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COSI CAMP-IN OVERNIGHT & DAY PROGRAM PROGRAM ASSISTANT (PA) DESCRIPTION Objective Program Assistants (PA's) are an extremely important part of our Camp-In Team. Camp-In, reaches children (grades 1-8) in an informal, fast-paced, exciting atmosphere inspiring them to learn more about the world around them. Camp-In will have a tremendous effect on future scientists, educators, and citizens of our communities. PA's are Cadettes or Senior Girl Scouts who work side-by-side with other COSI team members in support of COSI's mission to provide a quality, discovery-based science experience for all visitors participating in Camp-In. The Program Assistant's role is to help Camp-In participants have a great experience by working with participants in the friendliest and most courteous manner possible. PA’s will teach exciting science based activities, assist in workshops, and do much more! PA's are also expected to have a FUN learning experience, which will help them develop their communication and leadership skills. Duties and Responsibilities Under the supervision of Camp-In Team Members, a PA’s duties include but are not limited to the ability to: a. Answer questions and give directions to campers and their leaders. b. Assist Team Members in setting up workshop areas (i.e. prepare materials, Workshop set up). c. Assist Team Members during workshops (i.e. distribute workshop supplies, respond to raised hands, and give extra guidance). d. Help campers store, retrieve, set up gear (aka sleeping materials). e. Lead science based activities located in various parts of the building. f. Help provide a safe, educational, and FUN environment for all campers. g. Any other assigned duties, including various administrative tasks. Skills Needed a. Responsibility to follow a schedule and perform assigned duties as directed. b. Ability to communicate with others in a clear and courteous manner. c. Ability to take direction quickly and give instructions to others effectively, in a cheerful, friendly manner. d. Friendly, helpful positive attitude. e. Ability to work independently throughout the night. Benefits to the Program Assistant (PA) a. Become familiar with a world-renowned science and technology center. b. Learn and/or improve communication and cooperation skills. c. Experience education with a different perspective: informal, fun, and exciting! d. Provide an invaluable service to your community for which you may earn service hours. f. Make friends! Have FUN! Time Commitment If working an evening program, you are expected to arrive at 4:30, or 2:50pm to include training if it is your first Camp-In of the season. You will work until approximately noon the following day. For a Day Program, you should plan to arrive by 9 a.m. and work until 3:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions How old does my Girl Scout have to be to be a Program Assistant? All PA’s must be at least a registered Cadette and 14 years old. What will my Girl Scout do as a Program Assistant? When your Girl Scout volunteers as a Program Assistant with COSI’s Camp-In program, she is signing up to help out with a little of everything that happens during Camp-In. She may help with any of the following activities: gear check-in, welcome show assistant, dinner, dinner clean-up, snack time, workshop assistant, or activity facilitator. Our activity carts are stations where one or two volunteers present a science-based topic to 5-15 guests (during overnights only). These presentations will be related to the Camp-In theme. Will the Program Assistants need to bring their own food? All Program Assistants receive complimentary dinner, snack, and breakfast for the overnights and complimentary lunch for day programs. If your Girl Scout has special dietary needs, please indicate this when scheduling so that we can make arrangements to store her food. In addition, there is a volunteer sponsored ice cream party that happens after Dance Mania (during the overnight only). If there are significant behavioral challenges throughout the night, this ice cream party may be cancelled. What else should Program Assistants bring? Program Assistants should only bring what they need to sleep or prepare for sleep. All valuables should be left at home. What is the cell phone policy? PA’s are encouraged to leave their cell phones at home. They are not permitted to use cell phones during their shifts, though they may call the morning after a Camp-In to arrange a time to meet their ride. We do not ban cell phones at COSI, however, we do mandate that they remain in pockets and out of sight unless on a break or behind the scenes. Please inform your Girl Scout(s) that any volunteer caught texting or placing a call during their shift will have their phone confiscated until the next day. Parents may get in touch with volunteers at any time by calling 614.228.2674 x 2160. Volunteers will have access to a phone at all points during the evening. Is there a dress code? Yes. The Program Assistant uniform is closed-toed, close-heeled shoes, black, khaki or navy pants (not jeans), a Program Assistant shirt and a nametag. We will provide shirts for the girls to wear during the night (they may not take these home) and a nametag (which they may take home) but each volunteer should arrive with the proper pants and shoes. Absolutely no jeans, sweat pants or pants with rips or stains on them are permitted. Flip flops are also not permitted. Program Assistants arriving without proper pants or closed toed shoes will be unable to volunteer and will be asked to return home. If you have any questions concerns about this, please email

When will my Girl Scout volunteer? On the day of their first overnight of the year, PA’s must arrive at 2:50pm for training. PA’s only need to attend one training per season. If Program Assistants volunteer for more than one date in a season they should arrive by 4:30 for all other dates. They will be done by noon the next day. For Camp-In Day Programs, Program Assistants will volunteer from 9am-3pm. When is the training session offered? Is it mandatory? Training for Program Assistants for overnights is mandatory, and it is different than the Program Aide training offered through Girl Scouts. Training begins promptly at 3pm on the day of a Program Assistant’s first overnight. This is where the girls will gain the safety, guest services, and program knowledge crucial to a successful Camp-In. Program Assistants only need to attend the training one time per year. Girl Scouts missing the training session on the night of their scheduled shift will be unable to volunteer. If a Girl Scout would like to volunteer but cannot make training on the same day, she may attend an earlier session so long as she schedules it in advance. Program Assistants volunteering for Day Programs will not attend a training. PAs will be working directly with Paid Team members by shadowing and assisting them throughout the day at each activity. How and when can my Girl Scout reserve her spot as a Program Assistant? No reservations for Program Assistants will be taken until November 1, 2013. To be a Program Assistant this year you should email to check on the availability of your desired dates. You may hold up to three dates at a time for a period of 14 days. After you reserve your dates you have 14 days to mail in emergency medical forms for all girls interested in participating. Because spots are limited, please email to confirm availability before sending in extra forms. After your emergency medical forms are received, your spots are reserved! What is the photo release form used for? The photo release form gives COSI permission to use photos/video of you in publications, media and other promotional materials. If you are photographed but you do not sign the photo release form, the photo of you will not be used in materials. Signing the form is optional. How early should I schedule our visit? Due to the popularity of this program, we encourage troops to schedule as early as possible. We can only accommodate a limited number of volunteers per evening. Where can I find more information about Camp-Ins? Additional information can be found at

This is the complete list of all Girl Scout Camp-In dates for the 2013 season. Please check with Michell Domke to confirm availability of dates when scheduling. Overnight Dates for 2013: Saturday, January 26 Saturday, February 2 Friday, February 8 Friday, February 15 Saturday, March 2 Friday, March 15 Friday, March 22 Friday, April 12 Saturday, April 13 Friday, April 19 Saturday, April 27 Saturday, May 4 Friday, May 10 Saturday, May 11

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Day Program Dates: Please note that Day Programs are not exclusive to Girl Scouts. Saturday, February 9 Saturday, March 16 Saturday, March 23 Saturday, March 30 Saturday, April 6 Sunday, April 21 Sunday, April 28 Saturday, May 4

PA Medical Release and Emergency Authorization PA Name ________________________________

Date of Birth ____________________________

Address, City, State and Zip _____________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name ____________________

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Relationship ______________________________

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Troop Leader Name*__________________________ Troop Name/Number ______________________ Troop Leader Email __________________________ Troop Leader Phone________________________ List dates scheduled to volunteer at COSI: ________________________________________________ *Note: This should be the information of the person responsible for scheduling the volunteer. PLEASE LIST ANOTHER PERSON TO BE CONTACTED IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY Emergency Contact Name ____________________

Home Phone ___________________________

Relationship ________________________________

Work/Cell ______________________________

CHECK THOSE THAT APPLY  In the event that reasonable attempts to contact the above are unsuccessful, the undersigned consents for the administration of treatment deemed as necessary by: Dr. _______________________ Phone _____________ or (Preferred physician) Dr. _______________________ Phone _____________ (Preferred dentist)  In the event the preferred practitioner is not available the above parent/guardian consents for the administration of treatment deemed necessary by another licensed physician. (Consent does not cover major surgery unless medical opinion of two other licensed physicians or dentists, concurring in the necessity of such surgery is performed.)  The above parent/guardian consents for the transfer of the PA to ________________________ (Preferred hospital)  The above parent/guardian consents for the transfer of the PA to any reasonably accessible hospital.  The above parent/guardian does not consent for emergency medical care. In the case of an emergency, please take the following action: ______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Facts concerning medical history, allergies, medications being taken, and physical impairment that a physician or dentist should be alerted to: ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian Signature ___________________________ _________ Date ________________________

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Name of Child_____________________________________________________ Name of Parent___________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________ City __________________________ State ______ Zip ______ Phone _________________________________ I hereby give permission to allow me and/or my child to be photographed or videotaped by COSI or media for promotional use by COSI and/or its designees. I understand that my signature allows COSI and its designees to use and edit the photo/video of me and/or my child, including use of my and/or my child’s name, voice, persona, image, biographical information and likeness (“Likeness”). I understand this includes the right to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, transmit and perform publicly my and/or my child’s Likeness in any media (e.g., newscasts, websites, brochures, flyers, blogs, and social media sites). I acknowledge that I am receiving no, and have no right to any, compensation, financial or otherwise, in exchange for the use of my and/or my child’s Likeness. I waive any right to inspect or approve the use of my and/or my child’s Likeness and release COSI from any and all claims relating to the use of my or my child’s Likeness, including but not limited to any claim for invasion of privacy or violation of right of publicity. Signature: