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__________________________________Update 3.16.10

ESTIMATED DELIVERABLES: 1) Print out of all information o

I think it's important to give you something that can be leafed through by hand and duplicated. It will likely be a text-heavy PDF with a lot more thorough of an analysis than I could give during a face-to-face presentation. I can also put the print out online so that it can be viewed digitally.

2) Flash representation of the information o

I want to do this so I can show video, and to provide an alternative way for you to view the content. This might not be as in depth as the print out, but may reference it (i.e. for more information on PowerBar's blog, see page 21 of analysis packet).


This Flash representation will likely take the form of a micro site. It would probably list the six brands you have asked me to analyze on the main page, and then have Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, etc. sub-pages under each brand, as well as a summary of each brand's social media presence and tactics.

3) Personal presentation. o

This will be a Flash presentation, much like a PowerPoint, to aid me as I present. I can then turn it over to you. It would not be too extensive, but would provide a general outlook on everything.


ESTIMATED APPROACH I like to work in fragments and delve into a topic completely before moving on to the next one. Therefore, I will probably focus on one brand or social media platform at a time. Once I compile all the information on that topic, I'll move to the next one. A way I’ll probably present the information will look something like this (arbitrary data): BRANDS AND WHAT PLATFORMS THEY USE: Twitter YouTube Facebook Blog Online Community Flickr

MuscleMilk X X X

PowerBar X X


Clif Bar X







Gatorade X X X X




Furthermore, I can break it down more specifically by platform (arbitrary data): BRANDS AND USE OF TWITTER: Do they use it? What does the bio say?

MuscleMilk Yes Official Muscle Milk® Twitter page.

How many Twitter identities? Avg. # Tweets/day How many followers? How many following? Do they link to ads? Do they RT their followers? How many Tweets total? How many tweets drive users elsewhere? Is their feed attached to a person, or the brand in general?


How are people listing them?

Fitness. Nutrition. Diet. Food/drink.

Do they send a “Thank you for following us!” message? Is their brand identity echoed in their feed? Best user of Twitter


Clif Bar









2 9 3,453 25 No

2,504 1,475 The brand

No Yes -

Once I do these general charts, I can go into detail about each brand and give a more comprehensive analysis of what they’re doing.


From there, I will analyze all the data and conceptualize the best strategy for EAS to tackle social media. What platforms should they use? What should their content be? Should they offer coupons? Etc‌ I can also incorporate some basic theories of communication and explain why they are relevant to social media. Furthermore, I can describe some case studies of brands that have been great successes and great failures in social media. This would serve as a section to simply keep in mind when moving forward in the planning process.


QUESTIONS FOR MCKINNEY 1) If I'm making something in Flash, I want to make sure everyone at McKinney can view it. Do you all view SWF files often through Flash Player? 2) Were you able to see if I can have access to an EAS branding packet or any kind of indepth company profile? 3) Just to clarify, you did want me to suggest a strategic plan for how EAS should enter the social media space in addition to the competitor analysis, correct? That is what I am planning to do. 4) Is there a typical demographic and or psychographic for EAS for this project that I should keep in mind as I research? 5) What EAS’ pride and joy? What is its defining quality or unique selling point over its competitors that they’ve asked McKinney time and time again to showcase? 6) I have a vague recollection that McKinney does not typically use celebrities in the ads it creates. Is that accurate? I’m not sure why I think that, but I thought I remembered that topic coming up sometime while I was interning. 7) You mentioned something about a customer retention marketing plan. Just to clarify, were you referring to the competitors, or were you saying that EAS does that?


EAS Estimated Deliverables & Approach  

EAS Estimated Deliverables & Approach

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