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COSMIC AWARENESS is the l'orce that expressed licelf through Edgar Cayce, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed an d other great avatars who served as '(bonne/S ' for the ' ,ASSOC* 141114T and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness . Since 19o3 Comic Awareness has been communicating through certain carefully-trained channels . The information contained herein was received from deep, super-conscious trance states and 'interpreted' by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . This information•is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age and those who shall inherit the New Age . Throughout the man y thousands of 'Readings' given through these channels . CosmicAttazrc,wss repeatedly tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore , doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel, what is the truth . Cosmic Azts rcness will only indicate and suggest . Members o f Cosmic Awareness Colrtrttumcatsonts arc invited to send in questions (on anything of general interest) for possible publication in this Newsletter .

Paul Shockle y Trance-Interprete r


(Opening Message, CAC General Reading, Jan . 8, 1979 ) COSMIC AWARENESS :

This Awareness wishes to present a parable, a n allegory in story form . This Awareness indicates that there once was a beautiful city, many gardens and palaces, and th e population of this city was that which sought peac e and harmony, but there were those within the city wh o also sought power and glory . This Awareness indicates that there was one entity who entered into this city and taught the value of love a s being greater than the value of power and personal glory . This Awareness indicates this entity was soon crucifie d by those who preferred power over the teachings of love and mercy . This Awareness suggests that thereafter ther e was this kind of hush upon the community whereby entities began to reflect upon what had happened . This Awareness suggests these entities soon began to realize that the one who had been crucified was indee d correct, and that those who sought power and glory were creating disharmony for the community . This Awarenes s indicates that many of the citizens of this community joined together to create a solid front to present the concep t and the teachings which this entity, who had been crucified, left for them . This Awareness indicates that there was one who entered into the city with strange eyes ; the eyes did dart bac k and forth . The entity did hide behind his hood, and this entity spoke in whispered tones, speaking both to thos e who were seeking power and glory and also to those who were presenting the solid front and creating that structur e which would promote love and mercy . This entity did give these a small creature, dark in form with long, tiny tentacles, and told the persons in power that this creature would protect and assist them to maintain their power an d control over the masses . COPYRIGII'r )979 by Cosmic Awareness Communication & the Aquarian Church of Universal Service . Reproduction by permission only .

This entity then went to those who were promoting the teachings of the one who had been crucified DQG likewise gave these entities a small creature with long tentacles—this creature being white in color . This Awareness indicate s that those of the government had been given a similar creature, a twin creature, but of black color . This Awarenes s indicates these two creatures—being prized highly by the powers seeking glory and control over others, and thos e seeking to promote the teachings of the one who had been crucified, the teachings of love and mercy—both bega n to depend more and more for their growth, fruition and protection upon the creatures which had been given t o them by this dark, shadowy figure who entered into the community . This Awareness indicates the figure soon disappeared and was not seen again, but the creatures remained . This Awareness indicates that time passed and the powers of the government--those who sought power and glor y at the expense of their subjects--grew stronger and more powerful and began to build a great society based upo n that power and control over others . This Awareness indicates those who sought to teach the message of the one wh o had been crucified also began to grow in power and glory, and the teachings of the crucified entity was sprea d across the world beyond the confines of the community, and the teachers of this message also began to feel th e glory and the power of the message of love and mercy, and these entities rose in great heights and grandeur : Thei r wealth increased, their influence increased, and they began to recognize within themselves a similar power likene d unto that which was held by the government . This Awareness indicates there was little distinction indeed betwee n these powers—those of the white creature and those of the dark creature--the main distinction being that those o f the white creature built their power by speaking of the love and mercy of the one who had been crucified, whil e those of the dark creature built their power by promising security and strength to those who they ruled and kep t in their subjected Ievel . This Awareness indicates that these two groups, the white and the black powered organizations, began to sprea d their influence far beyond the community and into all the areas of the world . This Awareness indicates that th e power of the white creature began to communicate with others outside their community---whispering, teaching , and suggesting that those heathens beyond their control must begin to move into this belief system and follow th e teachings of that entity who was crucified or they themselves would suffer greatly . This Awareness indicates that the followers of the black creature also began to assist the followers of the whit e creature and they moved into other areas and conquered those areas and conquered the people and presented th e teachings of the one who had been crucified . And those who would not accept the teachings were slain and murd ered and killed . This Awareness indicates that gradually over many thousands of years entities began to recogniz e that the powers were too great, and those who held the powers of these two creatures—the white and the black- though often being in conflict with one another were, in fact, working to supress the human qualities of thos e whom they ruled and governed . This Awareness indicates that within this community, and many others, the masses of entities were finding themselves suffocating from the presence of the white creature and the black creature which by now had grown likene d unto a ever-consuming moss with tentacles moving about into homes, into beds, into pockets and inbetween th e relationships of one another--separating entities, sucking the life from them, and removing their wages from their pockets and suffocating their hopes, dreams and wishes .

This Awareness indicates that there was that entity, a small child, wh o one day in falling asleep found himself being suffocated by a tentacle of thi s creature . The entity awoke with a fright a .nd threw off the tentacle and screamed at the creature : "Get cut of here! If you are going to live with us, get back in you r place and leave me along !" This Awareness indicates the tentacle reacted with shock , for it had not yet experienced such determination and such audacity, for this creatur e believed itself to have the right to suffocate others . 2.

This Awareness indicates that when this occurred a reverberation went out to all other entities, and other entitie s began to shout a similar line : "Away from me, you beast ! If you are going to live with us, know your place and b e our friend and servant, not our master!" This Awareness indicates that there were those who began to recogniz e that the beast which had been given, the creature which had been given to serve those people, had now becom e their master and the people now had to retrain that creature and remove those powers from that creature that the y might be able to use the energies of the creature as had been promised by the one with the hooded face and dartin g eyes. This Awareness indicates that these entities then began a concerted move and began to mobilize together, and i n that mobilization, each and every one, independently of the other, began to strike back at the creature--insisting , shouting, speaking out, and letting the creature know that it could no longer sit its tentacles upon their face, upo n their skin, upon their mouth and nose, and suck their vitality and life from them . That this kind of action woul d have to cease forever if the creature was to survive . This Awareness indicates that then the creatures began to recoil their tentacles, began to look at themselves , began to wonder about their purpose ; and the people of the community and the people of the world began t o awaken, to rise up, to look about, and to demand that the beast serve them as it had been promised at the time i t was given unto them . This Awareness indicates within a short time there were beautiful gardens, there were glorious landscapes, there was peace and harmony, the people loved one another and there was mercy throughou t the world . This Awareness indicates that the beast itself then was tamed, and became not only a wonderful servant, bu t also a very dear friend of the people and all lived happily thereafter .

THE RED SEA 'MIRACLE ' Should Moses Get the Credit ? QUESTION : In a newspaper recently there was an article that scientists plan to prob e the 'Red Sea Miracle'---that a high school earth science teacher has bee n selected to head a research team that will attempt to prove that the Biblica l miracle known as the 'parting of the Red Sea' actually took place . They fee l that if everything goes according to plan, actual excavating work will begi n in August, 1980, and this will be the first attempt to explain a miracle on a scientific basis . lie added that the intent of the projec t would not be to disprove the legend . This gentlemen, who is als o an archaeologist, said that his group hopes to find remnants of th e army which could prove where the crossing took place . Woul d Awareness please comment on this miracle of the parting of the Re d Sea and this investigation which will take place ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the Universe is not as most entities have been taught to believe . This Awareness indicates that the Universe is filled with inhabitants not too unlike entities upon the earth . This Awareness indicates that these. entities have been to and from the earth many times . That there have bee n civilizations upon this earth which have been highly advanced, with spiritual development that super-exceeds any thing presently known. This Awareness indicates that this earth has been watched and has been visited by many entities from other systems and from other planes . 3.

This Awareness indicates that the gods and lords of old are not mythical characters, nor are these entities super natural, though they are supernormal, and in many instances superhuman . This Awareness indicates that these ent ities also have a super technology and often a superconsciousness . This Awareness indicates that many of the miracles of the Old Testament are recordings of the spaceships whic h were piloted by the gro up of space travelers known as the Jehovah . This Awareness indicates that these entities pro tected their chosen tribes with their technology, their spaceships, which had the capacity, the capabilities of effecting what in those times would be considered as `miracles . ' This Awareness indicates that the parting of the Sea occurred from energies of a particular type of spacecraf t which repelled the waters to allow the followers to pass through, but then closed against the Egyptians . This Awareness suggests that entities, in reading their Old Testament stories, may, in their imaging, find that whe n they substitute the word Lord, or Jehovah, wherein this word can be read with an image of a spaceship, there wil l be much clarification of meaning . This Awareness indicates that such statements regarding entities not touching the Lord as the Lord comes dow n upon the mountain—that any entity who comes close or touches will surely die—that this is in relation to the radio active energies and the high vibratory energies of the spaceship . This Awareness indicates that often the pilot or commander, or the lord of the spaceship, was confused with the spaceship itself by the writers . That at times they speak of the Commander, or Lord, walking with a particula r person, and at other times the Lord is flying above, creating thunderbolts, earthquakes, fires, or other disturbance s of a magnificant and terrible nature . This Awareness indicates in both cases the term `Lord' may be used, but the reference may be interchangeabl e between the meaning othe personality or the spacecraft . This Awareness indicates this does not in any way detrac t from the concept of a Universal God, but this does indicate a difference between a personality God and a Universa l God. This Awareness indicates the Universal God permeates all things, likened unto water or space or Akasha that fill s the Universe and is alive and conscious of all its parts : the cells, the stellar systems and all of the small atomic part s within the Universe . This Awareness indicates that the personality gods as being those who are basically immortals or mortals who hav e super-powers in rclatien to their followers . This Awareness indicates that essentially, the entity who is placed in a situation above others may be referred t o by those subjects as a god, or a demi-god, a mini-god . That this term can be used, yet it is only a word . This Awareness indicates that the realities are quite different from the words . That wherein an entity states he or she believes in God, it must be determined what they mean by the word `god '. This Awareness indicates that had entities spoken to the followers of Jim Jones, who may have said : "I believe i n God," this entity might mean Jim Jones ; whereas another could ,say, "I believe in God," and be referring to th e entity Jesus Christ or Buddha or Mohammed or Jehovah or others . This Awareness indicates that still another entity may mean the Universal Consciousness, the Universal Deity ." This Awareness indicates in all cases the three entities speaking might all agree with each other and say, "1 believ e in God," and all believe that they are in agreement with what is being stated . This Awareness indicates another entity might say, "I do URW believe in God, " and may be referring to Jim Jones .* This Awareness indicates that if thi s person were questioned more carefully, it might be determined that the entity believes in a universal power, an d therefore agrees with the other entity who believes in a Universal God .

This Awareness indicates It has been expressing this type of word pattern and discussion to allo w entities to sec that words are not necessarily conveyors of meaning . That it is essential for entities t o look behind the words to extract what is meant, and the extraction of the meaning is often difficul t to perceive without having information from other sources . This Awareness suggests that wherein a discussion of the Lord parting the waters of the Red Sea . is brought into conversation, that this can mean different things to different entities . This Awarenes . indicates that for some this is a supernatural miracle, for others this is a probable action of a highl y advanced technology . This Awareness indicates that for still others, this is but a myth and is unbelievable and unacceptable . This Awareness indicates that each of these entities, believing what each believes, is still loved, is stil l alive, and is still precious . That it matters not whether entities believe one thing or another . It matter only that they allow each other space to learn, to discover, to question, and that they communicat e with each other, and that they remain open to discussing these concepts and ideas and give respec t to each other's differences of opinion ; WHAT HAPPENED TO TH E LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL ?

QUESTION : One final question while we're on Biblical questions, by L .P . of Hays, Kansas . He would like t o know what happened to the lost tribes of Israel ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates, which one ? This Awareness indicates that there have been many tribes which have moved throughout the ti m allotted . This Awareness indicates that the Mohammed, Christians, and Jewish tribes as all tracing their lineage back to Abraham . That there are others which broke off at different places . This Awa r ness indicates that essentially, the various tribes are families which sprung from different branche s of the family tree . This Awareness indicates that the entity Jehovah, having cloned certain types of entities from h i own cells on the planet Mars, and bringing these entities to earth, did follow their genetic lineage t c keep track of their growth and movement . This Awareness indicates that this eventually became c c fused somewhat as these entities began to intermarry with others than the ir own types . This Awareness indicates that the so-called `lost tribes of Israel' as having merged with others i n the various cultures which developed apart from the Jehovah creation or cloning process . This Aw ness indicates that much of this information has been given and will be released at a different time, this relating t the different creations of humanity other than that described in the Jewish history of the creation of Adam . Thi: Awareness indicates that this as being one of several creations of man . That essentially, Jehovah created Adam a r Eve from a type of cloning process ; that other entities existed before these entities came into being, as is indicat e by the fact that their sons married women who were not their sisters . • For more information on Jim Jones , . . .r c (IV AWARENESS

IF YOU HAD BEEN BORN IN CHINA-- WOULD YOU DOUBT YOUR ORIENTAL BELIEFS ? (What if you had been born on another planet? ) (Closing Message )

This Awareness indicates that the entities in the Western world, having bee n deeply programmed by the Judeo-Christian religion, have many questions whic h center themselves in this religion--have many questions as to their origin and a s to certain aspects of this programming . This Awareness indicates this is all very significant and meaningful to such entities, as it is of a very basic, cultura l and deep-rooted core of their being . This Awareness suggests, however, that for the sake of objectivity, tha t you consider the question : `What if I had been born in India? In the Orien t

under a different religion? Would I cling as tightly to those beliefs as I do my present beliefs? And, if so, should I doubt those Oriental belief s or should I doubt my present beliefs?' 588'+$ rlrAr')nru THE /$:

This Awareness suggests that there are many entities in the Orient wh o could have easily been born in the Western culture, but cling instead, because of fate, to their Oriental beliefs wit h just as much fanaticism or certainty as do entities from the Western world in clinging to their own beliefs . This Awareness suggests also that you ask yourself the question : `What if I had been born on another planet ? What would my beliefs be? Would I still be as sure of what I am sure of now? ' This Awareness indicates that entities love to be certain that they are `right' in what they believe, because that certainty gives them the illusion of security . This Awareness wishes entities to look carefully at that very patter n which has been dramatically portrayed in recent weeks by those who followed the entity, Jim Jones, to their suicid e or to their murder, simply because they wanted the certainty of being `right' in their belief and refused to questio n or offend their leader by questions . This Awareness begs entities to question everything.


A question from R .L . in California . It has been indicated by some occultic teachers that manners and habits, lik e profanity, which displease others in terms of the usual mores or customs of a region or people, if indulged in by people who know it vexes others in ruch regions, creates negative karma . And also that profanity in speech creates negative vibrations astrally, and might cause such a person to be cast down out of a more favorable sub-plane into a lowe r one with less light . I-Ie would like Awareness to comment on this .

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as generally in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities ar e aware of the use of profanity and these shocking words, that wherein entities are aware that these words are offensive to others, yet continue to use these words without concern for the feelings of others, this does create a certai n type of karmic reflection . That this is also similar to situations wherein entities speak, not with profanity, but wit h insulting terms. 6.

This Awareness indicates that, in another sense, wherein an entity is using profane or insulting terms in order t o assist others to move through certain blocks in their own consciousness, wherein entities use shock words to shak e people out of patterns that have been crystalized and are holding intolerant attitudes, that often these entities may be serving as catalysts, or channels, to shake apart a crystallized, self-righteous attitude of another entity . This Awareness indicates that in such cases, this may be effective and necessary as a confrontation tool, to assist in breakin g down these self-righteous condemnation attitudes that some people hold toward others . This Awareness indicate s this , as for example, in the case of Lenny Bruce and his statement to humanity, wherein he discussed the obscenit y of war, death and personal violations as opposed to what society called obscentity, through speech and words . This Awareness indicates that on another level obscene words for some entities does not appear to bother thos e speaking these words, and often does not bother others, for these entities may simply accept such terms as everyda y speech . This Awareness indicates that on the other hand, these words sometimes can be quite shocking to the aur a of entities who are not inclined toward that level of communication and are more sensitive and refined .

This Awareness indicates that wherein a sensitive and relatively spiritual person, or refined person , comes in contact with crudity, the crude energies ca n affect the aura, creating disturbances and even leading t o illness as a result of foul language . This Awareness indicates that wherein entitie s come in contact with those using foul language, and wherein these entities feel themselves bein g muddied or dirtied or offended by those foul terms--that such entities may either shower afterwards, turn on musi c which is uplifting and inspiring, or move into areas of nature, such as parks or wooded areas, or may move towar d windy areas, or may sit themselves before a fire or candle to allow those negative or harsh energies to be drawn ou t of their aura and to seal up the holes which may have been created . This Awareness indicates also that the chantin g of "Love" or the word `AUM : can effect these energies . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that the resistance to such harsh words intensifies their effect upo n one's aura ; that wherein you can listen to these words without feeling threatened, insulted, or hostile, or self-righteous, that these words are not nearly so effective against your aura . That the resistance itself is that which cause s these words to cling to your aura ; whereas to hear these words and not be offended, allows the words to bounce of f and not to remain stuck to your aura or stuck in your head or emotional levels . This Awareness suggests that entities in coming in contact with this type of communication may assist by callin g attention to the language and calmly stating that you prefer the entity not use those terms in your presence to communicate ; that you do not appreciate those terms and you appreciate more calm and harmonious speech . THE AMAZING "MIRA COIL " f Is It as Amazing as the Aas Claim?)



trai t

We have received some information from various New Age groups advertising the `Mira Coil'--a new spiritual healing device fro m Atlantis, their literature claims, channeled from Universal Mother Mary through White Dove ."The Mira Coil is not a new invention . I t existed as a healing device during the time of the lost continent of Atlantis . Using modern technology and knowledge received tlroug h the grace of Mira, we have reproduced this incredible spiritual healing device . Mira says the Mira-Coil will remove pestilence of man by directing the earth's natural energies to enrich whatever it comes in contact with . The Mira-Coil will remove impurities from the nervou s system because they are foreign or unnatural to the evolution of our system . The removal of these impurities, or stresses, leads to clearer thinking and greater success and activity . That which is unbalanced is brought into balance in a very systematic and natural way . To all the souls already on a spiritual path, having the Mira-Coil offers a tremendous acceleration of your own growth and personal experiences . Mira said that the earthbound spirits that are in the 4th dimension must move on their way and evolve . The Mira-Coil cleanses th e home and surroundings of their unwanted influence which cause most forms of sickness and are a drain on our energy, health, menta l balance and spiritual progress . From porsonal experience thus far, the Mira-Coil has relieved tensions, stress, anxiety attacks, headaches , ulcers, insomnia, arthritis, overeating problems, menstrual imbalances and much more . Mothers and fathers having the protection of th e Mira-Coil in their homes allows for the blossoming of the maximum growth of the entire family . " I ' d like to ask Awareness if the information about this Mira-Coil is as good as it sounds? 7.

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as almost as good as it sounds . This Awareness indicates that this as being effective. That the advertisement as being a slight exaggeration, but that essentially this does have substance and is workable . That this depends somewhat on the belief and confidence level of the users . This Awareness indicates this belief an d confidence as being beneficial for all such devices . That this relates to the power of suggestion–wherein one accepts a suggestion, this tends to make the suggestion more potent . This Awareness indicates that the Mira-Coil in a sense is a suggestion that this device can be beneficial . That even if there were no value to the device, the suggestion itself, if accepted, would bring about benefits . This Awareness indicates that besides the suggestion, the device does have some merit in terms of assisting in clarifying the psychi c or consciousness fields around entities in areas where it is used . QUESTION : They're asking $195 .00 donation for the instrument . Is this out of line or in line with the merits of the machine ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as rather expensive in relation to what the machine can do, and what its basic cos t for construction would be . This Awareness indicates that there are also other ways of accomplishing the same kin d of effect : This Awareness suggests that entities may place copper wire around their home, running the full length aroun d their home, and receive a similar effect . This Awareness indicates that also metal rods placed approximately every five feet around a home, driven into th e ground, (these being rods of approximately ten inches in length)—this also can be beneficial . This Awareness suggests the copper wire as being more beneficial, however . This Awareness indicates the Mira-Coil as having some slight advantage over the copper wire . But for the difference in price, that this would be a matter of whether entities wished to pay that extra amount for the small difference in effect. QUESTION : Would the size of the wire or the fact that it was insulated or uninsulated make any difference ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this as best uninsulated . That the size be approximately 12 to 14 in size, or 10 . That th e larger the better . That 10 is completely satisfactory ; that 14 will also be satisfactory . QUESTION : One final question on this : If an entity would extend the wire around his house, would you tie the two ends together, or leav e them loose ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : These being tied together. That these may be tacked to the house either around the roof, high on the walls, o r around the base of the house .

ED's Note : If the distributors of the Mira-Coil ever reduce their retail pric e to a fair and reasonable level, C .A.C . will also offer this product to the membership . At this time, we feel the `'rice is way out of line and we would be doing no servic e by selling it . The above method suggested by Awareness will do essentially the same thing as the Mira-Coil with about 55 .00 worth of wire obtained at a junk-yard .


HOW TO MANIFEST MATERIAL THING S (Is it Right or Wrong to Use Magik? ) QUESTION : and I would like to ask Cosmic Awareness a question . We want to start a self-sufficient community, a A question from J .L..'Nick . health-spa type place . We want to know if it is harmful to use positive thoughts or mind-power to get money and land to build wha t we want. Since we plan to use our talents in the community we start for the good of all, we thought it would be O .K ., but we're concerned about the misuse of mind-power . We have observed that we can control this energy, but since these things we want are material , we want to make sure there arc no karmic repercussions . We would intend to share what we have .

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that all materialization is the result from first visualizing yourself receiving that . This Awareness indicates that wherein a child desires a piece of fruit, the child first visualizes the piece of fruit. This Awareness indicates that this is the same process used in generating a piece of property . This Awareness indic ates that some entities simply perfect the action . This Awareness suggests that in perfecting the action of visualization for purposes of manifestation, that entitie s may develop greater concentration and hold the image for greater duration, energizing that which is desired . Thi s Awareness suggests, however, that before the object is brought to you, it becomes necessary for entities to let go o f the image, to turn this over to higher forces. This Awareness indicates this as likened unto saying, "Thy will be done . " This Awareness indicates that the Kahunas are masters of this action ; that the Kahuna prayer, itself, is one where in the Kahuna takes deep breaths, charges the consciousness with oxygenation to allow the visualization to becom e clearer. That after this is highly charged and the vision is held steadily, the Kahuna then releases the vision in an im age of that floating upward toward the Higher Self . This Awareness indicates the entity visualizes the prayer, or image, flying on wings toward heaven, and the entit y blows upward the breath while lifting the hands upward and out with open palms—this to symbolize the letting g o of the image. This Awareness suggests that this Kahuna prayer as explained in the Max Freedom Long books on Kahunas . * This Awareness suggests that it becomes necessary for the mind to let go of the desire, that the desire and imag e may then be released to sail away and to return bearing gifts in its own way . This Awareness suggests that this is the meaning of the phrase, "Thy will be done . " This Awareness suggests that there is no error in using this technique . The only e rr or in manifesting comes abou t wherein an entity can be harmed by an action of manifestation . This Awareness suggests that wherein an entity visualizes an action which is harmful to another, uses mind power for any activity that denies another in order to benefit oneself, or in order to seek revenge over another—wherein an imagery is sent out that would bring harm to anot her--this is that which is related unto 'black magic . ' This Awareness indicates that wherein entities give these images of love and beneficial energies toward others, an d wherein entities image those pictures which do not harm others, but benefit themselves without motivations of competition, then this kind of imagery is appropriate . This Awareness suggests that you send forth these images during tines wherein your consciousness is at certai n subjective levels, such as close to the sleep state, or near the early morning awakening period just after being asleep , and during times of emotional levels, or during meditationaI moments . This Awareness indicates these subjectiv e times arc most appropriate for energizing in order to manifest . This Awareness suggests that you make the image s clear enough to receive the type of manifestation in a clear image . That you not be so particular about details tha t you fail to allow for differences in that which you wish to receive . This Awareness suggests also, that wherein another is manifesting with you, that all entities truly need to be i n harmony in terms of the image . That wherein one entity pretends to desire a certain image, but really has reservations about this and the other desires the image and puts forth energy toward this manifestation, the energies can b e in conflict and the manifestation may become distorted . This Awareness suggests also that a time limit may be placed upon the experience, requesting that the manifestation occur by a certain time . This Awareness indicates that this also can be beneficial in bringing this about, so lon g as the time limit is reasonable according to the energies that would be required . This Awareness suggests also, that wherein entities manifest or seek to manifest, that they take care not to attem ] to steal energies from other entities on the grounds that something will occur by a certain time . 9.

This Awareness suggests that you avoid making promises or talking too much about the manifestation ; that instead , you simply image the occurrence as though it were on its way and due at the particular time . This manifestatio n being similar to expecting a train to arrive at the station at a certain time . This Awareness suggests that you best man ifest without talking too much about what you intend to manifest, except to those who are involved with you on S lie manifestation . This Awareness indicates that even in these circumstances, once this has been thoroughly discussed , that it works best wherein you hold the energy strong within and do not lose the energy by 'talking it to death . ' • The Secret Science Behind Miracl e by Max Freedom Long . (Available fro m the C .A .C . Book Catalog .


A question from A .S . 'I have a question . Awareness states that we are to teach the ignorant . The first information I received from you stated that 'Awareness isn't for every one' and gave a long list of who It wasn't for . Well, my family, a good Catholic, loving family fits in with that group . They don't want to hear anything about reincarnation or a new era . My family and friends are starting to wonder if I am sane . In meditation I am told to learn quietness . I have always been an open spout . Whatever is on my soul or mind spills out. 1-low do you "teach" people without preaching or putting down what 'reality' they have ? I don't want to hurt anyone but I do want my family to prepare . I love them dearly. My family usually, (or before I discovered Awareness), thought very highly of me and the advice I give . I am the third oldest of twelve children and my parents always encouraged th e youngest children to listen to me . Right now I'm learning patience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated . '

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that entities who have their mind already made up may be considered as likened unt o clams whose shells have been closed . This Awareness indicates that the more you attempt to force the shell open , the tighter the shells close . This Awareness suggests that you may consider those special moments wherein the clam's shells open to you an d you toss a morsal inside for them to taste. That wherein they close around this morsel, you not use any tools o r force to attempt to open them up to shove more in . This Awareness indicates this likened unto spoon-feeding babies . That you give them what they will take whe n they will be open enough to accept that. This Awareness suggests there are also ways of presenting things whereby you never tell an entity anything : all you do is raise questions . This Awareness suggests that wherein you ask questions and allow entities to express their feelings, and ask quest ions on those and questions again, you can actually lead entities around to agreeing with you—at least in part, simpl y by their own answering devices . This Awareness indicates this requires skill and an understanding of which question s will lead the entity into opening up and looking deeper . This Awareness indicates that the questioning process also requires that you move carefully and be sensitive t o the feelings of the other, and that you show respect for those feelings . This Awareness suggests that in terms of giving entities information which you desire for them to accept, that yo u may give something three times which may be rejected, and thereafter you not give that information again unles s asked. This Awareness suggests also, that wherein you are discussing philosophy or ideas with others, and you discove r that they have closed their minds at a certain point, this Awareness suggests that you give them just enough more t o allow them to realize that you have even more information to give them ---then you stop presenting your information so that they can digest what you you have already given . This Awareness indicates this also likened unto feeding the mind, feeding the soul, feeding a child . That wherei n you feed entities and they stop, close their mind, close their mouth, they arc saying, in effect, "I have had enough . I am full. Do not feed me any more until I am hungry for more . " 10 .

YOUR TELEPHON E MAY BE NOSIER THAN YOU THIN K (Excerpt from a personal reading wherein a member asked a question about phone buggin•T )

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that information previously given regarding the telephone, whereby certain key words, known only to those who wish to investigat e anything relating to those key words, can be used to trigger and turn on th e computer, this to monitor thousands of telephone calls at once .* This Awareness indicates that not only is the telephone capable of this action , but there is also within the workings of the telephone system, the capability o f using the telephone as a microphone to listen to conversations within the home , even when the telephone is in its disconnect position . When the receiver has bee n hung up, it opens a certain channel which can be used, if desired, by telephone employees or by those who wish t o monitor conversations of entities within the room . This Awareness indicates this particularly in the telephones whic h have come come out since 1970 or have been replaced since that time by the new style telephones . This Awareness indicates that this not necessarily limited to these new telephones, however . This Awareness indicates this as an action whereby the mouthpiece of the telephone can become a microphone for eavesdropping o n the household . BEWARE THE EAR S OI THE BEAS T

This Awareness indicates this also can be accomplishe d through the television -set. That even when the television set has been turned off or unplugged, that it can serve as a receiver for bugging the home for some time after it has been unplugged—thi s relating to the energies which are stored within the television set , even after being unplugged . This Awareness indicates that these devices, capable of tunin g into entities' private lives, are available and arc in use in this country and in other countries around the world . This being used wherein surveillance is believed to be necessary by those who desire to pry into the private conversations of the people whom they are intended to serve . This Awareness indicates enough on this has been said, and the books on mind-control and television sublimina l documentations and the suggestions and hypnosis through television shows has been touched upon previously, an d that there are other books on the market whereby entities may learn more about these things . *RD 's Note : Please refer to Revelations of Awarenes s No . 78-31 (Television and Mind Control as Tools of the Beast) QUESTION :

THE PERILS OF ANGEL DUST (PCP ) (More on Drug Abuse )

D .L . of Supulveda,Calif., has a question for Awareness . Taking the drug PCP, or Angel Dust, as it is called, seems to be on the increase . Is there anything which can be done in the emergency room to help these people? Is there an end in sight to this terrible wave of selfdestruction among our young people ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this substance as being quite detrimental to the mind of entities in that it is an anti memory drug. This Awareness indicates this effecting the brain in a manner that eats away at the stored informatio n within the brain . This Awareness suggests that prevention of use of this as being the most effective way of dealin g with this, preferably through education processes whereby schools begin to give classes relating to the various drug s —everything from alcohol through marijuana, the psychedelics and the hard drugs—to educate the youth in an honest manner with statistics and with the research information available in regards to these drugs in reference to I Q before and after, lifestyle before and after use of these drugs, and with reference to life-span for those using variou s drugs . This Awareness indicates that for example, if entities realized that the average heroin addict lived only approximately three to five years after becoming addicted, this fact alone would weigh more heavily upon the determinatio n against the use of heroin than the threat of imprisonment . 11 .

This Awareness indicates this also applies to the use of alcohol, wherein youth needs to be educated in an unbiased and factual manner about the use and abuse of alcohol . This Awareness suggests that wherein schools can discuss drug use and drug abuse in an honest and factual manner, whereby the students become aware rather than intimidated or frightened or oppressed, this will solve the greater portion of the drug problems . This Awareness indicates that there will always be some entities who are of a self-destruct nature, who will choos e the damaging effects of drug abuse as their form of suicide rather than some other form . This Awareness indicate s that this comes under a category relating to psychology rather than to drug abuse . The cause of the self-destruct tendencies as being that which needs psychological attention . This Awareness indicates there is very little that can be done to assist in combating the effects of the angel dus t other than diet, a healthy diet and proper nutrition, avoiding further use of psychedelics or euphorics or other suc h drugs while the brain is given time to restore itself . This Awareness suggests the use of coline* as being somewha t beneficial, but this being limited and relatively ineffective in relation to the 'damage which is caused by the use o f this PCP . This Awareness indicates this particularly in regards to those who have used this substance several times : that the damage is irreversible in terms of its erasing of memory and causing certain attitudes in consciousness tha t result from the erasure of those memories . This Awareness indicates this also as having some damaging effect upo n the kidneys, the spleen, the liver and the pancreas . • 3KRQHWLFVSHOOLQJ PD\EHZURQJ . 48(67,21 :

There is no antidote or anything they can give an overdosed entity in the emergency room that might save him from dying ?

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this not seen at present . This Awareness is not implying that there is no antidote, bu t that this is not seen . This Awareness indicates that physical stimulation as that which can be of great value in regar d to this . This Awareness suggests this in relation to acupuncture techniques whereby certain points are touched, eithe r with needles or pressed with the hands . This Awareness suggests that the use of any form of physical stimulus upo n the body in regards to both heat and cold, such as ice in one spot, a warm pad in another, or ice being moved aroun d on different parts of the body to draw attention to these areas –even the use of some pain, such as a pin prick, an d the use of sound, such as speaking to the entity, calling the entity s name, continuing a conversation which calls fo r the entity to give attention, repeating their name, touching their body . This can be of value in assisting them by attempting to re-ground their soul or spirit into the physical body . This Awareness wishes to refer to a correlation : that children often fall, bump or otherwise hurt themselves be cause they are not fully body-conscious . They are not aware of their body . They are basically spirits, moving aroun d and dragging the body with them, and are not fully aware of the body which they drag . This allows the body to fall , to be hurt, to be bumped and to experience pain . This Awareness indicates these painful experiences cause the spiri t to begin to become more body-conscious . This Awareness indicates this likewise for those who are out of their bod y due to the abuse of drugs . This Awareness indicates the name of the entity as also being a grounding vibration which brings them in touc h with the body . This Awareness suggests that this not inferring that entities should create pains upon the body othe r than that which might be an action to bring attention of the psyche, to ground the psyche into the body . This Awareness indicates for example, very slight electric shocks upon a finger or a pin prick upon a toe : this kind of pain , enough to call attention to the body, as that which can be used in emergency . That the repetition of the name as tha t which is most important, and a calling for the entity to respond to you . This Awareness indicates physical massage as also being very beneficial . (' V1RWH : )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQRQGUXJVDQGKRZGUXJVEORZKROHVLQWKHDXUDSOHDVHUHIHUW R




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