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Shaped to perfection

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication�

Leonardo da Vinci

Perfection in detail... The small and refined trivum

Thanks to consistently focussing

For this reason, we will always do

factory lies at the heart of Stutt-

on our core strengths we have

justice to our own claim – to be the

gart and continues to uphold the

achieved a remarkable level of

perfect Multiroom System for

long tradition of “Swabian inven-

integration with third party pro-

the most discerning customers.

tive talent” with extraordinary

ducts and with the latest residential

passion and creativity. This passion

control technologies.

every detail of our product...

On behalf of the whole trivum team, I look forward to convincing

can be sensed and experienced in Our highly qualified and motivated

you too of the quality and perfection

team distinguish themselves by

of our Smart Multiroom products.

For more than 10 years now,

their drive for perfection and claim

we have developed and created

with pride that “We don’t stop

Achim Schlumpberger

impressive Smart Multiroom pro-

until it’s perfect”. This promise

Founder and Managing Director

ducts with a unique combination

provides a trusted foundation for

of quality and individuality.

our trading partners and guarantees an impressive level of customer satisfaction.

smart multiroom for the most demanding requirements‌ You just want to listen to music. You just want personalized lighting. You just want to watch television or only a DVD? Despite all the elaborate TV’s, projection screens, light sources and cinema technology. In short, your home offers all re-


quirements to achieve your vision

in the living room

of a Smart Home. In general, there are various audio At this point, the trivum Multi-

and video devices in the living

room System offers you the high-

room. These individual products

est degree of functionality and

can be easily integrated into the

quality, paired with intelligent

Multiroom System from trivum.

controls, which will inspire you.




in the bedroom

in the kitchen

in the bathroom

Important functions such as the



Whether you are in the bath, in the

alarm or TV are considered stan-

controls, as well as being simple to

sauna or in a spa with whirlpool,

dard in upmarket bedroom solu-

clean plays an essential roll – and

an important detail in the house’s

tions. Convenient operation is

all this with sound quality that you

equipment is the hidden Multi-

possible using the trivum Touch-

have never experienced before in

room System from trivum.

Pad or your iPhone / iPad.

your kitchen.


The trivum controls simple, intuitive... Music, lights, home automation and

The whole flexibility of the trivum

video – everything must be easy to

Multiroom System is made more

operate so that it is used willingly

accessible through an intuitive and

and often.

pleasant operating concept. This accounts for the sophistication of

Cooking, watching television or

trivum – since, for us, this simplicity

having a BBQ in the garden – we

of use dominates.

believe that various controls are optimal in different situations. For this reason, we have developed reliable wall mount Touch-Panels, remote controls that can be operated blindfold and Apps for your existing iPhone or iPad. trivum TouchPad

The trivum hardware components top quality, made-to-measure and logically thought through‌ We set the highest standards

The powerful trivum Amplifiers

trivum have developed flexible

when developing trivum hard-

can also drive demanding high-

RS232- and Infrared Adapters to

ware components.

end loudspeakers. By using multiple

control devices such as a DVD play-

Sturdy, easy to install, long-lasting

controllers, even extremely lavish

er, TV sets or a screen.

and extendable, easy to maintain

mansions or a modern apartment

and energy efficient, as well as

can be easily controlled and filled

Impressive in its formal appea-

with sound.

rance, these are the baseline characteristics of trivum hardware components. In order to achieve the required flexibility, the trivum Controller has a scalable modular design. It adapts to rooms and sources individually using different plug-in cards.

trivum C4 Controller

Automation & Integration KNX / EIB For many years, trivum have sup-

If the modern, capacitive trivum

ported the worldwide standard

TouchPad, with its unique ease of

KNX for house automation.

use, is used in a room, then you can dispense with any additional light

The trivum Multiroom System

switch altogether. Every TouchPad

offers quite specific added value

is itself an intelligent KNX switch

for those customers who have fit-

with the possibility to control

ted KNX / EIB for their light control.

lights, blinds, lighting effects and

Thanks to trivum, existing KNX


light switches, intelligent room controllers or wall panels with

Thanks to trivum, the possibilities

visualisation (1) can be used without

for your Smart Home are exten-

an additional operating device to

ded significantly.

control the music, TV or cinema.

(1) e.g. Gira Homeserver, Jung FAP, EisB채r

Device control extremely simple… Television, DVD player, projection

Control of the devices is under-

For those houses using systems

screen and surround receiver are

taken by the trivum RS232- or the

such as Crestron or AMX or where

all devices that were not originally

Infrared Adapter. All the com-

integration devices require an even

designed to work together. To

plexities are reduced to a minimum

closer connection to the trivum

watch a film means that the tele-

through intelligent linking of the

Multiroom System, we offer an

vision, DVD player, screen and sur-

devices in the trivum Control

interface based on XML standards.

round receiver have to be switched


This allows developers total access

on, switched over and set-up.

to all functions and data of the trivum Multiroom System.

The trivum Multiroom System controls these devices and, for example,




the push of one “TV”, “DVD” or “music” key.

Service perfect from A to Z‌ Consulting, planning and instal-

of course, explains all its features

lation of the trivum Multiroom

to you. Even after years your local

System is only entrusted to se-

trivum partner is available for all

lected experts, specially trained by

questions and requests relating to

us. In this way, we can be certain

your individual Multiroom System.

that your system will be perfectly tailored to your personal wishes and will operate reliably at all times. Your local trivum partner accompanies you from the first conceptual idea, ties up the whole entertainment package, arranges the cabling and installation schedule with your architect and the trades, configures the system and,

Asien Belgien Deutschland England Frankreich Italien Lettland Litauen Niederlande Polen Russland Portugal Schweiz Spanien Ukraine Ă–sterreich

Worldwide trivum knows no boundaries‌ trivum is established internatio-

The worldwide potential of Multi-

nally and represented throughout

room and Automation is just

the world at trade fairs. The con-

beginning to become apparent.

cept of a Smart Multiroom has

Together with our partners, we are

been re-defined by trivum and

well prepared for the upcoming

translated into a unique and im-

tasks from the markets.

pressive consequence. Thanks to these persistent developments and the demand that is a result from this, trivum is represented internationally by trained and qualified partners.

trivum technologies GmbH Heusteigstrasse 37 70180 Stuttgart Fon: +49 711 64 56 07-10 Fax: +49 711 64 56 07-16

Trivum brochure 2012  

Brochure met de nieuwste Trivum produkten oa de TouchPad en de nieuwe C4 Controller.

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