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Knee Replacement Surgery in Chennai: COSH clinic uses modern surgical treatment techniques for knee surgery and Knee replacement in Chennai. The Knee Clinic at our hospital aims at providing a solution for all ailments of the knee under one roof. Skilled physiotherapists are available in the clinic’s fully equipped physiotherapy lab. Operative procedures are arranged as per the patient’s convenience. Knee Arthroplasty is a term used to specifically refer the knee replacement surgery, where the knee joint is replaced by an artificial joint. It is used to treat osteoarthritis, severe rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. The surgery at our clinic is a routinely done procedure with a high degree of success which changes the outlook of patients. After a knee replacement which is done by expert hands of our hospital, one is able to resume most activities. However, our doctors at the hospital insist that activities involving excessive stress on the new knee should be avoided. The basic philosophy of the knee clinic is to provide a highly specialized treatment for all kinds of knee related problems. The facilities at the hospital include: •Keyhole Knee Surgery •Knee Arthritis Treatment •Mini-incision Knee Replacement •Mobile-bearing Total Knee Replacement •Uni-compartmental knee Replacement •Ligament Reconstruction •Knee Cartilage Surgery •Total Hip Replacement

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Knee replacement surgery in chennai  
Knee replacement surgery in chennai Cosh clinic uses modern surgical treatment techniques for knee replacement surgery in tam...