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Coshocton Hospital reports strong start to 2013 COSHOCTON - Coshocton Hospital CEO Robert Miller shared the results of 2012 and the performance of the hospital thus far in 2013 during the annual meeting, held Monday evening, June 3 at the hospital. Max Crown, hospital Board of Trustees Chair, introduced Mr. Miller to the hospital staff, trustees and media present. Using a PowerPoint presentation, Miller gave the updated Mission Statement for the hospital. That mission statement is, “To deliver quality, kindness and respect . . . every person, every time.”

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BEACON PHOTO BY MARK FORTUNE Miller reported that the hospital has made many improvements over the past year. The hospital received an additional three year accreditation and the laboratory received two years additional accreditation. “These are both great accomplishments that we are very proud of,” said Miller. Important differences were highlighted in the balance sheet for 2012 versus 2011 which was in total assets, with a reduction in 2012 of 1.5 million. This came from inventory, cash and cash equivalents and some prepaid assets. The new computer system resulted that will allow the hospital to have electronic medical records to meet federal mandates that are part of the healthcare reform, increased equipment substantially. The hospital did receive a line of credit of $4 million from Genesis, which is the management



JUNE 12, 2013

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STRONG START Pictured is Coshocton Hospital CEO Robert Miller, speaking to the board of directors and key hospital staff during the annual meeting, held Monday evening, June 3 at the hospital. Seated is Max Crown, current Chair of the Coshocton Hospital Board of Trustees.

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agreement entered into in July of 2012. The line of credit is to help with the operations of the hospital. Miller reported that the hospital had a very tough year in 2012, with revenues being down about a half a million dollars. Patient count was similar but expenses increased by nearly four million dollars. Two million of this was an increase in health care benefits for hospital employees. The hospital did show an increase in net assets due to having the land transferred from the county to the hospital, which was a $300,000 transfer. Miller said, “The positive line items below the operations line gave us a net loss of $6.1 million dollars for 2012. Now we can talk about the wonderful things that we’ve done since last year and what we did at the end of last to turn the hospital around.” Several graphs were shown that indicate the hospital is showing marked improvement in several areas: days in patient accounts receivable, days cash on hand, revenue per FTE, and salary per FTE. During the phase in of the new computer system, Miller reported that DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) had climbed to over 70 days but significant gains have been made with DSO at 50 as of December 31, 2012. Comparing Coshocton Hospital to similarly sized hospitals in the country, Miller said, “We’re generating about the right amount of revenue for a hospital of our size and the number of employees”. The hospital contracted with American Healthcare Solutions for an operational review and the company came up with over 100 recommendations. The hospital is focusing on about ten or fifteen of those and grouped them into categories. The hospital is implementing those suggestions as a series of action plans with the following accomplishments in 2012; established a line of credit with Genesis Healthcare, which has helped the hospital through some tough times and is not marked up, used American Healthcare Solutions SHARP staffing. Using this data, the hospital has reduced paid FTE (full time equivalent employees) from 504 as of