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10 Most Popular Kinds of Beds

When we think of bed, we think of comfort, hours of sleep and relaxation. And all of us have a standard picture of a bed in mind, which pops up whenever we think about it. If we start to dig out the various kinds of beds available, we will see that a wide range of beds with varying features, comfort levels and looks are available.

Given below is a list of ten various kinds of beds. So, explore the diverse sleeping options available in the market and find out which one is perfect for you. After finding your ideal sleeping option, either buy it from the market directly or get in touch with a reputed maker of bespoke furniture in Berkshire for your need.

Sleigh bed

This is a modern style of bed famous for its bold look. It is designed with sleek, beautiful curves and imparts a slender and smart look. It's look is very much different from that of the standard beds and thus brings a chic look into the bedroom. Being available in various materials like metal, leather and wood, these beds are a perfect choice for contemporary or modern styled homes.

Sofa bed

It is a multi-functional piece of furniture, which performs the role of a sofa at daytime and a bed during night. It's available with storage space as well. So, excess household items can be stored here. People who live in small apartments find these furniture pieces to be very useful.

Divan bed

A divan bed is made up of two parts, which join together through a bracket. Its base is built with wooden material & sits on floor straight way. The base is 3 feet high, comes up with a lifting cover & provides enough space for storing bedroom items. A divan bed is a very functional and practical furniture and is preferred for its comfort level and sturdiness. An extensive range of styles and designs in divan beds are available.

Futon bed

Futon is basically a padded mattress, which is used for sleeping and may be folded back in cupboard during daytime. It's a Japanese bedding, which saves space enabling the home owner to use the room for other purposes at the day. Improved form of futon comes with a metal or wooden frame for carrying the futon mattress and keeping it above the ground. This kind of bed can be used as a couch or sofa for your guest room or living room during the day and can be converted into a bed for a comfortable sleep at night.

Trundle bed

Trundle offers a space saving solution for a home. It is basically a moveable bed, which may be fixed under another bed frame. It is a pair of beds; one frame bit smaller than the other. These twin beds can be split into two separate beds if needed. A trundle bed can be used a guest bed, bunk bed or a day bed.

Four-poster bed

This is a traditional style antique bed, which was made in early sixteenth century. It is made up of high quality wood & is adorned with engraved art. It has 4 long wooden poles for supporting the upper shade giving the bed a cosy shelter. A four-poster bed is the perfect choice for an antique themed room wanting to add a luxurious touch. This kind of bed can impart a royal feel and look to any bedroom.

Canopy bed

The bed is much like four-poster bed having the same kind of antique look and 4 vertical wooden poles at all the four corners for carrying the upper panel/shade. The thing that makes it different is the decorative fabric, which is put over the upper panel covering the bed from all the sides making one feel cosy. A canopy bed is regarded as the most luxurious bed of olden times. Various kinds of fabric like chiffon, silk and net may be used in this bed.

Cot bed

It is a bed designed specially for young children and babies. It has a high boundary around its edges for giving maximum protection to the babies not allowing them to fall. It is manufactured in different materials like metal or wood.

Bunk bed

Bunk bed is designed for accommodating more than a person and is available in a wide variety of styles and designs. It consists of two layers of bed frames, each frame lying on top of the other supported by ladder. It saves horizontal space & accommodates more than a person. This kind of bed is used in prison cells, hostels, summer camps, army garrisons, children's rooms, and student residential areas.

Air bed

Air bed is an inflatable sleeping, padding that provides supreme level of comfort. It is manufactured using textilereinforced urethane plastic or PVC and is a very popular sleeping option having unique properties. IT can be used a healing pad for curing several diseases such as back aches, depression, sleep disorders, mental stress etc.

10 most popular kinds of beds  
10 most popular kinds of beds  

There are different kinds of beds available in the market. Here you will find ten different kinds of beds being discussed. You can either bu...