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Folkenstal Interview CC Mag: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? F: Sure. I’m a media designer during the day and in the evening and on weekends, I work on my projects. I have a partner who supports me and 3 awesome cats at home. I’ve been drawing since childhood and started sculpting in 2001. I improved my skills and those helped me to start with prop making. CC Mag: How long have you been doing this craft? F: I started with it in November 2012 when I crafted my first item, the Ebony Dagger from Skyrim. I then moved forward to the molding and casting technique and did the same with my following projects. CC Mag: How did you get into prop building? What inspired you to start? F: I slowly got into prop making while reading about the technique I mentioned above. But what really inspired me was Harrison Krix over at Volpinprops. I was like “Wow, I want to do this, too!”.

Khajiit Mask, Worbla build.

CC Mag: What materials do you use? Do you have a favourite material or style? F: So far I work with Worbla for armour parts, and the casting technique for my weapons. It always depends of course how fast I need to build an item or how complex it is. My favourite materials are Worbla in combination with craft foam and resin. I prefer my items made in a medieval/fantasy style. I’ve never tried to go the sci-fi route, but one day I might. CC Mag: Can you tell us a bit about the process and thought that goes into designing and building a prop? F: Well, it’s not that easy to explain what goes on in my head. But roughly I first study the item I want to recreate. Figuring out how many separate parts I need to craft, what the size is, what materials I want to use, and so on. Once I have all this information, I just start with crafting. Or, when the item is more complex, I do a rough sketch to make sure everything goes right. CC Mag: Do you only do exact replicas, or do you design custom props as well? F: So far, I’ve only done replicas. I could do my own designs, but it’s not as fun to me as trying to get a nice replica out of a 2D image from a screen, right?

Khajiit Mask, Worbla build with Apoxie Sculpt. FIRST EDITION


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