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2400 Nueces Austin, TX Completed 2013

2009 -2011 PageSoutherlandPage EDR Trust 16 Floors 588,000 SF $63.9M Project Designer

An important new trend in university residence halls centers on creating active urban neighborhoods adjacent to campuses that blur the boundary between “town” and “gown”. The goal is to establish pedestrian-friendly mixed-use environments that are a compact, safe and friendly extension of the campus. City councils and planning commissions are working closely with university officials and planners to make urban campuses, in particular, a seamless part of the larger city. University residence halls are a key element in this transformation. The 2400 Nueces Student Housing Project will be a major landmark in the developing West Campus neighborhood adjacent to the University of Texas at Austin. It puts physical form to the vision created in the University Neighborhood Overlay (UNO) rezoning initiative in 2004. Conceived to increase density in central Austin, reduce commuting traffic to the university and enhance a strong sense of community in the campus area, the UNO initiative is transforming a neighborhood that was once dominated by single family houses interspersed with fraternity and sorority houses into a pedestrian oriented urban neighborhood. The new housing will accommodate 622 students in 306 units with almost 10,000 sf of academic/retail space on the ground level. The building is broken into 8 “bars” of units—each of which is marked by a distinctive material and color. The bars are organized into an S-shaped configuration that creates two great outdoor rooms—an active court with a pool that has views to the hills of west Austin and a quiet court that is oriented east toward views of the campus. The architectural treatment of the building is designed to create a pedestrian and neighborhood scale while creating the higher density that is essential to achieve the sustainability and community building goals of UNO.

Ground floor townhomes & garage above

Portfolio 2016  

Cory Boden

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