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Drums that Sing




the company


the competition


the process

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purpose of this book is to

show the process of creating


customizing an identity mark for a company. The

identity of a company essentially

sets the tone to communicate to people

who they are as a company and what they stand for. This book demonstrates a step by step process to help



work included into creating a successful identity, specifically a name mark.


the company

Tone is defined as

“quality or character of sound.�

Tone is a company that

specializes in the planning, and manufacturing

of drum sets. They

to the

handcraft every piece

finest detail to give the user not only a strong well made drum set but a drum that


Each piece is made from the best materials giving each drum it’s

full, rich



that anyone would enjoy to hear.


the compet覺t覺on

The first step of the process is the research of the competition. Observing the many different logos of companies that manufacture drums and other drum equipment. Also looking at their web sites and magazines to get an idea for what Tones new identity should look like.



the process When creating a name mark some typefaces work better than others. It is good to see all the different types of fonts all at once to see which ones work and which ones will not work. Listed are serif, sans serif, graphic , and script fonts. For Tone a typeface that reflected not only the companies products but what the word tone actually means. A font that was unique and different and reflected strength, fluidity, and character.



Tone Tone


tone tone tone



Tone Tone Tone


After examining and playing with typefaces, Danube a bold, graphic typeface was chosen to use for Tone. With this style of type it was a good starting point in creating a name mark. There are not any capital letters in the word, because by having all the letters smaller makes the word flow together better. Also by making all the letters small the letters share the same rounded curves and points which give the typeface its character and uniqueness.


modifying the type

The first modification that needs to be done is the stroke that crosses the �t�. In the original there was only a small stroke on the right side and it was separated from the letter. By reversing the stroke to the left side and making it longer it now crosses the rest of the letter. Also the stroke was moved up more. The illustration on the opposite page shows the modified letter overlaid in grey on top of the original letter which is black.


The second modification is the body of the “t�. The original was a little too big on the tail end. This was fixed by shortening it a little. As seen here in the illustration, the modified is overlaid in grey.


The third modification is the “o” and “n” of the word. The “o” was moved into the cross stroke of the “t” and the “n” was moved into the “o” to make the word form flow together. This is where you can begin to see the word become fluid and flow right into each letter.


The fourth modification is the letter “e”. To add unity to the mark, I added length to the middle stroke of the “e” and attached it to the rest of the letter. The middle stroke is now smaller than the top and bottom strokes. Now the letter flows nicely together.


The last modification that needed to be done was merging the “e” into the “n”. The curves of either letters were matched up with a little tweaking so that there is no bump between the two letters and so they flow together as if they were intended that way. Now that the letters are all together they form a beautiful, fluid name mark.


color palette C=100 M=0 Y=0 K=0

Pantone 362

C=0 M=100 Y=100 K=0

C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100


tag line With every business it is essential to have the consumer buy your product. The business has to tell them why your product is better than all the rest. One way to do that is have a tag line to go with the name mark. A tag line is a short phrase that has to be catchy and becomes identified with your product through repetition. With Tone the tagline is “Drums that Sing�. It is playing off of the meaning of the word tone and correlating it with the product.

Drums that Sing

finished product

Drums that Sing

Drums that Sing

Drums that Sing

Drums that Sing



A logo or name mark has to convey a huge amount of information to the viewer in a small amount of time. Usually the viewer has no idea how much time it took and the process it went through to get to the final look. Creating a good logo or name mark is no easy task. Some people enjoy it and some don’t.


colophon designed by Chris Osborn advisor Martin Mendelsburg date August 3, 2007 typefaces used Danube: Regular Century Gothic: Regular, Bold paper Wausau Paper Royal Fiber White, Smooth Finish 70 lb., Text credits


A process book on a wordmark I designed for a fictional drum company.