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#77-3 A NEW YEAR ' S MESSAG E FROM COSMIC AWARENES S (Excerpt from CAC reading 12/31/76 ) Paul Shockley, Interprete r Q . On this Eve of the New Year, does Awareness have a New Year's message ? A . This Awareness indicates that the psychic storm which has been mentioned, i s now occurring and shall continue throughout the next several months . This is that which is occurring within the consciousness of many entities an d is bringing about a reconciliation of certain separative forces withi n consciousness . This Awareness indicates that many entities have already mad e these reconciliations within their own psyche . Many entities who have receive d these messages from the past from this Awareness have made these reconciliations , and during this time of the psychic storm, these entities shall find tha t they are benefitting greatly from certain events that are occurring . Thi s Awareness indicates that others shall find difficulties, shall find turmoil , shall find their lives being whisked about by the ravages and chaos o f shifting energies . This Awareness suggests that the first portion of this year shall be tha t which is a trying period for some entities, while others shall simply b e waiting for the storm to quiet, and shall be able to move without grea t difficulty through these times . This Awareness suggests that by summer, th e entities upon this plane shall begin to realize that something definit e for the good of all has occurred . This Awareness suggests that in terms of your new President and the action s which shall follow through this administration : the entity as having certai n ideals and being influenced by certain idealism which is reblossoming in th e American lifestyle . This Awareness indicates that the turmoils of the materialism which has bee n heavy upon this nation since the administration of John Kennedy, has bee n such that there was a great darkness on this nation ; and the new Presiden t shall now reflect that idealism which is coming into bloom as a ne w springtime for this nation . This Awareness indicates that the President, Carter, shall have certai n difficulties in expressing the .idea .lism which he is beginning to feel, an d which the American people are beginning to feel, because there are stil l forces about him, a'nd these forces will attempt to check and hold back hi s expression and his actions . This Awareness indicates that, however, th e idealism shall win out to a large degree, and the nation within two year s shall be shining as has not been seen for some time .

This Awareness suggests that in terms of the economic situation : tha t there shall be continued difficulties and problems, particularly relate d unto. inflation ; butthat these shall not create greatproblems fer- the genera l masses--the difficulties Shall be somewhat felt . This Awareness suggests that by the fall of this year, entities shall begi n to feel new energies and a new enthusiasm for life . And the difficulties o f 1976 and the early part of '77 shall be seen as those times which laid th e groundwork and prepared the way for a resurgence of energies which will b e felt during the 1978 year . This Awareness indicates the New Age groups and the energies of those wh o are ready for the new levels relating unto serving one another, shall fin d that 1978 is the year of the launch and blast-off of the New Age energies .

HOW THOUGHT CREATES YOURWORLD This Awareness indicates there is'nothing that is true except that which yo u think . And as you thinl:eth, this becomes true for you . And as others think alon g with you., a collective level of truth begins to form and images begin to solidify and form around that truth and give support . This Awareness' indicates that thought is the builder, conscieusness is the being . Thought creates the forms and shapes and images,and the life for these forms, shape s end beings are in the consciousness . The feelings, the sensitivities give that breat l of life ; the directed thinking determines the shape . This Awareness suggests that year life mores from moment to moment and you creat e your world as you think, and you experience your world as you feel . This Awareness suggests that you have the choice of feeling what you wish to fee l from moment to moment . And being aware that your theughts and feelings create you r world, and that you have your choice as to what you wish to create, this Awarenes s makes you responsible for your life and sets you above the animals who are bu t the victims of cireumstence . This Awareness suggests that a :; you grow more and more aware and take on mor e and more consciousness, you . also become more responsible for maintaining the balanc e and harmony in the Universe . HOW THE MENTALLY ILL AND RETARDE D CAN BE HELPED BY THE SUBUD LAHTIHAN Q . What is a working ritual that will restore the mentally ill and the mentall y retarded to health ? A . This Awareness indicates the lahtihan of Subud as being effective in thi s type of healing . That these entities using this system, the lahtihan, may b e freed by allowing their energies to move from within ; and being attentive to th e movements without attempting to control those movements, expressing themselve s exactly as their inner forces would like to express themselves . This Awarenes s suggests that you study the ` .ahtth an of Subud in relation to this question .

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CONCERNING OLD AGE AND THE "TREE CF KNOWLEDGE" . (EDITOR'S NOTE : the following questions and answers are excerpts from a readin g given to a 73 year old lady) . OpeningMessage: This Awareness indicates that your action has been that which did have much swa y left to right, and the pendulum in swinging you in these many rhythmic patterns , has made you one who is aware of many extremes and many hidden levels of experience , and capable of seeing deeply into the actions of others and of yourself . ThisAwarenee s indicates you have grown greatly during this period, and now may I'egin moving int o anew cycle relating not to the ^winging back and ferth, relating not unto seeing oppositions and polarities, but rather in seeing that which is a cycle, or circle , that which includes all that is, and all that is coming in the next moment, and i n the next, and in the next . This movement of the pendulum rhythm to the cyclic rhythm , moving into the circle and expanding ever outward in your awareness as that whic h creates your new being and leads you to your destiny . Q . Will Cosmic Awareness please give me a physical diagnosis and Trance Healin g for general old age ? A . Thin Awareness indicates this related unte the information in the opening message . That entities understand the Tree of Knowledge, the tree of good and evil, the tre e of polarity . The action of the mind which does select and reject, as that which is a rhythmic pendulum type of action end does eventually lead to that which is the en d of the beginning--which was the beginning of the entity needing to reach the end . This Awareness indicates the Tree of Knowledge does lead to death . The Tree of Wisdom is that which. does flow ever in circles and does simply mov e from cycle to cycle, from level to level, never seeing en end, never rejecting on e part of the cycle in favor of another part of the cycle, never seeking t o knoc k a competitor from the spiraling stairce ne, but rather accepting the tetality of the movement of all in their own way and in your own way as you move from cycle to cycle . This Awareness irdicetes this Tree of Windom as that r,hieh shall lead to eterna l life . This Awareness indicates in terms of your present diagnosis you are at the cross e roads where you may shift from the Tree of Knowledge, of selection of good and evi l or rejection and acceptance of thinking in terms of polarities, you may shift from, thi s this into the Law ofCc1e and con tinue existing or you may terminate your present , life by continuing in the movement of the Tree of Knowledge . This Awareness indicates wherein you. see beginning : and ends and insist that ther e is the final analysis, the final word, the final night or the final wrong, that the n there must be the final reckoning . Wherein the mind is placed aside and the co mputer beast within. your psyche is use d as your tool rather than as a governor over you, then you have become that which i s the Tree of Wisdom and may partake of its fruit : eternal life .

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HOW OUR THOUGHTS CREATE OU R GOOD HEALTH OR OUR BAD HEALT H Q . I need a particular healing, especially for my eyes, sugar diabetes, loss o f balance and memory now and then, and whatever information I should have . (My age is 72) .A . This Awareness indicates that entities understand all of these things are subjec t to higher levels of consciousness ; that there is absolutely nothing in the univers e that is not to some degree affected by consciousness . This Awareness indicates that the higher the levels of consciousness acting upo n the physical form the greater the chances of changing these forms . This Awarenes s indicates intense alienations .. and the intense projection of frustration of alie n forces create illnesses whether they be from yourself or from another . This Awareness indicates that entities around an alien force are capable of pickin g up and expressing those alienations as physical illnesses upon their own body . Wherein you become aware of this, you are capable of allowing those negative forces to pas s on and of refusing to identify and latch onto any negative forces that would b e detrimental to your health . This Awareness suggests that in your case you are now moving into that area o f consciousness whereby you may allow these forces to pass through you and not identif y with them as being your own . Understand these are not your bad eyesight, but that which is in consciousness an d is being circulated among those who are of a certain age level which describe themselve s as having an affliction at this age level . This Awareness indicates that you hav e latched,onto that stream of consciousness which is claiming this concept and attache d it to yourself . This Awareness suggests that you allow this to pass on and begi n describing yourself as ene of those persons who is capable of having good visio n even into older age . This Awareness suggests that you also now begin thinking not in terms of old age , but in terms of lengevity and seniority, and in terms of how long you have bee n existing throughout the eons of time on the other side, and how little you hav e existed on this physical side, and how brief your physical life has been in the past , and how unnecessary it has been to slip over and spend so much time on the othe r side--that non-physical side--when you could have just as easily spent this time o n the physical side had you not been so bombarded by the heavy cares and frustration s and intense sorrows and tragedies caused by the Tree of Knowledge . Wherein you surrender to feeling, your life grows longer . Wherein you begin to clos e down through rejectio n , and judgements, wherein the mind itself, is attempting t o control you (rather than serve you and allow you to meet each experience withou t pre-judged or pre-determined attitudes toward it), then this control creates a speed-u p in aging processes . This Awareness indicates that in releasing blocked energies, b y relaxation, and by allowing the consciousness to experience the movements of thes e energies ; these blocked energies, being released, shall move on, allowing the bedy th e space to . repair itself . This Awareness suggests that you may relieve many such block s by stretching the muscles gently as you stand, lie or sit ; that this be done gentl y a little each day without strain or sudden jerking movements . This Awareness indicates the proper attitude, the attitude of constant surrender t o attentive awareness levels, observing closely with an open, awesome attitude, rathe r than a closed pre-determined attitude, allows you to meet such experience in a hig h level of discernment that does not create blocks and frustrations which cause stiffnes s and old age . The entity does flow with the changes and allows these forces to flo w

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like water through the experience of life and does not create polarized energ y blocks like ice crystals which can stifle the life force energies . Q . Will Awareness now perform a healing for this entity ? A . This is now in the process of melting that which has been crystallized into tha t which you have called yourself . In melting all those crystals there is that which i s likened unto a flow of energy moving from magnetic alignments into that which begin s to shower as light, as light that glows and discharges its polarities in the area s of the cells about . This Awareness indicates that you understand you are being de polarized somewhat and are meving mere into the area of life-giving spirit . The anti matter or spirit filling your body and soul is incapable of judgement and incapabl e of division, separateness, or of excluding anything at all . The polarity which shal l be left remaining as that which shall be only enough to allow you to keep your physica l form upon this plane . This as that which shall gradually become a reality, movin g slowly into actuality so that you need not burst into light and ascend immediately . This Awareness indicates this as appearing now and this as having occurred on th e etheric level and as filtering into the cells of your body at this time ; this shal l be felt within a few weeks and shall grow stronger during the next two years unti l you realize that you are a totally New Being, made up more of light energy than o f physical matter . ASCENDING INTO THE LIGHT BOD Y Q . Will Cosmic Awareness please give me specific directions as to what I can do whe n I am healed to carry out the will of Cosmic Awareness, and can I ascend in my ligh t body in this life, and will Cosmic Awareness please guide me ? A' . This Awareness indicates this latter part of this question has been previousl y answered, but you may ascend at any time in your light body wherein you are capabl e ofmoving into that feeling level far enough to experience totally without judgement . The judgement is that which creates the polarity which forces the atoms of your for m to become dense matter . This Awareness indicates that the total elimination of al l judgement, all feelings of separateness, and self would indeed create that which i s the Light Body, and you would ascend into the third level, dissolving in light befor e the eyes of others . This Awareness indicates that as you may not wish to move this far, this quickly , you may wish to continue your physical existence while also tripping along merril y in the spiritual realm, near the levels of light energies ; that this balance-poin t between physical and spiritual as that which is a very enjoyable state . This Awarenes s indicates that this as that Nirvana level which entities have often sought to experience . This as also that which is the garden where entities are between spirit and matter , between life and death, between heaven and earth . This Awareness indicates that wherein you ascend totally into the light body an d become light, there is no physical form remaining on this plane for any other entit y to observe . This Awareness indicates wherein yeu wish to operate on higher level s without losing this plane, then there must be that slight, very slight action o f the Tree of Knowledge which says :'you are this, but not that`, creating just enough division wherein you may remain physical, at least part of the time . This Awarenes s indicates this may be done by others whe are probing and predding you, creating certai n areas of friction which does also help you to remain physical . This Awareness indicates entities may be depolarized totally in the consciousnes s and in the anti-matter spirit level of themselves and may still be held in th e physical by other physical beings around them . This Awareness indicates this a s that which is related unto their karma in which they are intended to assist in creatin g the space for raising vibrations for others . Your. Light Body as that which is flowin g Page- 5

r.? .org with your attention and your sensitivity to levels of feeling . This Awareness indicates feeling as that which leads toward this Awareness . This feeling level of experiencing is that which . opens the door to the Light Body ; that the discussion of the experience or the planning for the experience are 'severa l steps away . Q . Will Cosmic Awareness please give me specific directions as to what I can d o when I am healed to carry out the will of Cosmic Awareness ? A . This Awareness indicates that when you find yourself moving into the spiri t realm, you shall also find yourself reaching out and sharing and touching other s who come to you, and giving that spirit and light which you have so that they ma y light their lamps as well . In this manner you become a dispenser of Awareness, a giver of light to many . Q . Will Cosmic Awareness please help sell my house NOW so we can move inte beautiful, safe ., white neighborhood ?


A . This Awareness indicates that you look at the polarities that exist within tha t action . That there is this stipulation that must meet that stipulation which i s confined within another stipulation . This Awareness indicates that all of thes e are those which you, have created as resistances or desires to something . Thi s Awareness indicates the . resistance and rejection of this in favor of the' desir e and this much of it as that which is an example of the polarity which has create d that which is your physical . This Awareness indicates that wherein you wish to have a different kindof lif e you must first accept without any rejection and realize that you could be force d to remain in this present environment forever as your personal hell, and may a s well make the best of it or even learn to enjoy it ; or you may perhaps conside r it heaven ; for there are indeed other hells worse than this one . Wherein you are capable of turning hell into heaven, then you may move int o another environment, another place, according to your visualization which follow s your change of attitude . , This Awareness indicates the attitude as that which creates the world for yo u and your reality .. Wherein you climb to a higher attitude, this likened unto observing from a highe r altitude whereby you are capable of seeing things on a broader scale ; through thi s new attitude or altitude, you are capable of moving more easily from place to plac e than those who are battling like ants crawling through a jungles of grass, battlin g the forces of details, likes and dislikes, desires and frustrations . By shifting to a new higher attitude, likened unto the eagle soaring, an entity soaring hig h above can see an overview of life . And may move more easily to another place . ' This Awareness indicates the eagle is not bothered by the grassy and wooded Area , yet the ant in fighting the details doer struggle to move only a small portion o f space . The attitude that has the viewpoint of the ant or the attitude that observes , likened unto an eagle soaring high above, does determine your feeling when you r attitude can not accept anything without fighting it or rejecting it, and is capabl e of realizing this could be heaven or hell and that wherever you are shall be you r home, then indeed you have become L-he .eagle and soar above all troubles and problem s The mind is a place of itself and can make a heaven of hell or,a hell of heaven . Q . Will Cosmic Awareness please help me so that money will be provided so tha t 3 can live in freedom and dignity? Page 6

A . This Awareness indicates that this as that which shall be given to you a t the time that you can accept yourself as you are with what you have . This acceptanc e may be only from a moment-to-moment action whereby you can accept yourself as yo u are and where you arc ; those accepting moments will bring a small portion of rewar d to you . As these moments exten d , into larger and larger moments wherein :rn u ' ate spendin g more time being acceptable to yoursel .fi accepting your role as it is' making the bes t of what you have, with what you have to do ; as you make these moments 'longer ; th e energies which come to you shall increase and allow you to have more with which t o work and to do that which needs to be done . This Awareness indicates •this'asrelate d unto the Law of Gratitude, which no one has been able - to change, and which state s that energy that has been given receives its certain reward . This Awareness indicate s this reward is appropriate to that which has been given in relation to the quality , quantity ,, attitude and the motive behind the gift of energy . This Awareness indicates that, you are now on the path toward greater understandin g and shall find your health growing stronger as the weeks pass . This Awareness indicate s that you must tune into your feelings with neat attention and avoid judgements o f yourself or others . In obs1erving and dis eratngwithout judging, rejecting, secluding , or excluding you move more and more into the realm of the 'spiritual light force s and away from the crystalized forces of the physical body . In those light areas , attitudes become the master physicians of your. New Being:, . CONCERNING THE INFLUENC E TUAT MUMMIES HAVE TODAY Q . We have another question from a member : "Was reading Predictions for the Aquaria n Age' by Paul Shockley, when I came across a most confusing statement, which read , quote : 'Mummies in suspended animation are th'e soul . or unconscious mind of humanity . ' Unquote . Now I would believe that mankind is ' influenced by these -mummies, but ar e we actually possessed by them? Do we possess our own soul and have the privileg e and dignity of direct communication with Awareness ? A . This Awareness indicates this as in the affirmative . This Awareness suggest s that the nature of the mummification process, the nature of the psychic energie s being emanated by these mummies, may be likened unto a base chord in a symphony . The symphony, for instance, being that which is the kdy of C, upon which theentire . symphony rests . This Awareness indicates that the freedom of entities to move around as notes within that- symphony, to carry on . their melodies as that which is possible , yet, the symphony itself remains in the key of C . This Awareness indicates tha t when the symphony finishes, it returns back to its source, and ends on the key of C . u This Awareness indicates that the . chords, the notes ,' the overtones, the harmonic s involved are those which dance about and carry on in their freedom . This Awarenes s suggests that the establishment by Ra-Ta of a certain harmonic vibration throug h the hypnotized entities programmed to spew forth symbols into consciousness : symbol s designed to expand consciousness ; symbols designed to lead entities into an ._awakeaing , into an action which brought forth greater awareness ; into an action which brough t forth certain intensities that led to an evolving state that led to an organizin g state of consciousness Which did, in fact, bring about a coalescing known as th e modern civilizations ; this action being programmed into the mummies and release d into the inner planes for entities to tap into and tune into as a source of idea s and inspiration, and as a source of motivating force . This as that which did brin g about the movement of civilization in a general sense . This Awareness indicates that the movement of a theme in music may be seen a s beginning with the first five notes . The first five notes create a situation whic h influences those iohich follow . This Awareness indicates that the more notes whic h Page 7

are added, the fewer the possibilities of themes ; for as notes begin, the accumulatio n of notes eliminates the choice of variation . This Awareness suggests this as likene d unto taking a step : When you start in one direction, the possibility of moving i n others is lessened with each step in that direction . This Awareness suggests tha t in terms of the mummification action, the energies may be likened unto those mummie s being placed in a state of suspended animation, dreaming dreams, wherein your civilization is that dream and the experiences of that civilization are being . molded in part by certain key forces which emanate through the reincarnated energies of thos e mummies who now, likened unto astral forms of a dream, are in fact in physica l bodies moving among you as certain entities in the physical plane . This Awareness suggests this as a difficult concept for many entities to understand . That you understand there are parallels in consciousness ; the physical plane viewe d from another dimension is but an imaginary level and the other dimension is a reality ; yet, from the physical plane, the other dimension may be seen simply as an illusionar y or hallucinary level of consciousness . This Awareness indicates this as a matter o f viewpoint, which of these points of observation is considered to be the reality . IOW TO MAINTAIN POISE WHEN YOU ARE BEING "RIPPED OFF " Q . I have one question in relation to Lesson number 7 that was given . Awarenes s was speaking of not concerning ourselves with enforcing law . How would this apply to a business situation where someone has ordered your merchandise and then refuse s to pay for it ? A . This Awareness indicates that this as a problem of relationship . This Awarenes s suggests that the motive not being one wherein you set yourself up as a law enforcer , but being one wherein you set yourself up as a partner in a relationship whereby th e relationship must be kept clear and whereby you can assist and teach that entit y lessons in relationship ; whereby your motive is not . to enforce that entity int o following your rules, but rather to assist that entity in understanding that th e nature of partnership and the nature of agreement is such that it cannot be broke n without consequences . This Awareness indicates this as related unto commitment s wherein an entity creates a commitment and then walks out on that commitment . I t is as important for the other entity who is involved in that commitment to defen d his rights and to inform that other entity that he will not allow that commitmen t te be broken . It is the duty of entities to one another to assist each other in understandin g that commitments of this nature are to be taken seriously if they were give n seriously . This Awareness indicates wherein this is not done and an entity simply allow s the other to walk off and not follow through on his or her commitment, this ma y be permitted but may lead to karmic relationships having to be resolved at a late r time . Either way, this is sufficient . This Awareness suggests that your relationships with entities can be resolve d more quickly by communicating, rather than in attempting to enforce the law . Bu t if the enforcement of law is the only way to communicate, then do so, for tha t entity may only communicate when the law demands that the communication be restored . This Awareness suggests that It is not telling entities to avoid any form o f rules and law enforcement, but is setting a priority for cemmunication as bein g that which is most important, and the enforcement as being that which is leas t important and as a last resort . This Awareness indicates the future Police Officers of today will be calle d Peace Counselors and, shall be more involved with communicating and helping entitie s in trouble to communicate with each other than in attempting to enforce laws . Page 8

DOES COSMIC AWARENES S HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR ? (Some fan mail for Awareness ) Q . I realize time is running out . We have two letters from two different New Ag e Groups . There isn ' t any specific question . Could these two letters now be read ? A.

This is in the affirmative .

Q . The first one is from ' The Aquarian Guild ' in New Zealand . They write : "To Cosmic Awareness . Please delete us, the Aquarian Guild, from you r mailing list . Your interpretations may he very interesting to some, an d no doubt a necessary trip for you, but as artists we find your presentation , your deliverance devoid of human warmth, humor, love and innocence . It ' s got the dry arrogance of the computer . This is a living Universe, and lif e is a ball . Don ' t put frowns on peoples ' faces . Who are you fooling, anyway ? Your lectures are a crushing bore . But good luck all the same, and we wis h you well on your journey . " The second letter is from Mr . Leonard Hascall, o f ' the Law of On e ' Grove, Oregon . And an excerpt from his letter :

in Fores t

"Recently I received a copy of your "Revelations of Awareness " in which yo u requested comment regarding the manner in which Awareness speaks throug h the various interpreters . I think the manner is beautiful . These are no t meant to be directed to the human intellect so much as to the soul . Although the mortal intellect may quickly devour many facts, these Awareness message s are offered as bits and pieces of nourishment for the soul . The Awarenes s messages are worded in a manner to discourage interference of the huma n intellect . That the inner mind of the spirit may be stirred, awakened, an d lovingly exercised, that it might grow and expand toward higher horizons o f expanded awareness . Even though the human intellect has been trained t o function with little patience, there is little wisdom in trying to quickl y devour the Soul-Food of an entire lifetime in one meal . Those who wil l exercise a little patience, a little contemplation, a little meditatio n relative to the Awareness messages, will soon personally experience a littl e awe, and lots of gratitude--just because they are, as well as how they ar e presented ." (End of quotation ) A . This Awareness wishes entities to understand that for an Interpreter to mov e into and serve as a channel for this Awareness, the Interpreter must place asid e emotions, must place aside his own or her own ideas and beliefs . The Interprete r must place aside feeling . That an entity can express warmth and feeling an d emotion and ideas, yet these things can also color that which is being presented . This Awareness suggests that It does see the humor in life, but also sees th e tragedy upon this plane . It does see and experience the warmth of Love, yet als o sees and experiences that coldness that entities feel toward one-another . This Awareness indicates that in order to communicate clearly that which i s essential, this Awareness must communicate in terms that strike through withou t being colored by excessive emotions, feelings or beliefs . And the information this Awareness gives is for you to take according to that which you wish, fo r this Awareness does not force its Information on any . This Awareness simply present s Its observations through this channel, and through others . This Awareness wishes yo u . .to understand that you need not accept the informatio n from this Awareness through any particular channel, for this Awareness expresse s Itself also through many channels : This Awareness expresses Itself through artists , Page 9

through the works of art, through dancers and the dancers which they perform , through musicians and the music which they give . This Awareness gives it s information also through drama and the actions and the dramatic presentations . That this Awareness express also through the works of scientists, and researchers , through politicians, through ausiness people, through your own channel, throug h your neighbor ' s channel, through your husband ' s channel, your children 's channel, through your wife's channel . That this Awareness also expresses Itsel f through birds, through chickens, through rabbits, cats and dogs . This Awarenes s expresses Itself through flowers, trees, grass, through wind, and throug h the storms that blow . This Awareness expresses Itself in many ways, and you may listen to that channel which you are capable of hearing and capable of accepting . Those who wish to receive information in vibrations, in tones, in music , may find that channel . Those who wish to listen to this Awareness through ' the politicians, through the governments of nations, may find some channel . And those who wish to listen to this Awareness through this channel are welcome to do so . This Awareness suggests that all entities may Irefully listen to their ow n channel and find a source of information within themselves that brings i'arth " i the vibrations of this Awareness into this outer plane which may be g'ivcr to others who would accept and appreciate this communication . This Awareness . indicates that essentially the use of this particular channe l and the messages being in this particular way are for the mental and conceptua l ' levels of consciousness, wherein entities can clear out their mind, clear ou t their psyche, and reconcile certain concepts which have long been in erro r and which may be brought into harmony with Universal Forces . The channel bein g used at this time, this manner, is for the purpose of working with the min d and with the ideas . That there are other-channels which this Awareness work s through that deal with emotions, feelings, and other levels . This Awareness indicates that, in general, this Awareness is working throug h each and every entity upon this plane wherein there is an opening allowed, ' and this Awareness can ex p ress Itself in any wai through such a channel :, WHEN ,'OUR ANIMAL DIE S Q . Please tell me about my father and mother who have gone on . And are my two previous dogs with them? r, .. A . This Awareness indicates in relation to your father, that this entity, as havin g moved to certain high-level vibratory rates wherein he has begun to discove r through re-examining his life on this physical plane, certain lessons which hav e been thoroughly digested, and that this entity as preparing now the reprogrammin g of himself for another life upon this plane with the new collected informatio n that he has learned from this previous life . In terms of your mother, that this entity as not having moved quite that far i n the sense of being ready to begin re-programming, but that this entity as havin g moved into somewhat higher vibratory rates wherein she is seeing things even mor e clearly yet . She is busy digesting all this new information . This Awareness indicates that the animals mentioned not seen on this level , that their energies have been returned to other sources . This Awareness suggest s that you read certain information in the works of Percival, under the title o f Thinking and Destiny regarding the energies of animals and the, passing :over . *(The Word Publishing Co . NY, .NY . Price $16 .50 . Also available from CAC by mail ) Page 10

Cosmic Awareness 1977-03: A New Year's Message From Cosmic Awareness