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2012 Dante, 11 Baixos 08240 MANRESA (BCN) ES A-08400500 Tel. 93 874 87 92 Fax 93 877 26 66

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AIGAM: Metallic Hand Dryer

DISME: Soap dispenser finished in metal

PRICE: 95 €

PRICE : 51,55 €

PRICE : 35 €

MUSICAL SOAP DISPENSER DISSAM: Dispenser standing up with music.

PRICE : 70 €

SOAP DISPENSER DISPA: Wall soap dispenser.

PRICE : 58 €



BASCD: 50 x 50 cm.


Up to 130 kg.

PRICE : 75 €

Size: 25 x 25 cm. Up to 120 kg.

PRICE : 25 €

CONTAINERS FOR REMAINDERS CONRE-21: Paperera reciclatge. Joc de quatre cubells.



FARMAMA: Size: 40 x 60 cm.

COMPREPAD: durable material, easy to clean, stainless steel top opening

PRICE : 45 €


FARMAPA: Size: 100 x 65 cm.

PAPCOLOR: Set of four color basket.

PRICE : 125 €

PRICE : 21 €

WASTEBASKET PAPELA: With pedal. Size: 35 x 40 cm. SPORT MEDICINE KIT PRICE : 56,15 € FARMAES: Size: 20 x 30 cm. PRICE : 25 €

ECONOMIC BIN PAP-4: Metallic bin. Wide range of colors.



PAP-3: economic basket

PAP-15: Elegant design. Size: 34 x 42 cm.

PRICE : 6 €

PRICE : 49 €

Folder Towel Dispenser Folder Towel Dispenser Digital Towel Dispenser DTOVAL PLE-B: White Color. Capacity: 450 leaves.

DTOVAL PLE-G: Smoker colour. 450 leaves.

RETOPL: Digital folder towel dispenser. 250 leaves.

PRICE : 50,99 €

PRICE : 51,99 €

PRICE : 150,00 €

Bag Dispenser For Napkins COMPREDISPEN: Plastic sanitary bags Dispenser, strong, long lasting and easy To clean. 150 units capacity. PVP 35,75 € Folder Towel Dispenser DTOVAL DB: Folder towel dispenser. 300 units capacity.

Roll Dispenser DROTLLO: Large roll dispenser. PRICE :75,50 €

PRICE : 53,36 €

Tissue Towel Dispenser DMATIC ABS: Central Extraction.

Holders of paper Rotllan sanitize DINOX: Big roll dispenser. Diameter: 40 cm PRICE : 31,75 €

PRICE : 94,23 €

Paper refills Kitcher roll holder DROC: Galvanized base.

RETORO: Large roll of 22 units

PRICE : 41,50 €

PRICE : 20 €

Double dispenser DDOBL: White dispenser for two Toilet paper rolls.

Paper refills PAPER: 5 toilet paper rolls. PRICE : 7,50 €

PRICE : 46,99 €

Colored Cloths

Dry Tissue

BECOLOR: Absorvent cloths

REDT: Pack of 30 units

PRICE : 29,55 €

PRICE : 37 €

Cleaning pack CAR-30: Everything in a trolley. Two bucketsof a 6 liters and two buckets of 25 liters. PRICE : 99,99 €

Cleaning Clothes REDHPL: Pack of 20 units. PRICE : 30 €

Cleaning trolleys

Fregadora industrial

CUB-2: 25 liters. 70mm whells. With protections for cables.

FREIND-1: 2500w of potency, really faster.

PRICE : 50,80 €

PRICE : 455,00 €

Soil slip TER: Available Colors: green, Light blue, grey and red. The box have 27 strips: 3m2 PRICE : 164,96 €

Costume bank steel VES1: Seat with steel louvers. Stackable. Grey color. PRICE : 94,37 €

Bank PVC Costume

Costume bank phenolic

VES2: Seat with PVC louvers. Grey pearl color.

VES3:Seat with phenolic louvers. 13 mm thick. Standard grey color.

PRICE : 158,07 €

PRICE : 161,68 €

4 door

Lockers Wardrove 4p AT3: Box office high resistance. Â andeasy assembly without screws. Delivered disassembled.

PRICE : 132,00 €

2 door

1 door

Lockers Wardrove 2p

Lockers Wardrove 1p

AT2: Box office high resistance. Â andeasy assembly without screws. Delivered disassembled. .

AT1: Box office high resistance. Â andeasy assembly without screws. Delivered disassembled. .

PRICE : 115,31 €

PRICE : 82,72 €

Ball Chair BURE1: Design inspired by the 60. PRICE : 750,00 €

Grey relax

Egg White

BURE2: Gray leather high quality.

BURE3: Design swivel armchair

PRICE : 575,00 €

PRICE : 390,00 €

Barcelona Chair

Chaise Lounge

Poul Kjaerholm

BURE4: With stainless steel legs, high quality Italian leather

BURE5: Available in black. Finished leather. 3 positions.

BURE6: Armchair upholstered in high quality leather and steel legs

PRICE : 399,00 €

PRICE : 995 €

PRICE : 570, 00€

Double water massage column COLHID-5: Very big; glass sliding doors; white, modern design. AM/FM radio. Alarm clock. Hands free phone.. PRICE : 3.900,00 €

Turkish Landia DUTXAN-G: System hidrosauna, Turkish bath, radio integrated seat, touch screen, 8 jets. PRICE : 2.100,00 €

Whirlpool + sauna cabin

Shower 2000

SAUN-LUXURY: whirlpool cabin with Sauna cabin. Radio FM/AM.

DUTXAN: Non – slipping, glass sliding,corner cabin.

PRICE : 3.400 €

PRICE : 1.800,00 €

Bascula Retro BASCRET: Mides: 32 x 35 cm.Fins a 140 kg. PVP: 115 €

Industrial roll holder DROTIN: Galvanized base. Dim. 40 x 40 x 90 cm. PVP: 53€

Standing roll holder DROP: Galvanized base. Dimensiones: 40 x 40 x 90 cm.. PVP: 51,75 €

These products are available in our warehouse until stocks last


1. GENERAL Any order placed to our firm implies the acceptances of our general conditions of sale and are applicable to all our goods. Orders must be placed in written. Any modification of an accepted order will lead to the acceptance of an additional clause. This clause will be understood as an special term applied exclusively to this order.

2. PRICES Any order will be invoiced according to the current price list at the time of delivery. Prices are calculated without VAT and delivery costs are not included. Orders will be invoiced in EUR. Our prices can be modified at any time, for any reason beyond our control. 3. ODERS To order items of this catalogue, you can use your official purchase form. If you don’t include ask it in your order, we can group several purchases in one delivery, in order to reduce carriage charges. 4. PAYMENT Will be done by a 30-day draft in EUR. No extension of payment date will be will be granted without our prior and formal agreement. Unpayment will lead to: - Denying new deliveries - Applications of a 3% interest rate - Retention of all goods included in the purchase. 5. DELIVERY Sales are made according to the Incoterm EXW 2000.Goods are sent at the buyer’s risk and responsibility. We are responsible to send the goods in perfect conditions. However buyer must check the goods upon receive. If the client realizes that the items delivered don’t accomplish quality standards, should send a claim to COSEFED SAS, by fax or e-mail, within the two weeks after goods reached their destination. Any expense incurred by the return of faulty articles are at the seller’s charge if the buyer communicates the claim within the correct period of time. Goods will be forwarded from 4 of 12 weeks after the order reception. 6. TRANSPORT Carriage charges will be paid by the seller for any order higher than 900 euros. If the order is lower is lower than 900 euros, the carriage will be included in the invoice. 7. OWNERSHIP COSEFED, SAS remains the owner of goods until its full payment. At the moment, goods will be considered delivered and the buyer will be responsible for any damage those goods could undergo. 8. CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS Changes of cancellations must be requested by written,15 days before the delivery date.. 9. COMPETENT COURTS The Court of Manresa is the only competent court to judge any complaint or argument relative to the interpretation of this contract, according to the Spanish Law.


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