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B.Sc in Architectural Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

SCULPTING THE LANDSCAPE - Kickapoo Information Center and Museum Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date

: 1,000 m2 : Public : Landscape and ESD : Central Illinois, USA : December 2010 Third Year Project 5 Weeks

This project site is located at Kickapoo State Park in Central Illinois. The objective of the project is to design an information center while maintaining a standard ESD on the state park, understanding soil investigation and impact of layers of human intervetion over the years.







Location: ocation: Cent Central nttral Illinois Illinois, USA Concept Sculpture The landscape in Kickapoo State Park was formed by layers of limestone, soil, and tracks of human intervention over the years. This park used to be a coal-mining area up until 1950 when the government reclaimed the land and made it a reserved state park. Insipired by the history in this area, the concept of this design is to sculp the landscape from layers and layers of iterations.

URBAN INFILL - Mixed Use Commercial : 600 m2 : Mixed-use : Low-rise Commercial : Champaign, IL. USA : January 2011 Third Year Project 4 Weeks

Location: ocation: Cham Champaign, mpaign IL USA







1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

5th Floor


Concept Iterations The generating concept of this design is from a 1:2:6 ratio box with slats and splicing the box as well as folding technique to allow more natural daylight coming in to the traditional long-rectangular building. This strategy allowing the design to have skylight in the center core of the building.


This project is located in Downtown Champaign. The city of Champaign has many buildings dated from the early 1900s. The objective of the urban infill project is design a mixed-use commercial and residential building. The classical building in the city of Champaign are typically red bricks or grey limestone. The concept of this design facade is accomodating the pallete of classic Champaign city building instead of pulling away against it.


Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date


N ST .

INTERLOCK IN THE CITY - Mid-rise Residential : 15,000 m2 : Residential : Chicago, IL. USA : June 2011 Third Year Project 9 Weeks

This project is located in Downtown Chicago. The city of Chicago is famous as the Wind City, as the temperature is extremely cold or extremely hot and windy at the same time. The city’s population is 2.7 million and consist of working class citizen. Today, Chicago is home to one of the first steel-frame building and the notable Willis Tower with 108-floors which was built in 1974. This project site is located slightly north of “the Loop”, Chicago’s financial district, in the intersection of Lassalle Street and Chicago Avenue. In this project, students were expected to design a mid-rise residential tower and understand the basic principle of designing a midrise building in the city. During this process, the International Building Code (IBC) was implemented to the design regulations.

Location: Chicago, IL USA Concept Iterations The generating concept of this design is from a 1:2:6 ratio box with slats and splicing the box as well as folding technique to allow more natural daylight coming in to the traditional long-rectangular building. This strategy allowing the design to have skylight in the center core of the building.


Project Size Building Type Location Date


Apartment Room Type Layout

Apartment Floor Layout ROOFTOP GARDEN

Studio Layout

Apartment Floor Breakdown: Studio Type: 36m2. Total 8 Units One Bedroom Type: 45m2. Total 9 Units Two Bedroom Type: 75m2. Total 9 Units

12th Floor

Three Bedroom Type: 90 m2. Total 8 Units RAMP RA AM A MP

1-Bdrm Layout

Total Parking Lots for 63 Units spread from 1st floor up to 9th floor. Excess parking for commercial and retail in the first floor and disable parking. 5th Floor & up

2-Bdrm Layout


4th Floor


3rd Floor 3-Bdrm Layout

2nd Floor

1st Floor

THE BIKE POINT - Public Service Pavillion Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date

: 30 m2 : Pavillion : Public Service Building : Nørreport Station, Copenhagen, Denmark : July 2011 Third Year Project 4 Weeks

This project is located at Nørreport Subway Station in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The summer program in Copenhagen was part of University of Illinois study abroad program in conjuction with the School of Architecture in University of Copenhagen. During the summer, students are expected to learn the socio-culture and its relation to the build architecture, specifically in public transportation.

36% of all Danish adults ride a bike to work daily

45% of all Danish children bike to school


The Danish cycle lane is unique: a curbstone edge protects cyclist from cars



9 out of 10 Danes have a bicycle

Vo l


Every Dane cycles 1.1 km on average each day


The generating concept of this design is from a 1:2:6 ratio box with slats and splicing the box as well as folding technique to allow more natural daylight coming in to the traditional long-rectangular building. This strategy allowing the design to have skylight in the center core of the building.


Biking culture in Copenhagen:

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark





Circulation View Point

view ew from m all side Line-up


Bike Storage System CURRENT STORAGE SYSTEM: Two racks above ground level. Level of comfort: Poor CURRENT STORAGE SYSTEM: Two racks, one above, one below ground level. Level of comfort: Moderate

PROPOSED STORAGE SYSTEM: Two angled racks, both have access to ground level and natural daylight Level of comfort: Good


Overcrowding Bike Storage Problem in Nørreport Station

THE GATEWAY - University of Illinois Willard Airport

Air-frame and Power Plant Instructional Facility (APIF)

Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date

: 10,000 m2 : Hangar : Educational Center : Savoy, IL. USA : December 2011 Fourh Year Project 15 Weeks




The project site is located in University of Illinois Willard Airport. The University of Illniois has held all of its Aeronautical Engineering class in this private airport. Currently this airport is no longer use for public usage but only for the purpose of learning facility.

Location: Savoy, IL USA

The objective of this project is to design an instructional facility to provide practical and theoretical training for future air-frame, power plant engineers and maintenance personel at the new hangar and classroom facility at Willard Airport in Savoy. The concept of this design is to distinguish between the users of the building and the facilty personel, and the degree of hazardous to less hazardous access restrictions for the facilty users. Security and accessibility are exteremely important in the new instructional facilty. Frequent user requires private and secured access throughout the facility. At the same time, the facility also welcomes beginners and newly trained maintaenance personel. With these in mind, the facilty will need to provide a safe environment for both audience with different degree of access.




Concept Diagram Centralized access for the user is provided and can be recognized by the wider hallway that acts as a “boulevard� of the main circulation. The degree of hazardous area increase as one progress from the entrance to the hangar. The wider the boulevard, the more human hazardous it is. The skylight above the boulevard provides a natural daylight and accentuate the main path.

Waterproof cap Lightweight Aluminum Panel Drainage Membrane Metal Backing Thermal Insulation

Wood Slats covering high sun

Suspended ceiling

Structure The hangar is design to have long span structure and parallel chord trusses that are most beneficial for this concept. This structure system is carried throughout the facility, therefore, ease the construction process.

Operable steel fin

Triple-pane insulating window Shading device above eye-level

Floor Plan In between the four sequence of dangerous zone, an interior courtyard is covered with glass roof and small garden. This also acts as a check-point for people will more access to the high hazard area. Visitors will require to have a proctor to guide them to the hangar spaces. When passing through the shops, visitor will have uninterrupted view to the shop area and the personel also will not be bothered with safety of the visitor.

Aluminum Column for support Operable window during the summer

Gymsum Wall Concrete floor slab on metal decking Floor insulation Drainage Membrane Medium size gravel Drainage hole

Flashing Waterproof layer Thermal insulation R=18 Drainage hole Metal decking

Triple-pane glass roof, tinted to reduce heat gain

All-season garden indoor Operable window on the side of the indoor garden can be open when needed

Connect to heat pump for HVAC system and plumbing Underground watertank, collect rainwater

Heating and Cooling System (HVAC) This facilty will have a decentralized heating and cooling system. In addressing sustainability issue, rainwater will be harvested and store in a water tank underground. The rainwater will provide necessary water for building maintenance. In addition to that. the harvest water will also be pumped into heat-pump to the air-handling unit. The heat pump will provide heat and steam that will be necessary for heating and cooling of the building. By having three water tanks with three separate pumps, it will be much efficient to generate heating or cooling to different part of the building especially when the hangar door is opened. During the summer months, the window is design to be operable during the day. The decentralized exhaust fan will vend out hot air directly out, preventing it to travel to the other rooms. Also the water storage on the bunker will alow the floor to cool down from the hot temperature. Hot air (vend out through fan)

Decentralized systems works independetly from each section of building.

Exhaust fan

Hot air rises

Operate Window during summer months hs

Cold air enter

A section on the garden area explaining how the underground watertank distributing water to HVAC heat pump. Above ground, everything seems normal.

Wood Slats covering high sun

Building Envelope Design This ‘steel fins’ are design to be operale from the interior to manage the amount of sunlight entering the building. During the summer months when extreme heat from sunlight is not favorable, users can adjust the fins to minimize daylight to enter. In addition to that, the wood slats on the horizontal top of the fin structure provides covering from high sun to prevent direct heatload of windows. During the winter months, when users need more sunlight to heat the building, the fins can be adjusted to horizontal or at a 45 degrees angle to allow more sunlight entering the building.

Operable steel fin

Triple-pane insulating window

Ancol Beach City Mall - Retail Commercial Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date Stage Participation

: 50,000 m2 : Retail Mall : Design Revitalization : Jakarta, Indonesia : September 2012 : Pre-concept, Concept Design : Design Architect, Client Relations

This project is located inside the Ancol complex. With the increasing demands of places to eat and hangout for families visiting Ancol, this mall is design to cater F&B and small retail for families and young children. Inside this mall, it also host Mata Elang International Stadium (MIES), currently one of the largest indoor stadium facilty in Jakarta hosting 10,000 people at once. During the Design Revitalization phase, the client requires architect to address the envelope of the building and the circulation inside the mall. Duration of the process was one month and architects successfully addres all the issues in the mall.

Lombok Epicentrum Mall - Retail Commercial Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date Stage

: 70,000 m2 : Retail Mall : Design Revitalization : Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia : May 2013 : Pre-concept, Concept Design, Design Development

Mataram is the capital of Nusa Tenggara Barat and the largest city in NTB. Currently Mataram host only one mall which was build 30 years ago. Mataram’s steady increase in GDP and domestic income derives the need for a new mall. This project is located in the city center and will be the largest retail complex and central business district in Mataram. The design of the mall is focused on user’s accesibility. Visitors of the hotel as well as resident on this complex and around the area can easily access the mall in the center. The alfresco dining provides outdoor dining experience in Mataram as an extention from Sengigi Beach atmosphere.

Kebalen House - Townhouse Residential

Universitas Quality - Educational Facility

Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date Stage Status

Project Size Building Type Project Type Location Date Status

: 400 m2 : Residential : Design Revitalization : Jakarta, Indonesia : December 2012 : Pre-concept, Concept Design : On-going, processing IMB

Kebalen House currently is a one-storey building on south of Senopati in Jakarta. This four bedroom house is rented for working professionel in the SCBD area. Because of its size, it is getting harder to rent because most renter only need to rent one room. The client decide to split this house into 4 separate townhouse with private parking for each with full amenities on each unit.

: 1,400 m2 : Educational Facility - Campus : Planning : Medan, Indonesia : May 2013 : On-going Construction

This project is located at the outer ringroad Jalan Setiabudi in Medan. For ease of use, the client decide to build a 6 ruko style building with connecting bridge in the middle. The objective of this project is to plan the most efficient floor plan for future development of this campus or its related business. The client consulted on buliding envelope and HVAC systems as well as future development for phase 2 of the campus.

Sketches - Personal Travelling Sketch



Email: , Ph: 081 2605 9418 or 0878 8496 5507, Portfolio online: EDUCATION


University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), Champaign, IL Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies August 2009 - December 2011

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Member: August 2009 - present Position: External Vice President, August 2010 - May 2011

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Copenhagen, Denmark Study Abroad Program June 2011 - August 2011

Metanoia Bible Study, Urbana, IL Position: Bible Study Leader, January 2011 - present

De Anza College, Cupertino, CA Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts April 2007 - June 2009


Indonesian Evangelical Church, San Jose, CA Position: Head of Youth Music Committee, September 2007 - June 2009 De Anza Red Cross Organization, Cupertino, CA Position: Interclub Council, April 2008 - December 2009 LIST OF PROJECTS


(in reversed chronological order)

McKingley Tsang Architects, Jakarta, Indonesia. August 2012 - present Position: Design Architect Job Descriptions: - Prepare pre-concept design proposal, precedents study, sketches - Produce sketches, massing and rough draft of concept design - Produce finalized concept design in Archicad and layout in Indesign - Present the concept to clients as well as managing client relations. - Contact civil engineer and required supplier for the availability of materials. University of Illnois Assembly Hall, Champaign, IL August 2011 - January 2012 Position: Usher Job Descriptions: - Managed traffic flow of the Assembly Hall and assisting 500 – 1000 people to the nearest exit - Provided health and security services for visitors during events in Assembly Hall. Place Architects, Medan, Indonesia. Summer 2009, Summer 2010. Position: Architectural Intern Job Descriptions: - Developed conceptual ideas for residential projects - Produced construction drawings using Revit and Autocad - Developed and selected detail color palettes and material choices in working towards project completion.

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Epiwalk Mall at Rasuna Epicentrum Kuningan. July 2013 – present Lombok Epicentrum Mall at Mataram, January 2013 – present Proposal New Mall and Masterplan Complex at Jalan Flamboyan Medan Proposal New Mall and Apartemen at Jalan Adam Malik Medan Ancol Beach City Mall at Ancol, September 2012 – February 2013 Supermal Karawaci Landscape Pre-concept, November 2012 – February 2013 Kebalen House at Senopati, August 2012 – December 2012. Universitas Quality Medan, February 2012 – May 2012 University of Illinois Willard Airport Hangar, August 2011- December 2011. Mid-rise Apartment in Lassalle St and Chicago Ave, Chicago IL February 2011 – May 2011 Urban Infill in Main St, Champaign IL, January 2011 – February 2011 Kickapoo Information Center and Museum, Central IL. October 2010 – December 2010.

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (PTK) September 2009 - June 2009

COMPUTER SKILLS Adobe Creative Suites (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) Autodesk Series (AutoCAD, Revit Architecture) Google SketchUp Microsoft Office Series (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) LANGUAGE SKILLS English, Indonesian, Mandarin.

Cory Elisabeth Portfolio 2013  
Cory Elisabeth Portfolio 2013  

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