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HOT LINE The New-Age Cosmic Newsletter 79--14

Cosmic Awareness Communication s a.

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Myrs$s, %%snsnston taSeT

COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an d other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag e . Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through certain carcfull -trained ch tnncLs . of consciousness awareness Thespintual information containedand herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance states and 'interprere ' by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age .Throughout the man y This information is for those tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , thousands of 'Readings' given through these channels Cosmic Awareness repeatedly yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Awarcnc,a will only indicate and suggest . Members of and discover for. doubt, Cosmic Awareness Communications are invited to send in questions of general interest for possible publication in this Newsletter .

Humanity at the Brink

!assag e Perilou s



WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE? THE HOUR OF DECISION IS AT HAND . ( C .A .C . General Reading given April 10, 1979) (Opening Message )


COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates the information that has been given thus far as that which has been of an intense nature . That some entities have responded to this information with attitudes of shock and avoidance and criticism for the release of such information . This Awareness indicates however that this has been of a small degree . This Awareness indicates that in general, the mass response has been that which is encouraging to this Awareness in regards to the possibility that something can be done to awake n the general mass consciousness. This Awareness indicates that many entities have expressed responses indicating that even though the information is trouble some, they prefer to know what is occurring, rather than to escape and hide from this . This Awareness indicates that these entities, having this attitude, arc assisting in the working off of the energy which has built on the subject of the topics which thi s Awareness has warned entities about窶馬amely the potential for nuclear war, and the potential for economic collapse and dictatorship in this nation . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities can look at that which is a threat with full attention, that this attention is that which allows the diminishing of that threat . This Awareness indicates that entities who prefer to avoid looking can serve onl y self-gratifying interests and escapism attitudes . This Awareness wishes to explain this in an analogy :

NOTE : This Reading is not copyrighted. Pleats reproduce and mail to as many as possible . 'Revelations of Awareness' is a ecemie Newslette r published by Cosmic Awareness Communications & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Subscription rates available upon requeee ,

This Awareness suggests that you visualize an entity who drives his automobile down onto the beach by an ocean, and who , in a drunken stupor, decides to sleep the night on this beach . This Awareness indicates that 'the entity;,falls asleep. as the tide begins to come in toward the automobile . A passerby notices the entity, sleeping and the tide coming in . This Awareness indicate s that the passerby decides that a warning is appropriate and necessary---therefore, attempts to awaken the entity sleeping in th e automobile, to warn himof the incoming tide . This Awareness indicates the entity in the automobile exppresses various attitudes . This Awareness indicates the first attitud e is, "Don't wake me . . . .Don't bother mc . . . .l'm satisified . Leave m e atone ." This Awareness indicates the entity attempting t o awaken the sleeper feels somewhat taken aback, bu t looks and sees that the entity knows not what h e does ; therefore'at, therisk of angering the entity , proceeds again to awaken this entity . The second attempt—the entity becoming slightly mor e awake—states his philosophy : "Don't bother me with negativity . I am a positive thinker . My thoughts create my own reality, therefore I'm Q .K . " This Awareness indicates the passerby attempting to awaken th e sleeper, recognizes that the steeper is becoming somewhat more aware of th e realities, and is now coherent enough to carry on a conversation on a certain level . This Awareness indicates the passerby the n begins to attempt another communication with the sleeper who has turned philosopher . This Awareness indicates that in the third attempt to awaken the entity, the entity begins to feel a slight anger that the firs t two rebuffs have not been effective . The entity then argues that : "I have told you I do not wish to be bothered . I have my ow n reality . I am a positive thinker . I trust in Gad and in the forces superior to myself to keep back any threats or dangers to myself . My own personal reality is my own creation . " This Awareness indicates the passerby then warns the entity again, "But the tide is coming in and is reaching the tires of you r automobile? It is almost too late to get it out! " The sleeper, still somewhat annoyed, begins to recognize that even though his own personal reality insists that positive though t prevents any form of discouraging realities from coming in, that just perhaps there is something which may have been overlooke d in this philosophy . ,lust perhaps, the ocean tide was not aware of the positive thoughts of the sleeper, and ignored those positive thoughts . Thus the sleeper begins to feel a sense of impending danger which threatens, but which also annoys, because it interrupts his comfort zone of positive thoughts and the desire to rest and sleep. This Awareness indicates thatanother attempt may be necessary, but eventually the entity may rise and look out the windo w and sec the incoming tide—hopefully, soon enough to remove the automobile before the waters begin to wash the sands fro m beneath the tires .

This Awareness indicates there arc many entities who have been so conditioned by the concept of personal reality and though t into believing that if they think it 's so, it is so. This Awareness indicates this is true to a certain point. This Awareness indicates there is, however, a difference between personal realities and group realities—social realities—national realities—geophysical real ities—and universal realities—and a clear understanding of these differences will allow entities to sort out realities of a situation which overlap from one level to another . This Awareness indicates It has given that you create your own reality . This Awareness indicates that It has also given that there is a collective reality created by the collective mind . This Awareness indicates that entities often confuse their own personal reality with the collective reality, and believe that simply because they personally reject the ideas or the situation being created by the collective reality, that the collective reality cannot exist, and therefore is not so . 2.

This Awareness indicates that many of these entities then choose to ignore the collective reality, thinking that by ignoring it , it will go away, and that by recognizing the collective reality as a fact, that they are energizing that collective reality . This Awareness indicates that to some extent this may be so . This Awareness indicates . it depends upon the attitude . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entity looks at a collective reality and energizes that reality to become more so, then indeed they are creating an d adding energy to that reality . That wherein an entity looks at the collective reality and says, "This is insanity"-then indeed the y are beginning to take energy away from that reality . This Awareness suggests that wherein entities look at the information which has been given, whereby it has been stated tha t there is a strong possibility of nuclear war-that there is a strong possibility of a dictatorship being set upon this land-and th e entity, seeing the manifestations and the details and recognizing the implications and the various facets of those potential expressious in . the human situations-such entititcs recognizing what is, or what is becoming, or what appears to be coming-these entities can determine whether to add to that reality, whether to deflect those energies and defuse that reality, or whether t o alert others in a mass movement to change that reality so that it does not completely crystalize or succeed in conquering and destroying their lives . This Awareness indicates that other entities looking briefly at the potential dangers, stating to themselves : "That is negative , and I refuse to look at negatives,"-such entities may hide their heads, turn their eyes away, put on beautiful music, put o n beautiful dress 'and flowers and adorn themselves with light, chant their OM's and their sacred words and thereby shut out th e potential negativity from their thoughts ; and once this is eliminated, such entities may feel good again, and believe that they have dealt with tie problem and have overcome the situation . This Awareness indicates these entities have simply shut off the mass reality , from the personal reality and have enclosed themselves in a personal reality that does not relate to the mass consc iousness . This Awareness indicates that in some cases such entities may indeed survive the situation, by being wrapped in ligh t and by avoiding the mass consciousness . That in other cases the entities eventually become victims of that which they though t they could avoid by escaping into personal reality levels . THE NATURE OF THE TRUE COSMIC BEIN G

This Awareness indicates that a true cosmic being, an entity who is aware, is aware not only of the personal realities and th e value of wrapping oneself in light, love, harmony, and the beautiful spiritual levels -is aware of the value of chants, of OMs, of prayers, of meditations--is aware of the potential of ritual, and various types of actions of a psychic or emotional, or menta l level in transmuting negative forces . The entity is also aware that it is necessary for th e ,' individual to be integrated in the universe, even if portions of the universe are alien to that which is considered beautiful and spiritual . The entity is aware that it is necessary to loo k at that which appears as darkness, appears as separateness, appears as a threat to his existence , appears as an aa%ful, diabolical, threatening, and dangerous situation—and looking at tha t while remaining wrapped in the Clear Light, the entity may begin to give forth energy which can have transmuting effects . But by ignoring the existence of those forces which appear as evil, appear as negative, th e entity simply gives them space to operate and spread their illusions of power and thei r dangers to others . This Awareness suggests that when the entity known as the Christ came to earth to rais e the vibrations, that entity did not enter with the idea that there was no such thing as negativity upon this plane-did not enter into this plane with the idea that there was no tragedy , was no sorrow, was no suffering :-that entity entered knowing that there was sorrow , suffering, and tragedy which needed to be transmuted . The entity did not walk his life , move through the situations of the experiences upon this earth with the attitude that, " I refuse to look at that because it is too negative . 1 only look at good things that make m e feel happy and spiritual . " This Awareness indicates that the entity did not assume the attitude that, "They won' t let this happen, The spiritual forces will not allow these negatives to do this kind of action . " This Awareness indicates that it is easy for entities to look at Biblical terminology, t o look at statements made by this Awareness, focus on one concept, use that as an argumen t ~."°^w against any further activity of . promoting deeper awareness levels . This Awareness indicates ~• that many entities are satisfied to assume that all will turn out all right---tither because in the end the Bible has said all will be well, a new heaven and earth will be created-or becaus e ` other. prophets have prophesied good things in the end . This Awareness indicates while thi s may be so, this Awareness indicates. while this is so, there is still the need for attention an d great concern and great energy while passing through the passage perilous-between thi s side, whereby the . rushing waters move through the narrow chasms of great dangers, o f rugged cliffs and rocks--before the ship enters into the peaceful waters in the other side o f this passage perilous . This Awareness indicates that those entities who are tiding aboard this ship-those voyagers wh o are content to stay in their cabins, rather than serving on deck where they are needed-those entitie s who would rather remain in bed with their heads covered, allowing the sugar plum fairies to dance-those entities who remain in their cabins with the White Light surrounding them in familiar comfort zones-telling other crew members who attempt to awake n ' them to the dangers, asking them to come to the decks to assist in any operation where they may be helpful-those entities reap . 'onding : "Oh don ' t worry, we'll get through all right ; I 'm meditating on it now"—this Awareness indicates that those entities ar e 'simply wallowing in self-delusions based upon the fear of looking at the realities and taking action . 3.


This Awareness indicates that the few crew ! members who are available are those who may indeed steer the ship through, and no doubt whe n the ship makes it through the passage perilous an d into the smooth waters on the other side, it will b e those in the cabins emerging on deck, glorying i n their accomplishments and victories--telling, th e crew-members, "1 told you so . You should hav e listened to me . We made it through without a scratch . " This Awareness indicates that there are man y ' crew-members who have taken it upon themselves to do the work for those who are taking it upo n themselves to take the credit by meditating in thei r sY cabins and hiding from the actions . This Awareness indicates those crew-members who ere inform ing others, who arc awakening others—these are .'t the entities who are doing the most, even though they may not have time to meditate, to bathe i n 1 the lights and spiritual energies . These entities may be taking upon themselves the dark karma of th e world—may be giving themselves the splashin g waters of the black sea of the darkness and th e storm which have surrounded the ship, yet thes e entities are also the ones who are responsible fo r leading those sleepers and meditators and thos e who claim to be holding the light through th e passage perilous . This Awareness wishes entities to understan d that meditation is a supplement to action and not the end in itself. That meditation is an actio n which allows entities to tune into the higher force s and to recharge their energies and dedication an d their purposes, to become oriented into the prope r attitude and direction, so that they function i n harmony and on course :Meditation is an action of balancing oneself with the universal energies . Thi s Awareness indicates that meditation on a concep t such as the concept of making it through the storm , ; is an action whereby one orients and sets the gyro scope of one's life on course to navigate oneself i n s. the proper direction . This Awareness indicates that if all entities went into the navigating room and refused to emerge, staying with the meditatio n of the gyroscope, keeping the ship on course with but a gyroscope before them, the navigational room itself would not steer th e ship—the navigational room itself simply gives the information and insight and understanding of the course . This Awareness indicates that meditation allows entities to know their direction ; but meditation is not the movement of the direction . This Awareness suggests that entities meditate, move into the Light, cleanse themselves, re-charge themselves, understand thei r direction, and then put into action that which is necessary to steer the ship, to steer their lives through the passage perilous, an d into the New Age . . ..


This Awareness indicates there is great danger, but one of the dangers which must be attended to by light workers, is th e danger of the concept which is so popular among light workers--that nothing needs to be done, there is nothing to be alarme d about—simply wrap yourself in light and let the UFO's or the people `out there' who are steering our ship take us through . This Awareness indicates that your ship has been taken over—there is a mutiny--your helm is in the hands of the alien force—yo u are being steered toward a course of destruction, and you wish to remain in your cabins so as not to be hindered by negativ e feelings or thoughts . This Awareness indicates that the few crew-members who are aware of what is occurring ; are running aroun d on the ship attempting to awaken those inside who are content to wrap themselves in meditations, prayers and self-delusions o f spiritual grandeur, only to find that their efforts to alert others are scoffed at and often rejected with implication that they ar e not only a nuisance belt also a fool . This Awareness indicates that there is very liUe hope at this time that the ship will not be wrecked . There is great probability at this time that war will erupt within the year—that the national emergency powers will be enacted and the Constitution will b e set aside---that the hardships which arc corning will begin appearing, perhaps before this reacting reaches most persons—that the in formation which this Awareness has given will begin to come true even sooner than was indicated—that the revolution within th e United States shall begin early this summer.

NUCLEAR WAR . . . .REVOLUTION THE POLICE STAT E . . . .ALL MAY OCCUR BEFORE SUMMER OF 197 9 You must now all play the role of tho Awakene r . . . .Not the Saviour . Write Letters NOW .

This Awareness indicates that the only possible chance of avoiding these things is th e awakening of the crew-members of this nation : the public, the citizens, on such a scale that they begin to take back the ship which has been lost. This Awareness indicates this as highly improbable, for the majority would rather not be bothered, and eve n those who have been informed, do nor. wish to inform others . This Awareness indicates the steps to taking hack this nation are, Number one : Inform as many persons as possible . Number two : Inform those persons who have responsibilities and authority whereb y they can, if they wish, do something . Number three : Inform as many publications as is possible . Number four : Begin to spread the word as a team, that the American people have bee n duped, have lost their freedoms, and must now begin quickly to take back those freedoms . Number five : Identify clearly who it is that has taken the freedoms .' This Awareness , . , suggests this information available through those sources which have been given prev iously—the Or . 13eter tapes, N'w Solidarity, Campaigner information, The Spotlight, the Gemstone File, and various others . This Awareness indicates this information as to who has done what, where it presently stands, what has occurred recently, and that there is a movement on to "Drive th e bastards out " ' This Awareness indicates this is that which can begin to hinder their operation, slow down the operation long enough to awake n more crew-members, and to perhaps stop the direction which this ship is taking . This Awareness indicates this also can give encouragement to the Russians, that it may not be necessary for them to completely destroy the United States in order to ri d the world of this Luciferian vampire cult known as the Black Illuminati . This Awareness indicates that this will take much energy from many, and that many shall be weak and timid and self-intereste d and self-serving, and traitorous, and cowardly, and shall hide behind words and excuses of self-righteous sounding concepts--ye t many will be attentive, responsive, bold, self-giving, courageous, generous, daring, heroic, and shall give the world a chance to avoid the great Tribulation that even now has risen its head and comes across the land . THE SHADOW OF DARKNESS APPROACHE S

This shadow of darkness which is approaching must be turned back quickly by the mass shouts, emotions, and efforts of those . who arc patriots of freedom, life, liberty, love, and individuality . This Awareness indicates that unless this is loud enough, lon g enough, strong enough—unless there are enough awakenings, enough printed material, enough telephone calls, enough calls t o radio talk shows, enough articles in magazines, enough letters to the editors, enough discussions in groups—unless there i s enough, entities will be rolled back and raped by the Tribulations which presently are rolling across this nation in ever-increasin g speeds . THE PLAN OF THE BEAST IS ON COURSE---WITHOUT A HITC H 'Peace Accords' with U .S ., Israel, Egypt a Front to Hem In Russia . . . . Plot to Assassinate Pope Paul in Poland in May Still in Motio n

This Awareness indicates the plan is on course—without a hitch—without a snag at this time . This Awareness indicates the se-called 'Peace-Accords' between Egypt, Israel, and the United States are simply the militar y alliance which was planned for purposes of creating a Mid-East power to destroy the oil fields of Saudi-Arabia, to upset the oi l flow in the Middle East, to take over that area, and to de-stabilize the entire Middle East and Mediterranean nations . This Awareness indicates that the scheduled assassination of the Pope in Poland is still planned—that the so-called Arc o f Crisis area running from eastern Africa through the Middle East, through India and into Southeast Asia, which is intended as a new military alliance under the control of the British, Israel, and the Illuminati powers--the new efforts by these powers m re arm japan as a military nation (which goes against its Constitution as formed by, and assisted by General MacArthur after Worl d War I1)—the new pact with China :----all of this being set up and staged in order to close in and isolate and srranglr the Sovie t Union—is in process and it is simply a matter of where and when the Soviet Union decides to draw the line as to how soon o r how long it will wait for someone else to stop this from happening . This Awareness indicates that if you were involved in the planning for the Soviet Union, and had the missile power to destro y the United States and British--Israel allies, and saw these nations moving in on you in an action that was obviously designed t o wipe you off the map as a power—where would you draw the line and say, "Enough . We must fight for our lives? " 5.

This Awareness indicates that there is a point beyond which even the patience of the leaders of the Kremlin, which up to no w have been remarkable (for humans), will not go ; and this point is rapidly approaching . These entities recognize the dangers t o their very existence, and are in the process of preparation for all-out nuclear war fot the survival of their own nation, based o n the realization of what they have experienced ' during the past sixty years of having been controlled by forces from the Illuminati. Only in the last four years having thrown off these powers, and forced these powers to leave their positions--and the nation,* th e Soviet Union believes it is their duty to humanity to wipe out, in one way or another, the power of those of the Illuminati . This Awareness indicates that entities often remark that the Space Confederation—the UFO entities of the spiritual hicarch y or the Intergalactic Command, or the Divine Forces, the `angelic hosts,' .or perhaps even the U .S . Cavalry will ride in at the crucial moment to save the world from the impending dangers . This Awareness indicates this type of thinking has been programme d into the human consciousness from the Greek theater, dating back 2,000 to 3,000 years, whereby in the Greek theater, situation s which were unsolvable by the characters on stage, and there appeared to be no hope whatsoever, but suddenly out of the sky a n entity was lowered by a rope upon the stage, who then began to resolve the issues which confronted the actors of the situation , and thereby brought a resolution to the conflict . This Awareness indicates this entity lowered onto the Greek stage was known as the dens ex 'TICS ORIQINaL A.RD 'WORLD FAa[E33 _ ~ machina—the God of the Machine . This Awareness indicates in modern drama, this is the U .S . Cavalry 41IL2.Ta Qfi~rAT-- .- riding in to save the wagon train from certain massacre—this is the U .S . Marines coming in to save the monastery from capture by the enemy forcesSENSATIONAL AND STARTLING REPRODUCTION O P this,is the police rushing in to save the kidnap vicOM CUSTER'S MEMORABLE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIG ' l4ORt ! tim--this is the UFO astronauts, the angelic hosts , the U .S . Senate, the President, or any other wh o plays the role of the rescuer on whom entitie s count . This Awareness indicates there are those wh o play the victims, those who play the rescuer of th e victims—there are those who are the intended victims,'those who arc the attackers who woul d create victims . This Awareness indicates that It prefers entities not to play any of these roles, but to becom e Ministers of Awareness—seeing the roles, but not playing the roles of victims . This Awareness suggests that you not play the roles of oppressors—tha t the role of rescuer is that which is least offensive , but is also unnecessary . This Awareness prefers that you play the role of awakener--one who awakens others, informs others, and acts to resolve, to disperse unwanted energies . This Awareness suggests that in the coming crisis, there will be many roles and entities may enter into various roles and identify with certain roles. This Awareness suggests if you find yourself playing the role of victim—change roles . If you find yoursel f playing the role of oppressor—change roles . This Awareness suggests you keep changing roles until you find yourself as an entity , a free agent—awakening others, and giving attention to what is necessary and appropriate in terms of your own survival and th e survival of others .





This Awareness indicates there are many entities hearing this information, who respond with an attitude upon hearing of th e possibility of nuclear war, "I'm not afraid to die . " This Awareness indicates these entities believe this attitude as being noble , courageous, and brave, and that this attitude is sufficicnt . 'This Awareness is not interested in whether entities are afraid to die— that it matters not whether entities die with courage or with cowardice . This Awareness indicates what matters, is whether entities are capable of doing something beyond personal concern to assis t in avoiding the possible bloodshed . This Awareness indicates the entity whose final solution to the situation is to state, "I am no t afraid to die, " is a rather self-centered person . This Awareness indicates that it is not a matter of whether you are afraid to die or whether you wish to live—it is a matter of other entities. Have they lived? Have they had a chance. What of the children o f this world? This Awareness indicates if you arc not afraid to die, then forget about the concern and concentrate on helping others wh o may be afraid to die, who have not fully had their chance to live . This Awareness suggests that you put your energies into assisting others to live by informing as many as you can of the plans that are in motion,of the powers that are incontrol, of the detail s that have not been publically released, and of the ways and means to avoid the probable outcome . WHAT YOU CAN DO TO INFORM OTHER S

This Awareness suggests there are certain things which can be done to inform others . This Awareness suggests that entitie s reading this or hearing this information can do much in the following ways : Either're-print information which has been given by this Awareness, or alert entities•to those sources which this Awarenes s has suggested —discuss the situations, become informed yourself so that you can discuss this clearly . 6.

Cosmic Awareness suggests a new way to inform the masses-•-quickly . . . STARTTHROWIN G

BETER DR . PETER PARTIE S This Awareness suggests that one of the best methods of awakening others as to the impending danger is to obtain copies of the Dr. Beier tapes, particularly numbers 43 and 44 . That others dating back to October of '78 are also beneficial , but that 41, 42, 43, and 44 (and particularly number 43 and 44) contain information that is vital . This Awareness indicates that you obtain copies of these tapes, and announc e to your associates and friends that you are having a Dr. Beter party . When the y ask, "What is a Dr . Beter party?", tell them to bring along at least two friend s and some food to eat for a pot-luck dinner, or whatever else they wish to bring — that it is going to be a surprise to them . This Awareness suggests that you ask them to be sure to arrive on time, and Dr . Peter Beter---one of the fe w when they arrive at the door, this Awareness suggests you not tell them what a Dr . Beter party is, other than to inform them that it is a surprise and that they voices crying In the wilderness of apath y must not let on to anyone if they suspect its purpose . This Awareness indicates that you may even offer a prize to a certain winner . This Awareness suggests that the prize may b e given to the biggest boo-boo of the party, (being given after the initial part of the Dr . Beter party)—warning all those who com e to the party to be very quiet until you issue the boo-boo award . This Awareness suggests that this boo-boo award be given to any entity who interrupts and complains about the information . This Awareness suggests that once this party begins, that you infor m entities there shall be no speaking until the tape has been completed—that there will be certain questions asked after the tap e has been heard . This Awareness indicates that once this has been played, that you may then ask questions of your party rntmbcrs , that you may give the boo-boo prize, and may begin having more enjoyable activities, such as the pot-luck . This Awareness indicates that thereafter you suggest that those who wish to come to the next Dr . Beter party to bring along a friend, or that those who wish to have their own Dr . Beter party make copies of the tape and throw Dr . Beter parties in their own area or their own home . This Awareness suggests that if it were possible across this nation for the idea of Dr. Beter parties to catch on, whereby they begin to spread, and each of the entities who came and heard these tapes would have copies made, and have their own Dr . Bete r party, it would not take but a matter of two months before the entire situation began to change and this nation could begin t o awaken, so that the events which have been described need not occur, at least not to the degree which is presently imminent . This Awareness suggests that a contact with Dr . Beter asking permission to release tapes in this manner would be appropriate . This Awareness indicates this entity as having information being of such urgency and accuracy—such clarity—that few can hea r the tapes without being deeply impressed and greatly awakened . * This Awareness indicates this concludes the opening message . HOW TO OBTAIN DR . BETER"S AUDIO LETTER TAPES :

ED's Note : Dr. Beier has been contacted and has given permission that these tapes may be duplicated and used to inform entities . Although Dr. Beter confessed he lives modestly and is not getting rich on the sales of his tapes (one person makes 800 copies each month), we suggest that whenever possible entities order these tapes direct from him at his Texas address . The price is $6.00 for each tape . He also offers s 'Catch-Up' offer of an y 12 Audio Letters for $49.50 and a 'Catch-Up' Double pack of 24 for $89 .50 . Subject matter on some of these tapes is listed in 'Revelations of Awareness No. 79-10 (How to Keep Informed in Spite of the Controlled Press) : Price $2 .00 available from C.A .C. To get the Dr. Peter Bette parties started immediately, C .A .C . has a limited number of Audio Tapes No . 43 and 44 which we can mail immediatel y via first class mail for $3 .00 each (we pay postage) . Please do not order in quanity—just enough to start parties going in your area. You can get additional copies made locally (sec Yellow Pages under 'Tape Duplicators'. Also schools and radio stations have high-speed duplicators on whic h you may be able to have many, many copies duplicated. (You can also plug one cassette tape recorder into another to make copies) .it will be u p to you to obtain additional copies by ordering directly from Dr . Baer or duplicating them locally after you order the initial two tapes from C .A.C . (We honestly do not have time right now to go into the tape duplicating business) . :5,7( TO : Dr. Beter Audio Letter 3 2 %RQ8 Fort Worth, Taxes 76133 NOTE : Any C .A .C . member who cannot afford $6 for these two tapes right now, may order these from us and pay us when you can . We'll mail you the tapes anyway. That way you can get a Dr . Beter Party hap erring in your neighborhood. Some the information on these two tapes include : ger and how NBC rived a recentof' 'Meet the Press' program with a phony Kissinger ; President Carters injection of cancer ; the murders of Henry K the murders of the 4 Rockefeller brothers and the plundering of the family fortune an d- near collapse of the pant Chase Manhattan Bank ; how a bloodless coup d'atat has occurred in our government by the Bolsheviks which were kicked out of Russia and who plan a nuclear war, a revolution , and to declare the 'National Emergency' powers, set aside our Constitution and set up a police state in this nation etc . etc . Other sources listed in this reading are : Dope Inc. (Price :$6 .00) The Spotlight (52 weeks, $16) The Gemstone Fil e New Solidarity Campaigner Publications The Liberty Lobby Feb . 1979 issue of (Send $3 ) P .U . Box 1910 G .P.O . Hustler Magazine G .P .O . Box 1910 300 Independence Ave. S .E. NY NY 10001 ($12 for 50 issues) N .Y . N .Y. 10001 Washington D .C. 20003 P .O . Box 16508 Columbus, Ohio 4321 6 *For more information on the illuminati and the planned take-over of the United States, please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No . 79- 1 (The Gathering Storm) : Price : $4 .00. Also the 'Revelations of Awareness ' Hot Line, Reading No. 79-7 . Price : $3 .00 . Available from C .A .C. P .O . Box 115, Olympia, Washington, 98507. (We also have Gary Allen's book, recommended by Awareness, 'None Dare Call It Conspiracy ' _o_ Price : 51 .00_ Alcn the hnnk 'Pauwne in the flame' by Cnmman,iee ( :nu Curs for to cc rnoo __

_a. __--

' '

Humanity at . the B rt ek

Passag e Perilous

(Part 2 )




Excerpt from C .A.C . General Reading No . 2 April 11, 197 9


One question before the general questions . We have transcribed the rcading .of yesterday—where Awareness suggested the Dr. Beta party—and we will get this mailed out as soon as possible via First .Class mail, and I wanted to ask Awareness if there wa s any more urgent information It wanted to go with that particular mailing ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness suggests that entities watch very closely the activities in the Middie .East, whereby if Israel moves into war with Lebanon, Syria., Saudi-Arabia—if Egypt moves intii wsr with Libya, or other bordering nations ; if the governments of Germany Or France change hands—if the Pope is assassinated in Poland in May, and this assassination is blamed on Communists — then entities may be assured that nuclear war is very close indeed . This Awareness indicates that if any of these actions occur , the chances of nuclear war increases . This Awareness indicates likewise any other warlike activity on the part of China agains t Vietnam, or in Southeast Asia—an overthrow or conflict in Pakistan, or India —these too, increase the dangers of war . This Awareness indicates that thcrstt areas mentioned previously in the Middle bast, the overthrpw,of the German and Frenc h governments ; or the assassination of the Pope—any of these activities could trigger the reaction from Russia—for each of thes e is an intense and dangerous threat to Russia, and they ate watt.hinr; •these areas very carefully, seeing these as great threats to their very survival . This Awareness indicates that at presdnt ;•the Cerman'hnd French govcrinnents, having given certain allegience to the concept of detente with Russia, in effort to build a solid financial and economic relationship ' for'tra'de and developmen t with Russia--these two nations of France and Germany are in fact deter rents to the fehlirtg of necessity that Russia would otherwise have in launching war for its own survival . This Awareness indicates that in other words, the Russians arc counting on Germany, France, to somehow assist in persuading the United States 'to back off front its planned initial nuclear strike against Russia , hut the Russians do not have much hopein Germany or France being able xo do this . This Awareness indicates that they ar e hopefully giving this a chance, but .have not too much hope thank will be successful . THE BRITISH, UNDER THE ROTHSCHIL.Dg ; ARE PLANNING OVERTHROW OF FRANCE & GERMAN Y

This Awareness indicates meanwhile, the British, under the Rothschilds, are attempting to overthrow the governments o f 'France and Germany, to set up their own controlling puppet regimes . This would be'etitreriiely devastating to Russia ' s hope fo r an avoidance of conflict with the United States . U .S.--EGYPT--1SRAt:L 'PEACE ACCORD' AN ALLIANC E TO INTIMIDATE RUSSIA---BOMB SAUDI-ARABIA OIL FIELD S (Pope John Paul 's Assassination to be Blamed on Russia )

This Awareness indicates that likewise, the so-called peace treaty, which in fact was a military alliance between Israel an d Egypt,•whereby the Israeli and Egyptian armaments are bein used to build up greater power in the Middle East to intimidat e the Arab nations, and eventually lead to .i strike against the Saudi-Arabii iIoil fields : the Russians also consider this to be an unforgivable act and threat to their very security and existence as a nation : This Awareness indicates that this too, could trigger a nuclear war . This Awareness indicates that the assassination of the Pope in Poland as is planned by the Rothschild illuminati, as that whic h is intended to turn the Catholics against the Russian . This Awareness indicates that'the intention is to blame the Russians fo r this assassination, and thereby create a revolution in Poland against the Comn►,uni'st regime, and to upset the stability in that sattelite nation . That this also is intended to rally Christian and Catholic hostility toward the Soviet Union in order to set u p the war fever necessary for an attack against the Soviet Union . This Awareness indicates the Russians are aware of this .

BULSHEVIKS IN RUSSIA OVERTHROWN . . ..BROUGHT TO U .S . AND NOW , IN CONTROL OF UNITED STATES GOVERNMEN T (Current Russian headers have gotten ' Religion ' ) Churches in Russia Being Opened U p

This Awareness wishes to inform entities that which Dr . Beter has already stated : that the leaders of Russia have initiall y overthrown the Bolsheviks who have had control of Russia during the past 60 years . This Awareness indicates that essentiall y the Russian leaders are now what might be termed 'Christian' . This Awareness indicates that the Russian government as opening its borders to allow the Polish Orthodox Catholic Church to enter . This Awareness indicates that over 200 priests have been all owed into Russia to begin re-creating churches in that nation . This Awareness indicates that as this is occurring there, in the United States where the Bolsheviks now are in control of the government (as shall be indicated on the Dr . Beter tape numt ;er'43 and 44)--the freedom of religion, so long experienced here , is that which shall come under greater and greater restrictions unless something is done to stop the action which is now i n movement . This Awareness indicates that essentially, those who were in control of Russia during the past 60 years, are now i n power in the United States, and are preparing to solidify that power through a national emergency caused by the artificiall y induced threats-of-war atmosphere and the national emergency powers which will accompany that artificially-induced atmosphere of war. This Awareness indicates that this will allow the executive powers to be brought into play, whereby freedoms wil l be suspended and curtailed while new restrictions and laws are enforced upon this nation . " This Awareness indicates that likewise theplan calls for internal revolution and terrorism within this nation . This Awareness indicates that urgent and quick and intense action now will have 2 .0 times greater power and force than such urgent, intense reaction months from now would have . LETTERS MUST BE WRITTEN NOW (One Letter Represents 40,000 others )

This Awareness urges entities to write as many letters a s, possible—send as much information as possible—to friends, ORYH G ones, and persons of responsible positions, ; having influence over others, to awaken them to the urgencies at hand . This Awareness suggests also that entities write letters directly to the persons who are assisting in this grab for power in th e United States—writing directly to those Congresspcts'ons, those persons in the executive offices who have the controls an d powers and are mis-using these powers in order to enslave the masses—writing letters to let them know that you are on to thei r game, and will not allow this. This Awareness suggests that if you would rather not sign your personal name, that you sign an y other name, that you give any address . This Awareness suggests, that you write as,many letters as possible, wording this in variou s ways . This Awareness indicates that this kind of barrage of mail toward these entities may become sufficient to cause them to fee l that perhaps they cannot pull off this nuclear war, artificial atmosphere, in order to enslave the masses—for the masses hav e awakened and may turn against them . This Awareness indicates that roughly, each letter entities send to a government official is worth approximately 40 to 50 thousand'persons in the population who feel similar to that letter . This Awareness suggests that these letters become very influential in turning the head around, in turning consciousness around, to look at itself, and it s chances of success in whatever scheme it may be'ptrpetrating . This Awareness suggests that C .A.C . may give certain examples o f letters that can be written—that entities are encouraged to re-write these in their own words, changing the exact wording to mak e this appear to be somewhat more spontaneous. This Awareness indicates that this is a kind of tactical maneuver . This Awareness indicates that you also may recall certain military moves in World War II, whereby tank commanders in Africa began moving their tanks in a large circle, knowing they were being watched by the enemy . This Awareness indicates that this gave the appearance to the enemy that there was an unending line of tanks in the area . This Awareness indicates that this row of tanks continued for many hours, giving the illusion o f many more tanks than actually existed . This Awareness suggests that LK a similar manner, whereby entities wishing to do something, may sit down and write man y letters, using different names, different addresses, giving the illusion that there are many more people writing than in actualit y are. This Awareness indicates this can be of great influence in turning the tide from the current plans of these entities whic h Dr. Beier refers to as the Bolsheviks, who at this moment plan for your enslavement and involvement in nuclear war . This Awareness indicates this as a form of bluff, but can be that which saves your life, and the lives of many others, and may, in fact, even save this nation . This Awareness indicates that there is the potential for total global nuclear tear . This as highly unlikely, but not an impossibility, and this Awareness asks that entities being thus informe d and aware of such dangers, put forth that little effort at this time that may prevent tha t holocaust known as the Battle of Armageddon, or World War 111 . This Awareness indicates that more time between peac e and war will allow greater time for the masses to awaken to the realities , . and therefore may allow the tim e to prevent such holocaust from occurring on this plane . ED's Note: • For more information on how the churches are being attacked, please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No, 79-3 (The Guyana Tragedy) Price : $2 .00, available from C.A .C . Also, 794 (The Gathering Scorn)), Price : $4.00, which covers the 'National Emergency' powers.


HOW TO PROTEST WITH LETTER S (Don't Put Too Much Heat on Or . Bated

Awareness, in those proposed letters that the people write, would it be more forceful and convincing if they alluded to som e of the information that Dr . Beier has been giving---like in his last tape, for example, that Henry Kissinger is dead, he has a doubl e â&#x20AC;&#x201D;the Rockefeller family has been wiped outâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and things like that, using actual examples that the people know certain of thi s information, which has been supposed to be secretâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;or should they just be general letters not giving any of this detailed information "r COSMIC AWARIiNESS : This Awareness suggests that you not put too much beat on Dr. Beier, otherwise these entities may decide to eliminate hi m and eliminate the information which all these entities are alluding to . This Awareness suggests that it be better for entities t o appear to have received their information from other sources, but not necessarily to list any of their sources. This Awarenes s suggests that it be better for entities to simply write that they know what is in store wider the guidance of these entitiesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;tha t they are nor going to allow this--that they arc becoming quite angry and furious with the controlsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that they have informatio n regarding the planned nuclear wars . This Awareness suggests that some may refer to the death of the Rockefellers, and Kissinger and the doubles being used . Thi s Awareness suggests that these letters be letters of anger and protest and whatever else is necessary to lead the gang in control o f these powers of the United States to sit back in shock that they have been discovered . This Awareness suggests that once thes e entities begin receiving this barrage of mail, they may begin to feel hopeless in their efforts . This Awareness suggests that entitie s also refer to the phony oil crisis, that they discuss the relationship of these entities with the international drug scene--the connection vtith the Mafia, with the Golden Triangle, with the efforts to bring Communist Chinese into this nation to create terro r ism--with efforts to set up terrorist activities and revolution in this nation . This Awareness suggests that entities may refer to that as a time whereby if revolution occurs, these Rothschild agents may find themselves on the list to be annhialated as the revolution turns against them . This Awareness suggests that such confrontation, even though of an action of bluff, can cause these entities to sit back an d recognize that there is a public out there, there are individuals out thereâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;those individuals are catching on and waking up, an d that the controlled press is not being effective enough in keeping the entities asleep . This Awareness suggests that all these letter s be done in a manner whereby a public outcry begins to surface, directly toward those who are in control, and this Awarenes s suggests that this be done so that these entities dread to open a letter for fear of what it says . This Awareness suggests you no t put voar own name on these letters, nor your own addressâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that you simply write these and use any other address or name . This Awareness suggests you write many, under many namesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that you also get your friends to do so likewise . 7+(&5(:2)7+(%($67:+,&+,667((5,1*285&28175 < $1''(6758&7,21 21$&2856(2):$5 5(92/87,21 1DWLRQDO6HFXULW\&KLHI=ELJQOHZ%U]H]LQVN L (QHUJ\6HFUHWDU\-DPHV6FKOHVLQJH U 2DIHQVH6HFUHWDU\+DUROG%URZ Q 7UHDVXU\6HFUHWDU\0LFKDHO%OXPHQWKD O *HQHUD$OH[DQGHU+DLJ

This Awareness suggests you listen to the Dr . 13eter tapes, that you read the Dope, Inc. book put out by the U .S . Labor Party, that you read the Liberty Lobby papers, (Spotlight) . This Awareness suggests however, that you center much of your mail toward the entitie s Brzezinski, Schlesinger, Brown, and Blumenthal, for these entities are the main ones i n power . This Awareness suggests also letters to Alexander Haig, to Carter, Connelly, bu t in particular, the four mentioned previously and Alexander Haigâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;for these entities are th e main ones pushing for a nuclear first strike against Russia ; which as planned, means tha t Russia must also strike first or be annihilated by this first strike of these United States . (' V 1RWH 'RQRWWKUHDWHQWKHVHSHUVRQVDVWKLVLVGDQJHURXVWR\RX $OVRLWLVLOOHJDOWRVHQGWKUHDW V WKURXJKWKHPDLOV 1HLWKHU$ZDUHQHVVRU& $ & LVDGYRFDWLQJYLROHQFH<RXVKRXOGH[SUHVVDQJHU IUXVWUDWLRQDQGZDUQWKHPWREHFDUHIXOVRORQJDV it GRHVQRWDSSHDUWRVRXQGOLNHDSHUVRQDOWKUHDW

This Awareness indicates that the four entities mentioned and Alexander 1-laig appear to believe that Russia will simply si t back and let the United States strike its nation, its amhaments, wiping out its power----waiting for this to hit them before the y have time to react . This Awareness indicates the Russians are no more masochistic than would be the United States if Russia were planning thi s kind of military action . This Awareness suggests that these letters of protest to these entities are direct statements to them an d can have greater effect than entities might imagine, because it singles out the individual, rather than singling out the Unite d States government in general . This Awareness indicates that one can look at the whole and feel it is difficult to deal with becaus e it is such a vast amount of energy in movement, but wherein entities look at the control mechanism which is moving that whole , then by that little leverage power of changing that control mechanism, the entire course of history can be changed . This Awareness indicates these four persons anti Alexander Haig arc those who are the controlling mechanism at this time in this nation . The Real Power Behind the Boast-â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘-the Baron Rothschild of London, Englan d

This Awareness indicates that essentially, the real control sits in Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;this as the Baron Rothschild . This Awareness indic ates that letters may also be sent to these entities . 10


This Awareness indicates also that Ted Kennedy as having sold himself to the Rothschilds, and working with this power--tha t this entity also needs to be put tinder the spotlight of attention . This Awareness suggests that these confrontations may be seen as healing lights---healing the dark forces within these entities . This Awareness indicates that simply by stating that you know the game--you are on to the game, and will not allow this—thi s becomes a powerful force .


This Awareness suggests this action may be titled, THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTIO N OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES-- that this may be termed SPIRAL. That this SPIRAL which begins to grow an d grow, becomes an outcry of the citizens . l:D's Note : You may sign your name as SPIRAL.

This Awareness suggests that these letters also may be sent to the controlled press—the television networks . This Awareness suggests however, that your first letters be sent basically toward the four entities first mentioned . This Awareness asks you t o visualize your letters as weapons of peace which will prevent bombs from being sent, which will prevent bullets from being sent . This Awareness suggests you might even mention, "This letter is in lieu of a bomb or bullet, which could come your way fro m some outraged citizen, unless you stop the insane madness which you are contributing to, in leading this nation toward war and enslavement . " t D's Note : Again we remind entities, that as a spiritual organization C.A.C . does not, and is not advocating violence or the sending of threats to anyone through the mails . Your letters can be worded in such a manner that you express anger and righteous indignation, implying that yo u personally would' be no threat, but there are many entities out there who could be when things got heavy . Awareness was observing that ther e are elements in society that would react with vioicnec if their rights were lost, but WAS NUT endorsing it . The Beast must surely know that only a tool could plan such a scheme without realizing some of the human beings being enslaved by their power-play would react with violence agains t their oppressors . Maybe you could remind them of Marie Antoinette, Idi Amen, Adolph Hitler etc .

HOW TO RE-TAKE THE SHI P FROM THE MUTINEER S Dr . Beier told the Interpreter during a recent phone conversation, that 4,000 entities aware of what is happening in thi s country, could turn this nation around and prevent this incipient nuclear war from happening, which is now being planne d in Washington by the Bolsheviks who have taken over control of this country through a bloodless coup d' etas . Would Awareness comment on those figures, please ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as correct. This Awareness indicates this of course, depending on the action of the 4,000 persons. This Awareness indicates this as not considering any form of subversive or violent action, but rather of dedicated an d energetic concern through communication, attention, and the alerting of others . This Awareness indicates that these 4,00 0 persons in this nation who are truly dedicated to doing something, who understand what is occurring—this number as appropriate and accurate—for that number can awaken 40,000 in but a short time—this being ten more persons each . And that 40,000 within a brief time, can increase that number ten times, to 400,000 . This Awareness indicates that a brief time further, and thi s is 4 million, then the entire nation can be awakened . This Awareness indicates this can occur in a matter of but a few, brie f months . This Awareness indicates that in another sense, the 4,000 can awaken certain key entities who have responsibilities in thi s nation, by communicating with those entities in such an intense and such a high quantity of letters or phone calls or other form s of communication, that those entities having that responsibility, themselves, turn around and begin to think in a different manne r —and in that change of consciousness, they begin to awaken others, and begin to turn the course of the nation . This Awareness indicates there are in actuality, very few persons guiding this nation in its direction at this time . That th e majority are simply going along with the leaders, and those in positions of power . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entir e crew turns against the captain, this may be called mutiny, but in fact the entire crew is also the director of the ship, and th e captain has no choice but to agree, and go along with the crew. This Awareness indicates when an entire nation insists that something be done, those in power no longer have that power . This Awareness indicates that wherein a few can change the minds of those at the top, the masses tend to follow . This Awareness indicates that 98% of a nation, generally are satisfied with reading the news, rather than making news—generally are satisfie d with following whatever occurs, rather than determining or assisting in the determining factors of an occurrence . 11 .



m and

number of persons can have an influence, and that influence can influence °n re that eater influence l change a canthings createonan even massive influence can scale . • on others, and then there can be a great influence moving—and that at influenceinf a This Awareness indicates there arc enough people in this single or energies toward bringing about a change in the direction of this nation ganization, if each wants to put forth 2% of their persona l That 2% of dedicated and focused and clearly-directe energy, this can bring about the turning of this nation toward its proper. course d 2% energy for this time in ones life, this not even requiring . This Awareness indicates that this in terms o f 2% c a 2% of nd shoneyand energies, ' an entity's energy for their lifetime, but ` 2% ofWorl their gies, properly directed at this time history, bringtimes about the necessary changessuptoply prevent War Ill, and to allow the freedoms of entities throughout theinworld, forcan future d . This Awareness indicates that this may be accomplished by aiming your letters, your concerns, toward those who claim them selves to he leaders, and letting themaction know that they are steering the ship in the wrong direction, and that you are not i approval, northecare to go along with this n . That you are one who would see them ousted are one who would see them removed unless they turn quickly in the right direction . This Awareness suggests that yo . That if they are to remain on board, the u must become concerned and aware of the rights of the masses, and serve the expense of the masses . the masses, rather than serving their own interests a t y This Awareness suggests that in your directed co mmunications to these entities, one day of letter writingby b 1,00 0canhveprofudtacnevlofhsgratdnewicArshandtepobl persons , ~ Awareness suggests that there is a chance, even though there appear . This e This Awareness indicates that those who wish to take this action an work magic are individuals or small groups of entities, who are also preparin . This Awareness indicates meanwhile g e th an 2% — some giving their entire lives for this action . This Awareness indicates t1 aathese also can have profound eff ctmO ther COSMIC A WARENESS ASKS YOU TO ASK " WHAT

This Awareness wishes t entities

CAN I DO ?'"


"Whautaios heprn

canthi I ,' How much can I give of myself to assist the future eve r paySfor lii'berty liberty upon s is earth ? g

that you not in violence, thatyour you not threaten violence, but that you express your indignat ion,This yourAwareness anger, andasks your concern to participate those who are threatening life --threatening thealllives of your loved ones—threatenin the life of this nation—and threatening the future generations, and future experiences of gg This Awareness indicates that , may entities . y plane you ma also awaken our sleeping neighbors and friends and fellow citizens of the earth This also as contributing to the future harmony upon this . .

A mutiny has oc


Your ship is In the hands,of she Alien Force .. .. Being steered 'sire!< l V3 rte ,S. ctian L ' Fy*• Mli


For more info on how this is done, please refer t 'Re o velations of Awareness' No Be Saved?) Price : $2 .00 from C. 78-39 (Can the Whal e .A .C .



(Closing message)




This Awareness has given entities much information regarding the game plans of the Dark Forces—their intentions, and thei efforts, and the movements of these game plans—the inner workings of that which is occurring behind the scenes . This Awarerx indicates that it has warned entities of great dangers, and of the potentials of dreaded events . This Awareness indicates that It has not discussed the potentials of great events, has not discussed the outcome of all this which may occur—has not discusse d the hopes which this Awareness would see, and which most entities would have occur—has not discussed the alternative to th e negative, dark game plans of this Illuminati force . This Awareness indicates It has not discussed the positive side of the human condition at present time, not because there is i such sign, or such possibility, but because the dark side must be understood clearly, must be looked at clearly, must be deal t with clearly in order to reach the positive side . This Awareness indicates that you cannot ignore the pain, the wound . the dines the hostility, or the threat, and expect it to go away once that pain, hostility, threat has become fixed and manifested in a sol i manner . This Awareness indicates that you can, however, look at the pain, hostility, and threat and deal directly with that, a s one might deal with a cancerous condition, and thereby bring about a healing . This Awareness indicates this is no longer an action whereby an entity in looking at a cancerous condition can state to him a "I will not energize this , " for the cancerous condition is there and is in movement. This Awareness indicates that this is a situa ion whereby the entity must look at the cancerous condition and state, "I must have energized this somehow, and now I mus t energize a healing. But First, must understand what I have, what it is, and how it may be healed . Therefore, I must look at th i cancerous condition to bring about the healing . " This Awareness indicates that once this has been looked at and dealt with, and action taken, then the entity can begin to lo + at his alternative and the future Iife of joy and happiness . This Awareness indicates that ignorance, the ignoring of something , simply creates the room for it to move at its own course, in its own way, at its own pace . This Awareness asks entities not to ignore, but to face what is without fear and trembling . . . .with courage and understanding, with great attention, and with a heart full of love for that which is life that can blow away the Dark Force within a situation, so that the life and light can shine forth in greater abundance .


National Security Chief, Zhignicw Brezinsk i The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D .C . Phone : (202) 395 . 300() Energy Secretary, James Schlesinger Dept . of Energy Washington D.C . 2054 5 Phone : (202) 456-141 4 Defense Setxetnry, Harold Brown Dept of Defense, The Pentagon

Washington, D .C . 2030 1 Phone : (202) 545-6700

Treasury Secretary, Michael U .S . Treasury Dept . 15th St . NW Washington, D .C . 20020 Phone : (202) 566-2000

Blumentha l

NATO Commander, General

Alexander Haig Dept. of Defense, the Pentagon Washington, D .C . 20301 Phone : (202) 545-6700 President, Jimmy Carter The White U•lousc 1600 Peneayivania Ave. Washington, D.C . 20500 Phone : (202) 456-141 4 Senator Ted Kennedy U .S . Senate Washington, D.C . 20510 Phone : (202) 225-211 5

Baron Rothschild

11 Herschel Roa d Cambridge, CB 3 9AG, England U .K .


he Passag e Perilou s

A LASTâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;DITCH EFFORT TO PRESERV E OUR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM LAUNCHING MISSILES OF MAI L INSTEAD OF NUCLEAR BOMB S C .A .C . has done some research on letters sent by the public to the politicians. To make sure your letters get to the proper entities, make sure you double-check the address and be sure to include zip codes . Band-written letters are the ones which get attention . Typed letters and form letters are usually written off as the works of some organization or religious zealot to influence legislation . However, they figure that if a person takes the time and sits down to write a hand-written letter, that the person must really be concerned about something, and therefore the letter receives attention . Keep your letters brief, no longer than a paragraph or two . More than this usually hit s the waste basket . Whether to sign your name and address will depend upon how angry you are when yo u write. the letters. We su est you sign the name SPIRAL (Society tor Protection of Individual Rights and Labe es) . Let them know what SPIRAL means . You can make up a letterhead with SPIRAL if you choose. Use the symbol in this readin g or design any other which you feel will visually describe the SPIRAL action . These can be sent to the news media etc . Here are some suggested idea s for letters


Dear Sir. ..Just how far do you think us people are going to let you go? Do you really think we don't know the oil crisis is phony? That you *resetting up Israel and Egypt to bomb Saudi-Arabian oil fields. You think we don't know Kissinger is dead (small loss), the Rockefeller brothers all murdered . That you plan to create a 'national emergency' and set up a dictatorship in this nation . You must have forgotten Your history lessons : remember Marie Antionette . It is historically those who violate others who end up losing their own heads . We are people out here, too-and people are not going t o sit idly by and allow this violation . We are all on this ship of state-the U .S .-Mgether. You had better turn this ship around NOW before it is too late . Dear Mr. President.. .your press is not as controlled a s you think. We know you are dying from cancer-that you have allowed gangsters to take over the helm o f our nation . We know these people plan to strike i n the Middle East with nuclear bombs . We know they plan to murder the Pope this May in Poland. We know this country is about to have a revolution because ou r freedoms have been stolen in the night. As a so-calle d 'Christian' how could you ever consider a limite d strike nuclear war? Why do you think Russia wil l ust sit there waiting to be annihilated along wit h Oits millions of innocent women and children? Yo u should be deeply ashamed of yourself for letting the Beast into the White House and helping to bring about the Book of Revelations. You have the power to turn our ship of state around . In the name of all humanity it NOW I Dear sir.. . .in the name of God, please STOP this madness ! In the name of humanity . not destroy this natio n and its millions of innocents with the nuclear war yo u have planned in the Middle Gast . You must be insan e to think Russia is going to accept a first strike that would wipe it off the planet. We know what is goin g ou and there are people out here who know how t o deal with power-mad son ofa bitches . NOTE :

Please make copies of this reading

Dear Sir. . .as a believer and patriot of this country , 1 write to protest the reckless course you are setting this country on . Our Constitution says it is the dut y and responsibility of its citizens to have a revolution and throw out those in powers if they abuse that power, or lead the country astray . That is exactly what you are doing, and we don't approve and we will not allow it . In addition to the lack of recognition of the sanctity of life, your plan for a first-strike nuclear war against Russi a is idiotic . Do you really think the Russians are going to sit quietly by and await annihilation? Would you, if the y were planning a first strike? If you wish to remain i n power, turn the course of this nation away from war , away from the elitist control of the banks and wealt h at the expense of the masses . Time is very short . Dear Sir . ..I have never written a letter to our government before, but after discovering the path of destruction you are leading this nation to, I cannot remain silent. What right do you have to plan a nuclear war? How can yo u consider unleashing a radio-active holocaust on helpless women and children-millions of time more horrendous than the havoc at the 3 Mile Island plant? Where is you r humanity? Who do you think you are ruling here? We'r e not sheep, we're not dumb, nor asleep . The people arc not snoring, as you believe-they arc snarling . We are mad as hell and we are not going to take this lying down . Dear sir. are a traitor to humanity and to ou r country . We know you are planning a nuclear war i n the middle cast, hoping to wipe Russia off the map . You arc insane to think Russia will sit there and take it. Would you if you were in their place? We know you pla n to murder the Pope in Poland and blame it on the Russians . We know you have taken ever our country and plan to enslave the people by creating dais 'national emergency'. It won't work. The people arc not asleep . The people have the real power here. If you proceed with this madness, yo u had better be prepared to shoulder the consequences . Ou r Constitution gives us the right to remove you-one way o r another . And by God we will if you do not turn this country around . . .and NOW T

and disseminate to many others. Extra copies available from C.A .C . ($2.00 each ) Reproduction proofs of this reading, suitable for offset printing available for $10 .00

REVELATIONS OF AWARENES S The Cosmic Newsletter No . 79-11 A

Closing Message, C.A .C.

General Reading No . 7 March 8, 197 9




Paul Shockle y


This Awareness indicates that there are many rough waters when entities sail through the Passage Perilous . That essentially this time in human affairs as being one of the most significant times ever experienced by entities upon this earth . This Awareness indicates there have been other times of great significance : there have been cataclysms, there have been wars, there have been moments of great disaster, of great loss ; there have been times wherein a small voice uttered a cry, a whisper, and that voice unheard by masses began a movemen t that encompassed millions ; there have been times when hands signed papers to begin a new world order ; there have been many important and significant moments in the history of humanity . This Awareness indicates that never before has there been such great potential for such great destructionâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;at the same time, there i s such great potential for such great resolution, reconciliation, and integration of the forces . This Awareness indicates that in one hand, future holds the key of self-destruction ; in the other, the key to peace, harmony, and everlasting joy upon this earthâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;an end to war and violence, a new beginning, whereb y freedom and security are offered hand-in-hand to rich and poor alike . This Awareness indicates on the on e hand, future offers sorrow and tragedy and suffering ; on the other hand, future offers joy, peace and unity. Entities of the earth stand at this moment in a state of decision

Which hand shall you choose ?

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Cosmic Awareness 1979-14: Humanity At The Brink...the Passage Perilous  
Cosmic Awareness 1979-14: Humanity At The Brink...the Passage Perilous  

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