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CC Mag: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? AshB: My name is Ashley Badie. I’m 24 years old and from the Northern Virginia area. I’ve been shooting photos since 2009 and started shooting cosplay when I attended my first convention, which was Katsucon, in 2012. My good friend DeAnna Davis aka Its Raining Neon whom I met while attending the Art Institute of Washington, is the one that got me into the cosplay and convention scene. She told me about the costumes she makes and the anime and gaming conventions that are close to the Virginia area. With her help, and other art school friends, I started traveling to local conventions and fell completely in love with cosplay. CC Mag: What inspired you to get into cosplay photography? AshB: The thing that inspires me the most about cosplay is the innovation of cosplayers. They are really clever and can build, sew, craft and create just about anything! And they transform themselves seamlessly from costume to costume embodying each unique character while still maintaining their own signature flare. I like to think of cosplay as high fashion for nerds. The designs, wigs, make up and props are all absolutely beautiful and utterly amazing. The handmade art that I get the privilege of seeing and photographing is also constantly blowing me away. CC Mag: What’s it like shooting at conventions? AshB: Shooting cosplay at conventions is challenging but very fun and rewarding. Conventions provide a place for photographers and cosplayers to connect from all over the world. Without conventions, I wouldn’t have access to a great majority of the talent that I get to work with and meet. When shooting at a convention, I need to keep in mind things like high traffic areas, and off limits areas. I don’t want people photo bombing my photo, but I also don’t want to get in trouble for shooting where I don’t belong. I also have to keep in mind what character I’m shooting and the world they come from. Shooting a Tinkerbell in the alley ways of NYC wouldn’t make much sense so I’d look for a nice green forest. CC Mag: When creating a ‘scene’ do you let the cosplayer decide what they want, or are you the one to come up with ideas for the background, etc? AshB: I like to collaborate with my clients when we work together. Almost always, the cosplayer has more knowledge of their character than I do, so their input is incredibly important to me. Together, we can decide what places, lighting, poses and expressions will yield the best results. But a lot of times we are limited with what the convention space has to offer, so we have to be extra creative and use those clever camera angles to make it look like we are somewhere that we are not! 70


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