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Cory Christensen 1340 N. Freedom Blvd. Apt 410 661-808-4432 Education Brigham Young University, 2008–2013 BA English Minor: Editing

Editing Coursework Associate Editor, Stowaway Magazine Wrote and edited articles on an award-winning student Magazine. English Language 410R, Genre & Substantive Editing Developed skills for editing scholarly works on a broad scale by studying key principles of writing such as organization and topic development. English Language 350, Basic Editing Skills Developed a solid foundation of grammatical principles outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style. English Language 322, Modern American Usage Learned an extensive amount about American English and how its proper usage is evolving over time. Computers and the Humanities 230, Print Publishing Increased familiarity with graphic layout and design in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Skills, Interests, and Awards California State History Day Award, Top Individual Historic Performance, 2005 Developed skills to integrate relevant historical research, humor, writing, and performance studies into a concise, informative, and entertaining presentation. This demonstrates my ability to write, research, compile, and create compelling content Theatrical Performer in multiple stage productions, including two leading roles. Required leadership skills and charismatic personality. Signifies courage and ability to connect to and entertain audiences.

References Debbie Harrison, BYU Professor 801-422-4938 She can attest to my writing abilities and dedication to producing quality creative content. Marvin Gardner 801-422-1253 He can vouch for my reliability on an editing staff as well as my strong work ethic and flexible skillset.

Michael MCracken, BYU Custodial Supervisor 801-592-2079 He can discuss my work ethic as a custodian, and reinforce the responsibility and initiative demonstrated in my work as a custodian without supervision.

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