and there fore recoil ; but doing so, recoil with condemnation for the alchemical furnace . This Awareness indicates that is a face-savin g action, so that they do not need to admit to themselves that they simply are incapable of dealing with these energies . This A ness indicates that essentially this action is not meant for everyone, not for many so-called 'Light ' groups, for the majority Light groups are incapable of doing anything more than simply passing a few soothing messages to their membership and workin g on personal problems and dealing with personal beliefs and psychological needs . This Awareness indicates that this is sufficien t and appropriate for these entities and for these Light groups, that there needs to be actions on all levels, and entities may need t o move through those levels before entering into the higher levels of vibration . A Word About Cosmic Awareness ' s 'Shocking' Word s

This Awareness indicates that there shall be some criticisms of certain expressions as was used by this Awareness in a previou s message, this being that wherein this Awareness used the term, `drive the bastards out ' . This Awareness indicates that many entities may consider this to be shocking . This Awareness considers nuclear war to he shocking . This Awareness considers condemnation of humans against humans, alienation of humans against humans, tragedies and sufferings, death, mutilations, separation s and sorrows to be the most degrading expressions . This Awareness does not consider firm words, shocking words which may b e necessary to emphasize the urgency, as being inappropriate . This Awareness deliberately and intentionally used that phrase t o assist in the focusing action which was necessary---there was no other phrase which could bring about the correct alignment o f energies for that purpose which was necessary . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who nitpick over certai n little nits, because they are incapable of seeing the larger picture—this as likened unto entities being attacked by a gigantic monster, but instead of noting the monster, begin fighting with each other because someone stepped on the other ' s toe . This Awareness indicates that this Awareness has stepped on many entities' toes during this last eight months . This Awareness wishes It ha d stepped on a few more toes, and had awakened a few more entities somewhat sooner, for if It had, some of the tragedy whic h has been suffered in this previous eight months by certain entities might have been avoided . This Awareness wishes it could hav e stepped on many toes during the past ten years, so that much tragedy could have been avoided, but this Awareness did not hav e the clear and open channel which was necessary for It to stomp on the toes of entities to awaken them at that time .


This Awareness is only now finding the channel presently being used as opening up for this Awareness to speak in a direct an d meaningful way which allows this information to be released properly upon this plane . This Awareness indicates that these entities who wish this Awareness to be meek and mild and soft-spoken, to speak to the masses of flowers and birds and butterflie s and glorious colors of red, green, 'violet, gold and blue---this Awareness wishes that these entities who seek to have this Awareness speak in this manner could have been present when the entity Jesus walked into the money-changers ' temple and hegan hi s ` meek and mild-mannered ' approach of driving the money-changers from the temple . This Awareness wishes that these entities could have been present at the time when various crises were occurring in the lives of children in Cambodia, wherein entities i n Vietnam, Korea, Europe, China, japan and the many south sea islands during the last thirty years have experienced these heav y energies in their lives . This Awareness indicates that if these entities who want this Awareness to speak of flowers and butterflies could have bee n present during those times, they, might he a little more tolerant and allow this Awareness to head off wars, to avoid those tragedies, to speak of things so that these things might not come about . 3.


This Awareness indicates that if these entities could have been in Auschwitz, or in some o f the other places of the black sorrows of the earth, they might cry out--`Wiry did not somethin g or someone warn us when we could have done something about this? ' This Awareness has a certain amount of pity for entities who cannot see clearly the urgenc y and necessity for speaking and warning of dangers . This Awareness wonders how these entitie s can drive down a highway, look at a stop sign, a red light, a caution light, a danger signal on a road . This Awareness wonders if these entities consider these things as being negative thought s

and signs planted by aliens, or if these entities recognize and appreciate these signs—warnings fo r being positive actions to prevent sorrow and suffering and tragedy . This Awareness has no great sympathy for the entities who set themselves up to be judges o f others who are attempting to warn the passing ship, to warn the passing motorist, to warn th e passing entity of the dangers ahead, when these judges themselves know not what they speak of , care not to research, and simply wish to be critical without any basis for their criticism . This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who pride themselves on being skeptical, that these entities seek to have others run about and gather evidence to prove somethin g to them, which they themselves are skeptical of accepting . This Awareness indicates in the past , this has been a stance of the so-called ' authority ' to make others prove to him what the other s believe to be so, –the skeptic simply accepts the proof, examines it, and says–'You do not hav e WAR enough proof – go forth and bring me more . ' This Awareness indicates this skeptic then receiv ing more and more proof eventually finds that the proof is overwhelming, accepts the proo f and then goes forth with all the evidence, and claims the authority of being the author of this new-found knowledge . This Awareness indicates this as an old trick, based upon an occult attitude to vampire the energies of other people so that th e skeptic becomes the authority . This Awareness indicates this is a time of the past, that entities meeting a skeptic at this time, wh o requests more and more proof, may simply tell the skeptic, `Go find your own proof, or forget it . I am not your servant . As fa r as I am concerned, you may flush yourself into the skeptic tank . ' This Awareness indicates it is time for entities to stop being quite so skeptic of others, and become skeptic of themselves . Th e mind is not clearly thinking until it turns and questions everything it believes itself to know . CLEAR THE DECKS OF RIFF-RAF F THEN BACK TO THE BUSINESS AT HAN D

This Awareness hopes that this has cleared the decks of riff-raff so that the crew can now attend to the business of high magic , for there is still much left to do . This Awareness indicates that the threat of nuclear war as a confrontation between the Unite d States and Russia has been diminished at this time, the potential for a war in the Middle East has decreased considerably, yet thi s is still a possibility--the information previously given on this still stands .* This Awareness indicates that the potential for a wa r between China and the Soviet Union has increased somewhat, and this can be a dangerous situation . This Awareness indicates that overall, however, the general potential for war in the world has decreased by at least 50%, that this must be watched carefull y for the dangers are still present . This Awareness indicates that the Pope has changed the time of his visit to Poland because of the plan which was in progres s to have him assassinated . This Awareness indicates the Russians have assisted the Pope, so that he might be more greatly protecte d in that visit . This Awareness indicates the Russians have also made certain moves into the Western World, particularly into Britain , to wrest certain power from Britain which will assist in preventing these things from occurring . This Awareness indicates that soni c entities have written in that they are embarrassed because the Pope had not been assassinated and their friends are now ridiculin g them for having suggested this would happen . This Awareness indicates it did not say this would happen . It said this was the pla n in motion . This .Awareness indicates this was the plan in motion, that the plan has changed . This Awareness indicates that th e future is never fixed, and this Awareness has always stated that . This Awareness suggests that the Pope in moving his visit to June , is being given greater protection in Poland, and the likelihood of his assassination has diminished greatly . This Awareness wishes you to note also, that the Russian government has opened the doors of Russia to 200 Polish priests , to open churches in Russia ; the government has sponsored programs and celebrations of the Christian mass this Easter, the government of Russia and other private sources in Russia have requested the printing of one-half million Bibles from Germany , printed in Russian for the Russian people . This Awaren ess ,r.d. ,ats there are definitely changes which are occurring in thi s nation, that there arc still entities who arc ten years behind to their thinking and are still unforgiving of what occurred previousl y in Russia . This Awareness indicates that many of those political refugees who left Russia arc now returning, are now seeking t o return to Russia . This Awareness indicates there is a reason for all of this . This Awareness asks entities either to move up int o present time, become aware of what is happening, and forget your ten year old theories, or stop writing letters and harrassin g the staff of C .A .C . *Please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 79-7 (tlotlinc)$2 .00, and No . 79-14 (Passage Pcrilous),$2 .U0 available from C .A .C . 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 79-1 (The Gathering Storm) : $4 .00, available from C.A .C . (Offset proofs, $10 per set t 4.

C .A .C . Not to Answer all Letter s

This Awareness indicates that the staff of C .A .C. simply does not have the time and energy to answer questions which arc no t relative to present time, to realities, and are simply based on old literature, or literature which itself is based on even older literature . This Awareness in giving this Message, is attempting to pare off the worms, parasites and inept levels of consciousness--ideas, concepts, emotions, which are beginning to infringe upon the clarity of this organization . This Awareness suggests that many entities are capable of being much more clear in their communications with the staff of C .A .C ., but arc being careless in their communications, are writing letters without researching their facts, are objecting withou t basis, are expressing feelings which are not justified, are simply regurgitating their emotions which they may have gathered fro m some other source, but are simply sending them out here for this organization to deal with . This Awareness indicates this make s this organization into a kind of karmic wastebasket . This Awareness suggests that this must change, for the actions which this organization must move into during the future months needs to be more clearly defined, with the kind of energy that allows straigh t and clear communication without the garbage . This Awareness suggests that the staff of C .A .C . does not need to respond to every letter, particularly those which are not of a high calibre and are simply one person 's desire to argue over a point or a particula r message .* This Awareness indicates that you need not get into this kind of dialogue, nor feel responsible to these entities . *Ell's Note : The most common letters lately are concerned with members who sec President Carter or Kissinger etc . on TV o r read about them in a current newspaper and self-righteously inform us we have 'been had' and are putting out false information . The second most common letter refers to publications which rank Dr . Beter (including 'The Spotlight' which Awareness recommends as being about 80% accurate) . Dr. Beter informs us that such slanted attacks are motivated by editorial jealousy on the par t of certain entities working with these publications because Dr . Beter has 'scooped ' them so often with newstories . The staff o f C .A .C . was delighted when Awareness made the above statement, for we did indeed feel obligated to justify what we print whe n members call us on certain points . Henceforth we will answer no letters regarding the above two subjects . There is enough evidenc e in the daily press that aware entities can perceive how these ' doubles ' do exist . As time goes on, this will probably increase--movin g through the Supreme Court, the Congress and posssibly the media until those who promulgate the insanity of war are replaced . *** *


This Awareness indicates that your basic membership is clear--the basic membership of this organization is of a very hig h calibre, and it is generally the newcomers who simply enjoy getting into the energy field and then decide to splash around thei r own expressions, before discovering what the energy field is all about : these entities need to be given clearer directions . Thi s Awareness suggests that it may be necessary to form a policy whereby newcomers may not be encouraged to write letters o r questions until they have studied and experienced the material for six months . This Awareness indicates that this may be necessary . This Awareness suggests however, that it may not be necessary for many newcomers are of a high calibre, and can also see clearl y and ask clear questions and relate clearly . This Awareness suggests it is but a few entities who can spoil the energy field for others , therefore, this does need to be examined and looked at carefully . This Awareness suggests that whereby you receive a letter or message from an entity which is obviously being delivered fro m a stupored mind, a mind which is not aware, not awake, and simply acting on programs from alternate levels of vibrations, bu t from a distorted type of reasoning—this Awareness suggests that you may simply write upon the letter, 'Please rephrase the messag e more clearly, so we can communicate as equals', and may send this back to this entity . This Awareness indicates this message to this entity can serve as a mirror to allow the entity the possibility of reflecting on his own manner of expression . This Awarenes s indicates this appears to be enough said on this topic . This Awareness indicates there will be further need for clear energy in the coming months, you are not yet out of the trouble d waters, and therefore, the crew on deck needs room, and those who do not wish to help, or those who wish to climb aboard an d disrupt the energies of the crew, those wo wish to argue with the crew, those who are worried about their red face which they fee l resulted from the lack of a nuclear war, those who are concerned about their lost pride because the Pope was not assassinated o n schedule, and their friends got the last laugh on them---this Awareness indicates these entities may go below deck and to their quarters and back to sleep, for all the good they are doing . (A Message to the Initiates ) NO FOOLING AROUND FROM NOW O N

(Closing message from C .A .C . General reading, May 25, 1979 ) This Awareness indicates that you may notice a slight change in the nature of many messages which have been coming throug h this Interpreter during the past few weeks . This Awareness indicates that for many years It has communicated through entities , through interpreters in a manner of great patience–answering questions of a ridiculous nature, such as 'I-low do I fix the crack i n my garage?i-Iow do I deal with my dog ' s itch? How do I pay my bills? Where can I get a better job? What is the name of the perso n I will someday marry? ' This Awareness indicates that It has waited and waited and waited for entities to tire of asking such quest ions . It has observed the levels of consciousness on this plane, watching entities challenge little statements, pick at nits ; and for m 5.

broad sweeping judgements from a gnat ' s eye . This Awareness indicates that It now has moved through a time of crisis, wherein communications have been sent to hundreds, to thousands, and are being now multiplied into millions . This Awareness indic' that these communications arc not always in total and complete packages, but that there are portions which are striking hom e and waking entities into new levels of consciousness . This Awareness indicates that there are messages which are touching int o minds which have been narrow and closed, and causing these minds to open, to question, to wonder, and to consider a possibilit y that never entered their mind before . This Awareness indicates that there is much thinking and much considering and minds are being stretched to the limits . This Awareness indicates that there are minds which reject information which has been released, yet these minds too have been stretched . This Awareness suggests that during this time, particularly during the past eight months, an alchemical effect has been occurrin g on this plane—that the Gathering Storm, the threat of the laser mark upon the hands, the threat of losing one ' s security, the threa t of depression and a totalitarian state, the threat of dictatorship and the possibility of losing one's freedoms, the threat of nuclea r war,—all of this being on one level, being focused on, being attended to, being looked at . This Awareness indicates while this wa s occurring, and the energies of entities were being used to transmute those energies of the Beast, and the energies of the threat o f nuclear war, there was occurring on another level an energy which tempered the souls of those who were aware and involved i n this action . This Awareness indicates that each entity who went through this Passage Perilous has emerged much stronger, muc h more tempered, much more solid, and with greater stability and greater ability to face difficulties with greater courage and greate r awareness . This Awareness indicates that you have all been moved through an initiation into a higher plane of consciousness, tha t some have failed and some have passed the initiation . This Awareness indicates that It shall communicate much more directly without the patience shown previously, for this Awareness expects entities now receiving these messages to act and feel and think and be initiates of this Awareness . This Awareness does not intend to place any form of bondage on anyone, but simply wishes that they become even more aware, looking mor e clearly . The messages from this Awareness will no longer mince words in order to prevent entities from having their emotion s ruffled, their beliefs challenged, or their feelings disrupted . This Awareness indicates when a question is asked or when this Awareness wishes to convey a message, it will do so whether you enjoy the answer or not . This Awareness is not concerned about the opinions of those who wish to dispute or argue or haggle over little insignifica , terminologies or word games . This Awareness asks entities who remain on the mailing list, as members of this organization . take stock of yourself, and be who you arc--but be the best you can be, and speak with the highest and best which is availabl e to you . This Awareness shall ever and always make more and more demands upon you that you become aware . This Awareness agai n repeats--It wants no servants, wants no followers, wants no worshippers--wants you to become aware .

REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter published by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington, 98507 . Rates and membership information available upon request .

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