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Permanent Lip Makeup Melbourne Fashion Begins Here

Trusted by clients across Melbourne, we thank you for choosing us as your personal beauty specialist Our dedication to creating the perfect result every time manifests in an experience of beauty, confidence and radiance. Permanent Lip Makeup Melbourne

Lip Line & Blend Tattoo: Lip tattooing involves altering the appearance of the lip line to create the perfect shaped lip which you desire. The pigment is blended back into the body of the lip to give a more natural and gradual tone of color. Full Lip Tattoo: This procedure is recomended for most clients, being this is the most effective and natural looking. We blend the entire pigment into the full lip so there is no graduation of colour. You can still wear any coloured lipstick over the top of your desired tattoo colour either it being lighter or darker shade.

“Shelley’s professional attitude, creativity and enthusiasm as a makeup artist makes her an indispensable asset to my team! ” Macushla Burke, Fashion Photographer.

“I had almost non-existent eyebrows and had always wanted to get them tattooed. I resisted because of my low threshold to pain. At the consultation Shelley made me feel at ease about the procedure. I just love my eyebrows and the only regret I have is that I didn’t get them done sooner!” Lisa, Doncaster

“I was so surprised how natural my eyebrow tattoo looked that I decided to have my lips done on my second visit. I get compliments from my family and friends constantly about how much it has improved and transformed my face without being obvious.” Caroline Balinska, Melbourne.

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Permanent Lip Makeup Melbourne uses very professional techniques Permanent Lip Makeup in Melbourne to restore your lip colour. Includes a...