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CC Mag: What inspires you to start a new cosplay? What process do you follow before beginning a new design? KC: Everything inspires me! Friends telling me to do a certain character, daydreaming, watching movies, looking at updates from games containing new skins/champions, etc. Before making a new design I draw the character multiple times, to get it printed in my head. Then I take a few days to think it over: Do I want to do this, how will I do this? If the idea is still in my head after a few days, I start planning it! CC Mag: Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for new cosplayers who are just starting out? KC: Believe in yourself and in your skills, and be proud of yourself! Cosplaying takes courage sometimes, and is quite a talent! Every step is a step made and a step of improvement on your talent! :) And please.... Don’t let the words of others bring you down! I started cosplaying BECAUSE I’m very insecure about myself. For every person that says something nasty to me about my appearance are 19 people that LOVE you for what you’re cosplaying/ performing! CC Mag: Can you give us a hint as to what your next cosplay will be? KC: There are WIP’s on my facebook page of my upcoming cosplay! It involves feathers, pointy ears and a staff! :-)

Kalseru Cosplay Photography by Guerrilla Photography CC Mag: Have you made or do you plan to make another faun cosplay? KC: I’m currently working on an albino Faun sketch, which I’m really excited about as well! But since that’s still on paper, I have one faun cosplay I’ve made, and I love it because I never thought I would be able to pull it off and feel so proud wearing it. CC Mag: We’ve been seeing quite a few faun cosplays lately. Why do you think it is such a popular cosplay? KC: Probably cause some famous cosplayers did some killer fauns as well. (Lightning Cosplay, Nana Kuronoma). CC Mag: Why did you choose to make a faun cosplay – what inspired you? KC: Basically I wanted to do animal-like cosplays for a LONG LONG time. I never had the time and money, or a good reason to do it. The fact that a great cosplayer in my friend list (Armored Soul Cosplay) was planning on making one, I told her I would make one myself as well!



You can find more of Kalseru Cosplay's work on her Facebook page. KalseruCosplay Photography by: Arnold de Gans ThoranPicturesPhotography Guerrilla Photography

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