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COSA 2013:

jennIfer Connelly + Her Enviable Skin

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The Trends Issue The hoTTesT new beauTy, from january/february 2013


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SUPER SERUMS *Self-assessments after joint usage of Génifque Youth Activating Concentrate and Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, 110 women. **Based upon consumer evaluation in a clinical study.***Consumer evaluations after 4 weeks of use. Results not equal to a medical procedure.


Te power of the duo:

80% of women saw their skin visibly transformed in only 1 week.* See visibly younger-looking skin in just 7 days.**

Discover why one out of two women tempted by a cosmetic procedure intended to postpone it.***





• Skin texture looks refined • Skin appears plumped • Illuminates skin’s look

• Corrects the look of wrinkles • Pores appear tightened • Skin tone looks more even

Over 130 awards worldwide

Our No. 1 serum

START TRANSFORMING THE LOOK OF YOUR SKIN NOW. Discover our Super Serums at your Lancôme counter or digital flagship store lancome.ca

CONTENTS January / February 2013



NEWS 14 / Beauty Flash: An interview with Vidal Sassoon’s ambassador, the latest mascaras and more 18 / Beauty Finds: Spring picks we’re in love with 22 / Counter Intelligence: Top-selling eyeshadows

NEW PRODUCTS 27 / Beauty Deciphered: The 411 on cleansing waters 36 / New Beauty: Best in makeup and skincare 68 / New Scents: Beautiful new fragrances

EXPERT ADVICE 24 / Ask a Doctor: Sensitive skin’s Rx 26 / Ingredients 101: Pomegranate and its anti-aging power 28 / Haircare 101: A look at brushes 30 / Men’s Room: Tips for manning a moustache 32 / Trainer Talk: Revlon’s Jacquie Hutchinson

THE REGULARS 8/ 12 / 108 / 114 /

Editor’s Letter Your Say Events Calendar & Win This Publisher’s Report

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 66 / Beauty Star: John Frieda’s Harry Josh 110 / Scene: Beauty behind the scenes

FEATURE STORIES 50 / Beauty Fix: All about adult acne 54 / Cover Story: Jennifer Connelly’s beauty and balance 56 / Trend Forecast: A look at upcoming beauty innovations for 2013 64 / Beauty School: Blush made easy 71 / 2012 COSA Awards: Our winners and their inspiring stories



COS 2013:A

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jen face ConnnIfer + Her Enviaebll ly eS kin

The Tr ends Is The ho TTe sue CC C sT new b ea reams To DIy uTy, from Gel m anIs 12-11-29

11:13 AM





INSPIRING CANADA’S BEAUTY EXPERTS One Mount Pleasant Road, 8th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4Y 2Y5 Tel: 416.764.1664 / Fax: 416.764.1704 / cosmeticsmag.com eDITOr-IN-CHIeF Kristen Vinakmens arT DIreCTOr Lisa de Nikolits aSSISTaNT eDITOr Jillian Vieira eDITOrIal INTerNS Daniela Holmes, Emma Jarratt CONTrIbuTOrS Liz Bruckner, Jill Dunn, Stephen Ferrie, Jacquie Hutchinson,

Dr. Frank Lista, Heather Marrin

exeCuTIVe DIreCTOr, COSmeTICS & beauTY GrOuP, PublISHer, COSmeTICS maGaZINe James R. Hicks


NaTIONal aDVerTISING DIreCTOr Donna Howlett

donna.howlett @cosmetics.rogers.com

eVeNTS CO-OrDINaTOr Ruth Taylor-Cox PrODuCTION maNaGer Karen Richards CIrCulaTION maNaGer Bibi Khan DIGITal COlOur SPeCIalIST Paul Harms

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ISSN Number: 01315-1301



TO THE MAX! Celebrate Bourjois Paris’ 150th anniversary this year with luscious lashes – the Volume Glamour family has something for any look. 500 BRISTLE BRUSH! OUR BIGGEST BRUSH!


Volume Glamour Max Definition

With an innovative, 500 bristle brush and special tip for tiny lashes, this mascara is designed for maximum volume. It is enriched with black pearl extract and volume boosting agents for fully coated intense black, luminous lashes all day! $20

I absolutely adore. . .


...the new Volume Glamour Max Defnition, it gives me killer volume and firtatious lashes. Its mission is to coat every single lash for a perfect defnition. It is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Beauty Expert, Bourjois Paris


Christine Mann

Follow Bourjois Canada

Volume Glamour Max Bourjois goes beyond glamour with the Volume Glamour Max mascaras! The full, rounded contact brush with ultra soft fbers coat and “plump up” every lash to give your eyes the BIG “WOW” factor! Available in Black & Waterproof! $20

editor’s letter


his issue marks one year since I’ve been at the helm of Cosmetics, and I can’t count how many times I’ve said that out loud and still marveled that it’s actually been that long. Though it seems like I only just started, looking back, it’s been quite the journey as I’ve gotten to know more about you, our trusted beauty advisors, who are the backbone of the beauty business. This year also marks the first time I participated as a judge throughout the entire COSA Awards judging process, from beginning to end. Poring through the 700-plus submissions, it was no easy feat narrowing the field down to just 17 winners. From reading the entries, you all work tirelessly at the frontlines as key experts and influencers, passing on your knowledge and passion for beauty to customers. You help your customers – many of whom may be overwhelmed by the never-ending selection of increasingly sophisticated beauty products – make the right makeup, skincare and fragrance choices, and better yet, allow them to leave your counters feeling better and more beautiful than when they first arrived. Your jobs are a labour of love, which was clear from reading through the hundreds of pages of colleague and customer testimonials. This year’s COSA Awards gala was a family affair, in the truest sense. Not only did it feel like a family reunion of beauty advisors from across the country (many of whom were meeting each other for the first time), but two edgy-cool sisters from Waterloo, Ontario, Hayley and Lesley Ordiway, stole the show as the bubbly Hayley won for outstanding service at a Drugstore, Peer-Nominated and then took the top prize for Overall Winner. She capped off the night by inviting her younger sister Lesley – who, in 2010, won the COSA for Rookie of the Year, Drugstore – up on the stage to belt out a rousing rendition of “Nobody Does It Better,” much to the crowd’s delight. I had the pleasure of sitting with the sisters Ordiway during the awards ceremony, and little did I


Kristen Vinakmens Editor-in-Chief, Cosmetics Magazine Kristen.Vinakmens@cosmetics.rogers.com

Jennifer Connelly’s skincare solution

p. 54


p. 64

p. 18 JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

Yours in beauty,

Mastering the art of blush application

Romantic beauty picks


know, until Hayley got up onstage, that she was a singer in a rock band called Puncture Vine (how awesome is that?!). As she nervously studied her thank you notes before accepting her first award, I told her I was secretly rooting for her, since we’re both originally from the same hometown. And win she did, along with winning the hearts of the audience and her many regular customers. And that was what rang through the most from my first year as Editor of Cosmetics: customer service is about treating your client like family. If you do that, you have a customer for life.


The Bay Beauty Mentor

MEI YUK (SHIRLEY) YEUNG Beauty Advisor, Estée Lauder // The Bay, Fairview // 25+ years of beauty experience Email address: beautymentor@hbc.com

The Bay BEAUTY MENTOR AS CANADA’S PREMIERE BEAUTY DESTINATION, The Bay understands the vital role beauty

experts play in the Canadian beauty industry. Their passion, expertise and leadership are a key reason why customers develop loyalty to our stores. But starting a career in a beauty department can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we’ve introduced a very special program called THE BAY BEAUTY MENTOR. We’ve scoured the country in search of the very finest beauty experts to share their expertise and advice. If you long to ask a question to someone who has made a successful career in a Bay beauty department, just send him or her an email. To learn more about pursuing a career in beauty at The Bay, visit WWW.HBC.COM.

Y PASSION. ou and passion is something that cannot be faked.

The most memor client I hav THERE IS A S that I have and I think of her ev time The Bay has beauty events or gift with pur promotion. She is truly a unique Estée Lauder client that has tried

What I tell my new Beauty Advisors when they first start:

almost every single pr

A SALE STARTS when you

open to my recommendations and

acknowledge every customer

values my exper

with confidence and a smile.

tantly, she is someone I ha

Customers need to see that

of fun with ev

you are passionate about the

into the store.

brand, and then they will trust your advice.

What I wish someone had told me about succeeding in the beauty industry when I first started: THAT THE EMOTIONAL CONNECTION YOU BUILD WITH YOUR CUSTOMER is more important to the customer than

your proficiency level in English. I was very self-conscious of my English-speaking level when I first came to Canada, and I thought that the way I spoke English would prevent

me from being successful in the retail industry. Feel free to reach out to me at any time,

regardless of the question. Email me at beautymentor@hbc.com.


Last month, you recognized your most special customers, found inspiration in Aerin Lauder and offered ideas for giving back.


Here’s how you responded to our November/December issue:


(& Good Hair Days Ahead)

Sparkle & Shine


READER OF THE MONTH WITH SHOPPERS DRUG MART LEADING THE WAY AND galas so abundant, it is difficult to make each one a little different. For our Christmas gala this year at my store we are including the local Santas Anonymous charity along with the Look Good Feel Better charity that Shoppers so proudly stands behind. Teenagers are the most forgotten and usually the most difficult to buy for. As this is such a difficult time for so many families with today’s economy, we thought that giving back would be our best solution to make a festive night just that much more meaningful. We will be hosting the event with the support from makeup artists and volunteers whilst celebrating an evening that is not only for us to enjoy, but for many others who are less fortunate. — Monica Morrison from Shoppers Drug Mart in Sidney, BC wins a beauty bag filled with products from Lancôme. IN YOUR LAST ISSUE, I REALLY ENJOYED THE interview with Aerin Lauder. I love the fact that she is the granddaughter of Estée Lauder and is carrying on the Lauder name in cosmetics. I like the idea that she has launched her line with seven essential products that women use most with the idea to make beauty effortless! She is an inspiration. I also appreciate the “New in Store” section. The details about all the new products provide an amazing amount of information to give to customers. — Nicole Adam, Shoppers Drug Mart, Calgary, AB



MY FAVOURITE DAY AT MY STORE IS SENIOR’S DAY. They are the most loyal customers and appreciate your service like nobody else. They can really relate to brand names like Elizabeth Arden, but they are also willing to try new things. My seniors still want to take care of their skin and look their best every day. When they ask for my help, they put trust in my hands and that is a great feeling. When I treat my seniors with respect and dignity I know I make a difference in their life and they will come back to me every time. I am just an average person, but that makes me feel like a star. — Julianna Kosygin, Rexall Pharma Plus, Toronto, ON

On Twitter Elizabeth Arden @ArdenCanada Congrats #COSA Winners! Miss Arden’s mission was to address the total beauty needs of women around the world. #justlikeyou

Bourjois Canada @BourjoisCanada Congratulations to all COSA nominees & winners! You’re truly inspiring. Follow Cosmetics on Twitter @cosmeticsmag

WRITE US&WIN! Got something to say? Have a great success story you’d like to share, or saw something you loved (or didn’t) in the magazine? Tell us what you think. Send your feedback to cosmeticsmag@cosmetics.rogers.com. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. If you’re chosen as our Reader of the Month, you could win a beauty bag filled with products from Kibio, valued at over $200.


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

Flower Power

Two gatekeepers of the beauty and fashion industry, Estée Lauder, and priestess of prints Lilly Pulitzer, have teamed up for an iconic gift-with-purchase at Lauder counters. Housed in a punchy fuchsia floral print Pulitzer bag, the gift includes samples of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex, Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Crème or DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Crème SPF, Lilly Pulitzer print Pure Color EyeShadow Quad Compact, Sensuous Nude Body Veil, Pure Color Lipstick and Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara. For purchases over $80, customers also receive a beauty-onthe-go sample set and a tip book on makeup application. Available mid-February at Estée Lauder counters with purchases over $36 and $80. –Emma Jarratt

beautyFLASH Product News and Views

Power Up

Ever feel like your skin needs a reboot? Enter Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse, the first radiance-revealing fluid focused on mitochondrial DNA – cellular organelles that generate energy and ensure proper skin function. With age, mitochondrial DNA slows down, producing less lipids, collagen and elastin. Nuxellence Jeunesse recharges skin cells so daily damage to mitochondrial DNA caused by sun and pollution is corrected. Chosen for their restorative properties, passionflower, anchusa and poppy extracts power the formula, which helps restore a youthful complexion to skin of all ages and types. Available mid-January at the Bay, Ogilvy, Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and Pharma Plus for $64. –Daniela Holmes


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

BEAUTY SLEEP Few things are as restorative as our evening ZZZs. Clinique is taking full advantage of our nightly time-outs with its Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. At night, skin is susceptible to dryness, which is when cells should be in their most active repairing state. The Moisture Surge Mask infuses skin with a blend of super hydrating and strengthening ingredients, including aloe, shea butter, and algae, that work while you sleep to repair damage. Upon waking, skin feels softer, more plump and ready to face the day. Available now at Clinique counters for $36. –E.J.

beauty flash

Lip Service

In the quest to pamper our complexions, lips are often given short shrift. But Clarins comes to the rescue with Rouge Eclat lipstick, which promises bold lipcolour along with an antiaging formula. Inspired by the feel of satin, its Nutri-Youth Complex plus phytosphingosine – a natural chemical found in the body – protects skin’s barrier and helps prevent dehydration while boosting collagen synthesis for smoother lips. Mimosa, jojoba and sunflower waxes leave lips nutritionally overdosed for ultracomfortable wear. Available February at Clarins counters for $26. –D.H.



The percentage of Canadian women who believe their hair is damaged, according to a Head & Shoulders survey.

The latest mascaras boast ever-more elaborate brushes to help lashes go the extra mile in length and volume. Here, a look at these high-tech, innovative magic wands / by Kristen Vinakmens



Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Max Definition, $20

A brush with 500 ultra-fine bristles and a special rounded tip with lash “micro-captors” to catch every last little lash

Fully coated, intensely black and volumized lashes that last for up to 16 hours. Black pearl extract lends depth and luminosity

Maybelline The Rocket Volum’Express Mascara, $9

A “supersonic” brush with a hard, ridged core and soft, flexible bristles that evenly glide the formula through lashes

Eight times the volume and smooth, clump-free lashes thanks to a fast glide formula

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Show Off Mascara, $8 (Available February)

A dual-pronged brush with a flat, bristled base for amping up the volume and a bristled ball brush at the tip to lift and curl

Supremely lengthened lashes (courtesy of a fibre-extension formula) and mega-volume without flaking or smudging

Master of Disguise

Inspired by 007 James Bond’s secret weapons, L’Oréal Paris created Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Skin Smoother to assist the fight against aging skin. Opti-blur technology with lightreflecting particles distributes light for more even, perfected skin. Aerated silica (oil-absorbing minerals) reduces excess oils, giving skin a matte finish. Wear it alone, or under makeup to virtually erase wrinkles, lines and pores. Available February at drugstores for $30. –D.H.

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013



Ben Skervin Vidal Sassoon Pro Series ambassador

C: Vidal Sassoon just launched an extensive collection of hair products. What can you tell us about the vision? BS: We wanted to bring a range to women who want salon-quality hair every day without the price tag. There are lots of lines within the collection – Colour, Smooth, Repair, Volume, among others – so depending on what your hair type is, or what style you want, you can switch up the product and get the results you want. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Volume Boost & Lift Shampoo and Foaming Air Mousse

C: Any standout products from the collection? BS: The Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse. It gives the lift you want while really lasting. Being on photoshoots, I need a style to hold for hours, so this has been a great product for me. C: What trends in cut and colour are you eyeing for the spring season? BS: With celebrities like Katy Perry sporting a new haircolour every month, women are becoming much more experimental. Even if you do just a few pieces of deep purple, it’s a great way to venture into the trend. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series is available now at mass retailers for $6 to $15. –Jillian Vieira

Rainbow Connection

Fact: turns out you don’t have to go somewhere over the rainbow to find the bright colours of Oz. The search would be easier – and the trip shorter – if you peeked inside the Make Up Forever Technicolor Palette. The not-so-subtle black case houses eight vivid eyeshadow hues: black, yellow, apple green, turquoise, lilac, white, espresso, and yellow beige – a virtual prism of colour. Pair the palette with your favourite classic trends; for example, use the yellow shadow on eyes to make your red lip pop, or, try layering the super-saturated shadows for a totally unique look: psychedelic smoky eyes. Available February at Sephora for $50. –E.J.


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com


Trained in a Vidal Sassoon salon when he was just 16, Ben Skervin couldn’t help but soak up the master’s revolutionary work. After paying his dues, he worked as a stylist in the music industry for mega-acts like the Spice Girls and eventually booked editorial jobs for some of the world’s biggest glossies. Counting Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz and Katy Perry as some of his clients, Skervin is now representing the legendary brand that gave him his start.







1. Photograph your outfit

2. Choose DAY or NIGHT

3. Match, blend or clash your look

4. Get expertly coordinated colour

DOWNLOAD the free app and SHARE with your shoppers for expert nail polish & make-up looks at your fingertips Colour Genius creator Orrea Light is world renowned for predicting and creating the next it-trend. “I’m inspired by the art world-the way colors interact and play upon one another-watching the way they reflect light. It’s very creative, but it’s also about creating a merge between science, color and inspiration, bringing all these universes together.” —Orrea Light COLOUR DESIGNER FOR L’ORÉAL PARIS

beauty finds

This glossy, French rose polish looks completely chic on short nails. Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer in Rosy Bow, $24

Smooth this fresh rose hue on the apples of your cheeks. YSL Crème de Blush in #9 Rose Quartz, $52

in the mood for love

These pretty beauty picks give that headover-heels glow to cheeks, lips and nails

These lush lipsticks help you seal it with a kiss. Dior Addict Lipstick in Espiègle and Candide, $31 each

Use this subtle pop of pink to create a springtime flush. Smashbox Love Me Blush in Idolize Me, $32

This look-at-me colour brings a youthful glow to the cheeks. Dior Diorblush Cherie Bow Edition in Rose Bonheur, $43

Swipe your face brush across these cute bronzer bits to achieve a natural glow. Physicians Formula Glow & Mood-Boosting Illuminating Bronzing Veil, $20


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com


With notes of raspberry nectar and orchid, this sexy fragrance does the flirting for you. GUESS Girl Eau de Toilette, 50ml for $60

Nominate a great service provider. If you know a cosmetician, beauty advisor, demonstrator, fragrance advisor, trainer or vendor sales rep, nominate them today. Teams are also eligible in both Department stores and Drug stores. There are 17 categories

Each winner receives $1,000 Cash plus much more Nomination deadline: FRIDAY JUNE 14, 2013


1 2




Presented to the team that best works together to provide superior customer service.


Presented to the team that best works together to provide superior customer service.

Presented in recognition for best service in a drugstore with 25 years or more industry experience. PEER / VENDOR / RETAILER NOMINATED





11 12




Presented in recognition for best service in a department store or speciality store with 25 years or more industry experience. PEER /

5 6 7 8 9

Presented in recognition for best service in a drugstore with two years or less experience. PEER / VENDOR / RETAILER NOMINATED

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR IN A DEPARTMENT STORE Presented in recognition for best service in a department store with two years or less experience. PEER / VENDOR / RETAILER NOMINATED





Presented in recognition for the best service provided in a drugstore. RETAILER NOMINATED

Presented in recognition for best service provided in a department or specialty store. VENDOR NOMINATED

Presented in recognition for outstanding service given by a part-time cosmetician, beauty advisor or fragrance advisor in a drugstore or department store. PEER / VENDOR /


Presented in recognition for best service for a fragrance advisor in a department store. PEER / VENDOR /

BEST SERVICE FOR A DEMONSTRATOR IN A DRUGSTORE / DEPARTMENT STORE Presented in recognition for best service for a fragrance advisor in a department store. PEER NOMINATED /



Presented in recognition for best service provided in a department or specialty store. PEER NOMINATED




Presented in recognition for best service provided in a drugstore. PEER NOMINATED

Presented in recognition for best service provided in a drugstore. VENDOR NOMINATED




Presented in recognition for best service provided in a department or specialty store. RETAILER NOMINATED


Presented in recognition for best trainer for cosmeticians, beauty advisors or fragrance advisors in a drugstore or department store. PEER NOMINATED / VENDOR / RETAILER NOMINATED



Presented in recognition for best service given by a vendor sales representative. BEAUTY / FRAGRANCE ADVISOR,


ONLINE NOMINATIONS Go to www.cosmeticsmag.com and click on COSA 2013 Nominations. Then just follow the simple instructions.

(and don’t worry, you can save your work and come back as often as you’d like, when it’s convenient for you!).

Or if you prefer, you can download the nomination form and email or fax it back to us. Questions? Please contact Jillian Vieira at 416-764-2498 or jillian.vieira@cosmetics.rogers.com


DeaDline for entries is June 14, 2013



Presented By


recePtIon sPonsor

PrInt sPonsor

entertAInMent sPonsor


sIMULcAst sPonsor

counter intelligence


Makeup newbie, smoky-eye maven or otherwise, every girl can make use of a collection of sumptuous eye colour. From sandy taupes to gilded golds, here’s a cross-section of the top-selling eyeshadow shades across the country / by Jillian Vieira








Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Stellar, $27

Lise Watier Couleur Folle Mineral Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Folie 24 Carats, $18

Lancôme Paris Color Design Eye Shadow in Filigree, $22

MAC Eye Shadow in Satin Taupe, $18

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eye Shadows in Shimmering Sands, $7

“Our eye colours are made with the purest pigments to give the eyes a perfect look from a wash to a smoke. Take Stellar, for example: put it on the lids from lash line to brow as a wash and you’ll always look polished.” — Matin Maulawizada, Laura Mercier brand ambassador



“Folie 24 Carats is such a versatile shade, because you can play with the intensity of its shine and colour. Also, apply it on the cheekbones or even mix with your body lotion for Midas touch body makeup.” — David Vincent, international makeup artist for Lise Watier

JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

“This shade adds the right dose of luminosity and shimmer to the lid without looking overdone, making it suitable for all ages. It is not heavily pigmented either, so it works as the perfect highlighter.” — Lora Spiga, Lancôme’s official makeup artist

“MAC Eye Shadow is, and will continue to be, ‘The Professional’s Choice’ because we offer a great colour selection in many textures and finishes. This wide offering provides a world of opportunities for varied application.” — Jane McKay, MAC Cosmetics senior artist

“It’s the perfect collection of soft and neutral nude shades. They’re really versatile, as they match any lipstick or blush colour, allowing you to play around with your beauty look. Definitely a staple in my kit.” — Greg Wencel, CoverGirl makeup pro

Model is wearing Perfect Rouge RD142.

ask a doctor

Touchy SubjecT

Dr. Frank Lista uncovers the myths and truths about sensitive skin


How do you define sensitive skin?

A: “Sensitive skin” is difficult to define because it can be triggered by many different factors. Ms. Smith might be described as sensitive, because she suffers from an immunological condition, such as atopic eczema, while Ms. Jones experiences acute sensitivity as a result of environmental fluctuations. Typically, sensitive skin becomes inflamed easily, tends to blush, or exhibits redness, itching and burning regularly, as a result of environmental factors or not.

Q: How prevalent is sensitive skin? A: No exact numbers are kept in the medical community (because it is such a broad condition), but my impression is that sensitive skin is more prevalent among women than men. This is likely due to greater hormonal fluctuations that affect sensitivity and hydration levels, and that women’s skin is slightly thinner, thus exposing the dermis to greater environmental impact.

Q: What type of regimen is best for sensitive skin? A: People with sensitive skin should use a skincare regimen customized to their skin type, which can normalize the skin. Wash with a mild, fragrance-free cleanser (botanical extracts are safe) without any harsh detergents. Use an antioxidant-rich moisturizer during the day, combined with SPF (sun damage is a big factor in sensitivity). In the evening, apply an emollient night cream with a protective silicone barrier to strengthen the skin. A big misconception is that people with delicate skin shouldn’t exfoliate – you definitely want to incorporate gentle exfoliation into your nightly regime to increase cell turnover and collagen production. These steps will help strengthen and thicken your skin, enabling it to resist dehydration and abrasion. Q: What skincare ingredients are best for sensitive skin? A: Look for anti-inflammatories like aloe vera and chamomile, emollients such as coconut and grape seed oil, and botanicals such as lavender, aloe vera and witch hazel. Vitamins E, K, C, and B should be on your radar, too – they protect skin against free radical damage and help fortify it. Green tea and chamomile extracts will soothe, calm and soften the skin. Look for a product with lactic acid, a gentle exfoliant derived from milk.

Q: What causes sensitive skin? Q: Do you have any lifestyle tips to care for sensitive skin? A: One can experience sensitivity as a result of one, or a A: Try not to expose your skin to extremes. Shower and combination of the following: environmental influences (heat, bathe in lukewarm water. Cover up when you’re in the sun cold, wind, dry air, pollution), contact or freezing cold. Wear sunscreen yearround, and protect your skin with a with an allergen (detergents, perfumes, Dr. Frank Lista, M.D., F.R.C.S.C., or other product ingredients), horscarf or shawl in very cold weather. plastic surgeon, is the founder monal fluctuations, dry skin, medicaWhen the temperature drops signifiand medical director of The Plastic cantly, switch to a richer moisturizer tion use (Accutane, the birth control Surgery Clinic (theplasticsurpill), aesthetic procedures (waxing, and more protective night cream as geryclinic.com), which has created the shaving, laser treatments, dermabrayou incorporate more exfoliation treatMiracle 10 line of clinical anti-aging skincare sion), or an underlying skin condition ments. The goal is to normalize skin products. For more info, visit: miracle10.com such as rosacea. through skincare and lifestyle.


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com


THE #1 SERUM IN DRUGSTORES REVEALS MORE POWERS AND A NEW FORMAT 1. I SEE Deep wrinkles, fine lines, a loss of firmness and a skin texture that needs to be improved. A client with sensitive skin, looking for an anti-aging product.

2. I QUESTION About concerns • Are you concerned about wrinkles? • Do you want to improve your skin’s texture: boost its radiance and tighten your pores? • Are you searching for an instant and long-lasting lifting effect? About benefits • Would you like to try the #1 serum in drugstores? • Would you like to boost your beauty routine with a potent serum suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, and all ages? About textures • Would you like to try a serum that will instantly smooth your skin? A serum with an ultra-light velvety texture?

3. I EXPLAIN THE CHRONOLOGICAL AGING It aIl occurs due to the slowdown of the cellular activity in the Derm Source (papillary dermis). The Derm Source is skinÕs youth engine: it sends signals to all surrounding skin layers, prompting them to regenerate. But when its activity slows down, the entire skin begins to age. Vichy Laboratories identified and patented the only active ingredient clinically proven to target and reactivate it: Rhamnose at 5% and 10%, originally known in pharmacology for its soothing and antiinflammatory properties. The ultimate anti-aging power, even for sensitive skin.

4. I ADVISE: LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 In 2013, Liftactiv Serum 10, enriched with 10% Rhamnose and Hyaluronic Acid, reveals more powers. Not only it has strong anti-wrinkle and lifting results, but it also boosts skin radiance and tightens pores. For a complete skin transformation, visible from the 1st drop.

1 drop. 10 min:

1 month:

-10% wrinkles.

Skin feels renewed.





Skin is more luminous 71% and pores are tighter 77%. And now, with the addition of the 50ml format, every woman, even with sensitive skin, can discover the magic of new skin.

ingredients 101

POMEGRANATE POWER A powerhouse antioxidant, consider this your go-to ingredient for healthy, youthfullooking skin / by Liz Bruckner

THE POMEGRANATE IS UNDERGOING A MASSIVE skincare renaissance of late, and with good reason. Well known for its ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure when ingested, research shows that it also protects skin from the damaging effects of UV rays, and packs at least twice the antioxidant punch when compared to well-known cancer-fighting fare like blueberries, red wine, and green and black tea. Native to modern-day Iran and the Himalayan region, the fruit was initially used by ancient Greeks to heal conditions associated with the heart, arthritis and fertility. Now, as a staple in everything from shaving cream and lipgloss to cleansers, creams, sunscreens and more, scientists have discovered its wonder-working abilities on skin, specifically in the fight against aging, sun damage and overall inflammation. According to Lena Korres, co-founder of Korres Natural Products, a Greece-based line that uses pomegranate in many of its offerings, the combination of antioxidants with minerals like niacin, iron, folic acid, potassium and vitamins A, C, E, B5 and B3 make it an ideal ingredient to treat many skin types and conditions. “Because of its high content of tannins, it serves as a fantastic, natural astringent, and is especially helpful for oily/combination skin, tightening pores and strengthening the epidermis,” she says. Adds Dr. Jessica Wu, an L.A. dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face, which touts an inside-out approach to beauty, pomegranate is packed with polyphenols, a superstar plant-based antioxidant, known to fight the effects of havoc-wreaking free radicals caused by pollution, UV exposure and external inflammation. “What makes polyphenols so important is that when environmental factors combine with the daily stresses of life, the result is free radicals being released into your body,” she says. The problem? Because free radicals are oxygen molecules missing an electron, they set out to find and attack other molecules in an effort to replace their missing part. “It’s often lipids and proteins they prey upon – both of which support healthy skin growth and development – making antioxidants, which counteract free radicals and prevent or minimize skin damage, all the more important,” Dr. Wu adds.


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

Studies have also found that topical use of pomegranate extract provides natural protection from UVA and UVBinduced cell damage, and that it’s the perfect anti-aging option for sensitive skin types when ingredients like retinol aren’t an option. In addition, ellagic acid found in the fruit can inhibit skin pigmentation problems caused by sun exposure. For a double dose of well-being, Dr. Wu says it’s not only important to apply the extract topically to promote healthy skin (it’s especially beneficial if combined with other skinplumping ingredients like lactic acid and peptides), but to make sure you take in regular doses of the antioxidant-rich fruit orally as well. “When you combine an antioxidant-rich diet with antioxidant-infused skincare products, the end result is skin that looks glowing and healthy from the inside out,” she says. Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter, $16 Get a hit of long-lasting hydration and a pop of vibrant colour in this natural balm.

Korres Pomegranate Toner, $26 and Mattifying Treatment, $49 Use this pomegranate extract-infused duo in tandem to mattify the skin, minimize pores and reduce oil buildup for the clearest complexion.

beauty deciphered


Discover the latest trend in face care: cleansing waters, also known as micellar solutions, with purifying and refining benefits / by Daniela Holmes

Backstage makeup artists and supermodels have long touted the benefits of cleansing waters, which gently remove makeup in-between runway shows, and correct makeup mishaps along the way. Now the rest of us, particularly those with sensitive skin, are catching on to this long-held skincare secret. The reason? They’re a single-step solution to remove waterproof or long-wearing makeup, correct facial imperfections, tone the skin and boost hydration. Below, we present a range of cleansing waters and explain their unique ability to cleanse without damaging skin. THE PRODUCT Caudalie Paris Cleansing Water, $26 Available at Sephora and Murale

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution, $22 Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall Pharma Plus Marcelle Essentials Soothing Cleansing Water, $15 Available at drugstores

Vichy Normaderm Micellar Solution, $20 Available at drugstores

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water, $14 Available at Sephora





This cleansing water is a soap-free, threein-one cleanser that simultaneously cleans the face and eyes, removes makeup and tones your skin.

Candeia, extracted from the bark of Candeia trees located in the savannahs of Brazil, contains bisabolol, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin A-packed mint soothes and helps strengthen the skin.

Capturing dirt and sweeping it away without roughly rubbing skin relieves your face from daily build-up of makeup and dirt. Plus, the added dose of moisture results in radiant-looking skin.

This micellar water is for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, as active ingredients continuously moisturize and soothe.

An ultra-mild daily cleanser that soothes skin while removing face and eye makeup as well as impurities without having to rinse.

Micelles, or molecule clusters, micro-emulsify impurities without soap, while maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Meanwhile, cucumber extract soothes irritated skin and minimizes redness.

The formula contains no fragrance, alcohol or phenoxyethanol (an antibacterial agent that can be harmful to skin). The micelles in this liquid, paired with decongesting active ingredients, prevent dryness and irritation.

Intended for sensitive, normal to dry skin types, this mild solution cleanses skin and eyes and removes waterproof makeup without rinsing.

Even the most dry and intolerant complexions will feel nourished by this cleansing water that promises to purify and tone skin.

Composed of mostly water, this cleansing solution is combined with a fatty component to form a water and oil-based, dual-phase cleanser. Aloe juice refreshes, while glycerin hydrates and binds moisture to the skin.

Cucumber extract protects skin’s pH balance and hydrolipidic barrier, while it purifies, cools, soothes and decongests skin. Skin is naturally refreshed, replenished, toned and tightened.

Hypoallergenic, perfume-, alcohol- and paraben-free, this solution is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive ones.

This micellar solution is clinically proven to gently improve skin by helping nourish the complexion, reduce acne, as well as cleanse and purify.

The micellar technology combined with zinc PCA, an anti-bacterial agent that removes makeup and sebum (oils that can lead to acne), gently cleanses while purifying skin. Vichy thermal spa water also helps balance skin’s pH level.

Vichy’s Micellar Solution evens out distressed complexions, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean without discomforting sensitive skin. It also eliminates excess sebum to ensure fewer breakouts.

Sensitive skin types with a tendency to break out.

Single handedly eliminates makeup, dirt and oil on the face and eyes.

HydroSenn+, taken from an Indian plant called cassia angustifolia, intensely moisturizes and creates a protective barrier to lock moisture in. Calendula extracts soothe, while zinc gluconate acts as an astringent.

Soft and luxurious skin is a result of its newly formed moisture retention barrier. Skin will feel comfortable and fresh as it’s hydrated day and night.

Those with sensitive skin and eyes, along with contact lens wearers, will enjoy the security of knowing their delicate skin is protected by this gentle micellar water.

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013


haircare 101



You’re a slave to the old wives’ tale, diligently brushing your hair 100 times each night. But are you equipped with the finest tools for your length and texture? Cosmetics gives the lowdown on the benefits of every brush type / by Jillian Vieira

PADDLE brush When you think of a classic brush, one with a sturdy paddle head likely comes to mind. These standard models have benefits aplenty: the soft, plastic bristles massage the scalp and are extra gentle on your strands. It also helps distribute protective and hydrating natural oils from your roots through to the ends. In addition to being a great, all-over brush, this type works best for blowing out a sweeping bang or fringe, says Kristjan Hayden, Plutino Group artist and creative director at Civello Salons in Toronto. If you’re one of the unlucky ladies whose fine hair won’t grow past a certain length, turn to a paddle brush: “Using one to work conditioner through your hair while in the shower will make your hair stronger and promote growth to greater lengths,” says Hayden, whose clients swear by this practice. A paddle brush with a gel-like, cushioned handle will allow you to get a good


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

grasp when detangling, too. The vast amount of bristles also spread tension across the brush, sparing you from more pain than necessary. That being said, curly-haired ladies should stick to a wide-toothed comb while raking through conditioner, as well as post-shower as it’ll maintain their curls’ definition. In both cases, remember to “always brush out your ends first then your roots,” says Hayden, as breakage may occur if you hit a snag when starting from the top. Cosmetics Pick: Stylize Hairepu+ic Moisturizing Brush, $17


Call it the Cadillac of brushes: boar bristle has become one of the most coveted materials to smooth out hair. And while the price tag reflects this demand, its miracle-working ways are very much worth it. Natural boar hairs are densely packed within the brush

haircare 101

and boast a texture that our hair is very responsive to. It’s for this reason that these brushes are very effective at sweeping away dust and dirt. You’re left with extra shininess and completely smooth, clean locks (shampoo alternative, anyone?). Best of all, this type of brush works with any hair type, even unmanageable manes. “Boar bristle creates a lot of tension while blowdrying, which is key to smoothing textured or curly hair,” says Hayden. If your hair tends to be on the thin or sparse side, boar bristles and their super stiff exterior might be intimidating. In these cases, Hayden opts for a duo-bristled brush that offers an all-encompassing approach: “Nylon bristles are usually longer and help to manipulate the hair, while the boar bristles are shorter and make the surface smoother,” he says. Cosmetics Pick: Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Nylon & Boar Bristle Hair Brush, $125

ROUND brush

There’s hardly a blowout that doesn’t make use of a round brush, and today’s designs have made this beauty practice even more foolproof. Vented heads “allow hot air to flow through the brush, which makes for a faster blowdry,” says Hayden. Not only do you save time, but you’re also subjecting your hair to less ravaging heat. The classic vent brush with a rectangular head lends itself well to styling shorter hair, especially men’s, who are always looking to speed up their grooming routine. Ceramic-plated round brushes are also earning their fair share of praise, and for good reason. “Ceramic retains heat better for a longer period of time,” says Hayden. “The smooth surface also glides through the hair,” producing less damage. Whichever style of round brush you use, getting glossy locks with lots of movement requires some technique. Choose your brush size depending on the desired result: “The smaller the brush, the tighter the curl; the bigger the brush, the straighter the finish,” says Hayden. Roll a clean section of hair from the underside onto a brush and apply heat in a downward direction as you pull the brush down. Once the hair is completely dry, the key is to “let the sections cool before taking them off the brush,” advises Hayden. This process sets your style and closes the hair cuticle, which injects major shine. Cosmetics Pick: Goody ThickFix Dual Bristle Hot Round Brush, $11

HAIR-RAISING TECHNOLOGY Try these tricked-out hair tools on for size T3 Source Shower Filter, $150 Ever suspect your showerhead was to blame for that unrelenting frizz? This revolutionary head filters out up to 95% of chlorine from shower water, which is clinically proven to nix much of those flyaways. It also boasts eight spray settings, and minerals that help balance water’s pH, so your skin and hair stay healthy with every rinse.

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb, $28 There’s no new technology to report here per se, but Ouidad has given curly-haired ladies an amped-up comb to end all detangling struggles. The two rows of longer-than-normal teeth eliminate nasty knots and preserve the shape of their precious curls. Bonus: Fewer combing strokes means the most difficult part of your routine is cut in half.

Amika Titanium Digital Pro Styling System, $150 Don’t be fooled by its lacy exterior: this straightener packs a frizz-fighting, ultra-smoothing punch. Titanium plates and ceramic heaters reach maximum heat – up to 450°F – in ten seconds, making it a great option for at-home keratin treatments. Hair is protected by a stream of infrared heat and negative ions, which lock in moisture in the cuticle.

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013


men’s room


Whether he’s a gifted groomer or follically-challenged, every guy can use a refresher course on facial hair / by Jillian Vieira

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler, $25


GOING SCRUFFY If his style is more couldn’t-care-less than groomed-to-the-nines, a five o’clock shadow is his best bet. Longer stubble looks sexy and effortless with some careful time and elbow grease behind it. “The key to attractive ‘unkempt scruff’ is to keep it evenly trimmed with clean edges,” says Trepanier. “Ultimately, it’s about combining a laid-back nonchalance with a clean and approachable look.” Opt for a shaving tool that offers a trimmer guard with various lengths

JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

(“this removes any room for error and makes grooming stressfree,” says Trepanier). THE UPKEEP Much like the hair on our heads, the ends of long beards can get dried out and damaged. Maintenance here doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your bearded accomplishments; a few regular grooming practices will keep it in tip-top shape. “Personally, I shampoo and condition my beard once a week and apply a facial moisturizer every day,” says Trepanier. “Like your scalp, it’s important to moisturize the skin under the hair on your face to avoid dry skin flaking. This process will keep your beard soft, clean and presentable.”

André 3000 on his grooming routine

I’m very low maintenance. Honestly, I just basically shape up what I have for my facial hair. I can’t grow hair on the sides of my face really, so I don’t really have a beard thing going…I’m just doing half a goatee. And that’s it. I’ve used the Gillette ProGlide Styler before though, and it’s really versatile.


MOUSTACHE MATTERS Inspired by vintage photos of Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix, you set out to grow your very own ‘mo. But for some guys, sheer will and determination will yield little to no results. In the execution phase when the start is sparse, the key is to grow out all of your facial hair. “A light beard is much sexier during the in-between phase than a lonely ‘stache in its infancy,” says Dan Trepanier, Gillette correspondent and creator of TSBmen.com. Because every guy’s growth pattern is as unique as he is, it’s important to assess what you’re working with. Doing this “allows you to watch where your hair grows full and where you have thinner spots, ultimately determining which style will work for you,” advises Trepanier. “Understand where it grows best and play to your strengths.” Once the hair has reached a decent fullness, start trimming it into a style that will flatter your face shape. Keep the moustache on the larger side, as it’s easier to pare down than to re-grow more hair. Once you’ve mastered a simple ‘stache, try your hand at trendier looks like “the handle bar moustache with slightly curled tips and the ‘French goatee,’ which is essentially a moustache combined with a chin patch,’’ says Trepanier.

Congratulations 2012 Clinique Consultant COSA Award Winners! What a wonderful honour to be recognized by the industry for your outstanding service.

Michelle Fraser

Angie Bristol

Joanne Piazza

Your ability to provide the best Consultation outside of a dermatologist’s ofÛce, and to encourage client loyalty is inspiring to your Clinique colleagues across the country. Thank you for all you do every day to deliver Clinique service as you like it!

trainer talk

Beauty Q&a

One-on-one with Jacquie Hutchinson, national product trainer, Revlon and Almay

With more than 20 years of training and makeup artistry experience, Jacquie is highly regarded in the beauty industry. in 2011, she was voted as one of the top 5 trainers by Canada’s beauty advisors, and a finalist in the 2012 Cosa awards for outstanding service at retail in Canada. here, she answers your pressing beauty questions.

Q: How do you apply eye makeup to Asian eyes for the most flattering look? JAcQuie: The beauty of Asian eyes can be enhanced by two simple basics: colour or definition. Here’s how to achieve the best results. ● Start by selecting two shades: one that is a medium tone, and one that is dark. Apply the medium shade from the lash line to just slightly above the crease. Next, apply the darker shade to the outer edge of the eyelid, across the lash line and up to the orbital bone. Blend towards the centre of the eyelid so the shades fade seamlessly into each other. ● For a natural eye look, select shades that have warmer undertones; for a bold or dramatic eye look, opt for shades with cool undertones. ● Liner is a key product for defining an Asian eye. The line should be a bit thicker than for other eye shapes. Start at the inner corner, extending the liner across the lash line to the outer corner of the eye. Be sure to follow the natural almond shape of the eye. Your line should get thicker as you move across the lash line; then be sure to extend it up as you get to the outer edge. This will open up the eyes. The best liner for Asian eyes is a liquid or crème gel, which will help prevent smudging. Product picks: Revlon ColorStay 16 Hr Eye Shadow; Revlon ColorStay Crème Gel Liner Q: How do i apply makeup on a client with extremely sensitive skin? JAcQuie: Make sure you are treating and working with the skin correctly before you start any makeup application. Understand how she defines her sensitivity and ask questions to understand the potential causes. If skin is sensitive because it is dry, use makeup with moisturizing ingredients that calm and soothe the skin. This will make the application smoother,


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

and her skin will look and feel better. Be gentle; avoid rubbing or dragging your tools on her skin. Use a foundation brush; the soft fibres let you gently apply liquids and creams while seamlessly covering imperfections. Recommend your client hydrate her skin regularly since moisture forms a protective barrier and helps prevent irritation. Product picks: Almay Oil-free Makeup Remover Towelettes; Almay Wake Up Liquid Makeup

Q: if a customer comes into my store wearing unflattering, very overdone makeup, how do i subtly convince her to tone it down without offending her and still make a sale? JAcQuie: A compliment makes it easier to engage anyone, especially a potential client. She will be more open to change if you make her feel good rather than focus on what is wrong. For example: “Your eyes are beautiful – I have the perfect shade to complement your eye colour or outfit.” Here are some “dos and don’ts” for dealing with this client: ● Do focus on one feature. Play up her eyes, for example, and invite her back for another consultation; you have to earn her trust first. Don’t do a complete overhaul all at once; it may be overwhelming for her. ● Do keep your shade selection close to what she is wearing already. Choosing from the same colour family will keep her comfortable and more open to accepting your recommendations. Don’t go in the complete opposite direction. ● Do give her simple tips and show her easy techniques to help with application. A good tip to start with is blending. Don’t drastically adjust her application as she needs time to get used to trying a new technique first. Got a question for Jacquie or one of our other expert trainers? Email us at cosmeticsmag@cosmetics.rogers.com and we may answer it in a future issue.

COngrAtulAtiOnS to our 2012 Shoppers Drug Mart COSA Winners

Ally LeBel, Michele Conley, Lesley Clark, Ashley Krastel Team Award: Drugstore Shoppers Drug Mart Team, Vernon, BC

Hayley Ordiway Peer Nominated: Drugstore and Overall Winner 2012 Shoppers Drug Mart Waterloo, ON

Isabella Montagano Vendor Nominated: Drugstore Shoppers Drug Mart New Westminster, BC

Vendor SponSorS



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Best Niche Launch – Men’s or Women’s – under 10 stores Best Luxe Launch – Women’s – 10 – 50 Stores Best Luxe Launch – Men’s – 10 – 50 Stores Best Limited Launch – Women’s – 50 – 250 Stores Best Limited Launch – Men’s – 50 – 250 Stores Best Full Market Launch – Women’s – over 250 Stores Best Full Market Launch – Men’s – over 250 Stores Best Private Label/Direct Sell Launch – Men’s or Women’s Best Print Media Editorial – Canadian Magazine/Newspapers Best Broadcast Media Editorial – Television and Web Hall of Fame Award – Women’s Hall of Fame Award – Men’s Lifetime Achievement Award Best Scent – Judge’s Choice Consumer’s Choice Award

If you launched a new fragrance in 2012 and would like to nominate it for the Canadian Fragrance Awards, please contact Jillian Vieira at 416-764-2498 An official nomination binder will be sent to your attention Nominations will be accepted in December 2012 Next Year’s Event: Thursday April 25, 2013 – Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel, Montreal, Quebec. MEDIA SPONSORS



New beauty Blemish Busters / Hot Product Trends / Blush 101

THE BOTTLE An etched, gold-like cap tops the curvaceous, womanly bottle, evoking the multi-faceted nature we hold within us.

THE JUICE The audacious fragrance highlights mysterious jasmine sambac, while being modernized by bright, green notes and grounded by sensual woods.

THE JEWEL The amethyst-coloured jewel cinching the bottle’s middle calls to mind Yves Saint Laurent’s use of the purple hue in the sixties. Today, it represents seduction and passion, among other feminine qualities.

Purple Reign Yves Saint Laurent’s proclamations, decade after decade, have touted strong, independent women who simultaneously exude passion and femininity. Enter Manifesto: the house’s newest fragrance encapsulating that free-spirited boldness we all strive for. Muse to Yves Saint Laurent during his “Le Smoking” debut, Loulou de la Falaise’s “subtly provocative touch, femininity and hyper sensuality” were top of mind for Anne Flipo, perfumer and co-creator of Manifesto, when envisioning this power player perfume. As such, jasmine acts as the thread that ties the scent together, coupled with springtime lily of the valley, tangy blackcurrant, cedar core and vanilla. Manifesto says, “Be the heroine of your own story” – now that’s a position we can get behind. YSL Manifesto Eau de Parfum, 30mL, $69; 50mL, $92; 90mL, $115, available March at Sephora, Murale, department stores and drugstores

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013


Bobbi Brown: Brighten, Sparkle & Glow WHAT IT IS: A line of New Year’s themed products to add a festive sparkle to your look WHAT’S INCLUDED: The collection includes a soothing balm, tinted eye brightener, brightening finishing powder, sparkly eyeshadows and high shimmer lipgloss. WHO IT’S FOR: For festive holiday-makers who enjoy staying out late

and having a stash of products to keep them bright-eyed the next day, or for those who want to add a hint of shimmer to their look. PRICE: $27 to $58

Available now at Holt Renfrew and Murale


MAKEUP by Emma Jarratt

Lancôme Paris Blush Subtil Palette Sisley So Intense Mascara WHAT IT IS: A mascara for extra long, extra black and

extra strong lashes THE BENEFITS: The mascara boasts a formula that

results in stronger lashes by protecting them from root to tip and stimulating lash growth. KEY INGREDIENTS: The formula contains a combination

of tripeptide and vitamin H that helps to prevent hair loss and strengthens lash follicles. The result: with long-term use, bare lashes look thicker and longer.

WHAT IT IS: An all-in-one blush palette with three complementary shades to contour, add colour and highlight the cheek WHAT’S INCLUDED: Three buildable powders that

don’t sink into lines or wrinkles; a special applicator brush with one end for lightly spreading blush and the other end for more precise contouring. WHO IT’S FOR: With four shade combinations available, the palette is convenient for all women who favour a simple approach to natural-looking blush. PRICE: $45

Available now at Lancôme counters

PRICE: $70

Available February at Holt Renfrew

Guerlain Maxi Lash & Spring Collection WHAT IT IS: A volume-boosting, curl-sculpting mascara that comes

in an ultra-compact size, available in two colours: noir and violet WHAT’S INCLUDED: The mascara is part of a collection that includes a waterproof eye pencil, liquid eyeliner, two eyeshadow palettes, illuminating powder, four lipsticks and two lipglosses. PRICE: $32 to $67

Available now at Guerlain counters


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

Smashbox Love Me Collection WHAT IT IS: A limited edition line of

beauty products inspired by New York street artist Curtis Kulig, from his favourite colours to his signature black pens WHAT’S INCLUDED: An eyeshadow

palette, Be Legendary Lipstick, blush and Paint Pen Eye Liner in a shade palette of blue, purple, red, and pink. WHO IT’S FOR: Perfect for any beauty maven with a penchant

for alternative art. The vivid colours and bold lines of Kulig’s work mirror the beauty trends of this year, from wine-hued lips to bold eyes in blues and purples, so it only makes sense to paint faces in the same vein as canvases. PRICE: $22 to $40

Available now for a limited time at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and Sephora

Clé de Peau Luminous Collection WHAT IT IS: An illuminating set of makeup that brightens and

refines the complexion by capturing light WHAT’S INCLUDED: A Luminizing Face Enhancer, Enriched

Lip Luminizer, Eye Colour Quads, Brightening Enhancer Base and Brightening Power Foundation. THE INSPIRATION: The collection is a nod to the natural

brilliance and romantic beauty of the Aegean Sea – a combination of colour, light and clarity. The shades range from opalescent Sand Beige to bright Sapphire and blushing Raspberry Ripple. PRICE: $45 to $95

Available February at Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy

Chanel Printemps Précieux Spring Collection WHAT IT IS: A line of spring-inspired beauty products that

come in vivid pink and deep berry hues with just a touch of shimmer for added light WHAT’S INCLUDED: The full line includes two eyeshadow palettes, three shades of eyeliner, eight shades of lipcolour, lip liner, face powder and three nail varnishes. WHO IT’S FOR: For women who want a softer approach to beauty looks this spring, or who want a line that allows them to go bold or natural with their makeup.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation

PRICE: $26 to $74

WHAT IT IS: A multi-use compact foundation that can be applied wet or dry and is available in 25 different shades

Available now at Chanel counters

THE BENEFITS: The foundation stays put throughout the day,

even with increased oil production, and provides an even, nonchalky finish. The formula is attracted to water in the skin so it binds more effectively to give long-term coverage. KEY INGREDIENTS: The vegetal lecithin coating on the powder

keeps the pigment on skin for longer; silica and sericite powders reflect light and add a soft focus effect; and ximenia oil and aloe vera nourish and soothe skin. WHO IT’S FOR: Natural beauties who want hassle-free coverage

and the option to apply either wet or dry. PRICE: $40

Available February at Sephora

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013




Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow WHAT IT IS: An eyeshadow palette that can be

applied wet or dry, with or without sparkle, in a variety of shades from bold colours to neutral tones WHAT’S INCLUDED: Each

palette has a lid-smoothing primer, three eyeshadows and a sparkle topcoat for added drama. WHO IT’S FOR: Available

in eight different shade combinations, this palette is designed for changing moods and women who like variety and a little drama every once in a while. PRICE: $13

M.A.C. Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact WHAT IT IS: A semitranslucent cream infused with SPF 30 that comes in three shades: Pale Alabaster, Pale Ivory and Light Beige THE BENEFITS: Skin is

given even coverage, hydration and protection from UV rays. The compact is light, portable and has a built-in mirror for on-the-go touch ups. KEY INGREDIENTS: This cream boasts a cocktail of benefits for skin: SPF for sun protection, pearl pigments for maximum illumination, primer for even texture, and pigment to even out skin tone. PRICE: $37

Available now at M.A.C. counters

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart

Dior Chérie Bow Spring Collection WHAT IT IS: A line of pretty spring makeup inspired by the iconic

Dior pink bow and accented with touches of soft grey and vivid magentas WHAT’S INCLUDED: The line includes eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and vernis polishes for a pretty-in-pink look. NEW TECHNOLOGY ALERT: Keep an eye out for the dualended Twin Set eyeshadow/liner pens. One tip applies a satin or pearly veil, while the other gives the eye a mirrored sheen with a powder-infused sponge. PRICE: $24 to $80

Available now at Dior counters

Nicole by O.P.I. Modern Family Collection WHAT IT IS: A line-up of 14 nail lacquers inspired by the original personalities of the hit TV show Modern Family. WHAT’S INCLUDED: A rainbow of colours including the

conservative taupe of My Jay, the shocking hot pink Highway, A Like-Haley Story, and the vivid green Candid Cameron. WHO IT’S FOR: Trendsetters who have a good sense of humour

and an eye for unique styles who may have a crazy but loveable family, too. PRICE: $11 each

Available now for a limited time at Shoppers Drug Mart


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

Congratulations to the Cosa awards winners from Chanel. Your passion and dediCation inspire us all.

team winner:

sales representative winner:

patricia lai, samuel dong and Kathy Yuk fong Chanel Beaute counter, the Bay, richmond BC

Joy van laare Chanel sales representative, delta BC

from the team at:



Rodial Glamsticks WHAT IT IS: Lip butters in three shades: light pink, brown-hued

berry and dusty red that smooth and nourish the lips, leaving them softly pigmented KEY INGREDIENTS: Enriched

with vitamin E and cocoa butter, the formula also includes antioxidants and a light coconut flavour. The lip butter hydrates and protects the lips. WHO IT’S FOR: For glamour girls

that need some extra lip TLC without sacrificing their love of colour. PRICE: $24

Available now at Murale

Essie Repstyle Collection WHAT IT IS: All things snakeskin, from prints to

textures, are getting much love in the fashion world. The Repstyle line captures the look, bottles it, and makes it easy to get on your paws and claws WHAT’S INCLUDED: The full line includes six reptileinspired shades: Crocadilly, Snake, Rattle, and Roll, Repstyle, Snake It Up, Lil’ Boa Peep and Sssssexy. NEW TECHNOLOGY ALERT: To achieve the desired texture, the cap has been specially magnetized. After applying the polish, hold the cap over each nail while it dries and watch as the micro-iron spheres in the polish are attracted to the cap to create the snakeskin effect. PRICE: $15

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup WHAT IT IS: A new twist on a classic product, the latest

formula has a creamy texture that can be applied wet or dry depending on the coverage needed THE BENEFITS: The foundation is infused with diamond powder to maximize light reflection across the face and create a more even skin tone. WHO IT’S FOR: Anyone that needs versatile coverage of scars, blemishes or hyper-pigmentation, or who wants a light-boosting lift to their complexion. PRICE: $42

Available now at Elizabeth Arden counters

John Frieda Luxurious Volume WHAT IT IS: A super volumizing collection that adds grip and

texture without leaving heavy residue or build-up WHAT’S INCLUDED: The existing Luxurious Volume collection is joined by four new products: Luxurious Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, Blow Out Spray and Blow-Dry Lotion. The new BlowOut Spray contains a polymer technology that is spread through heat activation, so your hair gets hold throughout. WHO IT’S FOR: Specially formulated for fine hair, the formula keeps hair soft and healthy, but gives an added boost without hair becoming too ‘done’ looking. PRICE: $10 to $15

Available February at Shoppers Drug Mart


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com



RoseMary Chrysler

Sears Burlington, Ontario



Physicians Formula Super BB Makeup Collection WHAT IT IS: A super-charged

beauty balm designed to replace the need for multiple products WHAT’S INCLUDED: The line includes Super BB All-in-one Beauty Balm Cream, Concealer and Powder.

Aerin: A Garden in Bloom Collection

THE BENEFITS: The formula

WHAT IT IS: The spring palettes from Aerin capture the blushing colours of

spring and the can’t-wait-to-get-outside feeling after the snow melts. WHAT’S INCLUDED: The line includes two face and eye palettes, an illuminating powder, lip and cheek colour in two shades, lipgloss in three shades and lipstick in three shades. WHO IT’S FOR: For natural beauties who appreciate subtle makeup in fresh

colours for an effortless spring look. PRICE: $34 to $78

includes SPF, moisturizer and foundation, as well as a cocktail of super ingredients: vitamins C and E for protection from free radicals, white willow bark extract for exfoliation, encapsulated glycerin and perilla ocymoides fruit extract for extra moisture and covabead glass to conceal. PRICE: $13 to $20

Available February for a limited time at Holt Renfrew

Available February at mass retailers

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss WHAT IT IS: A line of nail polishes that use an all-in-one approach to

long-lasting nail colour THE BENEFITS: The nail polishes don’t require a topcoat and last up

to seven days. With 27 different colours to choose from, each look can be unique. WHO IT’S FOR: For on-the-go ladies who love fun nails and changing up their look, but hate the dry time and multi-layer application.

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipcolor WHAT IT IS: Lipsticks with saturated pigments that give

lips a punch of colour for a show-stopping smile THE BENEFITS: The lipstick includes a hydrating agent

that softens your pout and the true-to-colour tubes mean that the pigment that goes on your lips is exactly the same colour as the swatch on the tube. WHO IT’S FOR: On-trend fashionistas who want to

bring a runway-ready look to their everyday style. PRICE: $10

Available now at mass retailers


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com


Available now at mass retailers

Congratulations to all our 2012 COSA Awards winners. Your passion, dedication and commitment inspires us all!

Andrea Ainslie, Rexall Pharma Plus, Petawawa, ON

Rose Oickle, Rexall Pharma Plus, Ottawa ON

Alison Krause, Rexall Pharma Plus, Brighton, ON

From the entire team at Rexall Pharma Plus‌ thanks you for your outstanding customer service.

Korres Yoghurt Body Butter WHAT IT IS: The first soothing body moisturizer to use

Estée Lauder Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion

edible yoghurt in a cosmetic formula

WHAT IT IS: An eye serum that protects

THE BENEFITS: Yoghurt, first used by the Greeks, is

against and prevents skin damage from environmental stresses

highly soothing, moisturizing and improves skin elasticity. It’s ideal for extra dry areas such as knees, elbows, and heels.

PRICE: $33

THE BENEFITS: Skin around the eyes is hydrated to keep the area looking fresh and youthful. Chronolux is a technology that helps to synchronize skin reproduction; natural cell repair and turnover happens simultaneously so that maximum repair happens quickly.

Available now at select Shoppers Drug Mart

WHO IT’S FOR: For women who find that

KEY INGREDIENTS: The raw yoghurt base is infused with shea butter, sunflower, almond and avocado oils and works most effectively when applied to damp skin.



their eyes are showing stress, from puffiness to pollution damage. PRICE: $72

Available now at Estée Lauder counters

by Emma Jarratt

Prevage Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum WHAT IT IS: A super luxe formula to protect against

damage and restore skin health to youthful radiance KEY INGREDIENTS: Idebenone and arazine are the

dynamic skin-repairing duo in this formula. The two ingredients contain antioxidants aplenty to shield skin from environmental damage, while arazine soothes skin, acting as an anti-inflammatory when irritants are encountered. THE BENEFITS: Skin is

firmed, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and natural production of collagen and elastin are boosted for a younger complexion. PRICE: $275

Available now at the Bay, Sears and Shoppers Drug Mart

Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global WHAT IT IS: A cream that harnesses the

power of plant stem cells to strengthen skin and provide long-term protection KEY INGREDIENTS: The formula boasts

a specially patented “4G Plant Source” ingredient derived from echinacea. The cells have been technologically refined to maximize benefits, leaving each jar with a concentration of 100,000 cells per 50 mL. THE BENEFITS: The extra potent formula

means that skin renewal will occur more quickly and results such as increased firmness, smoothness and evenness will be more visible. PRICE: $25 to $64

Available February at Yves Rocher


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

La Roche-Posay Redermic [C] Complete Anti-Aging Care WHAT IT IS: A vitamin C-based cream that acts as a filler to firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while evening skin tone THE BENEFITS: By using ingredients such as mannose, a densifying filler to even tone, and fragmented

hyaluronic acid (a water-based plumping agent), the formula boosts skin health and helps to create a more supple texture with fewer lines and blemishes. WHO IT’S FOR: The formula can be used by all skin types – even sensitive – that need a lift to achieve a brighter, more youthful complexion. PRICE: $53

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart

StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment WHAT IT IS: A night cream with retinol KEY INGREDIENTS: DNA-stimulating NIA-114, a molecule that delivers niacin to the skin to help strengthen it; retinol to encourage cell turnover; peptides to increase collagen; and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate skin. WHO IT’S FOR: Aging skin or skin that is becoming weakened by environmental stresses. The cream is specially formulated to boost collagen, repair fine lines and wrinkles, improve firmness and even tone. PRICE: $120

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and the Bay

NeoStrata AquaYouth Filling Anti-Wrinkle Cream WHAT IT IS: A super hydrating anti-wrinkle cream

that fills in fine lines with intense moisture THE BENEFITS: Skin is naturally restored and

is given long-term care to ensure deeper tissue benefits. Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized by an increase in collagen production due to a boost of hydration from power-ingredients Matrixyl 3000 – a combination of two peptides – and Hydroviton PLUS – a hybrid ingredient of natural sugars, moisturizers and hyaluronic acid.

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Body and Hand Care Collection WHAT IT IS: A hand and body care line inspired by beauty secrets from

Italy with ingredients that deliver hydration and protection to skin KEY INGREDIENTS: Tarocco Sicilian red orange is combined with

the soothing and refreshing properties of sage and eucalyptus and accented with notes of bergamot and neroli.

WHO IT’S FOR: Skin that tends to dry out and suffers from environmental damage. Those who want a moisturizer and anti-aging cream all-in-one will find the AquaYouth formula appealing to suit their skincare needs. PRICE: $34 to $46

Available February at Shoppers Drug Mart

THE BENEFITS: Taracco Orange is an antioxidant-rich citrus fruit

that contains more vitamin C than any other orange. The citrus blend cleanses normal to oily skin. PRICE: $19 to $34

Available February at Crabtree & Evelyn

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013




Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator WHAT IT IS: An eye-rescuing product that reduces the look of bags and

dark circles while brightening the eye area with light-refracting particles THE BENEFITS: The applicator has a cooling effect on skin and when

the cream is massaged in, the motion stimulates circulation, which results in brighter-looking eyes. WHO IT’S FOR: For overly tired eyes that need a little kickstart early in the day to banish stubborn bags and dark circles. PRICE: $34

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart

Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-Aging Cream WHAT IT IS: A face cream that targets fine lines

and wrinkles and is powered by the beautifying botanical agents found in plant stem cells KEY INGREDIENTS: 300,000 raspberry plant stem

cells pack a massive antioxidant punch and leave skin younger-looking and smoother, while SPF 25 ensures protection against the sun’s rays. THE BENEFITS: Skin is plumped, lines are reduced,

and radiance is boosted, while long-term use shows an improvement in overall skin firmness. PRICE: $55

Available February at the Bay

Nivea Aqua Effect Collection WHAT IT IS: A range of skin cleansing products that specifically

target combination skin WHAT’S INCLUDED: The range includes a Purifying Cleansing Gel, Purifying Toner and Mattifying Day Care. THE BENEFITS: The formula reduces shine while maintaining

Perricone MD Blue Plasma WHAT IT IS: A non-acidic daily face peel that

targets dead cells and infuses the skin with moisture for long-term health KEY INGREDIENTS: The ingredients in the

formula range from salmon egg enzymes, which remove dead skin cells, to honokiol and magnolol, a magnolia bark extract to soothe and act as an anti-inflammatory. The mix also includes L-Carnitine to boost cell turnover, pterostilbene, the antioxidant found in blueberries, and copper for overall skin repair. THE BENEFITS: Because the formula

only removes dead cells, your skin is spared the redness and irritation that usually results from a peel. Skin is more radiant and fresh, with lines and pores reduced, leaving a healthy glow and baby-soft feeling. PRICE: $95

Available March at Sephora

your skin’s natural hydration. The line works to balance the complexion with the healing properties of antioxidant-rich algae. WHO IT’S FOR: Skin that needs a refreshing treatment to rebalance oils and to help combat the environmental stresses of changing seasons and temperatures. PRICE: $7 to $9

Available February at Shoppers Drug Mart and other mass retailers

Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Eye Repair WHAT IT IS: A retinoid cream to protect and repair

skin around the eyes KEY INGREDIENTS: The retinoid base is supplemented with peptides to prevent under-eye bags; vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and boosts collagen; and GABA botanicals help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. WHO IT’S FOR: For those whose eyes are prematurely showing age and who want to keep their eye area healthy and nourished. PRICE: $78

Available now at Sephora, the Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

WE’RE pretty PROUD Congratulations, 2012 Cosmetics Outstanding Service Award winners!





Patricia Lai, Kathy Yuk Fong, and Samuel Dong

Joanne Piazza

Michelle Fraser

Holly McKillican

CHANEL The Bay, Richmond

CLINI�UE The Bay, Kamloops

CLINI�UE The Bay, Nanaimo

THIERRY MUGLER The Bay, Vancouver

You make our customers happy and our stores shine. To our COSA winners, for your talent and your commitment to the highest customer service standards.



Olay Fresh Effects Collection WHAT IT IS: A collection of deep-cleaning products to buff, smooth and perfect

your skin by bringing out its natural beauty WHAT’S INCLUDED: A Powered Contour Cleansing System, Exfoliating

Cleanser, Shine Minimizing Cleanser, Satin Finish Lotion and Tinted Moisturizing Cream. KEY PRODUCT: Use the Cleansing System brush to clear away build up on your T-zone, hairline and nose areas to keep them fresh and glowing. BENEFITS: The line is dedicated to using the lightest ingredients to ensure that too much product doesn’t clog your skin. It is a complete, yet breathable approach to beauty. THE PRICE: $8-$19

Available mid-February at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall Pharma Plus

Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti Wrinkle WHAT IT IS: A range of products to increase elasticity and

reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles WHAT’S INCLUDED: The line includes two products: Eucerin Hyal-Urea Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and Night Cream. KEY INGREDIENTS: Urea, a potent moisturizer; hyaluronic acid, which acts as a plumping agent to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles; and saponin, a soybean extract, which stimulates the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production. PRICE: $20 each

Available February at Shoppers Drug Mart

Biotherm Homme Youth Architect Concentrate WHAT IT IS: A serum that is specialized to

target signs of aging through restructuring the dermal matrix (fibres, proteins and carbohydrates) of the skin

Cliniderm RosaCalm Duo

WHO IT’S FOR: Men whose skin has suffered

WHAT IT IS: A cream to help soothe redness on

damage and needs a tune-up to keep it looking strong and healthy. KEY INGREDIENTS: Blue algae extract and

Pro-Xylane are combined to form a powerful anti-aging molecule that helps to strengthen the dermal matrix and renew damaged areas. BENEFITS: The serum formula means that it’s lighter than the average cream, leaves no trace of oiliness behind and absorbs easily, keeping effort level to a minimum. THE PRICE: $70

Available now at Biotherm counters

the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin and lessen the appearance of bumps KEY INGREDIENTS: RosaCalm uses several medical ingredients proven to lessen inflammation and irritation: Bio Phytex is a cocktail of botanical extracts that helps strengthen blood vessels and capillaries; while ReguCea stimulates collagen production; and tocophérol protects skin from environmental stresses. THE BENEFITS: Skin is softened, protected and redness

is calmed, improving the look of the complexion. RosaCalm is available with SPF30 protection. PRICE: $29 to $31

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

beauty fix

hitting the spot Plagued with breakouts well into adulthood? Get in the clear with our expert tips and product recommendations to banish breakouts for good / by Jill Dunn


ike most adults, you probably thought you left breakouts in the rearview mirror, along with memories of your high school boyfriend and studying for your learner’s permit. But an increasing number of adults have to contend with breakouts well into their adult years, making it a


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

big skin concern for Canadian men and women. So what makes adult acne different than what you experienced in your high school glory days? “Adolescent acne is usually a perfect storm of excess oil production, retention of dead skin cells that block pores and increased bacteria,” says Dr. Jaggi Rao, clinical professor of medicine and director, dermatology residency

beauty fix program at the University of Alberta. “As a teen, this type of bacteria usually manifests as whiteheads and blackheads.” However, adult acne is usually due to an increased sensitivity to androgen hormones, usually progesterone, which causes increased oil production and a subsequent rise in bacteria in the skin. “This bacteria will digest the oil and release triggers that cause pimples to occur,” he adds. “Adult acne usually involves bumps like papules, pustules, nodules and cysts; often they are sore to the touch and look red and inflamed, rarely as whiteheads or blackheads. Typically in adults, these lesions are located on the lower face: lower cheeks, chin, underneath the jaw and neck.”

The Breakdown of Breakouts Given that there are many causes for adult acne like hormones, stress and/or using the wrong skincare regimen, treatment can be complex. “While the root causes of acne haven’t changed from your teen years – excess oil and bacteria that clog pores – there are a myriad of modern, lifestyle factors that can conspire to exacerbate acne,” says Dr. David Orentreich, Clinique’s guiding dermatologist. “Things like sun, stress, medications, pollution, sweat and irritation are just a few.” Of that list, perhaps the biggest adult acne trigger is stress. “Stress plays an extremely important role as it affects the hormones that are released into your blood, such as androgens,” says Dr. Frederic Brandt, a New York and Miami-based celebrity dermatologist. “These hormones stimulate cortisol production and inflammation in your body, thus resulting in adult flares of acne.” Additionally, stress can reduce our immune system’s ability to naturally fight bacteria that can promote acne, says Dr. Rao. The solution: Make time for stress-relieving activities during your day, like deep breathing exercises, yoga or Epsom-salt baths – not only will it reduce overall inflammation, but your complexion will be clearer.

Your Acne Treatment Arsenal Beyond stress relief, you can get your skin on track with the right regimen for cleansing, moisturizing and treating. “It’s important to remember that ‘acne’ is not a skin type,” says Dr. Orentreich. “People with blemishes can have oily skin, dry skin, or something in between. This is why it’s important to determine your skin type first so that you’ll be sure to get into a regimen of products that will be most effective.” Once you’ve determined skin type, keep these guidelines in mind for cleansing, moisturizing and spot treatment needs: CLEANSING: “For cleansing, I recommend using products that contain salicylic acid since these are liquid soluble and work to clean out the pores and exfoliate rather than strip the skin,” says Dr. Brandt. If shine is a big concern, look for mattifying ingredients, like clay, in your cleanser too.

BAD HABITS THAT CAUSE BREAKOUTS Aside from your skincare routine, there are lifestyle habits that we practice every day that can contribute to breakouts. For instance, not disinfecting your cell phone can lead to bumps – bacteria readily transfers from your hands to your phone, and then to your skin. Wipe it down regularly with an alcohol swab to nix bacteria. If you’re a gym regular, be sure to remove makeup before a workout, since foundation and sweat adds up to clogged pores. And if you tend to get breakouts along the hairline, consider switching to a clarifying shampoo rather than a super-moisturizing formula – this will keep bumps around the hairline from surfacing.

Cosmetics Picks: Yes To Tomatoes Oil Control Gel Cleanser, $10. Lather and rinse with this salicylic acid cleanser to beat bacteria and breakouts – the tomatoes have astringent properties so pores are tightened.

Burt’s Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions Purifying Daily Cleanser, $15. With willow bark to soothe and salicylic acid to treat, this is a great option for sensitive skin types.

MOISTURIZING: The right moisturizer is key to reducing irritation and controlling excess oil. “Look for ingredients such as salicylic acid, acetyl glucosamine, laminaria saccharina, sucrose, caffeine, and phytosphingosine to name a few,” says Dr. Orentreich. “All these are great to hydrate, but don’t irritate the skin.” Avoid moisturizers with pore-clogging culprits like petrolatum, mineral oil or even natural oils like coconut oil. “If someone is prone to pre-menstrual breakouts, it is especially important to look for a moisturizer with barrier-building ingredients like ceramides,” he says.

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013


beauty fix The reason? “The natural cycle of hormones can affect the level of oil production, and the barrier quality of the skin. A weakened skin barrier may decrease cell turnover, or make skin more susceptible to impurities from the environment, both of which can affect breakouts. The right moisturizer helps keep the skin barrier strong and makes skin less vulnerable to the causes of breakouts,” says Dr. Orentreich. SPOT TREATMENTS/MASKS: Every so often you’ll get a rogue pimple that requires a heavy-hitting spot treatment. A benzoyl peroxide product will work wonders to blast the blemish, but it’s best to use sparingly and hyper-locally on the affected area since it’s very drying. A sulfur-based mask has anti-bacterial properties, so use once or twice per week; it can keep breakouts to a minimum.

Cosmetics Picks: Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Acne Care, $30. Gentle exfoliating properties help banish blemishes and fade acne scars.

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer Oil-Free, $22. The lightweight lotion zaps parched spots while keeping pores clear with salicylic acid.

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment, $19. Treat blemishes and prevent new ones from forming with this transparent gel that packs glycolic acid to slough away skin’s upper layers and cinnamon bark extract to soothe and purify skin.


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

Origins Out of Trouble Mask, $27. Loaded with purifying, aromatic and bacteria-zapping sulfur, a few minutes with this mask every week helps keep complexions clear.

PIMPLE CAMOUFLAGE Covering up a pimple can be tricky business, namely because you can tame colour, but you can’t erase texture. So if you have a pimple that’s drying out, or developing a scab, you can mask its redness, but not the fact that it’s flaky. To cover a pimple properly, use a concealer brush or your finger to tap the colour directly on the affected spot. It’s important to push colour directly onto the zit – and not the surrounding skin. If you do the latter, you’ll get a “halo” effect and the spot will be more noticeable. To zap a breakout faster, try a medicated concealer that contains salicylic acid to treat as it camouflages.

Cosmetics Picks: Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel, $13. Treat blemishes two ways with this double-ended stick: first with a redness-reducing gel and secondly with buildable concealer.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, $35 & Secret Camouflage Brush, $32. Two oil-free concealer shades help customize your colour to cover up any blemish year round.

cover story

A Fine

Balance Shiseido spokeswoman Jennifer Connelly on life, family and the importance of balance / by Kristen Vinakmens


ennifer Connelly’s connection to Shiseido goes back a long way: She first worked with the brand on an advertising campaign in the 1980s and has been using the company’s products ever since. So it was only fitting that last year, the Oscarwinning actress was named spokesperson for its Future Solution LX line. “The idea behind the Future Solution LX products, which i really believe in, is to invest time now, in yourself, in your own well-being and the well-being and health of your skin,” says Connelly. “Shiseido’s products are extremely advanced and backed by the latest scientific research, but at the same time the company manages to remain steeped in its beautiful traditions. They use a lot of indigenous plants and botanical elements as well, so i think it’s a nice balance.” The idea of striving for balance could well describe Connelly’s approach to life. As a married mother of three children, wife to actor Paul Bettany, and working actress (whose work requirement is constant travel), her life is hectic to say the least. But Connelly manages to keep centred by putting family first. “My kids are so wonderful


january 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com


cover story and I feel so blessed to have them. Even though my husband and I are both actors and spend a lot of time travelling, we are very conscientious of our schedules so that our children are almost always with us,” says Connelly. “We’ve had very little separation from them and we try to always have meals together and do lots of activities together.” Connelly has kept her acting work relatively light in the last few years, however, the star is set to appear in two big projects in 2013 and 2014: Winter’s Tale, a fantasy set in a mythic late 19th century New York City, which stars Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe; and Noah, which pairs her again with her A Beautiful Mind co-star Russell Crowe, and tells the story of the Biblical figure Noah. While Winter’s Tale will keep her in her hometown of New York, Noah will take her all the way to Reykjavik, Iceland for filming. So what does Connelly stash in her travel bag? Her staples include favourites from the Future Solution LX line. “When I travel, I bring all of my skincare with me – the entire range of Future Solution LX,” she says. “Even when we go up to our country house, it’s one thing I won’t hesitate to carry back and forth with me.” Connelly keeps it low-key with her day-to-day wardrobe: a pair of jeans, t-shirt and black boots tend to be her go-to uniform. But she still loves to glam it up at night: her must-haves include a black Balenciaga dress, heels and a great pop of lipcolour. To keep family connected even during off times, Connelly and her clan try to escape the bustling city and find refuge at their country retreat. In the winter, the family skis and sleds, while in summer, they hike and camp. Friends of the family often come for visits and Connelly, who recently learned how to cook, relishes making big meals for everyone. “I find it to be one of the most creative and collaborative activities,” she says. “There is something so comforting about getting family and friends together for a great home-made meal.” Keeping fit also helps keep Connelly grounded and she’s happiest when she feels healthy. The actress focuses on good food and nutrition both for herself and her family: “[It’s] an investment I make in my health and the health of my family,” she says. “I do my best to eat well and to have my children eat well.” To keep in top form, Connelly

JENNIFER’S SKINCARE SOLUTION Shiseido’s Future Solution LX line features the star ingredient Skingenecell 1P, an amino acid derivative which helps decrease the amount of Serpin B3 in skin, a protein abundant in damaged cells. Skingenecell 1P, combined with Uji green tea extract from Kyoto, Japan, helps promote healthy cells by improving skin’s defenses against environmental damage. Connelly uses the full range of Future Solution LX products, which includes the Extra Rich Cleansing Foam, Concentrated Balancing Softener, Daytime Protective Cream SPF 15, Total Regenerating Cream, Ultimate Regenerating Serum and the Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream. The Future Solution LX Line is priced from $98 to $320

focuses on her two favourite activities: Hatha yoga and running. “I’m conscious to always fit [exercise] in between my family and my work,” she says. “So that’s why I like running; you can grab a half hour and go outside. You get some fresh air and it’s always interesting and kind of meditative, too.” The way Connelly sees it, investing in one’s health can help stave off the bad things that can come with aging down the road: “The building blocks are good nutrition and good habits, as well as taking preventive measures to stay healthy. It’s easier to put the work in now than when there’s a problem. And because you never know what life will bring, I think it’s important to have a good, healthy resilient attitude.”

The idea behind the Future Solution LX products, which I really believe in, is to invest time now, in yourself, in your own well-being and the well-being and health of your skin. cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013


Beauty Forecast


Reporting from the frontlines of beauty, Cosmetics presents the top beauty trends shaping the industry in 2013 / by Kristen Vinakmens

THE BEAUTY CONSUMER MAY BE FICKLE, but she’s buying more than ever, and the past year was no exception. According to market research firm Kline & Company, the US personal care market exceeded $38 billion, showing solid growth of 4.2% in 2011. Skincare continues to represent the largest category, representing 26% in sales, up only slightly over 2010. Colour cosmetics exceeded the industry average growth rate, which was boosted by a near 30% uptick in the nail category in 2011. Fragrances, which were previously declining in sales, experienced high growth in the US in 2011, particularly on the luxury side, which had above-average growth of more than 10% (spurred by the niche fragrance trend). On a global scale, anti-aging products are the largest product type in personal care, representing 29% of the market. The men’s grooming market in the US saw its best growth in several years, with a 4% uptick in sales in 2011, reaching $3 billion. Men’s fragrances grew by a solid 3.8% in the US in 2011, to reach $1.06 billion, while men’s skincare grew by 2.2%, with $140 million in sales. What’s driving growth in men’s? According to Kline, it’s a number of factors: men are more comfortable using grooming products; they’re increasingly concerned about aging and influenced by well-groomed celebrities and men’s magazines who are driving the male grooming message. On the prestige side, luxury beauty products experienced their highest sales in the US in 15 years, according to The NPD Group. Total sales for 2011 were $9.5 billion – an increase in 11% versus 2010. Driving the growth is innovation, says Karen Grant, VP and senior global industry analyst for The NPD Group. “We continue to see innovation across categories; from new directions in skincare, such as facial care addressing cleansing and complexion, to new fashion and functional enhancements in makeup driving growth in face and colour,” says Grant. Read on for a closer look at some of the trends in innovation driving growth in beauty.


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ver since prescription lash-growth serum Latisse made waves in the US and was approved for use in Canada in 2011, beauty brands have clamoured to offer up their own over-the-counter equivalents. But new entrants into the category boast more sophisticated formulas that also treat eyebrows and promise impressive results. In December, UK-based skincare brand Rodial launched Glamolash lash-lengthening serum, $75. Packed with peptides to lengthen and fortify, vitamin B5 to strengthen and moisturize, and wheat protein to add gloss and body to lashes, Glamolash promises to lengthen lashes by up to 25% in as little as two weeks. And in February, cosmeceutical beauty brand NeoStrata will unveil its Lash Enhancer Serum, $60. With a formula infused with the stem-cell technology PhytoCellTec used in the brand’s skincare, along with biotechnological peptide SymPeptide, the serum not only increases eyelash length and volume and intensifies lash colour, it also prolongs the life cycle of the lash. Results of a

Move over, Latisse: The latest lash-boosting serums promise thicker, fuller lashes without the prescription

clinical study showed an increase in lash length and thickness of up to 46% in two weeks, and up to 72% in six weeks. The serum can also be used on eyebrows and is said to deliver similar results. In late 2012, Elizabeth Arden bowed its Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum, $115. Two years in development, the brand worked in partnership with Miamibased Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute, a world-renowned opthalmological hospital, to ensure its product was safe for all eyes, including contact lens wearers. “We really believe at Elizabeth Arden that skin care and eye care should be independent,” says Aurelie Felix, Elizabeth Arden senior scientist, skincare product development, who cites adverse effects experienced by some Latisse users, including iris and eyelid discolouration as the reason for its safety measures. “We did extensive ophthalmology tests including on sensitive skin; we needed to put a safe product on the market, something that doesn’t cause irritation.” The serum is powered by a cocktail of active ingredients: a

triple peptide complex to support lashes’ natural life cycle; a blend of pro-vitamins A, C and E to fortify and protect; panthenol to condition; and lash conditioners and botanical extracts to help protect lashes against environmental and physical damage. The product is applied once daily to top and bottom lashes, as well as eyebrows. Clinical study results showed 100% of women saw visible improvement in the look of their lashes in two weeks, while in four weeks, women saw a 40% improvement in length, thickness and density of their lashes. Felix recommends using the product daily for 16 weeks, since the lash life cycle is between three and four months. If you’re satisfied with the results after 16 weeks, apply the product two times per week for maintenance. “Our strength is our partnership with Bascom-Palmer because we are able to deeply understand eye care,” says Felix. “We believe we have the technology, the understanding, and a safe approach. And by developing this formula and the clinical testing that we did, we had a really good result.”

Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum, $115

Rodial Glamolash Serum, $75

NeoStrata Lash Enhancer Serum, $60

“We did extensive ophthalmology tests including on sensitive skin; we needed to put a safe product on the market.

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seeing the


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CC Creams, the next do-it-all, multi-tasking creams, promise an ever-more luminous, perfected complexion



ust when we thought the BB Cream trend couldn’t get any hotter, along comes another acronym to add to our beauty vocabulary: CC Creams. A quick refresher on BB Creams, which flooded the market in the last year: BB, known as blemish or beauty balms, are multi-tasking products that moisturize, prime the skin and provide sheer coverage, SPF, and occasionally, skincare benefits such as antioxidants and peptides. And they’ve proved to be a hit with consumers: according to The NPD Group, from May 2011 through June 2012, prestige BB Cream sales in the US totaled $17.8 million – a large piece of the market when you consider that BBs are still relatively new. “Do-it-all BB, and now, CC Creams are popular with today’s multitasking women,” says Jamie Ross, creative director at New York-based trend-forecasting service The Doneger Group. Karen Grant, VP and senior global industry analyst for The NPD Group, sees the growth of these categories as proof that women want to simplify their routines, while still reaping the skincare benefits. “Consumers are recognizing that great skin goes beyond just reducing lines and wrinkles,” says Grant. “As a younger and more ethnically diverse consumer enters the market, we see growth in formats that address complexion, tone and texture in addition to antiaging.”


nter the next generation of BB: CC Creams. As with BBs, the trend for CC Creams started in Asia, where the quest for flawless skin is perhaps even more top

of mind than in the West. In short, CCs, which stand for colour correcting creams, offer more coverage and more skincare benefits along with SPF. “CC Creams have started to emerge in Asia as a new category and are designed for women who love BB Creams for their ability to provide a quick, flawless finish, but are seeking skincare solutions that deliver long-term benefits,” says Mary Begovic Johnson, principal scientist with Olay, which is the first to bring the CC Cream to the mass level. “CCs contain higher broad-spectrum SPFs and work to diminish the appearance of skin pigment issues over time.” Olay’s offering, Total Effects 7-in-1 Tone-Correcting Moisturizer with Sunscreen, $33, may not have “CC Cream” in its name, but is being marketed as such. Leveraging Olay’s existing Definity anti-aging technology, Total Effects 7-in-1 uses a combination of N-acetyl glucosamine (a glucose derivative) and niacinamide to “boost the moisture barrier and skin’s natural exfoliation rate to alter how light interacts with the skin’s outer layer to make skin look more luminous and discolourations appear less noticeable.” Adds Begovic, “It works deep into the surface layers of skin to improve skin tone and works to correct damage caused by environmental factors that age the look of skin, such as discolouration, dullness and age spots.” A clinical study published in 2009 by dermatologist Dr. Alexa Kimball in the British Journal of Dermatology found that the glucosamine complex delivers a visible reduction in the appearance of facial

hyperpigmentation. Total Effects 7-in-1 is available in one shade, Light to Medium, and lands in stores in February.


eanwhile, in the specialty beauty arena, Juice Beauty, purveyor of organic skincare, is touting its entry into the category, Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream, $42, as a whopping 12-in-1 multi-tasking product. An addition to Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Repair Collection, the CC Cream boasts a mix of fruit stem cells from apples, lemons and grape buds, vitamin C and resveratrol-rich grapeseed, along with chemicalfree SPF 30 to perfect and protect the complexion. Just a few of its myriad benefits: maximum hydration from organic plant oils, mineraltinted coverage, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, DNA repair, more even skin tone, improvement in skin’s elasticity and increased luminosity. An independent clinical study of the existing Stem Cellular Repair Collection, which includes a Booster Serum, Moisturizer, and Eye Treatment, found 88% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin tone, respectively, along with 100% improvement in skin’s hydration, which bodes well for the brand’s new entrant into the line. Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream is available in two shades, Natural Glow and Warm Glow, and lands at Murale in January. Also a hit in Asia, Chanel’s CC Cream Complete Correction, is said to be arriving in the US soon. Meanwhile, at Cosmetics, we’re already holding out for the double Ds to arrive.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Tone-Correcting Moisturizer with Sunscreen, $33

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream, $42

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FOUNDATION’S NEW FACE New lightweight, high-tech formulas are putting foundation back in the spotlight

Giorgio Armani Maestro Revolutionary Complexion Perfector Fusion Makeup SPF 15, $68

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup, $13


or many women, applying foundation in the morning is as integral to their beauty routine as washing their face. Yet for many others, base makeup can be intimidating, calling to mind the heavy, mask-like formulas of the ‘80s. As a result, foundation sales were either flat or on the decline in the late 2000s, according to Mintel. But foundation is making a comeback: in Canada, sales of prestige foundation grew by 7.3% from September 2011 to September 2012, according to market research firm Ceroy. What’s driving it? Innovative foundation formulas that offer lightweight coverage while letting the skin show through. “The trend is for a more natural, dewy finish,” says Grant. The last year saw the launch of several key entrants in the foundation category, most notably, YSL’s Le Teint Touche Éclat, the base makeup equivalent of the brand’s iconic highlighting pen Touche Éclat. Its formula nixes opaque powders which can contribute to the “mask” effect in favour of a soft-focus gel to subtly cover imperfections. A fluid light concentrate with golden pigments brightens shadowy

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19, $60


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areas while highlighting others, giving dimension to the face. Finally, volatile oils and moisturizing agents keep the skin supple and luminous. Oils are at the heart of Giorgio Armani’s newest base makeup, Maestro Revolutionary Complexion Perfector Fusion Makeup SPF 15, $68, a light-as-water fluid that almost defies being categorized as a “foundation.” Unlike a traditional foundation, which is comprised of 20% water in 80% oil, along with 15% pigments contained in a powdery phase, Maestro uses a water- and powder-free base made of 11% pigments and five time-released oils (60%) that evaporate gradually, allowing for a perfect finish. “Unlike foundations that weigh heavily on the skin, the powder-free formula and time-release oils deliver a light-as-air colour film,” says Reza Zaimeche, international face director for Giorgio Armani. “The oil and pigment fusion produces a high-slip texture that spreads evenly over skin for a blendable, faultless complexion. Evaporating at different rates, the oils provide an optimal combination of application slip and non-greasy feel, but with a

moisture and comfort sensation all day long.” Weightless lotus oil provides hydration and antioxidant properties, while a long-hold polymer ensures all-day coverage. Available in 12 shades, Maestro “can be adapted to all skin tones (with several shades mixed).” In a similar vein, Revlon’s Nearly Naked Makeup, $13, offers breathable, lightweight coverage that’s made to feel as if you’re not wearing any makeup at all. The formula features weightless, hollow silica pigments that allow the makeup to mimic skin’s tone and texture. “Hollow silica pigments are perfectly shaped lightweight spheres that fill out with air, and play a role in light-scattering to cover imperfections and signs of wrinkles,” says Wendi Heller, director of global product development for Revlon. “Our pigment levels are just the right amount to control adjusted coverage, so it blends perfectly with most skin tones.” Green and black teas, oatmeal and jojoba help nourish and protect skin and add a natural glow. Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup lands in stores this month and is available in 16 shades to suit all complexions.

Unlike foundations that weigh heavily on the skin, the powder-free formula and time-release oils deliver a light-as-air colour film, says Zaimeche.



At-home gel manicure kits are giving salons a run for their money



ver since Shellac came along, women have been ever-more loyal to their manicurists. Creative Nail Design (CND)’s prized, long-wearing UV-cured nail polish salon service has been on fire since it was introduced in 2010 and spurred a multitude of copycat salon gel manicure systems. But most of all, it made women addicted to the ease and convenience of no dry time and having tough-as-nails (pun intended), high-shine tips for two weeks. So it was only a matter of time before drug and department store brands got in on the action with their own answer to the long-wearing gel manicure. Enter: DIY gel manicure kits that let you be your own salon nail technician. One of the first entrants on the at-home gel mani front was from a little-known, New York-based brand called Red Carpet Manicure, which introduced its Starter Kit, $75, last summer. The kit contains everything you need to get the salonstyle manicure at home: an LED light for curing the polish, base, colour and top coat, along with gel polish remover. Other brands, such as Kiss Nails and Sephora by OPI, have followed suit with similar offerings. Now, core nail brand Sally Hansen is set to enter the fray with not one but two options in the DIY gel arena: Salon GelPolish and Salon Instagel Strips,

which land in drugstores in March. The Salon GelPolish Starter Kit, $90, contains all the accessories needed to get a 14-day wear manicure, from prep to removal. Ginger Coners, senior director, R&D nail category for Sally Hansen, says there are benefits to using the at-home brand’s kit versus going to the salon (not least of which is cost; typical salon gel manis ring in at about $50). While some salon customers have complained of the harsh removal process of some gel manicures, “the GelPolish system was formulated to be easy to remove without any need for filing the products or your nails.” No bonding product is needed before applying the base coat, adds Coners, which cuts down on a step sometimes used at salons to help with adhesion. Otherwise, she says, “The results of Sally Hansen’s system and salon systems are comparable.” While the kit comes with a single red nail colour, there are 16 shades of polish available in the line (priced at $15 each) and Coners says more will likely be added in the coming months. The Salon Instagel Strips ($50 for the Starter Kit) offer a shorcut to a full gel manicure by using pre-UV-cured polish strips which are then adhered to the nail with a mini LED light. It also promises two

weeks of wear, but takes away the need for layering base and polish coats – instead, you apply the strips to the nail followed by the top coat and cure each nail under the light, one at a time. The Salon Instagel Strips offer the same 16 shades along with eight patterned designs. Meanwhile, Essie’s Sleek Stick Collection, $15 each per set, launching in February, offers an even quicker route to getting the gel manicure: the pre-cured polish strips require no brush time or drying under UV lights – you simply apply, file away the excess, and you’re done. The collection offers 12 different designs, from croc and snakeskin prints, to a golden geometic pattern. Karen Grant of NPD Group says these nail novelties are all good news for the “explosive” nail category: “DIY gel manicure kits will continue to fuel the category and engage consumers to experiment with new nail innovations.” Sally Hansen Salon GelPolish Starter Kit, $90

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Taking cues from skincare, haircare brands are looking to turn back the clock on hair


Pantene AgeDefy Conditioner, $12

Pantene AgeDefy Shampoo, $12

here aren’t many aspects of our bodies that can escape the ravages of time. Case in point: hair, which, starting in our thirties and beyond, grows back finer and more delicate after each growth cycle. What’s more, some hair follicles stop producing new hair altogether, which all adds up to the appearance of less hair than you had when you were in the prime of youth. As a result, haircare brands are coming to the rescue with products inspired by skincare that help give aging hair a boost. The last year alone has seen launches from L’Oréal, with its Arginine Resist X3 collection, which uses the amino acid arginine (naturally-occurring in hair) to strengthen and reinforce fragile strands and prevent hair fall; and Unilever’s Clear haircare line, which is infused with the Dove brand’s skincare complex Nutrium 10 (a blend of 10 vitamins and minerals) to nourish the scalp and encourage strong, healthy hair. Meanwhile, skincare-focused brand Peter Thomas Roth launched the Hair to Die For Hair Treatment, which uses a complex of amino acid biomimetic peptides, nutrient-rich red clover extract

Pantene AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment, $25


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and hydro-proteins to promote stronger, thicker hair. In March, Pantene is entering the fray with its 10-years-inthe-making Expert Collection, including the AgeDefy range (priced from $12 to $25), directly inspired by Olay anti-aging technologies. The collection includes Pantene AgeDefy Shampoo, Conditioner, Rejuvenating Hydration Masque, along with its pièce de résistance, the Advanced Thickening Treatment, which is akin to a skincare serum, but for your hair. The AgeDefy range offers multiple benefits, from reducing breakage, dryness and dull colour, to controlling frizz and unruly greys. The most exceptional promise of the range: when used together, the products enable hair to act up to 10 years younger. The AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment thickens existing hair fibres so it looks as though 6,500 hair strands have been added to hair. In working with Olay scientists, Pantene came up with a formula based on skincare ingredients caffeine, niacinamide and panthenol proven to address hair’s decreasing diameter and increase in damage as it ages.

The AgeDefy Thickening Treatment contains “structural polymers that work on the fibre’s surface, while caffeine, niacinamide and panthenol have been observed to penetrate into the cuticle layer,” says Jeni Thomas, Pantene principal scientist. “The overall effect is an increase in fibre diameter as well as hair that is stronger and more flexible.” Thomas says the treatment gives hair an instant thickening boost and the thickening effects increase with continued use. “Our testing has also shown that the strengthening and flexibility benefits build throughout the first months,” says Thomas. Meanwhile, the AgeDefy Shampoo and Conditioner protect hair against damage; a blend of polymers coat fragile hair fibres with protective ingredients that shield against breakage. “The Shampoo and Conditioner work to improve hair’s healthy look by addressing signs of hair aging; although the ingredients are removed and redeposited with each wash, the products help to prevent damage from starting and progressing, which can appear as continued improvement,” says Thomas.

The overall effect is an increase in fibre diameter as well as hair that is stronger and more flexible,” says Pantene principal scientist Jeni Thomas.



As the star ingredients of skin and haircare treatments, plant and botanical oils are staging a beauty revolution


hile the beauty world touts ever more innovative, high-tech ingredients such as growth factors and stem cells, some brands are going back to basics in the quest for better skin and shinier hair. Plant oils – those familiar, age-old beauty treatments – have gained steam as the stars of a host of new products for skin and hair. “Oils date back to remedies popular with various cultures, and companies are trying to tie them back to that simple, eco-conscious ancient wisdom in offering up formulations based on them,” says Ross of the Doneger Group. The trend forecaster says we may have Josie Maran (the creator of a namesake skin and makeup line based on omegarich argan oil) to thank for the oil boom. While the buzz used to be about argan oil alone and was primarily focused on hair treatments, brands are branching out with oil-based concoctions for all manner of beauty concerns. In the U.S., New York fashion stylist Linda Rodin led the charge in the face category with Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil, a liquid moisturizer packed with 11 essential oils, which Ross notes has become “a cult item among the fashion set.” More recently, natural beauty brand Nude Skincare launched its ProGenius Treatment Oil, $94, which boasts fatty acid-rich oils of borage, macadamia and black cumin to repair, nourish and add

radiance to skin. The oil, which is suited to all skin types, promises to reduce the look of wrinkles by 36% after one hour of application. Jurlique is hoping to rebalance our skin with its Skin Balancing Face Oil, $60, which includes a biodynamic blend of calendula, daisy and sweet violet to restore, along with antioxidant-packed oils of safflower seed, avocado, marshmallow and evening primrose to boost hydration, reduce moisture loss and improve elasticity. “Plant oils are the closest match to our skin’s own natural lipids (oils),” says Lisa Polley, director of education for the natural skincare brand. “When oil is applied to the skin, it can ‘trick’ [it] into thinking it has produced enough oil, thus balancing oil production.” Polley adds that the plant oil blend can contribute to a healthy lipid

Garnier Olia Haircolour, $12; Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil, $60

barrier, which can be compromised from overuse of harsh cleansers and scrubs. “Replacing vital lipids through plant oils keeps the skin’s surface hydrated.” While hair oil treatments are more popular than ever, now, even haircolour is being transformed by the magical elixir. Garnier’s new Olia Haircolour eschews harsh ammonia for a blend of camellia, sunflower, passion flower and limnanthes alba flower oils to improve hair quality while colouring. Ten years in the making, Olia, $12, uses an oildelivery system (ODS) based on the idea that water and oil don’t mix. “ODS was discovered during research for a system where the idea was to utilize oil in hair colour,” says Anne-Laure Lecerf, Garnier hair colour international president. “Gradually, the labs realized that oil maximized the hair colour system.” Comprised of 60% oils and MEA (an ammonia derivative), the formula drives water-loving MEA into the water-based hair fibre, allowing for more colour to penetrate the hair, all while protecting hair’s natural lipid levels. Added polymers also protect the hair fibres during and after the colouring process. But lest you think our love affair with oils is just a passing fad, Ross begs to differ: “I think we are just at the beginning of this curve with more oils claiming to be the new hot ingredient.”

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beauty school

At first blush Our top tips, tools and techniques for getting that girlish flush / by Jillian Vieira

Think Pink Blush newbies are faced with collections of colours and mystifying names, but most makeup artists will agree: start basic. “A light to medium pink that’s neutral in tone looks beautiful on everyone,” says Jacquie Jeffery, Make Up For Ever’s pro manager and trainer. Make no mistake: this combination doesn’t translate into the muddy, rose hue that your mother once wore. Think of your blush colour as enhancing what you’ve already got. “The general rule is to mimic the colour of your natural flush,” says Grace Lee, Maybelline Canada’s lead makeup artist. Since we don’t blush in brown or dusty hues, it’s best to steer clear of this aging colour category. Once you’re comfortable with a universal pink, venture into brighter, more daring territory. Bold berries, juicy corals and even bubblegum pinks create dimension and add a pretty pop when applied modestly. And despite what you’ve heard, these shades are even appropriate for older women. “Bright hues look youthful and healthy on mature skin,” advises Lee. Be sure to avoid sparkly or pearlescent formulas when giving brights a try – you’ll risk looking flashy and overdone. For women with darker skin tones, what you see in a blush palette is not what you get. “Deep skin tones absorb so much


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backstage at the Spring 2013 Paraezo Couture show

of a blush’s brightness,” says Jeffery. “You have to apply a more vivid shade than you would ever think to in order to achieve the same glow.” If you’re looking for a touch of peach to complement caramel skin tones, for example, opt for a highly pigmented orange colour to get a visible, but natural look. Find Your Formula Choosing the right blush formula depends largely on your skin type, as well as the look you’re going for. “When we enter the winter months, or if your skin tends to be drier, a gelcream is your best bet,” says Jeffery. The malleable texture glides on in the same way a powder blush does and leaves a dewy, “second skin” finish. Another benefit of creams is that they’re customizable; by mixing two colours, you can get the perfect in-between shade. In contrast, a classic powder blush is a great option in the summer. This type of formula suits most skin types, though on more mature skin, “powders tend to disappear completely or read as dry,” says Lee. Opt for a gel formula that dries as a powder, which gives you a hit of hydration and helps to ward off any settling in fine lines. Much like your face powder, keep application light to avoid a chalky finish or caking should you sweat.

photo: Courtesy of Maybelline

IllumInated, rosy cheeks are always a wIn In our beauty books. with one swipe of rouge, you’ve got an instant pick-me-up for the face that leaves your complexion looking fresh and pretty. here, we give expert advice on the right colours, best tools and proper application, so that you’ll be glowing year-round.

beauty school Tints, with their completely liquid, long-lasting formulas, can be a bit tricky for makeup rookies. “Tints are a lot less manageable and will stain the skin in an instant,” says Jeffery. Still, their fresh, buildable colour makes them a good choice for those with a little more skill. Every woman can benefit from a little variety in the blush department. By layering differing formulas you can play with warm and cool tones to build the perfect colour and ensure its staying power. Just remember the proper layering order: “A cream or liquid gets applied first, then you give it pop with a powder afterwards,” advises Jeffery. TOOLS OF THE TRADE When it comes to applying a cream formula, Lee gets a little hands-on. “I like using my fingers because I can control how much product I’m using,” she says. “The product becomes warm, too,” which means it blends easily and the end result looks natural. Once you’ve smoothed the cream on, a gentle tapping motion will help to blend out any unevenness. Lee says this technique is particularly effective when creating a rosy, infrom-the-cold look on the apples of the cheeks. If you’re looking to contour and shape with your blush, turn to a brush. “One that’s large and fluffy will add a sheer luminosity to the cheek,” says Lee. “If I want the blush to look more opaque, I’ll use something with a firmer bristle, like a kabuki brush.” Jeffery looks to her foundation brush for some multitasking blush action. “When you apply your blush with the same brush you used for your foundation, a bit of foundation residue mixes with your blush and lends a seamless look to the skin,” she says. Plus, a foundation brush tapers off at the end, allowing you to go in and sculpt cheekbones with ease. APPLY LIKE A PRO Most women aren’t sure of what face shape they have, which makes applying blush to the right place a difficult undertaking. What is noticeable to the average woman, however, are the parts of her face that she’s self-conscious of. “If a woman thinks her face is too narrow, then she wants some volume throughout the centre of her cheeks. If she doesn’t want to draw attention to her strong jaw, then I place the blush higher up on the cheek to accentuate the eyes,” says Jeffery. “It’s about what you want to highlight on your face.” For foolproof directions, smile in the mirror and apply the colour on the biggest part of your cheek. “Be sure to blend it away to the ear in one direction and leave the area between your nose and the apple of your cheek completely clear of blush,” says Lee. Her last tip: “Always apply under natural light, so that when you leave the house, you know your blush looks good.”

GETcheeky A roundup of rosy cheek makers you can count on Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Cream Blush in Nip Slip, $30 An ultra-smooth formula and mattifying pigments help create a natural finish for skin that radiates. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting, $10 Its innovative, sponge-like formula makes this pot of blush a favourite among makeup novices and pros alike.

NARS Blush in Seduction, $32 (available February) Known for its long-lasting, highly pigmented blush formulas, NARS’ newest shade pays tribute to a deep merlot hue.

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain in Foxtrot, $25 This green-friendly stain leaves a pop of colour on cheeks while plumping and softening with help from hyaluronic acid.

Lancôme Paris Cheek & Contour Brush #25, $45 This double-ended brush goes triple duty, giving you the option to sculpt, contour and highlight with one swipe. Sephora Collection Pro Kabuki Brush #43, $43 Add some depth to a narrow face by dipping this stiff brush into powder blush and swirling it on the apples of your cheeks in a circular shape.

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beauty star

Harry Josh, John Frieda international creative consultant He’s tHe go-to colourist of über-model gisele bündchen and an in-demand stylist for celebrities such as rose byrne, reese Witherspoon and cameron diaz. but success didn’t come overnight for this multi-talented canadian hair maestro. As Harry Josh recalls of his 12 years trying to make it in the cutthroat hair business, “it was an overnight, super-long process.” born in Vancouver, Josh toiled for years as an assistant to editorial hair artists in toronto, miami beach and finally, New York. After countless rejections from agencies who told him his work wasn’t good enough, he finally settled into the role of casting director for fashion shows. He’d practically given up on the idea of becoming an editorial hairstylist, but still practiced his hand in his walk-up apartment in New York, where he’d manage the manes of top models. Word quickly spread about his technique and he landed a piece in Vogue as one of the five up-and-coming hairdressers in the city. soon after, agents came calling, and the rest is history. today, Josh does the hair for top beauty and fashion magazines and acts as international creative consultant for John frieda, where he’s at the frontlines of the runway and red carpet, dreaming up new hair innovations. Here, he talks about his love of fashion, hair trends and how he single-handedly invented ombré hair colour.


January 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

josh creating Bündchen’s signature, beachy waves

When did you know you wanted to get into doing hair? My passion started when I was about 15 or 16. It wasn’t really hair that was my passion; it was being in the fashion and entertainment business. I picked up a Vogue magazine when I was 17 or 18, and I saw an outtake of a hairdresser brushing Cindy Crawford’s hair on a cliff. And I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a job. Someone’s got to do that…why couldn’t I have that job?’ How did the big moment with Gisele Bündchen come about? We were just hanging out and she said, ‘You know, when I lived in Brazil, I never coloured my hair because I’d go to the beach so much, but now that I’m here, my hair is getting darker and darker.’ And she had pictures of herself when she was a young girl and she had highlights, so I said ‘Well, I’m sure we can just do the ends of your hair and we started off like that. People are calling it ombré now like it’s a new trend and I’m like, ‘I’ve been doing that for over 10 years’.

Photo: courtesy john frieda

The Mane Man

beauty star So you were the guy that started the ombré trend? Yes, I would say that I was the first person doing that. Gisele has never been to another colourist in 12 years and I’ve been the only person that has ever coloured her hair. So yeah, I was the pioneer for that type of surf-y, blonde highlight that was hand-painted without foils. What’s the big hair trend for spring? It’s all about straight hair again. Curls and waves are finished. It’s all about a blow-out now. That being said, if you have wavy hair like Gisele, that’s not going to change. It’s for the girls who have straight hair and try to put wave into it – you’re better to wear it straight and on-trend. What’s the best tool to use to get the straight, smooth look? I love a Mason Pearson brush. Nothing can straighten hair as well as that can. It has so many bristles that as it pulls, it really creates shine and a lot of flatness when you want it versus a round brush that always gives body. What do you find is most exciting in terms of technology in haircare? One is keratin treatments. We’ve had the scary ones that have been banned, but the milder ones have really revolutionized how people style their hair. It has allowed them to have wash-and-wear hair, which was never possible for them. And the second is at-home haircolour. The John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour gives salon-quality results, so you get a rich, true color that looks awesome and not just traditional colours like ash brown or light brown.

JOSH’S TOP 3 HAIR TIPS WORK WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT “It’s about owning what you have and learning to work with your texture. Even if you have the worst hair in the world, you can make your hair look good by just doing a simple thing like a side part and putting in a barrette, or a feather comb or clip.” DON’T ALWAYS FOLLOW THE TRENDS “Find a haircut that suits your face. I don’t care if everyone has got the pixie — if the pixie doesn’t work on you, then don’t do it. Follow what is the most flattering on your face. You really have to trust who is doing your hair.” GO LONGER TO LOOK YOUNGER “Longer hair, generally speaking for older women, is the key to looking younger. You should have it long enough so you can put it into a ponytail, and that will make you look younger. Even fine hair can go to the collarbone and not look wimpy.”

HARRY’S PRODUCT must-haves




Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo, $30 This cedar bark-infused spray adds body, absorbs impurities and refreshes hair in-between shampoos. “It’s not really a dry shampoo – it’s a texturizing spray,” says Josh.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse, $10 “I recommend a mousse for everybody,” says Josh. “It’s just a light setting lotion that you can layer, so if it’s not strong enough, you can put it on again and it doesn’t get crunchy.”

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Extra Strength, $15 Boost shine and nix frizz with the serum that started it all. A blend of silicones, algae extract and silk proteins transform unruly hair into a sleek, polished style.

4 Bumble + Bumble Does It All Styling Spray, $32 Build your hold with this working spray that adds grip and control to hair. “This spray is really strong: it can really hold, but then you can blow dry it out when you want as well,” says Josh.

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FRAGRANCE by Emma Jarratt

Juicy Couture La La

A bold and flirty scent for her

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle

A warm and uplifting scent for her

Philosophy Field of Flowers Violet Blossom

A whimsical, purple bouquet for her


Top: Sparkling mandarin, green apple, red currant and water hyacinth Heart: Lily of the valley, peony, violet leaves and orange flower Base: Smooth wood and liquid musk FAST FACTS:

Juicy Couture La La is the younger sister to the original Juicy Couture. It evokes the rebellious, carefree L.A. attitude that is equal parts vintage, punk rock and feminine. Eau de Parfum: 30ml, $65; 50ml, $80; 100ml, $105 Body Lotion: 200ml, $56 Available now at the Bay, Sears, Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart


Top: Lemon, tangerine, boysenberry blossom and green tea vapours Heart: Wild honeysuckle, ylang ylang, jasmine and Tunisian neroli green tea leaves Base: Soft musk, peach, nectar accord, ambrette seed and white birch FAST FACTS:

Inspired by the northern region of the Alps, Green Tea Honeysuckle captures the crystal clear mountain scent that is entirely unique. In the spring, the air is sweetened by the scent of honeysuckle blooming across the mountain plains. Eau de Toilette: 30ml, $27; 50ml, $40; 100ml, $56 Cream: 250ml, $27 Available March at the Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears and Rexall Pharma Plus


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com


Violet blossom and soft florals FAST FACTS:

The fragrance captures the after-dew morning scent of a fresh field of flowers – the most soothing scent filled with romance and tranquility. The violet has a modern feel, but has historical significance as a symbol of tender love. The violet is said to be a flower that brings luck to the carrier. Eau de Toilette: 60ml, $45 Available now at Sephora


James Bond 007

An aromatic fougère including lavender, moss and coumarin for him

Diptyque Volutes

An exotic olfactory voyage for him NOTES:


Top: Vetiver Heart: Crisp apple Base: Sandalwood

Top: Pink pepper, Madagascan pepper and saffron Heart: Golden honey and iris Base: Immortelle, myrhh and tobacco



The most iconic man in film history has spawned a cult-like following: women adore him and men want to be him. Capturing the 007 scent required the deconstruction of the Bond personality to discover the softer side under the rogue exterior and finding a balance between the two.

Inspired by the classic scene of men in tuxedos enjoying cigars on wooden ship decks, the scent is intended to take you on a journey down exotic trade rivers that wend their way between the south of France and Saigon in the Far East. The rich smell is reminiscent of spice markets and dyed silk bolts that were ferried between the East and West.

Eau de Toilette: 30ml, $35; 50ml, $47 Available now exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart

Eau de Toilette: 50ml, $105; 100ml, $144 Eau de Parfum: 75ml, $158


L’eau Narciso Rodriguez for her An exhilarating and sensual scent for her NOTES:

Jasmine, luminous cyclamen, pink peony, rose and lily of the valley FAST FACTS:

A fragrance that challenges the archetypical eau, this scent is infused with florals to entice the wearer and serve as a reminder of the Narciso love affair with women. The bottle is the epitome of simplicity yet the artistry and fine lines make it a coveted object of femininity and sensuality. Eau de Toilette: 50ml, $85; 100ml, $115 Available January at the Bay

Available now at Holt Renfrew

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Chloé My Little Chloés A tiny reminder of her favourite scents NOTES:

Each bottle contains an existing Chloé fragrance – the rose notes of Chloé and L’Eau de Chloé and the powdery essence of Love, Chloé have been brought back in miniature forms. FAST FACTS:

The 20 ml mini fragrances capture the charm of the legendary Chloé scents. In stores, the flaçons are displayed on hanging gold swing sets and can be bought either as a set or as an individual reminder of your favourite Chloé moment. The tiny bottles mean that you can carry your fragrance with you for a quick spritz of elegance and refinement at all times. Eau de Toilette: 20ml, $48 each Available February for a limited time at select the Bay, Sephora and Murale

Coach Love

Nude by Rihanna


Top: Guava nectar, mandarin and pear Heart: Orange blossom, gardenia petals and velvet jasmine sambac Base: Sandalwood, musk and vanilla orchid

A tender and passionate scent for her


Top: Mandarin, dewberry, green violet and freesia Heart: Magnolia, jasmine and gardenia Base: Sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, caramel and musk


The scent is designed to emulate the romance and sensuality of one of the most powerful emotions: love. Renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser, who created the I Love New York logo and was a founder of New York Magazine, designed the fragrance logo. The design depicts two overlapping Cs to create a heart – a symbol both classic yet utterly unique with the Coach touch. Eau de Parfum: 30ml, $52; 50ml, $72; 100ml, $92 Eau de Parfum Purse Spray: 10ml, $45 Rollerball: 6ml, $24 Body Lotion: 150ml, $38 Shower Gel: 150ml, $36 Available February at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora, the Bay and Sears


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

A barely-there, hypnotic aroma for her

A scent to wear when you aren’t wearing anything at all. Rihanna has bottled her playful nature, sexy look and seven years of fame to create a multi-faceted fragrance. The fragrance oscillates between fizzy and exotic, to warm and familiar for a unique reflection of bare skin. Eau de Parfum: 50ml, $59 Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart and February at Rexall Pharma Plus


2012 November 14, 2012 marked the day that beauty industry leaders gathered at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto to celebrate the 11th annual COSA Awards. It was this evening that we recognized exceptional customer service in the beauty industry. After months of meetings, where our judges reviewed an astounding 700-plus nominations, they came to an agreement that the following 17 individuals were the top of the crop. Here we celebrate these inspiring winners and their immense achievements. These men and women dutifully take to the beauty frontlines offering not just incredible service, but going above and beyond their role requirements to make sure customers get the best shopping experience possible. With their passion, warmth and steadfast devotion, they’ve touched countless lives from behind the counter and beyond. cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


it’S your time to

Sparkle Shimmer & Shine!

s n o i t a l u t congra 2012 to all the

CoSa award winnerS & nomineeS

e n d l e S S c o S m e t I c S • F r ag r a n c e • a dva n c e d S K I n ca r e • B e au t y ca lg a ry

e d m o n to n


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va n c o u v e r



ner n i W ll a r e v O

Hayley Ordiway ShopperS Drug Mart Waterloo, oN

“This has been an amazing journey... No one does it half as good as you. COSA, you’re the best.” Hayley Ordiway Of SHOpperS drug Mart in waterlOO goes the extra step for customers who can’t. She can be found picking up elderly or disabled clients at their home, helping them with their shopping and then dropping them off. Her innovative events, like a fragrance launch on a patio for father’s day, or a monthly ladies’ night at a local restaurant where she offers complimentary skin and makeup consultations, always have customers coming back for more. Hayley is also an advocate of involving clients in her product discovery process. By sharing a new technique or product with customers as “homework,” it shows that she values their opinions as much as they value hers. in her off time, Hayley counts her donations of extra samples to women’s shelters as some of her most memorable moments. as the Beauty Boutique manager, Hayley is at the helm of a department that clients say “sparkles” and exudes “warmth.” it’s no surprise then that her store — on a street that is home to three — remains number one in customer volume in the district.

Hayley accepts her award from Carole Wheatley, director, Murale.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013



We’re proud to recognize our COSMETICS and FRAGRANCE associates for all the beauty that you bestow. THANK YOU for making us Canada’s PREMIERE BEAUTY DESTINATION: your endless enthusiasm and service expertise make this a PRETTIER PLACE.




aOrRd w A T E NT S E TeDEaPAm M RT

TeAm members:

Patricia Lai Samuel Dong Kathy Yuk Fong ThE BAy, ChANEl RiChMOND, BC

“It is because of them [team members samuel and Patricia] that we’re able to achieve this, so thank you for all of your hard work.” With a mantra like “together and united,” you can expect the chanel team at the Bay in richmond to offer the best of the best. having a diverse clientele in their Vancouver area location means that no day is like another, which demands creativity and patience. each member has a special talent, so while one is giving a skincare consultation, the other is readying techniques for the newest makeup collection. this team is so dedicated that you’ll find them staying past their shifts so that their customers get the absolute right product. as one customer has commented, “they have never missed a beat on their impeccable service and attention whenever i visit.” their originality is also apparent in their hosted seminars for clients to learn about the latest skincare products. these have been so successful that many other counters in the store have adopted this type of private consultation. as a team, they hope to become the number one chanel counter in canada and with such glowing reviews from customers and management alike, this goal doesn’t seem far off.

The Chanel team accepts their award from Shelley Rozenwald, chief beauty adventurer, the Bay.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


CONGRATULATIONS Our highest compliments and congratulations to all the 2012 COSA Award winners! We’re honoured to participate in the celebration of your continued excellence and dedication to our customers. From all of us at Shoppers Drug Mart.



rd a w A RE STO G TeaDm RU TeAm members:

Ally LeBel Michele Conley Lesley Clark Ashley Krastel ShOppERS DRUG MaRT VERnOn, BC

“It’s absolutely wonderful after so many years at our job to be awarded for this, because we truly love what we do.” The cosmeTics deparTmenT aT The shoppers drug marT in Vernon, Bc gives true meaning to the word “team.” Lead by michele conley who supports her staff right down to a personal level, the team makes it a priority to work together, like keeping meticulous client files and communication books for one another. With their mini events that give in-depth demonstrations on how to use everything from makeup to suncare, it’s no surprise that customers drive across town just to access their expertise and giving personalities. They also reach out to teens in the area and offer skincare seminars, so that they feel their best. The Vernon team also makes it a priority to give to many charities — some that reach beyond their city — and come up with special ways to contribute, such as a “pretty Little pink party” that benefited Look good Feel Better. many hours were spent preparing goodie bags, cupcakes and a spinning wheel that offered discounts to the customers. The team’s dedication to their customers is felt across the store and within their community, with one customer saying, “They really listen to what i want and always find exactly what i need.”

Cathy Masson, director category management cosmetics, Shoppers Drug Mart/ Pharmaprix, presents the Shoppers team their award.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


COURAGE. Believe in a world without breast cancer. Know we’re here until it’s true. Congratulations to the 2012 COSA Winners!

Devoted to defeating breast cancer through education and medical research. Visit bcacampaign.com and join us at facebook.com/bcacampaign



evOeREment i h c T ST LifetimPAeRTA MEN E D

Joanne Piazza ThE BAy, CliNiquE KAMlOOPS, BC

“I have worked in the cosmetics industry all my adult life. I love my work and especially all my wonderful customers...I started helping many of [them] as teenagers, and now I’m helping their children as well.” Talk abouT dedicaTion: Joanne Piazza has been wiTh the bay kamloops since its opening in 1980 where she started out in the fashion department. her passion for customer service and sales led to her eventual promotion to the clinique counter. Twenty-seven years later, she’s always queuing a line of customers just so they can benefit from the buying experience she creates. her ability to make every customer feel special has spurred an excellent word-of-mouth rapport that brings in clients who seek her out specifically. Joanne’s star qualities at the counter are only succeeded by her commitment outside of the store: she is known to source hard-to-find products for customers on her day off and bring them to wherever they may be. Joanne taps into her creativity and produces ideas with her collaborative team to offer gala events to customers that benefit various women’s organizations. her advocacy for wearing sunscreen everyday has also helped to detect early signs of cancerous skin cells on customers’ faces. Joanne’s caring personality, problem solving skills and unique point of view keep the clinique counter a destination for all customers.

Joanne receives her award from Amy Pease, field sales director for Clinique Canada.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013




evement i h c LifetimDeRUAGSTORE

Rose Oickle RExall PhaRma PlUS OTTawa, ON

“Thank you to Cosmetics for recognizing all of the talent in cosmetics, which we love so much because it’s fun.” In her 17 years behInd the cosmetIcs counter at rexall Pharma Plus in ottawa, rose oickle has left quite the positive impression on everyone who passes through the store. her attentive listening skills and in-depth consultations have made her the go-to advisor for customers with skin issues. rose enjoys spending time with those clients who have “tried it all” and explaining to them what steps it will take to reach their goal of healthy skin. When she approaches these pep talks with the mentality of a coach and sees each regimen through until it succeeds, rose gains a happy customer for life. rose’s strong belief in teamwork has also benefited the entire store. by keeping the upfront and pharmacy staff informed about new products and reward programs, her efforts are supported in all areas. the key to rose’s incredibly successful and longstanding career is her love for her job. “I still feel like it’s a guilty pleasure whenever someone says to me, ‘you really like what you do, don’t you? I can tell!’” rose says. “I wonder if other people enjoy their career choice as much as I do.”

Tanis Nepanak, director of cosmetics for Rexall Pharma Plus, presents Rose her award.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013



Congratulations to this year’s Sears COSA finalists: Angie Bristol, RoseMary Chrysler, Zena Eleya, Lise Lortie, Julie Monaghan, Scott Newton and Cecilia Zhang. Your passion, dedication and outstanding service is brilliant!

ME094C112 © 2012. Sears Canada Inc.



ear eY h t f o ORE RooEkPAieRTMENT ST D

Angie Bristol SEARS, CliNiquE NANAiMO, BC

“I am so honoured to receive this award. Thank you to my very supportive management team back at Sears Nanaimo.” Angie Bristol’s fresh perspective hAs elevAted the clinique counter at sears in nanaimo since taking her post as counter manager almost a year ago. in addition to rebuilding business and growing sales by 20%, Angie’s innovative personality has also taken the clinique counter into the digital age. By setting up a facebook page dedicated to new products and promotional information, as well as starting a Youtube channel with how-to videos on the latest makeup looks, Angie has allowed her counter to reach a whole new demographic. Besides being a top seller in the department, Angie has also built a dedicated followup routine with her customers. every phone call and email or invitation to a special event leaves clients feeling truly unique. in one situation, a woman of 90 visited her counter in hopes of receiving a makeup application for her birthday lunch. inspired by her zest for life, Angie perfected her skin and created a simple eye look and when her husband of 52 years came to pick her up, he exclaimed that she looked like the young girl he married all those years ago. “i will never forget that beautiful moment,” Angie says.

Angie receives her award from Brenda Yeomans, divisional vice president, prestige cosmetics, Sears Canada.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


Give us 8 weeks and we’ll give you 8 years. *

ROC ® WRINKLE CORREXION™. Visibly fights wrinkles where they start**. When it comes to fighting the look of wrinkles, there’s more than meets the eye. This groundbreaking formula targets wrinkles where you can’t see them: deep within the skin’s surface. Our exclusive stabilized Retinol, combined with Biopeptide and Hyaluronic Acid, works deep down to double cellular metabolism, increase elastin production, and boost collagen by 95%***. The result? We’ll take 8 years off the look of your skin in just 8 weeks*. Switch to an anti-aging product clinically proven to work. Your 8 weeks start today.

*Diminished appearance of eye wrinkles after 8 weeks in a clinical study on 44 women. **In the upper layers of the epidermis via skin-conditioning. ***In vitro. ©Johnson & Johnson Inc. 2011

Ask your drug store beauty advisor about ROC® WRINKLE CORREXIONTM.



e Year h t f o RookiDeRUGSTORE

Alison Krause RExall PhaRma PlUS BRiGhTOn, On

“A big thank you to all my customers. Without them, I would not be here this evening. Customer service is a big part of my job as a cosmetician...It never gets old seeing my customers smile or hearing about all the great compliments they’ve gotten.” One year intO her career as a beauty advisOr, alisOn Krause has exemplified the true meaning of passion and has thrived in a position that offers up a different experience each day. she is known for her creativity, especially when it comes to her weekly and monthly events. One that she’s created, called “upside down name tag day,” requires customers to point out the oddity and in return, are presented with a gift bag filled with samples appropriate for their skin type. this fun and successful idea always brings customers back to buy something that they sampled and loved from the bag. her stellar product knowledge and research skills are also a big draw for customers with specific concerns. she’ll spend her free time investigating ingredients and products so that her customers get the perfect one for them. in her short time in the industry, alison has recognized her important role as a beauty advisor: “it’s not always about the sale…it’s about making someone feel good about themselves and cheering up those who need it most.”

Sandra Pampena, national sales manager, counter skincare, RoC, Johnson & Johnson, gives Alison her award.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013





ated n i m oENT STORE PeeDrEPAN RTM

RoseMary Chrysler SEARS, LANcôME BuRLiNgTON, ON

“It is unbelievable to receive an award for doing something that you love so much. Being a beauty advisor is so much a part of me as a person. On many days, the work is its own reward.” Over her 17 years in the business, rOseMary Chrysler has displayed a unique ability to make believers out of skeptics. by creating a real connection with clients that is both professional and personal, as well as being generous with her time, she has made a real name for herself as a beauty advisor. On one occasion, roseMary reached out to a customer who was shopping in the department store and offered to do her makeup. after some initial hesitation, roseMary performed a consultation and as she brought up the mirror for the final look, the customer teared up and said it was the first time she felt pretty in 50 years. she also finds time to drop off products on promotion to elderly customers who are no longer able to make the trip to the counter. her peers say that roseMary “has an incredible ability to make all who cross her path feel beautiful and special.” roseMary’s talents are fuelled by an extraordinary team of beauty advisors who she says share a common goal to make each and every customer happy, which creates a great sense of camaraderie within the department.

Sophie Berrest, senior vice president, Luxe Division, L’Oréal Canada gives RoseMary the COSA Award.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


Servicing people and doing it in beauty!

MARCELLE CONGRATULATES ALL 2012 COSA NOMINEES AND WINNERS. Understanding people’s needs and surpassing their expectations on a regular basis is key for receiving this outstanding honor. We applaud your high level of care and achievement. We are proud to salute your work, commitment and passion for the cosmetic industry.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU! Proud sponsor of the 2012 Cosmetics Outstanding Service Awards.



ted a n i m NENoT STORE r e l i RetaDEPARTM

Michelle Fraser ThE BAy, CliNiquE NANAiMO, BC

“I would like to congratulate my fellow winners and nominees — a job definitely well done. I did not win this award on my own. There are hundreds of customers I wish I could thank.” For Michelle Fraser, working at the clinique counter in the Bay isn’t just about selling skincare and cosmetics. it’s about being surrounded by what she loves most: people. when customers come to her counter, she’s the first to lend an ear to someone in need. clients often comment on how her infectious smile and gleam in her eye are the most welcoming part of the cosmetics department. For Michelle, an extra special sale doesn’t mean “a dollar amount…it’s about going the extra mile for your customer.” For one particular woman who was legally blind and on a tight budget, Michelle provided a bunch of moisturizer and lipstick samples to her, so that she could afford to get the perfect foundation without sacrificing the other products that she needed. another example of Michelle going above and beyond is how she handled a customer who delved into her husband’s recent alzheimer’s decline. Michelle was so affected by the customer’s sad story that she bought and sent a copy of The Notebook movie to lift her spirits. needless to say, the woman was overjoyed and is now a devout customer. Michelle is proof that loyal clients are made by treating customers like you would treat your family.

David Cape, president, Groupe Marcelle Inc., hands Michelle her award.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


Congratulations to All COSA Nominees and Winners! P&G serves approximately 4.4 billion people around the world with its brands. With one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, the P&G community includes operations in about 80 countries worldwide. We believe that beauty is not about what is; it is about what can be.

Š2012 P&G

Thank you for your outstanding passion, dedication and service we couldn’t do it without you!



ted a n i m NSToORE r e l i Reta DRUG

Andrea Ainslie RExall PhaRma PlUS PETawawa, ON

“Receiving this award is such an amazing honour and to be recognized among all my peers here today is truly humbling.” It’s a rare occurrence that a customer leaves andrea ainslie’s cosmetic department in shoppers drug mart Petawawa empty handed or unsatisfied. her secret? thorough consultations and attention to detail. andrea’s expertise on a slew of product lines, ability to ask the right questions and unwavering patience make her a trusted beauty advisor with customers. the proof is in the numbers: andrea always makes the top ten in incentive programs and has been known to triple the sales of certain lines beyond much more populated cities. Working out of a military town, andrea and her team make an extra effort for those who serve our country. recently, while many soldiers were deployed in afghanistan, the cosmetics department held a gala for the military wives and girlfriends in Petawawa. they did complete makeovers for the ladies and had a photographer take their photos, which were sent to their loved ones overseas, just in time for valentine’s day. andrea also acts as a voice for customers, advocating to house more specialty items in the store, like ethnic hair products and organic skincare. as andrea says, “Just knowing I made someone’s day a special one is why I love my job so much.”

Andrea accepts her award from David Grisim, associate marketing director, brand operations at P&G Beauty Care.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


CONGRATULATIONS to all the 2012 COSA Award nominees, finalists and winners. We celebrate your passion, dedication and contribution to the cosmetics industry in Canada.

“Every woman who comes to my counter will leave having gained as much in confidence and knowledge as she has gained in beauty.” Elizabeth Arden

®2012 Elizabeth Arden, Inc.



ated n i m oT STORE N r o VendDEPARTMEN


“I’d like to extend my thanks to the entire Shiseido company for your encouragement and for giving me the tools to succeed in my role as a beauty advisor.” Walking into the cosmetics area at a department store can be intimidating, but with lee mackinnon manning the clé de peau counter at holt renfrew Bloor street, the mood quickly feels inviting. With her personable demeanour, professional attitude and unwavering honesty, she’s instantly able to make customers feel at ease. and having clients who have dutifully called her their beauty advisor for over 15 years is a testament to this. one particular older client of hers was exclusive to phone orders, but lee still managed to form a strong bond with her over several years. When the client became ill last year, lee offered to buy her some groceries and bring a hot meal. soon, her condition worsened and because the client lived alone and was starting to exhibit signs of confusion, lee reached out to a social worker to help with the situation. and while it was too late and she passed, the woman had told her friend that she should call lee as she was heading to the hospital. caring at this kind of level is why lee is an exemplary beauty advisor, behind and in front of the counter.

Dana Scott, director of sales, Elizabeth Arden Canada, presents Lee her award.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


Š 2012 Calvin Klein Cosmetic Corporation euphoria™




ated n i m oORE N r o S Vend DRUG T

Isabella Montagano ShOppERS DRUG MaRT NEw wESTMiNSTER, BC

“I have discovered a passion, love, drive and yearn to be the best in my field that I can be.” In Isabella Montagano’s three-year career In the beauty industry, she has left an impressive mark on customers and colleagues alike. taking every day as a fresh opportunity for a challenge, Isabella makes it a priority to educate her customers on proper skincare. she gets clients feeling comfortable with the products themselves, so they’re able to achieve the same results at home. because of this, she elicits a constant flow of positive feedback from customers who say that her patience and extra effort keep them returning. Isabella and her team volunteer at a local women’s shelter where they provide skincare advice, makeovers and donated products. Many are so grateful for being given a glimmer of hope that they often become regular customers of the store. her talents have also helped those who are struggling with self-confidence. In one instance, Isabella assisted a young woman who was left with prominent scars on her face after a car accident. With some skincare and makeup recommendations, the woman was so moved by the way she looked that she burst into tears and has since become a loyal customer to Isabella.

Isabella accepts her award from Diane Sonnenberg, senior director of sales & marketing, Coty Canada.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


CongratulatEs all Cosa nominEEs and award winnErs!

Thank you

For taking the time to give every woman personalized advice. For helping them feel even more beautiful and confident. For sharing our passion for the education of beauty.




ore t S y lt a i c e Sp

Lindsay Martin Sephora mapleview Burlington, on

“This has been a year of tremendous growth and development for me. Changing your perspective can truly change your life.” In her three years at sephora MaplevIew, lIndsay MartIn has built an impeccable reputation on honesty. staying true to her passion of showing women how to enhance their natural beauty, she never tries to get a client to buy something that she doesn’t feel is right for them or that they don’t truly need. her non-judgmental approach helps her to relate with customers who deal with skin issues and find it unnerving to remove a face full of makeup that covers imperfections. Coupled with her artistic talent and innate ability to get clients to loosen up and have fun, customers leave lindsay’s chair feeling their best. It’s all too common for comments to flow into sephora singing her praises. one reads: “lindsay was extremely honest, helpful and knowledgeable. she went above and beyond my expectations of what I would call customer service.” of her important role as a beauty advisor, lindsay says, “I’m reminded how a little makeup advice can have a really big impact. I may not be saving lives, but I’m making a difference, one colour match at a time.”

Jennifer Bedard, sales director Canada West, Lise Watier Cosmetics, hands the COSA award to Lindsay.

cosmeticsmag.com / january 2013


Proud Sponsor of the 2012 COSA Awards

Clarins congratulates all winners for their passion and dedication.



visor d A ce n a r g Fra

Holly McKillican The Bay, Thierry Mugler Fragrances VancouVer, Bc

“This has given me the opportunity to build my self-esteem, which gives me great pride to be able to help others in the same way.” In her two and a half year tenure at the thIerry Mugler fragrance counter at the Bay Vancouver downtown, holly McKillican has proven that she lives and breathes customer service. Known for her high calibre events that engage customers like never before, she provides such a unique experience that she has clients calling to thank her for her service. whether it’s coming in on her days off or making calls from home to build the business, this one-woman team strives to make each customer’s day a little brighter, recognizing that small gestures can help make a positive difference in the world. holly also recently received the honour of being the Bay Beauty Mentor in the September/october issue of Cosmetics and continues to be a role model for all commission sales associates as her counter is consistently one of the leading lines in the Vancouver downtown store. and her dedication does not go unnoticed. Says her sales manager, “holly’s outstanding service is reflected in how customers treat her in return.”

Holly accepts her award from Patricia Abergel, senior vice president, Clarins Fragrance Group.

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Congratulations COSA nominees! Quadrant cosmetics corp. is proud to recognize the efforts of all nominees for the Cosmetic Outstanding Service Awards.






“Being a COSA winner is something everyone in our industry dreams of. I know that tonight, one of my dreams is coming true.” Julie Monaghan is known to go above and beyond for her clientele. whether it means creating a special gift with purchase program that includes a decorative wine bag made by her aunt, or remembering each of her customers by their name and scent of choice, it’s no surprise that Julie is a star seller. fragrance naysayers are often convinced when Julie steps in and explains that fragrance isn’t just for wearing at the office where there can be a strict ban on scent. it’s about enjoying it wherever you are: out to dinner, before bedtime, or otherwise. the loyal following that she’s accumulated because of this is, as she describes, “overwhelming.” one gentleman has come every december for years to buy fragrance for his wife and daughter in anticipation of Christmas. if Julie isn’t in yet, he’ll patiently wait in one of the makeover chairs until she arrives. Julie also strives to create fresh and creative visual displays to make l’oréal designer fragrances stand out from the others. it’s important to recognize that “everyone you come in contact with is a potential customer,” she says.

Anne Tillman-Graham, vice president, commercial director, Quadrant Cosmetics Corp., presents Julie her award.

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Sophie Bissuel ShiSeido Canada inC. MarkhaM, on

“To be a trainer, yes it takes the personality, it takes the passion, but it also takes one person to believe in you.” As shiseido’s NAtioNAl trAiNiNg MANAger, sophie Bissuel has a reputation for empowering beauty advisors and motivating them to get excited about their important roles. sophie’s biggest strength, say the masses of beauty advisors and field training staff that study under her, is her ability to build a customized training program. Whether it be web-based training modules to accommodate those who can’t get to inperson training, or group discussions and practical sessions in a positive learning environment, sophie has every learning style covered. An overwhelming amount of glowing reviews always follow sophie’s training schools, with advisors saying her teaching methods feel safe and inviting to even those who are more reserved. her co-workers exclaim that sophie personifies the shiseido philosophy of “omotenashi” – a loosely translated Japanese symbol of ultimate hospitality, which involves exceeding a customer’s expectations. sophie thrives off the boundless energy of the beauty consultants she encounters and deeply admires their important and demanding role in the industry.

Sophie receives her award from Keiichi Fujii, president, Shiseido Canada.

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PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE at your fingertips

Introducing new product knowledge tutorials, a partnership between Cosmetics Magazine and Beauteschool. These are 5-10 minute product specific training tutorials that will help keep you current on new product launches before they arrive in your store. We asked Canada’s BA’s what they thought of the idea. Here’s what they said: 99.4% said that these training courses would make their job easier. 88.3% said they would like these available on their computer through Cosmetics web site. 81.2% said they would use these training courses for every product available. Beauty Advisors from across Canada who have completed the Lady Gaga FAME eLearning said: This is the best sales program I have seen. I captured the full picture Mother Monster wishes us to use and sell her Masterpiece. I will do well with these sales techniques. I will kill conformity and have a blast selling!” — Ruthann P. “I though this was a super way to learn the notes and and the technology behind FAME.” — Scott N. “Great visual and interactive learning!” — Flavia A.

Look for the latest product knowledge tutorials on our web site starting mid September this year. Visit:


To get you own product training tutorials: e-mail jim.hicks@cosmetics.com, donna.howlett@cosmetics.com, mickeytortorelli@beauteschool.com or call 416.764.1664




sentative e r p e es R l a S Vendor

Joy Van Laare Chanel Delta, BC

“This is Olympic gold, particularly at my age! I’ve got another twenty years left, I just know it.” With an astounding 42 years under her belt in the beauty industry, Joy Van laare’s experience allows her to consistently outperform all expectations. one of her greatest qualities is her desire to create a true partnership between herself and the store teams. it is for this reason that Joy’s colleagues respect her as both a team player and a fantastic leader. she is always inviting feedback and supporting the teams in any way she can, like advocating for new counters and exciting events. her relentless determination always leads her to recognize opportunities to grow business. some counters even credit her devotion as the reason for record-breaking sales increases during the year. Joy’s colleagues admire her ability to identify the positive in every situation and appreciate her commitment to making each team member feel valued. as one colleague says, “When Joy’s name comes up, as it often does, i can see that she has made many people feel special and has been doing so for many years.”

Joy receives her award from Mickey Tortorelli, CEO & founder of BeauteSchool.

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2013 beauty calendar NOVeMber/DeceMber 2012 February–May 2013 February 15-19, 2013 Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany www.ambiente.messefrankfurt.com

March 8-11, 2013 Cosmoprof, Bologna, Italy www.cosmoprof.com

april 25, 2013 Canadian Fragrance Awards, Montreal www.cosmeticsmag.com

From left: Cosmétiques editor Judith Ritchie with Cosmetics’ Jim Hicks; Cosmetics’ Donna Howlett, Jillian Vieira and Kristen Vinakmens

May 6-12, 2013 Canadian Fragrance Week, Across Canada Organizations in the cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries or related industries that want to inform the industry about upcoming special events, exhibitions, conferences, etc., should send information, dates, contact name, address, and telephone and fax numbers to: Calendar of Events, Cosmetics magazine, One Mount Pleasant Road, 8th floor, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2Y5 Please note submissions should be made 18 weeks prior to the event to be considered for a listing.

WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR &WIN! Win This BalloT Write a letter to the editor and you could win a beauty bag filled with products from Kibio, not to mention the notoriety of getting your letter published in the magazine. Email your letters (including your city, store and daytime phone number) to cosmeticsmag@cosmetics.rogers.com or mail your letter, along with the ballot on the right, to the address provided. You can also tweet us your thoughts at @cosmeticsmag. Note: Cosmetics reserves the discretionary right to publish all letters submitted. Letters may be edited for length and content.

Name: address: city: province: postal code: email address: Telephone: Store/retailer name: Would you like to be added to the cosmetics’ email advisory committee? To enter, mail in this entry form including your name, address, email and telephone number along with your letter to the editor. Address it to: Cosmetics Magazine Win This Contest, Cosmetics Magazine, 1 Mount Pleasant Road, 8th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2Y5

Rules: limit one entry per person. This contest is not open to employees of rogers Media or those living in Quebec. To be eligible to win, all entrants must submit a letter to the editor. Facsimiles and photocopies are not eligible. please include your return address on your envelope. The draw will be held on January 29, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the Cosmetics offices in Toronto. Cosmetics will notify the winner by mail, email or telephone. Cosmetics will then arrange to mail the prizes to the winners. by entering the contest, the winner agrees to have his or her name published in Cosmetics. Cosmetics magazine complies with all privacy laws.


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From left: Clarins’ Bérengère Thériault; Jane Connell; Christophe De Lataillade and Jeanne Beker

Celebrating an Angel

From left: Cosmetics’ Kristen Vinakmens, and Deborah Fulsang; Chatelaine’s Catherine Franklin, and Marian Bendeth


JANUARY 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

all photos, george pimentel

Clarins fetes 20 years of Angel perfume with an exhibit of Thierry Mugler’s iconic dresses at the Bay Queen Street in Toronto


Beauty about town

From left: Rob Lowe hosts the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards; Stacey McKenzie and Jully Black at the Awards

p&g beauty awards photos, george pimentel

From the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards to the Look Good Feel Better Mirror Ball, and Sephora’s new Toronto store opening, Cosmetics was there

Sephora’s new Eaton Centre store in Toronto boasts a dedicated Make Up For Ever makeup studio Clockwise, from top right: (l-r) Sherry Abbott, executive director of the CCTFA, Domenic Pilla of Shoppers Drug Mart and Louise De Serres at the LGFB Mirror Ball; Cosmetics’ Jim Hicks at the new Guerlain boutique opening in Toronto; (l-r) Aurelie Felix, Elizabeth Arden senior scientist, Art Pellegrino, VP of research and development and Francine Gingras, VP of global public relations, at the Elizabeth Arden spring media preview.

cosmeticsmag.com / JANUARY 2013


SOMEThING BLUE BOURJOIS PARIS VOLUME GLAMOUR MAX DEFINITION MASCARA With an innovative 500 bristle brush and special tip for tiny lashes, this mascara is designed to coat every single lash for maximum volume. Enriched with volume boosting agents and black pearl extract, your weapon of lash seduction is here! $20; on counters: Jan 2013; exclusively at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

“Every woman dreams of that day… You have to go the extra mile and fulfill that dream and make something that a woman will fall in love with” — Oscar de la Renta Inspired by the magical moments of life, Something Blue opens with a sparkling burst of mandarin and linden blossom followed by romantic heart notes of stephanotis, lily of the valley and a kiss of lychee. The fragrance warms to an irresistibly sultry finish with notes of bourbon vanilla and white musk.


NEw & INDISPENSABLE! No BleediNg lips SECRET LIP LINER Creates an invisible line around lips to stop lipstick and lip gloss bleed & feathering. Waterproof & long-lasting so you can wear your lipstick & gloss with confidence. Colourless to match all lip products. LIKE us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @NoBleedingLips Suggested Retail: $14.99 In-store now – visit nobleedinglips.ca regularly to find out where sold

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SHISEIDO’S BIO-PERFORMANCE COLLECTION Fight winter dryness with supersized top-sellers from Shiseido’s Bio-Performance collection.


Get more of what you love for less, with limited edition large-format Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream, 75ml, $118; Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum, 50ml, $125; and NEW Bio-Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream, 75ml, $165. Available January 2013 at The Bay, Sears, Murale, select Shoppers Drug Mart locations, London Drugs, Ogilvy, Jean Coutu, and Sephora.

Wrinkles. Firmness. Radiance. Pores Your skin is completely transformed, from the 1st drop. With 10% Rhamnose, Liftactiv Serum 10 is a powerful concentrate of efficacy, with no compromise on skin tolerance, even for sensitive skin. January 2013 50 ml – $75.00


2013 COSA AWARDS Thursday November 21, 2013. Royal York Hotel, Toronto. Order your tickets today Call 416-764-1664

The Fragrance awards will take place next year on April 25, 2013 at the Marriott Chateau Champlain Hotel in Montreal.

publisher’s report


New Year

and a fresh start I love quotes and I’m bettIng you do as well. they make you think about something differently, or maybe even inspire you to do something differently. so I thought I would share some quotes that have inspired me over the years. hope you enjoy them as much as I have. they’re great conversation starters. so, here goes:

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” –Isaac Newton (1643-1727), British physicist & mathematician “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” –Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German physicist “There are people who instead of listening to what is being said to them, are already listening to what they are going to say themselves.” –Albert Guinon (1863-1923), French playwright “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” –Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), American author and poet “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; it’s also what it takes to sit down and listen.” –Winston Churchill (1874-1965), British politician “The greatest achievement is not in never failing, but in rising again after you fall.” –Vince Lombardi (1913-1970), American football coach “We rarely think people have good sense unless they agree with us.” –François de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), French author It’s my hope that you will share these with your customers in 2013.

Jim Hicks Publisher, Cosmetics magazine


january 2013 / cosmeticsmag.com

Photo: adam moco

have a great winter selling season.

Kissable. Youthful. Beautiful. SILK & SHINE The unique formula with a satiny feel and a touch of shine enhances lips’ natural radiance, leaves a smoother lip feel, and keeps lips hydrated. With real silk extracts and vitamins.

DEEP RENEWAL This anti-aging lip treatment with coenzyme Q-10 is clinically proven to visibly reduce ďŹ ne lines and wrinkles in just four weeks. Also promotes lip health and vitality with consistent use.

NEW MOISTURE MELT This advanced formula with moisturizing Softbeads of shea butter and aloe provides long-lasting resistance to dryness. It melts into lips for a super-hydrating boost! TM

Discover bliss. Discover

The #1 serum in drugstores* unveils its 10 powers.

LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 1 drop. 10 minutes. Instant lifting effect. 1 1 month. Skin looks transformed.








Hydrating action on the appearance of skin. Skin seems transformed, like new: hydrated, soft and smooth. Cosmetoclinical study, on 42 women and evaluation of softness, on 20 women. Clinical scorage on 40 women and self-assessment on 52 women. * AC Nielsen, sales in $CAN in Canadian drugstores, from January to October 2012.



10% RHAMNOSE A natural ingredient that helps stimulate the regeneration of the entire skin.

1 DROP, 10 MINUTES2 Instant smoothing effect with a velvety touch.

1 MONTH3 Skin looks transformed. Clinically proven reduction on the look of wrinkles. Vichy.ca/serum10






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Beauty industry publication focusing on cosmetics, fragrance, and skin care


Beauty industry publication focusing on cosmetics, fragrance, and skin care

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