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Join a conversation about the science that connects us.

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A Project of American Anthropological Association. Funded by Ford Foundation & National Science Foundation.

Exhibit opens January 28, 2012 Presenting Sponsor: Contributing Sponsor:

Supporting Sponsor: Media Partners:

“COSI’s RACE exhibit serves as a conversation-starter among families, friends and co-workers and helps people think about race in a new way. Ultimately it should help to build better cross-cultural understanding in our community. I hope Columbus leaders take the opportunity to bring their teams to see the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit, and then to process their reactions to it.” Kathy Baird, Former Communications Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University

Are we so different?

New exhibit explores the realities of race

Looking through the lens of history, science and personal experience, RACE: Are We So Different? explores similarities and differences among people and explains the realities of race. This exhibit is filled with interactive experiences, historical artifacts, iconic objects and compelling photographs designed to encourage questions and spark conversations. Designed for all ages, RACE is an eye-opening and essential journey for the entire family.

Changing Perceptions and Inviting Conversation By Dr. Kimberlee Kiehl, Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy and Operating Officer COSI is proud to bring an exhibit that we hope will engage the community and spark conversation. RACE: Are We So Different? explores the subject of race through science, history and everyday experience. Through science, visitors discover that human beings are remarkably genetically similar and

politics and the struggle for power have played a role in shaping our understanding of race. Through people’s everyday experience, visitors learn that although race may not be a biological concept, it certainly has a real impact both socially and culturally. Visitors hear personal experiences of

that no one gene or set of genes can support the idea of race. Through history, visitors find that economic interests, popular culture, science,

race and racism in our schools, neighborhoods, health care systems, sports and entertainment industries.

2 | COSI News

“Nationwide Insurance really has an influence on how diversity lives and how inclusion is created in the city of Columbus. It is our obligation and opportunity for us to take an active role in the COSI exhibit, bring our associates and help to sponsor students from our local schools so they can have this experience. I’m excited about the exhibit and I think it presents great possibilities.” Candice Barnhardt, Chief Diversity Officer at Nationwide Insurance

Talking to Your Kids about Race Why is it important to talk about race with our child? Why every child should see this: Talking to your children about race can be uncomfortable, but by starting the conversation early, you can foster their natural curiosity, encourage open communication and bring your family closer together. Children learn about the idea of race and recognize physical differences and similarities at a very early age from observations and interactions with their parents, playmates and their families, teachers, and many others. The RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit at COSI is a great resource. Knowing as much as you can will help you feel more comfortable and help you to have a more open dialogue with your children.

What should I tell my children? You’ll explore many aspects of the exhibit that can help you with conversations at home including these three primary lessons: • People are much more alike than different because we are all human. • The idea of race does not explain or describe human biological or cultural variation. • Grouping people into races is arbitrary and subjective and is influenced by culture and human experience.

What about talking to younger children? Young children may be more receptive to short stories or poems that can help a young child learn that individual differences among people are positive and to be appreciated and celebrated, not criticized.

Guidelines for productive family discussions about race: • Do not be afraid of sensitive topics. • Create an environment that allows free expression. • Provide short and accurate answers to your child. Together, parents and children can make a positive difference in relationships among people in their communities, and the world. For more resources about RACE: Are We So Different? and talking to your children or students about race, visit *Source: A Family Guide to Talking About Race by the American Anthropological Association.

You can also create “teachable moments:” • Create situations where your child can meet people of diverse backgrounds. • Talk to your child about your family history. Explain that ancestry is an important factor in one’s physical appearance. If possible, differentiate between ancestry and “race.” • It is important to point out intolerance when it happens, so your child understands the situation. Discuss ways that the situation could have been handled better.

“An opportunity like this doesn’t come that often and this is a great chance for the corporate community to step up, be a part of it, embrace this dialogue, engage their associates and customers and get their brand associated with it, especially in this bicentennial year.” Todd Corley, Senior Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Abercrombie & Fitch

COSI’s downtown Columbus location in the middle of an increasingly diverse community as well as being a science center that engages more than one million people each year through on-site and off-site programming, makes RACE: Are We So Different? a good fit and a great opportunity to offer an experience that can appeal to the whole community as well as families. Certainly it’s great for schools, businesses, social services and other organizations to be able to explore these topics and think about diversity

and inclusion in our city, but most importantly it’s important for families. This is an excellent opportunity for families to explore the truths and the myths about race together and to open conversation in your own homes. COSI is very excited about bringing the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit to Columbus. We hope you will visit COSI during this compelling exhibit and that it will inspire conversations about this important topic in your family and all across the community. | 3

COSI’s 2012 Calendar JANUARY


1 Tornado Alley 3D now showing on the Extreme Screen

200Columbus Family Weekend 11 11am–3:30pm & 12 1pm–4:30pm

14 Science Day: Robot Science Day

11am–3:30pm Join robot clubs as they show you how robots move, sense the world, and do work.

16 Martin Luther

King, Jr. Holiday— COSI Open

27 Family Friday Night

COSI open until 9pm

COSI celebrates Columbus’ bicentennial by exploring what life was like when Columbus was founded. Interact with science and technology from the early 1800’s, play games and activities from that era and see Columbus’ history come to life.

18 Science Day: Engineering Challenge Day

11am–3:30pm Work together to solve problems in a series of highly interactive engineering challenges throughout COSI.

18 Spring Fling Expo 11am–4pm

28 RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit opens

Looking through the lens of history, science and personal experience, the RACE exhibit explores differences among people and explains the realities of race.

Have fun with bounce houses, games, magicians, face painting, balloon artists, spring treats, and more while trying out various summer camp demonstrations. Fun for the whole family!

20 Presidents Day—COSI Open

28 RACE: Are We So Different? Member Preview

24 Family Friday Night

9am–11am Be the first to experience the new RACE exhibit as a family then enjoy COSI’s Diversity in Science Day. Preview space is limited. Call 614.228.2674 to RSVP.

COSI open until 9pm

25 Boys Discover...Engineering

9am–3:15pm Advanced registration required.

28 Science

Day: Diversity in Science 11am–3:30pm Learn about scientists from around the world and try out some of the advances they helped make.

Friends stopping for sodas on their way to a middle-school graduation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1997. Photograph by Wing Young Huie.

COSI Launches Evening Movies LIFE IN A DAY

January 26–27, February 2–3

The 24th July 2010...80,000 Lives...4,500 Hours of Footage...Now one incredible motion picture event. Created entirely from footage uploaded by YouTube users, Life in a Day is a film first: exhilarating, moving and very, very funny... it is the story of our world. Told by us. 4 | COSI News

Show times*: Jan. 26 – 7pm & 9pm Jan. 27 – 9:15pm Feb. 2 & 3 – 7pm & 9pm

U2 3D 7pm & 9pm showings*

March 22–24; March 29–30; April 5–7 Experience the pulsing energy of a live U2 stadium concert with COSI’s digital 3D projection and powerful Dolby 5.1 surround sound for the ultimate concert movie experience.

*Showtimes can vary. Visit for current showtimes.



3 Columbus Children’s Theatre “Sideways Stories from

6 Good Friday—COSI Open

7 COSI Members-Only Egg Hunt

Wayside School” 1–3pm

10 Imagination Celebration Gala 14 New film opens on the Extreme Screen

Participate in a fun and interactive egg hunt before COSI opens to the public! Using clues, find eggs throughout the building in this ultimate scavenger hunt. Watch upcoming member communications for more information.

7 Columbus Children’s Theatre “The Secret Garden”

8 Easter Sunday—COSI Closed

17 Water exhibit opens

Water…it surrounds us, sustains us, and challenges us. Experience water as never before in this exhibition for the entire family.

COSI open 7 Days a Week

14 Week of the Young Child Family Day 11am–4pm 16 Special Private Event—

COSI Closed

18 Keynote Lecture featuring Dr. Cornel West 6pm

March 19 through Labor Day 24 Science


Day: Backyard Science Day 11am–3:30pm Look through microscopes, examine fossils, and see plants transform the landscape.

21 Columbus Children’s Theatre “Little Red Riding Hood” 1–3pm 22–28 Week of the Young Child 27 Family Friday Night COSI open until 9pm 28 Science Day: Earth Day: Exploring Water 11am–3:30pm

Meet the researchers who are helping to ensure that our water supply is clean, safe, and reliable, and find out how you can help.

MAY 6 RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit closes 19 Science

Day: Wild Weather 11am–3:30pm Weather experts answer your questions about all things related to weather and climate.

20 EMS & Safety Day 30 Sciencemakers Panel discussion with four African-American geneticists

about their careers and role models.

30 Family Friday Night COSI open until 9pm 31 Science of Sports: Hockey 11am–3:30pm

Join the Chiller and the Columbus Blue Jackets for an event featuring sports on the ice. See a mini zamboni, test your hockey skills with a slap-shot hockey cage, try on hockey gear, talk with hockey and ice skating coaches, learn about the science hockey and more.

31 Girls Discover…Genetics

9am–3:15pm Advanced registration required.

12pm–4pm Celebrate National Safety Week at COSI! Meet fire fighters from the Columbus Division of Fire and other emergency personnel. Get an up close look at a fire truck, see a Medflight helicopter land and take-off on COSI’s lawn, and much more!

25 Family Friday Night

COSI open until 9pm

See enclosed Programs Catalog or for more details on these events and more! | 5

COSI has some great partners sharing the building!

Check out what they’ve been up to.



COSI welcomes our new partner The Columbus Historical Society! “The Columbus Historical Society is very excited about the expanded opportunities our new exhibit space within COSI provides. The ability to reach over half a million people that visit COSI each year broadens the impact of the work the CHS continues to do. Our exhibits and programs will enlighten visitors about the vibrant history of the Capital City and educate school children about their hometown. We encourage you to stop by and view our exhibit that opens in February, pick up a schedule of upcoming programs, and learn about the wonderful work of the Columbus Historical Society.” –Jeff Lafever, Executive Director

Columbus Neighborhoods: Franklinton and Downtown Columbus airs February 14, 2012 on WOSU TV. From the frontier life of Lucas Sullivant, to the wheeling and dealing of the founders of Franklinton to move the state capital to Columbus, this documentary focuses on what it was like to live in the first neighborhoods of Central Ohio. Learn how the Old State Penitentiary and the Lunatic Asylum were great tourist attractions; how one of the titans of the ‘Social Gospel’ influenced the character of the city and how the flood of 1913 shaped the destiny of both neighborhoods.


OSU LABS IN LIFE Researchers are hard at work in OSU Labs in Life at COSI! They are currently researching topics such as Reducing Cancer through Healthy Lifestyles, Barefoot Running, Body Perception and Kinect with Fitness. One in particular, Run For Good, recruits males ages 13–17 to study increasing physical activity and aerobic fitness in underactive youth. For more information about participating in any of this research, visit Look for some new faces soon in Labs in Life as other researchers from other departments join us.

0 4 a ye rs


-In Camp

Battelle hosted an event on December 12 to recognize the past four years of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) network leadership in Ohio through its higher education network hub and STEM platform school partners. As part of the event, the northeast hallway of COSI has a new display that educates the public on Battelle’s history of innovation and its philanthropic role to inspire and educate the next generation of scientists and technology leaders. Ohio leads the nation in innovative STEM education that began in 2006 with the establishment of the Metro Early College High School and now encompasses 11 STEM platform schools that share their knowledge and understanding of how to increase student achievement through seven network hubs in Ohio. This northeast hallway leads to the offices of the Battelle STEM Innovation Networks, which supports the Ohio STEM Learning Network as well as networks in Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, New York, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, and the District of Columbia. Leaders from these state networks were in attendance to jointly announce the formation of a national STEM network to increase the spread of STEM innovation throughout the country.

what you can


Can you believe it’s been 40 years since Camp-in started at COSI? We’re still going strong! You may remember COSI welcomed its millionth camper a few years ago. This season’s theme is Butterflies and in true COSI fashion, campers will get a caterpillar to take home and help transform into a Painted Lady butterfly! Visit to register your group. Were you a Camp-In camper? Share your memories on COSI’s Facebook page!

6 | COSI News

Chill out

with cool science

Winter is officially here! Don’t let the snow and cold give you brain freeze— you’ve got the kindling you need to spark inspiration and learning right in your wallet! That’s right—your COSI membership! There is so much to do here at COSI, each visit can give you a new experience. We have a lot of ways you can explore COSI and the best part—you’ll stay nice and toasty! Leave that blustery weather outside and learn about it indoors with our live shows! Shows are held daily and all part of your membership benefits. Learn about what makes our world’s weather with the Weather Live! show on our Weather Stage, take an explosive look at our favorite frozen demos with our So Cold It’s Hot! show on the Gadgets Stage, or check out our latest show on the Gadgets Stage For Your Eyes Only* this winter with lots of tips on

COSI Members also get special pricing in the giant screen theater and you won’t want to miss Sean Casey on the giant screen with Tornado Alley 3D! Storm chasers share their story of trying to track storms to help people escape the devastation of tornadoes in tornado alley. And don’t forget—members save 20% on parking! Visit the Member Services desk for details. Visit or check the programs catalog enclosed with this newsletter for more information on winter fun and members savings. Happy winter and we’ll see you soon at COSI!

how to protect your eyes while you are doing your own science experiments. Did you know COSI has a special Science Day each month and that it’s free with your COSI membership? We love to explore things like how a robot moves, senses the world or does work or how to best make your garden grow. You can also take the science days further by adding a workshop. Members get special pricing for workshops here at COSI. Members always have something just for them at COSI. Whether it’s a members-only preview for a new exhibit or a special member night, we always try to make our members feel special. Keep an eye out for information on those events and watch for our exciting egg hunt new this spring and exclusively for COSI members! This isn’t your average egg hunt; you’ll have to use clues to find eggs throughout the building. Watch upcoming member communications for more information. *Funded by the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Child and Family Health Services, Save our Sight Program. Supported by Prevent Blindness and COSI-Columbus.

Thanks to our friends at GSW Worldwide for their support on our all new—coming soon! | 7






Present this coupon at the COSI Member Services Desk to receive one free adult guest admission. Limit one guest per member household. Guest must accompany current member. Not valid on youth admission. Valid through February 29, 2012. Coupon code 288 Member ID Member Name Guest Name Guest Email Yes, sign me up to receive updates through COSI’s e-News C O S I





Save $2 off the current member price for Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Workshops. Valid for up to 2 workshops in January and February 2012. Visit for workshops details. Call 614.228.2674 for reservations. Coupon code 289


During January and February 2012 C O S I




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Renew before your expiration date and save $10. Renew at COSI Member Services Desk, online at, or by calling 614.228.2674. Present or mention the Coupon Code to receive your discount. Offer excludes Family Access and Supporting Family memberships. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Valid for membership renewals through April 30, 2012. Coupon Code: News$10



Receive $20 lower level seats for only $10 (save 50%) on performances February 2–5, 2012 at Nationwide Arena. To redeem, visit using the promotional code COSIMember *Processing fees may apply. Offer is not valid for opening night, February 1, 2012.

A portion of every ticket sold supports COSI


Non Profit U.S. Postage


Columbus, OH Permit No. 687

333 West Broad Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215–2738 614.228.COSI |

Return Service Requested J A N U A R Y 1 9 – M A R C H 1 4 HOURS Wednesday–Saturday, 10am–5pm Sunday, Noon–6pm Open until 9pm the last Friday of every month! SPRING/SUMMER HOURS Starting March 19 COSI is open 7 days a week Institutional Sponsors


C O S I N E W S | Volume 13, Issue One, January 2012 COSI News, the official newsletter of COSI Columbus, is published three times annually as a benefit of membership.

Members get the most out of COSI. Don’t miss the excitement in 2012!

A Project of American Anthropological Association. Funded by Ford Foundation & National Science Foundation.

Opens March 17, 2012

Opens January 28, 2012 Presenting Sponsor:

Supporting Sponsor:

Contributing Sponsor:

Presenting Sponsor

This exhibition is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (, and Science Museum of Minnesota ( in collaboration with Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland; The Field Museum, Chicago; Instituto Sangari, São Paulo, Brazil; National Museum of Australia, Canberra; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada; San Diego Natural History Museum; and Science Centre Singapore and PUB Singapore.

Opens September 29, 2012 Produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis in cooperation with LEGO Systems, Inc. LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2012 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved.

August 15–19, 2012

June 9–17, 2012

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