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Cosmetic surgery: Is It for You? Cosmetic surgery is aimed at improving one’s physical appearance. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Before considering plastic surgery, one should know the facts and important concerns. For further queries, the best plastic surgeons in London will be more than willing to answer any questions one may have about cosmetic surgery. Initially, cosmetic or plastic surgery seems to be the fastest and easiest way to improve one’s appearance and to look much younger. It is also a good way in which to feel better about oneself and improve self-esteem. That is why many people are flocking to cosmetic surgery clinics in London for a cosmetic surgical procedure. However, cosmetic surgery naturally has limitations and risks, and there are several factors one must consider before going through with it. Management of expectations Cosmetic surgery alters certain body parts to improve their appearance. Prospective cosmetic clinic London patients must realise that their expectations must be tempered by realistic goals. Cosmetic surgery aims to improve but not necessarily achieve perfection. It will not turn a patient into a celebrity. It will not save a marriage or a failing relationship, nor will it improve one’s social life or earn him a promotion. Cosmetic surgery clinics in London also charge expensively. Different surgical procedures will have correspondingly varied fees, but it is safe to say that the procedure can cost hundreds or thousands of quids. There are also additional costs for follow-up care and possible corrective adjustments. One should also expect the possibility of dissatisfaction with the surgery as well as complications from the procedure such as infection or excessive bleeding. Also remember that while cosmetic surgery may improve confidence and self-esteem, it is not a cure for mental illness or depression. Looking for the best plastic surgeons in London It is important to choose the right cosmetic clinic London practitioner. He or she must be a specialist in the particular surgical procedure that will be performed. The surgeon must also be qualified and certified by the relevant professional medical bodies which govern and regulate plastic surgeons. Certifications can easily mislead a prospective patient. Some of these “certifications” are issued by bodies that are not recognised by the medical associations governing the country. This is especially true if the surgery will require general anesthesia; in such a case, one must ensure that the surgical facility is a properly accredited facility. When selecting the right surgeon, consult with the candidates and ask pertinent questions that will clarify important issues. Ask if the procedure is justified and if there are other non-surgical alternatives. Do not be afraid to ask for the surgeon’s specific qualifications. Make sure to know the number of times the surgeon has performed the surgery as well as his success rate. One also has the right to ask if the effects are irreversible or not. Inquire about details such as the kind of aesthetic that will be used; possible complications; recovery time and follow-up care; the costs involved; and if hospitalisation is needed. Ask for photos of successful surgeries in the past, and if one or several sessions are needed. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery. On the surgeon’s part, he will ask for information such as the patient’s medical history, current medications, as well as the goal, desire and expectation of the prospective patient. Together, both patient and surgeon will establish realistic and specific goals that will ensure a successful surgery.

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