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This Awareness indicates that the vital person shall remain and . continue as everlasting life . The vampire, feeding off the energies of others without returning equal or greater energy, by his very nature is ma process of self-destruction--for if the vampire destroys and consumes the energy of the vital person, then the vampire has nothing left t o feed upon, and is left to feed upon himself . This Awareness indicates that it behooves entities to discover that th e divine forces are within themselves, are available to each and every one, and that you need not feel a separatio n from divinity, you need not feed off of divine entities . This Awareness suggests that those entities who believe they are divine because they get their divinity from the . energies of others arc, in fact, vampires . This Awareness suggests that entities look carefully at these energies aid a t themselves to determine where their sustenance comes from . This Awareness indicates that each has the ability t o tap into creative and divine energies simply by being receptive and open--for divinity, life, vitality exists even in the air you breathe and in everything about you . In every atom of your being it is there for your joy and for you r taking—it needs not come from your neighbor, your mate, or from those who have s crificed their lives that you, ; , might have pleasure . This Awareness indicates that the efforts of those in Cosmic Awareness Communications, whereby these entitie s are risking their Ives that you might be informed, should be respected ; that those entities who, through certai n snobbish attitudes, refuse to recognize what these entities are doing, shall eventually be informed--if not in word s from this Awareness from Cosmic Awareness Communications messages, if not in messages sent to you. in the mai l —then in experiences in your own life . But you will eventually be informed . ••ti t


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The information Awareness gave yesterday and the day before in relation to the intensities ahead 'and the necessity of setting up trade centers, is information that we should like to get out to all the New Age groups and publications with the request that they disseminate and reprint this information . One of the biggest organizations is th e A .R .E ., the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and although we communicate back and forth over the

years; *e don't ge t

any response . And I would like to ask Awareness, if it would help to disseminate this information through the Cayc e Foundation, and if there is some message It might give for the entity, Hugh Lynn Cayce, that we could send hi m that might sway him into including the information to his membership .

COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that whenever this entity is open to further exploration, that there are many area s whereby this can be accomplished . This Awareness suggests that the entity as feeling obligated to promote th e Edgar Cayce Readings and feels a necessity to devote his energies toward that end, rather than extending into othe r areas . This Awareness indicates that this is appropriate for this entity---that it also would be appropriate, wherei n the entity is so inclined, that they might assist in the urgencies which are occurring during the coming years in relation to the crisis which has been discussed—this in terms of the computerized electronic-fund-transfer, the `Mar k of the Beast' and the efforts to enslave humanity . This Awareness indicates, however, that the choice as being that of each individual as to what involvement he o r she may wish to take . This Awareness suggests that wherein one becomes alerted to an action and chooses to avoi d involvement, that this is a reflection of the entity's condition and this may be the statement of that entity accordin g to his or her level of response-ability . This Awareness suggests that those who can respond, make their statemen t in action . 7.

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Cosmic Awareness 1979-07a: The Spiritual Snob (Ignoring The Beast With Positive Thinking)  

4% In: The Spiritual Snob (Ignoring The Beast With Positive Thinking) 4% In: An Open Letter From Cosmic Awareness To Those Who Feel C.A.C Is...

Cosmic Awareness 1979-07a: The Spiritual Snob (Ignoring The Beast With Positive Thinking)  

4% In: The Spiritual Snob (Ignoring The Beast With Positive Thinking) 4% In: An Open Letter From Cosmic Awareness To Those Who Feel C.A.C Is...