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Education is the key to choosing your rings

JANURAY 25, 2012

Dean’s Jewelry and House of G.A. Fisher Jewelers want to help brides and grooms find the perfect wedding rings that will last a lifetime. “With education you can buy a lot better quality piece,” said Greg Fisher, from G.A. Fisher’s. “We are continuously repairing rings bought over the Internet or at stores in malls. You think you are saving money, but in the end you have more problems.” Both stores have educated staffs that are prepared to teach their customers about diamonds. Dean’s calls its program Diamonds 101. “We will make sure you have the knowledge to know you are buying the perfect diamond,” said Sue Oswald from Dean’s. G.A. Fisher’s also feels it is important that you go to a store you can trust. “This is an important purchase,” Fisher said. “It’s one you are going to have for the rest of your life. This isn’t like a house or a car. You can’t trade it or sell it. It also has sentimental value.” Having an idea about the type of ring you want also is very helpful. “There are a tremendous amount of options out there,” Fisher said. “It’s also nice to be able to see and touch the ring. You can look at pictures, but that doesn’t always tell you how nice it’s going to look on the hand.” Ember 90 rings are popular right now at Dean’s. “Ember is our signature diamond,” Oswald said. “It was made



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Beacon coshocton county

Positively Coshocton County

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WITH THIS RING... Dean’s Jewelry and House of G.A. Fisher Jewelers offer couples several engagement and wedding rings to choose from. Pictured here are some options available at Dean’s. BEACON PHOTO BY JOSIE McCORMICK

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• Beautiful scenery overlooking the river, award-winning wine and great food. • Our outdoor Pavilion is perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings. • Our rustic indoor River Grande Room can accommodate up to 180 guests.

Truly Central Ohio’s premiere wedding destination.

JANURAY 25, 2012

The Coshocton County Beacon made a sincere effort to include as many local businesses that provided wedding-related services as possible. We apologize if we missed your business. Please let us know and we will contact you for the 2013 edition. Email us at

• Where to start? Simply call and ask for our Sales Manager Tonya Bevins to help ensure a memorable and special day.


• Excellent choice for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, anniversary parties and corporate events.


exclusively for us. You can get it nowhere, but here. Vintage style rings also are big. “They have a more intricate design,” Oswald said. Rings also are being designed with guys in mind. “There are a lot of masculine looks for guys,” Fisher said. “We’ve done camouflage bands and ones with Celtic engraving on them.” According to Dean’s, it is pretty easy and affordable to get a custom ring. “When people have an idea about what they want to do we get information from them and draw up a sketch,” said Erin Zetty from Dean’s. “We e-mail that information out and then get back a three dimensional drawing that changes can be made to. The customer then gets a wax version of the ring to try on before the piece is casted.” A custom ring can take about six to eight weeks to receive. “The time frame for ring shopping really depends on what you are looking for,” Zetty said. “If you want a simple, plain gold band, those are usually in stock.” What you need to budget for a ring also depends on your taste. “If you want plain wedding bands you can get two rings for around $200,” Oswald said. No matter what you choose, there are payment options, such as layaway, to help the customer. Dean’s also has a special program called Something Borrowed. “If the engagement ring was purchased here, the bride can borrow a piece of jewelry for the wedding,” Zetty said. When purchasing your rings, you also will want to consider service after the sale. “You want to feel comfortable and be able to wear them and enjoy them,” Fisher said. “You need to know that they are made well and have no worries about keeping them maintained.” Oswald suggests you get your ring checked every six months, but if you hit or catch your ring you should come in sooner. “We want to monitor the ring for any unusual ware and plus it’s nice to get it polished and shined so it looks like new,” she said. Fisher encourages customers to get their rings checked at least twice a year. Both stores offer the service free of charge even if your ring was not bought there. JOSIE@COSHOCTONCOUNTYBEACON.COM 740-545-1000 Operated by Raven’s Glenn Ltd. 0014_012512

Dresses are the centerpiece of the wedding


Future brides in search of the perfect wedding dress need look no further than Universe Bridal located at the Unusual Junction on State Route 36. With over 1500 gowns to choose from, they offer everything from traditional wedding dresses to a unique one-of-a-kind dress to fit every bride’s style. Universe Bridal has been in business for 17 years and has just recently been named the largest bridal and prom store in Ohio. With twelve knowledgeable bridal consultants, private fitting rooms, a lighted stage area, and a family seating area, Universe Bridal is committed to making every bride’s dress shopping experience one they will always remember. “It has to be magic, just like when you met the guy,” said Teri Misener, a manager at Universe Bridal, “It has to be the same kind of relationship with your dress. I consider it like when you look across the room and you see the guy and you meet that guy and there’s that little thing that kind of clicks. It’s the same thing with the dress. There’s just a click.” For brides who want a true fairytale dress, Universe Bridal also offers all of the Disney princess dresses and the dress the character Bella wore in the Twilight series. Remember that the wedding dress often sets the theme for the wedding. For a more traditional wedding, a bride may consider a floor-length dress as compared to the more modern bride who may opt for a tea-length dress. Some brides may decide on the dress first and then build their theme around the dress. THE PERFECT DRESS These are just a few of the 1500 wedding gowns available “I truly believe that the wedding gown sets the theme and the tone at Universe Bridal. They also offer a large selection of bridesmaids’ gowns, flower for the wedding, whether the wedding be Victorian look, contemporary, a girl dresses, and tux rentals. BEACON PHOTO BY BETH SCOTT beach wedding, outdoor, traditional,” said Misener, “Planning a wedding heart and follow your dreams.” is one of the funniest experiences a girl can have. You can choose to make Brides should also keep in mind when selecting their dream dress that it very stressful if you want and let other people influence that. You need the dress should reflect their personality. Brides who are more outgoing to take it upon yourself to do it the way you want to do it. Follow your tend to prefer embellishments, ruffles, and stones on their dresses while more reserved brides prefer simple, tasteful and elegant dresses with little or no embellishment. Misener also reminds brides to keep an open mind when choosing a dress. Have in mind what you want, but don’t rule out other options. Above all, remember that the wedding dress is one of the most, if not the most, important decision when planning a wedding, so the bride should choose the gown she feels most comfortable in. Universe Bridal also offers bridesmaids dresses. Misener said an emerging trend in bridesmaid’s dresses is each bridesmaid has the same color of dress, but in a different style. She said some new color trends include bright colors such as orange, lime green and fuchsia. “It’s an honor to be in someone’s wedding,” said Misener, “So, respect the bride’s wishes. It is her day, so be there for her as far as backing her choices and supporting her, but also be a good bridesmaid by getting your measurements in, your sizes in, and your deposit in so that everything can


Experience the beauty of an outdoor wedding


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JANURAY 25, 2012

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the groom look his best. They both also offer suits for potential wedding guests. Pictured here is one of the suits offered at Carroll’s Men’s Shop. BEACON

“Something Borrowed”

PHOTO BY BETH SCOTT be ordered in a timely fashion.” Universe Bridal offers Mother of the Bride dresses, flower girl dresses, and tuxedos. Every budget is doable and dresses start at $99. Brides should order their dresses at least three months before the wedding to ensure the dress arrives in time. However, Universe has been able to accommodate brides with weddings two weeks away. Alterations are also offered. “Enjoy the process,” said Misener, “Enjoy every bit of it. It is a passage as a woman. You’ve dreamt all your life about being a bride someday. I don’t care how many times you get married, make it a fun process, and make it enjoyable, because it’s his first time seeing you as a bride. Enjoy the process, budget your time well and that way don’t procrastinate

It’s something new, from us to you! Now when you buy any engagement ring from Dean’s, the bride gets to pick out any jewelry in the store she wants, to wear for the wedding day!

Mary Jane’s

Cottage 

A Honeymoon Hideaway... tart at s s e t a R A lovely private cottage just for the two of you. $70 for t! Continental breakfast included! h one nig For reservations contact: Pat Phillips at 740-545-7608 • 1-866-496-4825 Toll Free or send an email to: 112 Church St. • Plainfield, OH 43836 •





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JANURAY 25, 2012

“Something Borrowed” is just our way of saying “thanks!” for letting us be a part of your perfect day. 0017_012512


And we do mean anything – If it’s in our store, she can borrow it.


TUXES Carroll’s Men’s Shop and Nikko’s in Coshocton are committed to making

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because it’s just going to put more pressure and stress on you. Let people help you that want to help you. Be open minded to different suggestions, but follow your heart…because you get one shot at this wedding. When it comes to the wedding day, just be happy, go with it. Whatever happens, happens, and enjoy it because that day flies so fast.” When it comes to renting tuxedos, Carroll’s Men’s Shop and Nikko’s in Coshocton are both committed to making the groom look his best on his wedding day. Both offer all the major name-brand tuxes available and both have low prices to accommodate every groom’s budget. Ideally, grooms need to be fitted for tuxes at least two weeks before their wedding to ensure the tuxes arrive on time and that they fit properly. “We want the tux to fit like they own it,” said Steve Murray, owner of Carroll’s Men’s Shop, located at 541 Main Street in Coshocton. In addition to tuxes, Nikko’s, located at 630 South 7th Street in Coshocton, offers limousine services, and wedding gown preservation. They also clean, press and alter wedding dresses. As far as current trends in tuxes, both Murray and Athan Vlahos, manager of Nikko’s agree that bow ties for both weddings and proms are out of fashion and are being replaced with Windsor ties. Cummerbunds are a thing of the past and are being replaced with clean, classic buttondown vests that will likely match the theme of the wedding. When renting a tux, remember they need to be returned to the tux rental business no later than the Monday after the event to ensure there is plenty of time to clean and press the tuxes in preparation for their next wedding appearance. BETH@COSHOCTONCOUNTYBEACON.COM


Use your imagination when choosing your wedding cake The best way to start planning your wedding cake is to hit the Internet for ideas. “Google wedding cakes and you will find so many ideas it will make your head spin,” said Dave Smith from the Cheez-Kake Bakery. “I also have ideas for any kind of cake that you could want.” According to Stefani Bush bringing pictures to your decorator is a big help. “If you bring me a couple of pictures I can take elements from each one,” she said. You will also want to share the colors of your wedding with the decorator. “When you come see us you will want to know what color your dresses are and the flowers on the table,” Smith said. “You kind of want to combine all that into the cake.” The look of your cake is really only limited by your imagination. Bush said she’s seen scroll designs on the side of cakes making a comeback and Smith is a fan of the basketweave design. “It makes a beautiful cake,” he said. “You can really do anything with a cake. I’ve even done wedding cakes with Mickey Mouse on them.” Cupcakes also are a popular choice for weddings. “I can do monograms on them and different pictures,” Bush said. “Couples will have a smaller cake for them and fill the rest of their cake stand up with cupcakes.” Another topic you will want to discuss when picking your wedding cake is taste. “You can choose any kind of cake you want even cheesecake,” Smith said. “Couples also can do layers of different flavors. You can do a layer of white, chocolate, red velvet, carrot cake or any flavor you like. There also are lots of different fillings.”

your wedding at our place

at an affordable price 740.622.0326


SIZE OF CAKE WILL DEFINE COST This three tiered cake by Stefani Bush will feed about 100 people. The number of people you hope to feed and the details you want on your cake will impact its price. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED TO THE BEACON Six weeks to three months before your big day is usually a good time to start lining up your wedding cake decorator. “Three to four weeks before the wedding I like to finalize everything,” Bush said. “That way you will be getting RSVPs so you have a good idea of how many you need to feed.” The number of people you hope to feed impacts the size of your cake and its cost. Details you want on the cake also influence its price. “One way to cut back on the cost a little is to get sheet cakes,” Smith said. “Say you are planning to have 200 at your wedding. You can get a wedding cake to feed 50 and sheet cakes of the same kind of cake. A wedding cake for 50 would be $75 to $100 and a sheet cake would be $30 to $40.” No matter what type or style of cake you pick, Bush encourages couples to select their own topper. “Everyone’s taste is different,” she said. JOSIE@COSHOCTONCOUNTYBEACON.COM

Catering to your taste... Serving All Sizes of Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Receptions, Anniversaries, Parties, Banquets, Meetings & Company Events of All Kinds.

400 North Whitewoman Street in Historic Roscoe Village • Open 7 Days a Week 740- 622-4001 •




JANURAY 25, 2012

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Flowers can accommodate any budget


the Square and were part of a Christmas wedding in 2010.



popular for more modern weddings. Kiefer even mentioned that some brides had been asking for Lily of the Valley flowers for their wedding after seeing Princess Kate carry them in the royal wedding. According to Lowe, purple was a big color last year for wedding flowers, although Kiefer and Roma Vance, owner of Roma’s Florist and Gifts, both said they saw a large diversity in flower colors last year. Kiefer mentioned he had seen a lot of blacks, sages, and greens for bridesmaid bouquets last year. Lowe said that the color of any flower can be changed


Valley Bend

Your event center location!

Ron & Elaine Farie 28643 T.R. 341, Warsaw, OH 43844 740-824-3749 740-502-9858

For your special event call


Nikko’s 603 South 7th Street • Coshocton

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Limousine and Tuxedo Rentals


Whether you are having an extravagant wedding or a small wedding with only close family and friends, the florists in Coshocton can meet your needs and your budget while still providing you with quality flowers. “Instead of shopping for price, you should shop for a florist you trust,” said Ed Kiefer of Kiefer’s Florist. Linnet Lowe of Linnet’s Flowers on the Square, echoed Kiefer’s sentiment, saying, “The main thing is for the brides to feel comfortable with their florist.” Both Kiefer and Lowe agreed that roses seemed to be the most popular flower for traditional weddings last year and Cala lilies were the most

Provides elegant carriage rides with a beautiful percheron horse 0018_012512


Carriage Service

Now Available for Coshocton


JANURAY 25, 2012

Where the Three Rivers meet and mingle On the corner of U.S. 36 & C.R. 621 Next to Fortune’s Boot Shop • 622-0086


The Three Rivers Event Center

5,000 square feet, tables & chairs to seat 250 people comfortably. Stage area, kitchen and catering available. We also have a 900 square foot meeting room that will seat 35-50 people. Ideal for small family birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties. We also have Trucks & Trailers for Rent.



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BOUQUET OF FLOWERS These beautiful flowers were from Linnet’s Flowers on


It’s time to dance the night away Are you ready to dance the night away with your bride or groom, but don’t know where to begin when it comes to picking a disc jockey (DJ)? Knowing what type of music you want played can help make the process easier. “If they tell me they like Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean and Def Leppard, then right away I know what to start adding to the play list,” said Rick Williamson, from RD Promotions. Some couples, however, may not be sure what songs they want played during special moments. “We have a list of songs for those introductions and first dances,” Williamson said. “If you are stumped you can take a look at it.” Trevor Griffith from Mega Music DJ Service gets some of his song ideas from DJ Intelligence. “It’s my job to help you pick out your music,” he said. “It’s your day and it’s all about helping you get what you want.” Griffith also wants to make sure you have great memories from your special day. “You want a DJ who has a good looking set up,” he said. “They could be in the background of pictures from you first dance so you want them and their equipment to be presentable.” Griffith does a lot of his preparations for weddings by phone and e-mail. “I start the process with a contract to protect both parties and then I have you fill out the reception information sheet,” he said. “It helps you plan things like your entrance and first dance.” Some DJs, like Williamson, prefer to meet clients in person at the beginning of the process. “I want to know who they are,” Williamson said. “I want to be able to quickly meet with couples before they are presented at the reception and see how they want to be announced.”

Celebrate Your Special Day in Style! Enjoy the comfort and amenities of our inn, centrally located to all area attractions and restaurants, and situated next to the Muskingum River.

115 N. Water Street, Coshocton OH 43812 • 740-622-9455

888.395.9316 •

to him, June, July, August, September and October are big wedding months and couples should look for a disc jockey as soon as they have their date and venue selected. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED TO THE BEACON

If you pick RD Promotions to provide music for your special day, you also have the option of having karaoke at your reception. “We did a wedding where no one danced, but we ended up staying because we set up karaoke,” Williamson said. “We will do whatever we can and have fun with it. We also like to get as involved as the wedding party wants us to be.” Griffith said every reception is a little bit different and couples put their own twist on them. “One time a bride surprised a groom with a song she sang,” he said. “You also can do specialized introductions.” According to Griffith, DJs also can do slide shows, up lighting and dance floor gobos. “A gobo is when you use lights to project a logo on the dance floor,” Griffith said. What your DJ offers is important, but so is his ability to work with others at your reception. Williamson likes to have a contact at the reception that he can talk to the whole night. “If I see something going wrong, I want to have someone I can go to,” Williamson said. Griffith agreed it’s important to work with the other vendors.


Your tuxedo headquarters. – NO GIMMICKS –

Price Includes: Tux, Shirt, Your Choice of Vest & Tie and Shoes 0021_012512

Call for your free informational kit.

DANCING Trevor Griffith was a disc jockey at 22 weddings in 2011. According



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JANURAY 25, 2012

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to match the bride’s color theme. “The flowers are really decided by what theme the bride goes with,” said Lowe. She also advised brides to look through magazines or on the Internet for ideas of the flowers they might want in their wedding, but to make sure that the flower they chose is available at that time of the year. “Different times of the year will dictate what’s on the market,” said Lowe, “Finding out those things are really important before you plan out your wedding flowers.” When deciding your wedding flowers, Kiefer reminds brides to consider the size of the wedding, what time of day the wedding will be, and where the wedding ceremony will take place. Both Vance and Lowe agreed that, especially for outdoor weddings during warm weather, flowers need to be kept cool and hydrated right up until the time of the ceremony. Kiefer’s, Roma’s and Linnet’s also offer silk flowers, although they are not as popular as fresh flowers. For brides who decide to carry silk flowers instead of fresh ones, Lowe said that a common misconception is that silk flowers look worse than real ones, although usually, that is not the case. Whether it’s a small or large wedding, Kiefer said he tries to make each wedding special, no matter the size. “Usually, the bride has an idea of what she wants the wedding to be like and I like to be a part of interpreting that,” said Kiefer. The team at The Coshocton County Beacon would like to express our very deepest sympathy to the Border family and the employees of Sue’s Hallmark & Florist in the loss of owner Sue Border last week. We were unable to obtain comments for this article. Sue’s Hallmark & Florist can be contacted at 740-622-9661. The business is located at 422 Main Street in Coshocton. BETH@COSHOCTONCOUNTYBEACON.COM


“Everyone needs to be aware of what’s going on,” he said. “If the toast is coming up, I want to make sure the photographer is ready. You want your DJ to be organized and help your reception have a smooth flow.” You also want your DJ to be placed in just the right spot at your reception. “You want the DJ next to or near the dance floor,” Griffith said. “You also want no tables between the DJ and the dance floor. Nine times out of 10, if there are tables there they are older people and you don’t want to blow them out.” You also want to remember your older guests when selecting your music. “This is your wedding reception but there is a mix of people out there and you need to remember that with the selection of your music,” Williamson said. Griffith usually starts receptions with music that everyone should like. “I’ll do oldies that everyone is familiar with and then as the night goes on I’ll start playing rap and rock,” he said. According to Griffith, couples should set aside a couple hundred dollars for their DJs and start looking for one as soon as they get their date and venue set. If Williamson is booked, he will do what he can to help you out. “We have a network of DJs we work with that we can refer you to,” he said. JOSIE@COSHOCTONCOUNTYBEACON.COM


Bridal F A I R

Sunday, February 19th 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Warehouse Steak n’ Stein Banquet Room

The Warehouse Steak n’ Stein 400 N. Whitewoman St. in Historic Roscoe Village Open 7 Days a Week • 622-4001


JANURAY 25, 2012

• latest in wedding gowns & formalwear • 15+ vendors • hors d’oeuvres and cake samples • entertainment information • event planners and checklist • beauty tip demonstrations • plenty of giveaways and more!


Brides to be, are you ready to have some fun? Come to our Bridal Fair and find all the services and products you’ll need for your dream wedding.



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Catering choices for your wedding One of the most important decisions a bride and groom can make for their wedding day is where they decide to have the reception. After the ceremony is over, some brides just want to kick back and relax with good food and their favorite music while others want a classic reception with decorated tables, lights, and music. Whatever your style, Coshocton offers just what you need to make all your dreams come true. For brides who may be looking for a classy reception, consider Coshocton Village Inn and Suites or Roberta’s Catering Center. Both places offer everything you need to create your dream wedding reception. They offer the whole wedding package including the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and the reception, including the catering. “We try to keep it as easy and carefree for the bride as we can,” said Jennifer Sigman, Director of Sales and Marketing at Coshocton Village Inn and Suites. Coshocton Village Inn and Suites creates a menu around the bride’s budget and offers a full bar and a dance floor. Brides are welcome to come in the day before to decorate. For brides who want an outdoor wedding, Coshocton Village Inn and Suites also offers an outdoor gazebo by the river that can seat about 120 guests. Roberta’s offers on-site cooking and catering. Brides can choose from two banquet rooms to have their reception or rent out both if they choose, which also includes two decks and a gazebo. Roberta also offers wedding cakes, although she said that outside cakes are allowed. “Compare what’s important to you and ask for tastings and references,” said Roberta. Sigman said that the most popular food choices for brides seems to be their signature buffet, but she commented that she has also seen a lot of hors d’oeuvres style receptions. Roberta’s offers everything from hot dogs to prime rib and a chocolate fountain to top it off. Sigman recommends brides choose their reception site at least six months before the wedding and to make a deposit within two weeks after the date is selected to ensure the site will be reserved.


OUTDOOR WEDDING The gazebo from the Coshocton Village Inn and Suites is

just one place in Coshocton that offers a beautiful outdoor wedding venue. Other places include Roberta’s Catering, The Barn at Spring Acres, Schumaker Farms, and Raven’s Glenn. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED TO THE BEACON

“Try to plan on the unexpected,” Sigman says to future brides, “and find someone to help release the stress. Remember that it’s your day and try to keep it your day.” Roberta said to book your reception site as soon as possible and to make a deposit to ensure the date is reserved. “It’s rewarding when you have a banquet,” she said. “But it’s nice when you get to play a part in somebody’s life.” Roberta’s also offers off-site catering. If you’re looking for more of a country setting for your reception, consider Schumaker Farms or the Barn at Spring Acres. Schumaker Farms offer a private setting with a shelter that holds about 200 people and an arch where brides can have their wedding ceremony. “It’s just a nice, private outdoor setting,” said Mindy Schumaker. Schumaker Farms offer a large menu including Parmesan chicken and pork with a wide array of side dishes. All the meals are made from scratch. Guests are welcome to stay as long as they want as long as they clean up the area afterward. Mindy said brides can decorate however they want, although they need to be aware of the weather. “We work with the bride and try to make it as easy as possible,” she said. Schumaker Farms also cater to other venues. For those who may be planning to cater their own wedding but still


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Schumaker Farms 52411 County Road 16 West Lafayette, Ohio 43845 622-8915

Clary Gardens 583 West Chestnut Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 622-6524

Barn at Spring Acres 28643 Township Rd 341 Warsaw, Ohio 43844 824-3749

Lake Park 23253 Ohio 83 Coshocton, Ohio 43812 622-3415

Agents Realty and Auction Service 23024 County Road 621 #2 Coshocton, Ohio 43812 622-0700

Kiefer’s Florist ... Creating beautiful weddings since 1913

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Roberta’s Catering 51 Pine St Coshocton, Ohio 431812 622-5000

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Raven’s Glenn 56183 County Road 143 West Lafayette, Ohio 43845 545-1000

iberty ouse


Coshocton Village Inn and Suites 115 North Water St Coshocton, Ohio 43812 622-9455

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want a country venue for their reception, the Barn at Spring Acres offers a simple, country feel where brides can have both their wedding and their reception all in one place. Elaine Farie, owner of this 100-year-old barn, said the place is great for acoustics and is a very beautiful site to have your wedding photos taken. Brides will need to rent their own tables and chairs, but refrigeration is available. Decorations do not need to be down right after the event. Guests to the Barn can leave decorations up that night and come back later to clean up. Elaine said she has noticed a lot of brides decorating in countrythemed attire to fit in with the barn’s 100-year-old country charm. “Just be aware in an outdoor wedding,” she said. “You’ve got to be prepared for inclement weather.” Elaine said that brides should contact her a few months in advance to ensure the date is reserved. For brides who are looking for something private and classy with a beautiful view, consider Raven’s Glenn in West Lafayette. Located right along the Tuscarawas River, this venue offers full-service catering, except the cake, and a beautiful view. They offer three wedding packages ranging in prices and choices, including their wine, and can provide both indoor and outdoor weddings. Raven’s Glenn can also coordinate your wedding and order the wedding cake and flowers so the bride doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Their banquet rooms can accommodate 180 guests. Before booking with Raven’s Glenn, they also offer a free entrée sampling with the bride and groom and two other guests. Buehler’s catering is a great choice for brides who have their reception site chosen, but do not have a caterer. Buehler’s offers full-service catering including a full-service buffet, a self-serve buffet or a service elite, which includes fine china. Brides have three buffets to choose from with a large array of entrees, side dishes and appetizers. Their bakery can also provide the wedding cake. “Talk to your caterer as soon as you can,” said Rana Carpenter, food service manager, “Research and make sure you are getting what you want.” Buehler’s also offers fruit arrangements, which can add a unique and classy touch to your reception. “Just enjoy it,” said Carpenter, “It’s the beginning of a new life. You’re a team now.” To contact these caterers and reception venues, see below:

Salons help brides find the perfect look Area hairstylists want to help make your wedding day as relaxed and fun as they can. “I take the whole day off,” said Morgan Hammond from Country Clips. “It’s strictly the bride’s day.” Hammond likes to go to the location of her client’s wedding to do the bride and her party’s hair and makeup, but clients also are welcome to come to the salon. “I like to go to the location because it makes it feel more personal,” she said. “I also want you to feel free to have fun with your girls.” Janelle Given from Jillian’s Salon also wants the day to be as stress free as possible for brides. Brides are welcome to come to the salon and she also will come to the wedding location at your request. “At the salon we will provide a table for you in the back for you to bring in drinks and food,” she said. “We also have tea and coffee and will make it as relaxed as possible for you.” One way to help the process go smoothly is to do a trial hair run. “You will want to do it at least two weeks before the wedding,” Hammond said. “Many brides do it for their shower or bachelorette party so they can see what their friends and family think.” Given also feels that a trial hair run can help keep a bride calm on her wedding day. “A lot of times brides think they know what they want, but they don’t,” she said. “Pictures are nice, but it really depends on the placement of your veil or headpiece.” Hammond said a lot of brides keep their hair up so they can dance and sweat. She also has noticed that they are asking for loose hairdos with messy curls and are not wearing veils. “They will use a flower, barrette or maybe even pop in a feather,” Hammond said. Given also is seeing more birdcage veils.

Love, marriage and a home

While I may not be able to assist you with relationship matters, I certainly can help you find a home. This is just one of the homes I would be happy to show you.


WEDDING DAY Morgan Hammond does Melissa Bantum’s hair on her wedding

day in April 2009. The wedding was held at Grace United Methodist Church and Hammond came there to do hair and makeup for Bantum and her bridal party.

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED TO THE BEACON “They are going for elegant looks,” she said. Kristen Carpenter from Sheree’s Salon & Spa also said your dress can impact your hairstyle. “Give us a picture of your dress and we can figure out what works with it,” she said. “If you have a vintage looking dress, you don’t want a modern hairstyle. You want it all to flow together.” Many brides also get their ideas from the Internet or from friends and family. “You want to make sure you look like yourself,” Hammond said. “It’s your wedding. You want to look beautiful, but natural.” She also encourages the natural look when it comes to makeup. “A lot of brides want their eyes to pop,” Hammond said. “I’ll be a little more daring with the eyes, but I like a nude lip. Your husband doesn’t want a mouth full of lipstick or chapstick. I may just do a little gloss.” Given said a trend she’s seeing in wedding makeup is brides wanting to go “glam.” “They don’t want their everyday typical makeup,” she said. “Eyelash extensions also are big.” When it comes to doing your nails for the wedding, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


I can help you find your new house! Give me a call.

. 4 BRs & 3 baths . 5 car garage . 2 Fireplaces . Floating floor in kitchen . Lots of storage . Updated bath & kitchen . Formal LR & DR . Home Warranty Offered . Vinyl siding, soffets, roof, gutters in 2005 . Thermo pane windows 2006

Cheryl Cooksey

535 Main Street, Coshocton 740.502.2124 CELL

740.622.7653 (SOLD) 0016_012512

it’s her day too!

gorgeous dresses for the moms in colors designed to compliment your bridal party available in sizes 4-24

women’s apparel

410 Main Street 623-0025




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Wedding night getaways and accommodations for guests

Apple Butter Inn Bed & Breakfast 455 Hill Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 622-1329 Website:

Country Squire Inn & Suites 275 South Whitewoman Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 622-9823 Crooked River Cottage TR 143 West Lafayette, Ohio 43845 Phone: (740) 502-9065

Indian Bear Lodge 3483 McCament Road Walhonding, Ohio 43843 Phone: (740) 668-2100 Website:

Frederickson Manor 905 Cambridge Road Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 502-9065 Website:

Mary Jane’s Cottage 112 Church Street Plainfield, Ohio 43836 Phone: (740) 545-7608 Email: Website:

Heritage Vineyard Guest House 27561 TR 45 Warsaw, Ohio 43844 Phone: (740) 824-4314 Email: Website: Hillview Guest House 399 West Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 202-5839 Website:

Medbery Manor Bed & Breakfast 518 Hill Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 295-0169 Email: Website:


Roscoe Motor Inn 421 South Whitewoman Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 622-8736 Website: Super 8 Motel 70 South Whitewoman Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 622-8899 Website: The River House TR 143 West Lafayette, Ohio 43845 Phone: (740) 502-4064 or (740) 502-9065


Coshocton Village Inn & Suites 115 North Water Street Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 622-9455 Website:

Dottie’s Place 403 North Whitewoman St. Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 502-4064 or (740) 502-9065

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Looking for a place to spend your wedding night or accommodations for out of town guests? You will find plenty of ideas in our list of Coshocton County hotels, bed and breakfasts, cabins and guest houses.


Roscoe Hillside Cabins 46971 CR 495 Coshocton, Ohio 43812 Phone: (740) 622-2222 Website:



“In 2012, anything goes,” Carpenter said. “You can French Tip your nails in all white or pick up a color of your wedding. There are so many different things you can do to pop a color.” To get the hairstylist you want, be sure to schedule your appointment at least three to six months in advance. Stylists usually give themselves an hour to work with the bride and a half hour to 45 minutes for each member of her party. “We usually start at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m., but we use a lot of hairspray so we know it’s going to last,” Carpenter said. JOSIE@COSHOCTONCOUNTYBEACON.COM



Canal Cargo

20093 County Road 6 • Coshocton Thurs - Sat, 11am-7pm May thru November Thurs - Sat, 11am-5pm April & December Open Late for Special Events

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œ Vera Bradley œ Kitras Glass œ Heritage Pewter œ Candles œ Wine Maker’s Cellar Make Your Own Wedding Wine


available for YOUR special event

and find the ease of bridal registry...for you and your guests. Unique gift ideas for your bridesmaids & groomsmen too!

442 North Whitewoman St. | 740.623.2383 Open 7 Days a Week |

Pavilion with Catering


Register Just Once


Capturing that magic moment


A picture paints a thousand words, and on your special day, you want your pictures to be professional, creative, and exactly what you’ve always imagined. Local Coshocton County photographers are dedicated to making your wedding day even more memorable with photographs that will last a lifetime. “Make sure you’re getting what you want,” said Kristi Timmons of Unique Videography “Make it unique to yourself.” Timmons said to make sure the photographer knows about special shots you want in your wedding photos and to make a list to give to the photographer beforehand of certain shots you have in mind so there are no surprises for the photographer. Jim Holdsworth from Holdsworth Photography also suggests giving a list of everyone who is important to the bridal party to the photographer before the wedding to ensure that no one is left out. He also said that brides need to know the timeline set by their photographer so that everything runs smoothly. “On that day, what she wants is most important,” said Holdsworth. Charles Lenzo of Lenzo Studio reminds brides to set up a time schedule with their photographer and to discuss the color of the dresses, the tuxedo colors, DJs, receptions site, and what is appropriate for the church before the wedding date. “All of that information is really important so when we go there, there are no surprises,” said Lenzo. Paul and Jennifer Robbins of Digital Xtreme agree. Jennifer said that brides and grooms should know what they want in their photos and to tell photographers beforehand who they want included in their wedding photos. She also reminds brides to make sure the people who are to be included in the photos do not leave after the ceremony. “Kind of have an idea of what you really want the most because it’s

Spend Your Honeymoon in Style!

the most important day in a girl’s life,” she said. Scheduling your photographer is one of the first steps in planning a wedding. According to Lenzo, brides need to schedule their photographer at least four to six months ahead of their wedding date. Timmons tells her brides to book photographers as early as possible to ensure you reserve the date you want. If you’re looking for a photographer but are unsure of which one to choose, shop around, ask for their qualifications and professionalism, and





Village Pantry Visit ou r store your g o sta ift regt istry! rt

Cookware to Crow About LOCATED BEHIND ROSCOE VILLAGE 740.622.2222 / 866.582.8146




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318 N. Whitewoman Street In Historic Roscoe Village Hours: Mon-Fri 12-6pm Sat 10-5pm Closed Sundays until April 1, 2012 then 10-5pm Sundays 740-575-4049


We offer quality cookware from these popular brands...


Local gift ideas are plentiful



9”x13” with raised lid

Open Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Sat. 7:30 – 5:00 Wed. & Fri. 7:30 – 8:00 p.m.

52441 County Rd. 16 West Lafayette, OH 740-622-8915

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Pots & Pans for baking, cooking and all occasions.



Lindy’s High Quality Stainless Steel Kitchenware

Schumaker Farms offers an outdoor shelter with amenities located in a beautiful, casual, private country setting. Our shelter accommodates approximately 200 people. It is a great place for: - Weddings & Receptions - Birthday Parties - Class Reunions - Business Meetings - Anniversary Parties - Family Reunions - and many other occasions


That are perfect for the bride & groom!

2 ½ miles S.W. of New Bedford on TR 220


Home Style Cooking - Items are made from scratch, like Grandmother used to make. We will customize your order, or if you can’t decide between the many items, we also offer caterers choice. From appetizers to desserts, leave the cooking to us.

-Wedding Gifts Galore -

Hershberger Country Store

On Your Special Day

Wedding Planner

compare prices. “Don’t be afraid to ask to see someone’s work,” said Ross Nelson of Lenzo Studio. Jennifer also gives good advice to brides who may be planning a wedding on a budget. “Don’t be afraid to invest a little money in your photos because they will last forever,” she said. Most of the photographers agreed that the bride and groom need to take as many photos before the wedding as possible so that after the ceremony, guests do not have to wait a long time and the bride and groom can go enjoy their reception. “We like to do as many photos as possible before the wedding starts,” said Robbins. She also said that, unless the bride and groom want their pictures taken together before the ceremony, it’s not something she recommends. She saves those photos for after the ceremony. Robbins feels the groom seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding takes away a part of the ceremony. However, Lenzo said he prefers to do pictures of the bride and groom together before the ceremony to save time after the wedding and to let the bride and groom go to the wedding reception immediately after the ceremony. If you’re worried about taking time after the wedding to shoot photos, Robbins said that the amount of time it takes to shoot photos after the wedding depends on the size of the bridal party. According to her, usually it takes about 20 – 45 minutes to take the photographs after the ceremony. Holdworth noted it takes about four hours to take the photographs and then, he spends about five hours in Photoshop touching up the pictures and adding any special effects the bride might want. All of the photographers agreed that most brides want the traditional photographs with a few fun shots thrown in. “The classic portrait of the bride and groom is going to be something they always want,” said Nelson. No matter which photographer you choose for your special day, remember that what you want out of your photographs is the most important and make sure you relay any special shots you want to your photographer before the ceremony to ensure you receive exactly what you have always wanted. “This is the most important decision you will make in your life,” said Holdsworth. “This is your life partner. I’m very pleased to be present and record it for them.” BETH@COSHOCTONCOUNTYBEACON.COM

Looking for unique places to register for your wedding gifts or pick up presents for your bridal party? Don’t forget your local stores. In addition to flowers, Roma’s Florist and Gifts also offers bridal registry, free gift wrap and free delivery to the bride. “It’s just a benefit to the people invited to the wedding,” said Roma Vance, owner of Roma’s Florist and Gifts. “It’s easy for the guest to select a gift. There are many things the bride can register for and still keep shopping local.” Dean’s Jewelry is another store that couples shouldn’t forget to visit. “We have gift ideas for your bridal party,” said Sue Oswald, sales manager at Dean’s Jewelry. The Shops at Roscoe Village offer a variety of gift ideas. The Village Pantry of Roscoe has an in store bridal registry and does gift wrapping “We carry the highest quality brand kitchenware within an hour of Coshocton and when you get married you want to have the best you can,” said Chris Wilson, an owner of the store. He also encourages brides, grooms and their wedding guests to shop at all of Roscoe’s stores. If you are a couple who likes antiques, you can ask for gifts from Shaker House and if you enjoy wine, ask for supplies to make your own from Canal Cargo. You also could consider River Ridge Leather Co. for groomsmen gifts and browse the other stores for ideas that range from decorations for the home to food to jewelry.



Availablety in a varies of size



Universe Bridal & Prom Ohio’s largest bridal & prom superstore, over 4,000 dresses in stock, best guaranteed prices, quality selection and excellent service.

Open Daily 10-6 • 740-545-6007 • 56310 US Highway 36, West Lafayette, OH 43845

Frederickson Manor - Hosting Your Special Event! Let us make your event an unforgettable occasion! Frederickson Manor is available for holiday parties, special occasions (bridal showers, small receptions & weddings), dinner parties & overnight accomodations.

Information & Reservations 740-502-4064 or 502-9065 905 Cambridge Rd., Coshocton



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Information for planning a wedding in Coshocton County.

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