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COLLEGE survival guide *what to do & how to transfer

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Stephanie Barraza

INDEX editor in chief

Letter From the Editor

Hey guys,

4-5 Grow UP/FYE 6-7 Get Involved 8-9 Books/How to... 10 Professors 11 Beyond COS


The Road to A

Successful Drew Reagan

time frame you wish to transfer within. If not yet certain, the counselor can definitely The Campus help with these beginning steps. Although seeing a counselor is advised, it may s in any monumental trek, the leading man not be one hundred percent necessary. If one follows or woman never makes it to their final the IGETC, and takes the initiative to look into the destination without help. Dorothy would specific requirements of the intended transfer unihave never reached the Emerald City with- versity, then the counseling step may be bypassed. out the clearly marked yellow brick road, and Luke can help with this direct approach. would have never saved the Empire if it weren’t for Through this website, you will be able to see the the guidance he received from exact requirements needed to master Yoda. transfer into specific programs When it comes to the long offered at any CSU or UC. Pick a and often difficult trek of transuniversity, pick a program, and • 60 transferable units, 40 must ferring from COS, one must also push print; it is that simple. be from the scattered disciplines follow the clearly marked path If you are only seeking an made clear by the IGETC. and seek guidance. associate’s degree then the • (9 transfer approved English The IGETC (Intersegmental process remains just about the units, 3 units of mathematics, General Education Transfer Cursame; however, rather then 9 units of arts & humanities, 9 riculum) will be your yellow brick strictly following the IGETC, units of social sciences, and 7 road. If your goal is to transfer to units of physical & biological you must strictly follow the dea CSU, UC or any standard Ameriscience.) sired AA standard sheet. can University then the IGETC has • The requirements may seem These sheets can be found the ability to take you there. hard and complicated to orgaon the wall directly across the This single sheet of paper, nize, however, the IGETC makes hall from the counseling center. the whole process simple. found in the counseling center, The wall is covered from ceillists all of the courses, which are ing to floor with a standards transferable to four-year universheet for each program offered sities. at COS. Check boxes are made available along the side If you have not yet gotten an allowing you to keep track of which courses you IGETC or AA standard sheet then do so have completed and which courses you have left to now: following the laid out path is crutake. cial for success. If you are still confused throughout the process The longer you wait to find the then don’t hesitate to see a counselor. The IGETC road, the longer it will take you to may be your solid road; however, counselors can complete your time at COS. provide extra knowledge that may make your jour- For many of us, COS is a second ney easier. chance or a starting gate for a higher From the beginning, let the counselor know education: complete the trek with conyour transfer goals: the university you would like to fidence and unwavering determinaattend, the major in which you hope to study and the tion.


Transfer Requirements


GROW UP Taking control of your education with or without a counselor

Gaelika Brown The Campus


f you are driven and determined to finish school, then taking charge of you education is simple. Here are four steps that COS counselors recommend you take, but remember counselors don’t always know best. Do the research and find out what courses you really need to take. (hint: follow the IGETC [p.3])

3. Speak to Your Academic Advisor or Counselor

1. Have the Right Attitude Taking charge of your education is not a skill that can be taught. It’s an attitude you must possess.

2. Follow Your Course Catalog The catalog contains all the information you need to know about which classes to take. Sometimes the catalog changes, so it’s important to follow the one you began with. For example, if you started school in the spring of 2008 follow that course catalog until you finish school.

Classes: COS also offers fun for your agenda Chris Young


The Campus

y now, you have probably visited a counselor, or at least looked at the catalog of classes, deciphering what classes are right for you. If you did look at the catalog of classes, you found out there are literally hundreds of classes to look at, and no obvious way to decide how to start. Trust me, it’s worth taking a while to look through it, maybe even an hour or two. Not only because the classes you pick are the ones you’ll be stuck

4 -

with all semester, but also because there are so many interesting courses available. Don’t believe me? Okay, well, for all of you general Ed folks, let’s take foreign language. Spanish, French, and Portuguese are offered. But if you’re like me, you’re not good with foreign languages, so what do you do? American Sign Language to the rescue! ASL counts towards your foreign language requirements. Okay, maybe you like your French class, and your real problem is finding a PE class where you do more than walk around a track for an hour. Guess

Even if you feel you already have a clear and conceptual plan, advisors and counselors can be a good sounding board and clear up any misconceptions that may hold you back.

4. Make Your Own Schedule Counselors usually put freshman into classes that they perceive to be best according to your major. But maybe put some flexibility in your schedule and have some fun.

what? There are classes ranging from Yoga to Sports Technique classes (such as Advanced Volleyball, Baseball, Tennis, etc.) and even a Backpacking class. Yes, you read correctly, a Backpacking class, where you go over how to take care of yourself in the wilderness. You’re even required to go on a backpacking trip. There’s even a multitude of courses designed with the handicapped in mind, from Seasonal Sports for the Disabled to Modified Self Defense. Want to dance? COS offers Jazz, Tap, Modern, even Ballet. If you desire to go into law enforcement COS offers classes on Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Recognition, and another course called Terrorism and Freedom. Whether you enjoy Philosophy, Science, or Art, make sure you take a second look at the course list. Give a good look at all of the offered classes. I can guarantee that if you do, it will make your time at COS much more enjoyable.



It can be easy to get lost in college, so...


Rogue Morales & Drew Reagan

units) with plans of transferring or gaining a COS degree. It is also required that the student participate in FYE pre-semester activities. he FYE (First Year Experience) program For most students, these learning comis designed to set new students on the munities would prove most helpful. However, right path for a successful transfer. It if one is confident in making the transition into offers the opportunity to build new rethe college lifestyle and academics, then this lationships with like-minded students, develop program may prove unnecessary. the needed skills to If a student succeed, and accli“The program achieves these goals chooses to bypass mate to the college by creating groups of twenty-five this program, it is lifestyle. recommended that The program students who enroll in classes they familiarize themachieves these goals selves with the IGETC together.” by creating groups of [p.3] or seek assistwenty-five students, tance from a counselor/academic advisor. who enroll in classes together for the purpose Transitioning into the college scene can of networking and developing support commube a challenge; which, is why the FYE program nities. Participants are placed into these groups should be considered. Students should take based upon their academic placement scores. advantage of the courses offered and learn the In order to enroll in this program, one must importance of finding your own niche. be a full time student (with less than thirty


The Campus

Chiquitos Daily Lunch Specials Walking Distance from COS Call in your order: Open Mon through sAT Closed Sunday

740-0111 1921 W Tulare AVE


the Campus Join

Journ 103, 104


• (Required) completed less 30 units • (Required) FYE Pre-Semester Activities • (Required) Goal is to complete a degree or transfer to a university • (Required) Enroll in a Learning Community • Participate in Supplemental Instruction • Participate in Common Reading • Participate in field trips during a semester • Participate in the Peer/Mentoring component • Participate in Service Learning



Gaelika Brown The Campus

ollege gives you the freedom to not show up to class, but don’t fall to the wayside because stress is taking over. Here are a few options to reduce stress and so you don’t screw up.

1. Excersize

2. Music

Exercise is one of the healthiest ways to blow off steam, but I doubt you will. Go ahead, disprove me. I’d like to see you try.

Music can help you to relieve stress and either calm you down or stimulate your mind as your situation warrants.

4. Eat Right

5. Easy Class 6. Get a Massage

Never leave home without something to eat. It’s common to head for the Pop Tarts but try for some fruit like a banana.

Go ahead and sign yourself up for a low risk class like an art class or anything you enjoy.


3. Organization Clutter causes stress. Many students live in a cluttered place and have cluttered study areas. This can have a negative effect on grades.

Now Avaliable at the COS Health Center. - 5


it is time to get involved




Monday Ezra Romero The Campus

o you are in college now and in order to get the most out of your time here at COS you need to get involved in some way. Walking onto campus you may think nothing of importance or of interest goes on here, because of the large gray buildings and the rush of students going from class to class. But there is a whole lot here that most students have no clue about. Faculty, staff, and other students are going out of their way to create events and spaces on and off campus for you to enjoy. Including the COS Arts & Lectures series that goes on throughout the semester. Earth to you, good things do come out of Visalia and the valley and in fact groups of people are trying to make it a better place, through organizing events, creating spaces, and through relationships.


Parking 1. Park Early 20 min early at least

2. Parking Permit $20 in Cashiers office or $1 day pass

3. Park Forward Never park backwords you will get a ticket.




TaCOS and Carls J you can avoid the


Taco Bell, Chiquit Veggie Garden, S The List is endles

6 -



Party Safe 1. Party with Friends

1. Join a Sport Visit the athletic Dept next to the library

2. Do Not Wait If you wait to long you will miss try out dates. Try out for Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Swimming, Equestrian, Football, etc.


1. Join a Club

2. Do not leave drink by itself 3. Be aware of surroundings 3. Think twice before acting


There are over 20 clubs on campus including auto, poetry, print works.


Go to an Arts& Lectures series Usually held on campus and intersting. Dance, poetry, & film.

3. Attend a sports event


od Eats


Junior are second rate,so if em. TaCOS is your best bet.


tos, Dominoes, Watson’s Starbucks, Cafe 210, etc. ss.

Sports have proven to be of value at COS and are weekly.

4. Join and Read the Newspaper A good way to find out what is going on on campus.



Go to a concert. Offered weekly at Cafe 210, The Cellar Door, Howie and Sons , etc [p.8].

Visit the wild life preserves in the area, starting out with the Kaweah Oaks Preserve, in Farmersville. - 7




Brianna Verdugo The Campus

A look into venues for community and shows

oredom can be like a sickness here in the valley, Café 210 can be hit or miss for some people because and “There’s nothing to do in Visalia,” can roll off of the Christian atmosphere, but regardless of your the tongue far too easily. Thankfully, with the help personal beliefs; they put on some decent shows. Their of this article, you’ll be able to liven your social life. calendar, located at, has a full list of their First, sign up with and register in your public meetings and other Christian oriented activities. area. You’ll receive weekly e-mails Coffee Co. should be a landmark. about different events going on in the Somehow they get along without a CHECK THESE PLACES OUT: Visalia and Fresno area; and not just website, so there’s no easy way to music but plays, lectures, and other check out their upcoming events. • Howie & Sons Pizza random occurrences. The windows are always covered 2430 S. Mooney Blvd Check out the Sound and Vision with flyers and pin ups, so if you’re • Café 210 - 210 W Center Ave website on a regular basis. Many of in the area, grab a large ginger iced • Brewbakers - 219 E Main St the shows are 21+, which can be frustea and a cookie and see what flyers • All Pro Pizza trating, but they have a lot of underpeople have taped to the windows. 1104 N Ben Maddox Way age shows too, so don’t give up hope. All Pro Pizza seems to have • Coffee Co. - 129 E Main St Find them at http://snvfoundation. popped up with a slew of local punk • The Cellar Door org/. Chunks of their profit go toward shows and decent electro dance par101 W Main St helping schools get a hold of musical ties. While there is no home page, instruments for children! you can hit them up on Myspace at Howie and Son’s Pizza is a great They are place to check out entertainment. pretty current on events. A great There’s no real defined way to check for shows at Howthing about the venue is their diversity in shows. ie’s, other than at the Sound and Vision website menFor the 21+ crowds, The Cellar Door is open outside of tioned before, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Sound and Vision shows, with their selection of wine and Of course there’s Brewbakers, with its delicious and sturdy choice of beers on tap, it’s a great night out while hearty menu, you can sit back in their tall booths under steering clear of the rowdiness that other bars may give. low lighting and nurse a home brewed beer. They often Don’t forget The Cellar Door participates in $2 Tuesday! have live music, and it’s one of the only places in Visalia There’s also karaoke at Visalia Brewing Company, live where you can smoke and eat in a restaurant. No worries music and colored lights at Craw Daddy’s as well as great if you’re a nonsmoker, its only outside. Cajun cooking and much more.

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! Alyssa Laurel The Campus


inding books for college can be both an expensive and annoying process. Looking for your textbook in great quality can often mean going beyond your budget. There are other options. Renting books is not as shady as it sounds. You don’t always need to buy a brand new book; used books work just fine. This list will hopefully help you make the best decision for within your budget.


COS Bookstore on Campus: This is probably the most reliable place to get your books because it is on campus and you can physically get or order them yourself. There’s also a book-

8 -

4. 2. 3. 5.

store across the street called Best Buy books and one down the street called Sequoia Textbooks, both are reliable.

one since all used copies were gone. The book I ordered from Amazon finally came. Half way through the summer. While Amazon seems to be the second most popular place to get your books, it’s not the best place that I would recommend. Of course, people sell used books for cheap, but sometimes those books don’t always come in on time. For the fall 2008 semester, I ordered a book for one of my classes and it never came. I let the seller know, and after multiple replies of saying she sent it, a book had yet to come. I needed the book to pass and ended up buying a brand new Chegg is an awesome way to go green while getting your books for school. For every book you rent or purchase from the site, they plant a tree! You can also sell your books on Chegg for site credit or cash. Each book has a specific rental fee, which is dependent on the ISBN. Shipping fees are dependent on the shipment method. Of all the websites to rent or buy books, I’m totally in favor of Chegg because of the cause they’ve chosen to support.

Friends/family members: You would be surprised how many of your friends or family have taken classes you’re enrolled in. Ask around, you’re bound to find a book from one of them, even if they’re just letting you borrow it for the semester. The library: Some books are on reserve in the library that you can photocopy. This is kind of risky, because a lot of times you get a time limit or the book is in use and you might not get what you need; but it’s a way for you to to get what you need for a tighter budget.



The Campus

ne of the great benefits of being a student at COS is access to the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center, located in the Sycamore building next to the book store, often goes unnoticed by the majority of COS students. These unaware students are at a great loss. The Health Center provides many over the counter medications, such as Advil or Ibuprofen, to any COS student for free. All one must do is ask at the main desk then enter their Campus ID or Social Security number. Birth control pills and condoms are also freely available through the campus connections with Planned Parenthood. Most health consultations are free and no appointment is necessary. However, a fee is charged for pregnancy tests and hepatitis B shots.

Although the health center provides many free services to students, it does not provide health insurance. The health center can provide a great deal of information concerning outside available health plans upon request. Other services can also be discovered through just a simple request. Most students are unaware that massages are available on campus for a discounted student price. Free counseling services are also available, as well as quick medical checkups. Students should not hesitate from walking in to the small clinic at any time. As college students, it is important to take advantage of these services. As a commuter college, many students’ homes are far from school and some are responsible for homes of their own. With such responsibilities added upon ones education, life can easily become stressful

and hectic. It is important to take care of your body, physically and mentally, in order to be successful on or off campus.

Health Center Check List

• Over the counter medication available for free. • Birth control is available. • Obtain free condoms. • Massages at a discounted price for students are also optional. • Quick medical check ups. • Get information about health insurance plans. • No appointment necessary, just walk and give them your id number.



needs a job

Chris Young The Campus


ne of the biggest problems facing college students, especially beginning college students, is finding a job. For example, Bob is a fresh-faced young student right out of high school. He likes to spend time with his friends, and is very involved in theatre. His girlfriend, Jane, is also attending the same college. This semester Bob decides he wants to take 16 units. He gets along well for the first half of the semester, does well in his classes, participates in a play for Drama, and spends time with his girlfriend. Soon though, he finds that he’s running low on cash, and his parents are refusing to give him more, insisting he gets a job. Bob thinks this will be an easy task, and tells himself that he’ll head out to pick up applications the next day. But then he starts to discover that getting a job isn’t so easy. His homework demands time, he has to practice for his play, his friends and girlfriend want to spend time with him, and he has hardly any time to pick up applications. Eventually he does end up

picking up a few applications, but even then, the companies never call back. With a wallet quickly emptying, and no jobs around, what is Bob to do? Well, luckily, COS has the answer. One day, while walking through the Sequoia Building, Bob sees a large panel that he’s never noticed before. The entire length of it is posted with bulletins, descriptions of jobs from businesses that need workers. Secretary positions, tutoring jobs, casino dealers, technician workers, even the guys that stand on street corners waving large signs. All you have to do is walk into room 106 (the room right next to the panel) and they’ll print out the information you need to contact the business and get your new job. In addition, all of the jobs given through COS give recommendations to the student applying, so you’ve got a good chance of getting the job you apply for. In a college lifestyle, jobs are difficult to find time for and nearly impossible to be accepted into. If you need help finding a job, the Career Center is a priceless resource.

“With a wallet quickly emptying, and no jobs around, what is Bob to do?” - 9

professors stand?

where do your Samantha Villanueva


The Campus

ore and more, students are using websites like before signing up for a class. These sites may not give an exact description, but they can be a valuable tool in helping students decide which classes to take and which to avoid. The three main sites for helping decide classes are ratemyprofessor. com,, and myspace. com’s Grade Your Professor feature. These sites contain information about different teachers and what to expect if a student chooses to take the class. is the most student-friendly. Completely anonymously, students rate teachers in the categories of difficulty, helpfulness, clarity, the rater’s interest in the class, and the all-important “hot” category, in which students tell whether the teacher is visually appealing or not. COS has profiles for over 230 professors. While many teachers may not like this, students can also rate teachers on how often they use the textbook and if attendance is mandatory.

With Myspace’s Grade My Professor feature, users give the professor a letter grade in the categories of lectures, homework, tests, fairness, grading and accessibility. They are also allowed to leave their comments. It can be hard to navigate to, however, and you need an account to access it. On also, users need an account to use the site, which features the professor’s actual grade history in easy-to-use bar graphs. As a bonus, professors are allowed to post syllabi and biographical information. Not only students use sites like these: Teachers appear to welcome the feedback they provide. COS professor Rebecca Griffith likes the fact that professors can use the site to see how they are doing. “I wish that there was this type of technology available when I was an undergrad. Instead we relied solely on word of mouth,” said Griffith.

...students rate teachers in the category of difficulty, helpfullness, clarity, the rater’s interest in the class, and the all-important “hot” category...

Here are the websites you can check out: -

- (you have to be a user) -

Do you have an opinion? Love taking photos? Fluent in webdesign?

Then come join The Campus! JOUR 103 (Newspaper Production): Course Number: 10816 MW 11:10 am - 12:25 pm JOUR 104 (Editorial Board): Course Number: 10817 TTR 12:10 pm - 1:00 pm JOUR 111AD (Intro to Digital Photography): Course Number: 12469, 11769, 12470 MW 2:10 pm - 4:25 pm

We are located in Room 260 of the Kaweah Building. You can also email us at or call the newsroom at 730-3844 or the Editor’s Desk at 737-4856. 10 -

Ways To Avoid The “Freshman Fifteen” Ashley Morrison The Campus

It’s no surprise that things change as you leave high school and enter COS. Classes become harder, your stress level increases, and, for many, your pant size may go up a few notches. With the late night coffee breaks and the fast food for lunch, it’s no surprise that you feel a bit flabby. Of course, with the cost of your classes and books, who has the money, yet alone the time, for a gym membership? If you can’t afford a gym membership and

1. Squats. Stand with your legs shoulder length apart and slowly squat down until your legs make a 90-degree angle. Slowly rise up and repeat at least 10 times.

want to avoid the “freshman fifteen,” you might want to try some easy home exercises to keep your tummy from turning into a flab of fat. To start, find a cardio exercise that you can easily do in 30 minutes before you eat in the morning, like a jog or a dive in the pool. Cardio increases your metabolism for the day and gives you a boost of energy, or adrenaline, to wake you up. After your morning cardio, be sure to eat a healthy, non-greasy breakfast (like a smoothie or a bowl of yogurt with fruit and granola) within an hour of waking up.

3. Leg rises. Start by lying on your back and rising your legs using your abdominals. Repeat at least ten times, not allowing your legs to touch the ground.

2. Push-ups. This simple exercise that we have all learned how to do in P.E. works out your shoulders, triceps, abdominals and chest. Do as many push-ups as you can, but if you’re a beginner, it is recommended to start with 5 to 10 a day and build up from there. Photos/ CHRIS YOUNG


Insight on the

L A Liberal Arts Major Rudy Sanchez The Campus

Liberal Arts, also known as general education, can be a trap too easy to fall into, especially if you are lazy. It’s the wishy-washy major for people who have no idea what they want to do, even after a year in community college. It is certainly the safest choice for those who only think of their education in immediates, but in the long run, Liberal Arts could come and bite you in the butt. One can’t stress the importance of deciding for yourself; you can’t rely solely on the counselors; you have to figure what’s best on your own terms; because nobody is going to hold your hand through life. Make sure whatever you put yourself into is what you really want to do. Don’t get stuck in a mediocre career pursuit, because “going with the flow” just doesn’t work anymore.

Going Beyond College of the Sequoias Destiny Martinez The Campus


re you not sure of what you’re trying to major in at COS? If you’re still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, COS is already the right place to be. It is far cheaper to attend COS if you are an undecided student than being an undecided student at a four-year university. While spending your time here, it makes it easier to figure out which direction in life you want to take. After degree or transfer com-

pletion you can transfer. The you decide on colleges around nearest four-year colleges that the country, or if you’re looking are located an hours drive from to stay home, check out califorVisalia inniacollegclude CSU If you need more help if you’re to Fresno, Fres- pursuing a certificate/degree/ search for no Pacific transfer program, stop by the c o l l e g e s University here in and CSU Ba- Transfer/Career Center, Room California. 106 or call 730-3730. kersfield. If you To decide alYou may also want to stop by are which col- the Counseling Office, Room 103 r e a d y lege is best or call 730-3741. wanting for you, stuto start dents may a career want to check out and sign up after COS, students are encouron The site helps aged to visit the Career Center,

located in room 106 of the Sequoia Building (check out page 9 for more information on the Career Center). The center is committed to helping students seek part-time and full-time jobs after graduation, help with getting internships over the summer while attending COS, and also provide assistance with developing resumes. Anyway you decide, COS is the perfect start to help you get on your feet. Visit for more info. - 11

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College Survival Guide  

The Campus' first special edition dated for the Fall 2009 semester.

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