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The Road to A

Successful Drew Reagan

time frame you wish to transfer within. If not yet certain, the counselor can definitely The Campus help with these beginning steps. Although seeing a counselor is advised, it may s in any monumental trek, the leading man not be one hundred percent necessary. If one follows or woman never makes it to their final the IGETC, and takes the initiative to look into the destination without help. Dorothy would specific requirements of the intended transfer unihave never reached the Emerald City with- versity, then the counseling step may be bypassed. out the clearly marked yellow brick road, and Luke can help with this direct approach. would have never saved the Empire if it weren’t for Through this website, you will be able to see the the guidance he received from exact requirements needed to master Yoda. transfer into specific programs When it comes to the long offered at any CSU or UC. Pick a and often difficult trek of transuniversity, pick a program, and • 60 transferable units, 40 must ferring from COS, one must also push print; it is that simple. be from the scattered disciplines follow the clearly marked path If you are only seeking an made clear by the IGETC. and seek guidance. associate’s degree then the • (9 transfer approved English The IGETC (Intersegmental process remains just about the units, 3 units of mathematics, General Education Transfer Cursame; however, rather then 9 units of arts & humanities, 9 riculum) will be your yellow brick strictly following the IGETC, units of social sciences, and 7 road. If your goal is to transfer to units of physical & biological you must strictly follow the dea CSU, UC or any standard Ameriscience.) sired AA standard sheet. can University then the IGETC has • The requirements may seem These sheets can be found the ability to take you there. hard and complicated to orgaon the wall directly across the This single sheet of paper, nize, however, the IGETC makes hall from the counseling center. the whole process simple. found in the counseling center, The wall is covered from ceillists all of the courses, which are ing to floor with a standards transferable to four-year universheet for each program offered sities. at COS. Check boxes are made available along the side If you have not yet gotten an allowing you to keep track of which courses you IGETC or AA standard sheet then do so have completed and which courses you have left to now: following the laid out path is crutake. cial for success. If you are still confused throughout the process The longer you wait to find the then don’t hesitate to see a counselor. The IGETC road, the longer it will take you to may be your solid road; however, counselors can complete your time at COS. provide extra knowledge that may make your jour- For many of us, COS is a second ney easier. chance or a starting gate for a higher From the beginning, let the counselor know education: complete the trek with conyour transfer goals: the university you would like to fidence and unwavering determinaattend, the major in which you hope to study and the tion.


Transfer Requirements



TRANSFER Transfer Requirements Drew Reagan • 60 transferable units, 40 must be from the scattered disciplines made clear by the IGETC. • (9...

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