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The Top 10 Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry

Introduction Not everyone is willing to go through cosmetic dentistry procedures due to widespread misconceptions about the practice. Among these false myths are the following. •

Cosmetic dentistry is expensive

It is reserved to celebrities

These procedures can damage your teeth

It can harm the health

It is too painful

It does not look natural

Introduction •

Cosmetic dentistry procedures take up a lot of time

Cosmetic dentistry is all about teeth whitening

Over the counter products can achieve the same results

Every dentist can perform cosmetic dentistry

We propose to discuss these misconceptions in detail in this presentation.

Myth 1: Cosmetic Dentistry Is Expensive In the beginning, these procedures tended to be on the expensive side. But thanks to technological advancements, the price has become much more flexible. In fact, plenty of options have emerged to meet about every budget. Moreover, financing and payment plans have also become common practice. Some of these financing options are offered at low or down to zero percent interest.

Myth 2: It Is Only for Celebrities The services of cosmetic dentists may only have been available to celebrities in the past. Recently, however, developments have made it more accessible to everyone. Now, almost any John on the streets can have a picture perfect smile and look like Hollywood stars.

Myth 3: It Can Damage Your Teeth Cosmetic dentistry does not only aim to improve a patient's smile, it's also concerned about keeping the integrity of the teeth and promoting good overall dental health. A lot of people, for instance, are hesitant of whitening procedures because they fear that it may cause damage to the enamel as this involves the use of chemicals. Such cosmetic staples have been proven to be safe though and are therefore completely harmless.

Myth 4: It May Harm Your Health When teeth imperfections are corrected, it leads to proper functioning and better oral health. On the other hand, ignoring broken teeth and problem gums expose your pulp to bacteria and infections, all of which can lead to diseases which may cause your teeth to decay.

In the end, the truth is that cosmetic treatments actually promote health rather than deteriorate it.

Myth 5: It Is Painful Any kind of dental procedure is usually associated with pain. However, cosmetic dentists always make it a priority to ensure that their patients are comfortable before, during, and even after the procedure. Cosmetic dentists are trained in performing their specialty with delicacy and finesse. In addition, there are mild sedatives available to relax patients who may become too anxious or suffer from a phobia.

Myth 6: The Results Are not Natural If it's the “looks� that worry you because you think that cosmetic dentistry will not give you subtle results that appear natural, fear not. The days of fake dentures that make you look like a horse are behind us.

The use of sophisticated materials and techniques will give you results as natural as the real thing.

Myth 7: They Take a lot of Time There is simply no truth to this claim. Procedures that require a series of sessions can be chopped up to fit the patient's preferred time frame Each session is often no more than an hour or two.

Myth 8: Cosmetic Dentistry Is All About Teeth Whitening Even though tooth whitening is the most popular procedure, there are plenty of other possibilities that cosmetic dentistry offers. From implants to gum reshaping, new options are coming on the market constantly. In fact, nowadays, most dental imperfections can be addressed by cosmetic dentistry.

Myths 9 & 10 OTC Products Are as Good: Professional whitening is administered by cosmetic dentists only. The techniques and materials used are also generally safer in addition to being more effective and efficient. Some over-the-counter products can even have adverse effects when not used properly. Do not risk your oral health by trusting your cosmetic needs to a nonprofessional. Every Dentist Can Do it: Cosmetic specialists receive a higher level of training compared to “regular� dentists. These procedures are definitely more complex than routine dental care. The best results are guaranteed if the procedure is performed by a cosmetic dentist with the necessary qualifications. Simple as that.

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