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COSI Financial Assistance for Field Trips Thank you for your inquiry regarding financial assistance for COSI field trips. We have several generous sponsors who help support COSI’s Community Assistance Program (CAP), which provides financial assistance for COSI field trips. Eligible schools/organizations must apply for financial assistance at least one week prior to the date of their reserved field trip. Groups will then receive confirmation within 2 business days notifying them of their subsidized rate. Factoring Financial Assistance: The financial assistance amount your school/organization qualifies for is determined by the percentage of students who participate in the federal free and reduced-price meal program (FRPMP). Financial assistance is applied to the cost of admission to COSI’s general exhibit areas. It is not applied to Student Workshops, Movies, or any up-charge exhibit currently on display at COSI. Transportation costs are not covered through this program. Contact Information: Name: _________________________________

Position: __________________________________

School/Organization: _________________________________________________________________ School District (if applicable): _________________________ County: _____________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________

Fax: ______________________________________

E-Mail (rate information may be sent to this email): __________________________________________________ Entire School/Organization Enrollment: ______________ Date of Field Trip: ________________________

% of Participants in FRPMP: __________

Grade(s): _________________________________

Have you already called COSI’s Call Center and set up your reservation? ______________________ If so, what is your Confirmation/Invoice number? __________________________________________ Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: __________________ For additional information or to make your field trip reservation, please call COSI’s Call Center at 614-2282674. Call Center Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00am – 4:00pm. Fax completed application to 614-629-3226.

COSI reserves the right to change or revise the Financial Assistance criteria at any time. COSI | 333 West Broad Street | Columbus, OH 43215 | | 614.228.2674